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    1. 5/18/18Ė5/30/18 (L) | Wind, Storm, Pony, 200 Years, Wii Semantic

      by , 06-03-2018 at 04:38 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -F-Donít remember much other than a bag of plums and a bit of smash bros.

      I traveled around Washington cascades looking for something. The weather was sunny. Later at an airport, I told a person ď105, 895Ē. At one point, I jumped high in the sky, and landed in a blue place on a ledge. I think I found fire somewhere too.

      One day, I was in a very hilly town when the weather was sunny. I looked at the forecast for the day, and it said ďexciting thunderstormĒ amidst natural storms in the hourly category. Not long after, Drudge Report said there was a hurricane in the Gulf, just after a disturbance hit Florida. I looked at the radar and saw a very large cluster of strong storms coming from the north in NY state. Later, that came down to near DC. I was at a version of FCC and an exam was approaching. Thy didnít matter much, as it was postponed due to weather. When I was inside a building, I looked out the window and saw the dark clouds outside. I went to the roof with a camcorder and Trippís and hit record. There was a shelf cloud and a visible precip core beyond it to the southwest. To the NW was more precip indicated by the blur. Soon enough, things happened. A friend was with me on the roof, which had weird holes in it. The wind picked up to an extreme intensity in seconds; to a sufficient degree as to push me off my feet. I stuck the tripod in a hole and held on. My friend held on, too. He had trouble. That had to be 100+ mph winds from 0 in a few seconds. As one went on, rain fell as well. Later, when the storm was mostly concluded, I found my damaged camcorder on the wet concrete floor. To my surprise, it still worked, so I removed the SD to prepare to transfer files soon. This dream was a ton of fun.
      -F-Something about holes in the ground.

      Had to study for a chem test. There were pockets of snow in the ground in Saudi Arabia in May 17. It was powder.
      [New Scene]
      If Russia became a free country, it would mean mobile phone carriers in the US would instantly move over and cause chaos.

      -I drove a ďWii SemanticĒ, which was like a segway. It had 2 small tired angled outward, and the controller was a wiimote. Top speed was at least 30 mph. I was in town, buying hundreds of dollars worth of gaming-related devices and games from all 3 companies. I tried to pass a car, but they sped up. At one point, I drove in one wheel, but discovered that it was the slow way.
      -I found anthro Twilight Sparkle. After making a friendship with her, I accidentally traveled 100 years into the future. Later, I made that mistake again, totaling 200 years. I found a computer in a nearby store and searched for TS before she found me in person. I was really glad to see her. The apparent cause of time travel was traveling on bridge rails for awhile. My older sister showed up once.
      [New Scene]
      There were some interesting clouds building while riding in the car in a town. There was also a small dust storm.
      [New Scene]
      I saw S1 of Doctor Who. I saw some daleks. Later, I looked at a window and saw multiple planes in the sky, and several close to a runway bumping into each other. There was at least one explosion.

      -I tried to look up where specific moments of movies were from.
      [New Scene]
      Dream journal scene where I remembered nothing of what was written.
      -I was on a plain with snake, trying to guess where moments were from in games. Each area of a map would be a different moment. Snake ran between a few. Later, my sister showed me how to glitch a truck on a freeway. Get in, collect zero units, and go. The result is a shaky, floaty vehicle in the air. I ran back to the truck I was using before the tow truck picked it up. I then proceeded to glitch it out. I could not see anything in the distance.

      I time traveled a few years into the past. I had my Wii, so I set it up with a monitor. Then it broke. Luckily, 2 people gave me $10 each, so I had the $30 to buy a new one. Also, I was in a grocery store for some reason, and had to buy some misspelled broccoli. Later, there was a boy and a girl running with a huge wagon down the hall. This was an analogy to something else that meant my objective was unlikely to be met. I then had emotions of despair and denial.

      5/26/18 (L)
      -I was in a hotel room half as big as the actual one. I was hearing a constant noise, so I used it to stabilize. Turns out that it was the air conditioner IRL.
      Time: 20-30 seconds

      -There was a grassy area off a road, and Dad and I decided to drive on it. We headed perpendicular to the road for 50ft, turned a corner around some brush, and stopped when we realized the area ahead was flooded, with grass floating on top. We made waves. So we turned around and went back, but then we were walking, and then wading through 4ft deep water.

