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    1. October 1, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 10-01-2018 at 06:39 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm with my class in school but we're traveling. My teacher is very innocent, I'm not sure who she is possibly my fourth grade teacher. I'm walking in my elementary school now and there's a bunch of the teachers from back when I went there walking around. I can hear people talking about how they used to be bad or good. A teacher I used to have specifically for math walked out of her classroom and I thought "ms. so-and-so's fourth grade math was the best." I did enjoy it IRL. We're in the classroom now but it's really strange. Everything else is the same except the floor is gone and in it's place is this giant open expanse of outer space. Hanging between the walls are these rickety wood bridges. On the far side of mine is a large piece of the bridge missing and a few of us are squeezing onto the remaining panels of wood. I accidentally drop my phone into the galaxy. I'm not really freaking out I'm just laughing and a little embarrassed. There's a stereo there with a screen in the class that I somehow am hooking my music up to. I start shuffling through songs and hearing different ones until I hear one I think everyone will like. I turn around and ask "does anyone like Tame Impala?" and people started nodding and one person was freaking out. I played "Past Life" for a little bit speaking along with the speaking part of the song. I started shuffling through again and played songs I didn't think people would like but no one was really saying anything. The dream faded away.

      I'm in another country, possibly Italy. Kolby is there with Eva and I believe JP. We're in a hotel and it's early morning. They are woken up and talking about going to drink somewhere. I'm still technically asleep. The dream opens up into a video game world in another country. Tyler R. comes up to me and hands me a christmas present which I open to find a few different video games. One of them is a racing video game featuring these cute little characters. It reminded me of that Sonic the Hedgehog racing game. Anyways we're in the middle of a race track and the game starts to play so I'm now racing around the track. There are little blue mushrooms similar to Mario Kart mushrooms that boost you along. One part of the course goes under water a little bit and you have to find a bubble to bring you back up to the surface. Another part has giant brick walls like a maze you have to get through. I randomly meet this guy along the track and he invites me to join his party of 10 or so people playing the game. Randomly Arttu shows up and we're racing to the finish. At the last moment I get 3 blue mushrooms and speed to the finish. He its me with an item but I barely pass over the finish line to win. Another track starts to load up and I'm thinking there's no way I do as well in this one since I've never played it.
    2. July 22 and 23, 2018

      by , 07-23-2018 at 07:54 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in what looked like Lucky Landing from Fortnite. I walked behind a tree or lamp post where a man was standing. As he walked by me, I grabbed him and stabbed him the back. He fell to the ground bleeding. I walked a bit away and then turned back, feeling extremely guilty. I picked him up and walked over to this guy dressed in an army outfit. Then, I took him to another place where he was finally healed. He got up and became very friendly with me. He was very happy to be alive and was thanking me for saving him. He didn't know it was I who had stabbed him. I felt guilty and nervous that he would find out. His girlfriend came along and thanked me as well.

      The dream shifted as we were now in front of my house but it felt like it was located where Owen's old house stands. The idea was that we were setting up this large corporate head into an illegal scam that would prove he was a bad guy and put him away. He looked like that guy that preaches at that massive church that denied victims of the hurricane in Texas. Anyways, we were down in the drive way talking about the shady deal and he had accepted. He was talking when he started to realize it was illegal and his words became gradually more suspicious. Police came and took him. A news van showed up and my mom tried to get us in front of the camera to talk about the situation. It was all my Mom's idea. I get up to the camera and I don't really know what to do with myself, I'm just kind of smiling awkwardly at the camera.

