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    1. Legend

      by , 03-09-2014 at 10:53 PM
      A fragment about a castle where there's a bottle containing the souls of witches, kept as a historical item for tourists to look at.

      Based on Legend, I'm visiting Darkness. He's going on and on about his plans to marry Lili, have her kill the unicorn and so on, gloating. I say to him, no. Her human boy, Jack, he's on his way here, and she's going to have to make a choice. She might have sided with darkness for the moment, but my side's going to win her in the long run. Darkness grants me that point - but "we don't have years." The choice she makes in the moment is the one that matters, not whatever regrets she'll have afterwards.
    2. The moon and things that change while you're sleeping

      by , 02-27-2014 at 11:53 PM
      I walk through a door and come out in my IRL yard, thinking about how to get out of this situation (what that situation was, I no longer remember), when I remember this is a dream. I start flying, which I think of as a useful way of escaping that situation - my first instinct is to continue the dream storyline. Then I realize that since this is a dream, there's no reason for me to continue to deal with that situation at all. I'm looking up at a gibbous moon (it's in a different phase IRL. Also it was night in the dream; and there was no snow on the ground, though the trees were bare; and there was a bush that IRL was cut down years ago). Looking at that moon, I immediately (and accurately) remember two lucid goals that have to do with the moon, and I decide to fly up there. However, I get distracted thinking about those two different goals - the second one doesn't necessarily have to be done on the moon, and I wonder if trying to focus on both at once could throw me off.

      Slight memory gap. While flying, I've somehow wound up getting entangled with some Christmas lights my IRL neighbor put up near the power lines - red, white and blue ones - and I've managed to damage the string of white lights. Although I'm still aware I'm dreaming and still intend to fly to the moon, I've lost some lucidity - I think I have to fix these lights first.

      But after accomplishing that,
      I find something else that distracts me - a Bowie album called 'evil on sale' - and lose lucidity entirely.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's a child who's the young, orphaned, lord of an estate. He's been asleep or unconscious for some days after some incident that put him in danger, and now that he's woken up he's found that his servants - one in particular, who's also a magician or something similar - have changed things about the house while he was unconscious. This house used to be full of secret, magical things - taking care of them was part of the duty of the lord of this particular estate - and now they've all been removed, for his own protection. The lord doesn't like this at all. He's run down to the cellars, where a locked door used to open onto a place where they kept a pair of unicorns, which are no longer there - that magician servant is here in the hall outside that locked door, up on a step ladder, dusting a lamp. The lord's talking to a young, blonde servant girl who'd been the one to inform him about the changes in the first place, he's desperately hoping that she'll tell him the unicorns are just outside in the fields, but he knows that won't be the case - they're gone.
    3. Snow, Snow, Snow

      by , 11-13-2013 at 06:18 PM
      Lots of dreaming about snow.

      In my first dream, there was a blonde woman driving a red convertible around. I think that there was also a movie being filmed... I don't recall, I think it was like one of those B horror flicks. The landscape was super snowy, and it was up in the mountains.
      Anyway, she ran into a unicorn. It was gray, with a kind of bronze colored horn. There were some Bad Guys (pretty one-dimensional, they looked like mobster thugs) that wanted to kill the unicorn.
      Somehow, the movie was concluded, and the blonde woman started driving around. She drove up onto an outcropping, like a huge ice cliff that jutted overhead, extremely high up... the view I had was from way below, all I could see was a plume of snow kicked up by the car wheels. Then she drove over the side of the cliff (somehow part of the Bad Guys' plan?), but instead of crashing, the car was suspended in the air by a spider-web-like strand of ice.

      I then dreamed I was working on an art project. Somehow I hadn't been told about part of my homework. I needed to turn it in TODAY. I was inking my work and crying and arguing with the teacher that I'd joined the class later than everyone else, and it wasn't fair because I hadn't been told about the homework, and I ought to get more time.

      Now it's Christmas. There is a Christmas tree full of hamsters that are dressed as unicorns. They have tiny stuffed unicorn horns on their heads that flop around a little bit.

