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    1. Breaking Her (26.8.14)

      by , 08-26-2014 at 09:26 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm with Sammy K, and we're both walking on the footpath leading to the park near the skate park. It's night time, and I see that people have locked up their trailer and bikes at the skate park.
      We reach Jamie Smith's house and we begin to make our way into his backyard, when I am approached by their dog. I think it's a Rottweiler or Labrador, it's hard to see in the dark. I hope it doesn't start to bark or attack us, but ends up being friendly enough to let us pass it.

      Spoiler for Mature Content:

      Before I could really get into the massage, I can hear noises and voices outside the garage. I thought it may just be workers coming in to feed the horses or something.

      I see the door open to the room we're in and see two men who look to be twins or brothers at least. We have a brief convocation,

      Man: ''What are you doing in here? you better not of had sex in here''

      Me: ''Sorry, I didn't realise this was your room, and no we're friends, we didn't have sex. I'm Jamie's friend and needed a place to stay for the night''

      I get out of bed and continue having a convocation with one of the men. I get a close look at them both and they're ugly looking. The man doesn't really come off as a friendly guy, probably due to sleeping in his bed.

      Dream Fragment

      I mention about the best part was when you were bring attached to the car.

      Side Notes

      I've decided to change to a more basic lucid dreaming technique which is MILD. I'm going to be consistent with performing MILD before bed + MILD with WBTB + Dream Yoga during the day. A fair bit to do, but I will fit it in.
    2. Feeling ugly at the swimming pool

      by , 01-13-2013 at 10:07 AM
      A boy(I felt like a child/teenager in my dream) I liked was going to take me to a special place. He showed me a lake with an island in the middle. The way to get there was by a wooden boat. I remember becoming slightly lucid. I wanted to cross the lake but the water was dirty and I didn't trust the boat enough. I tried to make the water clean but it didn't work.

      A man told us there were other boats on the other side. Suddenly I was at a swimming pool with two of my cousins. The youngest one was way younger than he is now. Nobody was flirting with me and I thought that was strange. (sounds so arrogant now I'm awake) I felt ugly and was wondering how I must look like today. I also felt very white and thought I must have had break outs all over my face. We wanted to rent jet ski's to go to the island but it turned out to be fake ones for children. I became a little bit lucid and wanted to turn my plush monkey into a real one. -I have no idea why I had a plush monkey with me at a swimming pool-
      It didn't work.

      I was sitting next to a woman in the pool and she took my legs over her lap and the man next to her start massaging my feet. I wanted to leave but they told me I didn't have to worry. I looked stressed and I was their 'sister'. I asked them if they were going to convince me to become religious.

      The swimming pool was closing and I wanted to finally see how I looked. When I was walking to the mirror I became lucid and did reality checks. -While awake the first reality check I always do is pinch my nose. I never done this in my dream.- My hand looked very weird. I couldn't stop myself of looking in the mirror and I saw myself with a big forehead and the vision(?) was hazy.
      It was hard to control my dream. I tried really hard to change things but It didn't work too well.
      I tried to stay lucid by spinning around and rubbing my hands together. The thing I did manage to do after that was to make a car appear and drive with my friends. After that I woke up.
      Tags: mirror, monkey, pool, ugly
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. Talking To A Cashier

      by , 07-13-2011 at 02:38 AM
      Well, I had a lucid dream, but I only consider it a semi-lucid dream because I couldn't really control what I was doing.