      I'm in a small town in a different state, maybe different country. I'm with a friend or two. We stroll up to this ancient white temple that is growing with vines and seems to be very dirty. For some reason I think that this is where a girl that I used to talk to went after high school to play tennis. We go inside. The first floor is a mix between tennis courts and some old spa. The inside is softly lit, covered in moss and dirt, with a ring of small openings in between columns surrounding the outside of the room. My idea is that it's like a secret on how to get up to the next level of the temple. I climb into one of the openings and realize there's a path that goes around the outside of the room but it's absolutely covered with spider webs occupied by spiders. I'm getting a little bit tangled up in one when Thomas finds an opening that was closer to the entrance. We get up to the second level and it looks similar to the first level except the ceiling is higher. Hanging in the middle of the room from the ceiling is a dead body. We go up to a ledge closer to the ceiling and find a lot of old n64 video games I've never heard of. I remember it felt like we had come a long ways. I wanted to bring all of the games with me but I didn't have enough arm space, there were simply too many. I grabbed a game labeled "Chim" and threw it down to Owen. At some point I remember one of us had cut the dead body down from the ceiling like we had defeated something. We eventually went outside and came back in a few times. One time we came back in, it felt like there were defenders coming to kill us. We had to dodge around the levels until we could escape.

      I left the temple and realized I was now at Westview summer camp at the main area. In my head, I was visiting my old college again and people from my fraternity were there. I started to run down the path towards the lake. I could hear people screaming or chanting in the woods. As I got closer, I realized that they were all collectively running towards me up the path. I make a 180 turn and book it back up to where I came. As I arrive, the guys pile in behind me. Some come greet me while others who I don't recognize walk into the main building. I go inside and it seems like it's some sort of bedtime now. I'm lying down looking around the room at the new members. They looked like they were 10 years old. One had a talking white bird on his shoulder. I was wearing glasses. Looking at that kid, I realized he was signaling for me to get the attention of his friend. I look at his friend and then look back and forth at them to signal this exchange.
    3. Motel of Illusions/A School Dream Again? (Brain, you can think of something better than that)

      by , 06-30-2017 at 03:52 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes
      Motel of Illusions
      I was watching a new season of The Walking Dead, Rick and Co. were at some motel. A motel that feeds on your wishes with illusions. I remember seeing Rick and Michonne talking to each other but it was clearly Super Saiyan Blue Goku talking to some other Dragon Ball character.
      Meanwhile, in one of the rooms at the motel there was a old mexican woman who's husband died, she was watching a TV Show based on him, it was titled "_______________ you!" He appears and sees G(name starts with G)
      "Oh my gosh, you're alive?" He was the one who lived while G died, not vice versa. G is an Illusion.
      Meanwhile a Chick with puffy, rainbow colored hair tells Rick "We can call the police and say we're ___feminist______
      evil superheroes." Then, she holds up a book that has what she just said as the title.
      Rick agrees, "Call the police." He doesn't trust this place.
      The people in charge kick them out, the man looks back and sees his Wife, G who has her hand up on the window.
      "G! G!" He tries to run towards her but security pushes him back, Rick and Co. leave the place.

      Another School Dream? Again?

      I'm at school, in a Computer Lab like place, Sinai and a few other people are there.
      Sinai says "Hi William." (Don't talk to her IRL anymore) I tell everyone I'll probably not come on the last two days of school. My Social Studies teacher gives this guy across from me a study guide packet.
      I'm sliding down the steep hallway. I trip people and I say "Pardon me" "Excuse me".
      I glide to the far left side of the hallway.
      I'm standing now and head to my next class, I remember it being dark with a red glow in my Website Design classroom. (The whole school looked different from any of my other dreams.)
      My friend Adnan came over, we were in a room, it was bright pink. We talked and played some video games, one game I think had Dragon Ball characters and I remember there was a stage that one of the DB characters knocked someone through the roof and flew up to the other character. They were at a new stage now, it was a room! This game has Stage Change?
      I then went and stood at the door with a video game in my hand.
      Later, Adnan went home. I was at home (old house) in my sister's room watching TV. My Dad comes in and asks what would be a good time for Adnan to come over, again.
      He just came over but he can come Thursday, tomorrow.
      I then, realize if I don't go to school tomorrow I could fail Social Studies! There's a final coming up! (For some reason I worry about failing Social Studies in my Dreams even though School is over IRL)

      I did not upload yesterday because I had a kinky dream and I really don't like publicly showcasing those types of dreams.
      I think High School, Social Studies, End of the School Year, The Walking Dead and my Best Friend Adnan are dream signs. And, if I do see them again IRL, I should RC. Maybe that'll trigger a Lucid Dream and I can try participating in the Task of the Month and Task of the Year.

