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    1. Skyrim: The Captain Gets Fus'd!

      by , 07-12-2019 at 04:55 AM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 07-11

      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am playing Skyrim VR, starting at the beginning. Ralof is across from me, Ulfric is to my right, Lokir is across from Ulfric. Lokir is being extremely rude. He won’t shut and two out of every three words is an expletive. He is directing his torrent of obscenity at Ulfric, who is completely ignoring him. Ralof tries to tell Lokir not to talk to the rightful high king of Skyrim like that, but gives up. Lokir sees me staring at him and takes a break from Ulfric to curse at me. I ask if he talks to his mother with that filthy mouth. He gives me one final, “Fuck you!” before going back to cursing at Ulfric.

      We arrive in Helgen and stop. I see the Imperial Captain and say to no one in particular that I really wish I could fus her ass. I look at Ulfric. He could fus her. I say I’ll get that gag off of him if he’ll fus the Captain. He looks at me strangely. Did he hear me? But other characters can’t hear what I say, they only hear the dialog choices I make… But then Lokir had seemed to hear me, too… wtf? Did I add a mod that includes voice recognition and explicit language?

      Ulfric and Ralof are on the list, then Lokir insists he’s not a (expletives) Stormcloak and he hates that (expletives) traitor Ulfric. The Captain doesn’t believe him so he then turns his expletives on her, calling her a list of rude names I won’t repeat even though I agree with them. He then makes a run for it and is shot in the back by an archer. Hadvar says my name isn’t on the list, but the Captain says I should be killed anyway. Lokir used every expletive in the book, so I settle with telling the Captain to go fus herself. I would love to be able to fus her right off of a cliff.

      Alduin swoops over the town, bathing everything in fire. I follow Ralof into the closest tower. Ralof and Ulfric and a few other Stormcloaks come out the hole in the wall, though after a blast of fire from Alduin the other Stormcloaks are either killed or separated leaving Ralof, Ulfric, and me. Hadvar and the Captain attack Ulfric specifically, saying he’s not getting away. I get to see the Captain get fus’d after all. Ulfric fus’s her right as Alduin makes another pass, so she gets fus’d and then toasted! I exclaim, “That was AWESOME!” Ulfric looks at me like he thinks I’m insane. He can hear me! I’d better watch what I say or everyone in Skyrim will think I’m a total psycho.

      The rest of the opening quest goes pretty normal except for Ulfric is with Ralof and me. Then we are out and Ulfric wants to know if I know what fus means. “Of course I do, it means force. Ro means balance, dah means push. Now if I can just kill a few dragons I can do my own fus’ing…” Alduin flies overhead. “But not that one… I’m not ready for that one yet.” So the sooner I head off the Whiterun the sooner I will get the first word! I head down the path then wake up.
    2. Skyrim: Unbound

      by , 05-02-2019 at 11:31 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 05-02

      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      Note: When I have video game dreams they tend to be long and detailed, which is one thing I like about them. I also seem to be very slow to realize it's a dream and not a game, which is frustrating.

      I am playing Skyrim VR. I am starting a new game, I am riding in the back of the cart with Ralof across from me and Ulfric to my right, but I look to where I expect Lokir to be and instead of him there is a woman. The woman is glaring at Ulfric like she would really enjoy gouging his eyes out and feeding them to him. I am surprised to see the difference, I think there must be some random factor to the fourth person in the cart when starting a new game. She tells Ulfric she won’t kill him until he begs her to. Ulfric completely ignores her, not even looking at her. Ralof tells her to watch her mouth when speaking to Ulfric Stormcloak.

      The woman briefly glares at him, then she sees I’m staring at her. She turns her glare on me. I return her glare, giving my best effort at a Vegeta (Dragonball Z) glare. She says if I even think about getting in her way she’ll rip off my face and wipe her ass with it. This strikes me as funny and I start laughing. She looks confused. I ask what her name is, she says her name is Varlin, and I’d better not forget it. I tell her she wins, and as soon as I learn the three word fus, she has won herself a place on the top of my list of people to fus off of a cliff. She looks at me strangely again, she clearly does not know what a fus is. Ulfric, on the other hand, is now looking over at me, but he can’t say anything because he is gagged.

