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    1. Hunger (Zombie-Vampires! Vambies? Zompires?)

      by , 06-26-2015 at 05:52 AM
      I liked that the twists were surprises. I usually have a tiny thread of lucidity that makes me meta the hell out of my dreams.

      Anyway. My starting point was a little confusing. First I see a wounded Damon Salvatore, on the phone with Elena. It's night, he's crusted with blood and looks ten kinds of awful. The camera pans over and I see a white figure standing at the corner of the frame. I' m worried because the thing looks like a threat. But then Damon says something about running into a Sarvati (the white figure, now wringing his hands). Elena asks if he's alright, because apparently Sarvati are dangerous.
      "It's fine." Damon says with his trademark smirk. "I persuaded him to help." he pauses. "What about you?"
      "Getting a little help of my own. Maybe." She says, and I finally see her. She's in a barn, the moonlight shining through the open door. "I have a plan, I'll let you know if it works." She seemed hurt, too, but it isn't apparent how. Hanging up the phone, opens her mouth wide and lifts her wrist. I assume she's going to feed on herself to heal...and I'm doubtful that would even work.
      The camera pans out and I recognize the setting.

      In this version of the story, Stefan became like Michael and only fed on vampires. Also being a ripper meant he hurt many people before his friends were able to subdue him. Weary of fighting his hunger, he allowed himself to desiccate and made a deal: he would sleep until they found a cure.
      There he lay, under a bare foot of soil, in a weathered wooden crate. Elena meant to feed Stefan. Of course.
      For a moment I am irrationally angry with Elena. They had promised him! And here she was, at the first sign of trouble, waking Stefan to his torment. It seems so selfish and, only for a moment, I hate her.

      They will need him, though. He is a definite ally in a sea of mistrust. There's a new creature in Mystic Falls. They are vampire/zombie hybrids. In the early days of their Turning they drink the blood of humans, but then require flesh to survive. They can walk in the daylight and may subsist on human food for a time, if they are disciplined. Though the first was the result of a spell cast by a powerful sorcerer, it could be spread via saliva. So, naturally, the first Turned would be a whore of a football player.
      A girl named Sandra who looked like the actress Annalynne Mccord3D INTERACTIVE CHAT-annalynne-mccord-black-tank-top-fashion-1128266682.jpg is the only one who really notices that the school is slowly slipping into chaos. The faculty are nowhere to be found and sometimes, out of the corner of her eye, certain people have ashen skin. She used to be a cheerleader but has since lost her taste for it. No one knows that the hiatus she took from school wasn't a vacation, she actually went to a care facility for anorexia. There are students milling around, crowding the halls, and debris on the floor. Sandra walks into the locker room, uncertain, arms crossed over her abdomen. She spots Stacy who looks gray, talking to a chubby, blond, blue-eyed Davina Claire. Stacy asks her if she's thrown in her lot for the party food, that they were thinking about ordering pizza, but she has a better idea. In her hands is an advertisement for a company known as Meal A day. Sandra knows it well. Upon release from the hospital, Meal A Day had delivered healthy meals to her door three times a day, she checked her progress after every meal and they took the plates. Each seemed a small victory over the illness.
      "So have you signed yet?" Stacy asks.
      "You know me." Davina says, "Always hungry."
      Sandra intuits that Davina is bulimic. She isn't sure if she can trust a near stranger with her secret, but it would be worth the risk if she could help.
      The students don't realize that they are signing up to be the food and their dietary preferences will determine who will be consuming them.
      Their hunger is a quiet, fervent energy, a slowly building frenzy. They are cunning in their design.
      "I put a spell on you. You're mine now." A male voice says.

      I return to the barn where Stefan shakes dirt from his hair. His eyes are an unnatural golden brown, he wipes Elena's blood from his mouth. Still disoriented, he asks how long it has been.
      I loathe Elena's sheepish look, wishing she'd just left him alone.
      "You've been down for a little over a day."
      His expression twists in wry amusement, tinged with pain. "What's happened now?" He asks as she helps him stand.
      "I'll explain on the way, we don't have a lot of time." Elena replies. She hopes Damon won't be too angry, he wanted to honor Stefan's wishes.
      "I'm assuming you didn't bring a car?" He says this with an air of contained amusement that is achingly familiar. She smiles, casting her eyes to the dirt floor and dipping her head. He grins suddenly. "You always did love to run."
      They had always loved to run together.
      Yet, this is not a reunion of lovers, just friends who were lovers once upon a time. Their love has since mellowed into fondness. They exit the barn into the soft summer night. Lucidity here is a sweet thread that pulls me through Elena and then back out to observe. They are so happy to be together. Their hasty separation, though it seemed longer to him, had worn on them. This reunion is like the giddy absence of pain amidst torture. For a time, they don't think about what they will face when they arrive at town, or that Stefan will return to the ground when this new threat is stamped out, only that they are here again, running together.

