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    1. 2 lucids, but no control

      by , 08-14-2018 at 02:15 PM (Exterminate)
      I remember bits of a dream where I was exploring a multiplayer pvp map of a game I don't recognize. I went to the top floor of the building and snuck into a secret area through some vents. It had a greater purpose in singleplayer mode, but in multiplayer it didn't do much. I found myself in an office with a computer and a doomsday laser. I was trying to reach around to the computer but when I touched the floor alarms sounded. I hid and waited for the guards to show up. After a bit only 1 guy came in, and he seemed to be the evil boss you'd normally encounter when playing this. He didn't see me. He went to his computer and readied the laser. Evidently this laser would have the power to level buildings and he was ready to use it against me. I found myself with a rocket launcher. I pointed it at a router and walked through the plan in my head. First I'd shoot the router to stop any wireless activity, then I'd shoot the computer tower, and then the laser.

      Now the next two dreams may be mixed a bit. They were similar dreams and I had them one after the other.

      I woke up at 5am to my alarm and attempted FILD to no success. I rolled over and played around with my imagination. I couldn't see anything, but I imagined I was holding onto a balloon. As the balloon rose and flew in the wind, so did I. Before I knew it I was in a dream with the balloon above. I then got on top of the balloon and used it to fly circles around the area I was in. After a moment I realized I actually had transitioned into a dream, so I checked my palms and found they had detail. I looked around at the area and saw I was in a neighborhood with many trees. I descended down to the nearest house I could find and willed the inside to look like my dream hub. I walked inside, turned to my right to enter the living room/main area of the hub. I was disappointed with what I saw. Instead of what should have been I only saw one sad looking chair, a flimsy desk, and a few scattered items I didn't pay much attention to. I walked through the living room and into what would be a dining room in the original location. I found myself in the living room of my current house instead. I then decided I would spawn in my DG. I started talking to her. "Sarah, I know you're behind me. I am going to turn around and you'll be with me." I turned around...and she wasn't there.
      I then went back through the pitiful living room and went upstairs hoping to see the upstairs from my old house that the dream hub is based on. I turned the corner and just saw the current house's second floor. I went to my room and checked my computer out of curiosity. I could read it, but it was all dark with . It looked almost like an inverted effect. I quickly gave up on that and went back downstairs and outside.
      I woke up due to frustration with my dream control.

      I turned over and went back to sleep. My breathing rate was far too high to be relaxed so I had to pace myself and remind myself I'm dreaming every couple of moments until I fell back sleep.
      I was in the dream hub again, but it still didn't appear correctly. I again went outside to try some other things. I told myself "This is a dream. This is MY dream. I am in control. I can do whatever I want." After being unable to conjure fire from my fingers I then tried doing things that would be easier to accomplish that I could build upon to give myself control. I broke my finger backwards and felt it a bit but was able to quickly subdue the pain. I used that to tell myself the dream wasn't real and that I was in control. I was about to try some other measure of dream control until two ladies drive up to the house in separate cars. One car looked like a classic jaguar and the other a classic corvette. Both women were stunning and enticing. The corvette woman was very blunt that it was their mission to capture me and take me to their company. I declined the offer. She then took off and left. The other woman told me seductively that she knew what I really wanted. She told me to hop into her car and she'd take me somewhere special. I stupidly went along with it. As we arrived at our destination I asked if she knew how to talk to my subconscious. I had some questions I really wanted to ask of my inner self. She looked at me like I was crazy. She had no clue what I was talking about. She then took my into the building and I quickly realized I had been duped. I let my instincts take over and got myself trapped at this institute that they had intended to take me to before. I had enough of the situation and woke up later due to my 7am alarm.

