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    1. Watched

      by , 03-09-2015 at 03:37 PM
      9AM-10AM (I think the dream was set in this time, too.)
      I'm in my room, on the laptop. It's morning, and I'm alone in the house. I'm enjoying some quiet time when out of the corner of my eye, I see something in the hallway move ever so slightly. It's a shadow, and the thing casting it is in my sister's room.
      I suddenly get a feeling of dread. My heart starts to beat faster. I quietly set the laptop down and decide a good place to hide would be beside my dresser, since you can't see that from the doorway. I hide. I hide for a while. But I don't hear anything. After about a full minute, I stand up and make my way to the bed, all without making a sound.
      I get in my bed, and start to think that I'm paranoid. I get back on the computer to calm my nerves.
      I see something move in the hallway again. I get scared, again. Something brown comes into my view from behind the door. I freeze, and I stop breathing. Everything is silent. Suddenly, a half a face pops out, the other half still hidden. The man now looking at me has light brown hair, and either very round "Harry Potter" glasses, or just big, white eyes. No pupils. I almost gasp when he pokes his head around the door.
      Then, I wake up.
      It still makes me uneasy to think about this dream.
    2. Quite the Adventure, and a Random Twin

      by , 03-03-2015 at 04:04 PM
      I'm at David's house, he's having a party and a bunch of my friends are there. There's one boy I don't recognize, but he's very attractive. Dark skin, black hair, tall. Honestly looks a little like Agassi. As I get prepared to go on my nightly walk, he comes up to me and excitedly asks if he can come. I say yes. He sneezes twice afterwards, and hangs around me until I'm ready to go. AJ also wants to come with us.
      I go out, everyone bidding us a short goodbye. It's quite cold outside, there's a little bit of snow, or maybe frost, on the ground, and a lot of puddles and David's house is in a more forest-y area now. AJ splits off from us, leaving just the attractive boy and I to walk. But soon he splits off from me, leaving me all by myself. I an imagine in my mind's eye of him over me, looking evilly happy, with long horns growing out of his head and a breathing apparatus over his mouth. I think he might be the devil.
      I start to look for my sister, yelling out her name everywhere. I climb up a small hill where I see a beautiful, colorful sunset with strange cloud formations. It's reflecting in the puddles, and turning the snow/frost its colors.
      I see AJ walking below me, looking a little lost. I call out to her and she scrambles up to me. I also see the boy walking around in the forest near me.
      The scene changes. I'm in a Burger King parking lot with a little boy I don't know. He's holding my hand as we're walking. Another little boy, that looks just like him, walks out the Burger King door. "Hey, my twin!" the boy holding my hand says. The other boy smiles sincerely and waves, but doesn't stop walking away. The first boy takes a retainer out of his mouth. "Let's see if this will fit him too!" He says, as he throws it as his twin. It lands on the ground, naturally, but the twin picks it up and puts it in his mouth perfectly.
      Then, I wake up.
    3. My Grandmother, the maid and Is That Kanye West?

      by , 10-07-2014 at 05:10 AM
      The grandmother, Mamama, is our new maid, and she brought over two kids for AJ and I to babysit.
      Then, I wake up.

      3-3:30PM nap
      I'm at the park, with a platinum blonde haired girl. She is here to tutor me. As we're talking about math, a boy walks out of the woods, and sits on the steps of the playground. He has the same color hair as she does. He also has a rather large and pointy nose.
      He begins talks to me, and then flirting with me.
      "Are you flirting with me?" I ask him. He says no. I turn and look at him. He has something that looks like a hair sticking out of his eye.
      "I brought lunch here for you, if you want it," the girl says, gesturing under the slide where a KFC box is.
      "No thanks." I say "I'll take it!" the boy says excitedly.
      A lanky man dressed in yellow jogs by us.
      "That's Kanye West. I trained him," the girl tells me.
      "Really? You did?" I ask, skepticism in my voice.
      "No," She answers, "that's Kanye West." She points to the hill where Kanye West is standing, flirting with a lady. He's wearing gold. "Oh," I say.
      "I have to get going now." I say, waving good bye. I look at the boy and wonder about the relationships fathers, daughters, and boys have.
      Then, I wake up.
    4. 8/6/2014

