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    1. August 12, 2018 Frags and random dream from sometime in August

      by , 08-17-2019 at 06:23 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream is about the new IT part 2 movie. The first part is some sort of trailer for IT in this dark room where pennywise is morphing into different forms, one of which is this machine gun shooting bullets around the room, I remember thinking this was so exciting and weird for the movie that was going to come out. It seemed more abstract for the mainstream thing we'll be getting soon.

      The dream eventually opens up into this downward slope that was originally a movie theater and is now this open field going down. There's some people there with me including the kids from the movie and we're sort of battling IT but at some point Pennywise is this giant version of himself and he looks directly at me. He goes right towards me grabbing me. I'm not sure if this'll make sense but sometimes in nightmares there's this thing that is the "bad guy" and it has this enormous presence in the dream. But anyways it turns its attention towards me and I'm immediately really scared, he sort of calls me out among everyone else saying something like "YOU!" and lunges forward, grabbing me. He throws me down the slope, at the end is this theater stage but there's this gap under the stage with machinery and fire. He throws me in this particular gap that happens to miss the epicenter of the danger. When he throws me he lunges after me but instead of me hitting the dangerous epicenter of the machinery and fire he hits it and the dream ends.

      There's another dream from a few weeks ago that really shook me too that involves pennywise. The dream scene is sort of at my old elementary school area but instead of the school is this old abandoned house. I remember I'm staying there but I'm trying to leave and my friend Moo is there as well. I'm trying to get him to leave with me but I know pennywise is there, but he's not really a solid clown he's more of just this tricky presence that keeps tricking us into staying there with him. At one point I'm trying to convince moo to leave but in the back of my head I know pennywise is there and he warps our minds, tricking us into not wanting to leave the place. In another room is this opening in the floor that leads down into a tunnel. There's this small creature, sort of like a platypus or a turtle maybe, but it's this important and ancient being part of this larger story and it seems on our side but at the same time giving off this creepy and evil vibe.

      The dream also turns toward us being in this movie theater in the seats watching this movie. And the movie is really messed up, I was getting nightmare scares the entire time. I'm watching this movie that is mostly red and black, it's of this violent mansion where the stairs are like teeth that are chomping people up and they keep folding and biting in this endless pattern in front of me. I close my eyes in the dream but the theater is also this weird 4D situation like at amusement parks where the seats are moving, I can feel this immense energy while my eyes are closed of these violent scenes going on. I open my eyes and I see this room with bunk beds and the beds turn into these chomping teeth killing the people sleeping in the bunk beds. It reminded me of that creepy piano in Super Mario 64 that had teeth.

      Also, a few weeks ago my sleep paralysis demon was being really aggressive. I was stuck in SP and it was waiting at my bathroom door. He just lunged at me and I could feel this massive force and the air from the lunge just shoving me into my bed and the spirit just stuck right in front of me.
    2. 21 May: Weird orphanage ruled by androids

      by , 05-21-2019 at 09:08 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am at an underground labyrinth looking for Dragon Balls. I spot a couple of them moving in different ways through corridors. I follow one direction, with a long corridor ending in huge stairs. It is very dark, so I imagine some lights illuminating the stairs, but not much light comes on. When I reach the top of the stars, I see a torch burning but it still is dark. Then a lady android, 2 meters tall, blocks my path and drags me down. I get rid of her, but she keeps going after me. I go around this place, which now looks like a vintage hotel. I find a kid and a guy, who are husband and daughter of the android lady (also androids). They also want to catch me, but I escape flying. I find a room with two human kids, surprised to see me. They ask me to hide, they are afraid the androids will come and see me. They suggest I go out the window and hang on the ledge outside. It's an old building with heavy wooden frames and it is possible to pass from window to window holding on to the wooden ledges. So I go watch other windows. I see other kids on other rooms. They are desperate to share messages. One girl delivers me a message, says some names and that I have to tell whomever that such and such must do whatever.
      At daylight I go back inside the building disguised as cleaning lady. It doesn't work so well. There is an android receptionist who is not fooled, but she is very slow reacting, so I run inside and hide under a table. Then I find a big hall where all the kids are sitting at round tables, cheerful. I deliver them the message from the girl before and they thank me.
      Then I have to hide again as androids join in. Later, when they leave, I sit with the kids and eat what seems fried fish. In front of me I see Trevor Noah and we have to share the same glass of water, because there is no other glass available. I joke about it and he seems to feel more awkward than gross.
    3. lxiv.

