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    1. 01/25/2012 - "With Friends Like These..."

      by , 02-15-2012 at 05:52 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      "With Friends Like These..."

      I was with a group of old friends, and a couple of people I don't recognize. I know JS and MA were there (old friends of mine - a failed couple), and it was weird to see them all buddy/buddy again. We were at someone's home, and one blonde girl in the group had been crying about something. Obviously something of a private issue, we'd gone into one of the rooms and she was telling me about what was going on, while I tried to console her. She leaned into me and I put an arm around her, just as some of our friends appeared in the doorway. Suddenly, one of the other girls in the group (though I can't remember who) seemed to get really jealous of the (completely innocent) attention I was giving this girl. She said something under her breath, like "oh, she's good..." turned around and walked off.

      Later, we were all in some enormous mansion. Walking around, exploring the place, I had become slightly lucid. I specifically remember telling a couple of the girls to remember that this was a dream, in the off chance that they would remind me, should I forget. After some time, we found out that there were these huge guys in black coats walking around this mansion, who looked like Mr. X from the Resident Evil series. They were lumbering juggernauts, and were kind of creepy, in the way they just wandered about aimlessly. I ended up getting into a fight with one of them, in a hallway, where I did something of a 'fade-away' Hadouken blast, turning around while in motion and sliding backward, away from the monster, while shooting the beam of blue energy at him. While doing this, I happened to notice that I could see my reflection in the metal face of one of the double doors I'd just dashed through, surrounded by blue light as a fired away at him. I remember thinking about how it was such an amazing little detail that my mind threw in there.

      After doing some more exploring, it was revealed that this mansion was owned by a coven of vampires, who were attacking us around every other corner. I remember a small vampire boy biting me on the hand, but I sort of 'fortified' my hand by will, causing him to be unable to penetrate my skin with his fangs. A few more skirmishes followed, which I was handling without too much trouble, but I began to notice that the people in my group were starting to come up missing, one by one. Soon, it was just me. Curious as to just what might have happened to everyone, I set out on a search for them, eventually losing my lucidity.

      There was some kind of transition here, and I felt like I was just coming back to the mansion, after some extended period. The entire house was now covered in ice and snow. Some rooms and wings were completely shut off, as if it hadn't been lived in for decades. I was still searching for my friends, though, climbing through these icy corridors and removing blockades from places where it seemed no one had tread for ages.

      Finally, I walked into a large courtyard of sorts, enclosed in glass - something between an 'inside' and an 'outside' type of room, if that makes any sense - kind of an upscale back patio. It was very elegant, as was everything else in the mansion, and looked like it might be some aristocrat's den - There was well over a dozen vampires in here, and they were all just milling about, doing their own thing. A few of the males were sparring, and I then looked over toward a set of tables and chairs, seeing some of the females lounging around in white bathrobes. This looked more like a resort than a coven of vampires. It was then that I noticed that I recognized some of the females. They were the missing girls from my group. They seemed to recognize me at the same time. Immediately, I was lucid again, and I walked over to them, getting a few less-then-welcome glares from some of the other vamps in the room. The girls sauntered sexily up to me, smiling invitingly. They began telling me about great their new vamp lifestyles were, trying to seduce me into becoming 'one of them.' Even though I was aware that I was dreaming, I couldn't help but feel betrayed by them, as I had been really enjoying their company, earlier in the dream, and they'd just left me to search for them by myself. They tried to put me on a guilt trip for declining their offer to stay there with them as a vampire, but I told them that they were the ones at fault, for choosing to stay behind, and that I was gonna just go my own way for the rest of the dream. (Funny that, even though I was aware that it was a dream, I felt so betrayed by their having been lounging around here with the vamps while I wasted half of my dream searching for them. Lol.)

      Inevitably, as these girls began to make me out to be the bad guy in this, the other vamps began circling in around me. Finally, the head vampire gave the order to have me killed. An enormous, absolutely insane fight ensued, where I took on this entire courtyard of vampires at once. (The action felt a lot like in the game Arkham Asylum, which I had been playing lately.) Everyone was basically just coming in at once and I had to pull off sick combos to take them all out, moving from opponent to opponent fluidly, cutting through their numbers so quick that they barely had time to gain any sort of upper-hand. During the fight, while near the large fireplace at the head of the room, I caught sight of a small box sitting atop the mantle. Showing a little ingenuity, I stuck my hand in the box, willing it to contain a bunch of stakes and other weapons, which I immediately used in battle, taking out the gang of undead attackers and causing the head vampire to finally take his shot against me. This dude was huge (and reminded me of Kingpin from the Daredevil movie). He swooped in toward me and, in a defensive reflex, I manifested a pistol into my hand, barely having enough time to swing the barrel up and shoot him in the leg, before he was standing directly in front of me. The shot obviously did nothing to him, and I was actually somewhat emboldened by his resilience. I remember muttering something to him like "Oh...a tough guy, eh?" We then had a short hand-to-hand battle. I don't remember much of it, but I know that I completely out-classed him. The very last thing I remember from the fight is grabbing him by the back of the head and shoving his face into the glass enclosure around the room, spider-webbing the glass with a loud crack. I don't remember actually killing him, though.

      The girls had stayed out of the fight, but were still obviously pissed at me. I was more than satisfied with the dream, though, and fearing I would forget many of the details, I told them that I was leaving them to go back to the real world, and that they could just stay 'down here' and be pissed, for all I care, traitorous bitches that they were. Lol.

      The very last thing I recall was looking out into the night, through the glass wall, and seeing some underwater lights moving around in a pond or pool, just outside, as if there were two people scuba-diving, out there in the winter cold. I then woke myself up.

