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    1. Worst nightmare I've ever had.

      by , 05-04-2019 at 07:53 PM (Awake to take in the view...)

      This tops the nightmare I had about the haunted church with the demonic shrieking choir, and the dream about the wasps crawling out of my ears.

      In this dream, my dad was forced (by some evil people, if I recall correctly) to shoot a group of people. This included my brother, my sister, my aunts and uncles, some of my cousins, and others. Then, he had to shoot himself.

      My mom and I were spared, for some reason, but we were forced to watch as our relatives stood there and my dad pointed the weapon at them.

      I woke up before it got violent, thankfully. But holy hell my subconscious must hate me. Took me a while to fall back asleep after this one. Awful.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. Journey to the White Rabbit Pt.2

      by , 04-16-2019 at 05:00 PM (Moo's Wild Cranial Rides)
      Journey to the White Rabbit Pt.2 (DEILD)


      I was in the middle of a small dream about something I cannot recall and notice as my feet start lifting away from the earth I was firmly planted on that I am dreaming. Lucid, I hid the ground and darkness engulfs me. I try to shout "Clarity Now!" but I feel that I'm still too connected to my real body and saying it any louder will wake me up. The small whisper seems to have worked but as I start thinking about waking up starts getting me nervous about losing lucidity.

      All of a sudden I see a dream forming in front of me, my brother appears laying in his bed. It forms with the air rushing past my ears and I step into it without hesitation for some reason. I remember for ending up in another bed adjacent to my brother's and immediately leap out and wake him up. I then remember to stabilize the dream and I look at my hands noticing at least two extra smaller fingers on my left hand. I laugh and rub my hands together. I then set out on my first task to find the white rabbit. I remove a black curtain that is acting as a door and start saying "White rabbit, white rabbit where are you white rabbit", through the looking glass indeed.

      I waltz downstairs and as I turn the corner there is a small rabbit staring at me, this little brown guy was not the white rabbit I was looking for however. I felt that this was a trick and started to ask the rabbit for the code. The rabbit reaches for something with a paw so I bend down and into my extended hand it lays down a torn piece of paper.

      I quickly try to read the paper but realize it's in some language I cannot understand with bizzare symbols I have seen in no form of communication before. One word stands out and as I look at it I see it shape bending into the rabbits request, "FOLLOW". Unsatisfied I ask the rabbit again for the code and he simply spits out the other half of the paper charred to a crisp.

      As quick as lightning the rabbit lunges at my arm and starts trying to pry my flesh from bone with his vicious little teeth.Still being lucid I attempt to make the evil rabbit simply disappear as I've done before. I grab it by the nape of his neck and shout "You are not real disappear!", nothing. I try and try again but each time I become more hopeless.

      The last time this happened what did I do? What was different? I thought to myself. A distant memory hits me about needing to visualize it disappearing somehow through some action. Excited my gaze shifts like a lunatic around the room to find something to achieve this task with. The window pane in the door catches my eye and ,as I raise the rabbit to the heavens, I envision his disappearing as I force him through the window. My arm gains speed and my wounded hand whips this fury fiend's neck. Thud. No shattered glass. I start panicking and wailing the rabbit into the window.

      Realizing that for some reason I've manifested rabbit proof glass to sabotage myself I open the door and launch the rabbit onto the front step. Why didn't I do that sooner? Why did I choose the violent option? I was here to talk with a dream character not scare, maim, or kill one. Realizing I am failing my goal for this lucid dream and disgusted in myself I watch as the poor thing scurries under a bare bush my blows have obviously wounded the tiny creature badly.

      With just his head exposed I no longer see a vicious monster but a small innocent rabbit. As he crawls carefully out from the bush I can see a massive open wound. Before even getting the chance to feel like a bigger jackass his fur moves in waves towards it engulfing and healing the wound. Amazing! ...Wait, I'm in a dream still don't lose it now man. I manage to convince myself of my situation as I watch the rabbit hop into one of my shoes on the step. When did I leave that there? Wait. Is he trying to hide from me or ambush me as soon as I step outside? I murmured as I returned to thinking about the small demon it was just a few moments earlier.

      I quickly open the door and turn the shoe over and out he plops on the step. Phew! He didn't attack, we both probably thought, I backed away and left the door open as an invitation to enter. An apology for my hasty reaction, I thought. He looked me up and down then hop after small cautious hop, it wound it's way back to the side of the note I had dropped. I see what looks like a smile appearing on his cute face. "Finally!", I rambunctiously shouted, "would you be so kind as to help me find the code?".