      Varlin returns her glare to Ulfric, who is still staring at me. I say that knowing my luck Alduin will eat Varlin, denying me my fus. And then Alduin will probably die from eating something that nasty. This earns another brief glare from Varlin and Ulfric’s eyes get wider. It sounds like he tries to say something, but then looks frustrated and growls, still staring at me. I want to know what he has to say so I stand up, and even though my hands are tied in front of me, I reach to take the gag off. A guard riding beside the cart gets closer and uses the blunt end of his spear to push me away from Ulfric, making me fall on the floor of the cart on my ass. He says if I try that again it won’t be the blunt end he strikes me with.

      We get to Helgen and everyone gets out of the cart. Varlin immediately takes action. She has somehow freed her hands. She moves lightning fast and snatches a sword from a guard, and before he can even look her way she has run it through his chest from behind. She says she came to kill Ulfric, but now she wants to kill me first. She seems to think that will be easy since I’m still tied. I really want to fus her. So I do. I let out a full three word fus, “FUS-RO-DAH!” right in her face. And it works! She is launched backwards into the stone wall that surrounds Helgen. I have surprised myself, I didn’t think I could do that yet! A glitch? Nice glitch!

      General Tullius arrives with Elenwen riding a horse close behind. Tullius asks what in Oblivion is going on, some people say Varlin killed a guard, more say Ulfric shouted at Varlin, and others say I shouted at Varlin. Tullius looks to where Varlin landed, but she is gone. He then looks at Ulfric, then at me. My cool down for shouting has finished, so I tell Tullius I have a message from Thorald Gray-Mane, and the message is, “Fus you.” He looks puzzled, then I fus him in the face. Now Tullius flies through the air and crashes into Elenwen, knocking her off of her horse. The two fall to the ground in a heap, they land in a pile of poop just dropped by Elenwen’s horse. I start laughing. This glitch is too fun!

      These changes don’t delay Alduin’s arrival. He swoops over the tower and breathes fire. People start running, my ability to shout is no longer important. Tullius gets up and starts organizing a defense, all unarmed and bound prisoners make a run for cover. I turn towards Alduin and let out a fus. It does little more than surprise him, and he replies with a blast of fire. Ulfric grabs me and pulls me towards cover, his hands are free and his gag is off. He says if that’s really the World Eater, Unrelenting Force will do nothing to him. I think Ralof is the one who is supposed to come back for me, not Ulfric, and I ask where Ralof is. Ralof is on my other side, he says he’s right there and all three of us go into the tower.

      Now things follow the normal path from Skyrim, notable differences being Ulfric says he has to make sure the other Stormcloaks get out safely, but Ralof will make sure I get out ok. And he wants to talk to me more, but that will have to wait. If we don’t see each other again here he will be in Windhelm. Ralof comes out the hole in the wall with me, at no time did I follow Hadvar or even see him. On the way through the tunnels under Helgen and out the back way I am completely fus-happy, these are people I’ve never gotten to fus before. The Imperial Captain who orders the player be executed even though their name isn’t on the list got fus’d repeatedly until dead. I follow Ralof to Riverwood and into his sister’s house where I collapse on a bed. That start was new, now to take off my VR headset… I’m not wearing one? Does that mean I’m dreaming? I never even get to RC before I wake.
    3. Video game Streisand effect

      by , 07-15-2018 at 07:01 PM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      I dreamed that I was watching the news with my mom and her partner.
      The news was about the coming of a weird EU ban/censorship of a video game which contained content that was found to be insulting to Islam. It was especially strange because it was a very obscure video game on a very obscure old platform called Puma, which I'm sure pretty much nobody would know.

      Nevertheless, after hearing the news, we rushed to find that video game and this Puma itself. We weren't interested in the game at all, it was just 100% curiosity piqued by the Streisand effect. My mom and her partner went to look for the video game at the store. Meanwhile I went to the basement to search around in our old stuff.

      After searching around in the most abandoned places of the basement, I found my mom's old Puma, covered in spider webs. It was a gray device with a screen, a large cartridge slot and a big button on it. The plastic had an engraving of the real-life Puma logo (the running shoes brand).
      I brought it upstairs, and when mom came back with the video game, we blew in its cartridge and in the slot, and inserted it, toggled the big button, and a red LED lit up.
      The device showed large black monochrome pixels, and produced muffled beeping noises from inside.