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    2. 01/23/2012 and 01/24/2012 - "What 15-minute Break?" [+Fragment]

      by , 02-15-2012 at 05:49 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      Dream One (a)
      "What 15-minute Break?"

      I was hanging out with my ex and a few other people, when out of nowhere, she slips a hand underneath the table and sets it in my lap, rummaging around down there for a bit and shooting me a mischievous grin. Later, it was just the two of us and we were laying down, watching t.v. We began to hold hands, and it was just kind of nice being that way again, since it had been a while since we'd dated.

      Sometime during this (though I can't remember the timeline), I was at our job and had left on a break to go hang out with her, not realizing that she didn't have to be back to work at the same time as me, and that I was running late. Somewhat ridiculously, we'd decided to go to the beach during our break, and I was now speeding to get back into town, pretty sure that I was likely to get fired, as soon as I stepped in the door. There was also a brief moment here, where I remember pulling up to a house at night, and someone jumping out of a parked car nearby and running away as if feeling the scene of a crime. I woke up shortly after this.

      Dream One (b) (Dream Re-Entry)
      I was back at her apartment (where we'd been in the previous dream, watching tv), and she had gone somewhere, which was funny, because I was trying to return her keys to her. So, I waited up on her porch for her to return. The buildings had this weird, seemingly unfinished architecture, where you'd practically have to jump over gaps and climb walls to reach each apartment. There was a kid hanging around her porch, and when I asked him what he was doing, he said he was waiting for [my] 'girfriend' to return. After a while, she pulled up in her car and I went down to meet her. She had a friend with her, who seemed to recognize me, but I can't remember who she was.

      Dream Fragment

      I was Batman, in some insane scenario about fighting werewolves and other large creatures. At first, it was just an all-out brawl against them, but then we ended up having to team up to face a bigger thread. Killer Croc was a part of the situation, and we had to reluctantly ally with each for the same reason. I don't remember much of the following battle, but we had to fight hordes of generic henchmen and figure out puzzles (much like in the game). The last thing I remember is taking on the Joker, one on one, who was armed with what I believe was a switchblade knife.
    3. 01/11/2012 and 01/12/2012 - 1)"This is a Raid!", 2) "Deady's Little Girl" [+ Fragments]

      by , 01-29-2012 at 09:57 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "This is a Raid!"

      I was hanging out with a bunch of people, in someone's living room. My daughter CJ was there, and we were all just kind of sitting around watching TV. All of a sudden, some girls came into the house/apartment and blurted out [At work. Censored for Now] My kid perks up and says "really??" as if she was so excited about what she was about to witness. Later, I was with CJ (who was now a bit older than she is now) and she was driving us around in a car. While she was driving, I was explaining to her - for some reason - what a police raid is. (It's been a topic around Extended Discussion, lately.) I was telling her how a raid was, put simply, when the police barge into your house without warning. I don't remember whether or not I actually elaborated on this, but I figure she only focused on that one concept.

      So, having this fresh 'understanding' of what a raid was - and once we pulled back up to the friend's house, where we once were - CJ slammed on the gas and crashed the car directly through the outer wall and into the person's dining/living room area. Needless to say, I was mortified, though she, completely unfazed by the crash, suddenly yelled out to everyone in the house, "THIS IS A RAID! HAHAHAHAHA!" as if infinitely proud of herself at having so quickly applied her new knowledge of what a raid was.

      Lol. Kids...

      Dream Fragment One
      I was ghost hunting with some chick. We'd begun the hunt during a non-lucid portion of the dream, but I ended up becoming slightly lucid after realizing we were searching for ghosts. I didn't really choose to interfere with the narrative at all, and we just continued looking around for any ghosts that might be in the area. On the street of some unknown neighborhood, I'd thought I'd caught a glimpse of some sort of bright apparition, reflected in the metal surface of the trunk of a nearby car, but I didn't really see anything else around us. I figured it to just be the reflection of the moon, but didn't spend too much time confirming it.

      Dream Fragment Two
      I was discussing the previous dream on the forum, and Omnis Dei (whom had been participating in the raid conversation, in ED) had commented on it. I can't remember his comment, though.

      Dream Three
      "Deady's Little Girl"

      I was on an upper floor of an old apartment building and happened to be looking out of a window, when I saw a woman in a compact car getting her vehicle flipped by an angry mob. Once the vehicle was turning over onto its roof, I could see that there were also kids in the car, and they were terrified. Immediately, I ran downstairs. I don't remember much of the actual confrontation with the crowd, but I was able to reason them into leaving the woman and her children alone, and they ended up dispersing. While they were clearing out, I began helping the woman and her 2 children out of the overturned car. She had a little boy and girl - the boy being the younger of the two, at the age of maybe 2 years old. He was just the sweetest kid. We'd gotten along really well, within the first few moments of my meeting him. Sometimes, he'd just come up to me and hug around my legs. The mother, who was maybe in her early 40's, was quite attractive, and very thankful for my help. She had short, black hair, and a bit of a 'punk' kind of look to her, and it was easy to see that there was at least some level of mutual attraction there. I asked her if she wanted to go and grab something to eat sometime, if for no other reason than that she seemed like someone I'd like to get to know.

      Later, after we'd gone out for food, we ended up back at her apartment. It wasn't long before we started fooling around and [Censored for now]. Eventually, I was just not able to ignore it, and I told her that I had to stop, before we'd even really gotten down to business. I didn't really go into detail as to why, not wanting to hurt her feelings. She was noticeably upset, but ultimately seemed to understand. Her father, on the other hand - whom I met later in the dream - well...he wasn't quite so understanding...

