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    1. Noby Noby Cat

      by , 09-05-2016 at 05:59 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #494 - DEILD(ish) - 4:50AM

      I had some help from my little friend Galantamine this morning. I'm not spend a lot of time typing this dream or the next so please forgive the typos.

      Dose: 3:30AM
      8mg Galantamine
      400mg DMAE

      For some reason I'm leaving work early in the morning and I'm in the break room getting some coffee. The break room in really nice and has a lot of free food options almost like a continental breakfast kind of set up. I speak to my boss and tell her bye. Then for some reason I go back to a back room in the hot mold shop and take a nap.

      I'm laying on a pile of work rags and am feeling like I am in a half dreamy state (irony). There is a TV on. While I watch it things get really psychedelic and I high. I remember I was trying to get lucid and I just relax into the sensations while enjoying all the trippy imagery.

      After awhile I snap out of it and find myself in bed next to my wife. I get up for something and see the mattress is laying on the ground outside and the ground is wet and swampy. I see an hear my dog eating dry dog food as I go lay back down. I remember that I was trying to get lucid and I feel that I am really close. I decide I don't care about being wet, but my wife wakes up complaining about it we take our blankets inside a house. As we are walking I think, "This really is happening." But I wonder if I am really dreaming. There is a room with two couches and we decide to sleep there. Something feels off and I know that if I just stop and concentrate I will be in a lucid So, I stop and close my eyes and focus on my body.

      I am laying down again and start getting vibrations. I focus on that for a moment then sit up quickly. There is a high pitched zooming sound and I fall out of bed. I get up and though I worry a bit about opening my physical eyes I go ahead and open them. The dream is not bright and clear.

      I am in my old house that we just sold. There is sparse furniture and I forget that we already moved out. I say out loud, "Bye house. Bye." I hear my son say bye back to me from the other room. "No, Riley. You're coming with us." I laugh. I walk around the living room and see our cats running around. I scoop up Amelia and hold her close to me as I think of my dream goal. I can't recall, but I get a crazy idea to stretch the cat. I hold her up and pull. At first it feels too realistic and I hesitate. Then I just go for it and she stretches out like a noodle. She looks a little like Noby Noby Boy and It's weird so I set her down and then she has this ridiculous cartoon pouty face. I will her body to return to normal and laugh. I tell her I'll leave her alone now. I walk out the back through the kitchen noticing how vivid and detailed the dream is. Amelia follows but I ignore her now.

      I pause at the back door and focus on what I expect to see. I want to avoid stepping into the void. The looks close to waking life but the sky is surreal. The sun is low behind a cloud and the sky is a deep purple color fading to black and bright stars. I pause and take in the view. For some reason looking up destabilized the dream and I wake up shortly after that.
    2. ToTM - Read a book title 2. attempt - success

      , 01-16-2016 at 01:42 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Yesterday work 6pm-11pm. Stayed up till 4 am today. Slept till 11:30 am.

      Read the TOTMs thread and decided to do the Read the book title, meet someone from IRC and change gravity for a DC.

      900mgs of my new alpha-GPC at 12:30.

      Went to sofa at 1:34, woke up from a 40 min long event at 3:18.

      In less than 10 min I was already feeling it. Body relaxing, getting light, even with my cat sleeping on my legs.

      Then I realized I forgot to pull my hood on my eyes so I can see the HH better. I did that even though I could barely feel my body anymore, but I told myself that it will not ruin anything.

      I was very close to a lucid, when a dog int the neighborhood started to cry and I'm like oh no, coyotes. I thought my attempt is over, coz that got me out of the mood.

      I thought I'll stay for 2 more min. I realized I'm typing something and that I'm dreaming.


      40 min long event with 2-3 distinct entries. Rest of it was "i'm dreaming" "oh it ended" "no wait I'm still here" "it ended" "nope still here"...

      In one of them I started to move my dream arms in front of my face to see if I am dreaming. They covered my face and it was dark. Then I noticed a sliver of light between my fingers, so I put my hands down and it was a sunny day.

      I walked to the window to jump out but I remembered I wanted to see my room to compare if it's the same. The shape and size was the same, but furniture was different. I got to the window again, when I decided I didn't compare enough so I went back and said, yup, still not the same. Then left through the window.

      I'm sitting on a floor of some room. Looks like a nursery. There is bunch of books around me. I pick up one and it's a small choldrens book with all hard pages. Nice green cover and it's about animals.

      I pick up another one, it's an atlas. I got excited and started paging through it. I thought what if I pick a place and teleport there. I'm looking at map of afrika and thinking NOPE. I look for north america, I know it's at the beginning. I think New York would be nice to visit. I find the east coast, but Los angeles is in it's place. Dangit. I put it down.

      Then I remember the TOTM. I pick up the atlas again and start reading the cover. As I do it, the letters flip and now I see the back side and it's also upside down. So there is the barcode, and ISBN# and bunch of tiny numbers. I turn it around and it's the back side again. I laugh. The page turned upside down like on a tablet when you turn it sideways.

      I pick up a childrens book and it's about animals. I pick the next and the next, all about animals.

      Then I see some book titles, not sure on what. I read like 10 of them. I think I better write them down. I reach for an empty envelope and pen that I prepared. I know i prepared it for real in WL too. But I know this is a dream and the envelope is not the same one. So after I write them down, I keep repeating 2 titles so I remember them. One I forgot, the onter one was "6 doctors laughing".

      Now I'm in a room, laying on a floor. I hear some commotion from the other room and there is a guy with a suitcase comeing by my room to the front door. He stops and asks me what the hell I'm doing there. I say I love there, even though I know I'm just visiting. And I know he doesn't live there either.

      He walks up to me and starts touching me all over. Then there is another duud and another chick. Fun goes on for good 10 min.

      In one transition I wanted to take it further so not sure how, but I got some really strong vibrations, strongest in over a year and a half.
    3. LD Study # 3

      by , 11-28-2015 at 12:30 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #480 - WILD/DILD - 4:38AM

      After some time of trying to WILD (about and hour), I feel as if I am sitting more upright that I should be in the recliner. I feel as if my head is bobbing forward and to the side like I am consciously falling asleep. I worry about the headset falling off, but I try to relax and just go with it so I don't mess up the WILD. I quickly realize that I am probably not sitting this far forward and decide that I am already in the dream state. I wait a moment and begin to notice very mild vibrations in my body. I don't waste anytime here and think about getting up out of the recliner. When I do, my body effortlessly surges forward with a strange gasping/sucking sound; I wonder if that sound is just my breathing. I have the sensation of opening my physical eyes and worry about waking up, but my vision corresponds to my dream environment so I do my best to ignore the feeling. I walk to the kitchen. The room is dark and everything looks as it should. I decide I am in the dream far enough to give the left-right eye signals. I then turn and walk back across the room while doing the block-push-motion that I had practiced with the headset before bed. I am excited and curious if the computer picked up my dream actions, but I try to stay in the dream a little longer. I see Remy sleeping on the futon as he is in the waking world. The area around him seems extra dark and it's hard to tell what he looks like. Not having any other goal, I decide to wake dream Remy and see how he interacts with me. I as I move toward him my excitement of the experiment wakes me up.
    4. The Stars Of Heaven

      by , 04-19-2015 at 06:35 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #432 - DILD/DEILD/OBE - 4:30ish