      The gameplay was extremely poor. The game's background was a single static image of something resembling a desert, and the play area was under it, where there were static sprites of guys with turbans, beards and scimitars. You repeatedly pressed a directional button to advance your guy toward the right while enemies were coming at him toward the left. When an enemy got near you, you had to quickly press the attack button and the enemy disappeared. When you got to the right, you advanced to the next screen, which basically just meant that some score value was incremented and the position of your guy was reset to the left side of the screen.

      We got bored of it after like 2 minutes and wondered what all the fuss was about, and why the heck they would ban this (especially after all those years).

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    4. Cardboard video game

      by , 07-15-2018 at 03:08 AM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      I made a video game! Again!

      This game was the third entry in a shooter game series. The first two weren't made by me, but a third was in development and became vaporware. So I decided to make it from scratch, sort of unofficially.

      It was the first game in the series to be in 3D. Interestingly, everything was made out of cardboard. The maps were outside areas, but they were inside a cardboard box with a skybox painted on it. The floor was painted green and the skybox various shades of blue and white. The weapons and enemies, the houses and the trees, everything was painted cardboard cutouts. And it was like a video game, but at the same time, the player is physically next to the box, as if he controls the character like a puppet.

      I let my friend play the game. The first few maps were simple. He was having fun shooting up enemies in the destructible cardboard terrain.
      But then there was the third map, which was very peculiar. It seemed to be a completely empty area without an exit at all. I giggled as my friend was stumped, looking around and trying to figure this out.

      Eventually he found out the solution to the puzzle. He put his hand inside the play area, poked a hole in the floor, and tore it to shreds. The exit was located under the ground. I laughed my ass off and clapped my hands because he found it.
    5. Day 111 and 112: Slow Day

      by , 06-03-2018 at 05:07 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Day 111:

      Nothing to report.

      Day 112:

      Fell asleep at: 3:00 AM

      Woke up at: 10:00 AM

      Dream 95: Ascending the Cursed Tower

      Dreamed about a video game level taking place inside of a wizard tower. The level would scroll along with the player's movement as they moved right and up the tower. The character in question is the character I drew, Dragon Kid.
    6. Day 20: 20/20

      by , 03-06-2018 at 04:47 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 11:30 PM

      Woke up at: 6:30 AM

      Dream 20: Damn QTE's...

      Laying on my bed during the daytime, early morning I'd guess. I'm playing a sort of Heavy Rain styled game on my 3DS with a zombie apocalypse setting. My character is limping away from a horde of zombies as both of his legs are broken. The button prompts are faded and move around on screen, obscuring my vision as I try to determine what button it wants me to press.

      For some reason, I had a really terrible time trying to get past the QTEs. I distinctly remember my character getting chomped on by zombies two times because of failed/missed button prompts. I got real pissed off and just turned the game off afterwards.

      This is one dream I really wish I had gotten lucid in, honestly. The morning sky, vivid imagery, and near life-like setting would have been an amazing world to play around in. It could have very easily turned into a level four lucid dream if I tried.
    7. Feb 26 to 27, Cool L D chain with an interesting plot,

      by , 02-28-2018 at 12:07 AM
      Here is the visual dream journal drawing entry for the day

      Here are my dreams from February 25 to 27, 2018.

      Round 1

      In my first round of dreams, I just had some vague memories. One was of a woman I know moving to a house near me, and seeing her move in. Another was of being in a restaurant and handing someone a big pack of linens. Something at the local food store. Something with my sister at a restaurant. My old neighbors were sitting near us. We ordered beverages. I left a 2 dollar tip. We decided not to stay because the rest of our family wasn't there.

      Round 2

      Round 2 of dreams my memory was starting to improve again. It started with something about not doing too many house chores so the person can take care of themself. Then a part with T P, a friend from school, in my room, looking at a paper. We had to put the room lights on and they were yellowish. Maybe a carry over from yellowish lighting at the library that day.

      Then I was in a bathroom stall. Listening to a lucid dreaming podcast about how people can recreate sensory experiences with their mind. And recreating sensory experiences with my own mind. Then I went out of the stall and there was a pile of dirt on the ground. I didn't want my dad to think it was food so I started to sweep it. Then I was afraid to harm the plants on the ground where I was sweeping so I stopped. I was making music in my mind.

      Woke up and thought those through.

      Fell asleep again and dreamed about strawberries. Then a truck pulled up and dumped out a bunch of dessert food. A cartoon character said, "put some cookies on it", and cookies covered the big strawberry. Then dessert toppings got poured all over the whole "dream screen". I woke up from this laughing.