      Apparently, her father was some kind of immortal, invincible being. On the outside, he looked like your typical, southern-ish old man. (Kind of reminded me of Abraham Whistler, from the Blade movies.) He'd caught wind of the fact that I'd refused to sleep with his daughter, and was soon Hell-bent on causing me major bodily harm. This 'man' spent the rest of the dream hunting me down and trying to kill me, often brutally murdering anyone that I'd recently associated with, in order to pick up a trail that would lead him to me. Every now and then, he would track me down, and we'd square off. I actually ended up killing him at least 4 times, throughout the course of the dream, but the bastard just kept coming back. This was quickly turning into a slasher flick type of scenario, and no matter how I would get away from this guy, he would just keep on coming for me. There was one moment when I was being stalked through a school or something like that. I'd grabbed some sort of weapon and was about to kill the man again, when I realized that it was the police that were following me this time. I'd almost killed them, by accident, because I was so rattled. They told me they'd heard something about the situation and were coming to investigate. However, while I was talking to them, the chick's old man popped up suddenly, and completely mutilated them both, right in front of me - carving them up in gruesome fashion. I believe I bolted, after that. After a little more cat-and-mouse, I remember one more confrontation with him, where we in the back of his pick-up truck (which was somehow stretched into an RV-like structure, with four walls and a ceiling). We'd gotten into another fight, and I had begun slipping in and out of lucidity, by this time. Feeling much less threatened by him, I attempted a few 'Hadouken' fireballs on him, but was not able to manifest a single one. Then, still having the upper-hand, I pushed him into into some sort of industrial shredder that he had inside his vehicle, painting one wall with his crimson remains. There was literally nothing left of him that could be identified.

      Having slipped out of lucidity again, and wondering if I'd actually managed to get rid of him, I made my way to the woman's apartment; where she and her kids had been, throughout the whole ordeal with her father. Despite our earlier 'problem', there was still a level of friendship between us. When I got there, though, instead of being happy to see me, like her kids had been, before this, there was an almost palpable hostility in the air. Somehow, they had gotten word that I had 'killed' the grandfather. Out of nowhere, the - once sweet and affectionate - little boy comes running up to me and bites me on the hand. Hard. I drew my had back and looked toward her other kids. She had three this time, instead of two, the third of which was an older, teenage daughter. All three were giving me a look that I could see was the spitting image of their grandfather's evil glare. But, where her younger children didn't seem to pose all that much of a threat, it was the teenage daughter in whom I could see an explicitly dangerous level of rage building, though she remained silent...just staring at me. It was then that I knew he was somehow 'influencing them', from beyond - possessing them, somewhat, in order to carry out his revenge. The mother was also visibly hostile, though not on the level of the children. As I pleaded with her to let me explain the craziness that I had just been dealing with, she insisted that it was best for me to leave and take my daughter (who was now with me, for some reason), because I was upsetting her children. On one hand, I could see that she didn't really want me to leave, but with the tension the way it was, she seemed to be demanding as if she had no other choice. Feeling more than a little dejected, I left the apartment.

      After walking downstairs, I noticed her father's pick-up truck in the parking lot. Inside, was the man himself - fully whole - and he smiled evily while getting out of the truck and walking in my direction. By now, I felt completely defeated. I knew that he was just going to keep tracking me, no matter how many times I killed him. There was some stranger nearby, and I started raving about how I'd chopped the old man up, and how he kept coming back to life. The stranger just said "no, man...no...." and shook his head at me like I was losing my marbles. Again, I turned to face the woman's father. He had a bottle in his hand, with a cloth sticking out of the top of it - a molotov cocktail. For a moment, we just stared at each other, him with this smug look of victory on his face. About here, my lucidity began coming back, and really the first thing that I was thinking about was just waking myself up from this horrible dreams. In the middle of my train of thought, though, and without actually lighting it first, the old man suddenly chucked the bottle directly at my head. Almost instinctively, I focused on a bit of telekinesis and pretty much 'force-pushed' the unlit molotov directly back at him, accompanied by a wave of my hand. Before I got to see if it actually hit him or not, I woke up.
    4. 12/14/2011 thru 12/25/2011 - Fragments

      by , 01-29-2012 at 09:37 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      I don't remember much besides making some kind of life or death deal with someone at a fast food drive-thru, driving an old muscle car with a TV in it (watching Deathproof), and demanding that my kid go to bed while she kept pestering me because she wanted to stay up and play Skyrim all night.

      I had met a girl who had been severely injured near my home, and I brought her in to try and help nurse her a bit. While we were there, I'd come into contact with some other girl who had recently died and was haunting my house (which wasn't my waking world house, btw). At first, I was the only person who could see the ghost, and I didn't know whether to bring it up or not, but then the other girl started to see the female ghost too. She would show up in mirrors and reflections in windows and whatnot. The girl I was helping began to think she was going insane, even though I told her I could see the ghost as well.

      Fragment One
      I was test driving a Dodge Viper on a quarter mile track, and the one thing I really remember is getting down to the end of the track and pulling the e-brake, slinging the back end around in a pretty awesome 180.

      Fragment Two
      My friend and co-worker MJ stayed at work later than she usually does, and we got to hang out for a little while longer than normal. It was nice.

      Fragment One

      Something about using hamsters and weapons. I think it was kind of a Wanted scenario, where we strapped bombs to them or something, in order to use them to infiltrate some sort of facility. I don't really know for certain, though.

      Fragment Two
      I was apparently living at T's place, and had gotten into some kind of argument with his dad, who was implying that I shouldn't be living with them anymore, and looking for a place to live, myself, instead. Fed up with his words, I decided to pack my crap and leave. I ended up moving into some strange aircraft/helicopter thing with 3 women. It kind of looked like the 'Bunny-faced' mobile suit from the movie Sucker Punch, but with props and more room inside. The last thing I remember is being in the cockpit of this aircraft (which looked like an office interior), and having a conversation with them about something.