      by , 11-03-2018 at 12:05 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up around 10:00, with one non-lucid sort of fresh in memory but all the detail quickly went away on waking, somehow.

      Dream fragment:
      This was from the end of the dream.

      Game-like reality; "playing" with someone else in a co-operative mode and in some underground sand or clay tunnels or something.

      The tunnels lead into a big chamber, dark. There was some sort of well at the centre. A stone colossus came towards us from the opposite side of the room and we backtracked a bit. In the dream I remember telling the other person the colossus was made of obsidian and we wouldn't be able to attack it in this form and that it would turn into black steel for a few minutes at a time every so often and we'd have to try and attack then...

      The colossus came into the tunnels/halls but I ended up darting past and into the chamber with the well; I jumped into the well, partly by accident as I meant to go across the room where there seemed to be a portal or some brightness. It was completely dark underwater and I soon "died" in a game-like fashion.

      The view changed and the camera panned out; I could hear a boss give a monologue which I don't remember in any detail, and I partly remember him asking "how did you get here? vaulted over the walls? exploited some location?" and other questions to that effect.

      Couple of notes:
      • The dream location and situation here at the end reminded me of the game Necropolis.
      • The stone colossus was similar to Anubisath, a boss in the original World of Warcraft.

      + Previous score: 65.0

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 0.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment: 0.5

      = Total score thus far: 65.5
    4. xxv.

      by , 08-16-2018 at 11:25 AM
      Non-dream stuff - woke up at about 10:45, remembering mainly one non-lucid dream.

      Dream sequence:
      The first part I can remember is in an underground tunnel, with a road. It was dark and there were old sodium-type lights, the orange streetlight kind of lamps. There was also this area that joined with the tunnel.

      There were no cars and I went through the joined area and there was a man; I stabbed him in the back and continued on forward, running I think.

      Then my "view" changed, from the same height as him, I could see the man lying face down on the ground, with a lot of blood under him, and with his face in a state of surprise and shock, eyes opened. But then he got up. Now he was naked, and he had tattoos, he also had a 9mm type pistol and he was scared and paced backwards toward an elevator. My view followed in front of him as he got into the elevator.

      Inside it was mostly chrome/steel, maybe with one mirror. It was very bright inside the elevator and the man was still shaking; he made it go up, I think. My point of view changed to be behind him, as the lift arrived.

      There were some bodyguard types in a dark room and he asked them for help, they were like his henchmen; I can't remember what happened here exactly but then he walked into that room and then another, and the other guys were gone again. And in the other room was me, and the man was surprised to see me. He got a katana from somewhere and tried to cut my head off, and succeeded, but only for my dream self to disappear and another to reappear in the same place, taunting him. I explained to him, this was his dream, and he could not get rid of me (which doesn't make sense 100% and also I failed to realise it was a dream... )

      He kept trying to cut my head off, the same thing happening repeatedly, and he was obviously getting frustrated.

      Then the dark room was not a room at all anymore; we were outdoors in a japanese-style house garden and it was day, with a few clouds. He still had his katana but I was at a distance now, and I had a weapon now too, either a katana or a naginata. I rushed to attack him with confidence and he struggled to predict my moves.

      I can't really seem to remember the ending.

