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    1. #59 & # 60

      by , 04-20-2013 at 02:25 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I woke up to pee. I don't know what time it was. I went back to bed and cycled (SSILD). It hasn't been working lately, but neither have I been trying very hard. Last night I made a serious effort with my cycling.
      Spoiler for Sexy Time:

      I lost lucidity, and I can't remember what happened afterward, but compared to the lucid portion of the dream, I couldn't care less about it.

      I woke up and had to pee again after this dream, or possibly later.

      I decided to cycle again and see if I could have another lucid. I have my typical itches that disturb my cycling, so I scratch and move around until I can rest and cycle properly. I do, and eventually I dream.


      I'm with B. L. and my wife. At one point I think R was there. I'm walking down a long, curved street. I tell B that I have dreamed of this road before. It was actually a false memory.

      We walked down the hill to the bottom where there was GA red clay piled up from a construction job, and it was spotted with rocks. I tried to tell B that I remembered that also. It was as though I had dreamed of the very same road.

      I said something about my birthday in relation to the memory. My wife started crying because I said I had the dream on my birthday. (This stemmed from her not caring about dreaming at all IWL) I responded to her, "No, it was my birthday IN the dream when I had been down the road."

      Beyond the construction type Earth pile was a gully, and turning to the left about 130į was some modest housing. This was also a false memory that just amazed me. The whole scene was like I'd been there before. The only thing different was that I remembered the housing being not as nice as it was now.

      I turned around and B was up a ramp (that hadn't been there before) and was walking away with R or my wife. I started trying to go up the ramp, but I had a bit of a hard time getting up it. It was steep and slippery.

      I held on to some black piping and made it to the top where I found a black girl. her skin was like an iron skillet, but it was nice just the same. She was easy enough to look at.

      I told her that if this were a dream...and I became lucid.

      I started singing a Bee Gee's tune with different lyrics
      Spoiler for Sexy Time:

      I was sad to wake up, but I enjoyed my dreams. I went to pee and tried cycling again. I dreamed, but I don't remember what, and it wasn't lucid.

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    2. The Box Bomber And The Woman With The Nasty Crotch - 05272012 - 1st Dream

      by , 05-27-2012 at 06:18 PM
      This dream wasn't lucid but the imagery of the half-naked woman will haunt me for some time.

      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]The earliest thing I recall is standing in the conferenceroom at my former job. Along with several others I am setting up food forpeople returning from a meeting where it will be announced that we haveachieved a big win, an announcement that we have been awarded a major projectwith lots of money involved. On this scale such awards happen only every fewmonths at best so this is a big deal. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]One of the engineers I work with, J.W., is standing near meand talking about the project. I donít really pay attention to the specifics,though I am glad for our success as a company. Iíll be attending the meeting,though my work on the project may not come for months.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]A gathering of people has been set up on the top floor ofthe parking garage, a makeshift receiving line designed to welcome ourreturning staff with honor and fanfare. The problem is that other offices sharethe parking garage, and their clients happen to wander inadvertently throughthe receiving line. The first couple of people donít really cause any stir, butthe third person, a large woman in a car with no roof, really causes some commotion.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]The woman is older, perhaps somewhere between 55 and75,though itís hard to determine exactly as she appears quite unhealthy and obese.She is wearing a muumuu and as the car rolls by she sticks her legs in the air,revealing her cottage cheese legs and bulbous calves. Whatís really grotesqueis she has on no underwear, and her misshapen crotch is a sight that makesseveral people ill, including me. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I turn to my dad who is standing next to me in the line and ask,ďDid you just see what I saw?Ē He confirms that he did and we both just faceaway, still looking for our expected staff. When some employees do arrive weshout and throw stuff in the air.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I make my way back inside the building and head downstairsvia the elevator. Some of the other staff members have arrived through thisfront door. I pass a group of older men dressed in suits, talking and laughingas they head in. I keep heading for the door.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]As I walk out into the sun I encounter a young man in aservice uniform and cap, coming in with a load of boxes. Heís slightly blondwith a charming smile, fit though not heavily muscled. He does not seem out ofplace in any way.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]ďYou sure have a lot of boxes there, ďI say. ďItís like youívegot a bomb or something. I recall that we had received a notice that someonehad given us a bomb threat, someone who had been causing trouble in other partsof the city, and we should be on the lookout for a person with a lot of boxes,but I do not suspect this guy. Iím joking with him when I mention bombs.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]He turns slightly and his gaze settles on me. He still hashis bright smile but as he faces me the happy grin disappears, and is replacedby a look of determination. Something about the change in his demeanor alertsme that he is the bomber Iíve been told to keep an eye out for, and my fearlevel shoots up a little. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]By this time Iím standing on the opposite side of my SUVfrom him. He has been unloading boxes from it and has one more box to carry inbut it is still inside the vehicle. I am standing by the open driver-side doorholding the keys, and as he reaches for the back passenger-side door to get hisbox I press the button to lock the doors.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]THWUNK! All the locks go down at once.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]He looks through the vehicle at me, starting to look alittle bit shocked that Iím keeping him from his bomb materials. He has his ownkey fob and presses the button to unlock the doors.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]SHOONK! The locks all go up.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I know I canít let him get in so I press the button againand hold it down so he canít operate them from his fob. Iíve managed to keephim from getting in but there isnít anything to stop him from coming around thevehicle and attacking me, and this realization spurns me to action. I jump intothe driverís seat and start the vehicle, still holding down the lock button onthe key fob. I canít risk him getting in before I get away, and without hislast box he canít do any serious damage.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I manage to get the door shut and I start driving as fast asI can though I am going terribly slow and canít seem to pick up speed. The viewahead is of a street on the U.T. campus and there are speed bumps along theroad. I stop worrying about my speed, not wanting to fly up if I hit a bump toofast, and instead turn my attention towards looking for a police officer. Theyseem to be abundant whenever I donít want to find any but I canít locate any ofthem now when I need them.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT="Calibri"]And then I wake up.[/FONT]
      memorable , non-lucid
    3. College Cafeteria

