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    1. Early winter | [03.09.2019]

      by , 09-03-2019 at 06:37 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      I am standing in the living room of my home. My mother is sitting on the couch next to the window playing on the tablet while my father is sitting behind me on his chair in the bedroom. I talk to someone or something which reminds me that it's snowing really heavily outside. I look towards the window and see large amount of snow masses falling.
    2. 3 Dec: Detonation of a harmless bomb

      by , 12-04-2018 at 10:59 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Something about russians and some test. Something on a public swimming pool, with a couple of ladies, crossing the locker room to avoid or meet someone, but then getting excited about a swim in the pool.

      A friend says he invented a simulation of a nuclear bomb, but without radiation and the blast is harmless so wants to test it. I'm not feeling sure about that, but he insists on blowing it up and says we can hide in an underground shelter nearby. Strangely enough, he sets it off in the middle of a town, so I wonder about all other people if the test goes wrong. Anyway, he is not going to stop for anything and he blasts the thing off. The shock wave is strangely slow, so we can run ahead of it and seek the shelter. He doesn't go, but me and Alex and Zilla we run to it. Zilla is the only one who knows where it is. Alex trips when we cross a bridge and he grabs a piece of my clothing asking for help. But I tell him "it's ok, the bomb is harmless, you'll be fine." And I shrug him off and keep going (watch a bitch I can be). I look back a few steps later and ask him if he'll be ok? He ain't sure, but he doesn't complain and gets up to keep running.
      Zilla finally stops behind a building with a garden and I ask if the bunker is there. She says no and that she also wants to experience the blast on the surface, but she is taking cover behind the building She finds a hose on a wall and takes an improvised shower. Recommends me to do the same, in case the blast is hot. I feel pretty upset with all this and think these guys are just fucking insane. The blast is coming.

      I am a at a supermarket with Riverstone, shopping for food. Some troll just put 200€ of frozen fish on our trolley. We're vegetarian, I ask the cashier to keep it and take it away, but Riverstone is looking at all the codfish and saying maybe we should buy it for special occasions. I am pissed he is even considering that and say "absolutely no".

      Everyone seems to be losing his/her voice. I am also starting to loose mine. It's some virus that's going around and infecting more and more people. It's afflictive.
    3. Khakis

      by , 09-06-2017 at 08:36 PM
      The final 15? mins of sleep I experience multiple falling asleep/waking moments which lead to fragmented dreams and a brief moment of lucidity.I find myself in a dimmed room, with not very pleasant brown greenish hue and examine a picture with the same color. It feels as if the dream hasn't fully formed which is probably the case from the constant short wake asleep episodes prior to that.

      A DC runs around trying to engage me, but I only examine him and then try to project the same image of him on the picture I just found. I flip it around and try to see if it's the same DC, but it is a different one. I examine his clothes and try to memorize them (brown khakis). I spend way too much pondering whether khakis can be any other color than brown and remark how poor my dream memory can sometimes be.

      I hear the voice of my boyfriend supposedly from real life telling me that I have overslept and will be late.
      I wake up to find that there are 5 mins left to the alarm.

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      Tags: khakis, picture, voice
    4. Three Vials (NLD)

      by , 10-22-2016 at 04:16 PM
      Ritual: Ongoing dry spell. I'm not sure what caused my focus and motivation to diminish so drastically, but neither has been sufficient in months to deliberately achieve lucidity. Even when I thought I've been motivated, I haven't been able to concentrate properly, or pay sufficient attention to the stages of sleep. Less attention to dreaming in general means that even my NLDs have become intolerably drab and dull for the most part, and since I've been journaling less my ability to remember dreams has also dwindled. However, this morning I woke up with a dream that I found interesting enough to write down, and I'm posting it here to try to help get my head back in the game.

      NLD, "Three Vials": The container in my hand consisted of three conjoined steel vials closed with screwcaps. Each one held a different substance that would change me in some way. I was in a militarized compound full of soldiers and agents of some secretive organization; I was their experiment. Evidently one of their high level people, an old man with grey shoulder-length hair, had decided that it was time for my transformation. I began unscrewing the top of one of the vials while remembering the prophecy:

      His breath is the wind.