      The moon's cloak of clouds pulls apart to reveal swathes of landscape. The grass is deep blue-green, knee high and soft against my legs and bare feet, Elena is wearing a flowered dress. They run almost human slow. Then I am her, smiling as he draws up next to me. His silhouette is immensely comforting. I trip, tumbling into the sweet grass. I fall and roll, we laugh at my clumsiness. And like a dance, he is there to take my arm and help me up. I have been explaining the threat. This fits seamlessly with the male voice speaking at the end of the last segment. Elena tells him about what the sorcerer said.
      "He didn't." Stefan says, smiling.
      "He didn't even get it!" Elena laughs, then they share a joke, singing "I put a spell on you, and now you're mine." and express their disbelief that their new villain said it in all seriousness. I separate from Elena and pull back as they reach the river and leap across, as graceful as deer.

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    2. Willy Wonka and the Murderering Demon Vampires

      by , 04-01-2015 at 08:40 AM
      I haven't posted in a little bit, but I have been keeping track of my dreams! Alot of them I have been writing in my paper journal for lack of time online, and when I couldn't do that I have an emergency "sketchbook" style notebook to write quick notes in. Realistically I have alot of these sketch-style notes that need to be transformed into journal entries.

      But here I will tell you about how I got Lucid FINALLY after recording and obsessing about recording! In it, my dream journal, the thing most on my mind lately, became my dream-sign.


      It starts out on a farm my landlord owned in my dream. I was looking after it for them with a dream-sister, although there wasn't much to take care of. All the animals they owned had disappeared without a trace, and no one knew what happened to them. I think this mystery, among other things, is what caused them to keep away from the farm and ask me to watch it for them. The farm was a very dull and bleak looking place. Imagine a cold winter day before any snow has fallen on the ground, but all the leaves had fallen from the trees. Barren trees, dull orange dry leaves, dull grey sky. It looked like it was 6AM, just before sunrise, all day long. And this appearance permeated through the entire farm, into the house. It was just very depressing.

      There were other mysteries too. You would hear footsteps of people walking on the second floor, but no one besides me and my little sister were there. I think the farm hands and other people who worked on the farm disappeared along with the animals, so hearing footsteps was eerie. I think there was an understanding that something unearthly occupied the farm, although I am not 100% sure.

      As to my dream-sister, she looked nothing like my actual sister in real life. I might add also, that alot of times in my dreams I am accompanied by a dream-friend or a dream-sister or my own sister in real life. I am rarely alone in my dreams. I like to think its my dream guide. This particular companion was a young girl of 10 or so, with blonde hair done up in pigtail style braids. She wore an old fashioned dress.

      I remember a couple scenes in this house. I remember me and my sister in an office type of space attempting to hook up a laptop so we could use the internet. The only part of this room I really remember is the desk the laptop laid on, and the laptops themselves. The desk was that cheap particle board style desk you see in offices, with the base of the desk being made of beige colored metal. Everything was dusty, too. There was a main section of the desk where the "main laptop" would sit, and two fold out wings, slightly lower than the main portion, where smaller laptops sat. It was designed for a team to sit at the same desk and work together side by side. We were very excited to try and get it to work, but like I said..it was quite dusty and unused. I don't think we could get the computers to even power on, or there just was no internet in the area.

      I remember walking through a small dark hallway in the home to get to a bedroom with my sister. A greenish yellow light glowed through one room to accent the darkness, like a painted yellow window bringing in the dull grey atmosphere of the outside into house. The bedroom, too, had a dusty, grey, old feel to it. The bed looked like it came out of the 1980s, infact. Another particle board mess, very low key and geometric, Blonde "wood", and pastel colored sheets. I think the whole reason I went lucid was because of what I did next. I was acting as if I was awake, and I had to go to sleep. My sister suggested I lay down, and I did. I laid down in the 1980s bed, laying in the same position I use in waking life, to my left side facing a wall. This is where I heard the walking and banging upstairs as I tried to fall asleep. My landlords in real life live above me in my house, and it is an actual thing for them to make lots of noise when getting ready for work at 4 AM. I think my mind was recreating this, only in my dream, ghostly things were stomping around instead.