      I was talking with Auron about the hip hop group Smif 'n Wesson. Of the two group members, he said that Tek sucks, and that he was 'mad at' Steele, for some reason, but I didn't even really know what he meant by that, because he wouldn't explain why. He was also testing out some racing video game, during our conversation, and he was racing a 'ghost car' - which is a phantom car that tracks the best time for the track and saves the data. After some time, though, we'd come to figure out that the 'ghost car' was actually being controlled by the invisible ghost of a young girl, who was sitting in the room with us, manipulating the 2nd player controller.

      I don't remember anything else, though.
    5. 12/04/2011 and 12/05/2011 - 1) "Tactical Entrapment", 2) "Halloween: Reincarnation"

      by , 12-13-2011 at 08:24 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      (Got some catching up to do. I actually just bought myself a 'sleep mask', because I figured a lot of my trouble with recall has to do with the fact that I'm waking up around noon now, usually, and light is always streaming into my room, interrupting my sleep. I've never slept with one of these sleep masks on, before, but I'm beginning to like it. My recall and lucid count has skyrocketted, in the past few days. I'm sure the melatonin and alternating doses of 5-HTP and B6 are probably helping. )


      "Tactical Entrapment"

      I was back in high school (maybe. At least it felt like high school), and some friends and I were talked into bringing out favorite weapons from home, for some kind of show and tell. We'd been told that it was perfectly fine, and we weren't going to get in trouble for it. Of course, as soon as we were about to start our presentations, the police busted into the classroom and apprehended us. We sure that we'd been sold out, and were going to be taken to jail, but they had other plans. They offered us a pardon, if we would be a part of a 'super-soldier' experiement and agree to be given a drug that was supposed to make us stronger and faster, after which, we would be properly trained for combat. Fighting what? I never found out. Even though they were police, they were very straight-forward about this procedure being completely illegal, but times were appearently desperate. There were others there with me, and we all took turns explaining what our skills were, if any. Not really just fighting skills, but what we were good at, in other areas of our lives. After this little 'getting to know you' session, we all eagerly took the experimental pills and began our training.

      Later, we were all out battling in the middle of a desert. I remember 'scrolling up' to see a map of our area (as if pulling up the map on Skyrim), and seeing an icon of an enormous serpent, coming up in front of us. Shortly after, we reached the creature. I'd thought it was dead, because it just sat there, motionless, as we approached. After a certain distance, though, this huge beast sprang to life. It began slithering fluidly about the area, snapping at us with quick, powerful strikes and then burrowing away into the sand to strike from another angle. The last thing I remember is fleeing the scene, while a tangled knot of numerous, identical serpents writhed and tumbled itself around us in pursuit.

      "Halloween: Reincarnation"

      I can't really peg whether this dream happened in an huge mansion, or a giant facility, like a factory or service area of a mall or something. I do remember that the place was crawling with supernatural creatures, from zombies to ghosts, and that the story centered around a mother and child that had something to do with a reincarnation of Michael Myers. I can't remember if they - combined - were supposed to be his reincarnated self, or maybe just one of them. In any case, I had to fight my way through all of these 'low-level' creatures, in order to finally get to them.

      When I'd finally caught up to them, we were on the second floor of large room, like a lobby or a main hall. I had become lucid, somewhere during the chase, and was able to take out the mother without much problem - though I don't really remember doing it. The second floor railing had overlooked the first, and we had a short standoff near the banister, where she ended up falling over the railing to her death. The son, I remember perfectly. I'd picked him up by his collar. He'd been trying to stab me, before then, but really didn't pose all that much of a threat to me. I was still following the story line, though, so I felt obligated to get rid of the kid, somehow.

      Not wanting to be too morbid about it, I simply tossed the kid off of the second floor balcony as well, compelled to follow him with my eyes, all the way to the bottom. I just wasn't quite sure how my dream would dictate the outcome of his fall. It was quite sickeningly realistic, though, with his neck snapping to one side as he landed headfirst on the first floor, next to his mother's body. My curiosity had been satisfied, but it made me a little remorseful. I didn't have time to dwell on it, though, as more of the creatures from before began to swarm around my position. Following the boy I'd just murdered, I jumped down from the second floor railing and landed on the first floor, bolting from the house, now that my mission had been done.

      The last thing I remember while trying to escape is driving backward into a lake, and having to crawl out the window as the car began to fill with water. I don't believe I was lucid anymore, though, by this time.
    6. 11/25/2011 - 1) "Parenting Fail", 2) "Blown Out of the Sky"

      by , 11-26-2011 at 08:23 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "Parenting Fail"

      I was at a party with a bunch of people. Everyone was smoking out of these massive hookahs, and just kind of lounging around the house. There were like a dozen or so adults, and maybe 2 or 3 kids running around. I kept looking at these kids, a bit agitated that their parents would let them roam the house with all of these activities going on. At one point, one of the kids was just sitting in a big group of smoking adults, just staring at the hookah while someone was taking a hit, with this big look of 'wooooow, what is thaaat?' on his face. I just kind of sat there and watched, shaking my head.

      Later, one of the girls was dancing around the room all provocatively to the music. She moved up to one of the toddlers and started dancing and grinding on him like he was some dude in the club. She even dropped down low and pulled him to her, planting a pretty filthy-looking kiss dead on his lips. She then pulled away and continued on dancing around the room, while the kid just stood there with this dumbfounded-toddler look on his face. I was pretty much just mentally facepalming at the whole ordeal.