      June 29th, 2017
    4. Video Games, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Hiding

      by , 06-27-2017 at 06:22 PM (Dream)
      Side Notes
      Vs Hades
      I was playing a Kingdom Hearts Game, just defeated a boss then I realized I'm going to have to fight Hades again.
      We're in a hallway it was like the Underworld in KH2 but there was lava and acid.
      I did lots of air combos on him, he had a KH1 Life Bar, he was on Orange health.
      I fell in the acid accidently and healed myself. I remember in KH2 Blizzaga did lots of damage on him.
      I checked my shortcuts but I didn't put it in there, I had to scroll down to Magic and scroll to Blizzaga.
      I get damaged but I have Once More and Second Chance, I air slide to the other side of the room and run.
      I pause the game, Donald's behind me which he didn't show up previously. When I am pausing the game I can see Sora's
      MP restoring.

      Finish Him!
      I was at E3, I ate 5 slices of pizza. Two of my friends Steve and Kevin were playing some 2D fighting game.
      I remember Steve was playing as a Ryu like character while, Kevin was playing as Sub Zero.
      I ate another slice of pizza and left a slice on a table.
      He beats steve and I hear "F*** him!" but I was probably mishearing the game, it was Finish Him.
      Kevin does a chain fantality on the Ryu like character.
      I comment that it's hard for me to remember the fantalities and supers.
      We're at school and I say "I wonder if they have a (Video Game) specific bus." We're heading to the buses.
      Some person next to me says "They don't have School Buses for Specific Games, idiot."


      I was at School, in some classroom. I think it might've been a first day for the class.
      Sometimes teachers on the first day do an activity for the students.
      Our teacher made everyone play...Yugioh, you can only pick two cards and you have to see if you can beat your partner
      with only two cards.


      At School, again. I remember being on the blacktop at Elementry School and being in a room with someother kid hiding in a locked office from aliens at the High School.
      How do you guys like my new Color Code? Whenever, I type my dreams up: I forget most of them but as I write, I start to remember my other dreams. Unfortunately, I couldn't fully remember the 'Hiding' dream.
      June 27th, 2017
    5. A whole lot of weird shit

      by , 10-11-2015 at 10:29 AM
      My dream today was a whole lot of fuckery .

      The first thing I could remember is I was in a fantasy world a whole lot of bloom and other lens flare , you know that kind of a fantasy movie feel.
      I was with some people I can't remember . 1 guy and 2 girls , I remember there was a zombie apocalypse kinda fee, but not really. There were this little
      cute things that would infect the crops and all who ate them died/ turned into them. I remember we found a car and drove somewhere. There was a little
      hill with a hole in it that goes through the whole way . I went in and saw some gift bags and other junk glued to the ceiling I grabbed them. Then we heard
      someone coming so we hid. Along comes my sister that looks really cartoonish I didn't even know she was my sister until I reflexed and started crying. We
      discussed stuff that I can't remember over the car , the only thing I can remember from that is that she tied up the weird things (cutelings if you want to call them that)
      and tried to bring them back to human form . When she failed I ran away fearing what would come . Right after that I remember finding a thing that I made
      in woodshop the other day . I broke it Then I climbed over a hill of somesort and I found myself playing minecraft with a couple of my pals.
      After some dicking around I can't remember much about ,I went to a house that someone had built and found CaptainSparklez he acted like he knew me , and I
      kinda liked him. He gasped as his limo drove up. He went in and I promised to sendhim something. Then the limo started hovering and flying away. someone fell
      out , someone with the name beginning with the letter E. ( Can't recall fully ) :C Then I yelled "I'll send him to you" jokinglyas the "someone" started building his way up to the limo.

      The second thing I remember is me using a BHOP script in CSGO and ending up getting banned.
    6. Lost belongings

      by , 12-24-2014 at 04:31 AM
      I fall asleep and have a dream about playing videogames with some friends. I wake up, go to the toilet and back to bed.