      by , 05-13-2012 at 09:03 AM
      I was back in my college days in my dormitory. It was Sy-Phi hall. That was pretty cool, some of the dream is vague but I'm going from my room to the food court. I'm walking down the side stairs, there was a set of stairs on the opposite side of the entrance room as well. The door opposite the entrance is the entry to the food court. I head in. As I'm wandering around with my tray gathering food, I notice it is much larger than in real life, like 10 times bigger. Most of it is unusually dark as well, the lighting isn't right. I hit three different food buffet areas, and my plate is piled high. I'm wondering how I'm going to eat this all. Now I'm looking for a place to sit, most of the tables are full, but I see many DCs who look familiar. I even see Ann walk past me, an old not-girlfriend. I keep wandering a bit, ending up in the back corner to the right where it seems a bit dark. I can't believe how many people are in here, but I grab an empty chair at a round table where there are only 3 DCs at. I ate about a third of the food on my plate, mainly the pasta and salad. They had some really good looking chocolate desserts there, and although I got one, I wanted to sample some more. I should have made a RC here because of the dark (and because of Ann), but failed. I did make a choice to lift my glasses, and found out why the room seemed so dark, I had sunglasses on!

      A scene change interrupted my eating, although I was still walking around with my tray. The room disappeared and I was outside now, although some tables still lingered. Many displaced DCs were heading off somewhere now. I found another place to sit and was going to eat some more, but something was happening where I had to get up again. Leaving my tray there, I made my way over to gate in a fence. It had chains on it but they were loose and people could get through. This one gal caught my eye, she was pretty and had wide hips. I thought she wasn't going to be able to squeeze through the narrow gate, but she was able to.

      Although I didn't go fully lucid, I grabed her and started stretching her hips so that they were even wider. I was manipulating the body of a DC in my dream. Her hips were over two feet wide now and I figured that was about as far as they could go. I had the feeling she liked what I was doing to her, even though I don't remember if she said anything to me yet. It felt sexual in nature, what I was doing to her by stretching her body. It felt natural to continue, so I put my hand down her pants and felt her up. At this time, I definately remember her moaning with pleasure.
      lucid , non-lucid
    4. Alyzarin and X.A.N.A., Melanieb works for a Private Company?

      by , 03-27-2012 at 05:46 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Alyzarin and X.A.N.A., Melanieb works for a Private Company? (Non-lucid)


      Okay, the second dream I remembered, I had no intention of finding Melanieb, but it seems when I was joking around that I would find her, my mind actually associated her being half-naked at one time banning me from the ban the person above you thread. (in waking life that is)

      Dream 1: X.A.N.A taking control of Admin Alex?

      I'm outside near the entrance of a building, a group of people are trying to help a person to get inside, apparently they were impaired or something like that.