      I did my best to ignore it, covering my head with the blanket and closing my eyes. Very weird to try and sleep when in a dream, but it was just as it was in real life. Nothing zany happened when I closed my eyes, just the usual darkness. The banging continued, but I just ignored it and continued to focus on falling asleep.

      This next part, I don't know in what order of the dream it occurred. Maybe here!

      I remember I had wanted to grab my dream journal and "emergency" red journal from home, because I knew I would be staying at the house for a while and wanted to use the opportunity to write down all these dreams I have been stockpiling for the past few days. I remember going to my boyfriends house - not my house! - and searching for them around and under the cushions of their living room couch. I reached under the leftest most cushion and..voila! my dream journals! Just as I found it, a little funny gremlin looking demon appeared to my right, in the fireplace or floating near it. He wasn't a menacing monster, just something you would imagine seeing in a kids book or a cartoon. Ugly, but not scary. He popped in to taunt me about my sister, how I left her all alone. He told me she was in danger in a mocking way. Maybe he even implied HE was kidnapping her! I got angry and nervous, and decided to get my butt back to the farm house to make sure she was ok. I vaguely remember the demon showing me a video of my sister. She was sitting with other kids in a daycare setting (the same grey dullness), doing some kind of craft project on little circular tables like you'd see in a school. Suddenly someone called to her, and she got up and walked off camera. So, I rushed to her rescue!

      I guess my sister was taken to the usual place bad stuff happens in my dream, my childhood home, "B Street". Always, no matter what, I find myself back in that house with its spooky basement full of ghosts! Anyways, I had to take a train there to rescue her, but I missed it completely.

      Rather than give up hope, however, I said "why don't I just fly there?"

      This is where things get weird. I cant figure out how all this worked out in my dream. Maybe it just doesn't make sense! I am back sleeping in the 1980s bed, or maybe I woke up a little in real life, or maybe I was just dreaming of dreaming again. Whatever the case, I was back to having my eyes closed like I was trying to go to sleep. When I suggested to myself to just fly there, a flash of purple and pink lit up my blackness, and the desire to fly to where I needed to go went from just a mere thought in my head, to a visualization, to a dream. I saw myself sliding down a steep hill like a videogame character, and saw myself glide over a gap at the end of this hill to a platform on the other side. (Very videogame-like. Just imagine Mario64 styled levels or Banjo Kazooie. Very polygonal, this section.) At this point I was having trouble. Its always a gamble with me when it comes to transitioning from "vague idea/visualization" to "holy crap I am dreaming!" because at some point you need to "open your eyes". When visualizing the gliding/flying, my eyes were "closed". I flew from that platform I glided to, and flew a little more to land in a small polygonic valley on the other side. I felt the sensation, that wonderful sensation, of dream flying while I did this. But my eyes were still "closed". I landed all cool in a fancy crouching pose, and just stayed there for a little bit.

      "You have to open your eyes, you know." I thought to myself. "Its always a gamble, but you have to try!"

      So I did. The first try, I opened my eyes to a faded black scene, like a stage set where all the lights are out. You can just see the vague shapes of the things around you but nothing concrete at all. It was because I was trying to go to B street, still determined in my mission. I was trying to visually construct that place with my consciousness, but I just sucked at it. I saw shaped of trees, and the valley I was in sort of transformed into a little side lawn on a side of a house that actually was on B street. But it was all dark and formless. So I closed my eyes again, and thought really hard. "You're in B STREET!". I opened them again. Same thing. I closed them again. As usual when in these kind of pickles, I said "screw it, let me just let the dream take me where it wants me to go." After coming to terms with my suckiness, I opened my eyes one final time.

      Oh sweet goodness! So wonderful to open your eyes when lucid to a new world!