      Dream Two
      "Blown out of the Sky"

      I was lying down, naked, in an enclosed area. Another body - petite; also naked - was sleeping on top of my chest. I could already tell it was a female, and she was lying face down with her cheek practically nuzzled into my neck. I don't remember the dialogue, but I heard a male voice, outside of the enclosure, telling me that it was TW (an extremely attractive friend of mine, IRL) and she had some kind of medical condition, where if she laid on her back for too long, she would stop breathing and die. She had apparently just rolled over, on her stomach, on top of me, and so the voice told me that I had to keep her there, asleep, so that she would neither wake up nor roll back over onto her back, where she would be in danger of suffocating. I had no idea what we were even doing, lying in this chamber together, but the feeling of having here there with me was just amazing. I was just loving it. I'd always had a thing for TW, and to have her lying here on top of me was just Heaven. She shuffled softly against me, and I put a hand dow onto her lower back, feeling her soft flesh rise and fall with another breath, confirming that she was breathing well and ok to be in this position. (With the lighting and everything, it felt like the final scene in The Fifth Element, where Corbin and Leeloo are in the rejuvination chamber.)

      The dream skipped ahead, and TW and I were then sitting on an airplane together. We had gotten word (over the intercom, I believe), that we were under attack from rocket fire. No sooner did we get this warning, than a rocket slammed into the far section of the plane, causing a huge explosion. The far side of the plane (which I'm guessing was the front, because we were facing that way) tore right off of the rest of the aircraft, leaving a gaping hole, through which people and chairs began streaming out of the plane, into the night sky. We could only brace against each other and watch scores of people rip away from us - flinging out to God knows where - while we, still buckled into our seats - spiraled sickeningly toward a ground that we could not see. (My notes say something about making a deal with someone, which I don't really remember the details of, but I believe it had something to do with the attack on the plane.)

      Soon, we were pulling ourselves out of the wreckage, having landed on some remote island somewhere. I don't remember the actual impact, though. (It all seemed very Lost-like.) The plane was in ruins, but there were still a few survivors. Someone, who I believe might have been the pilot (even though he should have been torn away from us, with the rest of the plane), came onto the intercom, and apologized for the rough landing, but said that 'at least it was better than the last time'...whatever that meant.

      We were then out in the wilderness, somewhere, and we ran across a group of bandits who held us up (presumably, the ones who shot us down). They seemed pretty primative, but they had weapons, and we didn't, so they began to take hostages. Once one of them got me in a chokehold, and I began to panic a bit, I also began to realize that I was dreaming. I held up one fist in front of me, and tried to make a large blade grow out of my knuckles. It didn't work, though, and I just could not get the weapon to materialize. Instead, I pointed to another one of the bandits, and made a 'flicking' gesture with my hand, as if I was brushing dust off of an old countertop. The man I was looking at promptly exploded and disappeared into thin air. The rest of the bandits stared at me in shock, and began to fall back. The one who'd once had a hold of me quickly let me go. Now content with the upper-hand, I let out a huge 'Shout' (taking a cue from Skyrim) and unleashed a nice shockwave of sound, which blew some of the bandits backward. I could see the shockwave roll across the high grass and a nearby river bed, blasting into a patch of trees in the distance, where a grizzly bear had been standing. The husky bear reeled from the sound wave and turned tail to run away.

      Quite satisfied with this, I went to turn my attention back to the bandits and saw that there was something coming, from off to one side. It was very large and moving over the river, but there was really nothing that we could identify - because of the wanton splashes of water, shrouding the large, dark figure. At first, I thought it was a giant alligator - with a body some 15ft in diameter. But, when it got close enough to cease run/stomping through the water, its true form was revealed. It was a dragon - a pretty badass dragon, actually; all jagged, bony features and dark, nearly-black scales. It stopped in front of us, staring directly into my face, and had a short conversation with me, referring to me as the 'Dragonborn' (which is the nickname given to the lead character in Skyrim, which I have been playing lately, of course). I remember that it had the deep voice of the huge first dragon that I encountered in Skyrim, but I don't remember the conversation that we had.

      Shortly after this, I was walking through a field, along with TW. I took a moment to look at my hands, trying to ground myself into the dream a bit. My left hand looked fine, but I noticed that my right hand was missing two fingers and the thumb, bony stumps left where the fingers should be. Again, my memory skips ahead a little while. We were then in a more urban area, and a group of thugs pulled up in a caravan of jeeps and SUVs. There were a few more people in my group, now, than when it was just TW and I. They held us all at gunpoint, and the leader had this weird-looking gun that looked like it had 100 taser barbs, ready to fire. From the hardcore look of the weapon, though, it looked like the barbs would do a lot more than just send a couple of 1000 volts through someone. Still lucid, though, I kept getting in the leader's face, daring him to shoot me, trying to keep his attention off of the other people in my group.

      There was another transition, and TW and I were back in the wilderness - more of a jungle area, actually. We were in a small pond of murky water. We were about stomach-deep, and it was only about 12 feet wide, so there already wasn't much room for us. It seemed much smaller, though. Much more crowded. That's when I noticed there was something very large, floating in the pond, just inches in front of me. It was actually taking up most of the space in the pond. I looked at it for a moment, and couldn't figure out what. It looked very rough, like it was a patch of hard Earth that was sticking up just a few inches out of the water. Then, I noticed it had a face, and on the near side of that face, I saw one, slit-pupiled eye staring back at me. An alligator. A very, very large alligator. TW seemed to recognize it as a gator, at the same time as I did. I could see a quiet panic building up on her face, and I was feeling quite intimidated, myself. We shuffled quietly, trying to walk our way around it. I could see, though, that with every movement I made to get passed the gator, the gator's head would turn just slightly, in order to keep its eye on me. It was watching me, and I had a feeling it was about to strike at me, at any moment. I knew that this was a dream, but I wasn't really sure of what to do in the situation. I knew had to do something, though.