      I was having a bad night with restless legs and stomach issues and ended up on the couch. I thought I was hearing noises outside so I was listening as I was falling asleep. At some point I felt the beginning of a shift in my head toward the dream state, but I latch on too soon and it stops. Seconds later, I hear glass break and a rock lightly bounces off my abdomen someplace. I get up and look at a window to see several small holes and cracks. I rush out the back door to catch the vandal and see a preteen boy standing in the neighbors back yard just looking at me. He hits me with another rock and I cover my face out of reflex. I only feel a slight sensation where the rock should have hit me and realize it's all a dream. In fact, I remember that I was literally just now trying to fall asleep and the environment has full on daylight. I quickly find a rock and launch it at the boy, hitting him square in the face. He flinches a bit, but remains largely unaffected. He smirks and picks up a huge red brick. I think, "ok fine" and get a brick of my own. We launch bricks at each other for a few moments and I backhand a few as the come at me, as well as TK to form an invisible shield in front of me.

      I wake up into vibrations and relax into the feeling. My legs feel light and floaty and stretch them out enjoying how amazing and pain free they feel. It's been a while since I've noticed SP sounds, but this time I could hear to tones of high pitched ringing. I focus on the sensations for a bit along with general body relaxation. I turn my head too look at the living room and notice how much darker it all looks. I wonder why it's can't just look the same as waking life. I wake up into vibrations again and repeat the process.

      After a moment, I am able to get up and blindly go out the front door. I see a few cars passing by on the street, but mostly ignore it. When I step into the yard a look up at the night sky, I see a full view view of beautiful bright stars. They don't look like normal stars but the longer I look the more they change into differing versions. All the while I am awed by all of it and hear a music cue that reminds me of this from Polar Express.

      I feel an emotion release of joy and peace and I am reminded of movie scenes where the light shines down from Heaven and you hear the angles sing. I do my best interpretation of it of that mingled with the voices I am hearing in the music., "ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh" but it sound horrible and I choke on the sounds a bit. I chuckle a bit and and continue to admire the ever changing star field though, I've forgotten about the music now. Now, I'd really like see a more realistic milky-way-filled-starry-night, so I focus on it. I see something like what I've seen before only for a fraction of a second and the dream destabilizes into darkness.

      I decide I better move on before I wake up and manage I manage to get my visual back. There is a car parked on the road and I leap from where I am standing several yards over to the other side of the car. As I pass over the top of the car, I run my hand over a strange glass sunroof. The car is black and strange-looking resembling one of my son's Hot Wheels. I''m not sure when my transformation began, but as I let out a growling howl I realize that I am now a werewolf. I am over come with a feeling of triumphant power with a hint of harmless mischief. My, that escalated quickly. I look into the driver side glass past my werewolf reflection to see my neighbors from across the street panicking in the car with a look of shear terror on their faces. Unsure what I should do now, I just watch them for a second and am completely surprised then they slowly vanish from the dream like Marty McFly and his family. I decide now to just use my super power to break glass. The driver side, front and back windows go easy like eggshell with a satisfying glass-breaking sound. I move to the back glass and remember a stupid video I saw on Facebook were some dope tried several times to break car glass with his head. I decide it would be fun to do this in a dream and when I raise me head back I see a cracked spot on the glass. Amused, I ram my head right into that spot. The dream goes back.

      I have a vividly physical sensation of opening my eyes and find myself sprawled out over the truck of the car with my face resting on the glass. For a split second I begin to freak out as I think that I have been sleep walking and actually woke up outside. The idea quickly goes away as I remember this is and old fear and there is no way that happened. I look now at the main road and see a lot of traffic passing by. I remember a thought I had a long time ago about riding a motorcycle in a lucid dream. I'm not sure that I have ever done that and decide too now. I think I see one in a neighboring yard, but it turns out to be a bicycle. I decide to get one from the road GTAV style. I run out into the traffic and cars avoid me. While I let them pass, I see so many odd cars, again like life-sized Hot Wheels. I watch with amusement until I see a motorcycle coming up. As I passes I snatch the man off with one hand and the bike rolls forward then lightly falls over. The man is so light that I think I could hold him in my mouth like a dog with a rag-doll, but decide I'm done with being a monster and I toss him to the side. I watch him flip end over end as he fades into the night. I quickly hop on the motorcycle and take off. I work the manual transmission for fun and quickly realize I am on a dirt bike. The sound is super realistic as I zoom ahead on the road. The dream becomes way too dark again and I can only see the road that's right under me for brief seconds as I pass under the street lights. I ride for a few moments still enjoying the sensation of speed then, quickly hop backward off the bike as I realize I that haven't thought of my dream goals. I intended to use a pocket hole to travel to ISS with bemistaken. The bike rolls ahead and crashes someplace as I step out of the street. I quickly and blindly reach into my pant pocket. For some reason my hand just doesn't want to fit in there, but I manage to pull something out and slam it on the asphalt. It's a black spot on the road, but looks like it is half faded out of 'reality' much like the neighbors vanished. I decide I could work with that as long as it hold, but it's much too small. I use a pinch zoom motion over the whole and it becomes big enough to fit into. I fall over head first and the second I enter, I wake up.

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    5. Feb 19th and 23rd Awesome: Taking My Time With Sex

      by , 02-24-2015 at 08:56 PM
      2/23/15 Cool amusement park attraction where everyone is standing in the room and the room starts falling apart and there's a big elephant like creature that comes crashing down from the ceiling. I'm not afraid but it seems to be more because I feel I'm in an amusement park attraction although I do remember thinking in a dream like way that it would be cool to explore this place. As we exit there's confusing directions about which way to go and we almost get back into the same line but then get the corrected directions exiting properly and we end up at a school where a bunch of kids are getting ready to leave loading into school buses, like elementary age 2nd or 3rd grade probably and almost all of them are wearing white sheet ghost costumes old-fashioned pretty cool but didn't seem to wake me up within the dream.

      * after wake back to bed and drifting off, at some point I notice vibrations and I notice they are fairly strong and I'm confident about heading straight into a dream. They fade but I stay calm and patient and find myself sitting up on a big square bed and my son in a younger version just sitting on the bed also but I have no confusion over whether or not this is dream. I jump out of bed and start looking for Girl Friday. During wake back to bed I was thinking about her and how I last saw her provocatively giving a clear view up her skirt. I go around the corner expecting her to be there but nothing. I'm now all alone. I keep saying: well she will be around the next corner or the next corner. It is not working so I decided to just explore. I find this huge set of figurines - small, smaller than Star Wars figures for example and they're all plastic not unlike little green non-articulating army men but each one colored differently with different colored clothes etc and I picked the one that would look most like Girl Friday and try to convert it into her. I think about CanisLucidus or was it NyxCC's focus of keeping the eyes moving and not fixed and I intentionally move them around while I observe the figurines. Perhaps just thinking of a stabilization technique may have done me in or I may have been at the end of an REM cycle. I woke up maybe around 4-something?. #284

      * after my wife left I'm tossing and turning a little bit in bed trying to get comfortable and I decide to try the reverse eye blink that someone mentioned using successfully. Basically just opening your eyes for an instant and closing them super quick. It may have helped here, I'm not sure. The thought is that it could work to help to go back in to sleep more quickly with awareness somewhat intact and get back to dreaming more quickly as well. The next thing I remember I am in a non lucid dream and this guy is sitting across from me in a classroom and he says the word "lucid." At first my excitement is just in the idea that maybe I found someone to talk about lucid dreams with. I asked him if he has "heard of lucid dreams? You can do An-y-thing you want!" He starts to look at me like a lot of people do when you talk about dreams but my awareness is rising and I start to notice the fluid nature of the visuals at first saying to myself this could be a dream...but quickly realizing this is a dream! I decide to explore outside of the room into the hall. I seem to be in a school with 20-something year old DC's , it is a college.