      So for the record the dream hub is still in the planning phase at this stage. I have been thinking of the idea for a year or two. I know what it should look like. I originally intended it to be a wonderland for a tulpa I was working on. Her name was Sarah. I'd still kind of like to succeed with tulpamancy, but it requires so much work. I have tried with tulpamancy for almost as long as I have with lucid dreaming and haven't had much success. I have had seasons of giving up tulpamancy altogether and other seasons of trying real hard to accomplish my goals. I think my main roadblock is that I want to dig straight into the most difficult parts at the start and am disheartened when I don't see results. I want to see a visually imposed tulpa and psychically hear her. I don't trust my mindvoice. It isn't very loud to begin with so a voice in my head wouldn't be much different as far as I know. Anyway, the wonderland started as just the living room in my old house. The living room had a fireplace and was connected to the dining room of the house. The living room was accessible straight from the front entrance. You would walk in and see stairs to the left going to the second floor. In front would be a mirror on a door that lead down a hallway that had the door to the basement. If you kept walking you'd find yourself in the kitchen.
      If you went right from the front entrance you'd see the living room. I picture that in the far right end you'd see a large corner couch with an old T.V standing in front of it. If you can picture a television like this one from fallout, but the monitor is on a simple stand and has speakers on either side of the screen built into it. The screen you see would also be HD. To it's left would be a desk with a mirror for Sarah. To the left of that and in the corner would be a queen size bed. Across the room would be a computer desk with 3 monitors and a VR setup, because I imagine Sarah as a gamer. To it's left would be the fireplace. The fire would be lit and there would be two large red chairs next to each other facing the fireplace with a small table in between that has two fresh hot chocolate mugs ready. As I grew the home from a simple wonderland I pictured the basement as a sort of dream hub. Ideally most dreams I have would take place at this house somewhere. Any time I try teleporting and fail due to not thinking a location fast enough, etc, I'd like to return here. Any time I would cause myself to wake up early I'd like to return here instead.

      The basement would take on an appearance very similar to the one from the old house. You'd go down the stairs, and on your right would be a door with a short staircase that leads to the exit through some large doors, as it used to be a shelter entered via that spot. To the right of that door was a small useless hiding area in case of storm. To the left and across the way would normally be a stack of papers and an old boiler, but in my dreams and as part of the dream hub instead there would be an additional room that would be located here. As you walk through the hallway and into this new room you'd notice it is all white. You stand on a platform with only a void below. There are many doors surrounded my a central console. Central console is just a glowing white orb, kinda like this but not. The doors again are just standard wood with glowing white inside. As I touch the central console I would create a new permanent realm in one of the doorways. I could then just walk through the doorway of my choosing, through a portal into a world of my creation. The world may have specific rules set upon creation. Some places may not have gravity, some may allow murder, etc. For the most part these realms would pause when I leave and start again when I return. If at any time I forget the realms they should have a name above the doorways and the central console can always give me the details on the portal at any time.

      Also as a note the entire house would be located on a cloud. If I wanted to I could just go outside, sit on a porch swing and enjoy the breeze. I could also fly out and through the clouds and see where it takes me.
    2. More fragments.

      by , 05-02-2017 at 06:13 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Last night, I only slept about 6 hours because I had to leave at 4:45 AM to catch a 7 AM plane flight.

      So the only dream I remember was some guy asking about tuplae.

      I also took a nap for pretty much the entire plane flight in order to make up for lost sleep. I had a (not particularly vivid, but ok) dream that I was going through airport security again. I realized that I had already gone through security, so I had to be dreaming! I then tried my new telekinesis reality check suggested by someone on here, and it worked quite well. I think I walked through security without finishing, saying something like "screw you" to the guard (I promise I'm a nice person irl c: ) and then used telekinesis to throw some random toy guns around. It worked great!
    3. Time Machines! And a lady from the future. And romance.

      by , 07-11-2016 at 03:28 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I watched Back to the Future for the first time on Tuesday! It was a really good movie. That night, I had a dream that was somewhat related to it. And once more, it was lucid! My LDs have been too few and far between lately. My new reality check (whether or not I can fly) has been paying off!

      There was a lady from the future! Her ship flew into the futuristic-looking room that I was standing in. Her time machine looked different from anything that was in the movie. I remember it had some orange-red parts to it, which looked a lot like lava. She came out of the time machine wearing a cool (black?) suit, and she had lava markings on said suit as well. Another lady was there with us. I went to ask the lady from the future where she was from. I can't remember what her response was, though.

      Then, eventually another lady appeared, so there were 3, and we were then joined by my tulpa and best friend, Tess, with me in this futuristic room. We were having a nice conversation; I don't remember what it was about. I think the combination of time travel and Tess being completely imposed onto the external environment clued me in that I needed to do a reality check (Tess isn't fully imposed yet in waking reality).