      Neverland episode in mlp. Raritydash was reacting to it. Several minutes in, it was a very cool episode. There was a live action segment with a middle-aged guy with a thick mustache. It wasnít Captain Hook, but he sure did look the part.

      Something about having trouble with golf.

      5/30/18 (L) L1 DILD
      -I could fly, and I thought of iron man, so I used that style. At one point, I tried switching gravity to the ceiling of the room, and I succeeded in instances. Later, I played a puzzle game and would you rather. It involved bees.
      Time: 40-60 sec
    2. June 24, 2015 (L)x7 DEILDs | Truck off a Cliff, Splatoon, Laser Rifle

      by , 01-09-2018 at 06:07 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1(L)-This started with a scene with a female driving a truck straight down a road. Then, something took control of the truck for a second, causing it to swerve off the road, off a cliff, down steep slopes and off another cliff. A few seconds later, the female DC in the truck arrived back to where I and some group were; on the road.
      -2(L)-In this epic dream, I got to play Splatoon in live action. The map I started at was very tiny. The first weapon I picked was the Splattershot(I think). Once I was dropped in, I thought that death meant actual death. But then, I got shot with ink and exploded, triggering a respawn. (During this, I was dream-blurred) I died again, walking around the rectangle, trying to get a shot to an opponent on the other side of the net. [Skip] Next, we walked to the adjacent map and got ourselves ready. I was wondering what weapon I should use. After a couple seconds, I picked the Splattershot Jr., but then I noticed a green gun that I had never seen before.
      |The gun was shaped like a cone, tapering off at the front. Then, the game started. Shots came out of my gun at roughly 150 rounds per minute. It shot a straight line of ink a very short distance. It also had another firing mode: one that shot a constant line of ink an even shorter distance. I was under the impression that, at point blank range, it would kill very quickly and efficiently. Instead, it did nothing besides make some electric particle effects. |
      Shortly after the game began, 3 inklings were sitting down, lined up, and doing nothing. I tried to shoot them with the ďlaser rifleísĒ 2nd firing mode, only for it to do nothing. So, I pointed the ink beam at some TV monitors nearby.
      Also, during the game, it was announced that, for a very short time, Splatoon and Xenoblade Chronicles X would be available for $13 each.
      I counted 7 LDs in this DEILD chain.
      Lucid Time: 35-140 seconds
    3. 4/30/17 | House, Birds, Vehicle, Guards

      by , 04-30-2017 at 09:03 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-Inside a huge house I found a spare bedroom between two very large rooms with dark, hardwood floors and very high ceilings. Later, I was playing Kirby Air Ride with the Rocket Star on a flat desert map. The map was made of Minecraft sand blocks, with a sparse grid of cacti. I donít remember what I completed on it. At one point, I watched Numberphile do some cool math stuff with the factors of 88.

      -2-I was at this school, at which I was supposed to be in a class. I explored around instead. Here, there were all the basic subjects taught, along with different extra classes taught by people with opposing political views. There were signs around that pointed to those.
      [New Scene]
      Birds of prey were inside my Minecraft base, wanting to eat a smaller character there. Also, that character wanted to eat a larger group of even smaller characters hanging out around the base. The situation was never resolved.
      [New Scene]
      I was driving a vehicle where I had to hang on to a bar above me and control pedals with my feet, as if I were controlling a car. However, there was no outer shell; it only had what it needed to run. How I steered was a mystery. Lyra Heartstrings was in the passenger seat. Around me was black and brown rocky, volcanic landscape until I arrived at a guarded building. We got out of the car and tried to leave, but they wanted Lyra to stay. I left, but then returned a couple minutes later. Twilight was standing next to Lyra when I got back, and the men were no longer pointing guns. I think there was a puzzle that needed solving.
    4. Truck, Buses

      by , 04-26-2017 at 04:17 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      Didn't recall much this time.