      There are so many DC's and I am passing so many beautiful women! There are redheads, blondes and brunettes. As they pass I notice the wispy nature of the visuals like a stream of colors behind the ones I focus on at least. I see a beautiful brunette that looks quite a bit like this:

      with less makeup but similar complexion. I reach out to embrace her and at first she looks at me like "do I know you?" I look at her passionately and she starts to look back in kind! We start kissing there in the busy hallway up against the wall with DC's passing left and right. Like my last sexual exploration I decide to take it slow and enjoy every moment. She is wearing a creamy pink long sleeve cardigan which I slowly unbutton, one button at a time. I slowly sweep my hands over her shoulders and down her arms removing the cardigan and caressing her back and her beautiful soft skin. I unclasp her bra which has the clasp in the front and sweep it back over her shoulders and down her arms caressing her skin on the way down. This is so incredibly sensual. I softly
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      The visuals fade a little in and out at this point but I can still feel the experience especially and I reach down into her pants and I feel her underwear which is silky. It reminds me of my wife's underwear she's wearing this very night and I look up for some visuals of the face and now she looks a little more like my wife. I reach around the front of the underwear to inspect them further and I find that instead of the embroidery on the front it is silky smooth front and back , so it is definitely different and I'm not somehow interacting with my wife in bed right now. The visuals are now fully back but somehow we have ended up outside the school in the parking lot going at it against one of the parked cars. I unbutton her pants and
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      a little more quickly now. We are now getting the attention of two security guards or police officers. I don't want them to mess up this steamy moment and I think perhaps they'll just walk on past but I keep my eyes on them just in case I need to keep them from interfering. I think that I can use my time stopwatch that will be in my hand when needed, to freeze them if I need to. They both lock eyes on me and are heading towards me and getting closer. I try my time freezing stopwatch twice in quick sucession (freeze then unfreeze perhaps?) but it does not stop them and I instead shoot them both with my finger guns and they both collapse to the ground. I turn my attention back towards the beauty and we are
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      up against the car on a beautiful day...the visuals are holding up. Suddenly the larger stocky officer, the black officer, pushes himself up on one knee and calls for help and I look over towards the school and there are a line of officers walking towards the front door of the school, probably about 6 or 8 of them. When he calls out to them I decide it's time to take my damsel and fly up into the sky away from all this potential interference. I hold her in my left arm extend my right arm Superman style and float up about 20 yards into the air looking back down towards the officers and taking a few shots for fun since this is all a dream anyway. It doesn't seem like I hit any of them and we swoop past a few trees and higher up into the air and the visuals start fading again. Not long after
      , I feel myself back in bed exhilarated to have the experience I just had and I start going over the details from beginning to end in my mind while thinking about whether or not I should try to go back in and I decide I'm probably too much awake to go back in quickly at this point and I want to remember as many details as possible. After laying still recalling for a little while, I get up a little earlier than normal for the day just about 15 minutes...but I went to bed early and I feel very rested and smiling broadly at the experience I just had and I decide to start recording my dreams from the latter half of the night. #285

      Yesterday I had a stronger than normal sense of "Dang was I asleep just then! (IWL)..and now I am really awake (aware)!" at a random moment when I was just sitting on the couch. Between that and the reverse eye blink and the apple juice, they may have assisted with two lucids tonight including that second wonderful one!

      2/21/15 awesome trip to Sweden and returned two more times intentionally in the next two dreams. Non lucid I'd say...but awesome!

      2/19/15 No.283 Mustard or intention for vividness!? Image+rc many times at wbtb. 1015? 340(~5hrs25) wbtb then toss and turn. Wake from LD ~605.

      Awesome escape from lab dream before wbtb.

      *2 women escort me to 12th floor. Why? Even when i worked here i didn't know anyone on 12th. Where are my department remnants now? 1st floor! Pass locked fridge wondering if free sodas there and then come to an open cool box shaped like a square freezer box but no lid and full of bottled drinks but large like wine and champagne. Definitely dreaming! I float a little and think about phasing through the big window out to the beautiful city night scene but the scene fades and I instead shortly after find myself standing in a classroom full of college aged people looking like they're all getting up to leave the classroom or just got there standing not sitting. I am near a cute one and I turn her around to face me still fully aware I'm dreaming and I start to kiss her. She looks vaguely familiar...like a thin sexy version of D from my favorite job so far. She seems reluctant at first but I convince her this is what she wants and she is now going along with it. I physically pull off her clothes one item at a time, no need to rush.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      As I am caressing her body I remember one of my priority goals to ask a specific question of my subconscious and I asked the question just using my mind and then think about saying it out loud but while I'm paused doing this and focusing on this
      I seem to cause the dream to end or possibly I was just at the end of my REM cycle. Wake from ~605 #283
    6. Outside Lurker

      by , 11-25-2014 at 10:52 PM
      Winter. Saw someone breaking into cars parked outside. I quickly hid behind the curtains but I was not fast enough. He saw, started walking around the apartment building, looking inside windows. We started turning off lights, triple-checking door locks, closing curtains.

      Later that night:
      Some kind of pretty vial, said to contain LSD. We come from another dimension and brought it with us.

      August 4th, 2014: (word for word from paper)
      Several dreams, do not remember them all. One of them was lucid, involved, being given shots for being 'crazy' because I had trouble talking, not sure if this was toward the beginning or the end. Floated around to maintain lucidity when started to lose it, gripped a metal object. Felt it, it was so real, cold, etc. Woke up at 3:40AM. Laying in bed until after bf left for work. Fell asleep again around 7ish, in and out. Saw a taxi from the sky, it drove into a river. Then I woke up inside a taxi driving on the road (snow covering everything in both scenes). I asked "Where am I?" and a voice out of nowhere said "[Friend's Name Here]'s House." and I opened my eyes to my bed. Vibrations/being pulled into wild. (I guess I got lazy at this point because that was the end of the page and no more notes)

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    7. 11/8/14 (Lucid)

      by , 11-08-2014 at 06:00 PM
      Finally, a weekend to sleep in and just dream. I don't know what this part of my night was (not a dream) but I'll have to include it, anyway. When I became thoroughly exhausted at 4am, I happened to be in my sister's room and decided to just crash there. When I laid down, though, I felt this warm breeze on my face. The feeling was comparable to someone passing by me, which I found a bit strange. I never try any DILDs, WILDs, or other sleeping techniques, nor have I actually read through any on here, so I don't know if this relates to one of these techniques, (I kind of thought so,) but it sure was weird to me. Within two minutes of laying there, that ringing noise you hear in your ears increased significantly and then seemed to *change frequencies*, finally settling on one that was higher and very clear. As soon as it settled, my entire body shook as if an earthquake was occurring. I knew things like this happened sometimes, so I just went with it, but nothing really happened after that, other than vibrations. I didn't really know what to do, either. Since I was pretty spooked out by that warm breeze still and nothing was happening after that "incident," I just sat up and went to my room to sleep. Having a nightmare was not on my to-do list.