      My realief does not last however as the once cute grin expands further and further. I froze in fear, I couldn't believe what I saw. In the place of what used to be adorable (but painful) buck rabbit teeth stood a giant army of razor sharp stained teeth between a set of snarling lips that had extended to fit their new tenants. He can't harm me, I'm in a dream, I'm in a dream dammit! Somehow despite the horror in front of my I start to relax a small bit and as if he noticed my fortunate transition his fur turned black.

      I sat still engaged in a small staring competition with the beast for a while, not out of fear any longer, but the apprehension that if I moved it would chase.What felt like an eternity passed and still, nothing. Screw this I have to get something done in this lucid dream I can't waste this opportunity I've worked hard to get.

      Starting to feel like I'm losing lucidity I remember what someone wrote in a guide and I shift my focus around to try and maintain the dream. As I break eye contact with the beast I hear a snarl come from it's jowls. I hastily made my dash out the door but before I could slam it shut he wormed his way out beside me on the step. Without so much as a thought I grabbed the little cute bushy tail, the only thing cute left at that point, and flung him back inside. Success! Two little fiery red eyes peered back at me from the other side of the door.

      After all this a sane person might have stopped the hunt for the white rabbit, I however have no claim to sanity and even more so I was upset to have this lucid dream wasted by my foolishness. Whipping around I try run down the street hollering yet again "White Rabbit are you out there?! I need to speak with you Mr.White rabbit." Thinking that if I put more emphasis on the colour of the rabbit I'd be less likely to have a run in with another beast like before.

      Pat, pat, pat. I hear someone but as I look towards the source of the footsteps I see nothing. Pat, pat, pat, pat. Inching in closer and closer and at a increasingly hurried rate but still I see nothing. My ear rings as I hear just one footstep with an thunderous boom that sounds like it originated from inside my ear canal
      . I wake up.
      lucid , memorable
    3. 13 Dec: Overcrowded and overheated future, time travel and judgement day

      by , 12-13-2018 at 04:30 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      In a not so distant future, Trump is still US President, but climate change has wrecked society. He himself is suffering the effects on his own skin, literally. On the news they're saying he had a heat stroke and sweat so much at some event he almost died. He will now only be indoors in controlled temperature and they are considering making a protective dome around him when he has to step outside, so he is in a controlled environment all the time.

      I am on the overcrowded subway, lots of women with their kids going to school, but it is so dangerous. People have no civility anymore and can get violent and do whatever, because there is lawlessness. Gangs of criminals attack, rob, kidnap in broad daylight and on public transports and no one can stop it. It's heartbreaking to see how men treat women and their children as second class humans and push them, hurt them, insult them as a normal part of life. Police now shoots on the streets any illegal immigrant or suspected criminal.
      The subway train I am in just stopped at a station and there is a half a dozen policemen with guns ready to shoot some Hispanic guy who has a hostage and is waiting to get on board of the train with her, which incidentally s his wife. They actually don't shoot, because of so many people around and he comes on the subway. He is out of his mind, shouting, threatening everybody and he seats with the lady under his arm, pointing a gun to her.
      He is clearly mad and delusional and he claims we are all somehow guilty of whatever accusation against him on violence against his wife. He says something about her lawyers and suddenly he sees us as said lawyers and wants to kill us. As I see that he is ready to shoot randomly, when I see a chance I grab some crane or stick that I find nearby and I hit him in the head multiple times until he falls on the ground, still conscious, but no longer capable of doing anything at all, visibly fatally wounded. I feel horribly sick with what I did. But others treat me as a hero, saying I did what was necessary to save us all.

      Later I am at some family's home and a lady is telling her father that her kid is coming to the city to participate in the Olympic games and that she is accompanied by her father and coach. This lady's dad implies that there is a thing going on between the kid's dad and the coach. The mother minimizes its importance, what matters is the kid. She wants the grandpa to be at the competitions supporting his granddaughter. He claims it is too expensive and dangerous nowadays, but she promises to try get some special seats for athletes families. He still has decided he won't go. Being outside just became to dangerous and extremely unpleasant because of the heat and social unrest.