      Next, I am drawing Sonic the Hedgehog fanart for N, a friend of mine who loves Sonic the Hedgehog. It's hilarious because the fanart I drew a) Mocked terrible Sonic the Hedgehog fanart, and b) Is something I actually drew in real life. N thinks that my fanart is hilarious. I decide that if the teacher is going to be an asshole, I'm going to turn in terrible fanart as part of my homework, so she has to suffer through looking at it. I am now standing next to the ice cliff that the woman drove off of. I dig out handfuls of snow and eat them.
    4. Rainbows 'n' unicorns

      by , 01-31-2013 at 12:11 AM
      The title describes everythin' ^^

      Hello! Name's Bladey, and welcome to my new, fresh and completely empty dream journal!(at the moment...)

      Years ago(At 2009), I had an old account(still exists, it's name is "the-dragon-whisperer" if you're interrested in reading 'bout it) where I posted stuff I dreamt about when I was at the age of 12, plus or minus a year. I carried on and did my biggest mistake of all time=Give up. As of... Let's see... 2 days ago, I drew the decision that I didn't give up, I merely took some time of it(Which seemed to be 4 years). I didn't think of the value of how it is to be in a world where anything can happen! Even I believe that the happiest place mankind can ever be in is their own imagination, which includes dreams in my opinion.

      My point is, dreaming is an incredible experience, and your hearts decire can be fullfilled in a temporary timespan. That's why I chose to get back to the Lucid Dreaming community, cus I want to experience events that is either unlikely or impossible to witness in physical life. Hell, even holding your nose but still breathing through it is an experience to die for!

      My goals in dreaming life is this=Experience my dreams as they come along. Sure, if I have an incredible event in mind I want to do in my dream world(A.K.A, goals), then of course I'll write it down, and those events will either end up on my signature or as an editable post in this DJ.

      As a second note, I haven't had much time to get back into Lucid Dreamin', but my task will be to try and post every day if I dreamed or not, and if so, write down what I did dream about, of course.

      Thank you alot for reading and may the journey's through your wicked/naughty/awesome/creative dreams stay with you.
    5. I am god.

      by , 05-12-2011 at 04:08 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 09-05-10
      Length: 1 Day
      Vividness: 10/10

      I was in a hotel room with my two sister, Marin and Manon.
      Dakota and my mom was there too.
      I stepped out of bed and kept telling myself this was a lucid dream... I just knew.
      I made a bunch of things come off the wall and made glass plates float.

      It was night time, but I decided I didn't want to go to bed, so I pointed my finger at where I thought the sun would be, and dragged it upwards to make it into day time.
      These UFOs began to descend from the sky and I could tell it was my sub-conscience trying to scare me out of my lucidity.
      I pointed and them and turn them into unicorns, problem solved.

      I began walking around town with this one guy telling him that I could control everything.
      I stole some fruits nearby by launching some fruits off the tables into my hand.
      I walked into a restaurant and looked up onto a hill where suddenly, a huge explosion happened.

      I told myself "When I walk through this door, I'm going to end up at the explosion site".
      When i got there, I went into a barn and told myself that when I turn the corner, Marin will be there.
      I turned the corner.. But she wasn't there, however I did hear footsteps.
      I called Marin's name and I heard her answer.
      I went inside the shack where the sound came from, and Marin and her friend were there.
      I told her about my ability of controlling everything and she asked if we could go to our Thousand Oaks home.
      They held on to my hand and when we opened our eyes, we were in this weird house.
      I searched around and saw this one girl sleeping a room.
      She ran out when she saw me.

      The phone rang, saying they had a mission to go on, and I came to the conclusion that my dad and his friends were a team like the Order of the Phoenix.

      I woke up.

    6. 3rd Lucid - I'm part of the community now :3 - DILD

      by , 12-15-2010 at 05:12 AM (Beyond the Horizon)
      I tried FILDing but I fell asleep.

      I was in my primary school staff room (for the 100th time) and I looked at my hands and did a fingercount. Everything was normal.