      I wait for them to finally get the person in, and I go inside the building. I think I go on a computer where I started to chat with Alyzarin, I can't remember exactly what we said, but apparently, Admin Alex banned us from chatting with each other.

      It wasn't even Dream Views, it was most likely MSN chat, but I couldn't get reach of her at all. The environment I'm in right now speculating what the hell is going on is me in a mini-computer lab, but it had a resemblance of a small library as well.

      The carpet is dark blue mixed with colors, like most dreams I've had where I was near computers, and suddenly, the reason why Alex banned us was because X.A.N.A. took control of his network?

      I'm assuming it's the network since X.A.N.A. was a multi-agent program that would hack into things electronically, like disrupting a transaction of some missle weapons exchange for instance.

      Everything is in spectator mode now, I see Jeremy and Ulrich together, it seems they already know what's happening.

      There's music within this dream that resembles William's Theme 1, and some of the second part of it.

      Ulrich tells Jeremy he has to do something, and gives Jeremy two silver keys I believe. He told him he has to go to the factory by himself.

      I don't know what Ulrich has to do, but since it's a X.A.N.A attack, he must be trying to distract one set of enemies so that Jeremy can sneak to the factory and go to the Supercomputer.

      For some reason, there were some moments where I was Jeremy, and then my consciousness shifted back to spectator mode and seeing things in third perspective.

      I believe one moment where I was Jeremy was when Ulrich gave me the silver keys, and I started to dash out the building immediately for some odd reason, instead of asking Ulrich where specifically I should use the keys for in the factory.

      I think I'm out of Jeremy's body after a few seconds of running, and he calls Ulrich on the cellphone for a more exact location to use the silver keys.

      Ulrich tells him, and I can't remember where he said, but by the time Jeremy finishes his call with Ulrich, he's maybe 50 feet within walking distance from the factory.

      He had two options, go to the bridge where he would go inside the factory, slide on the rope to land on bottom level, head to the elevator and get to the supercomputer......or to swim to the other direction to make the sneak attempt more successful.

      This seemed to resemble one of those moments where Jeremy had to do something risky, because he was the brains of the group in Code Lyoko where he would do all the supercomputer work to transfer them to the virtual world called Lyoko.

      He picks to swim across a fairly wide lake. As he's swimming, his hand loses grip on the silver keys, and this is when I made another transfer into his body, went under lake.

      Underwater itself was scary for me, it was pitch black, and the water has a moss type of green to it. But I could not waste time trying to be a wimp, so I looked quickly for the keys, and found them still near the water surface going down slowly.

      I grab them before they go into the pitch black area underwater, and went back up to the surface. I'm back in spectator mode again, and Jeremy is trying to swim quickly.

      When I was looking at him swimming as fast as he could, no one was really behind him, so I wondered why he would go that quickly in the first place.

      I spoke too soon.

      A huge shark is maybe 5-6 feet away from him, and it opens its mouth and just charges for Jeremy. Instead of being afraid and just floating in the water, Jeremy closes his eys and starts swimming even faster.

      Jeremy finally gets on land, and rushes quickly to a remote section of the factory. The overall setting of the factory is dark green, and Jeremy is going to a room where there's scanners completely different from the main ones near the Supercomputer.

      He inserts some gold object on a smaller version of the scanners, like it served as a medium for an outfit he could wear.

      Then, the most craziest thing Jeremy did in this dream, was going into a SCANNER.

      He only went inside a scanner ONCE in Code Lyoko, and that was because he had to go into the fake reality X.A.N.A. created and save Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd that didn't know they were in one.

      The scanner doesn't look like it's closing, or it just has a transparent medium that closes. The scanner is starting to activate, and green armor or some type of material was being attached to Jeremy's body!

      After the scanning was complete, the last I remember of this dream was Jeremy going through the small vortex to get into Lyoko.

      Oh, now I remember. When he goes through the vortex, he meets a group of DCs that show him a portal to another dimension, but that's it.

      Dream 2: Melanieb Works for a Private Company

      I think I'm on some webcam software, and I see a female half-naked. At first it looked like she was only half naked.

      The quality was so amazing, it was like super HD, her hair and everything, it just amazed me, I honestly felt like I was in bed with her.

      I knew it was Melanieb, I don't know why, probably the things she told me later on in the dream, but let's focus on her being half-naked.

      I asked her,

      "Shouldn't you be concerned if people take a picture of you half-naked?"