      I was not in B street at all. I was in something that looked like it came out of the newer Willy Wonka movie. I was still in my little valley, and it was still kind of dark like before, but past this was a vividly colorful hill, a bright spring green. It was framed by bright red velvet and gold tasseled stage curtains, and it went up in steps to a scene on the tippy top, like a big green staircase. At each "step", red and white candy cane looking swirlie structures decorated the hill. There were yellow and white flowers, too, and maybe a cobblestone walkway. I was, as usual, in awe of the clarity of being here, and just took it all in. I tried rubbing my hands to get more in the moment, but it didn't really bring any texture or more realism to the situation. I usually don't bother with sensation alot anyways. I find constantly rubbing my hands to be distracting, but I do try it from time to time. I saw on the top of a hill, a little scene. Maybe a tree in shadow, with a park bench sitting besides it, and someone lounging in it, like they were sleeping. It was either my sister fainted from being kidnapped, or the bad guy in the plot lounging in a smarmy sort of way. I couldn't see the top immediately, so I focused my eyes (go me for doing more than one focusing technique!), and as I did so I began walking up the hill.

      Like a dream does, as I neared the top, the scene transformed. I also got a little more numb the closer to the top of the hill I got, but I was still using my conscious mind just fine. The top of the hill transformed itself into a medieval/fantasy looking church, and waiting inside for me was the villain. The church was completely open from where I walked into it. Inside, it had a lobby sized area for maybe a couple of people or parishioners to sit. It was small by cathedral standards but it also fluctuated in that respect as well. To the left of the "parishioner" area was a rounded room, almost a large alcove. It was completely walled in glass windows that gave a view to a forest outside. In front of the parishioner area was where the priest would usually go. In the dream this section was only a few steps higher than the congregation area, whereas in real life its usually a little taller I think. There was a big rounded stain glass window here like a traditional church, but the exit door to the other side of the church was there too. The right side of the church was just a wall. The entire thing was in light grey stone, with pillars and steps and all the nice things you'd find in an older church. Where the priest's place was stood the villain. It was a taller 20 year old with brown-red hair and pale skin, wearing black. She was a vampire. She kidnapped my sister and was going to feed off of her and turn her into a vampire, too. I am not sure what ended up happening to my sister in this struggle. the brunette vampire was, I think, behind her and sucking on her neck or threatening to. She might have even turned her into a vampire already and I had to fight her off. Whatever the case, my sister was getting in the way of my battling the evil vampiress. Either I had to break her neck and push her into the window alcove, or the vampiress threw her in there after sucking on her blood and she passed out and fell in there. In the dream, as in my favorite show "Vampire Diaries", cracking ones neck didn't kill them immediately. It just sort of knocks someone out.

      (I was still SLIGHTLY lucid btw.) I tried to punch at the vamp while she hid behind my sister. My punches connected but they did little to her, and she laughed them off. Once my sister was out of the way, I kept trying to punch her out and stop her from killing her and me. I didn't want to kill the evil vamp I don't think. I wanted to either cure her or just stop her from hurting other people. If there was a way to end it in a peaceful or less definitive way, I was willing to try it. However, my methods were not working, and I decided I had to worry more about my unconscious sister than keeping this woman alive. Now that I think of it, I think my sister was going to turn into a vampire, so it was a race against time to stop the villain before she turned. I think I needed the evil villain's blood to stop the transformation, or killing off the villain stopped it. Since I was so stressed for time, I reach over to the brunette vampire, said "Ah screw it!", and snapped her neck. Instantly she crumpled to the floor, completely defeated.

      I ran over to where my sister was laying and helped her up as she came to. Did I give her blood? Not sure. She looked differently at this point, though. What was once my blonde, fancy dressed little sister was a squat little anime chibi dressed in kimono. She had a big bobble head, and her hair was black now. She stood up and was fine.

      After that I woke up and happily wrote all this down! Yay!
      VAMPIRE STUFF: Definitely Vampire diaries! One of few shows I watch, I guess I was thinking about it that night. I even thought perhaps the bad guy of this show, "Claus", was in my dream!
      Stompy stomp stomp above my head!: My landlord's wonderful habit of causing ruckuses every morning. Its why I wear earplugs.
      Getting to sleep: I have been OBSESSING with going to bed at a good hour since restarting my Lucid dream mission!

      And of course, my dream sign was MY DREAM JOURNAL because of my recent obsession with writing in it. Having it in my hand in the dream made me think of dreaming, so I was able to easily figure things out. Dreaming was on my mind, so it was an easy transition, and my journal was the reminder!