      by , 09-01-2014 at 04:18 AM
      I was at a mall getting all my gear from work. I knew I had to get my hair cut so I went to see if a hair place in the mall gave military discounts. I kept walking and suddenty was in a forest with a scoped rifle hunting some strange creatures near a lake. Cops showed up and started chasing me and suddenly, more people started chasing me also. I had a lot of guns and it reminded me of GTA. I shot at the people chasing me as I ran up a hill. There was a helicopter with Air Force insignias all over it and I knew it had been downed for a long time, so it became an attraction. When I got to the top of the hill, a little girl told me how, at the bottom of the a river, there was the 'Ultimate Gun'. The river she was talking about was dirty and with black oil. There was a way to enter and exit the river without dying and the girl showed me how. I grabbed the gun that was made of plastic tubing and killed people with it. The way the gun would kill people, is that it was open their mouths and the oil it shot would go into their stomachs and make them explode.
      The area changed to a factory and when there was only 2 people left, I almost got caught a few times. Eventually. I killed everyone. 2 girls, which I recognized from plenty of previous dreams, were sitting down and they said "Now you die" and the whole world exploded. I remember opening my arms, embracing the blast. Everything went black and I said "Now I wake up."
    5. 7/26/2014

      by , 08-31-2014 at 10:16 PM
      I was driving down NM47 and there was plenty of traffic. There were a lot of cars and semis parked on the shoulder which made me almost get into a few wrecks. I kept driving until I reached a rural part of New Mexico. I walked for a while until I saw a pretty news reporter with blonde hair. She was reporting on traffic and i scaled a rock to reach her. I told her about the parked vehicles and she said she needs to know where they were at. Suddenly, people started coming behind us and she told me she had to get out of there so the people didn't talk to her. She shoved me so we could start running. Eventually, the people caught up to us and a few people talked to her but I interrupted them so she could be alone. I asked if she wanted me to talk to her so people thought she was busy but she said no. I got in my car and drove off with a few people. It started raining which made it hard to break and one of the guys I was driving with got sick but eventually got better.
    6. Balloon Circulation

      by , 08-13-2014 at 11:16 PM
      12:30-2:30PM nap
      I'm at the Eubanks's house, in their master bedroom. It's very small. I look out the window to see children playing at the house next door. They look up toward the window, but I duck down before they see me. Jeffrey walks into the room then. "Ready to go?" he asks me. I nod. I catch a glimpse of the tv behind him. It's playing Star Wars.
      The scene changes. I'm in my house, on the back desk, and it's already dark outside. There are many people here, most I recognize, but some I don't. As I walk past them, they congratulate me. I walk inside. There are even more people in here. Star Wars is on the tv, here, too.
      Mom walks up to me at the same time as Jessica does. They both say, "Congratulations on your first balloon circulation!"
      "My what?"
      "Your balloon circulation!"
      "I have no idea what that is."
      Jessica goes slack-jawed. "Are you kidding me?" she asks.
      "No," I respond, "I've never even heard those two words in the same sentence."
      They both look at each other. Mom says "Well, that's why everyone is here. This is your party. Enjoy yourself."
      Someone walks up to me and gives me a small wad of money. "Congrats!" they say as they walk off. I catch on very fast.
      I begin walking around to people, all of whom congratulate me and give me money. I come to a dark-haired girl who look unfamiliar. I pause. She pauses. We just stare at each other for an awkward amount of time. I continue on greeting and grabbing.
      Then, I wake up.
    7. 7/12/2014