      She replies, "I don't really care."

      So I'm assuming it's just a video cam between the two of us. But again, I don't remember using a laptop to see her, so I'm presuming I was in bed with her. She put her arms to the back to rest like she's leaning on the bed.

      It was like when I gave Kaomea her Gynecology exam, except Melanieb wasn't here for one, she laid there with her private parts exposed to me. I couldn't remember the exact color of her hair, it was slightly curly, and it probably was dyed at the time.

      She's in the Spread-eagle position, except she has her top torso elevated, and her legs are elevated a bit so she can give me a full view of everything, and I mean everything.

      I honestly do not know why I was not lucid, this was just that moment where she's practically exposing herself for me to explore and do anything to her, and I'm not aware of this.

      I look at her breasts, and they're pretty huge, like, not like huge huge, just huge to where it just becomes eye-candy. Her nipples are light brownish, like a really faded color of light brown.

      And how parts of her hair hanged out on her breast, seeing it stream down to the cleavage, and to the sides made it look like she was some kind of Amazon Queen or something.

      I could hear her breathing as well, she's doing it pretty slow, and I just don't know how to respond to this amazement.

      The bedsheets where probably brown overall as well, maybe white, but I do remember things being brown overall in the dream. I think it was at night she lured me to her bed in this dream.

      I couldn't do anything but just look at her exposing herself to me, she's smiling at me too, just waiting for me to do something.

      After just staying still and practically having my eyes twitching wondering if this is real or not, I have a dream shift to where things are in spectator mode for me again, and Melanieb is the narrator apparently.

      She tells me that Dream Views is a site that believes dreams aren't a reality, and the company she works for is in it for making dreams become a reality?

      I see several scenes pan over each other like it was some kind of trailer or something. I saw a library, office, etc.

      I can't remember anything else after that.

      I can presume that I saw the office and library because I think Melanieb said she was an editor before, which probably led my mind to associate things for that.

      (I just know it has to be her because she's the only one in the dream, and if I had a dream before where I see Kaomea up close, it just had to be Melanieb).

      Maybe she didn't remember this at all, but I just can't help but feel mad that I didn't do anything to her. She was just begging for me to touch her......

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Escaping and Beast from X-men, Sasuke, Green Hill, Quiz, Alyzarin?, Kaomea's Gyneocology Check up

      by , 03-06-2012 at 04:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Escaping and Seeing Beast from X-men, Sasuke, Green Hilly Area, Quiz and Clock, Physics teacher and Alyzarin?, Kaomea's Gynecology Checkup


      Dream 1: Escaping and Meeting Beast from X-men

      I had a pretty good recall of these dreams, I was able remember them without thinking too much because I could remember the other senses. Pretty glad that happened, I wonder if the Dream where I met Alyzarin was really her.

      I was running away from some group that seemed to be an organization of villains. I remember waking up or something. And them some comrade of mine wakes up as well.

      We are bound by a semi-circular metal trapping us on a wall. Someone was giving us a speech on how our bodies were filled emotions, literally.

      I see an image of Garfield who is skinny as a meter for which emotion was on top to bottom. Then it starts to drain from the top (the emotions that is), and you could see the animated cat (it's still flat) express the emotions that were going down its body, but the person announcing the cat's emotions was interrupted.

      Then some entity I can't make good facial features of, I'm assuming he's the mastermind or leader. He orders a redhead lady in black latex to send us somewhere since whatever they were trying to interrogate us didn't work.

      So we go inside this room that just has an old light shining and I see a blue creature that looks like Beast from X-men. Beast is doing self torture on himself by having a tight rope can be changed to various pressures on his neck and legs tied as an "X" by tight rope.

      What do you wear under there?-ydxph.jpg

      There were buttons near me that I wanted to press to control the tightness, but he says not to touch it. He frees himself, drinks some alcohol that looks like a Jack Daniels Whiskey. The redhead lady in black latex comes closer to have a drink.

      He starts to use the bottle like he's going to slam it on her head to knock her out, but he does it softly, like he was just playing around with her. I think she wanted some whiskey, but he pulls it back, and finally hits her with it more aggressively.

      She's still persistent and tries to say 'Master' a few times, but Beast pushes her softly to where I have to go, and she's basically walking awkwardly looking dizzy, and she drops on the floor before she could be seen from the open door with the soldiers.