      So, I'm driving--why do I always have driving dreams?--when I stop by the local Texaco. As soon as I walk in and see how dirty it is, I instantly realize I'm dreaming. Because the people at this particular gas station in real life normally keep it fairly clean. So, I'm thinking,"Holy crap! Awesome! I'm dreaming and I actually know it! Time to take some candy without paying!" Well, I went as far as taking the candy before I went up to the cashier and gave him the money. He gives me this really stern look and says,"You weren't planning on stealing this, were you?"
      "No, sir, of course not,"I say seriously. Except, I didn't mean to say it. So, while I knew I was dreaming at this point, I couldn't control my actions.
      "That's good,"he exclaims cheerfully. He points to two teenage boys wearing ugly shirts and baggy jeans and says,"See those kids right there?"
      "More or less, yes."
      "Just last week they were caught stealing some sodas and magazines. Some reason, the scumbags weren't even arrested. In fact, the cops just let them go."
      He is clearly irritated over this and I can't help but feel sorry for the guy. Real or not, no one should have to deal with that crap. So, I almost feel bad about wanting to take the candy. Though, in real life, those boys definitely wouldn't have gotten away with that.
      I say,"Well, I need to go."
      He nods and exclaims,"Just be safe on the road. I think it's going to rain soon."
      I nod and walk out with my gummi bears and cinnamon candies, mentally kicking myself for not being able to control my dream even though I knew I was dreaming. I woke up shortly afterward.
    4. Lucid Dream # 27

      by , 01-30-2011 at 08:06 PM (Warbenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Adventures)
      Lucidity: 7/10
      Vividness: 7/10
      Length: ~10 Min.

      I was walking, then I was about a mile away from the bus all of a sudden. I was like "hey, look, I'm dreaming!" So I saw the bus I was on and tried to swim towards it. After swimming for a while I started to fly. Then I landed and saw this black cat. It did everything I did. I ignored the cat. So the bus went behind this big metal thing so I ran very fast and jumped. I jumped very high and didn't make it. Then I just started to jump for fun. I also did a front flip. So I finally got on the bus after an hour and there was a contest thing. We chose a team and tried to touch each other's heads before the timer ran out. I chose the wrong team and was like "oh, man." But it really wasn't that bad. When it started I put time in slow-motion. I just wanted it to do it and it did. So I was just touching peoples heads and this one lady didn't have any earrings on. She was also very ugly.
    5. 12/13/10 Shattered Memories

      by , 12-15-2010 at 12:48 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Plans: I didn't have any specific plans tonight, MoSh said he had plans to challenge Draco Malfoy to a duel, so I had thought I might be there to see what happened. It turned out that I wasn't focused enough to get my usual WILD, and my recall for the night seriously sucked… all I remember are these fragments.

      Wizard Duel
      I am at Hogwarts, though I am not actually lucid, it is seeming completely normal to me. I am walking across the grounds, not thinking of anything in particular, when I hear there is something going on not far away. I follow the sound to see what is going on over there. I come around a corner of the castle so I can now see the source of the noise, and there are people standing around, two of them look like they're getting ready to attack each other. I get a little closer and then I see that the two people threatening each other are MoSh and Draco! WTF?! Dammit, Draco, I am thinking as I go over to the group of people, I guess maybe I was just retarded to think there was any chance of Draco keeping his word not to try to get back at MoSh in some way, well, now I will just have to put a stop to it before the idiot finds out that I'm not the only one currently at Hogwarts with abilities never before seen in their world… (Note: Even though I was thinking about having special dream powers, and about MoSh having dream powers, and even remembering some events of previous dreams, I never once considered doing a RC! >.< Damn, I can be sooooo thick headed when I'm not lucid!) So I go over to the group of people standing around Draco and MoSh, I am wondering why no one does anything, it is just like a fight in school… everyone just watches a couple people beat the shit out of each other, well not me. I step out in between them, successfully getting hit by some random curse thrown out by Draco… which has absolutely no effect on me at all… and I tell them to cut it out. Draco and MoSh are both staring at me as if I am nuts, but I don't really notice. I am annoyed at Draco, who obviously didn't keep his word not to do something stupid by trying to get back at MoSh, I tell him I should have known better than to believe a single word he says, he promises one thing, and as soon as I turn my back, there he is doing what he had promised not to do. Everyone around us is staring at me now, Draco is trying to say something about MoSh, he's saying MoSh started it? Yeah, right, like I am going to believe that… MoSh is talking to me now, he is asking me what I'm doing, he says he challenged Draco to a match… they're having a duel, nothing more. I look over at Draco, then at MoSh, I think my face was turning bright red… A duel? Yup, Draco and MoSh both confirm that, as do several of the people who had come to watch… I look at the group around, mostly made up of Gryffindor and Slytherin students, probably came to cheer on the participant from their own house… um… right… a duel… now I feel really stupid…