      I played some Breath of the Wild, and nothing special happened.
      [New Scene]
      Conditions: Partly cloudy, mild temperature, dark cloud bases, evening; sun was above horizon, pre-dusk. The trees around were fir trees. There was a hill to the west (the sun was above that too).
      I had to drive a truck home from somewhere. That became a problem when a girl took the passenger seat. Despite her slim appearance, her presence changed the handling of the truck. Also, I had to avoid abnormally large school buses as they turned; I had to reverse like 100ft to not get hit.
      Tags: bus, truck, vehicle
    5. 1/19/17 (L) WILD, Layer 3 Minor | Traffic, Lost Green Rock

      by , 01-19-2017 at 08:50 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-A sister of mine was driving us west to a grandparentís house to do some work and play D&D. On the way, I had a decent view of a forested, snow-capped mountain. This was viewed from a low bridge over a large, but calm river.

      -2(L)-I entered the dream spawning at my old house at night. I jumped through the ĒwindowĒ (that didnít care to exist) and landed on the patio. Next, I performed one half of my routine, solidifying a Layer 3 for the time being. The second half would have really helped keep me lucid for longer. I first decided to teleport across the street.
      With a snap of the fingers, I was there. I preferred the other side, however, so I walked back to the side I was on previously. Next, I summoned 2 cars from the right. ďPause,Ē I said, with my hands in front me. Time then paused. I edited the vehiclesí speed, rewound time, and started it again. Then I summoned the rest of the traffic from both directions. Everyone had bright blue lights all over their vehicles, except for the SUV in front. I walked up to it and said,
      ďThis hereís a truck!Ē
      A DC said,
      ďNo it isnít.Ē
      I then slapped the SUV with both hands, instantly turning it into a truck. After that, I commanded the truck to move and it did. A couple DCs were like,
      ďAh, what the f***?Ē

      All the remaining traffic slowly dispersed. Next, a story arc started.

      [Lost Lucidity Here]
      The driver of the SUV-turned-truck had a large rock collection. (still near my old house, but itís daytime now) There was a large box of them. Later, we had moved the box over to a grassy part of my yard. I was eating a green rock, which tasted like bad chocolate. There were 2 Spocks to my leftóone in a blue uniform, the other in a white robe. I asked the robed one, ďDo you think itíll become a story arc?Ē (referring to the lost green rock, but not the one I ate) He said something I donít remember, but he ended with a nod after I replied.
      Lucid Time: ~8 minutes

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      lucid , memorable
    6. car from previous dream

      by , 04-02-2016 at 12:09 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      This dream only lasted a few moment but Seen that same car again. This time I was in the same driveway where the owner had moved it to and there was people outside with me. Someone said that the energy was taken from the car and when I looked at it again, it had stuff on the inside that looked like plaster with cracks on it and the car next to it I think was completely turned into that stuff.

      Split second wake.

      I'm back in the same spot and I see the silver car in front of me The windows were less tinted. I look for the tree shaped air freshener and it is gone.

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    7. Cars (Chained dream)

      by , 04-02-2016 at 12:08 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      Some things have happened earlier in the dream but forgot upon wakening. I'm outside with people and we are talking about something. My sister and brother along with my mom and her friend was there no one was talking to me some I left the group and wandered about. I ended up in a drive way that had a silver colored car there. It was updated and had dark colored windows yet I can still see the tree shaped, yellow, vanilla air freshener hanging around the mirror. I walked to the side of it and into the back yard that was over grown. I decided not to go back there and went back the way I came, not looking up at where I was going. I suddenly began to smell he vanilla freshener and when I looked up, I realized that I was climbing around in the back seat of the car. What the... It was dark inside with dark green reflections and I quickly got out of there before the owner comes out and gets me. The door of that car somehow opened but no one was inside, how the hell did that happen? However, my mom saw me and yelled at me about it. I tried to explain to her what happened but she was talking to her friend, ignoring me in the process. Pissed I stormed away from them but then my brother wanted to know what I had to say. What can he possible do about this? Nothing. I shook my head and then stopped as I find out that my path to where ever was blocked off by a web. Mom and them showed up and saw it too. "we are going to have to find a way through this stuff." As I looked at the web I seen what looked like little tiny gnats and some plump maggots crawling around on it. No spider. There was no way my mom was gonna be touching that stuff. I turned and walked away and neither was I.