      This dream I remember being in class, I see my friends and this girl I like. I talk to her and she goes away. When going home I get distracted talking to some classmates and I realize I forgot my backpack and my car. Going back I discover my car has been stolen and my things with it. The rest of the dream was me feeling awful while trying to find my stuff.
    7. Family Discussion

      by , 03-13-2013 at 06:30 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I don't know where I was...maybe a hotel room. I think we rented out several rooms. I was watching some girl play this old school beat 'em up, and and she was near the end of the game. There was a bonus objective where if the player collected all the flags in the game, they would get a bonus game. Well she got the last flag, and died doing so, but ended up beating it afterwords. The game was another beat em up, made the same year, but the graphics weren't so great.

      Anyways, my brother T is in the next room, and he wanted me to play this other game, and my sis wanted me to bring my PS3 over there. I finally get things over there, and hook them up, and my other brother starts having a conversation about my progress in college. They walked off and kept talking, but I could over hear them talk about how far I should have been (ie just get a straight bachelors instead of getting the two AA's what I'm about to receive). I told them that my GI bill only pays for 3 years, and there's no way I can guarantee myself of passing that 4th year without and financial support.
    8. Hunger games for the sake of the science

      by , 02-27-2013 at 04:31 PM
      Went to bed at around 22:45. One of the first dreams of the night.

      I was in some kind of ruins with mines around. I had gone there with the people of my class because or Maths teacher brought us there. I started looking around, and found that in the carts of some rails that led to the mines were dead bodies. I started to suspect that there was something going on in there, but I didn't say anything. Then, our teacher said that we had to go somewhere, and took us to some kind of big room underground. There, she reveals that she brought us there because we were going to take part in the hunger games, and that we can't escape. I look behind me and see a policeman that is guarding the entrance of the room, and think: "Why can't we leave if there is only one person preventing us from leaving, and we are around 30 people?" The teacher continues talking and says that this game isn't just for fun, it is to investigate some scientific matters and that we will contribute to science enormously.

      Dream skips, or at least don't remember what comes here.

      All the class accepted to participate in the hunger games, and I had decided to ally with a partner of my class. We are in a living room, and I know that we have to eat or drink something, because everything that we drink or eat gives us experience points that wwe can use to buy equipment for the games. I also know that there is almost no time, so I quickly go to the kitchen (the house was like my grandmother's house) and grab two big bottles of juice. I go back to the living room and throw one to my ally, and I start drinking the other. After finishing drinking, we have a little more of 12.000 experience points, and I know that there is no time to eat anything anymore, so we have to buy equipment quickly. We go to a table that is on the room, and some other people start calling us saying that we are late. My ally goes there, and I quickly grab something I don't remember and some red dices that look normal, even though I know they have a secret function I don't know.

      Dream skips again, but I know we've been traveling to the place where the hunger games will take place.

      I am in front of a mine, and the game master is telling us the rules that will be used today. We will all start with a lot of grains in the hands that will make difficult grabbing things, and will explode easily littering our hands of purulence. I am wondering that if the game will have real death chance, and I try to recall if the teacher said if this was for real or if we wouldn't die. I also look at a board that tells us the rules. Between them, I read that this games will have buffs and debuffs, like videogames. Then, a girl near there that was born and raised near the place of the games (I don't know who was exactly and where exactly was, I only know that), said:
      "If you think this is chaotic, you don't know what it is to grow because of a buff, and not because you are a child"
      Then, the game master of the games said that the games are about to begin, and that we should get prepared. In that moment, the dream ends and I wake up.

      I put the dream down in my DJ, do SSILD and fall asleep again, and I have a dream related to FFXIII in which I was Lighting trying to escape from the Coccoon. I remember good part of it, but it wasn't especially good. I had a sword and an assault rifle, but I didn't fight or anything D:
    9. 17 February 2013 - Sword Art Online, a red army of art thieves, an 8 bit side story and other stuff

      by , 02-18-2013 at 06:01 PM
      I went to bed at around 10:30 because I wanted to get up in the middle of the night to attempt a FILD and not be tired the next day because I had to wake up at 7:00 and go to the high school. I put on my headphones and listen to a binaural beat while repeating myself: "I will dream and realize I'm dreaming"
      Before getting asleep, I quit the headphones and sleep. Here starts the epic quest to free from art thieves a town, or something like that.

