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    1. 3 Dec: Detonation of a harmless bomb

      by , 12-04-2018 at 10:59 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Something about russians and some test. Something on a public swimming pool, with a couple of ladies, crossing the locker room to avoid or meet someone, but then getting excited about a swim in the pool.

      A friend says he invented a simulation of a nuclear bomb, but without radiation and the blast is harmless so wants to test it. I'm not feeling sure about that, but he insists on blowing it up and says we can hide in an underground shelter nearby. Strangely enough, he sets it off in the middle of a town, so I wonder about all other people if the test goes wrong. Anyway, he is not going to stop for anything and he blasts the thing off. The shock wave is strangely slow, so we can run ahead of it and seek the shelter. He doesn't go, but me and Alex and Zilla we run to it. Zilla is the only one who knows where it is. Alex trips when we cross a bridge and he grabs a piece of my clothing asking for help. But I tell him "it's ok, the bomb is harmless, you'll be fine." And I shrug him off and keep going (watch a bitch I can be). I look back a few steps later and ask him if he'll be ok? He ain't sure, but he doesn't complain and gets up to keep running.
      Zilla finally stops behind a building with a garden and I ask if the bunker is there. She says no and that she also wants to experience the blast on the surface, but she is taking cover behind the building She finds a hose on a wall and takes an improvised shower. Recommends me to do the same, in case the blast is hot. I feel pretty upset with all this and think these guys are just fucking insane. The blast is coming.

      I am a at a supermarket with Riverstone, shopping for food. Some troll just put 200€ of frozen fish on our trolley. We're vegetarian, I ask the cashier to keep it and take it away, but Riverstone is looking at all the codfish and saying maybe we should buy it for special occasions. I am pissed he is even considering that and say "absolutely no".

      Everyone seems to be losing his/her voice. I am also starting to loose mine. It's some virus that's going around and infecting more and more people. It's afflictive.
    2. Plagues and Emotional Ties

      by , 09-20-2016 at 04:36 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      Oi, oi, I'm back from the shadows of a five day slump of upset emotions and sadness. Things have cooled down now though, and I've brought two dreams with me for this entry!
      This first one was from the morning before this morning.
      I was in a school (who would've thunk it), or more specifically, a choir class. We were all singing some song, and for some reason, all the kids around me were 5th graders, while I was the only young adult in the room, aside from the teachers standing around watching our performance. Suddenly, alarms blared! Doctors came in from every which way! What was going on?
      The answer to that question appeared in the form of the head of the doctors, a nurse with a demanding presence but kind demeanor. She strolled her way in, feet clacking on the floor as we all stared in a mixture of confusion and horror. She stopped walking, waited a moment, and explained to us that a virus was going through the school. Not just any virus though; it was a lethal, fast-spreading virus, and all of the kids had to be quarantined immediately. With a snap of her fingers, the doctors began rounding up the kids and escorting them out of the choir room. For some reason, nobody came up to me, making me the last one in the room, along with the teachers and the head nurse.
      There was some more to this dream involving me questioning the nurse about the outbreak, but I don't remember it.
      Next is my fragment from this morning. And it's real sparse one at that; only specific scenes and characters remembered.
      A school was involved. (this may as well be a dream sign at this point along with K and my ex). My ex was there. For some reason I was viewing the dream as an observer, but another me was in the dream, or rather, my middle-school-aged self, as one of the participating DCs. My dad was in the dream too, and he was running for president, campaigning through the school.
      Lately I've noticed a trend that whenever my emotions get upset or sad, it tends to dip my recall the following mornings, whereas if I'm feeling happier and more clear-headed, I tend to have more consistent recall. Don't really know if there's anything to that, but it's been an observable enough pattern that there may be something to it, at least for me.
    3. I Have A Deadly Ebola-Like Virus

      by , 11-10-2015 at 06:26 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)

      -I was searching online on Amazon looking to find a nice bracelet that would go with my “Not all who wander are lost” bracelet.

      I Have A Deadly Ebola-Like Virus

      I went swimming to see this giant whale-like creature. Next to it was a tiny fish which I was told was carrying a deadly virus. I tried to stay away from it but of course I got bitten.