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    3. Past Lives of Liam and Saja...kind of.

      by , 10-16-2013 at 04:56 AM
      I'm not exactly sure where to start.

      Tortured Ghosts

      I have a thin thread of lucidity during this part, otherwise it would have been terrifying. There's something happening with the earthbound spirits, they cluster around a traveling man. They can't help it, they want to be near him and they don't at once. They don't because they relive the accidents that killed them. I become each of them in turn, a blond woman turns her hand over again and again, each time she twists her wrist the hand disappears and becomes a stub, then returns.
      Another woman, a red head who looks a little like Kate Winslet relives the moment when she found out she had died. She stands over a tub, now empty of water, but full of her corpse. Her face is missing, like her head was cut away in jagged layers from nose to ear. Since I am her (and I am not) I wait for the terror to hit me at finding my own body, but my subconscious is just lucid enough that I tell myself to close my eyes and take a deep breath. That it isn't real. The scream I waited for never comes.
      I'm in a living room at dusk, shadows are slowly leaching the light from the room. A blonde ghost sits on the couch, another is crouched behind me beside the door.
      They say these words in unison "He has another passenger, no others can ride.", then go stiff and dead eyed and move no longer.

      Liam, Saja. Kvothe, Batman, Sylar/Silas
      While I am glad Liam has made another appearance, this dream was really strange. It tried so -hard- to have a storyline. Here's what I remember:

      I am in an odd combination of Walmart and Lowe's, a crazy woman keeps sending me and my friend to fetch her things from other parts of the store but she doesn't give us details, she
      just says "Get me something with a hook on it." like it is a scavenger hunt. So we do, we run to Electrical. My friend is wearing knee high brown suede boots, black tights, a jean skirt and tank top. She is several inches taller than me, with long brown hair and brown eyes.
      "Okay, she said something that glows like a firefly, something with a hook on it, and a reflective surface." My friend says as we rush down one of the aisles. "Remember that
      there are cameras everywhere, don't put anything in your pockets."
      Instead of thinking that is ludicrous, it makes complete sense and I thank her for reminding me. We head down one of the aisles, it's all open and has no racking but the products are stacked like they would be on shelves, in big organized piles. She grabs a lamp and tucks it under her arm, waving at one of the cameras. There's an endcap with hand mirrors, I grab one. We head back to the main aisle which now opens up into a mall-like area.
      "I'll go get the hooks." My friend says. The crazy woman runs back up to me, she has long greying blond hair pulled back into a
      thick ponytail and bangs that run straight across the top of her wire glasses. She's wearing a white shirt and a pink jacket.
      "What the hell is that?" She demands, pointing at the lamp and the mirror.
      "The things you asked for..."
      "No no NO." She shouts something about wanting all of those things in one object then turns and runs away as a man comes
      to stand beside me. When she gets about 20ft away she starts skipping.
      We stare after her with identical expressions of amused dismay.
      "Remind me why we're fetching her things?" I say to him.
      "What else would we do. Where's Kara?"
      "She went to get the hooks....which I see you already have. Not that it matters." I reply, gesturing to the white boxes cradled
      against his chest. I finally look up at him and my heart turns over. He's wearing a white suit with a black shirt. It is Liam. Same crooked, infectious smile, red hair falling into his eyes which are a familiar vibrant blue. I see myself from the side and see that I am Saja, my hair now long and curling to my waist, wearing a dress with a thin belt and cropped sweater. I want an excuse to touch him, because we are not quite who we feel like we are, we are still playing characters. I reach up to take the white box from him, when my hand gets close he takes my fingers into the hand that's pressed tight to his chest. He smiles at me.
      Kara comes to join us and he releases my hand.
      "I got the hooks!" She exclaims, then sees the box he carries and lets out a disappointed "aaaw.."
      I start to explain that the crazy woman is asking for something different, when she reappears and looks over our gathered objects. She sighs loudly.
      "Fine fine, I guess it will have to do. We're out of time. Follow me."
      ((Now it gets really confusing)) We follow her down the corridor, part of me understands what is happening. That we are in her thrall and we are wanted for a spell of some kind. I understand why she would want me but not Liam. He shouldn't even be here. I glance over at him and he's wearing a dazed, troubled expression which mirrors my own.
      Then I am Liam, glancing over at Saja and thinking that I understand why they would want her, but not me. I shouldn't even be
      here. We walk down a dark narrow hallway, the others are further ahead of me, so that when I finally reach the door at the end they are already inside. The door stands open and there is so little light that I can't see anything of the layout. I step inside though, because Saja is in there. It's not her fault they used her to lead me here. I can feel the spell pressing down on my consciousness, making independent thought heavy, like walking through mud. A portly man dressed as an 1800's gentleman complete with a monicle and handlebar mustache emerges from a deeply shadowed corner. The women each carry a large bell jar with a lit candle inside.
      I follow the man with my eyes, frowning fiercely.
      "I am sure you're wondering why you're here."
      I think something sarcastic in his direction and he chuckles at me.
      The women take a step closer, revealing a twin bed with a two woven blankets on top of it, a green and a dull burgundy.
      I know I'm supposed to lay down and find myself climbing onto the bed as a child would, on my hands and knees. I resist the pull and the world tilts. I see the cuff of my jacket, and see my hands as Saja would see them.
      "Here, let me help." The man pulls back the blankets, then shuffles to the shuttered window at the side of the bed and opens i
      t letting in bright daylight. Something in me eases, I can't tell if it is my resistance, or the thrall.
      "You are here because of your singular nature, who you used to be. Who you are now." He says and instructs me to lay down.
      I comply, my eyes sliding over the dull-eyed Saja who still stands at the foot of the bed, holding a jar.
      The world suddenly feels compact, compressed, the pressure of the wind as it rushes through the open window and the
      weathered wood of the walls withering away (alliteration!! Sorry, I couldn't help myself). Then we are flying. All of us, the two thralled girls off to the side, the old crazy woman, the portly gentleman and myself. There are numerous strings dangling around us attached to all different manner of coins. We rise into the sky. His reason doesn't really explain why I am here, but I understand anyway. I hold the name of the wind (this is where Kvothe comes in) inside me, and the wind will not harm me, or those with me. It's why we can defy gravity and why the strong gales outside the border of coins does not sweep in on us. I take a deep breath and speak the name of the wind, it rushes from my mouth and the man commands me to stop. I don't listen.

