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    1. Three Lucid Moments

      by , 05-14-2020 at 12:53 AM
      These are the three moments I achieved lucidity since the quarantine began, which all happened before I made an account.
      1. I was walking along a gravel path, with someone, who exactly I don't remember. I remember seeing a green sign with white writing along the path, and realizing the words made no sense, I looked at my hands to confirm this was a dream. Clear as day, my pointer finger on my left hand split into two at the middle knuckle, and my right hand had an additional one or two fingers. I realize that YES this is a dream! Looking up, I see an amazing autumn scene around me. The gravel path goes on Northwest for a long while, and in front of me a valley of bright green grass with a row of trees with the most vivid and colorful red, orange, and yellow leaves grow along the far side of the field. I could feel the gravel crunch beneath my shoes, the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the breeze. Just as I decide to do something to influence the dream in some way, it fades away. I'm left with an overwhelming sense of peace.

      2. I'm in my apartment kitchen, looking at my hands, doing a reality check. The clock on the stove isn't making any sense. I know this is a dream, but its very dull and dim. I rub my hands together, keep looking at my hands in an attempt to bring the dream into focus. I close my eyes and can't open them again, everything is black. I think, SCREW IT, and throw myself backwards, hoping to land in another dream. Instead I fall off my bed, spinning and falling in total blackness, until the dream ends and I wake up in my bed.

      3. After several other vivid dreams, I find myself at a large body of water in a tropical place, possibly Nicaragua. There are wooden platforms, like docks, that start on the side of this body of water that I'm travelling from, and connect to the other shore. Along these docks are these sort of porch set ups, where people are hanging out. I'm walking across these platforms and about halfway across, I stop to look at the sea. It's stunningly blue and beautiful, and I think, yes, this is a dream. I rub my hands, count my fingers, and say CLARITY NOW several times until the scene is relatively stable and in focus. I see a boy I used to have a crush on from highschool, walk over to him, and try to kiss him. He rejects me, becomes someone else, and then I wake up, probably from the dissapointment. I wish I'd jumped into the water and gone swimming instead.
    2. Lucid Tower Meditation

      by , 06-28-2017 at 06:12 AM
      I'm outdoors on a lush, green landscape. It's like a park that is being gradually infiltrated by warehouses, factories, barns, and public buildings.

      Everything is very vivid. The light has a strange, beautiful quality, as if the light itself is full of possibility.

      I know that I'm dreaming.

      In the middle of the landscape is what might be a children's playground or what's left of an industrial plant. It's hard to tell, but I swing on a horizontal bar like an athlete, having fun.

      I drop down to the ground, thinking that I was supposed to do something the next time I was lucid, but I can't remember what it was. I don't want to waste the entire dream trying to remember, so I decide to fly. Predictible, yes, but a great feeling and not only is it less effort than ever with more control, but I also feel no anxiety as I rush up into the air.

      Ahead, there is a green hill with a tunnel going into it. Now there is some anxiety, as I wonder it was going to come out of the entrance.

      A large bus/short train comes speeding out and I jump high into the air to avoid it. It is yellow and reminiscent of a child's drawing of a bus/train. It has passengers.

      Then I recall that I was thinking about meditating in a lucid dream, which I've done once before and had a great experience.

      I close my eyes and I feel that I'm inside a tower. Opening my eyes intermittently, I see the translucent skeleton of the building's internal framework.

      Eyes closed, I rise up through the tower, hovering up what feels like about 40 floors. Hovering in the middle of this semi-visible building, I enter a deep meditation.

      I feel myself in bed, lying beneath the covers.

      I feel myself standing in the dream.

      I feel myself hovering in the middle of the building.

      I am the building too. I'm the structure, the beams and frames, stretching up and surrounding myself.

      When I hear footsteps, I open my eyes and my friend is quietly entering a kitchen in a fluffy white dressing gown.

      "I'm just making myself a drink," she says. "I can't sleep. You want one?"

      "No," I say and close my eyes.