      So to where she passed out, and I was sure that soldiers wouldn't be suspicious because she was walking there, and wouldn't think that I was escaping. I'm near her unconscious body on the floor, see a new door, and I look at Beast silently to confirm if this is the exit or not.

      He nods and smiles I think, and I go quickly. The soldiers by now are screaming "Go go go go!" to find me. I go through the door and I lock it to buy some time for me. I didn't think about how odd it was for the lock to be on the other side rather than inside, but I didn't think about it and started to escape somewhere.

      The dream shifts to where I'm hiding outside in the dark on high grass. Then the DCs in green raincoats that I taught were guards look weird. They're actually out to save me, since they didn't kill me.

      I follow them and see the Third Hokage from Naruto in a green raincoat. I follow them, and when I turn back to look on my left side are soldiers walking slowly in what looks like Russian Soldiers or Nazis.

      Dream fades.

      Dream 2: Sasuke and Jiraiya?

      I think I'm Sasuke from Naruto Shippuden or at least watching him in third person perspective. He's basically testing out his Mangekyou Sharingan, and I see him on his knees in pain for a while, so I'm guessing he doesn't have Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan as yet.

      (If you don't know what I meant by that, it's basically him having the eyes of another Uchiha member, which means that the light in his eyes will not fade away from using Mangekyou Sharingan too much.

      Then I take a first person perspective, and I started to spam Ameratsu like there's no freaking tomorrow.

      The dream shifts to where Sasuke and Jiraiya are on a floating rug??? Sasuke asks Jiraiya that they should kill Sakura and Tsunade since they can do a sneak attack.

      What do you wear under there?-250px-naruto-jiraiya.jpgWhat do you wear under there?-carpet.jpg

      And my spectator view starts to pan over to where I do see Sakura and Tsunade together.

      But Jiraiya most likely rejected the offer, and I see them at an angle where I'm viewing Sasuke's left shoulder and head from above, and the dream ends from there with them moving forward something in the middle of the rug they're floating on was there too.

      I just couldn't grasp what it looked like.

      Dream 3: Outside Green and Hilly Area

      I'm outside some green and hilly area after coming out of some school Basketball stadium I think.

      Outside is huge and spacious, and while I'm on top of this fairly huge hill, I see some random DC in black shirt and regular jeans ride some fancy motorcycle that was purple.

      He fades away riding it, and I look down from this green hill to see the bottom slope is flooded, and I was going to slide down near it, but I immediately stopped before touching the water.

      Then some DC motivates us to walk through this by walking backwards. He has the voice that would motivate people to overcome something like this.

      I follow everyone, while worrying what's in the water. We make it to the dry part on the other side, and I forget what happens next.

      Dream 4: Quiz and Alternating Clock

      I was outside somewhere, probably near some school or college, and I thought I had to go the second part of it first. I realize that I'm late, and I have to go to the other part, and that I had the two mixed up somehow.

      I go inside a door, and meet with the class. I don't think the teacher counts me tardy, and I'm probably 5-10 minutes late. The teacher decided to do something fun, and everyone around me was sitting down on the floor listening to him.

      I saw a few familiar faces, and I think I saw Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho there two for some odd reason.

      The teacher wanted to do some game where we ask a question to someone without trying to laugh, and since I'm in front listening to the teacher, he decides to pick the right side that's front of him.

      From my side, that's the left, and I was first, so I turn around to this guy and purposefully asked, "Do you like boys?"

      The whole class started laughing and the guy was had the "WTF" face on him.

      I don't know why I said that, but the guy asks the next person next to him a question. Then after that's done, I see a TA that's from my Sociohorticulture class come inside the classroom.

      Apparently, we have to take a quiz, but it's open-note. There's a worksheet that I have handy with me, so I use that to take the quiz, but the TA was talking about that we have little time to take it because some people were late or something like that.

      I didn't understand why she said that when all of the classmates took it at the same time, but I start to take the quiz anyway. What I remember from it is that there was some fill in the blanks basically, and all I had to do was quickly look back and forth from the notes that were printed out with the answers.

      I remember some answers being chug, wug, and something else related to dogs. Then I look at the clock and see that time is running out apparently, so I quickly try to go through everything, and I still haven't even gotten half-way from completing the quiz, and I'm really worried.

      Then I look at the clock inside of the class again and find that the time was not running out, in fact, it's been set to the previous time before we even took the quiz

      (That was an obvious reality check I could've done there, and I even did a few RCs when I was doing a WBTB before this dream as well).