      by , 08-03-2014 at 04:08 AM

      I was at the apartments and the whole area outside the pool was flooded with water. There was a hot, curvy girl that I swam by while I was underwater. She was wearing a bikini and I could see a lot of her nicely-drawn tattoos. I saw another, skinny girl swimming really weirdlike and I said "I wanna swim like that". I got out of the water and went into the apartment where the clock on my phone was going crazy.
      I said "This is a dream!" and looked back at my phone. The clock was still going crazy and I thought of things to do. I was with a girl who I think was Laurie and told her I was dreaming and that we should do stuff. I increased lucidity many times by saying to myself what to do. I was at my apartment but when I exited it, the area outside it was enclosed. When I exited the enclosed area, I was outside still in the property. I was going to practice my magic abilities but didn't know which, so I started using telekinesis. At first, I couldn't lift stuff so I tried again and I reminded myself that it will only happen if I believe it will. After I did this, my telekinesis started working. I picked up small stuff and even closed doors. My lucidity began to fade so I said "Increase Lucidity to Lucidity Max!", which increased the vividness of the dream and my lucidity. I rubbed my hands and counted my fingers but counted 5 at first. I asked the girl what sort of magic I should practice and she said to practice on my water magic, so we walked outside towards the pool. I started telling the girl how the whole area around the pool was flooded recently and how good it looked. There were puddles from the flood. I forgot to close the door to the inside of the condos so I turned around and closed it with telekinesis, The keys were in the lock so I tried to get them but some kids opened the door, which made me run up to get the keys while the parents' kids yelled at them. I walked towards the pool, which was populated by people. There was a little area with a table and I tried using telekinesis on stuff. The girl asked me how I knew what I was picking up and I said "I just look at the stuff I want to pick up". I brought my hand closer to my ear and said "When I use telekinesis, I will hear a sound of wind." I used telekinesis again and as son as I grabbed something, a short, faint sound of wind could be heard.
      I played around with telekinesis and messed around with people. I suddenly wondered how I would remember all of the dream. My right eye started to close and I said to the girl "Let's go inside and have sex before we wake up" She followed me and I thought I would remember this whole dream. I decided to wake up and after a couple of tries, I woke up.
    8. 7/5/2014

      by , 07-27-2014 at 11:04 PM
      I was playing a little game trying to escape from a dungeon. The dungeon was falling apart and I had to hurry. Once I made it out, I found a boat that could get upgraded so I would buy cargo space and a few turrets. I drove around with it and was looking for battles. There was a girl who liked me but I was neutral with her or something. We watched the news about a guy who did a mass shooting and the media twisted the story to make it anti-Obama and that it was his fault. Even though I don't like Obama, I still got mad and said "It's stupid that they're blaming him." The girl said that her horoscope told her something about me being a cop.
    9. 6/30/2014

      by , 07-23-2014 at 02:25 AM
      I walked into a McDonald's and when I went into the bathroom, I found a little kitten. I wanted to keep it and so did another girl. I went to the counter where Laurie was and asked if they could let me borrow money to get a pet permit I would take the kitten. They said no so the other girl ended up taking it.

      I was at a movie theater with people from work. We were about to start watching a movie but I went underground with some military people. It was a place where they kept people who were doing community service. After I got out, I left with some guy and we came up to my car. We loaded up some groceries and the car started moving while in park. I tried to make it park a lot of times but it wouldn't and it almost ran into some other cars. The guy I was with told me that there might be a rock in the breaks so I drove around trying to fix it.
    10. 6/26/2014

      by , 07-23-2014 at 02:18 AM
      I was in Venezuela, which looked crowded and dirty. I walked into a store where a lot of people were talking about soccer. I was looking for an Italy jersey, which they didn't have. I walked away and talked to a girl I recognized and asked something about something or something. She was being sort of rude so I left. The scene changed and I was playing Child of Light with Ignicus unlocking some things. Instead of Aurora, it was a boy and he was flying. An angel came up to him saying something about helping him in his dream. She told him he helped him destroy a meteor with a missile or something. The missile, controlled by the boy, passed a bird, a plane, and when it finally hit the meteor, it destroyed it, along with some houses.