      The dream starts with Kirito and Asuna, two characters from an anime I like called "Sword Art Online"
      I am just a floating point who is observing the story (FP from now on) and who is following Asuna, which is walking around a forest with a wooden house inside. Eventually, she goes meet Kirito, who is riding an aeroplane of Halo 3 (the little alien ones). Asuna says that she wants one too, Kirito answers something I don't remember, and Asuna answers that they agreed to buy one for each once they had enough money. Then, Kirito and Asuna head to the city, and in the portal of the town there is someone important of the city (I don't know who was he exactly) who says that they can't buy any more aeroplanes because they could attract Sinh (The bad guy from Final Fantasy X). Kirito answers something I don't remember (I can't remember 99% of what Kirito said in this dream xD) and persuades the other guy to sell them an aeroplane.

      Once bought, the two of them get back to the wooden house in the forest and decide to practice by dueling. I can see in the upper left and right of my point of view (PoV from now on) two limit indicators from Kingdom Hearts 2 (I've lost the count of references in this dream xD) which represent Kirito and Asuna's health. From being just an FP I start controlling Kirito in third person. However, during the battle, I don't move Kirito at all until his health bar is almost empty. Then, Asuna starts moving badly, and I start attacking reckless until I get her health bar almost empty too. Then, without an clear winner, the two of them stop fighting.

      I become a FP again, and they start heading to the city. When they get to the city, they enter inside a building and start talking to someone. I go from being a FP to see the PoV of Kirito. I see through an open window that a red army of soldiers is entering the city (the soldiers appearance are halfway from some other guys from Sword Art Online and other soldiers that make appearance in Final Fantasy VI). Kirito//I asks about them, and other guy says that they are here to stole all the art inside this city. I keep watching through the window, and see how a citizen who looks lost is standing still in the middle of the streets, until the army reachs him and the head commander slashs him with an sword and kills him. In this point' I don't know what exactly happened, only that I switched back to FP and then to Kirito's PoV or controlling him in third person a couple of times. After a while, Kirito discovers that the red army wants to kill everyone in the city after they spoil all their art.

      I stop watching through Kirito's PoV and I am myself. I am in my grandfathers' house, which in the dream is located in the city being spoiled. I know that there is a PC with the orders of all the army, and if I manage to delete the program that makes them kill everyone, I will save the city. I fin the computer CASUALLY in the middle of my grandfather's corridor. I turn it on and try to delete the program, but I can't find it. Then, Kirito comes and tells me there is another way to stop the army: We can go to Torchlight (The main city of Torchlight... how original btw) and use our characters of Torchlight 2 (this time he is talking about the game itself) to defeat the red army. I agree and he goes. I start thinking how could I get to Torchlight, and decide to ask my mother. My mother (who is CASUALLY in my grandparents' house) says that she can't, and puts a vague excuse. I get angry and decide to find another way to get to Torchlight. I cross a corridor and see that there is a long corridor with a lot of pictures of chicken in the walls. Behind every picture there was a hole, and inside a nest with an egg, just like if the chicken of the pictures were incubating them. The soldiers from the red army were putting the pictures and the eggs in a bag. I continue through the corridor and do something else I don't remember, but then my clock starts ringing in real life and I wake up.

      I put it off and try to do a FILD, but I fail and fall asleep normally. Then I dream about a prequel, sequel or, in general, a side story about the previous dream.
      I start by being myself from the start, and I start in my grandparents' house again. This time, only my aunt is there with me. I find my note with that feels like if it was out right from the movie SAW telling me to find something. Then, just like a graphic adventure, I find some things in the house that I use to get other things (I don't remember what I exactly do), until I get a mini-crossbow with an arrow, perfectly usable with only one hand. Then, I go out of my house.