      Me and some friends have some special abilities, like going back in time and altering the past or flying. And there is a group who is trying to get to us and steal our powers, which we get from a kind of dark matter that we can extract from thin air.
      I go on a mission to some time in the past to alter something, but it isn't a moving normal reality, instead it is like landing on a rock solid static 3D picture and to alter anything, I have to fight huge forces that feel like gravity, like when I want to change positions of people and objects. In this case, I need to move a newspaper on a table to a certain page to be noticed by some man who will sit on the table, but turning the page is like turning a large rock.
      Just as I had accomplished it, one guy from the organization that hunts us down, appears in the situation, holding a bit of the black matter and we grabs me but I still can escape to my present time. In the present, they are chasing my friends mercilessly and they get hold them and them into a building with a large lobby with glass walls, concrete columns and a lake outside. I keep entering the facilities at night and I get closer and closer to find them. Then one night I find the room they are being kept in, but their agents come and see me there. I run and try to find my way backwards from where I came. I lose most of them in the chase, except for one lady agent who is relentless. I jump through a window, fearless as I summon some black matter that sustains me in my flight. But she also has some black matter and with a bit of fear she also jumps out of the window and tries to chase me. But they are far from mastering this thing and she just floats down to the ground as I soar through the sky, getting away from her.

      Visiting my cousin Ana. She is sharing an house with a dude I don't like so much at first sight but actually later I find him ok. She is very busy and basically leaves me at home alone. She has a new business of buying and remodeling houses and she is very excited with it. She leaves with the guy. I go to the toilet because my eyes hurt. I look in the mirror and I see I have a bunch of eyelashes in my eyes and I start removing them, feeling much relief.

      Then I go to the university, but strangely not to have classes with a regular teacher, but to receive teachings from my Buddhist teacher. My colleagues enter an auditorium where the teaching will happen and there is a lot of noise and confusion inside. When I go in I see my colleagues debating with a bunch of other people who are already sitting there for another class. There was a double reservation of this room, but those who came first won the right to stay. I go outside again and my teacher walks by with the usual entourage around him and just goes away when learning the teaching was postponed until a new room is found available. But as he goes away, I notice a sneaky eye contact with me.

      It's judgement day and the world is being slowly torn apart in a vortex spiraling from all directions. From any place we stand, the vision is that of a cylindrical tube, at which opposite sides the vortex is destroying everything. But it works to my left and right and also to my front and back and other directions. And somewhere in the exact center there is a sweet spot of calmness. There is chaos everywhere with buildings collapsing, people running aimlessly, but in the center where I stand, there is an angelic baby, with golden locks, all alone, sitting in absolute peace. I go towards him and cuddle his head. He is smiling and I feel peace too. I turn around for a second and he disappears. Then people around me reach a new level of hysteria and I see electricity cables ripping apart and swinging on the streets, electrocuting whomever gets caught in the way. I look for cover but I am hit by it a couple of times. But doesn't do me any harm. I still decide to take cover inside some building, so I enter a food court and find and absolutely calm environment. There are two vegetarian fast food companies selling their delicacies over a counter. I start with the guys from the right who are preparing vegan pizzas and I want to try but they claim it will still take a while. So then I turn to the guys on the left to see what they have and they offer me some salads as a starter and some vegan patties. Oh well, if it's the end of the world, I will die happy
    4. Friday, June 29