      • I don't really know who the man was, but I remember his role was that of a criminal leader or something. He had long black hair, but I do not remember his clothes, when he had them.
      • The elevator is a common recurring dream-sign, though it usually involves me rather than someone else.
      • As far as I can remember, most of the setting was dream-generated.
      • I spoke to the man about the nature of the dream, his dream, even. But then I didn't realise the nature of my own dream; it is as though I was a dream character to this dream character man of mine.
      • I did not feel pain from the beheading but perhaps remember feeling a slight pressure from the blade initially.
    5. Tunnel Vision

      by , 06-20-2018 at 06:29 PM

      I drive into a dark tunnel through a mountain or under a river. The power must be out. I hear a voice announcing over the radio or telepathically in my head: "There is a UFO overhead." (I.e., in the sky over the tunnel.)

      I become LUCID but I sense I'm not very deeply asleep and I don't know what to do with the lucidity anyway (not having made a clear plan beforehand), so I pull myself awake. What a waste of consciousness!

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    6. Gangster Fail (Blissful Flood)

      by , 04-01-2017 at 10:01 AM
      Morning of April 1, 2017. Saturday.

      I am at first floating over an early evening scene (though it is still daylight) of 1940s gangsters driving around, possibly in Chicago. Being semi-lucid, I automatically perceive the foundation of the dream state as a “blissful flood” (and have since very young), with water flowing in slowly, with beautiful vivid reflections. As water symbolizes sleep and the dream state (even as in the “Little Nemo” comic strip), I feel relaxed, even though some of the gangsters now sit on the roofs of their cars, appearing frustrated that their activities were interrupted. My semi-lucidity fades slightly and I then absentmindedly wonder if this is part of a movie where things had gone wrong with the set due to water from another set (perhaps for a Navy movie) going past a barrier.

      Having been incorporeal, I now seem corporeal. The gangsters eye me suspiciously but do not seem dangerous. I ride with Zsuzsanna in a Venetian gondola, though I do not see the oarsman. Our boat slowly moves past them as they sit on the tops of their 1940s cars to our left, the water halfway up over the windows. Zsuzsanna and I are intimate as my dream moves toward the waking transition (and waking transition symbolism in contrast to dream induction symbolism).

      The water seems more shallow as we go through a tunnel. At first, I am wary of going into a tunnel. It appears that some sawhorse traffic barricades fall over from water coming in from “over itself” at the end of one part of the tunnel (which makes no sense - as if the water was halfway up but somehow solid or remaining in place even at the opening (perhaps somehow jellified), with some “normal” water moving over the original level somewhat like a small waterfall).

      There is light ahead and I get a very vague memory of when Pinocchio was inside a whale, though I do not think that is the case with us. “That’s it, over there,” I say as I point. There is a loose association with the television show in April of 1986 about Al Capone’s vaults (“The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults”).

      A young Geraldo Rivera sits on straw on a slightly damp surface inside a larger hollow area. He has a bottle of wine (possibly meant to represent the sole bottle of bathtub gin originally found in the vault). I look very closely at the bottle of wine because there is writing on it. I need to read it and understand its meaning. The brand name of the wine seems to be “Cortex”.

      Even though the preconscious (when it is personified) is almost always a different character, it is easily recognizable by additional clues (often either direct or subliminal identification as the waking prompt and the particular level of consciousness just prior to waking, as the role of the preconscious is to make the dreamer more aware of the fallacy of his temporarily skewed dream self identity and bringing the dreamer out of the dream state) as well as mood, shift in the clarity of a dream, and dominance in many cases. In this case, the common water induction transmutes to the waking symbolism. “Cortex” is a direct clue; “the outer layer of the cerebrum, composed of folded grey matter and playing an important role in consciousness”.

    7. [17-08/19-08-2016]

      by , 08-19-2016 at 11:13 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was sitting on a sofa on my kitchen. There was my mother, sitting on a chair in front of me. I had black spots all over my body and knew that something is wrong.