      I was working at a youtube show like Buzzfeed(I recently went on a Buzzfeed-watching youtube spree) and I had my own little office at the headquarters. I was standing in my office when I just sort of collapsed. Peope in white bio-hazard suits came to get me and take me to the hospital, where I ended up getting my own room. I stayed in that room for weeks or even months. At one point I was out of my room and people got so mad at me that they wanted to kill me to prevent spreading the virus. I got progressively sicker and could barely move. My family would come visit me frequently. Eventually I got better but…

      The dream repeated

      This time I was watching a lady with a black dress and brown hair going to her colonoscopy appointment. She was walking really weirdly and I realized it was because of her heels. Then, I WAS that lady. I went into this huge building and looked around to figure out what room my appointment would be in. I was in this large room and there were people sitting/standing forming a large circle. I was in the middle of the circle. People realized I was sick with the deadly virus and everyone stayed away from me, trying to avoid contact. I got shipped off to the hospital again and this time got a nicer room, where I recovered for a second time.

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      Tags: dying, virus
    4. Are You My Constant? (10.24.15)

      by , 10-25-2015 at 02:55 PM
      *I had great increase in dream recall because I abstained from drinking or smoking just before bed. I've also been watching a lot of LOST and Heroes on Netflix so there are some parallels* Dream #1 Dream #2

      I was in this apartment complex with Dr. Mohinder Sharesh (heroes). We were running from these men in black who wanted to capture me and study me for my abilities of teleportation, telekinesis and time travel. My brother, who also can time travel, was already a couple years into the future, and he and I were communicating with this magical paper that I could write on and my brother years in the future could read it, and vice versa. He had told me that there had been a terrible virus spread throughout the world and many people were dead. Dr. Sharesh and I began working on an antidote immediately to prepare for this disaster. I began collecting samples and test tubes from this fridge like container for chemicals. I had told him that we need to work fast to prepare. Just then I looked outside to three floors below, men in black were at that moment getting out of their cars. I closed both doors leading to the room we were in from the hallway outside so that we had a bit more time before the men in black had apprehended us. The next few moments played out like a movie...the men in black busted through the door leading to our floor, guns drawn and ready to shoot at any moment. I close my eyes tight just as the break down the doors to our room. The men found only Dr. Sheresh alone in the room as I had time traveled. *Camera pans to the magical paper with my writing saying "I'm coming to you" and my brother's response, "What?"*

      The next thing I know I am in the same building, same floor, and I am in the hallway. The carpet was pulled up from the floor, and the walls beginning to crumble apart. I look around and realize that I had traveled years into the future. Just then, my brother comes running around the hall, with a big smile on his face, happy to see me. He takes my hands and says how happy he is to see me. He had a katana strapped to his back. He takes me into the same room I was in from the past, he sits on a couch, his back to the window. I look at him as we talk, and then I look past him to see the destruction of the city skyline. Towers and buildings were destroyed, reduced to nothing but shells of a once great society. I asked my brother if our parents had survived, his eyes welled up as he shook his head and began to cry. My brother then asked me what time I had come from, I looked him in the eye and said, "I think I came from the time when this all started, I think I came from where it began."

      I remember being in some sort of school that was holding a big conference or event. There were a lot of people. I remember being somewhat lucid as I mocked certain situations while still adhering to the dream plot. I was in this large girls' bathroom, remembering that I could do pretty much anything, I challenged every other girl in there to fight me. They kind of looked at me weird and didn't do anything at first. I had said something to the effect of "What, you bitches afraid you all can't take me? Come on! I'll let you all at me at once." That peaked their interest as they all started to attack me. Fighting all of them at once was easy. I blocked every kick and punch with ease, landing blows to them as I did. They quickly surrendered and I left the bathroom. I saw floods of people rushing in every hallway.