      Now it gets even weirder.
      Something about Liam becoming Batman and Saja being Catwoman. I try to get a better angle as he leans down threaten her but kisses her instead.
      I am outside, flying. I see a long bridge connecting a fortress to the city and a moat. I fly down because I see a small figure
      crouched on a rock jutting from the water. It is supposed to be Saja...and in a way, it looks like her, I guess. I drop down in front of her. She's wearing an elaborately layered red gown, each layered part of the skirt fringed in black lace, she's wearing half of a plague mask and a red wig with black fringe, that matches her dress. She's completely soaked and frozen like a statue. I can tell she's breathing though. I reach over and remove her mask. Water drips down her deathly pale face and her eyes are silver. Her face isn't how I recall it from other dreams, more narrow and plain. I notice she's holding an axe in one hand, like she's waiting for the go to attack the enemy. I can see her black hair underneath the wig. Huh.
      Then I am in the bedroom from before. Liam is sitting on the end of the bed with a thin knife in his hand. He is clutching the handle
      and I know he is resisting his past life as a serial killer. (?! I shouldn't take this too seriously...considering he was batman 10 minutes ago.) Another face flickers over his own, black eyes, black hair slicked back, wearing a big loose navy blue t-shirt.
      "Don't be who you were...be who you are."
      I insist, Liam is having trouble fighting it and his face keeps flickering from the dark eyed man to the one I know.
      This is also confusing because I am the silver-eyed girl from before. I'm wearing a black tanktop and dark gray pants. I have no idea who this is supposed to be. I feel like Saja but I don't really look like her.
      The gentleman from before appears, telling me that he's fighting his nature for my benefit. That if we hadn't interfered, Silas
      would have emerged and started killing again. He calls me Julie.((I have only ever been called my WL name a handful of times. So this is pretty strange.))
      I rush across the room from where I crouched next to the bed where Liam is sitting.
      "Stop calling me that, my name is SAJA." I yell at him. I must look pretty disconcerting because he backs away with his
      hands before him in a placating gesture.
      "Alright, alright. You're Saja. Let us help him."
      "NO. Only I can help him."

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