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    1. Dream - Exclusive Parents

      by , 07-27-2017 at 12:20 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 22 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 158 - Exclusive Parents

      I don't remember everything that happened in this dream. What I do remember is that my mum and dad were being quite civil to everyone in the house except me... They were talking down on me. I tried to ask my parents where they were going but they were still in a bad mood with me and so refused to tell me. At some point, I went over to Jess' place and we saw her aunty, that's when my mum got really upset at me for something. That's all I can remember in regards to this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Deja Vu (Have a dream about something you have experienced in real life)
      >> Parents were really bad on Friday and this reflected in the dream in Friday ---> Saturday.

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