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    8. Kicked Out of Vehicle

      by , 01-19-2016 at 06:17 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kicked Out of Vehicle (DILD)


      Iím being kicked out of a car by some relatives, and while Iím looking at the environment, I lose incentive to carry out the rest of the dream.

    9. Dog Invades OJ-Filled Garage, The Rice Terrorists & Toy Snake

      by , 12-26-2015 at 07:40 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Dog Invades Orange Juice Filled Garage (DILD)


      Iím inside a garage thatís open, and thereís this dog thatís a Rottweiler/Pitbull mix with brown being its dominate color. At first, itís not really lethal whatsoever, and I would infer that if it werenít for certain actions, it just wanted to play with me, and whoever was around at the time.

      I felt anxious around it, and tried to move slowly, and hopefully get myself inside the house to shut the door. The only time it ever portrayed an aggressive disposition was when some random dream character had some blue gloves that can shoot triangular, metal sheets at it. And when it did portray aggressiveness, it wasnít able to jump towards the right person; it felt delayed and infantile.

      The garage eventually is filled quarter way with orange juice, or some kind of yellow-orange substance. I eventually get out, and trapped the dog inside a closet somewhere. I can see a glimpse of its visage before shutting the door, and it looks sad.


      The Rice Terrorists & Toy Snake (DILD)


      So, Iím trying to get a tire quota filled up by driving into random vehicles, and automatically fixing their tires when Iím within a certain distance to them. The experience is quite fast paced, and the two colors that are dominate are brown, and dirty, golden yellow.

      I eventually get on one of the vehicles, or Iím transitioning there for some unknown reason, and I see that Iím caught at an impasse. There are several men in guerrilla soldier uniforms that are threatening to kill anyone that tries to move suddenly. One of them that looks like the leader is holding a glass container with some dirty rice, or raisin rice.

      And I kid you not, he takes one of his hands, and lists up the black spoon, and utilizes an earnest disposition that he really means it when heíll kill someone if they move. Apparently, the rice has flies, or some kind of insects inside of it that when a person eats it, I guess they die from some parasitic interaction.

      So, I defy logic, and Iím abruptly shifted into a different dream environment where itís nighttime, and Iím catapulted into a bed. I lie down for a bit, and noticed myself looking at the ceiling for some reason. I think I hear some voices in the background, and maybe a voice talking to me very closely. I look at a faded, sepia colored piece of paper that seems enigmatic at first, but I realized it gave me some shocking plot twist.

      Apparently, I was the one that was the snake all this time, metaphorically speaking, and the moment I realized this, a toy snake materializes from the same paper, and onto the bed. I grab the green and yellow striped snake with my left hand, and started to duck for cover around the sides of the bed I was on. Iím not sure why Iím utterly shocked over this realization, but whatever the case, I needed to hide. I saw some entities coming their way through the small hallway in front of me, but only their silhouettes.

    10. Under Attack

      by , 05-16-2015 at 05:52 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #438 - DILD - 2:17AM

      Total day residue...

      I am in some sort of sport medicine clinic like an expo or something. Some really old woman is trying to check out my legs. I have some sort of bandage wrap and there is pressure put on my some machine. The woman keeps hacking and coughing and seems to feel really ill. Another, younger woman comes to take over. I am put in different positions on a table. I feel super sleepy. Several nurses flirt with me and I feel awesome about that. One nurse says that my spine is fractured and I need a prescription for it. She tells me that her husband takes a lot of vitamin A and that helps his back. I overhear another nurse going on about how cute I am. I feel embarrassed, but flattered. I leave.

      I am somehow mildly lucid now. I have left the expo, but I'm still in the same building. A Star Wars scenario is playing out and I get swept up in the storyline. I am running with Han Solo and the Imperial forces are attacking. The building rumbles and quakes from that attack. The walls crack and parts of ceiling falls. I am at a stair well and I can't decide if I want to go up or down. I tell Han Solo that up is for high command. Down would take us out. Han runs up and I stay not sure what to do. I see a door that says Summit Meeting. I decide to run down.