      I was swimming in some sort of lake with a girl. The lake was surrounded by green mountains and we came up on a few waterfalls. I gladly jumped down the waterfalls and when I did, the force caused me to go under and I would see corals and reefs. I kept swimming and emerged on a pool, where I showed my mom something I grabbed. She told me to go show it to my grandma and I went to look for her.
    11. 6/27/14 - My Sword

      by , 06-29-2014 at 05:37 PM
      I'm watching a group of people huddled inside a boiler room. I'm there, but not there. They seem panicked and are making possible plans of escape. I watch as they come to some conclusion and huddle closer together. A woman, she might be the leader, tells them all that it's necessary to feed and to do so quickly. Half of them bite into the others flesh, drinking their blood. I feel like I should be startled, but I'm not. It kind of seems like a normal thing. One by one the blood feeders pull away from the others, blood all over their happy faces. I turn away from them towards the heavy steel door. There is a little window that opens and while I cannot see anyone looking in, I know someone is there and I know that's not a good thing. The window closes and the door opens. The group runs out and scatters. I step out of the room and I take in the scenery. I'm at my elementary school. People are being chased by other people, but these other people, while looking human, they aren't human at all. It's like they are imitations, zombies. I should be frightened, but it's like I don't have the time for it. A few innocent people hide behind me and I feel the need to protect them. Suddenly I'm holding a giant sword in my hands. It's obnoxiously huge in size and there's no way I should be able to hold it, but it's as if it were made for me and only me. It's blade is very bright, almost as if it were light itself. The imitations notice me and start charging my way. I kill them one by one as if I'd done this a million times. I kill many.
    12. 5/20/2014

      by , 06-12-2014 at 01:28 AM
      I was walking through a New Mexican village in the middle of nowhere with my vest, belt, and Remington 700. People were giving me looks and I was looking for a bathroom. I came upon one of the three bathrooms in the village and there was a line of people waiting to use them. After standing for a while, Warner appeared and started joking around, making people laugh. He recognized me and we started talking about me moving out into a place in the middle of nowhere, and how peaceful it is. Amy was there also. Everyone cleared out and I went into a house full of girls to use their bathroom. All of them left and I got on their couch, which was also a toilet. I leave but return because I forgot to flush. All this time I'm aware of my rifle. I exit and look around. The view changes and I see a beautiful mountain range. I get in my car and drive around, checking out the houses in the village and think "Must suck to be the UPS guy that delivers out here"
      I'm suddenly in a UPS facility being welcomed by a good looking skinny guy with greying hair. He gives me and a bunch of other people welcome gifts and takes us around. I see the girl who, when I saw delivering in Santa Fe, I thought was cute run up to her driver, who was a female. We kept walking and I asked if Mark that worked in Los Lunas was still here. The man said yeah and I asked to be put with him next week since it was the last week of something. The man said "Yeah I will" and I got excited. We entered a facility and I saw Antoinette. She was waiting for a door to close before she pushed the button for the lift we were on to go up. She was complaining about her supervisors, saying "Yeah I sometimes see their stinkin' heads looking at me making sure I wait till the damn doors open" I recognized her voice and called her, saying hi. I told her I'd tell her I had a dream about her next time I saw her. We had to go through a very hard obstacle course that was high up. One girl failed and they were gonna make her do it again. I thought the obstacle course was really hard, even for a person who knew parkour. I jumped on a mini trampoline and my ankle got caught in a hole. I got up and someone behind me said, "Careful, we live in NM and have the ability to swallow brain power..." meaning that most people don't know how to think properly and it doesn't really matter if we wait. I laughed and woke up laughing.
    13. 5/16/2014

      by , 06-12-2014 at 12:40 AM
      I was at boxing in a gym that was in a school. Everybody started hitting me and a little girl grabbed my back. I grab the little girl and slam her to the floor, which makes everybody step back. They're all surprised at what I did so the next day I know everyone is mad at me and want to fight. I go into the male locker and tell people that it was an accident, that she grabbed my back and I reacted. I also said that if they wanted to fight me, 1v1 or even 1v2, I'd be there. Rosales and a few other people where there and they told me to make a statement so I grabbed pieces of paper that were ripped and tried writing 10/17 on it but it was very hard to do.