      I stay in the dream, lucid, deeply meditating and just experiencing the various states at once for what feels like a few minutes, until my 'in bed' state feels very uncomfortable - I feel like all my weight is on one arm - and I wake myself up enough to turn over.
    3. Nutty feeling

      by , 09-13-2013 at 08:50 PM
      Date: 10 Sept

      Pre bed: 200 mg valerian

      WBTB: 1/2 cappuccino

      Dream quality and recall: very deep sleep, vivid but almost zero recall

      TST: 7 hrs

      Fragment: I didn't write down, something to do with Malaysia

      Early mini-ld (+4 hrs): I am in some crazy deep sleep and see the thought of a boy band, very similar to Take That (maybe a video, or a picture in front of me). The moment I see this vision or whatever about them, with extreme speed one of the singers appears in the room in front of me, he is about 5 foot tall and the whole scene is mega bright and vivid. He is also wearing bright yellow clothes. This happens so fast, it jolts me into lucidity. I ignore him and rush to the balcony but feel the whole dream is very crazy - way too weird and dynamically changing. I can feel some strange and interesting dream stuff about to unwind in front of me as I am contemplating my actions on the balcony. I think it is too much for me to handle, so I wake myself up.

      Contemplations: I know this dream isn't that unusual but the feeling of it bothered me. It wasn't a bad, negative one, there was even a touch of euphoria but I felt the dream was like a huge wave of energy about to produce extraordinary or distracting events that I wasn't mentally prepared to deal with. That's what happens when you take valerian and have early lds.

      WBTB: coffee (26 mg caffeine) and mantras but zero recall after that
    4. Thrown in at the deep end with the weirdest dream O.o

      by , 04-13-2013 at 07:55 PM
      Only one dream from last night but it's certainly one of the craziest I've ever had!

      Okay so I had the animated scooby doo by my side, the 3D animated one and I had to hide him from the cartoon one that was coming through a portal in a forest not too far away. We were both in this fairly open square tent and we both bolted for the open trying to get away. We both rushed through an open and very busy morning market. With blue sky above us and castle not too far off we clearly weren't in 2013. Nevertheless I glanced backwards to see if the cartoon one was behind us to see the scene switch as quick as a lightning strike. Suddenly I was in the middle of a cross-fire, not of real bullets though; nerf pellets. I instinctively ducked and looked around, as I did so the scene flicked back and I was racing through the market once more. Not giving a care to what had just happened we both raced into one market stall at the top of a grassy hill. Now I think back to it, it all felt so real and nice to have the sun on my back, blue sky and very colourful green grass. I looked around and once more the scene changed like a light coming on. This time people looked like they were in some kind of restaurant, however they were testing their nerf guns, making sure they loaded and fired properly, like they were preparing for an assault.

      Looking back around I was no longer at the market, I was in a comfortable room and it was nighttime. I then heard a knocking on the window, it was my very small college friend Kathleen. She'd done something very bad and got kicked out of her house and needed somewhere to stay. Me being the kind person I am I lifted her through the window and into 'my room'. Not long after we were both watching tv on a large bean bag and all of a sudden she started feeling me up! O.o I look to my left and my girlfriend is sat right there! She didn't respond and I was shocked at what was happening. Then the dream ended.
    5. Jungle Flowers

      by , 03-09-2013 at 02:36 PM
      Original entry dated Feb. 19th, 2002:

      Last night I had a dream that I visited a tribe in some sort of jungle-type place. One of the tribe elders had died and I came to attend the funeral. I believe I was an ex-member of the tribe, or else the daughter of an ex-tribe member - in any case, I had become sort of "civilized". I know that I was blonde. I couldn't quite understand their customs, and was an outsider.