      I was in my house, in my living room with teacher. We were discussing about music. Then I saw a group of friends, they were all men in their late forties. They were working in some research facility. They were afraid of one of their choices and safety of them and whole facility. I took an elevator with them, the men have scattered on different floors while I went to my work - transporting barrels of waste to hazard elimination unit. I moved some barrels but then an accident happened and controllers sealed off the chamber, which also stopped ventilation and closed me in chamber with green clouds of radioactive waste. I had troubles breathing, there were some women working in the chamber, talking about money they'd get for it. I thought that radioactivity would kill them before they'd get their money, and it will kill me too. Then a girl I know appeared and somehow destroyed protective seals so I could jump out of waste chamber and punch a controller. Then I had to escape, I decided to run into a metal tunnel with metal spirals that conducted electricity. I wanted to get through it to another part of complex, but then explosions on both sides of the tunnel stopped me. Flame wave almost got me, but spirals released energy wave that turned my body to quants and teleported me somewhere else.
    8. Zombie Tunnel

      by , 06-19-2016 at 10:38 AM
      The dream started with me, a girl and two other guys arguing over something. Then, a zombie breaks through the door and the girl starts trying to bash his head in with some kind of pole weapon (maybe a pool cue or a club?). After the zombie dies we all charge out of the house and get surrounded by more zombies and start trying to hold them off whilst still arguing. They're struggling to kill the zombies due to their weapons being weak but I'm mowing zombies down with a bow.The dream then fast forwards to a tunnel that looks neary identical from the one in the Tranzit map in Black Ops II. The dream ends a few seconds after we get there.
    9. [17-05-2016]

      by , 05-17-2016 at 04:58 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Can't quite recall more than sneaking into a basement of some kind and surprising someone from the other side of tunnel.
      Tags: basement, tunnel
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. [Non-Lucid] Onions and Alligators

      by , 03-02-2016 at 10:18 PM (SilverDreams' Reality Journal)

      In this dream I'm with a guy, apparently my boyfriend(?) , at the train station/prison hybrid where he is being kept prisoner. I'm pretty sure I'm there to ask him about alcohol to take with me out with my friends, since I'm fairly broke and haven't got enough money to buy my own and It's a necessity if I'm not going to feel uncomfortable the whole night. He tells me there's some in his apartment and I go upstairs, there are scumbag inmates all over the place calling to me, mocking me and whatnot.

      "Hey, what room was yours?" I call down to him over the railing of the upper floor.
      "It's 505!" He shouts back.

      A woman slides up beside me and opens the door slightly, presumably to demonstrate that It's unlocked.
      "Does he always leave his door open like that?" I ask her, and wonder if she even knows him.

      She shrugs, and I push open the door. There are no drinks any-where, I look over counter tops and inside a bedside table before determining that they must be under his bed for some reason. Surely enough I'm right, and I pick up a small flask of vodka, a larger bottle of whiskey and some absinthe and stuff them into my bag. I leave the apartment, but now I have a new problem. On the ground floor, right next to my boyfriend and the staircase down, there's a warden patrolling. I walk low, and try to descend the staircase without drawing any attention to myself. It's no use, and I am caught. He rummages through my bag, not seeming to care that I don't belong here, and finds a tube of skin cream. He accuses us of using it to get drunk, which we vehemently deny. He takes it away, and sentences me to prison with the rest of them. I jump down off the platform and onto the train tracks, stretching out ahead of me is a dark tunnel. I begin running down the tunnel, the warden screams at his officers to capture me, but I manage to evade most of them
      I run as far as I can before I can't run any further, two officers blocking my path, a nasty looking woman and another man.

      "Make sure you close the door up ahead, the one that's unlocked. We wouldn't want him reaching the last gate and getting free."

      I am dragged off to a separate section, which is for some reason a patch of outside, like a park or something. I go inside, and there are other prisoners there, none that I have previously met or know in reality. I sit down on a park bench, and notice there are horses and alligators everywhere. I talk to the other prisoners, I think there's a woman, a larger man and one or two other people with no distinguishing features. The warden of this section of the "prison" talks to us, and begins throwing out different colored pieces of garlic, which attracts all the alligators to us. I sit on the very back of the park bench and put my feet up, there's the female inmate beside me and she does the same. I ask the warden how long I'm going to be here for.