      In my own room I had two consecutive lucids immediately, I'm guessing because I was so exhausted. In one of the dreams, I was at school. When I "woke up" I had the feeling, as usual, that it is very easy and natural to do, and that I'm always capable of doing it. I wracked my brain, thinking of things people have told me to try that I hadn't before. I wasn't very alert or concentrated at this point (had to focus every ten seconds or so to remain lucid and wasn't really feeling much energy to try) so I knew I couldn't do anything huge. I looked around and realized, "I could try reading!" Someone had told me that reading things was interesting because after you read something, if you try to read it again it changes. To my knowledge, nothing changed, though, and I did read a few things. Oh well, I thought. I really can't remember the other thing I tried. It may have been using my phone because it was technology? If I did that, I think it also worked, but I didn't put much effort into that one, either. I know I ran to another classroom later because I remembered from my pre-lucid state that some of my friends were in the, say, English room. I always run in lucid dreams because it feels funny and unnatural and why not? When I got there I scanned the room, looking at my classmates, and saw someone I've always found very attractive. I kind of grabbed at his bare arm (he was wearing a t-shirt) but his arm grew thinner and slipped away. I know I looked to see if his twin was around (I also find him attractive, haha,) but I don't think he was. Whether he was there or not, I tried again, taking one of their wrists and this time holding on successfully. It was kind of a big deal getting our fingers to intertwine and holding hands.

      As soon as we did and our palms pressed against each other, I woke up. I realized I was horny!! This was/is a big deal to me because even after 17, almost 18 years of living I have never been able to say that I have "felt horny." So, finally! (Don't worry, the rest is actually SFW.) I went back to sleep, knowing that I could wake up lucid again and hoping I could maybe figure out my sexuality a little bit, now that I know I'm capable of feeling horny. (I actually really hate that word.) So I entered my next dream lucid and what do you know? A blond, taller, and more built version of Josh Hutcherson happened to emerge from a shower. (I don't know why him - I even had to look up his name to type it just now - but whatever, I'll take it!) I won't write what my thoughts were about what I wanted to do, but basically nothing really happened, although I can't remember why. It's possible that I woke up within the next few minutes and gave up, or that I was too tired in my lucid state to continue, but either way, I know at some point I said "fuck it" and just gave up my lucid state because of my lack of motivation. In my head, I thought, "I know I'm exhausted in real life but I shouldn't be in my dream, too!" I wasn't feeling it, though.

      If anyone reads this and knows what I was describing in the first paragraph, please let me know!

      Realizations: reading isn't always impossible, it really is easy to become lucid, last time I was lucid (about a week ago) I also woke up a few times and had gone to bed late, it's difficult for me to figure out sexual things in dreams, and I need to work on not being lazy and unmotivated.

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    8. 11/6/14 OBE-type transition caught to FA caught

      by , 11-06-2014 at 05:47 PM
      Vibrations, roll out? Wait. Roll out on Wife's side of bed...odd. Start to float walk through house but decide to...

      Float out through roof. While floating around...

      Wife on top FA. Stopping me from LDing? No, wants sex. Caught FA late when I hear snoring while we both appear awake. Fairly early LD. Wake from LD and log it 4 hours before getting up for day. 227

      Interesting NLD: beach behind hotel up steep hill. Arcade.
    9. 8/3/14 Mall Cop Fun and Do Look a Gift Horse! - Sensei's Competition Night 7

      by , 08-03-2014 at 09:29 PM
      I think I will use StephL's method to bold competition points so that it is easier for me to add them up.

      8/3/14** pre-bed lazily ask my subconscious to look out for any of my dreams signs and I guess one dream sign was part of my first LD and quite a few dream signs were part of my second LD. Several theories worked on tonight: startle induced, clenched eyes vibrations telling me how close I am to sleep, sex IWL and LDs, more simple dream sign alertness. / touring a home converted from a funeral home (casket showcase area looked odd converted - like two odd wings near the entrance. we hurry through like Halloween maze. I joke that I saw something move...then there was...was security in few spots. Last room had a line to next section or home maybe 15 people not bad. / price of corn syrup at a big discount (political/economic/health statement?) / ~30 minute wbtb.. DILD#1 someone won a lot of money and gave me a stack of money(money/treasure dream sign). I look the gift horse in the mouth and this seems to be a good thing for catching signs that you are dreaming. I flip through it and see not all big bills like top one. $300 total I seem to determine. I see a $30 bill! (no such thing in US currency) Aha! I'm dreaming. I will explore this. One bill changes the color picture scene (no unlike NZ dollars) on it each time I look at it, very cool (could possibly fit the photoshop TOTM - BUT not specifically thinking of that). One was a mountain scene, another a forest scene, and then a futuristic city scene. Then I look at signatures that show on US currency. Wife's maiden name was part of name, first name Robert I think, not far from her father's name. I look again...completely different name and it is harder to read and in cursive and I wonder for a second if it is one of the actual names that shows on US currency. Very cool, but goal time! But I get an FA where I am crawling to foot of my bed where phone is charging to record dream but then wake for real. / shorter wbtb the 2nd time, back to sleep with mantra. Too long, shorten it to "vivid..... lucid"...lots of old houses try to find right one (that is our home). Armless monkey looked to be hanging from a poll thingy but closer examination reveals wood carved arms and hands and the monkey attached some other way. he bites me kind of hard and is now loose on the ground.. Warn the monkey that I will have to hurt it if it does that again. Also around house is a temperature box that maintains hot or cold either way - 2 pizzas inside..feel heat from it (I used to have a tiny mini-fridge that also doubled as a food warmer, so there is such a thing). / 2 section amusement park. Sit and wait for a group of four to leave so we can enter the other section (done when full/busy). Lady/worker says you can go in now...stuck in crowded midway area. Watch (son) so he doesn't get crushed. He's younger? / D back already? hmm.. crayfish / dild 2: dreams signs: taking wrong turn/driving, vehicle out of control, parking lot, boldness, security or police, on trip. Although I only got two steps of my longer plan done I was able to mix in some other points. I had planned to also get to step 3 and an attempt at a task of the year and my personal goal (those last two are planned to transition smoothly and quickly between) if I had an epic long LD. But pretty darn good and my best night of the competition so far. Hopefully not too late to get going here. Driving with son in a truck. We take a wrong turn and the truck is going fast and a little bit out of control and my son is concerned. I am NOT concerned and I feel as if I'm already semi lucid at this point, possibly due to a couple of dream signs showing up already. The road becomes a parking lot without driving the truck into the parking lot. The road leads incredulously to some stairs into the mall and I am bold and drive right on down the stairs realizing completely that I'm dreaming now. We get to the bottom of the stairs and get out of the truck and there is a security guard or mall cop and I use my trusty pocket watch to freeze time (&step 1 and Lucid challenge) on him. (I have only used it once before to freeze time specifically but I say I "trusty" because I try to use it to stabilize my dream from the beginning and almost always use it at the beginning of my extended RCs in waking life practice.) I examine the guard a little bit and his uniform looks a little cartoonish and unrealistic. My son says what if you get arrested? I say no worries this is my dream I can make sure I do not get caught but then I start thinking that I guess it is possible to get caught in a lucid dream. It could cause some challenges and I would just have to escape. Sure enough handcuffs appeared on my wrists. My hands are out in front of me. I blast my wrists apart from each other in a feat of super strength and I feel exhilarated! I fly up in this mall and decide to do step 2&mass telekinesis. My first attempt moved a few things rolling forward like a good gust of wind pushing them but not impressive. So I reached back and pushed my hands out in a big shoving motion down towards floor and many things(trash can, stroller, unidentified items) and the entire floor were slammed forward revealing dirt below. The scene goes dark and I remain patient like I have been doing lately. I feel myself laying back in bed but it still feels quite dreamlike and I remain still and patient and I hear couple of knocks to the left of my bed. I decide to do the glottal motionless RC. It is not conclusive it sounds kind of like what it would sound like in waking life if I am not doing it properly. I do the one where I clench my eyes, normally to nudge on the vibrations, and the vibrations are strong which I take to indicate that I'm still quite firmly in dreamland. And my wife starts to move but I assume that it is part of my common false awakenings. I roll over and I can feel that I'm still dreaming and fool around with my wife a little bit . I then start to wake up for real at least partially I think. Perhaps mostly awake this time but I do the clenched eyes again and the vibrations are much lighter but still noticeable like I have found many times when I'm starting to wake up or at the early stages of going to sleep. I find this fascinating and feel as if I discovered an important factor within my transition in and out of dreamland. I will have to experiment some more but basically after a while trying to go back into a dream my bladder got the best of me and I had to get up to urinate and when I came back and lay down I couldn't get any light vibrations at all from clenching my eyes softly or mentally, seeming to confirm that this is a way to indicate closeness to sleep along with heavy vibrations indicating fully asleep or at least at the doorstep of REM sleep. I think that I read someone else mentioning something very similar here on DV.
    10. The Importance of Being Earnest