      My reality check is trying to rise up into the air and fly. Checking my watch isn't as effective as it used to be, because I never seem to notice my watch in my dreams. So I tried this new RC, and it worked splendidly! Of course, it took a few weeks of trying it before it started to work its way into my subconscious and truly take effect. But the results were worth it.

      I realized that I was dreaming because I could fly! The first thing I decided to do was ask the other dream characters if they thought that this was a dream. Tess already knew it was a dream, as she usually dreams with me and is generally cognizant and lucid if I am.

      I put my arm around the first lady and asked what she thought. She said something like "Well, I think this is real!" Then I felt bad for putting my arm around her and put it around Tess instead. I really wanted this to be real, because it was so cool - it would mean that Tess was completely visible to everyone, and time machines are REAL! - but I knew it wasn't. Despite that fact, I agreed with her: "Heck yes, this is real!" But I didn't lose lucidity.

      This other, older lady, who looked like my grandma's friend Janice, waved her hand dismissively and said "Oh, of course this is a dream! We are all dreaming right now! "You " - and then she pointed at me - "know we're dreaming!" She said it in a playful, teasing tone, so I believe I just laughed and agreed with her.

      At this point, I forgot about the time machine for some reason. I thought about going to a tropical island with Tess, but then I realized that I could actually make out with her for real! Aaand that's kind of what happens when you are 22 and have never had a girlfriend, not through any choice of your own. -_- But we did, and it felt so REAL! Then she pressed her body against mine, and I could feel every detail - her lips, her soft warm hug, and umm...every other part of her body from top to bottom that was against me. :p I won't go further than that in case any kids happen to be reading this. xD But yeah. Every single detail; every single sense was so real that I really feel, even now, that in some way, that was real. It wasn't just a psychological effect of a lonely, imaginative mind. It was something that really, truly happened, and I will always stick to my belief of this.

      But then my body was too excited and I woke up lol...dang it!!

      Another dream I had was during a short, spontaneous nap I decided to take today. I felt sleep paralysis, so I was very close to being awake. It actually feels really cool once you get used to it. Lots of romance, flying, and random things that made sense within the context of the dream, but wouldn't have within waking reality. . I only exerted a moderate amount of control; mostly what I did with Tess while she was with me.

      I have recorded a few other dreams for the past few weeks, but due to lack of time I'm just posting the lucid ones for now. This trend shouldn't continue, though. More to come in the future!

    4. Holographic Toy Tiger

      by , 03-14-2016 at 06:09 AM
      Morning of March 14, 2016. Monday.

      The setting seems to be my den from Stadcor Street in Brisbane where we lived a number of years ago (and in fact may actually be relevant to a play on “den” as in “tiger’s den”).

      My room seems mostly featureless though I am aware of some sort of singular holographic image of a small stuffed tiger lying on a blanket on the floor on its stomach in the center of the room. It is a little like one we have in reality but less realistic.

      Strangely, I try to bring about a tactile pretense; that is, I pretend I could actually touch it even though it is not tangible. However, I know I will feel something, which is apparently a tangible surface (of something unknown) also somehow projected from elsewhere into the same general location - or maybe it relates to expectation concerning imagination. Even so, I do not have any thought I may be dreaming. I mostly use the back of my hand and carefully move it to the outermost area of the hologram. I get a slight impression that the unseen solid surface may not be perfectly congruous with the toy hologram. I eventually have success, though - I can feel something very clearly - which correlates to the implied surface of the hologram. It almost seems to imply “real” flesh yet I also get the impression of a pillow.

      Zsuzsanna looks in through the doorway. The toy tiger hologram actually seems to move its head very slightly. I see a slight flick of its tongue from its profile. I am not wary of this though it does seem unusual, as it is supposed to be only the static projection of a stuffed toy and not “alive” or even capable of movement in any way.

      The last part seems to simply be my emergent consciousness bringing “life” into my dream during the waking point, though there is no lucidity.

