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    1. Camping Trip Turns into Attending WWE Event Illicitly. HHH and Steph Ignore Me, Vince Doesn't

      by , 06-27-2017 at 11:25 AM
      06-17-2017 -- Am on a camping trip somewhere, no idea who with, where, or why. Just somewhere out in the wild, and somebody is arguing with me about how much I have or haven't been a part of things. They don't think I've been around for most of the stuff that day, but I have memories of doing the day's activities, so I think they're nuts. But about that time, the single unit parking lot tram type of vehicle leading off for the latest activity is starting to drive off, so I'm running along side, trying to pull myself aboard.

      The next thing I know, I find myself at a huge stadium, where they are getting ready to host one of the major WWE events (probably Great American Bash). Somebody may have announced it, or I may just know, but I think we're in Baltimore. I don't have a ticket, can't afford one, and probably wouldn't be able to get past security to get into the actual seating area, but nobody does a think about my simply wandering around. The ring is positioned on a large stage very like the one at Videopolis, which means there are curtains around it, and it is slightly raised ... it's like watching a wrestling event at Videopolis, and for a temporary place to sit, I walk up to the edge of the stage and pull myself up on it, sitting right beside the curtain, where I'm mostly out of sight of the crowd (people looking closely might spot my legs dangling at the end of the stage.)

      There's another person here, an older teen, much like I suspect I am in this dream, who looks a little wild, has very curly hair, and may actually be one of the WWE wrestlers, like Santana or something like that. He settles down on the stage like I am, and we just watch as the wrestlers come and go and wander around. Actually, don't see any wrestling going on. More like people are being introduced and things. Some of the wrestlers are being called up on stage, and as they approach and wait their turns, we get to meet a couple of them. I think I kind of wave to a couple of big names in passing, and at one point Dean Malenko is standing right next to me, so I make a comment about enjoying his wrestling in WCW, and mentioning the whole Man of 1,000 Holds schtick, and he seems like a nice enough guy.

      So we're sitting there for a while, when people start joining us, sitting on the edge of the stage, and soon four of us are lined up, HHH, then the other guy, then Stephanie, then me, all pressed fairly tightly together. Problem is, at this point I find I'm sitting there wearing only a bathrobe and my underwear, so I'm kind of holding the bathrobe closed because I do not want to either offend Stephanie, nor, if the cameras ever swing to catch Steph and HHH's reaction to anything, do I want to be broadcast with my underwear showing. I am thinking about mentioning to Stephanie that I met her here in Baltimore at another Great American Bash a few years ago (in another dream, though I think in that dream it was in Indiana instead of Maryland), but I decide not to draw attention to myself, since I don't belong here, and just feel uncomfortable pressed against Stephanie while holding my robe together.

      Soon Vince has come around and joined us as well, but he gives me and the other guy a bit of a strange glance, and soon after the other guy has left. I'm still sitting there watching stuff, until Vince starts making comments under his breath about security and having people arrested, and I realize that unlike everybody else, he's not going to just ignore the guy who doesn't belong, but is just sitting quietly, and I understand that the curly haired guy 'got' this realization quicker than I did, and that's why he ran off. I stand up and wander backstage, hoping that I can avoid any security, but still nobody seems to care, and I'm thankful that Vince is willing to let me depart under my own steam. I wander around backstage for a while, passing other wrestlers, interviewers, and production people, while looking for a way out of the arena.