      Round 3

      I was in a room full of people at a meeting type thing. I was having a 3 minute share. My timer was running but other people kept talking. I just relaxed and said they could have my share time. E S tried to take my phone and look up an article for me to read. I didn't want him to take my phone because I have personal journals on it. I had to fight him as he tried to pull my phone out of my hands. I walked out of the room. There was more stuff I wound up forgetting.

      Then I was walking through a hall. A mahogany red wall appeared in front of me and I tapped it with a silver ladel to open it. i walked by a room of some people saying something like, "Ganondorfdalf" and was upset they broke my concentration. To my right I saw a screen playing something that could have been the Hobbit. I was thinking that I would be able to watch The Hobbit on cable T V now since it had been so long since it was out.

      Then I had a false awakening where I woke up in my room but in a dream. The lights were on. I was standing up using my voice recorder. An Indian woman was in my bed, asking me to come lay down. I told her I have to finish dream journaling. Then I decided I could go lay down with her because there is plenty of time to dream journal. But then I was afraid I would forget my dream.

      Then I was at the foot of my bed and saw a cigarette on the floor. I realized this might be a dream because there is no way there would be a cigarette in my room. I put my finger through my palm. I realized that I don't need to record my dreams into this voice recorder because it won't be there physically when I wake up. (then again, if it is all just electrons, maybe there is a way it could!) . I went to lay down with the indian woman and pushed the voice recorder off the pillow. I tried to tell her about my dreams so I would remember them upon awakening.

      Then we were in a big grassy field in broad daylight. There was a scary porcupine creature we were trying to get away from. The woman hid in the bushes and called her cat to her. Then I saw a bull heading straight for her from off in the distance. The bull became a black Escalade with all shattered windows. It continued to barrel right at her. I tried to pull her to me with telekinesis. I stared at the shattered windows on the Escalade as it flew through the air in slow motion. I woke up.

      I laid in bed a little bit and thought it through. I thought I would like to go back into the dream and see what happened, or if I could save her. I waited a little bit and then felt some vibrations.

      I did a W I L D or D E I L D. I was conscious as I transitioned into dream state. What I first saw was like a fuzzy T V screen with black and white fuzz. I heard it going "Shhhh". Then I saw red text on a black background like a news channel. It said something like "untimely death". The woman was shown in a picture as having died. I felt horrible about this but tried to stay detached and just see what the dream would show me. The dream asked, "Do you want to know why she died? What is the reason?" Something like that. Then it showed a video game rendering of what must have been me, sweeping a walk way with water on each side. The dream said, "Inadequate Sweeping!" As the reason she died. It showed me smiling and waving at the camera twice. The video game version of me. And both times I had differently cut hair. I looked like an animal crossing or lego video game character. The dream showed puddles forming on the walk way after I left. That must have been why my sweeping was inadequate. It left puddles. I figured the dream was saying she slipped and fell in due to my not being careful.

      I woke up from that in my physical bed, feeling somewhat upset. But also excited about how vivid a dream it all was. I stayed still, recalling it, hoping to be able to D E I L D once more and try to rescue her. However, that was all I got. I recorded the dream.

      Round 4

      I was in a class room. There was a girl on the side of the class room everyone was making a big deal about. We were getting exams back. I looked at someone else's scores and felt guilty for peeking. I got a 97. The teacher was saying how I did so well because I pay attention well. I was thinking this was because I am so dedicated to dream recall. I noticed the amount of minus ones on my paper in red ink added up to more than 3. So how was that a 97? I was thinking of what an awesome dreamer I am.

      Then I was in a video game. Or playing a video game. Within the dream. I spontaneously realized it was a dream. Spontaneous Dialed. I felt fear as I made my character run from a big spider. I could shoot red fire balls. I crossed a bridge and shot some other enemies. The screen switched panels like old zelda games. I was amazed at how cool it was to be playing a unique video game in my dream.

      Then I had a false awakening. I dreamed that I had woken up from playing this on the T V. My sister was there and I told her how cool I am because I dreamed of a fully functional video game. I was nervous though because I hadn't recorded the dream yet and I was afraid I would forget it. My sister was asking if she could watch the Honey mooners. I asked her if she could watch it on her phone so the sound wouldn't distract me from dream recall. I was going to go up to the living room to record my dream. I was at my Nana's house in the Den. I started to panic because I was way too active and probably forgot the dreams by now.