      The dream shifts and I am now looking out onto Lake Michigan witnessing one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. There are people playing in the lake as the golden orb of our star slowly lowered itself upon the water, a perfect reflection on the surface. I sat watching with school friends, old and new, in these bleacher style seats, almost like an amphitheater. I sat with a friend of mine to my left, a cute girl that I have come to sort of develop a crush on. Next to her on her left sits one of my old friends from high school. I was peaceful, taking in the beautiful scene before me. Then, the cute girl next to me rests her head on my shoulder, and I instinctively put my arm around her waist. The cute girl was also holding the hand of the girl next to her which was my high school friend, but being polyamorous, I wasn't hurt or angry at that situation. Then I had realized something, I had been in another dream just before that, a different dimension with a dire fate. I hopped up and began putting some pieces together. I said to the cute girl "Are you my constant? Are you here to simply comfort me and distract me from my task, so that I may stay in this world and forget the world before?" The girl just hung her head and looked at her feet. I sat right in front of her, put my face next to hers so I could whisper in her ear, "Are you my constant?" to which she said "I can't say". I just nodded my head thinking 'I knew it'. Then I asked, "do you like me, do you love me?" She didn't respond. I just got up, said I was getting lunch and left the scene.

      I was back at the music building of my school, practicing my saxophone, and actually playing a scale I had been working on IRL. It was then that I remembered I was getting food.

      I woke up
    5. CVS has all your epidemic cures

      by , 03-16-2015 at 03:55 AM
      What amazing recall I have...ugh. I know absolutely I dreamed last night, I just can't remember 90% of it!

      Here is what I DO remember

      - Some kind of mass disease situation going on, and alot of families driving to the local CVS and camping out there, waiting for a cure. The disease effected children, so everyone camping out had at least one child. I also remember a creepy guy there. I don't recall if he was trying to get the kids away from their parents to kidnap them, or if he was the one handing out the cure to the disease. In some way he was manipulating the parents or kids. The parents may have been hanging out in the parking lot in hopes of him releasing it.

      - In order for kids to be selected for the medicine, a match-up style game had to be played between two opponents. Kind of like a tournament. The game involved a shoebox sized wooden box with little wooden tiles inside. It was basically candy crush meets scrabble, I think. Matching up of different styles of the wood tiles was definitely part of it.

      Thats about it. Hopefully writing this down will cause my brain to leak out more detail on the next dream~!

      INSPIRATIONS: So obvious. I was talking to someone I call "semi-creepy guy" to myself, because he is..semi-creepy. So, as a result, I had a creepy stalker guy in my dream.
      Also, I have lately been addicted to the new Candycrush game, hence my certainty in the kind of game that was played in my dream.
    6. Hellish brown beast after my cats

      by , 01-12-2015 at 08:21 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Hellish brown beast after my cats (Non-lucid)


      I was doing ET contact in the country, but I was doing this during the day when suddenly, I heard a huge noise of a plane crashing. There was no fire, no screams, no dead people, in fact, they walked out fine from the plane, despite the plain being broken in half. I wanted to assist injured people with healing energy until the dream changed a scenario. There was something involving a train accident and I was next to my car about to leave somewhere when other plane crashed the same way.

      I wanted to look at my bag, and ensure the police did not grab some of my stuff thinking I was to blame. The police seemed to not care from what it was in my bag. I wanted to call a friend and tell her what the heck was going on with the planes. I saw a plastic phone with a monochrome screen in my bag. Something like this one, but it was all white and had no camera:

      The phone made an odd noise I teleported to a house. The phone was larger, like an i-pad, but made out of plastic and still with the black and white monochrome screen. Now it had a camera also. I heard a noise and went to the bathroom, and I saw like a map on my "i-pad" and a red dot. Every time I clicked the red dot, I was moved to the rooms, until I clicked it twice and went to a small room that had a spiderweb.

      There was a tiny spider, and the app said, "Writing spider" It was an extremely extra rare find that if I photographed, I would get something mind blowing on a game. I could see the spider with a tiny pencil and a paper. When I took its photo, it started to grow and turned into a hellish brown beast. It was like a rat, but very slender, with long arms and very sharp claws... this is the closest I could find:

      I closed the door, but the door did not covered all the way up to the roof, as it was a wavy decor so the little beast came out from there. It turned in some sort of demon cat and I was afraid it would kill my cats. She went after both of my cats and I pushed it away.