      by , 04-11-2014 at 05:39 PM
      4/11/14* Not a high-level LD but my previous one launched me too high that it took me a while to find my way back and break my dry streak. I thought dry streaks of more than several days were in the rear view mirror. This was my longest in 9 months! I got over confident and complacent among other things. I started to get my recall back up to respectable levels over the last few days and noticed my awareness was up before my LD early this morning. I also had a 2am and 1:30am bedtime last Friday and Saturday night that didn't help. During the dry spell I had a "false" lucid about a week ago where I was in a room with a group of other people and I was trying to do telekinesis and saying to the others "see it is not working" before floating up in the air and saying oh wow, at least that is working...but not a lick of self awareness...it was as if I treated the whole affair as real life in which I can do these things...dreaming of lucid dreaming powers with no true realization that I was dreaming and that I can make the TK work if I really want to.

      In dream WILD (DILD) or DEILD: I am laying on the couch and the TV is on, my wife and nephew are nearby also. I can see that my eldest nephew is coming around to get the remote and change my "boring show" and I retrieve it. I vibration is felt in the room like when our surround sound system hits a low note and my nephew looks scared. I get the impression that he is scared because he experiences vibrations at night and I tell him that vibrations are nothing to be scared of, that they are just a sign of entering or exiting sleep and if you maintain that thought through them you can have a lucid dream! I start to feel the very type of vibrations that I am talking about and realize that I am dreaming and basically am exiting one dream and have the chance to enter another and I take my own advice to heart. (I had repeated a mantra several times at WBTB that I would recognize vibrations since that had worked off and on in the past.) Various images like HI's come into view and I treat them as HI's but in hindsight they may have been all part of the same dream...either way I was resolved to remain patient having recently read someone describe two types of vibrations, mild and heavy, with the former only being signs of heading into sleep but not necessarily directly into the dream...these vibrations were kind of in between but on the stronger end of the spectrum. A lot of the images were nice scenery and the last one was like a peep hole that grew and grew until I was inside an apartment with a man and a topless blond woman (maybe influenced by Scarlett incubation, looked a little like her). They both look at me like, haha, he showed up at an opportune time, catching you topless and all. She stands there with her hand on her him in a sassy pose knowing that I am liking what I am seeing. I decide to ignore the guy and pretend like he isn't there and I know that usually makes a DC disappear and make my way over to her but unfortunately I seemed to be at the end of REM and probably could have easily exited REM at the time of the vibrations if I hadn't been paying attention to them.

      I had a couple of normal dreams with no awareness and a couple with some awareness including an interesting one that was along an underground river/sewer system (no smell, just creepy in spots) and one of 3 people were being fired or sent home early. I had to inspect the system on my own (not my job IWL!) and at first I start off in a canoe but later I am in the water and thinking about how they said it is 7 feet deep in spots. As I travel along I think to myself "I hope I don't run into any bodies in the water" and shortly after see an odd looking skull, must be an animal skull but it looks alien. The water gets shallow in spots and I am horizontal floating on my stomach and can feel a soft-sandy-like surface just below the water before waking up.

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    11. Competition #17, Night 12 & 14 Scarlett Johansson and Flying Goldfish

      by , 03-21-2014 at 08:56 PM
      Night 14 - 1 DILD success & fun, then so close on 1st WILD attempt, 50% there on a 2nd WILD attempt (I was trying, thanks to BrandonBoss for the encouragement to hit a new high yesterday). Nice NLDs also, drank a lot of water to ensure I wake and recall better. I did a good review of dream signs before bed but was hoping for more points tonight. Dreams sign review seemed to incubate a number of minor dream signs, but only one helped me become lucid (making out, kind of like FryingMan's KILD). The other dream signs that showed up this night were: amusement ride, police, party, mall, and 2 I should add to my list that have shown up enough: cave/tunnel & sleep related.