      "Thirty years." She replies bluntly, throwing a purple onion my way.
      "Thirty years?!" I ask in disbelief, and she nods.
      "That's right, you're not getting out here until you're one hundred and thirty."

      So apparently I was already one hundred years old but looked and felt like I was in my twenties. I became friends with the inmates around me, but felt very upset at the prospect of being stuck in this place. As far as I can tell I woke up soon after.

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    11. Tunnel to Gnome Village (EILD)

      by , 02-23-2016 at 11:43 PM
      Ritual: Went to bed around 2am. Woke at 5:45 and fed the cat. Returned to bed and set vibrating alarm, attached to wrist. Interval was 30 minutes, set at 5:55am. Last time I used this device I completely slept through several vibration cycles (it was at the lowest setting), so I turned the intensity up slightly. The first time it went off I remembered to lay still, but could feel that I had already lost dreamstate. The second time it went off, my mind felt fully awake but I felt like I might still be integrated with my dream body. I tested movement cautiously and sure enough, I could swing my arms freely, unconstrained by the covers that I knew lay over them in WL. There were still a few moments when I couldn't quite be sure if I was engaging dream muscles or real ones, so in order to avoid sending the wrong signals, I started spinning and sliding my whole body until I felt like I was lying the wrong way in the bed. I didn't feel like I could safely engage my legs yet, so remaining on my back (though in WL I was sleeping on my left side), I slid across the bed and off the other side until I dropped gently to the floor. The cat was lying on me in WL (confirmed when I woke up afterward) and the sensation of warmth and weight bled through into the dreamstate, so it felt very odd and amusing to have this remain constant even while my self-perception of where I was in relation to the room and the bed was changing. I took care to note this WL sensation cautiously and with a certain mental distance, lest it startle me awake. The sensation faded naturally as I now "stood up" and walked through the house.

      EILD: I walk straight into the living room, which was dark, and stop to figure out what I should do. Although I have been trying to remember a few personal tasks, somehow it is easier to recall the TOTYs, so I figure I'll attempt another of those to start with. Most of them seem better suited to the outdoors, so I exit the kitchen patio door.

      My initial thought is to look for a circle of fairy mushrooms. My cement back patio is unusually life-like this time, so I cross it until I reach the fence that borders the property. In WL this is a low wall of beige-painted cinderblocks; in the dream it is a chain-link fence several feet taller than I am. With the lightness and agility of my dream body, I easily climb over it and drop down. In WL the ground slopes steeply downward here; for some reason in dreams, it is typically a steep hill going up.

      I start looking for fairy mushrooms among the trees, but notice a large area where the soil looks loose and disturbed, as if recently planted with the flowers that cover the expanse at regular intervals. The blossoms are very simple in structure, a small disk encircled by six delicate purple petals. I realize that I am unlikely to find a fairy circle in ground so recently landscaped, so I decide to pursue the gnome task instead. There are trees all around, but most look young, their trunks only a few inches in diameter. I look around for the biggest tree I can find, and approach one that is over two feet in diameter, conjoined with two similarly-sized trunks to make a row of three. I can't tell if they are three trunks from the same tree, or multiple trees that grew up in close proximity.

      The earth is still bare and loose here, recently tilled, so it is easy to dig my arms in and start casting it aside. I alternately cast the soil I'm displacing to the left and right and back between my legs. It is much easier to dig than it would be in WL, but it is still too slow and tedious to form a hole of the depth and dimensions I need, so I decide that I need a new strategy. If there are tunnels down there, there shouldn't be any need to displace the soil outside the hole—I should be able to drill straight through. I leave my hands in the earth and focus on pushing the soil inward. As a hole begins to form, I step in and will it to widen, so that I won't feel claustrophobic. When it is a few inches wider than my shoulders on either side, I take the plunge, willing the earth beneath my feet to drop into the tunnels and carry me along with it.