      After this, and killing the beast (no idea how) a lot of nonsense started. I saw a show that looked like "The human body" where there were some viruses that turned into broccolies (of different colors)

      A voice said they needed to be eliminated, otherwise a big mess would happen. Sure enough it did. They turned into football players and these kept growing into demons, black shadows that were attacking some city hall and only using white light was good to defeat them, lucky me I could channel it.
      Tags: beast, cats, virus
    7. World turning upside-down

      by , 01-10-2015 at 09:47 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was sitting in my room, and coding something in C++ using my laptop. I went to check something on younger sisters PC, which had worse CPU, but better GPU. Suddenly I realised that it's brand new PC. It was full of random stuff, sisters files and games, although it worked worse than my laptop. I tried to check something on it, but then a weird, stupid cartoon about game developers appeared on my laptop. I closed it, but the sounds were still on. I used my flash memory to get some files, but I realise that I've got powerful virus on it. It was named KermitExt, and it was responsible for explosions of random devices. I also realised that I have a micro chip in my jacket, with the same virus. I went out of my home, and police came. Someone had the same trouble. They took him to the police station. A woman working with them come to me, and I told her what's going on. I went to the building where my friend was working. It was a skyscraper of big, global corporation. I entered it, and looked for my friend, a general programmer. I was searching for him. Whole building was new. Looking for my friend I mistakenly went through the wrong corridor. I entered the dining hall. It was full of antique, wooden furniture. I've came back to entrance, and asked where his office is. I went the right corridor, and went a little too far. I cam back, and entered his office. It was dark, the dim light of PC screen the room gave somehow moody feeling to this room. It was more like a house room, than the office. It was bedroom, kitchen and workplace in one. I saw him. Male, close to his thirties, black hair and grey eyes. He was laying in bed with a woman. Blonde, also close to her thirties, but stunningly beautiful. I showed him my jacket and flash memory. He started to work on some code, and told me that it's done, but after a while screen of his PC exploded. Alarm has turned on. We were running towards emergency exit on the rooftop, to wait of a helicopter. As we runned, the world startedd rolling and turning upside down. It was hard but I made it. When we opened the emergency exit doors, the world has already turned to the side. We've fallen and grabbed railings. We were hanging there. We couldn't see anything in the surroundings, just sky. I tried to climb, but after a while the rail I hold broke, and I've fallen into the other side of building. The woman that was with my friend did the same, and we both fallen into the skyscraper that hasn't turned to its side. I don't know what happened to the rest, asa the world was turning all the time. We ran through office areas. Everything was badly damaged, but we ran outside. There were two bikes, just waiting for us. We drove with them through the road in the middle nowhere. It was dark, cold and cloudy night. We were driving, but suddenly car appeared from the other side. I told her to stop, and turn the lamp in bike off. Someone went out of car, and started shooting. After they shot somebody, they drove away.
    8. Cave

      by , 11-22-2014 at 02:25 PM
      So I've recently joined this site, and thought I'd put up a few things I wrote down. I don't regularly maintain a DJ, but I have a notebook I keep random notes and stuff in, and I put a few dreams in there.

      No date on this one, by location in notebook, I estimate end of 2013:

      Stuck in cave with many other people, blast it open but water rushes in, have to swim out of the opening, but it's underneath the water. Most people not having any trouble, but I keep floating on top weakly instead of being able to dive down. Air is running out, I have to hurry. Finally swim out into an airport.
      (I remember this one had something to do with terrorists, but I guess I was too lazy to write down the rest of the dream. Also, I think the airport kind of looked like a mall for some reason.)

      No date on this one either, probably summer 2014:
      • Anna (my name in this dream for some reason), have to save someone whose name starts with a D, Dom? Dido?
      • Short blade
      • There's some kind of virus, it grows out of love into violence (causing people to be violent to the ones they love)
      • The virus spreads to her children (Anna's?)
      • Some kind of enemy army nearby (set in a much older time, think around Mongolian era or older)
      • Someone yelled 'Anna, no!'
      • I (being Anna) stab myself in the stomach and fall on my back

      (This one I remember actually feeling the warmth of the blood and as I died (not instantly) I woke up. Weird stuff.)