      I woke up in my physical bed, relieved. I thought the dreams through and had a sense I had still forgotten a good amount of scenes before the exam part. Well, nothing I could do at that point, they were not coming to my mind.

      Round 5

      From this round of dreams all I remembered was scrolling through a bunch of texts and picture messages. One had this picture of a blue guy with a red guy over one shoulder and a whitish guy over the other. There was another graphic text about not having gluten or wheat products. There were a few more dreams from that time but I wasn't able to remember them.


      Good night of dreams. I have been stepping up my waking life recall so that will hopefully help with dream recall even more. I listen to my dreams on an M P 3 during the following day to reflect on them at a deeper level. I have been doing some home remedies for restless legs which seem to have been helping.

      If anyone has problems with restless legs and wants to know the different home remedies that are helping me then please comment saying so and I will explain.
    8. Just Fighting Some Skeletons

      by , 02-26-2018 at 04:29 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      This dream is like a video game, but the scene I’m watching play out seems more like a model than something taking place on a screen. I’m in an ancient building, your standard video game temple-like structure. I have been playing for a while and there’s only one way I can go to explore further—up a staircase. I steer my character there. This triggers a couple events, including a bunch of animate skeletons coming in and filling up the room—quite a lot of enemies to face alone. I figure I should configure my spells so I can take care of them more easily—but pressing the button doesn’t do anything. Oh, right. I’m also an animated skeleton right now, and until I get this little problem taken care of, I’m not going to be able to access spells.

      Plan B: a couple of these guys are carrying weapons. I can go for one of them first—the one with the spear, I think— arm myself and take on the rest. I leap into action.

      Actually, the fight is a lot easier than I expected—it seems the skeletons have got soaking wet somehow, and they fall apart after only a couple hits each. I can continue to the next area now. But my first priority is to find an antidote for my companions. They’re lying around the area—currently represented by cats—having been drugged or poisoned at some point. I was hoping there’d be something to help them in here, but since there hasn’t been so far, I may as well go look around town before continuing - see if anything's changed there.

      Just then, my attention is drawn away from the game to the music on the radio. It sounds like that Mathews guy they’ve been playing so much lately. He’s been growing on me, even though I usually don’t care much for contemporary classical music. I look at the display on the XM radio: it reads MSO Mathews. Looks like I was right.

      Shortly afterwards, my alarm wakes me.

      (Later that day, I try googling MSO Mathews out of curiosity—and find it points me to a cellist in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. I figured it was the guy’s initials in the dream, and I have no idea whether this person writes music as well—but that's still surprisingly relevant.)
    9. It Couldn't Happen to Me

      by , 01-22-2018 at 08:02 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      My old friend Saimi and I are sitting at a table by the city’s inner wall, having coffee. They are thick walls, built with greyish stone, and through a window in the wall—a rough hole with a metal grid across it—we can see something a little troubling taking place: a small group of oni is building a campfire there, in the courtyard area between this wall and the outer one. They’re larger than humans, with colorful skin and wearing rough clothing, some of it made from animal skins. It’s odd, I think to myself. It’s been ages since I’ve read, watched or played anything with oni in it. The ones I can recall looked different. And yet, these guys strike me as familiar—familiar as individuals, even. I can’t account for it.

      Anyway, Saimi and I have business to take care of. I have been investigating a series of mysterious events that Saimi has been involved with in some way—something from a dream from earlier in the night that I can no longer remember— and since our last meeting, my research has turned up something quite interesting. We have two small pages of text with us that appeared when the events took place and that we suspect may be connected to them somehow—both the same text, but one copy in English and one in Korean. They seem to concern some kind of game.

      The oni—whom we’ve been keeping a watchful eye on this whole time—are now entering through the gate, which isn't far from where we're sitting, and roaming the city square. Presumably, they're looking for someone to eat. Should we move? We decide not to. They'll probably be satisfied with only one person, and there’s only a small chance it’ll be one of us. We continue talking. But suddenly, I feel myself grabbed from behind and carried backwards. My espresso cup falls to the ground and rolls away. I call out something to Saimi as I struggle to get free—but then the dream shifts around us. I’m not sure now whether it was something I did intentionally or something that just happened, but at any rate, I seem to be better prepared for it than the oni are. While they’re trying to figure out what just happened, I break loose and run for it.