      In a new hallway, a lady that I know from waking life is standing there telling everyone to get out. She's pointing down the hall. She doesn't seem too worried with that huge grin on her face. I run down the hallway and enter a large section of the building. It seems like a movie studio. There is stripes on walls and large numbers by doors. I see a large 8. A fat man in a rebel uniform runs past with a droid and a civilian.

      Mind over Chemicals-pilot.jpg

      He says how this solar system sucks [Earth's solar system]. I say, "Yeah it sucks, but not Earth. I love Earth. It's my home." I see a cheap revolver on the floor and pick it up.

      I continue running down another hallway. I have someone running with me that I don't really look at much.
      We make it outside into the night and my lucidity level jumps considerably. I see a Stormtrooper in the ground flipping around and spazzing out like some horrible video game glitch. I hear someone say to shoot him as a mercy. I fire a shot to his head and run away. I consider how my gun seems to be silenced. There are other Stormtroopers shooting at us. The guy with me picks up a Star Trek phaser off the ground and starts shooting stormtroopers.

      Mind over Chemicals-phaser.jpg

      I see red laser bolts taking down Stormtroopers. I say, "Pretty." I shoot at some more stormtroopers. My gun just click like dry fire, but I see them fall so I don't care. Since this is a dream, it's like I'm just pretending away. However, I can't get over the fact my gun feels like a plastic toy.

      Mind over Chemicals-toy.jpg

      Rebels and Stormtroopers are dying all around me as I run. I am in a residential area with house and a gas station. Everything is less Star Wars like now. There is sort of military style off-road vehicle in a driveway.

      Mind over Chemicals-spider-vehicle.jpg

      I hop in and punch it in reverse. I notice the ceiling is way too low but I try to ignore it. My friend is not with me anymore and for some reason I feel the need to find him so we can both escape. I drive around a bit, but the ceiling is bothering me too much. I realize I can easily fix that, so I push up on it until it stretches out to a comfortable height. I spot my buddy on a storage container with Doc from Back To The Future. I tell them to get in but my friend is now a picture in a frame. I stretch my arm out super long, grab the picture, and put it in the seat next to me. Doc says something about how I have to leave him. I back out, push a button, and pretend I'm in a helicopter. The vehicle hovers some, but I can't get much height. I start looking in the distance, but there is only dark void beyond the few houses around me. I sit idle unsure what to do next. I think it would be cool if Doc got killed somehow. As soon as I think that, I hear a missile swoosh past me and Doc goes up in a fireball. Nice! I wonder if I should try flying into the void or if I should just wake up so I can write all this down. I sit idle for a few moments longer and decide to just open my eyes.

      Non Lucid
      Earlier in the night I dreamed I was lying in bed next to my wife outside in the woods. I see some sort of have chicken half dinosaur eating deer. I hear a generic slurping sound from the dino. I get out my phone and take video. As I watch I worry that the dino will see us. I stay as still as possible, but it notices and leaps toward us. I shout at my wife to run, but she wont wake up. I feel panicked. I look up and see the dinosaurs giant gray chicken foot come down on me. Then nothing but gray void.

      I am now... under the bed? Underground? My wife now looks different. She's ready to go kill the dino. She puts up her hair super fast and I hear some cheesy winding sound. I laugh. Her hair detached and she puts it on over her other hair like a large hat. She kisses me and her nose feels extra long. I hold her and we make out a bit. She says shes ready to go, but I stop her and say we have to do something first. I pull her yoga pants down and have sex with her. Things get intense and I wake up.

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      lucid , memorable
    11. 4/10/15 - coconuts and crabs

      by , 04-10-2015 at 09:52 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and my DC friend are being driven to stater bros. by my mom and it's night time. My friend has two huge plastic bags. One is filled with dark brown coconuts. The other is filled with crabs. She tells me they're special and organic and all these things. She tells me she wants to sell them to stater bros. to sell them. So we get out and my mom grabs both bags from her, we think she just want s to help by holding them or wants to see them out of curiosity. Then we all walk into the store and my friend keeps trying to get the bags out of my moms hands but my mom is walking too fast and making a bee line for the produce area. Then my mom walks up to these two box crate type areas in cold section and begins pouring the coconuts into one of them, I yell at my mom for doing so, i tell her we are meaning to sell them, not give them to stater bros. for free so they can solely make money off of them. But my mom just smirks at me, and I try to grab the bag of crabs but she pushes me and pour the crabs into the second box, i turn and look to my friend and she looks defeated and walks away. I look at my mom and give her a dirty look then exit out the store. I walk down the parking lot so I wont have to ride in her car with her, and i keep walking for a long time and cross the street and go into a neighborhood.
    12. By The Window