      by , 08-28-2018 at 08:16 PM
      I am somewhere outside with two familiar others (they feel familiar to me in the dream, though Iím not sure who they really are). The area seems to be dry, open and flat, and desolate. Two cars are parked right next to each other, and there is a man beside one of them (I want to say he looks like the guy with dark hair from Jurassic Park - I look him up right now and confirm Iím thinking of Jeff Goldblum, also thinking that I saw a picture of a man that looks like him yesterday). We are behind this other car and for some reason engaged in a gunfight with this man. I think I have the only other pistol - the other being his. Iíve shot a few rounds towards him, when the slider automatically locks itself in a cocked position, exposing the shiny silver barrel and pronouncing itself out of ammunition. I start to fear, until one of the others tosses me a single bullet. This reinvigorates me, and with certainty I proclaim ďIím going to kill him.Ē I raise up after loading and I think I only hit him in the leg. He ends up running away. We end up tracking him down to a house. We are in a cul-de-sac, though a fairly long one (with maybe 10 houses). It and its average looking suburban houses seem proportionate but subtly colossal. It is dim, as if twilight. I go to the other side of the street and try to conceal myself somewhat up against a house in which it seems there is nobody home. There is, however, a white truck backed into the driveway. The shadows here make it seem even darker out. I know that what will ensue will be a fight to the death, and Iím apprehensive and maybe slightly fearful. I imagine someone with a sword fighting me with the intent to kill, and the reality of that makes me uneasy. We know that a house on this street is unlocked, and that heís sitting in it, waiting for us. From on the dirt, I grab some kind of trowel shaped tool with an edge on it, as well as something else that can be utilized as a weapon. Now, the others are up ahead and theyíve opened the front door. Thereís a small stone terrace with 2 stone pillars, past which light from the inside is illuminating the others. They are, with swords, fighting an onslaught of what I can only describe as goblin-like creatures. I think the others are one male and one female. One stands by the door and aims to slice the creaturesí necks, while the other stands at the bottom of the few steps, finishing them off. They have created a substantial pile of bodies. I attack a few that escape the others.
    5. 18-04-07 Lily Was Here, Fighting Back Against Killer

      by , 04-07-2018 at 05:47 PM
      Some stuff happened and someone said my theme song is Candy Dulfer's 'Lily Was Here'.

      In the next dream me and a group of people were desperately trying to escape a house to get away from a homicidal maniac. I tried the back door leading to the garden (now I realize the layout was from the place my family used to live) but it was blocked by plastic. The other people near me immediately gave up and started looking for another way, but I kept tearing at the plastic until I could open the door. But then for some reason, I went back into what is the kitchen in real life, and together with another person, attacked the homicidal maniac. The killer was a woman, and I think she wore white face paint. She did not expect her victims to fight back. I stabbed her multiple times, and shot her with my gun. Even after she was down, I kept shooting.

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    6. 18-01-27 Lots of Hallucinations

      by , 01-27-2018 at 10:23 PM
      I had a lot more of these waking hallucinations I've been having since two days ago. I remember little of their content, but they all felt so... significant. Like it's not supposed to be able to happen. I recall a remote viewing event, wanting to know the time and 'seeing' a clock through my closed eyes, and more cool shenanigans. I had an amazing degree of control over their content. Like I was controlling the story through my fantasies, fantasies that manifested themselves right in front of me. Like I was the character and 'director' of my dream at the same time.

      There was a moment I fantasized about meeting 'her'. The scene that unfolded in front of me was me walking up to a stage, manned by a full crew (like light and sound guys, stuff like that). I thought I'd prefer some privacy for an encounter like this, but I went along with in, anyway. I approached what looked like a wooden shape of an airplane (?) on the set. I couldn't see her, but knew 'she' was in the right seat. I took the seat next to her.

      The story continued and went off some wild tangent, and I wondered if I hadn't strayed too far from the original plot.

      One of the hallucinations turned a bit violent. Some guy did something that made me very angry, and I think I somehow got him onto the ground. I woke up feeling such intense hatred, adrenaline literally coursing through my veins. The hallucination turned to mere fantasy as I woke. I fantasized about smashing his skull to bits with a baseball bat. As my awareness of the real world got stronger, the hate subsided and I calmed down.

      Another hallucination happened while I was listening to the newest album of Carbon Based Lifeforms. I went from dream to wakefulness so sudden, I could 'hear the silence', and suddenly regaining my hearing and hearing the music. Like my consciousness went 'online' a second or so before my hearing did.

      In another dream I was being flown around a tropical environment (I think it was supposed to be the Miami area, but it looked 'flooded' and primitive somehow. Somewhat post-apocalyptic yet fully inhabited. Watching the other guy fly somehow made me realize I could do it myself. I was in the water (hard to explain again, water surrounded by shanty town houses/buildings, and had to scale a high wall. The others just flew up and over it, but I had trouble taking off from the water. I found a chair, partially submerged and attached to a wall, and decided to climb on it to give me a little boost. That's when I woke up.