      Anyway, I try to fill out the blanks from the quiz, but by this point, I don't know what the hell I am doing, and the TA announces that quiz time is over.

      She comes to me to pick up my quiz, and she says something like, "I will check to see if Brandon has his name on the paper." or something like that, she basically tells me my name, and I never had any other DCs, or only a few, tell me my name before.

      I didn't do a reality check there either. So After she picks up the quiz, I think the dream ends from here.

      Dream 5: Meeting High School Physics Teacher and possibly Alyzarin?

      Apparently, I go to an area that looks like my University, and a mix of it with other High Schools, because I see my Physics Pre-Ap teacher that I had the second semester as a Senior in High School.

      Let's call him Michnick. I go up to him, and he greets me. He looks exactly like the one in waking life, and I greeted him back by saying "Hi, Mr. Michnick."

      I told him that I apologize for not seeing him for so long, and told him I was sick one day, and that the week we had off (I don't know what the hell I meant by week off for something, but I just go with it).

      He tells me to not worry about it at all.

      He also tells me that he's surprised that I still remember his name, I feel a little concerned about this, but the feeling goes away. I shake his hand, and go into class.

      I see all sorts of people, a few are familiar to me, especially the girl who was in front of me and the girl in front of her who was her friend too. Let's call them LY and Laura, respectively.

      Michnick comes up near the board, which is white. And before I pay attention to him, I quickly glance at the board and see that there's something on the board that says Quiz 1 and Quiz 2.

      One was red and the other was green or having a turquoise or teal color to it, I just can't remember which order it was. I'm assuming red was on top and the cooler color was on the bottom, but I don't feel that really matters.

      Since Michnick said to not worry about anything, I basically just chill back and watch the other classmates get their flashcards out in panic of this quiz, which amused me. But Michnick writes on the board in a Maroon marker something related to the word "Aggies."

      When he does that, I automatically assumes he wants me to give a little story about A&M before they start the quiz. Michnick tells the class something that he doesn't like about them having flashcards out probably.

      He gets near me, but he's still a desk over from me, and asks me if I had any stories from some random name of a University that I don't even know. I told him, "I go to Texas A&M University- College Station."

      He nods, and then after a while, I can't remember what I said next, but I do know the dream starts to shift to where everyone is directed in a different room.

      The room looks like a lecture room at Texas A&M, and Michnick is sitting at least 2-3 levels below me (me and him are at the top section of the room, and the seats most likely started from A-Z as columns and the numbers like A-1, A-2, etc. branched off as rows, but that's what I'm assuming to give more detail to this dream that I'm having a really good recall of).

      He has his left leg or right leg folded on top of the other, and I'm sitting on the top level of the seats like he is, but again, I'm a few rows above him. Anyway, there's a student in front that looks a lot like a guy name Mitchell that I knew in High School.

      I won't state much about him other than he was a blonde, and he was wearing a gray dress shirt, and black pants. Apparently, for the quiz, two people were in front of the class.

      They had the option of rejecting Michnick asking them a quiz question and asking another classmate one, or agreeing with going with Michnick's question. Of course most of them would obviously want to reject and ask other classmates.

      Mitchell does a thumbs down sign, and his cheeks look a little red, like he's nervous or something. I'm not really paying attention to what questions the students are asking, but I am looking at other familiar faces in this room.

      I look to the right, and I see this black girl that was in my Introductory Biochemistry course my first semester as a Freshmen in college. She was worried that people would pick her, and she started to be a little loud by saying that she doesn't want people picking her for today.

      (Since the quiz might have a second day to cover any other students that couldn't get their turn for the allotted time given for the class in general).

      It's funny that this girl wasn't picked at all, but after all that, the class is interrupted with a fire alarm I believe. By this time, the whole class is gone, and I think only a few DCs are walking with me as the fire alarm in the school is ringing.

      It isn't ringing too hard, in fact, I'm surprised it isn't loud in the first place, but I didn't care about this. I see Laura and another DC walking with me, but they were just a few inches ahead of me.

      I don't know if Michnick is here or not, but I know we're planning to walk to exit the building without panicking.

      I see Laura in short sports shorts and the same with the DC next to me.

      This DC was really interesting, The sports shorts that she was wearing, it had a light blue lining. She was quiet, but I felt something about her, she looked a little sad, and I could swear that I knew something was familiar about her, it was on the tip of my tongue, but I just walk with them.