      I find myself in a network of spacious square hallways, about seven feet tall and wide. They are dimly lit by what seems to be electric light, though I don't investigate the source. There is nothing natural or even rustic about these tunnels—they might easily be the basement corridors of some ordinary building. I look around for evidence that they are the gnome tunnels that I am seeking, and find that the most distinctive thing about the space is the graffiti scrawled here and there on the walls. It is not high-end arty spray-painted graffiti, just ordinary lettering written in what looks like thick black marker. I step closer to one example and find it at once legible and unexpectedly funny: "Hobbits are HUGE!" It does sound like the sort of thing a gnome might write, so it gives me confidence that I've landed in the right place after all.

      I continue down the corridor, looking for more memorable examples of graffiti. The next piece that catches my attention says "SpiritLA." Something about the way it is written makes me think that this is a Los Angeles-based sports team that the gnomes apparently favor. A few steps further on, and I finally encounter the gnomes themselves, about six of them congregating in a junction where several corridors meet. There is also a sort of wire gate that appears to lead into a larger open space, though it is too dark to discern any details. Despite what the graffiti said about hobbits, these figures are pretty huge themselves, coming up almost to my shoulder, so I peer closely at their faces for evidence that they are in fact the gnomes that I seek. I am reassured by their features, which have distinctively rounded, gnomish features.

      "Hello," I say, curious how they will respond to my intrusion. "Hello!" they reply cheerfully, completely at ease. I have been voicing my observations (like the examples of graffiti) aloud in order to assist my recall later, so as I take note of the appearance of the gnomes nearest me, I make a vocal shorthand description of their characteristics.

      "Blonde, bangs, white dojo," I comment about the first gnome to approach me. She is a female wearing a gi (the garment used in karate practice), and though I know perfectly well what a gi is called in waking life, dream logic substitutes "dojo" instead. Her hair is long and straight, of a golden blonde color. Her gi is bound with a plain white belt. She smiles amiably.

      Another female gnome is standing to my right, so I note her appearance in turn, remembering that the task specifies interacting with two of them. "Pink padded blouse and white skirt, knee-length" I say, but even at the time I realize "padded" might not be the right word. "Quilted" would probably be more accurate, since it looks like there is only a very thin layer of batting under the decorative overstitching, done with curving and intersecting lines spaced about half an inch apart. I note that the skirt has the same kind of decorative stitching over thicker cloth, with no apparent batting inside, as the stitches lay flat. "Light hair, long—no, shoulder-length," I continue, noting that her hair is exceptionally pale, almost white, and delicately textured. The way it falls reminds me of how hair was "feathered" in late '70s/early '80s hairstyles. The faces of both females look ageless, neither young nor old. Neither seems disconcerted by my weird mutterings, they both just look at me with calm curiosity.

      Although I was able to make very detailed observations on the appearance of both, at this point I felt myself begin waking up and could not reverse the process. The EILD allowed me to time the dream precisely: it went off at 6:55 and I awoke at 7:04, so it only lasted nine minutes in all. Subjectively, it also felt very brief.

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    12. Back to school 3 / wanabe Alien babies

      by , 12-26-2015 at 12:14 PM
      F1 - Its a brightish day and i'm in a carpark. I help some woman with long blond pony-tail with getting stuff into her car.

      F2 - Travelling along a tightish tubular tunnel. Along the sides are snakes similar to those in prometheus (alien babies). I feel very threatened and spray acid from a gun at them. They die, melting in a very gory way. Still looking at me with one eye and one melting into just a dark eye socket.

      F3 - Still near tunnel, i'm in futuristic train compartment. I need the toilet and find a strange retangular door that opens wahlaa! but am to embarressed to use it.

      F4 - In dark classroom watching a video. D & M are sitting back observing. Feeling very nervous. Older kids are there, Na moves but other kid lays sprawled refusing to move. Sit down next to kid slurping a drink. I try and persuade/coerse him to behaviour. All very fraut. Feeling of low self worth.