      Or rather, my character on the screen does, since I’m now experiencing this as a video game. I get a few screens away, at which point I know I’m safe. From there, I explore the town where I now am for a little while, going into houses and talking to the people there—and then I seem to be on my computer, checking my email. As I watch, new emails are arriving in my inbox every few seconds, which is unusual. Something big must be happening.

      And then I wake up.

    10. A bunch of slightly feverish fragments

      by , 12-30-2017 at 07:06 PM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      I've got the flu atm, and I dreamt a whole bunch of short, disconnected dream fragments over a cycle of falling asleep and waking again. I remembered 4 of them. I remembered a 5th at some point, but alas I forgot it after falling asleep again.

      In the first, I was heading towards an airport because I had to catch a plane. There was an apparently short route on the left and an apparently long route on the right. I took the short route, but that led to the back side of the airport. I talked to some people to ask for directions, and they sent me on some way which I discovered I would've ended up on much quicker if I just took the "long" route. I'm not sure what made me think the right route was the long one. I did catch my plane just in time! Inside of plane it looked more like the interior of a submarine, however.

      In the second, I was working on my software project with my colleague. He turned around to talk to me, and pointed to the sky. In the sky I saw the structure of my project, and he pointed to a problematic part in it. He asked if our project was supposed to support smart contracts or not (even though in real life it has nothing to do with cryptocurrency or smart contracts). I told him that my original designs of the system was supposed to support smart contracts, but it's not terrible if we ended up going for a simpler and more limited solution. He said "good, let's go for the simple solution then. we're running short on time, and if we don't finish the project, we'll fail the exam". (Somehow, the whole thing switched from working on a project for my job to working on a project for a college exam.) I suddenly started to feel stressed because I remembered that I had exams to do, and I hadn't studied anything, I only focused on the project, and I'm barely even managing to finish that. I tried to enumerate all the subjects I had to study for in my head. For each subject I remembered, I got stressier, because I wasn't prepared for any exams at all. Luckily the dream was over before the exams started.

      In the third dream, I was sitting in the living room of another family as a guest. They had 2 tvs. One tv was on the "MTV" channel, where the highest bidder can promote their music to popularize it. Next to that tv was another channel, called "Payback TV". This channel took all the music and programs that were cancelled from MTV, and rebroadcasted them there. I was interested in neither channel, so I went to check out the garage. In the garage there was a bunch of trash, and in the pile was a 3rd functional tv that was on another channel called "Trash TV". It turns out that if a program stayed on Payback TV for more than 6 months, it got cancelled from Payback TV too, and continued on to looping on Trash TV forever. The Trash TV screen was black-and-white. It was playing music videos from a very obscure band that I'm a fan of. I was more interested in that, so I watched Trash TV in the garage instead. At some point I felt like I needed to pee and took a piss in the trash pile. Then I awoke, feeling that I need to pee in real life, glad that I didn't accidentally wet my bed!

      After the toilet break I fell asleep one more time. In this dream I was looking for a solution to a caching problem in my project for work. A solution had been proposed to archive every page as a static html, rather than rendering it anew every time it's visited. However, there was a problem that the application I'm making is a very context-sensitive - the system behind the user permissions is very complex. So each user basically gets to see a different view of the page. I imagined every possible variable in the context as a dimension in a multidimensional grid. I imaged a process running constantly in the background, trying to fill all the cells in the grid with caches, evaluating a priority function to decide the next cell to cache. I imagined cache invalidation as the clearing of a whole row in either dimension. The background process tried to catch up with the cache invalidation as fast as it could. As I imagined this visually, it turned from an idea into a video game. The player is the cache and tries to fill all the cells, while the difficulty lies in the computer frequently clearing rows of the grid. Since it was simply a grid of coloured squares, the game looked like an Atari 2600 game. It was a very annoying game to play.
    11. Zelda dream

      by , 12-17-2017 at 04:28 PM (BahamutZERO's dreams)
      This dream kinda went all over the place...

      The earliest part I remember was that I was programming a video game, but I was at the very beginning of development. Instead of seeing code, my work was visualized as a physical construction I was floating around in. The program was in such early stages that the construction was just sort of a skeleton made of copper wire and fragile cardboard. I was stuck thinking on some problem, something very technical, like a threading issue. I got kinda lost in my thoughts there and felt stuck and a little frustrated.