      Dream in a Dream: More Fish in the Sea
      I am outside in a forest area, I am in an area of soft dirt and I am drawing in it, I am trying to figure out some symbols that might serve to help me make magic work on this plane. I have started by drawing a circle around myself, I continue drawing symbols around the circle, though I'm not even sure what I am trying to accomplish. I see there is someone else there, I look up and I see there is a man there watching me… is that what I am trying to do? Attract someone who will love me and treat me right? He's kinda cute, but that's not my main concern, I am looking at his energy, which looks good, it looks welcoming, caring. I stand up and smile at him, he smiles back… really? I have to get the nerve to say hi to him… but then that falls apart… a woman comes over and they start kissing, a thin woman, one chin, a pretty face, younger than me… great… There are men out there, good ones, but that is no benefit to me. Are there more "fish in the sea" after breaking up with my ex boyfriend? Sure… too bad I don't have any bait! ,u_u, The scene fades out to reveal I have been dreaming, and now I find I am in bed… leading to the next dream…

      Don't Look at Me
      I am now at Hogwarts, in bed, I am in the hospital wing… but why am I in the hospital wing? How did I get here, and what do they think is wrong with me that they brought me here? I open my eyes, and I see Madam Palmphrey standing beside my bed, she says she sees I have finally woken up. I ask her what happened, she says I had a fit of some kind down on the dueling field, accused Draco of lying about something and attacking MoSh, accused MoSh of provoking Draco to attack… then passed out… I say I don't remember doing any of that, and I really don't remember any of that, so I have no idea what she is talking about. I sit up in bed, I feel fine now, and I look around the room… MoSh is there! He is sitting off to my right, just a bit beyond Madam Palmphrey… my mind is still a bit fuzzy, I want to go hug MoSh, I see Asuka there beside him… a woman, perfect face, perfect body… I am remembering the previous dream… no bait, I'd almost let myself forget. I turn my face away from MoSh, I really don't want my face to be showing. When I look in the other direction, I find I am looking at Draco Malfoy?! What is he doing in here? I pull the covers over my head, telling them to not look at me… I'm ugly…

      Ghost Cats
      I am at school, though it is not my normal school, it reminds me more of the local community college. I am outside the school, right at the edge of the school grounds, where there is an entrance to a hiking trail that is used for exercise for students and also as a relaxing place to walk for anyone who decides to. It is late afternoon right now, and I start walking down the trail following a cat I saw disappear down there. I see the cat disappear around the next turn in the trail, and I keep following. I come to the end of the trail where there is a small trailer home, a very small one. The cat is sitting in front of the trailer, licking its paw. I move towards the cat, the cat becomes transparent and moves off into the trees like a ghost. It is suddenly night time, the door to the trailer is open and I see movement inside, something is drawing me inside. I go to the door and I see some strange things in there, a lot of semi-transparent cats, and a strange feeling that makes my hair stand on end… without even realizing it, I have taken a couple steps into the trailer. The door closes behind me, and the trailer goes completely dark except for the fact the cats, the semi-transparent cats, are glowing faintly in the darkness. In spite of being surrounded by ghosts, I do not feel afraid, I feel a sense of sadness from the cats, as if they are trapped there. I go over to one of the ghost cats and pet it, though there is no substance to the cat, it arches its back as if it is being stroked, purrs loudly… then turns into a mist and flows out the window. I hear a fading purr from outside the trailer. Now the other cats are surrounding me, meowing eagerly… and each cat I stroke purrs, then turns to mist and floats out the window. After I pet the last cat, the trailer door opens and I look outside… I see glowing cats playing in the sky.