      I know this DC looks familiar, and I believe she has make up on her face, like a little mascara on her eyes, and I maybe a little pink on the corners of her eyes. She was pretty attractive, and looked hot in my eyes.

      What do you wear under there?-gfqph.jpg

      She was really amazing, seeing her in sports shorts made me stare at her ass a little more than usual, and she and Laura looks like they're probably in volleyball, judging by the short shorts.

      We go through the double doors, which were maroon just like my University, and I swear this environment feels like Hedenfels because of the brown or gray colored floor and brown colored brick walls. As I'm going down the stairs, I believe I have the urge to just jump like two steps down instead of walking down one step at a time.

      Then I start to realize that this same environment is indeed an almost perfect replica of the 4 levels in Heldenfels at my University.

      I go down jumping two steps at a time, and then I turn to the other set of stairs going downward and I keep doing this all the way to the end. By the time I'm done with this, the dream fades.

      I wonder if the DC that I was enticed by was Alyzarin or not, she looked kind of sad, but calm at the same time....guess I'll just wait for her entry).

      Dream 6: Kaomea's Gyneocology Checkup, and I'm the Gynecologist!!!!!

      I know I had a lingering image for this dream, but I spent all my time remembering the one before this one, so it's kind of short.

      I believe I see Kaomea, it just has to be her because I see her beautiful long hair, and I think I have a good image on her cute face by now, and I know I had her in my mind to find after Alyzarin. She's resting on what seems to be a blue Gynecology bed.

      I think her hands are trapped by some metal bar, probably to prevent her from escaping, or she could've had her arms resting on the pads for her to hold on to. I'm wondering why I'm here exactly because this seems to be a private moment for her.

      But guess who ends up being the Gynecologist?

      ME...THAT's RIGHT...ME...I'm staring at her vagina close up, but I can't get a good image of it, I'm really trying to, but all I can remember is seeing her breasts and her beautiful body.

      She had her eyes slightly closed, and I think she was smiling a little bit. I think she knew it was me who was getting ready with the operation.

      I can't remember much other than the fact that I'm looking at her naked and beautiful body. It had a certain glow to it, which just made me more excited by this. It was so fragile, and so vivid, she is the perfect lady indeed.

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    6. pink lemonade for mom; dog friend in park; sex isn't so great

      by , 09-19-2011 at 12:19 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a dark room that was kind of like a living room mixed with a small, cafeteria-style restaurant. The room was lit on the outer edges by dim, but vividly-colored, lights, like weak LEDs. But the lights barely lit anything at all, so the room was mostly dark. There a few other people in the room, mostly my family members.

      My mom was sitting on one of the sides of the room. She asked me to get her a drink. She may have asked me to "go out" and get her a drink. I may have been planning to go outside, to some store, to get my mom a drink.

      But I went to a small drinks case that sat on a counter. The drinks case (unlit) had a few Red Bull-shaped cans of pink lemonade in it. I may have thought that I would take one of these cans of pink lemonade to give me energy on my errand to pick up whatever drink it was my mom wanted me to get her from the outside.

      There were two different flavors of pink lemonade (i.e. another flavor added in with the pink lemonade flavor). I saw one flavor that I knew my mom liked. I figured that was the drink she wanted. The other flavor I thought I would take for myself. But I didn't really like the flavor. I wanted to see if my favorite flavor was available, but I couldn't remember what it was.

      I was then coming back from or finally going out on my errand. But some of my family members, particularly my brother, thought I was an old man and that I wouldn't be able to make the trip. For some reason, I took a pair of black socks with me to prove I was strong enough to make the trip. But the socks had holes in their heels.

      I was now feeling old and very tired. I kind of collapsed on the ground in the middle of the room, laying on my side. I figured I just needed a bit of a rest, and then I could get up and run my errand.

      Dream #2

      I was walking through a neighborhood that was like the neighborhood where my cousins lived when we were kids. But something about the feeling of the place was much larger and lonelier. It was like all the houses were twice their size, and the neighborhood was hidden away in a series of winding streets. The sky may have been grey, and the day a little damp and chilly, like it was going to rain.

      I knew that if I walked up one of the side blocks I could go see my cousins' old house. But I didn't want to risk going up that block and running into my aunt. So I decided not to go up that way.

      The road I was walking on ended up turning into a park. It was slightly secluded, but it was a nice, wide, long lawn with some rolling hills and some trees. I was walking on an asphalt path on the lawn. After a while, a dog came running up from behind me.