      This one was written immediately after the last one in same pen, looks continuous. I think they happened in the same night:
      • Jumped from ~20th floor, felt like all my organs and body hurt but I was mostly fine and walking around like normal
      • Went back up in an elevator
      • No intention of dying, I must have been locked out on the balcony by someone?

      I've got about 3 more in this notebook here, slightly longer ones. I'll post them later.

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    9. Home Base - 1st Experience

      by , 02-28-2014 at 04:44 PM (Into the Ether)
      A couple friends and I are working on a shared dreaming project. One which involves a still standing Castle in Europe and using it as a home base.

      1. Visiting a place near a body of water. Looked like our Home Castle, yet different in certain ways. I never went inside, but there was water surrounding the property, clear water, fresh (didn't look like the pictures we viewed.) On the edges of the water had a lot of plants and vegetation, it actually could have passed for a luxury hotel. I'm with others. We board a medium sized water vessel with a group of people and visited a nearby island. Sen (?) and I went swimming underwater, think Wg was nearby too. I watched as someone transformed themselves into a barracuda type fish. Other fish swam away, haha. Then I changed too. Shortly after the island adventure I'm standing in front of a woman with another man. She tells him that it's too bad he's not taller with blonde hair. Odd.

      2. When we were done we went back to the Castle. I was running around searching for something. Forgot what. Eventually I find a puppy and recall floods in. I realize I was at the Castle earlier in dreaming and now I'm trying to figure out a way to keep the recall (lol), thinking that none of this will be remembered (LOL). I'm also either trying to get a message from the puppy or I'm trying to give it a message for Wg and Sen. It was small, mostly white with brown spots.

      3. Some point along the night I was in Egypt. There was a ceremony but also a disruption. I vaguely recall racing through corridors trying to escape something (come to think of it, that may have been the caves.)

      4. Then at another point I'm driving and manage to crash about three vehicles, moving from one to the next. When I crashed the third I realized perhaps driving isn't the best thing for me to be doing. I seem to be having a bad string of luck with cars/motorcycles. The final vehicle I crash I'm able to move with my mind to get it out of the way of other traffic (I was in a one-lane area of a very busy highway.)

      5. I'm on a stretch of road and climb into the back of a parked truck. There's something inside I'm going after. I find it, it's a clear large vial/jar. I read the label on it, it's a lethal virus (can't recall the name.) I'm careful as I open it, vapor streams from the opening. I hold my breath, thinking that might help. I remove the lid completely, invert it, insert a long tube then replace the lid. Hop out and run back to a waiting car (think Sen was driving).

      6. I make my way inside a nearby university/Castle? I talk to a few people, then a male professor, then I find an Indian woman sitting in a large open room on the steps. I sit down near her and we speak respectfully. (Felt like the Priestess). She's heavy-set, older, tan skin (first time I've seen her in human form, usually it's whispy ethereal forms.) She shows me something, she takes a piece of what looks like coal and ingests it. It enters her body and I can see the reaction in her, smoke begins pouring from skin, it's eating her flesh from the looks of it. I'm concerned at this point, standing up about to try and assist, when she stands up and then shits out the piece of coal. Her body returns to the prior healthy appearance and she smiles at me. Again, I think this was another lesson for me but again, the lesson is difficult to grasp. A woman of very few, if any, words.
      lucid , memorable
    10. 3 Nov: Zombie 'apocalypse'