      Underlying feelings still remain regarding work.
      Snakes may be symbolic of kundalini supressed by xmas over eating (stomach acid).
    13. A Jump into the Abyss

      by , 10-25-2015 at 10:18 AM
      Morning of October 25, 2015. Sunday.

      I am looking down into the throat of an extinct volcano. This will be fun to jump into in my lucid awareness. I cannot see that far down, but do not expect to be harmed in any way. (It is fairly common for me to deliberately jump from a higher place to then soar about in my dreams. It is often very exhilarating, especially when there is such realistic momentum.)

      I jump, falling stomach down, arms out, though now see a giant spiderweb across the whole cylindrical area below. My dream goes into an odd state where I am somehow vaguely aware of my real physical body. I am not interested in any giant spider shenanigans.

      After a short time, the giant spiderweb I land on, on my stomach, turns out to be a thin sheet of glass that is somehow stopping my fall. It is full of spider-web-like cracks. There is a jagged hole where my legs are dangling down just a bit. I then consider that it may actually be ice, not glass. Eventually, I get a subtle impression that it is cellophane, but that would seem unlikely regarding the fact I remain suspended on whatever I am on for a time.

      The scene shifts to where I am crawling through a horizontal cylindrical tunnel that is getting smaller and smaller. Some sort of “living rock salt” feature (as perhaps of an actual surreal “throat” of a larger creature) around the whole tunnel may digest me at one point. Obviously I do not want this. I emerge near the top of a high hill but am “stuck” inside the outer area of the tunnel to just below my chest. Perhaps I will just remain here staring out over a small isolated town for however many years or centuries. I do not feel in danger, just mildly annoyed that I cannot move. I will not call for help; just wait until I am fully “back” in my real body. I rest my chin in my hand, trying to hold back my aggravation and very minor embarrassment (though no other person had been around at any point).
    14. City of beings

      by , 09-02-2015 at 04:10 PM
      I woke for wbtb at 3am
      Laid back down for wild at 3.30 just a short wbtb where I Listened to some Binaural beats and repeated some mantra -

      During wbtb - relaxed so much and felt the shift of consciousness very clearly - the rest I had was so peaceful - I felt I could stay there forever/eternity - I was able to notice the Yellow pulsating Hi after that and used my imagination to see it as the sun coming over a beautiful vast sea scape - I almost got in but think I tried to step into it a little too early - it hadn't formed around me completely yet...Next time
      (I think it was the closest i got to letting the HI form as I realised recently that I don't think i put enough focus into actually even noticing the HI at all in most other Wild dives...and that might be why I have been falling asleep a lot recently. ) I Felt the dream form around me and said" wow this is a dream, it must be a dream..." I woke up tho as I am quite exited ...

      I am semi- lucid in the following dreams I had - I was in a prayer service with K , a small group of us sat around him - I noticed I sat in a nice arm chair. K looked over at me regularly and we had a good connection as if we were friends. He then got up to walk over to another area to continue with other prayers, everyone followed - as I got up I realised my mother was with me but very old and frail. As i held her close I whispered to her that she was the most Wonderfull mum in the world, we hugged and I kissed her head.
      Then I was speaking with some seekers on the path - one of them who I had been helping
      came up to me and said " you guys have a lot of problems with your lineage you need to sort out "
      I said to him "oh good - you are understanding that there are problems with everything - there are always things to fix and work on - this is a great example of that - well done'"
      Then I went to the group next to me and started to speak about L-
      ' How amazing he is ; he jokes and keeps things light for the simple reason he doesn't get pulled into anything - nothing! He always wants to remind you to work with things as they are right now! That you have the ability to overcome everything - right now - What an amazing teacher he is!'
      One of the girls has a problem with something and feeling very confident and happy
      I say ' come on tell me - what is it ? let me help you - whats wrong?'