      At one point, after the funeral, I wound up climbing a MASSIVE World Tree-like jungle tree to get a hibiscuslike red flower. I can't remember why. It was used in some sort of medicine. I just remember that all of the colors in the dream were very, very vivid.
    6. like a child

      by , 10-27-2012 at 08:06 PM
      i was the mother of my one sibling....and we went to a thanksgiving dinner......and the walls moved and room order changed a bunch....and the adults yelled at me for not acting like an adult and said i had to pick if i were an adult or a child and i couldn't be both.....and that i was acting like a child by talking to kids like they were on my level and not beneith me and telling them the truth....and i went the the bathroom and couldn't figure out where to pee because it looked like 3 fountain things and a tub....but the path outside was pretty.......you know the shadows waves make on the ground below really clear pools and shallow lakes and stuff?......the walls were made of that

      i also had a dream that i had to go back to kindergarten......and they gave me a bad grade on coloring because i couldn't stay in the lines......but i kept trying to tell them that my hands shake and i'm doing thing best i can....but they kept yelling at me to try harder
    7. Wrong Birthstone/Hospital Fight and Car Trouble

      by , 08-13-2012 at 03:07 PM (Into the Whirlpool)
      I'm in my apartment with Josh. He says he's planning on getting me something with sapphire in it for my birthday (like a sapphire picture frame?) and he wants to know whether my room is an appropriate color first. We go into my room and look at the walls; they are sky blue, and in places they are shot through with rugged veins of white and darker blue - like the room has been carved out of a strange rock face. Well, the room will obviously match something made of sapphire, but I'm wondering why Josh doesn't know that my birthstone is actually amethyst.


      I'm in a hospital bathroom that would probably be fairly spacious in normal circumstances; however, there are four people in here, and we are fighting--myself and one other person against two men who I identify as gang members of some sort. We are throwing each other against the walls, which are plated with mirrors, and these mirrors begin to shatter under the continued impacts. They don't shatter like normal glass, though; instead they break into many tiny pieces, but stay on the wall for a time before gently falling away as though they were paper. I'm not experiencing any pain despite the violence, but I do know that there's no way I'm going to be able to make it out of the hospital without running into the police.

      Then everyone else in the room is gone, and I leave the bathroom to head for the elevator. When I reach it, I notice the "up" button is flashing rapidly, as if to signal that the elevator is partially broken and I can't go up. That's OK, I want to go down… but when I enter the elevator door, there is actually a staircase there instead, richly carpeted in what might be velvet. I make my way down the stairs; I don't have to go far since I'm only on the second floor. I emerge in the hospital lobby. Outside it is late afternoon and overcast. I begin to walk quickly toward the exit. Before I get there, though, I notice a couch (with a late-middle-aged woman sitting on it) and a table, upon which is a chocolate cake. The cake is there for visitors to eat, and I think about taking a piece for myself, but decide against it.

      Now I'm outside the hospital and walking down the street. As I go, I pass Mom walking in the other direction. She's wearing some kind of dark denim blouse and a flared skirt--not something I normally see her wearing. As we pass, she gives me a look of recognition but doesn't say anything. [skip] It's nighttime and it has rained recently, since the road is wet. I'm still walking along the street, trying to get to my car. I pass a large clump of parked cars (is there a church service or funeral being held nearby?) before coming across my own car--and a man crouching by the driver's side window. He's writing me a ticket. "You were parked on the wrong side of the road for too long," he says in a half-apologetic way, then walks away. I'm dimly aware that the other cars on the street have also received tickets, and I'm not really mad; it's my fault for parking incorrectly, after all.

      I'm in the car with Mom and possibly Josh. As I back out of my spot, I look over at the opposite side of the wet road and see leaves lying there. They are a mix of brilliant red and yellow and look almost petal-like rather than like normal leaves. Whatever they are, they're gorgeous. I have a bigger problem, though… I'm backing up the car but can't seem to actually *stop* it. In fact, I'm slowly speeding up. "Watch out for traffic if you're going to do that," Mom says. Thankfully no cars are coming. As I roll down the road, I begin to understand that I'm not going to get the car to stop normally, so I pull off into a parking lot, begin to downshift the car gradually into first gear, then throw the parking brake. The car stops, but I can feel it sort of quivering--the second I take the parking brake off it's going to start moving again. I don't think Mom was worried about the situation at first, but as I slowed the car down it seemed to dawn on her that we were actually in danger. Now she speaks to me in a quiet, fearful voice. She says it's OK if I want to keep driving, but if I do I have to promise to get myself help because I have "issues." The car is sitting just off the road at the corner of a four-way intersection; as I watch the road I see three or four police cars pass. I'm not sure where I actually want to go.

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