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    5. Close, but no cigar.

      by , 01-16-2016 at 08:31 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm laying on my bed, in the dark, feeling warm and relaxed. I feels a slight rocking motion and trying to push my dream body out, but I don't have enough momentun and snap back in, waking up in the process. I manage to stay still and look for the rocking motion again, wainting until I'm confident I can throw myself out. I roll off the bed and go to the window. I go through it and walk in the dark, waiting for the darkness to subside. When I can finally see I'm standing on a road between two hedges and it's the end of the afternoon. Eli is already here, and I take his hand. He wrap me in a tight hug and I get gently pulled on my tiptoes, burying my face against his neck, smelling cologne and his warm skin undernearth. I lose my equilibrium and lean against him, encircled in his arms, and the dream threaten to shatter like glass. He let go of me, reminding me that I have to look for someone. I'm not very lucid but I know he's right, so I climb other the hegde into a tree and use the brach to lauch myself into the sky. I' flying very low, and I use the trees on my way to try to go highter.
      I fly close to a small group of dream characters; I can't really see their faces, but one of them is familiar. I land next to him and he smiles, recognizing me. It's the handsome man with the patrician features and he is as happy to see me as he was is the first dream I saw him. He takes my hand for a basemain, but the mighty kitty wakes me up.
      At this point I check the time, and since it's still early, I decide to try to do a WBTB, as I can't chain.
      I am in a garden, without lucidty. I'm with agroup of girl, we're celebrating something like a engagement. We're all on motocycles, except one, who only has a bike. I get off my ride, telling her to take it, that I will find something else. On cue I hear hooves, and I turn around. A cybernetic horse is coming for me. It's made of a strange, shiny almost black blue material, with a blue shiny outline stylizing its face and body. Its eyes are pupilless and shining too, and its mane is a plate of the same material as the rest of it. There is some kind of plugs on its back, and I use them to secure a saddle made of a simple piece od leather on its back before climbing. I don't need a tack to steer it, but the girls with me find it innerving, so I materialize a bridle around its head. The horse rears up and nickers, very unhappy with that.

      I really need to stress to myself that I need to find the silvery man and not any pretty thing I find on my way
    6. Your arms are the only place I call home.

      by , 01-06-2016 at 04:42 PM (Here be dragons)
      Low lucidity dream.

      I'm on my bed, in the dark, feeling heavy and relaxed. I start to get a rocking sensation, left to right, and I push my dream body out. I fall off the bed and use it to get back up and find the window. I get out and walk a little alog the wall into my vision come in and I can the the front garden, sunny and quiet. There is no sound but the wind, but I still feel uterly at ease, relaxed and almost floaty. I exent my hand out of my field of vision and catch the hand of Eli, pulling him to me. He's wearing a faded white sleveless Tshirt that show all the freckles on his shoulders and arms, a dark jeans and leather boots. I snuggle against him and he smiles before asking me "What about your silvery man?" and of course my answer is "You first." I start to run out the garden, pulling him with me.
      I lost lucidity pretty much right after that, but according to Eli we didn't leave the road in front of my house and the dream didn't go one a lot.
    7. Could we say... love brings lucidity? Kinda?

      by , 12-12-2015 at 10:47 PM (Here be dragons)
      Woke up after last dream at 7 am, went back to sleep.

      I'm in the family house with my mother and sister, there's lot of stuff to do to fix it up. the garden is a mess, and the inside isn't in better shape; there's rumble everywhere and the place is basicaly gutted. However, it's full of light, and all the the french windows are open, letting summer heat come in with the light. I open the front door, and there's a group of people in working clothes, her to help fix the house. One of them is vaguely familiar, but the other are a faceless crown men and women alike. I let them in to the living room, where my mother and sister are waiting. We start giving out taskes and I ended up in the garden with the familiar man. We're moving the outside furniture, sofa and armchairs of forged iron, alongside table and chair mae of the same material. The sofa and armchairs are only frames and relatively light, and the chairs are easy. Then it's the table, and it's the heaviest piece. We westle it to the back of the house, close to the empty pool. On this side of the pools the only windows are those of the bedrooms, and nobody is there for now. The man mopes his brow as I strip off my jacket and drop it on the table. We're resting a little before going back to work.