      by , 03-13-2015 at 05:41 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a school building on the second or third floor (felt like high school building during senior year). The lights were off and it was night. I looked outside the window. On the ground floor, I saw a guy looking up at me. He's familiar (but not in real life). I had a fleeting memory of him and me doing something and then I think I ditched him for whatever reason. He promised (to himself?) that he'll be there looking at me at night until he gets an explanation.

      I sighed and went down to talk to him. I had to go down the other side of the building because there were no stairs on that side. I didn't experience walking down the stairs. When I reached the ground floor and about to go to the other side of the building, I bumped into a guy I met before (not in real life), a guy I like. He was smiling while we were talking. We talked a bit, but we were separated by crowds while we were talking. I loved his smile. My uncle (familiar but not sure who in real life) started moving a TV on wheels into one of the classrooms. I helped him out and totally forgot the guy who was staring up at me.

      I was inside a HUGE sandbox, the size of football fields. Around it were one-level buildings/houses and walls. I was riding some sort of motor-run vehicle that runs on the sand as if it was water/ice (jet/snow ski?). I was "jumping" (using the vehicle) over the structures using the speed as momentum. I had a vision, however, that I was still boxed in, with the farthest ends blocked by higher structures.

      Somehow, I was able to exit. I was in the entrance/exit area of my high school (DBTI). The color/mood was greyish and gloomy, like it's about to rain really hard. I stopped by a mobile hot dog stand. For some reason, the seller gave me an extra hot dog. The other buyers wanted extra too, but he said they pay for the extra.



      - I went to sleep around 3 a.m.
      - Woke up around 10-11 a.m.
    13. (March 4,2015) prison walk

      by , 03-04-2015 at 05:06 PM
      (March 4, 2015)

      I drove to a prison in my truck and my little brother was with me. We pulled into a small lot in the back of that was surrounded by woods everywhere except where the prison was. There were other vehicles also parked here. It was about mid afternoon and overcast out, cloudy enough to darken the scene with that gloomy rainy day amount of light. We got out and wanted to go somewhere to eat and decided the fastest way was to go through the prison grounds. We hopped over a part of a fence that had no barbed wire covering it and started walking along the outside walls of the blocks. The prison was made of red brick and the windows were covered from view by white curtains on the inside. The grass was pretty real, and had some dew on it. We walked along the outside of the building till we came to a narrow corridor and walked down it thinking it would lead us there. The ground was now concrete and there were some chain link fences blocking off small areas along the way and there was a few red rustic metal doors along the walls. At the end of this walkway was a T intersection and decided to take the left passage and it ended up leading to the front of the prison. From there we could see a road and a lot of stores and restaurants. Me and my brother went to a McDonalds close to the prison. By now the clouds cleared up and it was a late sunny afternoon. We got food and at first i joined someone else's table but later moved to my own after realizing i was probably invading privacy. Some more people came in and started causing problems and arguing with management about something. Someone brought in diamonds and was trying to sell them. They had small clips on them so they could be clamped to things. I put a few on my ear thinking it wouldn't be noticed and i could bring some home.We finished up and left back through the prison exit we came out of the first time, back into the corridor and saw some of the people who were arguing in the restaurant, except now they were in orange prison clothes being moved around the prison via security guard. It was now night time. Before we made it back to the parking lot out back, a security officer found us and told us we would be in trouble if we didn't leave right now. I was respectful and explained what we were doing and he was not very nice about it but let us leave. When we jumped over the fence he told us to not do anything bad because we were on security camera. He then had a camera in his hands with a big infrared light on top and told us someone has been firing rockets and fireworks. We got back to the parking lot and all the vehicles now were parked facing a different way and had dealership year and model numbers on the windows. Mine was labeled 06-11 and I laughed and said they don't even know the year my truck is. I saw my friend shortly after fire a firework out of what looked like a model spaceship. I followed him back to a van in the parking lot that had a lot of computers and tech in it and he was doing something on the computers. We went back to the truck and the dream ended.