      The next scene is just like an old game from NES. I can see from above a 8 bit version of a path in the middle of a forest that leads to the wall of a castle with a window in it. Then, an 8 bit version of me or some other one (though I know I am that) comes and stays still a few steps in front of the wall. Then, it takes the crossbow I got before and fires it to the window. The arrow hits someone who was just beyond the window in the middle of the chest and in the neck (Yes, both, I dreamed it hit in the chest and just after that I dreamed it had hit in the neck) and then I got back from where I came. I know that the one I killed was the Commander of the Red army from before, however, I don't know if that happened before or after the previous dream.

      After that, I dream something else unrelated (At least I think it was unrelated, because I would have liked to know how the history ended xD) and wake up at 6:00, even though my clock rings at 7:00. I write it down summarized in my DJ and try to sleep again, but I can't.

      Well, and that is the dream I got yesterday night. I sometimes have dreams with a plot elaborated like this, but I have never had a dream with so many references, and at this time I don't remember any other with a Side-story, though I get the feeling I have had.
    10. Man I don't even....

      by , 01-14-2013 at 01:11 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I'm driving down the road, and there's this huge bear stacking monster truck tires. A couple of people went up and started taking pictures of it. Being the smart person that I am, I kept driving. I came across some unfenced bodies of water, and noticed there were huge fish in them and turned around and got out. They looked like trout...and near the edge I saw lobsters. I went to the edge of the water where they were and tried to feed them. They ate it....and were talking to me.....and some kind of way became two small women. They wanted me to take them home, but I didn't know how I could keep them alive, so I was hesitant.

      I'm at church, but there's a crap load of people there....I mean tons.

      I'm at my house, and a few of my cousins are there, and they started talking about how nice they were in Mario, and I was hoping they would turn that on so I could show them what's up.
    11. memory is coming back

      by , 12-20-2012 at 05:00 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I remember playing this game that was like starfox at my house. Instead of a joystick and buttons, it operated with two joysticks. The one on the right controlled firing, and the one on the left controlled the plane. It was pretty awesome except that my nephews were over there and they had some really annoying kid with them.

      Eventually I stopped playing, and someone was asking a guy if he wanted to bring in a large cat.. Dude agreed, and he came back with something I've never seen. It was white and it came up to about my chest, but it didn't have any real length to it.. Apparently it was a female, because she stared rubbing against me. She even started doing some sort of sign language. I was trying so hard to understand what she meant, and then someone explained that she was asking if I knew anyone who would hire her as a model in New York. Obviously I didn't know...and slowly, she started becoming more human, until she was a girl and talking. I asked her if a dog ever tried humping her on the leg in her human form and she said no. Oh well, at least I got a laugh out of it.

      We were on some bus, and I remember some general was talking to us about all these various attacks, and they would flash in my head. This was going on in American soil though.
      While riding, I noticed a cement mixer type vehicle, but it was super small. It looked like a large RC car. I was just telling someone how weird it looked, and when I looked back it was full size and someone was in it. We got out and started walking.

      And there were all these injured soldiers getting treated by nurses in training. Everyone had on WWII type clothing, and I noticed all the nurses were females. I kept walking, and I was trying to see if there was anyone I knew. I made a mental note that there were so many redheads in the crowd, and most of them were cute. Wherever they were stationed at, I wouldn't mind taking a visit. Eventually we stopped at some tables, and I started talking to the cat lady again, but I don't know what it was about.
    12. Call Of Duty and A Person That Suffers from Heliophobia.