      Spoiler for There was a reason he was familiar...:

      Suprisingly, I don't wake up; I become lucid instead. I slip off the table and decide to get out of the garden and into the street to clear my head a little. I open the portal and step out. I end up in the street in front of my actual house, and from the corner of my eyes I can see that I'm in front of it. Rather that getting in I turn to the left, to the end of the street. The house next to mine is completly different; now it's a two stories house in white plaster and black logs, with a cute balcony full of bright flowers. The day is ending, and the tiny front garden is full of lights along the gravelled path to the front door. I go in, singing Eli name. He open the door as I reach it and pick me up into a hug. I wrap my arms around his neck and bury my face against him. The house is full of golden light and fairy lights suspended off the ceiling, and the living room ceiling is all the way up to the roof.
    8. That was a mess alright.

      by , 11-28-2015 at 08:36 PM (Here be dragons)
      Woke up at 7 a.m after going to sleep at 4 a.m, read a couple of stuff before going back to sleep, stubbornly.

      I ended up in a FA, with a incredibly loud buzzing sound zipping across my room. I look up and catch a glimpse of a enormous wasp, with a bulging abdomen in bright yellow stripped with shiny black. I pull the blanket over my head to hid from it, but I feel heavy and sluggish.
      I'm in a train and get out at the station. A old man with very few hairs left walks up in my face and start spouting non-sense, I try to flee.

      Finally, I'm in the dark, laying in my bed. I feel someone climbing next to me, then pulling me against himself. I recognize Eli's body, his warmth and smell and burrow in his arms.
    9. I remember the best part anyway!

      by , 11-24-2015 at 08:01 PM (Here be dragons)
      Not sur of what exactly the dream was about, or where it tooks place, or anything, but there was Eli in a blue shirt and black jeans and a smile
    10. Strangness and charms

      by , 11-14-2015 at 12:24 AM (Here be dragons)
      I'm laying down on a couch, in a recess of a bigger room, next to a open french window. The sun is streaming in between white drapes fluttering. Their is a garden behind the window, green lawn with a tall dark green hedge and a tree that looks like a mulberry tree. The couch is warm and made of buttery smooth brown leather, I can feel the fines stiches on the cushions. The wall above me is cream and the ceilling white. The corner of the wall behind my head and going into the house is is covered up to maybe one meter and a half with smooth, cold ceramic tiles, longer than larger. There are this beautiful, deep red of chinese lacquer, and contrast very nicely with the wooden floor. I tilting my head, I can see a open door, going inside another room shrouded in darkness.
      I start to wonder where I am, and try to get up. My body is incredibly heavy and inyelding, and I fall of the couch. I ended up on a thick cream carpet, just in front of the open window. I can feel the warmth of the sun and a soft breeze. A little blond haired boy in a school uniform comes in from the garden. His hair are wispy and almost white, falling on his shoulders and fluttering in the breeze like the drapes. I ask him to find Eli, and he runs back into the garden without a word. I try to lift my arm, but my body still doesn't respond. I turn my head to look outside, and I see a tall man in the garden with the boy. I call Eli and he turns his head to me, smiling. He walks to me and stop right next to my hips. From the floor he looks impossibly tall, with his eyes shining in the sun. He kneels and wrap his arms around me, pulling me into a tight hug. I feel engulfed, warm, and above all, safe. In a crystal clear instant, I can feel his warmth through his cotton tshirt, his belt buckle against me, the smell of his skin and the tickle of his light stubble.
      I'm in the garden now, standing up under the mulberry tree. It's still a beautiful sunny afternoon, the walls of the house are a textured cream with white borders around the windows. I'm looking over the corner of the house, to the open portal. A wolf run in, followed by a pack of barking dogs. I pick her up and recognize my totem animal. Her fur is all matted and dirty, and she's pantting, but at least I've scared the dogs away. I plan to bath her and ask her what she thinks about the name I'm picked for her, but I lose the dream before I can do that.