      Another short one, i was in a dark conference room, and was took of my jacket for a meeting but was woken up as soon as it started. The room was the room for the first key card in outlast.
    14. Worms (NLD)

      by , 01-13-2015 at 04:06 PM
      I blew my nose, and noticed that something solid had emerged into the tissue. My growing unease ripened into sharp alarm when I inspected the contents. Next to some meatier pieces of phlegm was the unmistakable segmented shape of a short, light grey worm. It was about half an inch long, and completely alive and intact. I'm not sure if it was a true worm or had two hair-like rows of short legs, but it even started to move as I watched. The thought of such a thing living in my body, in my sinuses even, infused me with silent horror quickly ripening to desperation as I saw the front half of another worm, which would have been twice as long as the first if it were intact, in the tissue's contents. On the underside was a distinct mouth with two visible mandibles curved back so that they lay flat against its body like fangs. What were these things doing to me?

      Just after discovering the worms in the tissue, I felt an itch just above the hairline of my forehead and absently scratched it. A soft body crushed under my fingers, getting tangled in my hair, and I brought them back to find the green ooze of yet another worm staining their tips. The horror became even more intense. Were there so many in my body that they were emerging? I needed to do something about this now.

      Mustering all my willpower to stay calm and focused, I brought the unwieldy vehicle I was driving over to the curb, put it in park, and engaged the parking brake. It was a boxy shuttle like those that sometimes ferry people and their luggage around airports; this one had no seats and was specced for military use. I left the engine running, even as I wondered why I was doing so: this was unlikely to be a short stop. As I disembarked, I said something like, "Men, make sure not to move this vehicle," to my company. They were prone to horsing around, and I was afraid someone might bump the parking brake and accidentally disengage it. The vehicle was tricky to operate.

      I disembarked, dodging the idle men lounging on the short flight of steps that led from the strip of grass bordering the curb down to the sidewalk bordering the building. The door was open, and there were more men clustered around the steps that led down into the building. I knew they were here because I had left for the last mission in such a hurry that they had been left behind. I had already sensed that something was wrong at the time, but it had still been too vague to articulate, a vague but crushing sense of oppression rather than any physical symptoms I could describe.

      I was looking for someone in particular. Not the young doctor, but the old one, who I had known for a long time and trusted completely. After passing a row of men leaning against the bar to the right of the entryway, I turned left and was relieved to discover him standing next to a table. He had grey hair and a lined, weathered face, with a serious but not unkindly expression. I addressed him in a tone that was urgent but still tightly focused, doing everything I could to remain cogent and not lose myself to the mounting hysteria I was feeling.

      "Richard, I think there's something wrong with me."

      He looked up, and I saw that he could tell from my face that the matter was dire, but when he spoke his tone was relaxed, the practiced ease of an experienced combat physician. "Okay, tell me all about it."

      "It started about a week before this mission," I began.

      It was here that I woke up. The dream was a patchwork of distinct day residue. The worms were inspired by Jimmy Carter's appearance on the
      Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where they briefly discussed his efforts to eradicate guinea worms in Africa. The doctor's face was a combination of Lance Hendrickson, who I saw the night before last when Aliens (1986) came on TV, and another old guy from another film of which my husband made an approving remark when he appeared. The film might have been The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999), which we caught much of on cable last night, in which case the guy must have been Philip Baker Hall (b.1931)óI had to look up his name, but the face looks right. My role as a female leader of a military company comes directly from Mass Effect 3 (2012), which I was playing last night. I think there was a lot more to the dream, because it actually started with the scene prior to the mission when I first felt a foreboding uneasiness. I reported it in retrospect because I couldn't remember most of what happened before that last scene; the mission itself remains a blur in memory. There was physical input as well: when I woke up I still had a slight itch on my head where I had scratched in the dream and discovered the third worm.
    15. Children Blocking the Street

      by , 10-21-2014 at 03:19 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Children Blocking the Street (DILD)


      The foundation of the dream environment is similar to one Iím residing in waking life. The weather seems to be very ideal, with more clouds forming around than usual, almost to the point where it might rain later on in the dream.