      <snip>the woman standing in front of me seems to be a dignitary, maybe even a head of state. She is somewhat tall and thin and has blondish-brown hair and a formal skirt & jacket on. Surprisingly she reaches behind her and gently grabs me down in the crotch area making a bold pass at me and I realize that I am dreaming. We are behind some other people standing facing a presenter that is saying something about having great confidence in Russia and she plays a clip of Vladimir Putin saying that Russia is the god of the top 3 nations (that are assembled here?). I am ignoring this and doing some various things with the dignitary woman with her back to me but I think that this is a good opportunity to bring Scarlett Johansson in. She still has her back to me and I think confidently to myself that when I turn her around she will be Scarlett Johansson. I turn her around and her face looks like a nice representation of her and her body has shortened a bit from the tall woman and it seems to look like her body. Her hair is black though, which is not the color that she usually has (but I found a picture I will put below). "Hello Scarlett." "Hello." I am so thrilled to have her in front of me and begin to kiss her while staring into her beautiful eyes and soaking in her beautiful face. I keep going and going but after a while it seems like her face is changing slightly and I decide it is time to move on lest she changes into something undesirable. I fly up above the group and start to recall my goals for the night and competition and as I think of the first one I feel myself fading back to bed and it seems that I was at the end of my REM cycle. 122

      Night 12

      <snip> I am in my office moving a goldfish bowl with 2 small goldfish in it (none currently IWL) when I am clumsy and slosh the water partly out of the bowl. There is a gold colored gold fish and a darker one. The gold colored one gets splashed out of the bowl but amazingly starts to swim in the air!! I quickly realize that I am dreaming. What a cool visual! I fly and float a bit and I have to really think hard what my goals are and I ask myself several times before remembering next two goals. I decide to start with the one that I think will be easier and I do a closed eye teleport to a bridge scene. As I am looking around I feel myself fading back to bed / but I feel like I can DEILD so I squeeze together the area around my eyes which usually brings on vibrations and there are light vibrations but I relax and I find myself back in a combination of my office and my bedroom and my wife is laying there. She asks me what I am doing and I notice that I am completely naked so I ask her if she wants to...I fly over to her and <edit> before fading back to bed once again and I later figure out I must have been at the end of the sleep cycle as it took a while to get back to sleep, trying to WILD. As my wife got up I found myself feeling as if I was still in that weird office/bedroom combination but I should not have corrected myself because it solidified the fact that my body was back in my actual bed and I eventually fell asleep during the WILD attempt. 120,121
    12. Zelda Boss Fight, Small Town, Reverse Time

      by , 03-09-2014 at 11:49 PM
      I start off in a massive, dome room (the ceiling is like the top half of a sphere). The atmosphere is precisely that of Twilight Princess from The Legend of Zelda series (amazing game... if you haven't played it, you should). The room resembles a cathedral The floor is made up of large, stone bricks. Some of the bricks are cracked and crumbly, while others are perfectly intact. The bricks are about two feet by four feet. There are dark red colored bricks and light grey bricks. They make up a target symbol with a red circle in the middle, then a grey ring, then a red ring, and the outermost area is grey. Each ring is about six bricks across. The walls are curved to line up with the ceiling and they are concrete. They're also cracking in some areas. There are pillars attached to the walls. They look like Greek pillars. I am unsure of how many there were, but there were many. On some of the pillars there are torches for lighting the room. I walk forward toward the center of the room. A large, scaly sphere bursts through the wall I'm facing. The sphere is covered in very dark red scales. The scales are fairly large, about a foot in length and foot wide at their greatest width. I have to dive to get out of the way. It hits the wall opposite from where it came. I notice that the wall was is severely cracked where it hit. The scaly sphere sits there and I see its eyes. They're nearly perfectly hidden under two scales. When I make eye contact with it, it lets out a growl of hysterical anger. It starts off very low pitched (like a lion's growl), but the pitch slowly rises - as does the volume. As it growls, it begins to vibrate. The growl becomes so loud and at such a high pitch that it is almost unbearable. The higher the pitch and the louder the growl gets, the more it vibrates. I feel the vibrations in my feet and shins. It finally reaches the highest and loudest point and rolls towards me once more. I dodge once more, but this time it doesn't hit the other side or stop to get all mad and changes its aim to me once more. I know it will hit me and it does. I feel the scales grinding against me, but it does not hurt. They mostly feel like small pulses of pressure running down my skin. It is as if I am made of a squishy, latex material. The sphere and I propel through the wall. The area the sphere and I broke through leads down an underground tunnel slide. It is too small for the sphere creature to fit through, but I am sliding down the tunnel. I come to a harsh, sudden stop when I hit the ground. It causes an intense vibration from my hips down. The sensation quickly fades, and there is a shift to

      a very sunny, bright area. I am in the center of a slim pathway made of very dry soil. On both sides of the path is grass. It is more luscious and green than any grass I have ever seen. In the distance I see many buildings, but they are distorted. It just looks like they're blurry and swaying back and forth... similar to the way heat makes something look. I walk forward and pass a white picket fence. I think of it as pointless because it isn't on the path, and it only goes a couple feet on either side of the path. Anyhow, I pass it. There are small trees on the left side that still need posts for support because they aren't big enough to stand on their own, and there are a couple brown, wooden benches on the right side. I eventually get to a round-about sort of thing. It's a larger path in a circle, and it has a small median in the middle filled with little pink/red/purple/green flowers, and another small tree in the middle. It's just as big as a normal round-about. I go to the right side. There's a very old-looking pickup truck that's pretty much all rusted. It is approaching me, but the closer it gets, the slower it moves. The driver yells at me and tells me that I should pick up a flower from the ground and give it to a girl. I pick it up. When I see it the first time, it's purple. I walk further into the area and notice that I am just outside of a small, country town. There is an arch in front of me to signify the entrance to the town. There are two buildings; one on each side of the arch with their sides facing me, and their entrances facing in towards the path that continued on into the town. The path is straight and seems to go on indefinitely, as do the buildings... just one after another. The buildings are mostly old-school brick houses, but there are a few that are made of wood instead. I look for a girl to give the flower to around the outskirts of the town, but all the girls I see are with their boyfriends, husbands, or kids. I turn around and see a girl sitting on a bench beside the path facing the town. She is dressed in a black, long-sleeved shirt, and black pants. She's not sitting with anyone, so I approach her. The flower I picked up is now green. I sit next to her and give her the flower, but she wants a dandelion instead. I look down and there is, conveniently, a dandelion. I pick it and give it to her. After I look up from picking the dandelion, she isn't in all black anymore; she's wearing blue jeans and a white shirt. We stand up and begin to walk towards the city. I almost get through the arch, but then the girl starts to walk backwards away from me. Her movements aren't like normal backwards walking, they're forwards walking, reversed. The next thing I see is the rusty truck passing me, but it's going backwards to where it came from. Its backside was facing the town, and the dirt was dropping from the backside instead of coming up from the ground from its front side. The people were also moving in reverse. I could still move freely, though. I, again, almost got through the arch, but that's when I woke up.
    13. Mining Pharmacy of a College Hotel Dorm with Drugs, Marial Arts, Crime, and a Crazy False Awakening