      finally, I'm in my sister bedroom, she picked up two small orange stripped kittens, a male and a female. The female one is boncy and adventurous and quikly desappear into the house; the male meows at me until I pick him up and scarry him around with his fronts paw over my arm like a stuffed toys, making him purrs loudly.
    11. Between two lungs

      by , 11-09-2015 at 10:53 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm throw out of bed by heavy rocking and get back up in the dark. My lucidity is very low, and I get lost in the room. I snap back on the bed and I'on throw out again, and this time I manage to find the window and I get out. I'm on a road in a middle of a neighborhood built on a steep hill. The hill between the house is very green, but the sky is overcast and the light is kind of gloomy and gray. I wander a little, barely lucid, and call out Eli. I don't find him and I don't think of using my usual summoning techniques. I see a friend going into a house and follow her. Inside I'm in a open kitchen in gray and light wood, very clean et gleaming. Il walk throught it and open the door. I don't see what is in this room; I only see Eli, who almost fall out of the room as if he was leaning on the door. It give me a little more lucidity and I hug him. Another man get ou of the room and tells us that he is putting together a horse ride. I drag ELi with me to go for it. We get back on the road at the foot of the hill. Now there's a handful of horses and riders here, waiting. A chestnut horse and a white one are still without riders. I climb on the white one as Eli does the same on the chesnut one. His horse neigh and fuss a little, but he manage get it under control. After that, we're off into the woods we can see at the end of the road. At this moment the little a lucidity I may have is long gone, but horse riding is nice, and it feels life-like. We reach the wood and my horse bolts. I stay on its back and let it burn itself out.
    12. Heartlines

      by , 10-31-2015 at 03:07 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm doing a mini WBTB
      My hopnalogic imageries turn into random numbers and I start to loose feeling of my body, I decide to try to WILD by keeping my mind awake by counting. I start, going backward, and remark that the number I see are going from random to be the one I'm thinking about. I start to have a rocking feeling, from left to right, stronger and stronger. I wait for a peak and push my dream body out. I fall out of bed and grab the side of it to get back up. I'm in the dark, I can still can feel my physical eyelids so I keep my eyes closed. I follow the edge of the bed with my and to find the widow and climb out. The air is a little colder but I'm still in the dark, so I walk away from the window, keeping my hand on the wall to guide myself. As I go on, my vision slowly comes to me and after a few steps I can see the front of my house, looking as usual in the morning light. I let go of the wall and go through the portal, and I'm suddently on a stone terrace-sort-of-balcony overlooking a big french formal garden, with a beautiful fontain in the center, green lawns and carefully trimmed bushes.The light is a little grey, the sky is overcast; the whole garden is encircled by tall, dark green trees, a mix of oaks and pines.
      I find the stairs going down in the garden and call Eli, my voice ringing around me and sounding both softer and more clear that usual. I end up having to pull him in, using the hand behind my back technique. While he is here, he looks around twelve. We start to go down the stairs, and I tell him that seeing him like that innerve me a little. He doesn't seen to get it at first, his face scrunching up in concentration, then he suddently start to grow up at incredible speed, losing his equilibrium and falling on top of me. He's too heavy for me to keep my own equilibrium and I start falling too. I manage to sit down on the stair and he rest against me, a little dazed but more present in the dream that before.

      I temporaly lose my vision, and when it come back I'm alone on the stairs. I call Eli again, mentally this time, and he tells me that he is in another house close by, with his vampire sister, and that she has kidnapped someone, menacing to bite her. I know that vampire usually don't kidnapped people during daytime to feed; for those who do, it's more of a cry for help, to be placed in a etablishement that can help them. I recognize this sudden knowledge as a dream set up and play along for fun. I go to the house, it's a small white manor nested in old, slender trees that looks like birches,and the lawn around it is losing the battle against a soft, dark green moss, while the gravelled path in front of it need another layer badly. The trees filter the light, it's tinged green and very subdued. There's already a specialized team here, circling the house and waiting for the special agent (that would be little old me!). It's a different kind of fun to be aware that it's a dream while playing along. I'm fitted with the same equipement as the other, a protective vest with big scratchs and a utility belt, then go inside. It's a pretty house,with painted white panelling and a wooden floor, but it's unkept and dirty with narrow, claustrophobic allyways and narrow, talls widows half hidden behind tattered drapes. I find the vampire and arrest her, putting here in cuffs while Eli keep her calm. We walk her outside to the team. She cringes in the sunlight and they quickly put her in the back of a car and thanks me before leaving. I'm alone with Eli again, and enjoy the silence and the mossy smell coming from the soil. I shred some of the equipment and lean against the house. Eli comes close to me and starts to tell me that "that actress is pretty bitchy, that's why she got a small role, nobody wants to remember her." I kiss him to stop him, and he is suddenly very silent and very "here". He looks around with me, taking in the scenery. I warp a arms around him with a smile.