      I was playing counter strike but with magical characters and powers. Mine was able to heal, become invisible, and was a girl. Since my team had lost the match, we were put into a survival type game with monsters. The objective was to escape without being spotted. The first monster was a big boulder thing that could run real fast. He was coming after me but I evaded him. I grouped up with my team and kept moving. We went through a crowd of people of people that were turning into zombies but when we saw enemies behind them, we ran the other way. My team ran off without me and I had to catch up. We made it into a room where prisoners were kept in cells. I became invisible a few times to help me avoid anemies and we were almost out of the room when we saw a tank guarding the exit. I tried going around him but he almost noticed me and started patrolling. I had a plan to distract him and turn invisible but my team went back and used another route. I was mad and was about to go when I heard my team get in trouble. There was only a girl and a guy left and tey took a wrong turn, making them appear in the exit of the room I was in, with the tank. I heard gunfire and saw the guy get killed by some hovering robots, which ended our game. Everyone said good game and I decided to stop playing and woke up.

      I was in an ocean as a pirate. The ocean levels had risen and we were in a war against humans that turned into underwater creatures. My cousin was there and he knew when the creatures would raid and attack us and told us how to avoid them. The biggest concern was preventing the underwater humans from getting phones, so they couldn't call their families on the surface. We got raided and there was fire and explosions everywhere, we even lost a phone. Me and a Princess drifted off for hours until a friendly ship spotted us. We came upon an old temple which was half covered by water because of the rise. I entered it and began solving puzzles. Then, once I solved the puzzles, the temple release a little hovering ball that had eyes and could talk. He was my guide in the temple. I ended up getting captured by a monster but convinced it to let me go.


      I was at a house and in front of it, ther was a pool surrounded by more houses. Some guy was getting bullied and so I went to help him. Whe nI went back to my house, a big black dude rang the doorbell and asked to see my grandma. I told him "She's not here; what do you want?" He told me "I'm here for secret shit" I replied "We don't got no weed." He started getting mad but eventually left. I found out he was on trial for raping and killing his 2 year old daughter. I had my pistol and decided if he came back I wouldn't chance anything and I would shoot him. My p229 kept jamming and the first round looked weird so did one of the magazines.
    14. 4/26/2014

      by , 04-27-2014 at 04:08 AM

      I had gone back to the prison to get or do something. I went to Master Control and C. Sanchez was working there. A few officers were escorting an inmate and he kicks on of them so I jump in to take him down but everyone jumps in also so I can't really do much.The inmate gets up and then starts talking reckless to me so I was about to beat him up but officers start defending him and I even have to slam a black officer to the ground cus he was so aggressive. I leave A building and I'm in the parking lot. I try looking for my car but can't find it. I try not to run because of my shin injuries but do it anyways and nothing hurts. I get past traffic and I'm walking down the street. A girl passes me and I ask for a ride but she says no so I keep walking back to my house. I think I might be dreaming and count my fingers.
      Everything starts feeling more real and I count 10 fingers on one hand. I start running and, remembering a hint to increase lucidity a guy on the forums gave me, slap my hands together. I then rub them and yell "Increase lucidity!" and everything becomes more clear. As I walked I looked at the ground and thought of what to do. I thought maybe explore the dream but didn't.
      I lose lucidity and keep walking. I was in Venezuela now and walking on Avenida Victoria. I remember seeing my multitool on the floor by some trashbins and picking it up.
    15. 4/23/2014

      by , 04-23-2014 at 07:51 PM

      I either knew I was dreaming or having a dream about lucid dreaming. I jumped over a rail and noticed my dream getting blurry. I noticed a male to my right and knew there was another person behind me and to my left. I looked at my hands and said "stabilize the dream!" and then realized I was dreaming.
      I had 4 fingers and my middle finger was unusually big. I tried to summon my sister but it didn't work. I stood there for a while, thinking of what to do. I remember the floor looked really polished and pretty. It was tile and had brown and white colors. I started to dream spin and again, it looked like I was in a tornado with purple arrows pointing in the direction I was spinning. I didn't know where to go so I just spun until I suddenly remembered: EASTER EGGS! My girlfriend made a noise in the waking world and caused me to wake up.
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