      by , 11-03-2013 at 10:21 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I'm at a hostel in an old factory brick building. There's an outbreak of some nasty disease which is killing a lot of people and we stay mostly indoors in self-quarantine, hoping for the best. But some people who get infected don't die and simply get very sick, lose their minds and become zombie-like, attacking everybody else. We keep moving to upper levels in the building, until we're barricated on the last one with access to a terrace. The food is becoming scarce. We're on the terrace trying to evaluate how are things outside. We don't see or hear anything for a long time. Maybe even the zombies are gone for good, we don't know.
      That's when a van parks on the street in front and a lday comes out. She sees her and engages in conversation with us. Says she and others are looking for groups of survivors like us to join them in a place surrounded by high walls, where they want to start a community. She says there are still zombies out there, they are just weaker and more scattered, so it's ok if we get down and go with her, as long as we limit the time we stay outside. So we join the community. Groups of people keep flocking to it. They had planned a certain population, but the word seems to have passed on, and more people are still coming. This community is quite organized, there's equipment for our basic needs, we're somewhat safe inside the perimeter, with the occasional breach being quickly controlled, some people work on crafts, others cultivate food, others provide medical care. But at some point it starts collapsing due to excessive population, famine and sickness. I walk around the premise and I go check the "food area": there's only cactus and other plants we wouldn't normally eat and I can see most of it are plants that grow spontaneously but not abundantly and are also not very nutritious and will run out fast. I pass by the "medical area" and it's concerning the ammount of people who are sick and undernourished and nobody can help them, because there's no more drugs or possibility to treat them. And just by the side of this area is the morgue/cemetery and that's where things get really depressing. Due to the hopeless situation, people have decided not to bury the dead anymore, but to skin and cut the bodies and use their meat to feed the living. So this cemetery now resembles a slaughterhouse, there's even a kind of (dis)assembly line where the bodies go sequentially through the different stages: undressed, washed, skinned and chopped. I have the thought that this is very much the idea of a tibetan-buddhist charnel ground, but instead of the meat being fed to the vultures, it feeds other people. I am filled with an immense sadness. I wonder why. Is it the people dying? They've been dying for some time already. No, it's to see them dying and immediately becoming meat. It strips them from having had any meaningful existence, they become nobody, they are just heaps of flesh. People have done it to other beings for so long, now karma is doing its work.

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    11. 07/15/13 The Infection

      by , 07-19-2013 at 10:13 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      The Infection
      I am in the sick bay of the tower on the moon. I am there with Janet and Washu. I am talking to Janet. She says she can check to see if I have actually been infected by a foreign virus, just lie down on one of the beds and she will do a scan. Right now my mind isn't particularly clear, so I don't remember what she might be talking about. What virus might I be infected with? Can it be cured? If it can't be cured, what will it do? I go over to one of the beds and lie down on my back while Janet goes over to one of the computers and initiates a scan.

      She looks at the scan for a few minutes, reads a couple things on the output, and then looks at a couple graphs of some kind on a different display. She comes back to the bed and looks at me for a bit to be sure I am paying attention. She says it seems I have been infected by an interesting virus. She says it isn't immediately clear what the virus is meant to do, however, because it appears the virus is dying off even as we speak. I ask her how much of the virus is left in my dream body. She says it will be completely gone within another day or two. I ask her if she can tell why it is dying off. She says it looks like my nanites are eliminating it, probably because they are programmed to eliminate anything intrusive, and the virus was identified as intrusive. She asks me if I am actually wanting to keep the virus for some reason. I ask her if it could possibly have a beneficial effect. She says she can't tell without taking a sample and analyzing it for a while. She asks if I know where I got it. My mind is clearing now, and I can remember two possible sources of an intrusive virus. I tell her either it is the Mercer Virus as depicted in Prototype which I obtained directly from Alex Mercer after Witchblade failed to form and block an attack, or the fucking Templars actually found a way to get something past all of my defenses. She says we need to find that out, because if the Templars are coming up with new methods, we have to counter that. I get out of bed and go to one of the portal generators. I focus on locating the specific Alex Mercer that I think might have infected me. The portal opens and I go through. On the other side I am in a room with a couple of people. A woman, Dana Mercer, is sitting at a computer doing something. Alex is behind her looking at the screen.

      As I appear Alex turns around and sees me there. He asks where I came from… and for that matter, where did I disappear to last time? I just disappeared into thin air… I say that must mean he has seen me before, which I figure is a good sign… He looks at me strangely and says of course he remembers seeing me before. I feel the dream slipping already, and I want to find out what I came to find out before I wake up. So I ask Alex if he infected me with a virus on my last visit there. He seems to hesitate a bit and then says yes. He seems surprised when I tell him that's a relief. I add that it is far better than the alternative… the idea that the Templars… err… you don't know the Templars here, so I'll just say Gentek since they're really the same people… found a way past my defenses and infected me with something. I tell him there's nothing to worry about, this is a complete non-issue now. A tiny mechanical mosquito lands on Alex and extracts a small sample of virus. He slaps at it and misses. It flies over and lands on my shoulder. I figure it was sent to get a sample for Janet. I tell Dana and Alex I will have to be going. Everything around me fades to black as I wake.