      by , 02-14-2012 at 03:09 AM
      Dream One Non-Lucid
      I enter the dream playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on a map that I didn't quite recognize. It felt like I knew this map like my name tough. It was like a mixture of Array from Black Ops, Sub Base from Modern Warfare 2, and Rust from Modern Warfare 2. It was super small, like rust, and had huge amounts of snow. In the middle was a smaller building that you could only get on top of by a metal staircase. On the top, you could see the roofs of other buildings, and the whole map. There was also a bomb site for Search and Destroy on top. In the far right corner, there was a gigantic building, like from Array, but it had no windows. Inside was a bomb site for Search and Destroy. You could also get on top of that building by another set of stairs outside. On top of there, you could get on one of the buildings the surrounded the map by, like the stairs, a metal bridge. The roof that you got on from there was made out of tin and had rust on the front edges. I was playing Search and Destroy on this map, and I had a PP90M1 with a silencer. I was also playing with my friend from school, Trent. I sprinted into the building in the right-hand corner, passing the bomb site on the small building. Inside, the whole enemy team was there. I quickly sprayed them down with my bullets, earning me a five man kill streak. "WOOOO!" I had yelled as soon as it happened. The whole lobby went silent. There was no kill cam, but another round started. Instead of seeing my character, I saw Trent's character, as if I was dead. "What," he had replied to me whoop, "It isn't like your special or something."
      "Dude! Look at the leader boards-" I said while opening my leader boards. "I am on top with five kills and zero deaths! That's great for me since I am new to gaming on the PC and we are on the PC!" I couldn't feel my mouse underhand though, but I didn't recognize that in my dream (I am dumb). I saw him look at a pile of snow underneath the bridge from the Array-like building to the tinted roofed building. He was using the PP90M1 as well, but it had a woodland camo and wasn't silenced. There seemed to be a glitch with it because it would show a person's body flash around in it, although you couldn't get in it. He shot at it, but got he didn't get any kills. I then woke up.

      Dream Two Non- Lucid
      I was on a farmer's farm with the farmer beside be, and for some reason I knew he had Heliophobia (The fear of sun or sunlight). Hid face was blurry, but he was wearing blue overalls and a red shirt underneath it. We was sitting on his chairs, much like the metal ones at your school, out in the sunlight. He was not scared though. In front of us was a white table, and behind us was a metal shed. I soon entered the shed and saw that it had nothing but concrete underfoot. I exited and sat back down on the metal chair. Me and him got started talking, and he said "It would just be a better place if we could destroy the sun."
      For some reason, I agreed with him and we had an unspoken agreement to destroy the sun at 2:55. That time is also when my school gets out. We sat in silence, until my dream flickered to an image on the clock that said 2:30. "Just another 25 minutes and the sun will be out forever!" I informed him. He grunted in agreement, and this went on for many times before finally I woke up.

      Side Note
      I am going to try to become lucid in one of my dreams tonight. Wish me luck!
    13. not really frags, but hard to piece together

      by , 12-15-2011 at 01:03 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I remember playing against some kid in Marvel vs. Capcom and losing! I had Spider-man and Captain Commando...but both of my characters were different. Like a 2099 version of themselves. Anyway....I tried selecting some other characters and noticed the roster was full of random cats I saw.

      I also remember getting a haircut, at the barbershop. I had a hard time scraping together enough money for it. Then I was walking along the beach but it was crazy. It was like I could see directly into reefs and all the life swimming in it. What makes it odder is the mother from Two and a Half Men was there. There was this one fish that was almost completely flat and it had the ability to shape shift. At one point it had frog legs, and a rabbits head, and it kept switching to weird variations.
    14. Summed up my dreams in one night

      by , 11-22-2011 at 01:46 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Everything's fragmented, but I do remember being out in the desert, and people were dropping money. My brother also gave me some extra money. There was a few casinos like a mile away i was going to hit up, and I think J and J were there. The casinos themselves looked like huge slot machines.

      I also remember seeing Jamie Presley...I want to say I kissed her.

      And I remember being in/playing skyrim. Something kept happening over and over.
    15. Frags, frags, frags

      by , 11-21-2011 at 01:25 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Spent most of this dream running from this guy...and finally gave up and said "now what".

      I'm at some counter with some sort of ID, and the guy asks me a question and then turns around and says I can't get another one for 10 years. I'm mad...yelling. Cops are there, I turn my back waiting for them to arrest me but they don't. I go off even more.

      I'm in/watching a reality tv show, and I notice this guy has all these old school games I've never heard of or played...and just when logic kicks in, I wake up.

      Something else...about driving in the desert. Obstacles made of cars....but they were inside small hills.

      I was in the thieves guild, but I don't remember much.
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