      by , 02-23-2014 at 04:36 AM
      This dream starts off in a cave. The earth is dark brown. There is lava pouring out of holes in the walls, and there are puddles of it about every 10 feet. The cave isn't open; it's more of an underground tunnel. It seems to go on forever in front of me and behind me. I had no idea why I was there. Then I was in a pharmacy. (I work in a pharmacy in real life, but this one wasn't anything like the pharmacy I work in). This pharmacy didn't get medication from any manufacturer, we made them in the pharmacy itself using various roots and leaves. The pharmacy was built like this: only one floor; think of a small, old schoolhouse, except it has a flat roof; the whole front side is made of glass and there is a sliding glass door; the walls are made of small, brown bricks, the the inside walls are flat and white; after walking in, there is a white table to the left just big enough for two people to sit across from each other (probably for consultations); there is a counter half way into the pharmacy that starts from the left wall and runs to the right wall until there is only enough space for people to walk in and out of the work area; the back wall was made up of, I'd say, about eight rows by twelve columns of brown baskets that were separated by the same, white material as the wall, into cubby-like spaces (if you've ever seen Spirited Away, it was similar to the way the Boiler Man organized his herbs and spices); there were two computers near the rear, left corner of the work area, and one computer on the counter. I was sitting at a computer in the corner typing, but there was nothing on the screen. Then a man and his boy sat at the one to the left of me. I wondered how he got back there and why he was there with his son. I said something philosophical, but I didn't get a response from him. Then I tried to say something funny, but he still didn't say anything. Then there was a lady who wanted help at the counter behind me. She had hair like Bozo the Clown, but it was grey instead red. There were streaks of black in it as well. She was very old. I'd say about 60 or 70. She also had a severe case of kyphosis (hunchback) and a wide frown. She was yelling and demanded that I gave her a sheet of paper hanging on the side wall. I looked up and there was a stack of papers nailed to the wall. I looked closer at them and noticed that they were blank prescriptions already signed by the physician. I told her that there is no way we can give her one because she will use it to write a false prescription. I turn back around to work on what I was working on on my computer, but then I heard my mom, the woman, and a doctor talking to the woman. They had one of the sheets of paper and were helping the woman write a false prescription. I couldn't believe my eyes. The next thing I knew, I was in a dorm room with two of my friends. Let's call them Bob and Jim. The place we were in was a massive, two story hotel/dormitory. The front side of it was made entirely of glass, and there was a small door on the bottom left of the building. The inside was like a log cabin, but it wasn't made of whole, round logs; they were cut and the walls and floors were flat. Straight ahead after entering there was an activity room that had a pool table in it, and to the right of the entrance against the wall was an office room. The office room was walled in, but from the waist up was an area of glass, so you could see in. Just beyond the office was a hall way that went deep into the dormitory with doors on either side of it. The room Bob, Jim, and I were in was the last on the left. I knew in my head that we were in a dorm room, but it looked like a stereotypical hotel room. There was one bed and a TV in front of it. The carpet was magenta mixed with dark blue and green. Yaknow, stereotypical hotel room. Bob had his backpack and I knew that he had some form of recreational drugs in it. We left the room and went to the activity room. Bob put his backpack on the pool table, and started to roll a joint. Then we look up and saw two men walk into the building. I personally knew they weren't cops, but Bob was worried and started to gather his things to go back to the room. Jim was like, okay. Then a middle-aged woman entered the room. I then realized that I had no pants on. I started to look for some pants and thought there would be some on the pool table, but it wasn't a pool table anymore, it was a very tall, normal table. The table's surface was up to my chest instead of my hip. I frantically reached on top of the table for pants. I found a pair, but they were shaped as if someone was wearing them. Bob said that they were his, took them, then threw me a pair of big, baggy, green jeans. I thought they were odd because the pockets were just below my knees... not that they were slacking, but that's just where the pockets were placed on the pants. Bob had already left and was probably in the room, but Jim and I stayed behind for a little bit because there was a group of four terribly gothic girls who were playing metal music. It was very simple, but the sound quality was legit, so I stayed until they were done. One of the girls said that I make her sound like a recording she made for her friend on FarmVille. I never played that game before, so I just said, "Oh," and walked on. I sat down and leaned my back up against a wall in the hall next to a large painting. I don't know what the painting was of, but there was a lot of blue, green, and white. Maybe a landscape? Anyhow, I realized that I was wearing earbud headphones and I was listening to a podcast. It was of my friends Jim and Bob talking about me realizing that I'm dreaming and if I will be able to. I didn't think anything of it. Anyhow, when I stand up, next thing I know is I'm in a banquet hall for martial arts. I was wearing a white tae kwon do uniform and I had a yellow belt. Bob had a black and a red belt on. Both belts he was wearing were slanted, but at different angles, so they made an X. Jim was sitting at our table. There were many rows of rectangular, brown tables. The ones you'd see at a family reunion. The one next to ours was a large, circle table. There were many karate people sitting at it. The space between our table and theirs was enough for me to squeeze through, but instead of walking through them, I lifted myself up between them like I would when I was a kid. I did a karate kick and the people at the round table laughed. The next thing I knew I was outside. I was hearing the earbud headphones I had on earlier and was listening to the same podcast... the one of which Bob and Jim were talking about me realizing I was dreaming. I still don't know why I didn't question it, but meh. I was hiking outdoors in a forest-like area. There were large trees on either side of me, and a dirt path in front of me. I walked on the path for awhile and got to a small incline. It was pretty steep, but only a few feet up, so I crawled up it. When I got to the top, the scenery around me changed. Instead of being surrounded by trees, there was a space on both sides of me that was free of trees. It was as if something had drawn a line on a map through the trees and they were gone on that strip of land. I passed it and the trees continued again. The podcast I was listening to changed from Bob and Jim talking to the two guys from Radiolab on NPR. They were talking about someone muscular who was on the run. I knew it couldn't be me because I'm not very muscular. Apparently he stole a ton of money. So, I get to another incline and just beyond it I get to a green truck/SUV. It was a mix between the pick-up truck and SUV. There was also a very large tree to the right of it, and just behind that, a police car was poking out. I was afraid of it because I thought the police officer would think I was the guilty one because I was just walking alone. I approached the cop car and it became another green SUV/truck. The were no more trees near me. I then saw a gas station and a street intersection. I crossed one street to get to the gas station. Parked there was a semi truck facing me. Next to it was another green SUV/truck. Then, another green SUV/truck pulled up to my side and flashed its lights at the semi-truck. The semi-truck slowly pulled forward, I looked up, and I opened my eyes. I was in my room, but it was still pitch black. I remembered the dreams that I just had and wondered why I never did a reality check. I wanted to make a habit out of doing them so I'd do them in my dreams, so I plugged my nose and breathed in. That's right, I breathed in. I had no problem breathing, even when my nose was plugged, and this blew my mind. I realized I had a false awakening. As soon as I put my hand back down, extremely intense vibrations waved throughout my body. My entire body was vibrating, but there was also a concentration of vibrations that pulsed up and down my body. Wherever the concentration of vibrations went in my body felt overwhelmingly good. I felt pure joy, relaxation, happiness, and pretty much every positive emotion and physical feeling. I kept blinking. Eventually, my vision of pitch-blackness started to rip in two. It was as if someone held a black piece of construction paper in front of my eyes and ripped it slowly. Behind it I saw my room, slightly lit from the morning sun.
    14. Night 19 - Final Night, Competition #16, Short Lived WILD and DILD

      by , 01-02-2014 at 05:28 AM
      (Just copy and pasted my competition post to add to my DJ.)

      Night 19 / Last entry

      4 fragments, 3 dreams, wbtb success - 8pts

      Wild/become lucid, dc interact - 10pts
      My first of two painfully short lucids. I finally made sure I woke up enough to maintain awareness all the way to sleep and used a motion based entry when I felt I was close...was bounding higher and higher which brought on vibrations and I found myself in a car at a gas station with my wife looking at me strange asking me what am I doing. I thought about giving her a more specific answer but I said I'm just lucid dreaming. She starts arguing in the dream and it wakes me up into what I later realized was a false awakening but nonetheless out of lucidity.