      I recognized the dog. It was a dog I liked quite a bit. I thought it was my aunt's dog. I saw a figure sitting in a bench far back in the park. I thought that was my aunt. She (?) May have been wearing an orange shirt. I didn't want to acknowledge the dog because I didn't want my aunt coming over and talking to me.

      But the dog seemed really happy to see me. We ran over to the right side of the park. We began playing and rough-housing a little bit.

      Dream #3

      A pretty, blonde girl, maybe about eleven to thirteen years old, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, said, "Everybody says p***y is so great. They act like it tastes and smells like the greatest thing in the world. Well, I'm a lesbian. So I know. And I don't think p***y is that great at all. It doesn't taste that great. And it doesn't smell good."
    7. Creepy firework man with bowling balls

      by , 01-15-2011 at 06:42 AM
      I was at, once again, my old farm where I grew up called Talla Bena. The dream was very hazy, as I don't have very great dream recalling skills. Me and my grandma were inside and heard sirens, so we went out into the fornt yard to investigate. All i remembered from that part were some giant police cars roaming around the yard. Later, we went out the back door and saw more enourmous police cars. They had no driver, and one veered off to come over towards us. We asked the car what was going on, but it ignored us and turned away.

      The scene changed, I was in an area similar to the place where the National Quidditch tournaments are held in harry Potter. It was a slightly cleared area of woods, and there were some tents around us with people coming in and out, holding drinks. My big sister was with me, and so was my mom, although I didn't see either of them until later, I just knew they were there, maybe heard their voice. Somehow i know my sister is pregnant. (She already has a baby and is not currently pregnant again) A shifty looking man in his early 60s slithers over. he is thin and wiry and has lots of facial hair. He asks if we want to buy some fireworks. We decline and he moves on.

      The scene shifts to where I am walking through a similar place with just my sister. i feel very calm and warm because even though we used to despise each other, now we love each other loads. We are talking about something pleasant and then a red bowling ball with a trailing ribbon rolls out of the trail ahead. It stops, leaving a long strand of ribbon behind it. More roll out, crisscrossing all over the ground. The shady man comes out again and yanks on a ribbon, and the whole network erects itself into a canopy. All of a sudden there are pounds and pounds of fireworks inside of the open thing, laying all over the ground. I walk forward, stepping on them, to examine them. They are all different shapes and colors, a bronze fleur de lis sticks out in my head. The man gets all up in my grill and I decline again.

      I am now in the car again with my sister, riding shotgun, going over the Causeway bridge. Once again, I felt welcome and cozy with her. Then I have a sudden image of a silhouette of myself jumping in the air and clicking my heels in front of a window. The window doesnt have scenery outside, it has graduated red to blue, with white dots in between.

      Now I am in a huge commercial building with my father. There are about 438474099 escalators in every direction, and as many people. I suddenly

      am lucid. I don't feel the dream is too stable, though, so I make the best of my surroundings and start jumping off of the escalators and floating down. unfortunatly I feel myself waking up because my eyesight is suddenly blinded by light, I can see the dream fading. Then it quits, and with quickly fading lucidity, I realize I must get back to my dad. I look around and find him a few escalators away.

      There is a line of escalator people blocking my way, but kindly, this rather large young boy steps aside so I can jump down and see my dad.

      Then I am on my grandmas bed....Sketching pictures of my vagina. Not in a weird, sexual way, but it was actually because I had wanted to draw the human body more often earlier that day. (im not very good at drawing people) I guess that some how worked its way into my dreams. Surprisingly, the pictures were very good. O_O

      Then I was in class, and my science partner claimed she was pregnant.
    8. Lucid Dream #15

      by , 10-09-2010 at 03:07 PM (Warbenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Adventures)
      Lucidity: 5/10
      Vividness: 8/10
      Length: ~5 Min.

      I was on a school bus and I was trying to put toothpaste on this girl named Tristan. After I did, she appeared up a few seats. Then my friend Kaleb asked her if he could see her boobs and feel them. She let him. Kaleb was sitting next to this girl named Trisha. The seat next to them was empty so I sat there. I looked at Trisha and she looked at me. She smiled and asked me a question. I asked her to face me and spread her legs so I could see her Vagina. And to my expectations she did. I also expected her to be wearing Jeans but she had panties on instead. It was very realistic. I said "I don't have forever!" And tried to grab her panties. Just then I woke up and I tried to DEILD but failed. The End.