      Note: Janet used the sample and ran a comparison, confirming my dream body has been infected with the Mercer Virus. She also confirms that it is quickly dying off and will be gone soon, though she has not identified why it is dying.
    12. Virus (Dream Within a Dream)

      by , 12-27-2012 at 02:56 AM
      In the dream I was recounting a dream I had to some other people, but it wasn't a dream I've actually had. In the dream I'm describing, moon priests dressed all in white sit me down at a table. When they think I'm not looking they shoot each other looks, like everything is going exactly as planned. They know (I don't) that I've been infected with a deadly virus, but I'm just a carrier. A woman comes into the room to talk to me, she sits down at the table and I take her hand and read her future. She gets up and leaves, around the corner and out of my sight she collapses in fits. In less than a minute she is covered in thick green foul-smelling lesions. She screams and tries to claw at the priests but they have her by the upper arms and wrists, then drag her away.
      "It was like they wanted me to infect people, but I can't say why they'd want that. They're priests, shouldn't they want to contain the virus? Had I know, I never would have stayed."
      Tags: priest, seer, virus
    13. [AI is Viral]

      by , 09-24-2012 at 02:03 AM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Saturday, September 22nd, 2012] [AI is Viral]
      (I feel like my soul has just returned from the most extensive adventure... I just got done living another life...)

      I remember a futuristic city- Me and Alex witnessed the discovery of a new type of energy that unlocked the secrets of AI. Professors and
      Cid-like people gathered around a small machine. They clapped and applauded the arrival of the plasma-like substance that gathered electric
      currents out of nothing. The little cylinder music-box-sized machine danced with sparks and lightning. It spread to every thing in the room that had
      certain false AI that humans had invented. AI's intelligences advanced so fast and replicated beyond our imagination... within minutes the city was
      under attack by our own technology. People were being killed instantly. Alex ran as fast as she could. I was knocked down... I saw people being
      impaled... melted... sliced... I crawled into a pod-machine with a red force field that cloaked my presense and protected me- and I waited and
      watched. A giant red tenticle of energy whipped around the plaza and killed countless humans. I watched it kill every thing it could detect with
      lightning precision. I was watching a masacre- and was the only one in this area to survive. I sat there and watched something evil looking whip
      it's bladed arms across the forcefield and slash and slash- but I stared and watched. This was a bad idea- I was stuck in here and Alex was lost
      somewhere. I closed my eyes and went back in time- to before the AI made the change. A few minutes before.

      I didn't go far back enough. Alex had already run... and Nathan was with me now. But instead of crawling into the safety pod, I grabbed Nathan
      and ran. We took turns through the city's hidden corridors and tried to imagine which way Alex would have gone. I felt that she took a left, a right,
      another right... then we were at the edge of the city. We were on a giant island ship of metal. Water spread out as far as the eye could see. There
      were teleporters on the edge of the ship- and we chose one and it sent us to Manhattan... I could feel that city was already destroyed... so I
      reversed time and chose a smaller city. One that Alex was in. We were catapulted through space-time and arrived within moments

      This city was dark and depressing, rainy and poor. It reminded me of a late 19th century England city with no modern technology existing, or
      perhaps just out of sight and not so advanced. Shingles were falling off roofs from dilapidation, and wood was rotting away. Nathan was here
      somewhere in the city, but now he wasn't with me. Dammit. Now I had two people to find. I turned down one alleyway and it led down to a
      hidden replica neighborhood of our apartment complex. The parking lot was filled with potholes of rainwater and a few doors were off their
      hinges. I went up to number 8 and knocked, SHE ANSWERED. <memory skips>

      It's been a few days of us living in safety. But there were memories of her being uninterested in me anymore. I was to be replaced by figures such
      as Pompous, Brandon, and more. I felt like she gave the attention she used to give to me to everyone else. A nightmare in itself. I was devastated
      but she thought it was only fair. We got in a fight that was very unclear to me and just as we went inside, some kind of shit went down. During a
      party, AI had arrived in THIS town. It must be trying to exterminate humans or something. I grabbed Alex by the hand and everything we might
      need- and we ran with our backpacks. People were being slayed that came out of hiding- but our neighborhood had been compromised. I saw
      Nathan too and I shouted at him to follow- and we headed to the teleports. We all got in one and tried to leave to the place with the least amount
      of population. That must be the safest place!