      The garage, vehicles used, and the dream characters Iím close to most of the time are almost picture-perfect copies of those in real life. But this is a presumption based on magnifying my peripheral vision, and getting pretty bleak conceptions of their visage, but I get sensations that makes me feel itís them, and I feel Iím shifting into third person perspective every now and then.

      Iím not sure how the first event occurred, but it was either my relative backing out their vehicle from the garage, or me backing out with the vehicleís front facing what wouldíve been the perimeter for the garage to close down completely. Whatever the case, letís focus on me taking the vehicle out.

      I can sense thereís at least two people inside the vehicle, excluding me, and it feels like Iím driving my relativeís vehicle instead. The reason being is that it felt a bit more spacious, and the engine seems to be running smoothly; this could just be my mind rendering out an ideal portrayal of my vehicle, though.

      As Iím driving out of the garage by making a left turn, and then preparing to turn the wheel to go straight out, I see another vehicle coming into the garage. It doesnít seem that my relatives are shocked by this, in fact, one of them suggested for me to keep going, and donít bother minding whatís going on. I take a look of whoís inside the vehicle, and I noticed it looks a bit like who Iíll nickname as Amb.

      Same visage, except she looks like sheís stressed out, and had a rough morning/day/whatever time the dream is emulating. I get a strange sensation glancing over her, and with the confusion still lurking about in my mind, Iím not as fixated on what will be going on beyond the neighborhood. I eventually snapped out of it, and continued to drive along to the street perpendicular to the driveway.

      I drove slowly, mostly out of habit to watch out for children that may be going to school, or may be randomly playing. At this point, I just let predispositions roll out as Iím watching myself and controlling my movements on and off. As Iím turning to the right side of the vehicle, I didnít hear any squeaking sound as the vehicle is landing on a flat surface from a highly curved highway.

      The transition is so smooth, that I briefly reveled in the thought of said transition, and I felt this subtle moment made me cling onto lucidity a bit since being victim to psychosomatic experiences in my dreams, and predispositions from waking life are going to be the ďvehicleĒ of my movements and processing whatís going on.

      I can literally feel the gravity as the vehicle is landing on a flatter surface, along with the rolling, and then the abrupt stop from the curb, and then the vehicle gradually picking up pace. Naturally, I presumed there would be a stop sign just a few feet ahead of me, and using my peripheral vision validated this belief.

      From here on out, the perspective changes completely, and just when I thought I would have to make a deep turn to the right to straighten out, and be perpendicular to the stop sign, the vehicle is already straight. Itís like the transition was like what you would see when playing a Need for Speed game on the GameCube where you would press the ďZĒ button to reset the vehicle in the straight position after crashing, slowing down, etc.

      And before you know it, a band of children are forming a barricade, making it seem impossible, at first glance, of passing through them unless I ran over them. I didnít want to do this, obviously, even though it was a dream. The children were diverse in race, though the ones that seemed to have been leaders that enticed this weird human barricade were Caucasian. Thereís a boy wearing an open light sky blue dress shirt with dark shades of blue stripes forming a checkered pattern (but only having the light sky blue as a filling within the borders).

      His hairstyle seems abnormal for a little child, and it looks like he had applied too much hair gel. The hairstyle consists of random spiked hair with curved spiked hair that looks like itís very close in becoming hardened to the point where I wonder if his hair literally his part of his whole skin for his visage.

      The more I observe this child, the more I feel as if Iím on the ground just to be able to look up and see him entirely. Heís probably wearing slightly baggy jeans with the soft fading blue colors along with white shoes. He has his hands in his pocket, and his visage twisted at an angle just a bit to exhibit a serious demeanor that I wonít be able to pass this barricade for quite some time.

      Then one of the dream characters in the vehicle told me to keep going, even though I knew I wasnít going to take actionÖuntil I looked more to the right, and that some of the children to the right were gone, or were a bit slow in making a completely impasse for us all. I take the chance to go to the right, but going at low speed even though it was a perfect chance for me to just swoosh through them.

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