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    1. Placebo Effect with Gun Shots?

      by , 08-26-2014 at 09:41 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I upgrade my space ship to a faster one, but one with a smaller cargo bay. I can always just pack it tighter and fit just as much. The speed will help me get my job done quicker. I only make $900,000 a year right now. I have the day off, so I go visit some friends.

      Hanging out in a bedroom, the other guy leaves to go talk to the girl's parents about something. Before he does, he leaves two of his guns behind, forgetting the third in his belt. I hear their kid get really excited about the gun - exactly what he was trying to avoid. Then they go further from the door and I can't hear anything.

      Now I'm the girl, alone in the room. I decide to just get some rest. But feel more comfortable with the gun under my pillow, cocked back and dangerously ready to shoot. I get spooked a few times, and aim the gun at the door, but it's nothing. Laying my head back down, I hear someone at the door. They kick the door in really fast to surprise me. But the only reaction they get is a bullet to the face. It was my neighbor who had been stalking me for a long time. He had finally built up the courage to try and rape me now. Scary...

      My friend comes back into the room, really surprised that I had killed someone, because he only left plastic toy guns behind. Looking at the gun I used, it was indeed a toy gun. He tells me to follow him downstairs. We leave my room, go down the the main floor, and see my neighbor, with a definite scar where I had shot him in the head. Especially a big scar in the back of his head. He is acting quite stupid, and seems to be our servant now, taking laundry to the laundry room.

      We go to the bottom floor, and into another room where my friend plays a video that our neighbor filmed, sitting him in front of it as well to narrate it for us.

      In this video, he is in a small off-road go cart, with three of his friends, driving toward a massive building with huge double wooden doors. His mom is sitting in a chair watching them approach from outside, next to the building. They swerve and crash through the doors. Driving way too fast to safely navigate anything, they careen through the building, smash out through another set of doors, and go down the sidewalk as people and bicyclists dive out of their way. Skidding sideways just in time to stop before getting hit by traffic in the road, they turn around to come back the way they came.

      This time, they hit a bicyclist, who crashes trying to get out of their way. I assume the cyclist got out of the way in time. I don't see the cyclist in the video, but the mangled bike flies in front of the camera. Our neighbor comments to us, "Don't you see how covered in blood the bicycle is?" Looking at the footage, I actually see no blood at all.

      Apparently, this video is to explain to me and my neighbor (who doesn't seem to get it) that only what we believe appears to us. And that since we both believed I had a real gun, we both think I killed him, but since my friend knows its a fake gun, he's still alive.
    2. Visiting Morgan - Feeling unwelcome

      by , 06-26-2013 at 03:31 PM
      I had travelled to America to visit my friend Morgan. When I arrived, I found no one waiting to meet me. I only had very vague details about where exactly it was she lived. I didn’t have her phone number, so I didn’t see that I had any choice but to try and make my way for myself.
      I headed out of the airport and wandered for a long time. I had the description of ‘it’s behind the cinema’, so I started asking people where the nearest cinema was, and looking around for myself.
      Eventually, I asked a blonde haired teenage boy who told me that he could direct me. He led the way, but when I tried talking to him he didn’t respond at all.
      Finally, he pointed me to a large building behind a cinema and disappeared. Forgetting all about him, I went to the building and headed inside cautiously. It seemed to be an almost university dormitory type living setup, with each person living there having a room which came off a corridor. I had trouble because, in my dream, I couldn’t remember what Morgan looked like! I finally found her and her partner and greeted them. (They didn’t look anything like they really do, but I knew it was them in my dream.)
      They paid very little attention to me, carrying on with what they were doing. I found myself a spot to settle down in, and watched them. I didn’t feel welcome at all.
      They went to bed super early in the afternoon, and left me in the same room as them to sit in silence. I noticed that my friend’s partner, Jen, was a very light sleeper. Even the slightest of noises disturbed her. I started to seek out anything that was making a noise, eradicating it where I could to help.
      The window rattled, so I arranged for someone to repair it the following day. I went outside to see what I could do to fix it temporarily. Eventually, I pressed a clock against the glass in the window, stopping it from rattling in its frame.

      ((Bonus points for this once since I was, again, myself! Woo! No lucidity yet, but at least I’m myself…!)