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    1. Recap, Overwatch stuffs, MORE crimes, and the invasion of Invictus

      by , 05-14-2018 at 05:06 AM (Exterminate)
      Overwatch twitch streamer
      In this dream I was a m2f2m transgender overwatch twitch streamer. Wow, what a combo. I was getting ~20 viewers on average. I was using a facecam and made the mistake of mentioning my real name to the audience. The viewers then searched my past and found some racy photos and private info about me that I didn't want to get out to the public. Turns out I transitioned to female- voice, breasts, and all- and took naughty pictures before getting off treatment and going back to being male. The chat started asking questions and teasing me for my life choices. I had a dream memory of wanting to be a government employee. I was called in for an interview not knowing what specific job I had wanted. They offered me various jobs, and I agreed to an office job. They started the interview for it and I just absolutely bombed the interview. I feared more private info would get out and I panicked. I left a competitive game I was in and immediately felt my heart skip a beat. The entire chat was spamming MonkaS and Pogchamp. I quickly rejoined the game, but was afraid of getting punished by blizzard, the maker of the game overwatch.
      For the record I am and have always been a straight male with no desire to become female in waking life.

      Mascot job and minecraft drop.
      Took a job at a school being a mascot. I was not the only mascot, there seemed to be about 20 of them in total. $10 an hour, not bad. I thought I had another job lined up to start in a week, but it turns out that one fell through. I still had a dress from when I was female from before the previous dream? I didn't use it. Visited grandparents later in the dream, but forgot details.
      Another dream involved going through a 20x20 hole in a minecraft world. It was part of a mountain and the entrance shrunk before opening up to a large area. I recall looking at all the beautiful scenery that showed up from the other side of this hole, and as I was walking along a cliff, someone walking with me pushed a friend of mine down the cliff. It was a very very long fall, and at the bottom was a huge pond. The pond was completely surrounded by the mountains in a circle, so I worried both for the friend surviving the fall and how they'd get back out. The person who pushed the friend down there assured me the friend would be fine, but I wasn't convinced.

      Another dream of me committing a crime..Must be an internal fear. I was super exited to see the POTUS AND FLOTUS in the dream. I had a mini camera. It was a stick, taller than wide, but it was small. Just big enough to peak over my hand as I clinched my fist. I took a picture of the POTUS AND FLOTUS, but was charged a crime for this. I guess it had something to do with unauthorized photography or concealed camera or something lol.
      I had a choice of paying a fine or getting a small jail sentence. I was in the Overwatch League, either in contenders or open division. I was not a pro though, it was like I won a contest or something. Very awkward for me, because there was a warrant out for the crime I had committed. I guess they didn't know who did the illegal act, but they announced what the charges were? I shared with my teammates that I was the one who did the crime and that got me kicked off the team. My Asian dad(Turns out I was Asian in the dream!) tried to get me into the Shanghai Dragons. He bribed the team $5000 to let me on their team.

      A few hours later I recorded these two dreams.
      Visiting brother
      I was visiting my brother. He was super depressed and lonely. He lived alone and was very sickly. I was visiting with a few family members. We visited to try to support and encourage him, but he was very defensive on everything we said and did. He did not want out help and he rejected us. He offered me a soda. I went to grab a glass from the cabinet and found there were no clean glasses. In fact, there was no clean dishes at all. Many were piled in the sink and scattered around the counter and floor. I then saw that the trash was way overflowing as well. I was going to clean a dish and my brother like freaked out. He didn't want me touching his stuff. He expressed that he had no clean laundry and had not taken a shower in a long time either. I pleaded with my brother to please let me do the dishes or help around the house in some way, but he drove me and my family out of the house. I left in tears realizing I may never see my brother alive again due to how sick he was and how sad his life had become. (My brother is in a bad place iwl, but he is nowhere near that depraved.)

      I dunno what caused me to realize I was dreaming, but I looked around me and saw I was in a dark house, with little lighting. To confirm the dream and ground myself I did the nose plug RC to great success. I could breath clearly through my plugged nose. This was a strange occurrence to me, because in the past when I do that RC I could breathe indeed, but it'd usually be as if I was congested or could only barely breathe. I then remembered to check if I could plug my nose and breath through it without using my fingers, but doing so only caused me to stop breathing. I looked at my hands for a second to try to increase the dream's clarity, but it either didn't work or I rushed through it. I then tried remembering my dream goals. I thought for a second, but couldn't figure it out. I then announced that around the next corner would be someone that could interpret my dream goal. I walked around the corner and indeed someone was there!

      ...It was my sleeping brother. I woke him up and told him he was dreaming, and a part of my dream. I explained that he would be the one to tell me what I was supposed to do in this dream. He just mumbled a few words about invictered, invict...something. He then fell back asleep. Figures. I leave this room and walk down a hallway and see a lit room at the end. I go to the end and I see my dad. I figure he must know what it is I wanted to do now. I say that I want to spawn something, and then try to share with him the word my brother tried to say. My dad clarified the word was Invictus. Invictus is what I am to spawn in this dream. Got it. (For the record, this was never one of my dream goals. I didn't know what Invictus was at the time let alone did I want to spawn such a thing.) Invictus is supposed to be some sort of alien invader that would be reaching earth soon. I walk through the hallway and open the front door and say to the sky "Invictus will invade in ten seconds." I then start counting down from 10, while searching the house for a weapon. I can't find one within the 10 seconds I had, so I just got outside and continue the dream plot. I then say "Invictus will invade now." As I had already counted down from 10 without anything happening. I was in a random neighborhood at dusk. The sun was going down and I could only see well due to street lights. As I look for Invictus I hear and see an aircraft flying overhead. A few soldiers then spotted me from a distance and mistook me for one of the alien invaders and shot at me. I surrendered and shouted "I'm innocent!" Then then came closer and put the arms around me and started walking me through the street. I then see 2 Velociraptors run past me as I realize things are getting real now. Some soldiers shoot at the dinosaurs with no success. I then see a dragon on the sidewalk on my right!

