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    1. 6 Mar: undercover in California, attacked by a Chinese, parade with Madonna

      by , 03-06-2019 at 12:13 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a bridge, looking at a map on the phone. I am in California, its nighttime. I am supposed to go see a place that is still a bit far. Because it is late, I choose instead to visit an alternative coffee shop nearby. It has several floors, it is know for famous people going there. I don't see any. Go to the roof terrace, very cool for photos. From there I see a multiplex cinema on the other side of a river. There is a small island in the middle of the river. I go there and find a beautiful young feline there that I become friends with. Not sure what species it is, but looks like a jaguar. Then I see also some babies that she is nursing.

      Undercover in a bad neighborhood to expose some drug dealers. There are people of all ethnicities and nationalities living and doing business there. Most are selling clothes, but many are just covers to the real drug business. I go through an alley with a chinese shop and I am approached by two men selling shirts. I have a bunch of money, so I show them trying to expose them as drug sellers. But they just sell me shirts. One guy has good quality clothes but the other tries to sell me an old ripped coat and I reject his offer. He doesn't like my rejection and I feel something is wrong with this, don't understand his game. Later I spot him following me. When night falls he runs towards me in a deserted area but I step aside and push him to the road. He falls on the asphalt and a high speed car runs over him before he can get up.
      Then I turn to another street and there is a parade going on and I blend with it. Madonna is leading the parade in a car and part of the theme is Disneyworld and I can't resist to take some photos.
    2. I have no idea what I'm doing.

      by , 10-13-2015 at 10:40 AM (Here be dragons)
      Recall still very confused. As I am.

      I'm baby-sitting with a friend, the toldder we're keeping a eye on is weirdly smart for a two years old still in diaper. We're on the run in the contry, at night. We enter a house to rest and change the baby. My friend try to pick up a glass bowl and somethig jump in her eyes, making her scream and drop the bol, which shatter on the floor, sending glass shards everywhere. I have to calm her down while holding the toddler, who is perfectly calm and collected.
    3. I which I'm a crime-fighting Charlotte "Lottie" La Bouff

      by , 09-23-2015 at 01:27 PM (Here be dragons)
      Didn't do a proper WBTB due to my comfy bed. Bad bed, no blanket for you. Tonight I'm drinking a big glass of water before crashing in, that'll make me get up

      I'm in a brothel that is in a small castle/manor, everything is in perfectly restored and look brand new rather that antique. The period is Louis XIV, very intricate and lovely, if overbearing, the saving grace being that everything save for the sparse furniture is in very light, delicate color, pastel blue, pink and orange, with long windows covered in veils. It's dark outside, probably at night, but I can see the flash of car light from time to time. The employees of this fine etablissement are all wearing period clothes, it's gorgeous. The owner is in a pale blue dress that span for at least 3 meter on each side of her, with a powdered wig full of ringlets. She is not paying any attention to me, probably becaue she's very flushered about the arriving of a man she call "the king" and about the girls she want prepped for him. I'm wary of this man, and my feeling are comfirmed when a man in tight and a pale golden valet uniform ask her want's going to happen if one of the girl started denying him or being mouthy. She tells him with a mix of coldness and incaring-ness "There will be a bit of a beating for the bitch, even if it's not dinking night."
      I suddently know that I'm infiltrated here, probably to dismantle this brothel, but I need to protect the girls. I walk in the room they are prepping for the king, with is very large with a hight celling and a lovely embroidered cloth wallpaper in a arious soft hues of green, the same cloth used for the bed canopy and sheet the armchairs. I ask the girl present to give me a dress. She show me a closet and keep making the gigantic bed, looking a little fratic. I open the closet, which is absolutly packet with dresses that look really modern, but I pull a dark green one with golden embroidery. On the hanger it's knee-lengh, slightly fitted with a ronded collar and short sleeves, but when I put it on it turn into a period dress. I strat putting on air and snobbily ask a male employee where the hair dresser is. He promptly start panicking and run off to find him. I walk out behind him look as brattish as I can, and right outside is a small, graying, bended over man that look a little like a frightened mouse in his dark outfit. I toss my hair*, and tell him "You better not be late!" before walking in a bathroom. I start searching it, looking for something that could help me protecting the girls, then I woke up.

      * As my hair almost reach my knees and are thick and curly, he looked even more scared, which is the usual reaction I elect in hairdressers

      I do look a little like Charlotte La Bouff from the Princess and the Frog, with long brown hair and pale skin.
      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails how do you help a friend who suffers from major depression?-charlotte.jpg  
    4. *insert a witty pun about undercover work and blankets here*

      by , 09-22-2015 at 02:40 PM (Here be dragons)
      Got to sleep after a small anxiety attack linked to last year training period. Didn't have a nightmare about it thankfully, but instead of hypnalogic imagery I got auditory hallucinations that made me get back up to check the house's doors.