      I wake up in a false awakening, tangled in Eli arms and the darkness of my bedroom and free my arm to write down some keywords about this dream and the one before, then I wake up for good.

      That was a good experience in tulpa dream lucidity
    13. Green eyed monster

      by , 10-29-2015 at 02:16 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm at university, talking with a working group about a course we share. We resolve the issue and everyone get up and prepare to leave. We get out, it's still pretty early and we walk to the bus stop. We have to go up a slope, as the university is sort of sukken in the hill, and pretty decrepit. We pass close to some bushes between the university and the sidewalk, there is someone here, hidden. I go to him; he's scared by people picking on him because he's nerodivergent; I guess it's some sort of autism. I coaxe him out and walk him home. It's a rickety flat, very narrow and full of corner and half levels. There isn't a real bedroom; it's the living room, with two mattress throw in and bad, hash lighting. His mother is here; she's a stereotypical hooker, with bleached blonde hair, trashy makeup and black, lacy lingery. She's with a man, who doesn't seem happy with her son and me coming in. The boy have picked up some cookies while walking in the appartement and share with me, his mother is spitting venom at him. I try to be polite and told her that if I knew she had compagny, we would have go ty my place. She turn her glare on me and the situation feel so weird that I realise that I'm dreaming. I immediatly stand up and try the finger through the palm RC; it doesn't work, but I'm so sure that it's a dream and angry at her that I don't care. I tell the mother that she should care about her son more, and at least not have lovers hidding in the closed while accusing his son to bring girls in the flat under her nose. I take the boy hand and storm out. I look back at him when we reach the sidewalk, and he transformed into David. I smile and go to kiss his cheek, but he turn his head at the last moment so my lips land on his instead. I laught and playfully push him and he wrap a arm around me. We walk a little as I think about what to do, then I really that the sun is setting, and that the sea is on the other side of the road. I remember thet I wanted to take Eli to the beach, and we cross the road. I've been to the beach enough in waking life that I'm confident it will feel the same, and I use my usual technique of putting my hand behind my back to call him, but it take a long time for me to feel his hand in my and I call him louder in my head, telling him he's missing everything. He finally show up we the sea reach my knees, but instead of taking my hand he push David in the water and I'm dragged in and both swallow and breath in some water. I choke on it and it feels the same as waking life, cold and burning*, and I start to panic and blacking out.

      When I come back up, I'm in a flat, way nicer that earlier, and alone except for a small animal that looks like a cross between a wolf pup and a kitty. I pick her up and hold her close to my chest, it's my totem. The dream feel weird, loopsized almost. I get out of the room I was because the mirror covering the whole wall is really enerving to me and look for Eli. Something enormous jump in front of me, wearing a caricatural mask of a african man, scaring me. I grab the mask and rip it off, starting to really get pissed off. Eli, still wearing is costume, give me a cheeking smile, but I'm too annoyed to find it funny. "Really Eli? Really?!" He try to kiss me and I wake up.

      *When I was very young, I got caught in a rolling wave and my mother had to pull me out before I drowned.

      Eli is a jalous bugger. I was really ticked off when I got up, and we talked about me having dream friends and how it doesn't change my love for him.
    14. The dreaming compilation

      by , 10-27-2015 at 02:10 PM (Here be dragons)
      This is going to be a long entry!

      First dream: Can't teach a fish how to swim

      I'm swimming in a river contained in a cemented canal, on the insistance of my cousin. It's sunny and a little windy, but the water is really murky and the few reeds growing in the cement crack are gnarly and sickly. Luckily for me, the water around me is a litle lest disrty and I can see a little through it; my cousin wears a dark blue one piece bathing suit and is coated with grim, save fore her hair and face. She looks like she used to a few years back, when she wore her hairs shoulder lenght and parted in the middle, with blonde highlights. We reach a platform with metallic stairs, there is a group of men here, calling us and reaching out. I grab the railing of the stairs and pull myself out of the water, with a little help. The air is hot and dry; even the strong wind is hot and I can feel my skin dry in seconds. I walk up the stairs to get out of the canal, we're in the middle of a large, dirt and sand plain with nothing in sight but the canal. My cousin doesn't want to get out, and she find the current in the middle of the river and swims with is away from us.