      Dild become lucid, dc interact - 7pts
      I was close to wilding again but lost consciousness and found myself in a big Department Store with just me and my wife and as I ask where is everyone because no one else is around I realize that I'm dreaming. After a short interaction I hear my wife IWL moving around the room and wake up. I was able to get close to conscious REM a few more times with some advanced HH's but lost awareness before entering the dreams.

      Competition total - 265pts
    15. Night 6, Competition #16 WILD x2 Fly to Yosemite, Clothing Store Fun

      by , 12-18-2013 at 11:30 PM
      Night 6 (Nights 4&5 uneventful)
      121813** all approximate: 11 340 545 640
      Fragment, I am backing up my car to pick up my mother in law but she keeps reaching out for the car too soon causing me to stop before I get to her. Recalled this around 3:40am during my WBTB. When I go back to bed I do some mantras that "I notice the vibrations" that coincide with me entering most dreams from WILD state...just in case I've lost too much consciousness by the time the vibrations show up, at least that should bring me back to good awareness as I enter the dream. I decide to do some quick SSILD cycles and like FryingMan I decide to experiment with backing off of the cycles and focusing on going to sleep and alternating. I told myself the other day that I was probably experimenting with too many different things but something worked here. It feels like I probably take maybe a little over 30 minutes to get back to REM sleep/vibrations (for me at least) . I am mostly too alert so definitely towards the end I am putting all of my focus on falling
      asleep through relaxation. For better or worse I changed positions experimenting with different positions due to a little heel pain that I should probably ice and nip in the bud! I get a longer series of vibrations than normal and I try to nudge them on to peak and push me into the dream but they seem to just keep going longer than normal but eventually they subside and no scene forming immediately, it feels like I'm in the void and I start visualizing a scene with lots of DC's and I settle on a big clothing store that is not too far away so I teleport there and I'm in the store floating just above the ground and it looks like a fairly accurate representation of the actual store except no cash registers at the front just big areas of clothes. I make my way through the store checking out different characters some of them looking at me strange and I start thinking a little more sexually and decide to go invisible. It feels like it worked but I did not
      look down on myself I just proceeded. I think that the women's bathroom would be a good place to go but as I start to go in I decide they are not always the most glamorous of places and I back off from there. I find a beautiful woman in the store with really nice brown hazel eyes and I cup my right hand around the right side of her face and can see my hand and she can apparently see me (lost or gave up invisibility or never was invisible) and we do a little dance then I do a little silly dance and I tell her she should do it as well but she looks at me like she is not going to do that, it's not sexy. And she doesn't look like the kind of woman that would try anything silly
      . Looking back I get the feeling that my lucidity was fading here. Either the dream fades, my recall fades late in the dream or my lucidity does but I'm leaning towards the idea that I faded into a false awakening after the above, but I'm not sure. All I know is I have some additional non-lucid dreams before awakening and recalling, luckily not letting the LD fade from memory
      entirely at least! In one of those dreams I was in the old office - the site of which I passed 2 nights ago and thought about - but in the dream it was a combination of the office and a restaurant for some reason. The owner of the restaurant or manager is asking me if I can deliver a couple of packages of business cards on my way out and I look at them and think this is a place in U but I later realized it's in the city several more cities south from there and I said maybe I can get my son to deliver them. How much would you pay him? He said about 7 dollars an hour and I blew that off as an insult and had no plans to follow up with him. I now realize that this is probably day residue from watching a recorded episode of "what would you do" where the owner of a diner or the manager was being rude to one of his workers. Next I saw one of my coworkers eating there on a stool/counter area much like in a diner and he asked me what I was doing and I said I was
      just ordering some food and I realized that the time is about 820am (in the dream) and I was supposed to be at work at 8 so as I head towards the back door which is now more like the original old office door and I peek out the back door to see if the boss might be pulling up...when I don't see the boss I run up to my car unlock it with my remote and drive off quickly running late for work to my current office. Hmm... perhaps a false awakening since that is a common theme of FAs - running late for work or school... But it feels like I'm remembering the full dream so I don't know and the running late part and "realization" of being late happened towards the end of the dream not from beginning. ~540 am laying in bed recalling my dreams and jot down some notes in DJ. I drift in and out of sleep and sometime around 630 my wife starts some early morning cuddling and at one point my wife gets a little aggressive and although I'm convinced I'm fully awake I double check with a reality check just in
      case and I am indeed awake. I ask her to be more gentle but realize I was probably not responding enough more focusing on getting back to sleep since I get to sleep in later than her and I know she will be getting up to get ready soon so no time for too much with her anyway. 5-10 minutes later I feel my wife get out of bed to get ready and I decide to try to drift off to sleep for another potential lucid dream and I'm finding myself taking a number of minutes to get back to sleep. Wild vibrations again, and again I am not seeing a scene form so I start visualizing the one earlier, the big clothing store and this time I remember the dressing rooms. Last time I was there IWL a cute mom I know was there with her daughter visiting from university who was waiting outside of the dressing rooms so I decide they were there now and I go to check out the mom. I fly up over to the dressing rooms and I can see her in her bra and pants and she is quite sexy I'm floating above
      the dressing room area deciding if I want to go down there or move on when I hear what were possibly waking life noises of my son and wife getting ready but I stay calm and I unintentionally but seamlessly teleport back to my house and I go downstairs (in the LD, not IWL) where I was hearing the noise and I see my wife and I tell her let's have a little fun...take off all your clothes and she does and I admire her for a moment and then we do a few things, you know. After a while of that I decide I want to move on to one of my goals to fly to Yosemite National Park. I go out the door and I see the cute neighbor down the street, go check her out for a moment but then move on fairly quickly and I look up at the sky and horizon and think about the direction to Yosemite and start flying at very high speed in that direction. I'm trying to make out some of the features on the ground mostly just green hills and mostly greenish land in a bit of a blur going too fast and it starts getting colder and colder and I decide I am there and slow down rapidly and land on what I decide will be the famous half dome. I can't tell for sure if it is a good representation of half dome because it is gray and snowy all around but I'm definitely high up in the mountains. In my goal I had planned to make it summer if it was not already summer-like when I got there. There is snow everywhere and I think of how Steph was building a snowman related to the tasks of the month that I kind of put on the back burner this month (been mostly camped out in the DILD section of the forums) but sounded fun so I decided to start building a snowman. I built the base snowball about a foot in diameter and then two more each a little bit smaller. I then found two rocks to make his eyes, a stick to make his nose and I was in the process of finding something to make his mouth out
      of when I started fading back to my bed. I laid still and I could hear my wife going out the front door leaving for the day and figured that may
      have been what started waking me up. I tried to re- enter the dream but realized I felt too awake and did not try long. Definitely not a false awakening unless I'm still sleeping right now! Haha. I was so sure I was awake and obviously I am but I should have done my reality check when getting up anyway to catch false awakenings! Too many things that I could put my focus on! Perhaps I should make one point of focus into being kind of like a habit and then move on to the next one but it must still have meaning each time to be effective I'm thinking.
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