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    1. Uninvited

      by , 12-21-2015 at 02:32 AM
      I found out my boyfriend had an another girlfriend because she was there living in the apartment with me and my boyfriend. I was distressed about it thinking every time he was away he must have been having sex with her. To make it worse my boyfriend had been trying to create enmity toward me from the woman by blaming me for when he couldn't hang out with her. They were going to go shopping but I was determined not to let them be alone together again. I was drunk and lethargic for some reason and I refused to change out of my pajamas to go shopping.

      Then I was dressed and answered the door to get the pizza from the pizza delivery robot. The kitchen table was bigger than normal and in the wrong place so I tripped over it and fell down at least three times while trying to walk through the kitchen. Then guests started arriving unexpectedly, including a friend of my boyfriend and one of my friends from highschool and some other people we used to know and some people we didn't know. They started eating pizza. More people came in, filling up the small apartment. I was afraid there wouldn't be enough pizza for everyone but I looked at the plates and they all had lots of pizza on them like the pizza had magically multiplied.

      My boyfriend and his other girlfriend were in the other room taking a shower together. Me and some of the guests were sitting around the kichen table talking about our inventions and creations that failed to make us enough money. There were other people in the living room talking too. One guy said he would be glad just to get by like me and my boyfriend and he admired our living situation in the apartment. I showed some candy to my friend and told him I liked it because it was like pills and made me happy. He tried to kiss me and I was dodging the kisses because I was having so much fun talking to him and I didn't want it to be weird and I didn't want my boyfriend to walk in and see.

      Then Bill and Hilary Clinton and some other people in suits walked in. Hilary said hi to me and I said hi back. Then three men without shirts walked in. They were strippers.

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