      Something made me look at my hand again, it was still normal, but I said "This is a dream". I went outside the room to a balcony and remembered the snowball Task of the Month, so I tried to pick up some snow from nowhere, but when I threw it, nothing came out of my hand.

      I went down the stairs to a grass quadrangle, and I made snow appear on the grass, I picked it up and made it into a ball and threw it at someone. Ive never felt real snow before so it felt like the ice in a freezer.

      I remember flying up suddenly really high into space, and passing the moon which may have had shared dreamers on it.

      My cousin and his dad were there doing something strange.
      I only remember when they start wearing werid masks and making a really weird, freaky, almost satanic laughing noise/chant. There were suddenly a whole bunch of people doing the same thing. I started to get scared at it was night suddenly, so I yelled "Disappear!" along with an appropriate arm movement (that's how I control) and they vanished.

      I yelled "Daytime!" and moved my arms like I was sending the moon down past the horizon and pulling the sun up. It was still dim so I yelled "Brighter. Brighter! BRIGHTER!!" until it was normal daytime.

      I remembered that I had to get to Whoville for the other task. The quadrangle had four walls around the outside, so when I spun to another place, the walls were still there so I made them disappear one by one.

      As I was doing this a teacher from my high school was there and said "You look like a crazy person when you do that." I said "Well, I'm dreaming so it doesn't matter. This is a dream.

      Then I started losing lucidity as I was waking up, because random half-naked manga girls were walking around the grassy hills I was standing in, and unicorns from Charlie the Unicorn were appearing. Nearby my dad said "What are you watching?"

      I woke up to an alarm in another room

      I don't even read manga/watch erotic anime FWIW

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    7. #152. Vampires & Unicorns

      by , 09-23-2010 at 05:06 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Actors are running amok in my dreeeeaaaaams.


      Don't leave your distractions up to me. Things will get dark.

      I'm leaning over the stone railing of the balcony, stretched out under afternoon sunlight. The balcony overlooks the city below, with its clay tile rooftops and climbing ivy. This place is teeming with life, and I allow myself to bask in its positive energy. Looking at the roads below, I can see -


      "Is that guy riding a unicorn?" I ask.

      The soldier standing next to me, dressed in forest green camo, puts a hand above his eyes and squints. "Oh, yeah. That's the pizza guy."

      "The pizza guy." I repeat flatly. "Of course."

      The pizza guy has convinced his unicorn to go up a flight of steps. As he turns the corner, I see his face. I bury my head in my hands.

      I appear outside next to him. "Really, Misha?" I say, "You know what'll happen if they catch you?"

      He says something.

      I shake my head. "The stage is set." I make a grand gesture with a sweep of my arm. "Your distraction is ready."

      How many pizzas would you need to feed a platoon of soldiers, anyway?


      The girl looks maybe thirteen years old. She's quiet and sullen, and thirty vampires are following her through the darkness.

      She didn't mean to turn them. Well, not all of them. As their sire, she's responsible for them, and needs to keep them under control.

      I really need to kill a few, she thinks.

      She keeps three.

      "Rosie," she says, "It doesn't have to be this way." She's staring at the animated corpse of her friend. She turned Rosie into a vampire to save her life.

      Rosie laughs, trapped as she is within the circle. Still grinning, she'll speak the words that will damn her friend forever.


      This is the girl vampire's past. She's still human, up in the building that I just left, protected by a platoon of pizza-ordering soldiers in forest green.

      The soldiers are all dead, attacked by vampires. The girl is injured, bleeding. There is one soldier left, a recurring character. He turns around to reassure her, tell her they'll be all right. He lowers his weapon.

      "Look," I say gleefully. "You can see the precise moment that she turns."

      She's a vampire now. She kills the soldier.

      Scare Factor: 3/10
      Rating: 4/10

      I realize this was probably confusing. I've got nothing.

