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    1. Dream about public sex

      by , 12-29-2012 at 12:52 PM
      Theres a girl i really like but i dont see us being together - lets call her A. And theres this girl that i liked for a really long time and i think she likes me- lets call her G. Note that I am 16.

      I was walking with A in a town and we met this couple. Next minute, the couple are having sex underneath something and so are A and I. People can see us, were all fully clothed. A was acting really casual about it - I dont think she knows Im a virgin - and i hated it. I saw G whilst we were doing it, i saw sadness on her face but i didnt express regret when she walked away. I stopped having sex before climax.

      After this we walked through the town, the exact way we came through, holding hands. We were talking and all i remember is saying that it was sh*t and i hated it. I wanted intimacy.

      Then, under a bridge, some people with guitars were playing and we challenged them to a battle of bands - I had watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World before going to bed, so that was obvious. I play guitar

      Please tell me what this means

      Thanks sleepknight
    2. I didn't order this Bloody Mary

      by , 06-15-2011 at 06:00 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      Recovered from DV's crash...

      I've gone out for dinner with a bunch of work friends. It's the kind of place that you get to go through and see how everything is made. First we see massive pies being made, one cherry, one apple. They are so large that inside there is actually an active volcano, complete with magma. Some of the girls I am with dig around in the sides of one of the pies when no one is looking and burn their hands. Then we're trying to pack the material, which oddly looks like chocolate cake, back in. We get to taste both pies.

      Next we see a massive pizza being made and get to sample it. I have a small piece of that. After our tour is complete we are lead to the actual restaurant part of the place. We all want to sit at the same table, but one of the guys, "Mike" knows some other party in the restaurant and invites them over. They join us and take up all the seats. Two others as well as myself are left standing there like idiots. We are lead to another table.

      When we sit down a younger guy runs up to tell us he's out celebrating the loss of his virginity. We all slap him on the back, congratulating him, laughing and asking him how it went. He tells us it was disgusting, then we end up talking about birth control options. He tells us the girl is allergic to the pill.

      I try to order something because I'm really quite hungry, but I want pasta, which is not on the menu. The waiter is getting impatient, so I order a coke for now while I keep searching through the menu. Time seems to fly by and everyone else is finished eating. I finally settle for just another slice of apple pie, but now there is no time left and we have to leave.

      We can't seen to get our bill. The waiters are all very busy, running around the place. We finally just go up to the front entrance. There's a problem with the bill, they are trying to charge me for food I did not get, seems the left over orders from the other table (who paid and left before us) were left to me to pay. One item is a Bloody Mary, which I certainly didn't drink. I try to explain that I had only a coke and some small scraps of pie and pizza in the factory tour.

      The manager comes over and tells the person dealing with our bill that it's been contracted out to pay over a period of 6 months, and so we can leave.