      Some time later, I was playing a video game, presumably my own game in a later stage. It looked like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but Link's hat was alive, like Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey. I went to a dungeon. The dungeon was like a grid of very large and empty rooms.

      One of the rooms contained a guy with some sort of a "bonus shop" or whatever (that's what his stand said). I paid him 10 rupees and the room got filled with a puzzle minigame. It was strangely easy and I completed it in like 5 seconds. The guy gave some golden reward item, the item that I went into the dungeon for. Then however, Cappy warned me that he was a scammer, and he gave me fool's gold. I searched for another room, and there I found the REAL bonus shop. Now this guy asked 300 rupees and it was a hard minigame. He gave me the true reward. I guess there's no free lunch in life...

      As I was trying to look for the exit, I came across another room, and this room has a cute black prostitute in it. My dream went quite into detail for this part, but I guess I won't go into that much detail in my DJ entry... well, let's just say I spent some more rupees and my HP got refilled.

      Then I found the exit. Since I found the item, I could now complete the quest. I brought the item to some sort of a shrine. Cappy got a little sad and said goodbye forever to "the old link". Link came out of the shrine, and his gender changed! It's like Link changed into Zelda but it was the same person. Then the game continued as female Link. This part also felt oddly sexual.

      Then I was in some platforming part where I had to climb up some platforms in a jungle-ish area. When I finally got to the top, I found a box. Inside the box was my cat, together with 3 colored packets of wet food and a manual, as if she was a boxed market commodity. I read the manual and it said "Please feed the cat. Open the 3 packets and let her smell them. Figure out which one she likes the most. Then feed her that packet". But I ignored that manual because I know of my cat that she doesn't care what food she gets, so I just gave her one of the packets and she ate it. This is where the dream ended.
    12. SA2 And Roaming In The Sewers

      by , 09-06-2017 at 03:33 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      For some reason I'm playing Pyramid Cave with Knuckles on my Wii (With a GameCube controller). The stage is essentially a large halo around two bottomless pits. One in the center and one surrounding the outer perimeter of the ring.

      I'm gliding around the stage, and this one gust of wind keeps knocking me into the bottomless pit as I attempt to speedrun the stage. I eventually get fed up and hop into a yellow toilet with Knuckles still being in control.

      The perspective then changes to first person as I (In my dumb, dreamy state) am holding a GameCube controller in my hand; now controlling Gamma from Sonic Adventure. I'm in a yellow, empty sewage pipe and I'm walking from one side to the other.

      After reaching a dead end, I then decide to turn back where I came from. An air of uneasyness bestows upon me as I look around every corner, as if I was imagining something was gonna jump out and scare me. Gamma disappeared at that point and I was there, alone, in the sewer pipe.

      I make it to the end of the pipe (Where for some reason there is a broken down toilet inside a stall and an unused sink next to it.

      My mom and her 'friend' (Who didn't exist in real life but was just a DC) then open a door. I then breathe a sigh of relief. They start talking to me about something, but I go back out through the door, where the dream then ended.


      1. I seemed to have a dreamlike acknowledgement of the dreamscape. As I feared something would pop out at me because it was a dream and all part of my imagination.

      2. The color yellow was very much prevalent in the dream. Everything in the sewer was yellow, except for the one puddle of water I stepped in.
    13. superhero mainia

      by , 08-13-2017 at 05:55 PM
      (before I start I must say that the quantity of dreams I'm remembering is getting higher and higher and the most dreams I've remembered was 4 = a false awakening)also the quality of what I remember is getting lower so I have something I'm going to start doing I am going to write in my dream journal first than later in the day I'm going to type it out starting tomorrow)
      1st dream- (It was a pretty big dream but I don't remember to much) - I am somewhere, I am in a building, I don't recognize this place It is kind of like an office. I am a super hero. I have a move list, literary a move list that pops up when I want it to the whole thing is blue but the words and symbol's are black. After that I'm at the next scene that I for sure remember. I am fighting a villain his looks? All I remember is blue, but we start fighting before I do that I look at my move list and I use the first move I see. All It was is that I flew In and punched him in the face. Surprisingly It knocks him out. Next scene I'm in school I don't remember the rest
      2nd dream - fragment - I remember a music in the background I can't describe it well but oh well.
      3rd dream - not remembered (have you ever know for a 100% fact you have had another dream but you can't remember anything)also can someone please explain the quality quantity situation and how to fix it if not then I will probably do the dream journal than computer thing but I need help)
    14. Skylander Horse Malfunction

      by , 05-31-2017 at 11:52 AM
      Morning of May 31, 2017. Wednesday.