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    7. 18-01-24 Allies & Italian Axis, Fighting Big Guy

      by , 01-25-2018 at 04:24 AM
      In in some kind of high-tech base, attacking the control room held by Italian fascists. I killed everybody in there, but was then attacked by reinforcements coming from an outdoor corridor linking the allied and axis headquarters (architecture is once again almost impossible to explain). One of them possibly controlled some kind of mech suit. Anyway, they were all dead in the end. I crossed the corridor and went into the other headquarters. Once again, more fascists. But these guys didn't know I was the enemy yet, and the guards greeted me as if I was a friend. I think I realized I forgot something and decided to 'load the game' to get to the previous HQ faster. Instead of ending up in the room full of dead fascists, the corpses had despawned and the room was now occupied by allies. One of these allies, however, angrily told me I wasn't allowed to be here. I said I liberated this room just a few minutes earlier, and that that should earn me at least 15 seconds to do what I needed to do here. Nope. A big black guy easily two heads taller than me (and muscles like a body builder) told me to 'get out, or else'. Slightly stunned, I obeyed. It didn't sit well with me, though. Not at all. I was fuming, in fact. I went back inside, and attacked the guy whom I felt had insulted me. I knew he was armed (I wasn't), but I had the element of surprised so he couldn't draw. We wrestled for a bit. He was strong, stronger than me, but I appeared to possess skill in martial arts (looked like Jiu Jitsu), as I used techniques I do not master in real life. I used his strength against him to force him to the ground. I reached for his shotgun and took it. After some more wrestling, I managed to aim it for his head and pull the trigger. The 'click' sound told me there were no shells in the chamber. He laughed, thinking he'd won. I inserted a shell, and racked the slide. He reached for the weapon, hoping to turn it against me. It didn't work. I had the gun aimed for his head, and was ready to pull the trigger when I woke up.

      The dream faded, and I fantasized about the shot blowing his head off. I hadn't really thought it through, though. If I killed him, wouldn't all the other allied forced immediately kill me, considering they were all armed? Perhaps I didn't care, as this felt like a video game, anyway.
    8. 17-12-07 Japanese Time Portal, Dad Being a Dick - Act II

      by , 12-21-2017 at 03:50 PM
      Notes say 'heroes in city', not sure what that refers to. I do vaguely remember some kind of 'time portal' in a wall (an ancient Japanese wall, with gorgeous paintings). There was a soundtrack. At some point Hiro Nakamura shows up (comes back from the past or future), but with prosthetic limbs, and a coffee machine on his head?

      Second dream. Dad being a dick again and talking shit about me because the model airplanes I made as a child look like shit in his opinion. He says I'm as lazy as my "good-for-nothing brother". I feel powerless and enraged by it. I fantasized about murdering the shit out of him by ripping off his head. That's what tends to happen when I feel powerless. It's like I become a cornered wild animal. I get really, really mad. I woke up breathing rapidly, still upset. And disturbed by the level of imaginary violence I just unleashed on someone who did nothing to me in real life, and I'm supposed to love.

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    9. 17-11-18 Gliding Down to Map, P*ssed Myself

      by , 12-21-2017 at 12:05 PM
      I was playing some kind of open world game. I could see down from the edge of the map, where I could see another map far below. I wanted to glide down (like in Guild Wars 2) there but I was too scared. It was a big drop. Easily several miles.

      Notes say "stabbing guy in house, while trapped". No idea what it means. Guess I went medieval on some guy again?

      Kind of embarrassing, this one. I had somehow pissed all over myself. I was in a big house. I desperately wanted to shower it off, but there were people in the mansion constantly annoying me and asking me to go with them so I had to conceal the fact I'd pissed all over myself. Good times.
    10. 17-11-16 Hunting People Down in Truck

      by , 11-16-2017 at 07:33 PM
      Earliest memory of the dream is a firefight in a parking lot at night. I was firing on two other guys with a shotgun, and before that with a carbine. I was very annoyed they wouldn't die despite hitting them at point-blank range. They escaped in a vehicle. Not content to give up the chase, I break into a car myself, hotwire it, and pursue them. This all felt very much like a video game, like GTA V. Anyway, I'm racing through the streets, trying to find them. I'm driving a big rig now, with a massive and sharp "scoop" mounted on the front. I see my victims. I think they drove into a wall and were stuck. I went full speed and smashed into them as hard as I could. The scoop went right through their windows (their car was a kind of armored van now?), quite possibly killing them all there and then. I rammed them a few more times to make sure. Suddenly my truck was gone, and I was on foot, holding the crushed car in my hand (it was really small all of a sudden?) and smashing it into walls and the ground in a fit of extreme rage. Their car was little more than a flat sheet of crushed metal now, covered in blood. Someone else was with me now. I realized we had to bail before the cops spotted us. As I ran off I could see a car approaching on the street, but I don't think it was a cop.