      Then there was a bit where I was looking at my iPad at photos I was taking and one looked distinctly wrong -
      I said' I dint shoot that - this must be a dream!'
      That bit keeps playing over and over and I know it was dream for sure /after i had done the 'nose pinch' and 'hand rub' - but cant stabilise properly and wake up...

      Then later came the Full LD -
      I was going to sleep saying ;

      'This must be a dream - this must be a dream. Look at the abnormalities!'

      Then when I noticed it was a dream I was actually in a dream within a dream!
      I am waking up in a room where my mother was and I imagined i went by her in an oobe sort of way - ha ha
      ' I AM DREAMING !' I say to her as I passed her, ( thinking she could not see me as I
      was in the dream )
      As the moments passed I realised I was actually in a LD for real, even tho at the start of it I had woken up within a dream...Anyway
      I feel my physical eyes closed with light coming in at that moment - maybe next time I will open them as I have a feeling this happens a lot and may be something interesting ...
      In the LD I bust out of the window in flight - I rub my hands together as I fligh to stabilise the dream - it worked as things became clearer around my immediate view of blue sky and clouds.
      I shout out ' Who am I? Take me to who I am!' ( ha ha this was spontaneous although I have been reading in books recently about calling out things to your Sub in your dream anyway my serious capricorn nature is ruling the way here !)

      I see before me in flight a long dark tunnel and I fly in it at top speed - I can see what looked like a beautiful sea scape at the other end of the dark tunnel and am curious to get there - Maybe I am flying through a worm hole, I think
      I keep flying forward but start noticing tiny scattered visions within the tunnel as if happening deep within the walls of the darkness - A few seem to be of people in different types of museums... From time to time I shouted out these sort of things loud and clear into the darkness as a fly

      ' Tell me who I am!'
      'Tell me what I have to do!'
      ' Tell me
      where I am from!'

      Again I brought my hands together and rub them and firmly together helping my lucidity to grow more - I few out the end of the tunnel the light was sharp;
      ...I had reached a vast open space - then it was clear - lots of sea around a large city scape in my immediate view ( like looking down flying over a NY City or a City like that ) As I slow down, taking in the scenery of this big city scape surrounded by an ocean of gentle waves in, I noticed the sky scrapers were actually statues of human beings ... kind of like statues, strange tho it wasn't as if they were just statues as they seemed as if they could have life in them...as I fly by the tops I could make out clearly the facial expressions etc...It was like they were human beings of the environment ( hard to explain but that's the conclusion I naturally drew in the dream that moment ) Not separate from the earth/city they grew
      yet distinct in each who they were - Woke up soon after
    15. Sacrificial Luge

      by , 07-12-2015 at 01:29 PM
      We have crash landed in an unfamiliar land or world. I have some nice gold jewelry with me that I keep with me, we leave our plane while it is getting repaired. I spend time on my own each day with locals learning customs, especially enjoy frequent (daily?) rides in dugout canoes with the priests and priestesses down an under-mountain water luge. It is serious, but a fun ride! at the top there are always two canoes, and one female will ride to another tunnel on the left, lying in her canoe after we say goodbye ceremonially and head to the right. Everyone here is very fair, tall, blonde, and they all wear white. I believe the tunnel to the left goes through some falls to another part of city... One day, I have come to be so bored and tired of being there that I decide I will ride with the woman. They others try gently to dissuade me but I am adamant and they let me get in -- then my mate (handsome channing tatum type) shows up out of nowhere, gets very upset and says no, I can't go, and explains that those falls take the priestesses to their death, this is a sacrificial rite. Wish someone had bothered to tell me that earlier! I get out of the canoe, and say fine, but let's leave this place. He says we have no fuel. I go over to the old priest sitting nearby at a desk and give him a bracelet with orange stones in it -- ask him to fill up our plane in return. He says he can do better than that, and proceeds to give me a massive fortune in their currency (three small bags of white gold-like dust), explains that the stones in the bracelet are worth enough for me to live in luxury for the rest of my life. I agree, the bracelet was just a trinket to me anyways, and we leave.
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