      I am sitting on the floor in the lounge room in our present home on W Street (though it is bigger yet with less features). My wife Zsuzsanna and our youngest son are present. He is playing a Skylanders game though is ready to play a new one with a new figure which Zsuzsanna had apparently just bought for seventy dollars. The game is also new.

      The toy figure that fits onto a joystick-like device is a horse of mostly yellow and brown tones. The figure is rendered into the game. At first, I thought it was going to be a human or at least an anthropomorphic character. Instead, I eventually see that the toy figure and the rendered video game image looks like a horseshoe-shaped horse facing left in profile. (It also reminds me somewhat of an arched Halloween cat.)

      Our son plays for a short time before the joystick falls apart. There is some sort of small rod from it that goes through the top of the head of the Skylander figure and falls out, causing the rest of the entire game controller and figure to fall apart. He is upset. I think about trying to fix it, but notice tiny screws on the floor mixed in with pieces that I am not sure are even part of the game controller. I think about taking it back for a refund, though this idea quickly fades. I get annoyed and decide to just discard it. I also decide to get rid of the game as well, but this part is unusual in that I start to dismantle the whole works (thus subliminally initiating the biological waking mechanism) like a three-dimensional setup rather than just taking out the cartridge.

      This dream is a result of my temporary dream self (unstable higher range personified subconscious) not being fully linked to the dream state because of slightly disrupted sleep. It is a metaphor for “not holding the dream together” (and my dream self subliminally wanting to “put the dream back together”). I have had hundreds of dreams of this nature since early childhood, always when my sleep has been slightly disrupted by an environmental factor. The horse represents the essence of physical energy (as in “horsepower”), similar to car symbolism in some states, symbolizing the potential for healing and rejuvenating energies in real time. It is not a real horse here as it is caught within the sleep disruption (and the disruption of a more viable rejuvenating state). On a secondary level, it possibly relates to our youngest son not being an adult in control of his life and still needing us to be in control, though I am certainly not annoyed in any way by that fact, though it does suggest he might need more vitamins (or a stronger immune system). Still, something “falling apart” (or falling in general) is just a very common dream cessation (waking) metaphor I have seen continuously all my life.

      Tags: horse, video game
    15. Quest for Knowledge

      by , 04-30-2017 at 08:49 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-28

      Quest for Knowledge

      I am playing a virtual reality video game, not giving any thought to the idea I might be dreaming. I look around to see where I am and I am wondering how I can check to see what the current quest objective is. My character is a sorceress / user of light magic and energy. I have the idea I have just started recently, however, so my level isn’t very high yet. I am hoping I won’t have to face any powerful enemies right away. I head down a long hall that looks like it might be a part of a castle. I have the idea I will find out my current quest goals when I find whoever is at the other end of the hall. I get there and find a man there who looks like he might be a captain of the guards. He says there is a sorcerer trying to gain access to the royal libraries, and that would be disastrous because some of the most powerful spells ever created are written there and if the sorcerer learns to use them there will be no way to stop him. The man leads me to a strange looking door that opens with a lever. He says there is a trick to it, but they have reason to believe the sorcerer knows the trick. I ask how it opens. He says he doesn’t know, and he couldn’t tell me even if he did. I wonder how I’m supposed to protect what I can’t access. The guard says he has to go do his rounds.

      Shortly after the guard leaves a creepy looking guy shows up. I have the idea he is the sorcerer who is trying to access the library. The room is large, and he hasn’t seen me yet. I am thinking it looks like he is too high a level for me to fight, but I have to try. He sees me and he attacks me with a fireball. I deflect that and hit him with a bolt of lightning. He wasn’t strong after all, and he dies, saying his master will avenge him. I am thinking if the boss comes I won’t be ready for that. How can I keep that guy out of the library when I can’t even get in? I go look at the lever and mess with it a bit, nothing happens. Then I get a thought and pull harder until the lever comes off in my hand. I chuckle, thinking I’d like to see the idiot open it without the doorknob. I hear someone coming and I hide. An evil looking man comes to the door and looks at the hole where the lever use to be, acting frustrated. He curses a couple times and then goes away. So I guess he wasn’t so smart after all. Everything fades out and I wake up.
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