      It was a very long yellow and black chinese dragon. The soldiers shot at it too until we got closer and found it was just a kids ride you'd see at a grocery store...Now 8 or so more Velociraptors passed by on the left with a leader dinosaur guiding them. I was about to look closer at the larger dinosaur but I got distracted by a crowd of people chanting to my right. They were shouting what seemed to be political slogans. I thought it very odd until I could hear just what they were saying. They had signs that read Trump 2020 and were saying things like "SUPPORT TRUMP"(To parody the slogan 'Abort Trump') and "All Lives Matter"(Opposed to only black lives matter). They spotted someone who disagreed with what they were saying and the one in charge of the march responded that they should all go and hug the person who disagrees with them.

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    2. #7

      by , 10-09-2015 at 08:58 AM

      Dream 1
      It feels like we're playing a game. Something not entirely real. There is a guy standing in my mom's room. The bed is gone, but there are some plastic explosives (like C4) placed on the ground. I'm standing just outside of the room. I wanted to make a bomb out of it, but I'm not sure how to do it. The guy does it for me and explains that you gotta be careful, cause it's unstable and might explode prematurely. I move a bit to the left to take cover behind the wall if needed. He sets a timer for about 30 seconds and then tries to walk out of the room. I push him back in. This happens several times, until there are just a few seconds left. I run and the bomb goes off with the guy still inside my mom's room. The fire/smoke comes out of the room a little bit. I'm not sure if that was the correct amount of explosives to use.

      The setting has flawlessly turned into my student home. I'm standing in a room that in reality is occupied by a blond girl, but in this dream by the guy I just murdered. The room has a brown laminate floor and there's a mini fridge. Just like reality, but with furniture missing. At first it was fun when it was a game, but now I have a guilty conscience. I can understand why some people think murdering is fun, but to live with knowing you murdered someone... The guy who in reality moved out earlier this week has laid dibs on the room. Whatever man. If he's not gonna pay the rent he's gonna be kicked out within a month anyway. I walk out of the room.

      Dream 2
      I'm in my student house. Despite the fact that this moment takes place entirely inside a room with a closed door, it feels like the orientation of the room is off with reality. As if the room has turned 90 and is also located elsewhere. I'm standing in front of the toilet, peeing. I recall my footing being weird, but not exactly how. It's the type of toilet that I like to refer to as a splashing toilet (drop a #2 and your butt might get wet). Suddenly a goldfish appears in the water. What the hell? Did he just swim here from the other side of the pipes?

      Dream 3
      I'm still in my student house. Everything is totally off from reality. I just found out there's a second kitchen on the ground floor, right next to the kitchen I've always been using. Sweet man! I think back about 2 days ago when I told my housemate's girlfriend that there's only 1 kitchen on the ground level. I look around. I like this kitchen more than the other one. From now on I'm definitely gonna use this one, much cleaner. I walk from this one, through another common area, to the other kitchen. In the common area there's a long black table which is quite high. Like a bar. There's a guy my age sitting there with his laptop and 1 or 2 people. He's trying to sell them a phone subscription from a company called Euphony. Huh.. that went bankrupt, didn't it? Does he even know that? I walk into the other kitchen. My laptop is standing there and I look up the info on Euphony.

      Dream 4
      I'm sitting in a big living room with my housemate. We're about to go stream on Twitch, but instead of playing a videogame it seems we're gonna be playing beerpong. My best friend's little brother is there to.. not sure if my best friend is there as well. Someone from the team on the other side throws the ball. I'm about to throw, but notice that the setup isn't like what I'm used to. There's a stack of cups in the middle and they are obstructing the view on the cups on the other side. There are only 6 cups on the other side and none on my side. Ehhh.

      I sit in front of the computer, waiting for us to be able to play the game. In the mean time we're still streaming and people are responding. I feel like I need to interact with these people to prevent them from leaving. Some do leave the stream and that message is shown about 8 times in a row, instead of just one time. I'm totally new to Twitch, so I have no clue about what to do. Also, this keyboard really sucks. Eventually I walk away. My housemate is sitting somewhere else in the living room, sitting less than a metre away from a big screen and playing a game. I move on to the bathroom, and on a white plastic little shelf above the sink I see a can of Amstel. Ah so that's where my beer went! The can has a different lighting than the rest of the dream, making it stand out in a kind of unique way. Beautiful.

      I recall walking outside of a library and eventually going in. Not alone.
    3. An Interesting Turn of Events

      by , 05-11-2013 at 11:34 PM
      I believe due to my constant research and obession of becoming lucid i have forced my mind to become aware of every dream i have,
      There is not one dream i do not recall,
      From the dreams of walking around college as if in real life only subtle changes such as lecturers teaching in what i believe to be spanish rather than english and so on...
      as far as gaining control of these dreams goes i have however been unsuccessful as soon as i attempt to change or take control of dreams i either wake up or am taken to another dream in which i am taken off gaurd and have to take time to adjust by which time it would have changed again, any advice on this?
      it would be appreciated as it is driving me slightly insane with me now constantly performing RC's in real life as the line between dreams and reality becomes less and less.

      Typed with steady fingers by a slighlty exhausted and twitching bear.

      The Bear Life