      On instinct, I suddenly lunged at the enormous gator, landing on it's back and trying to wrap my arms around its mouth, from a mounted position. I landed a little too low on its body, though, and was only able to grab around its neck. The gator reared its head back, toward me, snapping its jaws just beside my head and grabbing ahold of my right ear with its teeth. I felt it bite down, but it didn't hurt all that match. I was, however, seemingly stuck. This thing would not let go of me, and I was not about to let go of it, giving it more room to manuever. This thing could have easily bitten the top portion of my body in half, it was so big.

      The last thing I remember is splashing around in the pond, fighting this massive reptile that had a vice-grip on my ear, while TW tried to escape the water.
    7. 11/19/2011 - "Extra-T-Rextrial"

      by , 11-26-2011 at 07:58 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      I was standing outside, in a residential area of some large city. There were a lot of other people around, and it seemed to just be an ordinary recreational function; a party or picnic or something. After a little while, I began to notice that there were a bunch of helicopters flying about the airspace around us. I couldn't exactly tell what they were doing at first, but, after some observation, I saw that they were dumping water on a location a few miles away, as if there was some out of control fire raging. I watched for a little while, and it appeared that the vertical cascades of white - that I knew to be water - began turning into horizontal streaks of white - that I knew to be missile exhuast. It was now obvious that many of these helicopters were combat helicopters, and they were firing upon something, though I couldn't tell what, at the moment.

      The people around me began watching the skies, and I could see many of them pointing off in a direction that I couldn't see, because of a large building that was blocking my view. I also saw that many of the combat choppers were heading over in that direction as well. Curious, I walked closer to the nearest group of people and rounded the corner, looking out toward whatever it was that they were pointing at. In the sky, above the skyline of a city that seemed rather New Yorkian, I saw an large mass of alien ships penetrating a firey wall of white and orange clouds, the sun directly behind them, and showing little more than black silouhettes against a golden sky. We were being invaded.

      For just a moment, I stopped and tried to think about this. This had to be a dream, right? Unfortunately, I didn't have the where-with-all to do many reality checks, and I quickly became convinced - because of the vividness of the dream (I had taken B6 and melatonin last night), that I was awake, and that this was really it: Extraterrestrial contact had been confirmed, and we were already at war.

      Giving us very little time to get adjusted to the idea that our planet was being attacked, huge beams of orange light came blasting down from the low-hanging haze of clouds, though in a fashion that wouldn't allow me to see where they were coming from. These beams of light would sweep across the ground, destroying everything (and everyone) in their paths; tearing nearby buildings down and burning the innocent people - that they were obviously aiming at - down to lifeless skeletons. Panic set in, and everyone began to run for their lives. (It was a lot like in the movie War of the Worlds, when they are running through the streets and the alien weapons are just decimating everything around.).

      I knew I had to get out of this field / lot that I was in, or I would be a sitting duck, so I began to run toward a nearby industrial area while these bright orange death-rays were raining down from the sky and just obliterating everything and everyone around me. There were a few times where I kept looking back and forth - from my destination to the utter destruction around me - wondering if I was going to make it. After what seemed like an eternity, I made it across the street to the industrial yard. It was then, though, that my sprint slowed to a jog, and my jog slowed to a brisk walk. I was beginning to realize how crazy this was. There was just no way. Despite how vivid the dream was - and my lack of doing an actual reality check - I was able to finally realize that I was dreaming. Immediately, I turned around and faced the invasion. Some of the DC's that had been running with me asked what I was doing, and I told them that this was just a dream, and I was about to go back and kick some alien ass. Before I knew it, I had an army of DC's with me, looking to get some payback, and we were headed over to the large buildings that decorated the skyline, which had the majority of the alien ships hovering over them.

      Soon, we were climbing some dark stairwell - moving up one of the buildings that the aliens had begun storming on foot. There was a small ordeal with a staircase, where some woman said that the stairs were broken, and she was trying to walk up it, but it was more like she was trying to walk horizontally up a wall, while the staircase was pivoted on some weird angle. It really just looked like a 'clipping' issue in a video game (which makes sense, because this dream came to me after playing hours of Skyrim). We reached the top of the stairwell, and there was a doorway barred with metal obstacles. We pulled them out of the way and, as soon as we opened the door, a lizard-being (which looked a lot like a velociraptor, but seemed to have more human gestures) stood in the opening, snarling at us. I moved positioned myself between the dino and the rest of the group, and he locked eyes at me. I could see him curling back. He was going to pounce on me at any moment. When he did, though, I was ready for him. He lunged and I just grabbed the sides of his head, using his momentum to throw him over the side of the stairway railing. He fell down the center of the stairwell and crashed through the floor, disappearing into the darkness under the building.

      Going into this new area, after walking through the door and trying to look out the window, I could see that there was an enormous lizard scaling the outside of the building. Immediately, I rushed forward and jumped at the wall with both fists out in front of me. Ripping through the concrete wall, I delivered a charging double-fist to the monster's upper-body. We were now dozens of stories above the ground - the giant beast and I falling off of what revealed itself to be a skyscraper, and not just any old tall building. It was then, falling toward the street, that I was able to see that this creature seemed much more like a T-Rex, but bigger - almost going for that Godzilla '98 look. I couldn't take too long to look at it, because I was falling toward the ground, and wondering about how much it might hurt if I hit the pavement, with the dream being as vivid as it was.