      I have some more vague flashes of earlier dreams, but nothing even remotely coherent. A food stand? A long road in the countryside? A part of a "Serious Sam" level?
      Tags: rage, truck, violence
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. 17-11-13 Violent Incident, Money Trouble

      by , 11-13-2017 at 05:04 PM
      I was in an industrial-looking environment. I don't remember why, but I tossed a bottle of compressed gas (air, or something more explosive) at two welders. The bottle exploded and presumably killed one of them. Or at least knocked him out. The other one, a woman, followed me into another room and attacked me. There was a brief fight, and then I beat her to death using a kind of stick. Turns out 'she' was transsexual.

      In a slightly less horrific dream, I felt guilt over going to the movies because I have no job at the moment. That dream isn't even a dream, it's just reality.

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    12. 17-10-07 Battle Royale

      by , 10-08-2017 at 03:54 AM
      Should not have watched scenes of this movie, haha! I was in a gun battle with several other people. Two men were shooting at each other, and I was firing my pistol at one of them (he had his back to me). He had a health bar. He was down to 9% health, and my hits (I was definitely hitting him) did no damage, so I suspected "hax". Then at one point two more people attacked me from the left. I grabbed a shotgun and fired on them, but probably missed. Also typical, I found it very hard to pull the trigger of my pistol. This *always* happens in my gun dreams. Triggers are impossible to pull. I didn't get killed, but woke up nevertheless. Let's call it a draw?
    13. 17-05-02 School Again, Stabbing Kitten

      by , 05-05-2017 at 02:37 AM
      Another dream in which I have to go back to high school... it never ends. This time though, it didn't feel like a nightmare. I felt okay with it.
      I also recall having a heartfelt conversation with one of my former bullies, Max. That was nice.

      Awful dream. I was holding a kitten in one hand. I wanted to cause myself emotional pain by hurting the innocent, and losing my own innocence in the process. I wanted to do something awful, knowing it would hurt me. I repeatedly stabbed the little kitten with a knife...
      Tags: school, violence
    14. 2017.04.10 - Was this once a book?

      by , 04-11-2017 at 01:14 AM (Discovery of the Mind: Xereniak's DJ)
      Recall Begins:

      I am a young girl, perhaps 13~15. I find a family that lives in hideaways and works in large steel barns, creating dubious devices. They are a form of Mafia, but take me in as one of their own. One day, I walked out to the barns to see the things they were creating there. This was a heinous act against the rules, as I was told many times to never look there. I walked straight into the final barn in the row of perhaps 6 barns and saw something that attested to the evil of the family. What it was I can not recall. When I saw it, I ran from those who were in the barn, but they've got backup from where I came from before I could push through that way. Instead, I turned my path toward the nearest person coming, jumped into the air as I traveled, and attempted to land a curled fist straight into their face. However, I have troubles aiming in dreams. Extreme problems. I may have become moderately lucid at this point, as I rewind the dream repeatedly until my fist connects, hard. More backup arrives and I take a similar approach with these men, utilizing attack moves that look more like break dancing than fighting, but it got the job done. I continue to run, and make it to the children's dwelling area.
      I can see that some of my friends want to help me, but also fear greatly the punishment for disobedience. The dwelling itself is technically hidden within a secret chamber, but enough people knew about it that I knew at least someone would know where to find me. I am most certainly lucid by this point, as I vividly recall declaring within that this is a dream, and that if I expect to find another, new hidden passageway in the wall I was reaching for, that I would find one. Lo and behold,
      the solid wall I was fast approaching gave way as a door, and I was able to slip into a new room.
      I am not sure what my state of lucidity is from this point on, but I know that the thoughts as they occur do not reflect either my waking state thoughts or that of the dream character I had become. Instead of remaining in secrecy, by some thought,
      I decided to relinquish dream control, and the walls of the new room faded away. Some children found me, and reported me, bringing me before the council. The punishment for this crime, and I knew it before I had done the thing which I did,
      was as thus: to receive a bite from a highly venomous snake which they nurtured in a fountain centered in the council circle. I felt a sense of deja vu at this point as if I had experienced this plot before somehow, perhaps having read it in a book at some point. Knowing what would happen next, I stepped, with some trepidation, into the fountain. I backed out a few times, but the third time I boldly stood as the snake latched onto my right index finger.
      The pain hurt greatly, but also not at all. I knew that it was a dream again, and knowing that my fate involved a painful and long duration of agony, filled with feverish fits, pain, loneliness, and thoughts that I would likely die, I choose to dissolve the mafia, their council, and evidence of their ever existing from the dream. Again, these thoughts do not reflect my own as I would reason but seemed to be of the dream character this time. With the Mafia's influence erased, the steel barns were re-written as the new setting for the rest of the dream to follow.I am no longer lucid after the jump,
      and unsure of what character I am. There are two other individuals with me, one 20-year-old junkrat who's crazy blond afro gave her a reckless air when combined with her ratty tank top and torn jeans. She had a natural affinity for taking apart and building things with total junk, which may have included the Gatling gun slung on her hip like I had my handguns. The other appeared to be aged 28, darkly moody, and dangerous. Like me, he wielded dual handguns, which were concealed within his black coat. I presumed the coat's color was picked to match his hair color, but he corrected me in saying it was to match his pants. Aside from that, he was in charge of carrying around Junkrat's tools, such as a tremendously oversized bolt-cutter used on my highschool's pop machine. It was as we were taking parts out of said pop machine that we were rudely interrupted by about half the student body. For some reason, I think some of them had guns.
      They surrounded our group, with the likely intent to either take us custody or kill us, neither which option seemed particularly appealing. I tried a desperado to fend them off, which failed and I had to reload. After the reload, I was on the other side of one of the groups surrounding ours, and from this spot, I noticed a little girl, perhaps 8 years old. She wore a distinctly colorful outfit, that gave off an anime character vibe. She then merged into the story as if she had been there the whole time, and was a part of our ragtag trio. She then proceeded to "help us out" by emitting a voice which had the effect of paralyzing all the other students. Somehow, the next thing I can recall is one by one shooting each student in the head,
      possibly because the paralysis has a limited time effect, and this would be our only chance (but why not run?). After dispatching most of the students there, I walk up the ramp and head to Math class like nothing happened. Principal M is teaching the class, and I see my old buddy Del there. Principal M gets after him, probably for being a trouble maker,
      before beginning the class. I take a test for a few minutes, before the entire east wall dissappears, and we are very high up. The class notices some power line workers standing in this weird contraption, where two guys have to hold up each side which they're standing in, while the other works in the middle. The are also very, very high off the ground, about 100 meters up and 100 meters away from us. Suddenly, one man loses his position and tumbles off. The contraption is no longer stable, and the other two fall off as well. The entire class watches in horror as these guys fall to their deaths far below. Somehow, it was much more shocking than shooting half the school. As we look at their corpses below, suddenly,
      they stand up, perfectly fine. Principal M then explains that he had given each of them a wind rune, so that they wouldn't be hurt by falling.

      Recall Ends.
    15. 2017.04.08 - Ragnarok & Friends/Empty Memories

      by , 04-10-2017 at 11:27 PM (Discovery of the Mind: Xereniak's DJ)
      Recall Begins:

      In the online MMORPG Ragnarok Online, I am leveling a Magic build Doram Summoner in what appears to be low-TI (level 71-100). I'm not level 100 yet, as I don't have any charms to reduce my cast times for CNM, and so I am having trouble solo leveling without a Morpheus Set or Doram Set. I travel some distance away to escape the mobs and find a location with a small building and seating. The camera angle shifts down, and now I am no longer a Doram, but me. Managers R and A are there, but largely ignore me after a hurried greeting. Two of my buddies from high school, D & J are distinctly present, and I feel that there were others present from my school as well. I spoke with them for some time before the recall ends.

      Dream Fragments

      There were two dream fragments that were definitely together as one dream at one point, but I simply cannot recall enough details. One was on a serene mountainscape, with high rising cliff faces enclosing me in, except on the back face from which I hiked up. In fact, the entire dream itself for awhile may have just been a nature hike.

      The second portion's recall begins with me getting into a fight with a Korean boy about ~17 years in age. I hop into a truck and try to drive him down. I chase him all the way from the calm mountain side into a populated city core, before plowing into an empty department store, picking him up by the throat (while driving) and then losing recall.

      Recall Ends.
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