      I am a FBI agent working in the BAU with the Criminal Minds team. Garcia is showing us a amateur video shot in night mode (everything is in green shades and we cas seen the flashlight halo) from her lair, so her voice is rolling other the video but she's not with us. It's a video sent by a unknow suspect and everyone is on edge. We can see an corridor the unsub is walking in, he is inside a small house or a appartement with light-colored walls and tilded floors. they stop in front of a light-colored plastic-looking door with two long panel of frosted glass. The camera is aimed pretty low, and when the door open we can see the legs and feet of a soaked wet woman. Her legs are chubby and she's wearing hight-heeled, sparkly sandals and her toesnails look painted. We can faintly hear rain. The camera pan slowly up to revel that the woman is Garcia, who look out of breath and disheveled, then the video is cut. Everyone react in horror and we hear Garcia gasping.
      Later, I'm going undercover in the mafia. I am with the leader of this particular branch, dressed to the nine in a short, tight silk dress in deep red and a pair of styletto, my hair in a complicated bun doted with shininhs gems high on my head, and the man I'm being all arm candy for is in a sharp charcoal suit and is cultivating his ressemblance with anthony Hopkins. We're in a anonymous room, sitting around a cheap round table, though he is sitting in a velvet and dark wood chair and smoking a cigar. An other man with dark hair and slightly chinese features is with us, in a crumpled suit and nervous behaviour. the mafia leader is interviewing him about his entry in the group. After a little conversation, the candidate is accepted. I hand him a pen and a pile of contracts he have to sign while the mafia leader take his almost finished cigar off his mouth and cut of the chewed on tip to hand the still smoldering other bit to the man. He have to place it on the webbing between his tumb and his other fingers and press down hard, as a final test of passage. Interestingly, I don't have anyburn marks on my hands; I'm clearly a secretary/pretty thing and nothing more for the leader.

      Man that dress was pretty. Barely-covering-my-croch level of short, but pretty.
    5. Undercover

      by , 11-08-2012 at 01:10 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      D, and J are with me. We were scoping out this crowed building full of mobsters. I think they called a meeting together, and we were sitting near the entrance. J started randomly hitting his panic button on his car. Over and over. One guy was getting pissed. I had something...like a mirror. I used it and flashed it in his eyes. He kept talking trash, and we all gave each other that look, and started rushing all of them at the same time. I went for the trash talker...he had to be about 6 foot six. I was hitting him with straights and elbows. Then the guy pulls out a 22. I backed off ducked around the corner, saw D disarm a guy with a .45 and point it at the other dude. We continued to wreck shop on these guys while backup came to handle the situation.

      I came in another room where a kid was at, and I swear she had drugs on her. I frisked her, and she was clean. Someone else was watching me, and I told them "damnit I quit". I wasn't going to write up this long drawn out report about how we ended up in a gun fight without finding any drugs. My plans were to move to California and handle the rest of the case my own way, since I remember they said that was their main base of operation. I met up with the guy who was the girls father, and he was offering me these 12 packs of stimulants for the drive over there. I'm wondering where he came up with all of that crap, and I've never even seen most of the stuff there. Either they're banned, or just don't exist. Maybe this is our guy.....
    6. Undercover Cop and Future Flight

      by , 08-21-2011 at 09:35 AM
      It was a countdown to the new year 2012 at my Auntie's house.

      I was walking home from school and I went into a house where gangsters were and I told myself I was undercover. There was a knock on the door and it was the police. I got scared "I can't be seen here" I didn't want to blow my cover. I got out real quick and waited with some girls at the front of the house. I was holding one of them (a girl who used to go to my school) and slapping her back, she was telling me to slap it.

      Then I got in a police car went down the road to a library with the girl insinde for some reason. I then became lucid and flew Iron Man style out of the world and round the globe to a futuristic L.A. It wasn't that futuristic though.

      I was driving and went to a house. I think it was boarded up.
    7. The White Death

      by , 08-12-2011 at 09:30 AM
      This is an old dream, of which I recall visiting a large, white, featureless building on this rainy night. I was expecting to visit Dad, who had found employment there by some means as a medical coder. When I went inside, everything was as clear and as white as the building’s surface. Its residents, or employees, were strangely very pale and rather uncanny. They all spoke in monotone, and I swore that if I looked away, the entireties of their eyes blackened within my peripheral vision.

      There were framed pictures throughout, group photos including the manager of this place and some CEO-type guy. Everyone in it was paler than a ghost, so I was somewhat disturbed as I searched for my Dad. I eventually came upon a room in which he was on a white desk, tapping keys on his white computer. When I approached him, I argued that we leave this creepy place before anything bad actually happens to us. He disagreed, whispering to me that his actions were all part of a plan to sabotage these people. I didn’t know who they were or what they were capable of, but I was certainly going to find out.

      Dad and I exited the building, ignoring the hollow glances of the many pale men and women of the business. It felt like they continued staring at us even after we passed them by, suspicious of our actions.

      It was a rainy morning at home, when I met an intruder storming our kitchen counter. I confronted him and beat him to submission while he screamed and jittered maniacally, leaving a trail of post-it notes yielding clues as to the nature of his organization. Dad took him away for interrogation as I reviewed each note. I don’t remember the exact details I found, but I do remember reacting as if I were horribly disturbed, and terrified of what these strange, pale people did that caught my father’s interests.

      Dad returned with our handcuffed intruder, telling me that us two should “suit up.” I would have asked why, but circumstances made the answer obvious. So, boom! Like many more dreams I'll copy from my handwritten DJ, we donned our costumes and became Batman and Robin!

      A moment later, more pale people (this time in Mardi gras attire) swarmed our house, visible through our windows as they ran about to attack the entrances with their many serrated blades. The first wave to enter our house was met with our hostage, who we threw into the crowd, disorienting our enemies long enough for us to beat them to pulps with our fists and our feet. We improvised by stealing the unconscious’ blades to confront the many intruders in our back yard, gradually fighting them off as we cleared wave after wave from each part of the house.

      And… that’s all I remember.
    8. An evening gathering.

      by , 01-21-2011 at 08:14 PM
      Very formal evening gathering.Bulgaria has no server for...something, can't remember.I'm a representative for a company and want to take that up.I have a talk with the host about it, a friend of mine with me.||The colors reminded me of "the Fade" => not everything was what it seemed to be.I was under orders from Cerberus(an organization from a game) to infiltrate this gathering and get information, possibly more people involved than just me and my friend.