      Quickly, I tried to orient myself and get in 'flying mode', because I really wasn't looking forward to hitting ground. It took a moment for me to change my direction, but I was able to fly forward, and land against a nearby building, sticking myself to the wall like Spider-Man. When I turned to look back toward the giant dino, it had already righted itself and was jumping through the air toward me. Immediately, I flew off to one side and the beast crashed into the building. It didn't miss a beat, though, and was soon chasing after me as I flew through the street. Turned out that - even without wings - this dino was more of a dragon (more Skyrim), and was actually breathing that same type of orange beam that I'd seen earlier and thought was coming from the alien ships, themselves.

      The chase went on for a little while, and ended when I flew up to the support structure of an elevated train track. I positioned myself between some of the railings, and the dino/dragon jumped up to get me (and even without wings, this thing jumped like a giant raptor). It missed me, and I moved myself further down. Then, somewhat entangled in the steel structure, the dragon reared its head back and blew a massive stream of fire/energy in my direction, just as the train was coming overhead. Again, I flew out of the way at the last moment, and the dragon completely destroyed the supports, causing the entire skyway track to come crashing down to the city streets below - train and all.

      Watching that awesome sight was the last thing I remember.
    8. 09/19/2011 and 09/20/2011 - "Hoverbikers", Fragment

      by , 10-03-2011 at 06:28 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      I don't remember very much of this one, but I was in what seemed like a Final Fantasy type of setting, and in a motorcycle chase, much like the one that Cloud had against Yazoo, Luz and Kadaj, on Advent Children. However, in this dream, we were actually on hover-bikes, that were a lot like the bikes in the game Jet Moto (which I saw an ad for, just the other day). There was one specific moment, that I remember leaning back on the bike as I soared down a steep, declining highway at breakneck speed, feeling like I was riding on a rocket.

      Later, we found out that there was some sort of big conspiracy going on, and the cops of this Midgar-like town were killing off newcomers, to keep them from learning some type of secret. The last thing I remember was trying to escape some part of the city that was just crumbling down around us, while being bombarded with explosives.

      All I remember is that I was a Broly type of character, and I was brawling with another really powerful villain. We were flying through the air and firing energy blasts at each other. We were also tearing through buildings like during the Z-fighters' first encounter with Broly, on the The Legendary SuperSaiyaJin DBZ movie.
    9. 09/15/2011 - Fragments, "Friends 'til the End...and Then Some", "The Undead of Winter"

      by , 09-28-2011 at 01:22 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One
      All I remember was that I was in a house that I thought was my own. I walked outside, and it was night time. Looking to one side, I noticed that the outside of the house was definitely not my house. For one brief moment, I realized that I had no idea where I was, and that this had to be a dream. Unfortunately, I woke up immediately after this realization.

      Dream Fragment Two
      I was driving around, downtown somewhere, with MJ. We were just hanging out for a while, but I don't really remember too much that went on.

      Dream Three
      "Friends 'til the End...and Then Some."

      This was a really strange dream, and I'm not sure if I can remember the exact details, because it was kind of confusing. I was not actually a participant in this dream. I just seemed to be watching it. Apparently, there were two middle-aged women, who were extremely close friends. One of them - a brunette - really reminded of Rosanne Arnold. The other woman - blonde - was being abused by some deadbeat dude, and ended up getting critically injured by him. (I don't believe she died, though.) Later, her friend had done something to the man, in order to get revenge. I can't remember what it was, but she definitely put him in his place. She might have killed him. I'm not sure.

      However, the twist came when the brunette woman was sitting in her home one night, and she picked up the phone to call her friend. My disembodied perspective came in on the conversation, as she was sitting on her bed and explaining to her friend about how she avenged her friend and 'got the bastard' that critically injured her. Suddenly, I could hear her friend on the phone. Her voice was filled with sorry, and it seemed so much more like she was talking to herself, rather than talking to the friend who was telling her about how she's gotten the man back for what he'd done. I could hear the blonde's muffled voice through the phone, sobbing to herself about how much she misses her friend (the brunette), how she wishes she was still alive, and how she hated the man that killed her beloved friend.

      The brunette was visibly shocked by this. She called into the phone "hello?? hello??!", trying to get clarification, but it seemed that her blonde friend couldn't hear her. It was if the phone call was not actually happening, and she was just somehow listening to her blonde friend talking to herself. Then, the brunette began to piece together what was going on, and my perspective followed her recollection as if it were a movie flashback. It showed that the brunette was actually the one who was attacked by the man in question. I saw a quick flash of her getting struck down by him, and then another flash of a funeral service. The brunette woman was in an open casket, and her blonde friend was standing nearby. My perspective then switched back to the brunette, in her room, still clutching the phone. The realization came to her (and me, of course), that she was the one who had been killed, and that everything that had happened after her death (killing the man, talking on the phone to her friend) was all just fabrications of the afterlife that came with her apparent inability to accept the fact that she had died. My recollection of the dream faded as the woman was just sitting on the bed with the look of complete shock on her face, trying to make sense of just what the hell happened to her.

      Dream Fragment Four
      I was laying on a couch. On the couch with me was the brunette from the previous dream. The blonde was sitting on a nearby loveseat. Having no idea that I was still dreaming, I was explaining the previous dream to the two of them, as if they were my waking world friends. They listened intently, while I recounted all the details.

      Dream Five
      "The Undead of Winter"

      (Another crazy one, and I have the feeling I'm missing a lot that went on, before my initial recollection of the dream begins.)

      I was in an enormous mansion, along with some friends. The first thing I remember is that we had done something we weren't supposed to do, and ended up unleashing a horde of zombies from deep within the mansion. Once they were unleashed, they just began streaming out of every door and hallway, in absolutely insane numbers. We all ran for our lives, trying not to get lost in the building. I remember the final stretch of hallway, leading toward the exit, and ducking and dodging all of the flailing, undead arms that were reaching out for us as we passed.