      The machine malfunctioned and sent us up into the atmosphere. We all flew up where we could land on an airplane. But we all did grab on until it
      landed. Where we did land, it was a tropical island- big, but not as populated. The technology here hadn't been quite affected by the change yet,
      so we were sort of safe. The first building we entered shut us in when we walked inside, and a trial began. A box wheeled itself into the room with
      supplies for a battle. There was a battery recharge, a weapon capsule, and another thing I don't remember. I grabbed the weapon capsule- it was
      kind of old and damaged, I tried to heal it with my mind and it worked. Just then, a robot/cyborg arrived in the room with the intent to destroy me.
      I chucked the weapon capsule with all my strength at it and busted the attack machine. That was easy, I thought.

      <I faded from the dream and woke up.>
    14. Fragment Collection 16

      by , 03-11-2012 at 03:29 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      The infected plains:
      A really creepy dream about a big piece of land with all kinds of different grounds, at the start of the dream I was seeing a map of the place with different colors for different types of ground (including things like: stone, sand, grass, shallow water, deep water), they were also labelled with numbers from 1-99. I think the 99 meant no human can normally pass through, which I think was assigned to deep water as normally passing through was defined by walking on it.
      I was walking around together with someone else, and there were somehow infected humans who had a horribly distorted voice and language, who obviously were dangerous, the higher level infected ones however were able to imitate normal behavior to be able to more easily infect others. A part of me was unaware in the dream immersed, yet I had another part watching and knowing about their infection and the danger. In the end the combination of both sides compelled me to touch an infected cat which then made strange noises and gave me a scratch on the leg which woke me up.

      Spear gun trip:
      I was laying out some type of magical traps in this slightly western like looking city (the street however was very sloping and really narrow) and some people started shooting at us (whoever was there with me didn't follow me though), I picked up a bit of ammunition and got my spear gun (Bioshock 2) with some rocket spears ready.
      But as I went around the corner the dudes were gone and I found myself in a slightly dark underground complex, there was a sniper (TF2) whom I missed with my first shot, he decided to taunt me and got himself a rocket spear in the face, then 2 scouts came for me from the level below and I immediately hit one of them with a rocket spear, the other one using the stairs to come after me. After a undetailed fight I was searching through my weapons, confused not to find the weapons in the order I'm used to. On slot 2 I found some types of wine of which I used so called Sourwine to attack him and inflict acid damage.

      Strange mission:
      I was having a mission together with a companion (a girl slightly younger than me if I recall correctly), through some gestures I send her to get something (a small thing, maybe a key) while I myself was going in the opposite direction. From the green hills I was walking on a short moment ago I come into this dark place where a lot of magicians gather some strange points, they were my enemies and I tried to take them out one by one without getting the attention of the whole bunch.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Infections and swimming baths

      by , 01-04-2012 at 02:44 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I went into a big swimming bath complex (one of my few dream signs) and there was a virus around. It infected people and the only real first symptoms were minor behavior changes and trying to infect other people (simply by being close to them, the virus spread through air). When fully infected those people would generally behave normal except for building big groups and staying together, as well as preventing anyone to leave the group. As I went inside I understood the situation but all possible ways to escape the building were too far away, however I was immune to the virus so I disguised myself as infected. I remember being on a high tower (20m) within the main room with all the water and someone of the group wanted to check me (probably if I was infected already), but I noticed she sent someone towards me and headed to her myself and made her believe I was a normal part of the infected group, afterwards I was looking towards the big windowed side of the building trying to figure out a way to get out.
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