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    8. *9/3/10 Fantasy World

      by , 09-08-2010 at 03:52 AM
      So I was away from the internet for about a week but still wrote down my DJs, I'll post a few tonight and a few tomorrow so I don't spam the page

      I am standing near a tree on grassy rolling hills. When I do certain actions a bunch of stars are other designs fly at me from above, in one color. The color and shapes change every time I do an action. Eventually a unicorn also pops up with the colors, and he always seems angry and tries to attack me.

      I am on another planet with a group up other people, trying to find a spaceship to leave. It is a desert planet, and we are inside open sand colored stone structures. I can see large ships jutting up above the walls a few rooms away. They are in a large open area that looks like it could be used for a scrapyard if needed. My expedition is in an arena-type room behind me, and I am standing in a hallway lined with pillars. From a view up ahead I get a closeup on shark people walking down the hall towards me. I figure that they must be the planet's inhabitants. They are large, awkward looking, dress in purple cult robes and move pretty slowly. I climb up a pillar that is right next to the arena and suspend myself in the air by pushing against the pillar and the room-dividing wall. The shark people seem to be hostile and slowly walk beneath me and confront the expedition. They are asking for some kind of code. I realize that along this hallway there are small storage rooms numbered from 1 to about 20, and that they are asking for the correct room number. I know the code and am also hiding at the pillar next to it, room 16. In an effort to distract them from my people, I call out that it is room 16. The shark people see me and slowly walk towards me and the room, but I jump over to another pillar. I have also changed the code from 16 to 4 using just my mind. Without finding out what they need it for, the dream ends.
    9. #67. The Last Unicorn

      by , 06-14-2010 at 07:38 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm a cross between Alice (in Wonderland) and the human form of The Last Unicorn. As per usual, I'm utterly convinced that I'm the character. I'm a lot more nervous and soft-spoken than I normally would be, and I feel completely out of my depth. I feel no indication that this could possibly be a dream.

      The hunters from this clip get killed by a shapeshifter as they leave my forest.

      I somehow end up with a group of soldiers. They're protecting me. I'm wearing one of their uniforms, which comes complete with this hat. The hat only makes an appearance once. After I get dressed, nobody else is wearing one.

      We go into an atrium to get food. There are birds nesting on the ceiling, and we can't look up. If we do, they'll attack us. I can see them in my mind's eye. They're brightly coloured: red and blue and yellow, and they look remarkably pretty swarming above us. I have to resist the urge to look, and I keep my eyes straight ahead as I grab a vat of mashed potatoes. Of course, one of the other members of the group looks up, and we have to run away without the food.

      I'm trying to draw the layout of the building we're in. Drawing seems to stabilize everything, and the rooms rearrange themselves to fit the drawing. As soon as I get involved in the plot again, everything starts back to shifting.

      There's a stage. I don't remember why the stage is important. Chairs are set out for the evening, but it's mid-afternoon and no one is using them yet.

      The Last Unicorn. Scare Factor: 3.

      I was boring in this dream.
    10. Toy Store, Demons

      by , 10-27-2008 at 02:58 AM
      Had a dream, something about needing to get away from my house ASAP because a demon had been there, we had tricked it but it was going to return once it figured ir out. I was a pre-teen and had two pre-teen/teen friends, and I think I was a guy. Anyway, we packed stuff really quickly and took off in a station wagon. We got to this city full of bright lights and decided to go into a massive toy store. It was huge, several stories tall and the walls were made of glass. We played with a lot of the toys and I found a pile of stuffed horses, each as big as myself. I spent some time hugging one of them and decided I liked them, and wanted to buy one, but I wanted to buy a stuffed unicorn and they didn't have any unicorns.

      Finally, the demon caught up with us, and we had to battle it. One of my friends somehow became a party member who was a man with blond hair, in his mid-twenties, and he was one of my best allies and a good fighter. We thought we were winning, but it turned out that the thing was just toying with me - before it took off, it turned my friend into a stone statue of a gargoyle. So not only did I now lack my best party member, but he was also my friend and he was dead.

      I teleported into an alternate dimension which was an island, with three stone statues that had glowing blue gems in them, and this was where I fought the demon. However, I think I may have lost. In any case, I woke up.