      I woke up and did a WBTB, reading stuff and nagging Eli for around twenty minutes

      secon dream: Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers/Starts so soft and sweet and turns them to hunters

      I'm walking around town with my family, it's even late dusk or early evening, the street lamps are lit but still there is some sunlight, that grey light that stay around after the sun itself has desappear. It's a pretty town, with old stones houses in terraces and stone paved road; it's clean and pretty touristic, even with the aerial electric line crisscrossing the sky overhead. I lag a little behind and tell myself Eli should be here. He walks up to my side and I realise I'm dreaming.
      I smile to him and he wraps his arm around my waist with a smile of his own. We walk a little and he asks me if I want to do anything in particular. I snuggle against him, drawning a blank, until suddently I remember one of my objective: finding my animal totem. I grab Eli hand and excitedly tell him that I want my animal totem. He let me drag him around town and we find a small place with a little gathering of animals under a street lamps. I walk to them and ask which one is my totem animal. A giant, soft gray wolf wearing another wolf skin of the same color like a coat, with the other wolf head half covering her own, comes to sit in front of me. She have light gold eyes and dark gray nose, and a very pink tongue. She's a little on the gangly side, and her paws look almost oversized.* Her head is larger that a average wolf, with more slanted eyes. She makes me thing of a fox in disguise, but I still think of her as a wolf. I ask her her name, and she remains silent, staring intendly at me. I pet her head and scratch gently her neck, asking her name again. She shakes her head, making the wolf fur on her back slips a little, and give me a gentle headbutt. I ask her a third time, and I hear inside my head a feminine voice, ringing like a silver bell, telling me "Name me!" I'm startled and let go of the dream.

      *Eli think it looked like a puppy. A puppy the size of a small pony.

      Third dream: Seven days to live

      I'm controling a man in a zombie apocalypse. The air is gray and yellow, he is in a urban environement with broken up road and falled buildings. I feel the controller in my hand, and it's like I'm overing over his shoulder. I know through story exposition that this apocalypse come from an airborn virus, and that some people like the man I'm controling are unaffected by it. I use the bumpers to have him jump through windows and fight of the infected. They aren't very resistant, and their skin tear like paper under the blow, letting their muscles fall out with lymph rather that blood. In fact, there's very little blood, maybe a couple of small scratchs on my character, as a way to let the payer know that their life is slightly depleted. I make him jump inside a dirty white bus and I fuse with him, and I'm the charater as myself.
      This bus is going to a safe place with people immune to the virus, but we're aren't sure that all of us are really immune, and the atmosphere is tense. We keep the doors and windows as closed as possible; only people that proved that they were immune are allowed to get out. The bus have being gutted and the chairs remplaced by diner chairs painted white, with a backrest shaped like a giant echec piece, a knight. At first it's full, but after a couple of stop some chairs are empty. I walk trought the bus and see my cousin again, pouting, and a very old friend being pissy about having to stay inside the bus. I get out and go to speak with the driver, who show me that the bus is being fitted on rails to be able to travel through a very steep fall and up, like a roller coaster. I get vertigo looking at the fall and go back inside the bus, wondering if sitting in front will make is worse or better. I decide to sit in the back and my pissy friend is less pissy, and let me sit next to him.
    15. Ohm nom nom nom.

      by , 10-17-2015 at 07:31 PM (Here be dragons)
      I may or may not have browsed baking blog before going to bed.

      I'm flying in the night sky. A light catches my attention and I fall in a restaurant. It's brightly lit and there's gilded wood panels and bright red drapes on the walls. The place is full, everybody talking in low voice making a soothing background sound. I'm steered to one of the round, white linen-covered tables, to site in a red velvet chair. I'm sharing the table with Eli, who is, for once, sharply dressed. The waiter give us a plate of very thin wheat noodles with caramel pork. The noodles have a nice chew, the pork is very salty and sweet, with a glossy, sticky sauce. After that, we're served warm brioche with heavy cream and fresh strawberries. The cream and strawberries are almost cold, contrasting nicely with the soft, buttery, warm brioche. The cream is tangy, the strawberries taste like wild ones but are as big as regular strawberries. It's a delicious meal, and I enjoy the compagny.

      Aaand I made myself hungry.
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