      When we finally made it outside, we found ourselves in a snow-white clearing. It looked like this mansion was secluded out in the Alps, or something, with the tundra-like setting all around us. The zombies continued to flood out of the mansion by the thousands, and we had something of a stand-off, out here, because it seemed like all directions were blocked by impassable landscape. I remember having some sort of contraption in my pocket that helped point me out to where any potential weapons were. However, with the zombies beginning to box us in, there was no way that I could get to any of them. They eventually closed in on us, and I remember dying at least once.

      Before I knew it, I was back inside the mansion. We had just accidentally set the zombies free (again), and they were filling the mansion again, while we made our second escape. With some awareness of what had happened, the first time, I pulled out my 'weapon-finder' much earlier, on this second run. As soon as I exited the mansion, I took a sharp right and dashed toward a crowbar that the gadget had directed me to. I picked it up and began bludgeoning the creatures back, as best I could. There were far too many of them, though, and they just kept on coming. We continued to be pushed back to the rough terrain, as we had before, but we somehow figured out that these zombies only advanced on us when we were looking at them, and whenever we would turn our eyes from them, they would either freeze up, or wander about aimlessly. (I also remember something about music being involved, and how music being played also caught them to wonder around at random, instead of toward us. It all felt like a zombie-apocalypse game I tried out the other day on the PC, where the zombies wouldn't come close to you, unless you were moving around and drawing attention to yourself, but a little different. Can't remember the name of the game, though.)

      Using this knowledge of how to stun them to our advantage, the last thing I remember is our group working together to stun them and toss grenades into the fray, when there were enough of them in a single spot to maximize damage to the horde. However, we knew that we just did not have enough resources to take them out, and they continued to stream out of the mansion in numbers that didn't seem to show any signs of dwindling.
    10. 09/03/2011 and 09/05/2011 - Untitled Fragment, "From Supernatural to Superheroes"

      by , 09-22-2011 at 09:12 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment

      I don't remember very much of this dream at all. I was being held at gunpoint, by a group of women. We were in some old treasure room, with ancient maps on the walls, and all kinds of trinkets on the table. I remember that I had knowledge of a key which opened a secret compartment of this room. While the girls were trying to find the way to get to the next section of their scavenger hunt, I discretely checked any nooks and crannies for something that might have held the key.

      Later, I remember being on rooftops, in the city. For some reason, I (and a few others) were having to glide between these rooftops with parachutes; essentially 'hopping' from rooftop to rooftop. I can't remember what for, though.

      "From Supernatural to Superheroes"

      (I really wish I remembered more of this one.)

      I was with one of my exes, in a hotel. There was a lot of normal stuff that went on in the beginning of this dream, but I don't remember very much of it. Soon, though, we were getting attacked by werewolves. I remember then charging into the various hallways and rooms of the hotel, and then anyone who was mauled (but not killed), would become one of them. I also had a dog. Something like a lab, I believe. It stuck with me, throughout the dream, but one of the werewolves ended up getting it's hands on the animal. I remember the werewolf's face as it sneered at me and bit into my dog, ever so slowly, glaring at me. It was actually taunting me, slowly sinking a single fang into the dog - just enough to where it was sending the message to me that my dog would be turned into one of them.

      Later, I was back up in the hotel, and the werewolves were no longer in the picture. Instead, a giant robot had torn the roof of the hotel off, and was attacking us all from above. The robot was huge, and resembled a Sentinel, from Marvel Comics. My mom was in the scene now, and she was trying her best to hide from the metal giant that was tearing our room apart; ripping through the concrete foundation as if the building were made of tightly compact dirt. Finally, I realized that I was dreaming. Even though I knew she was a DC, I couldn't stand to see my mom so horrified. I threw my hands up above us and creating a green dome of energy, which acted as a force field. The giant made a couple of attempts to attack, but could not get passed the barrier. During this stand-off, I had somehow gotten word that the Avengers (or various Marvel superheroes) had arrived, to help fight the metal colossus. I heard one of them talking about how Spider-Man was inside the robot, tearing it apart from within. I thought this sounded like an awesome idea.

      I moved to the massive hole in the wall, still on some high level of the hotel. Not quite caring whether or not there was something to anchor myself to, I flicked my hand out like Spider-Man and visualized the web leaving my arm. It worked without effort, and I swung across the gap between myself and the robot, and drove my feet into its chest - smashing my way into the belly of the beast. Inside, the first thing that came to mind was Spider-Man's 'Maximum Spider' hyper combo. (I had been watching Marvel vs. Capcom 3 vids all day. Lol.) Mimicking the movement, I shot myself all around the inside of the robot, tearing through wires and parts, bouncing around within its center, like a BB in a tin can. Once confident I had done enough damage, I jumped down into the street, where a bunch of people were standing around in the hotel parking lot, watching the mayhem. I went over to talk to some girl, when a car suddenly came speeding through the parking lot, skidding around corners and almost hitting all of us. I noticed that the man had a toddler in the backseat, and this instinctively pissed me off. (Just the other day, I saw a guy blow through a stop sign with a toddler in his car, after peeling out of the liquor store parking lot.) Using telekinesis, I slammed a downward force onto the hood of his car from a distance, trying to stop it, but only causing it to bounce. I did it again, more forcefully, the car bouncing even more violently, seeming as if it were about to shake apart. Throwing my fist down toward the ground again, I gave one more forceful TK command. This time, I guess it was more intense than even I had intended. Not only did the car's front end smash down into the concrete, but the entire car burst into flames, as if I had purposefully lit it on fire with pyrokinesis.

      The last thing I remember is having a distinct sense of 'oops', before waking up.