      The method of ingestion seemed straightforward. Breath? Wind? I held the end of the vial to my mouth and inhaled. It did feel like a great wind coursing into me. When the turmoil had settled and I spoke, my voice was changed. It was no longer a human voice, but impossibly deep and resonant.

      There were things going on around me but I don't remember the details. I saw a news briefing of some sort; apparently the nation was in a state of emergency. I was being transformed so that I could go do battle, perhaps with another creature similar to what I was becoming. I decided to use the second vial. I had a vague anxiety that I should consume all three vials before someone stopped me: the old man had wanted to go through with the procedure, but I could tell that a lot of the others did not think this was a good idea. I should finish the transformation before someone decided to organize the opposition and restrain me. I recalled another line of the prophecy:

      Sunlight fills his heart.

      I opened the second vial. At first I habitually started bringing the container to my mouth, but the prophecy suggested that it contained light, so I diverted it to my eyes instead. White light filled them, blinding me. When I could see again, I went to look at myself in a mirror. My eyes were white now, but not an undifferentiated white. The pupils were tiny little pinpricks at the center, literally no larger than if the tip of a pin pricked a hole in a piece of paper. I thought that made sense, given that pupils contract in the light, and they had just been exposed to more light than ever before. The irises were still differentiated, but they were an ivory white and glowed as if with inner light around the inside of their circular rims. The whites of my eyes were now pure white.

      I also noticed that my skin had turned white, but not smoothly or evenly, instead it left a mottled appearance, prompting me to comment wryly: "I hope the last vial contains a pore cleanser." No one laughed at my joke. The dream ended before I ever found out what was actually in the final vial.

      Notes: There are some straightforward influences, though the dream transformed them into an original scenario. But the concept of putting things to my eyes and mouth clearly derives from the Vive VR game "Accounting," which I played last night. (It was brief and hilarious, I totally recommend it!) Then before bed I was playing Witcher II and noticed how cool Geralt's eyes looked. (I recently finished Witcher I, since I wanted to play all three in order, and just started on II. It is a breath of fresh air compared to the first one.) Having the Witcher series fresh in mind probably also contributed to the concept of drinking potions to achieve transformational mutations.

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    5. Disturbing dream I had about a woman I knew

      by , 05-27-2016 at 09:43 PM
      OK, so I Had this Disturbing Dream last week about a woman I knew. Basically, the woman, who I do not wish to name, was one of my old carers who I had a crush on, sort of. And basically in the dream, I went to one of my favourite shopping centres(or malls), and she was luring me to different shops, the GAME shop there had black walls instead, and I rung up her mother, who I also knew as one of my Teachers, and asked what year she was born, she said 1982, making her 34.

      The scary thing about this dream, was, even though I'm getting over this woman really well, was that I couldn't control my willpower, and it suddenly came out of nowhere, why I picked up the phone. It's so wierd, does this mean anything? I've barely got her in my head and I've been getting over her when suddenly this dream appeared.

      It's disturbing, I must admit.

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      Tags: dream, lust, mall, sex, shop, voice, woman
      memorable , non-lucid , nightmare
    6. Breakroom

      by , 11-27-2015 at 02:01 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #479 - DILD - 7:38AM

      I've had a little bit of a dry spell lately with work being so crazy so it was nice to get to sleep in today and get a solid LD. Dry spells suck! It's weird that my old bathroom dream sign brings me lucidity once again.

      I notice that peeing doesn't relieve my need to go so I lucidly try to make my son fly then I play with breaking glass.
      A have a somewhat vague memory of a DEILD or in-dream-WILD. I feel my body is dream-like and I relax, letting myself merge into that familiar other. I have a hard time separating then spend a few moments wondering around the house I am in. My memory fades....

      I am wandering around work with my son worried about some prophecy that I am "TO DO GREAT THINGS". I worry that I am not up to the task and that I am just a regular guy. I walk along the walkway and move into the bathroom. I have to pee really bad, but when I pee at the urinal my need doesn't go away. I try again and pee just as much. I recall having a non lucid dream earlier in the night about weird pee situations (truth) and think this must be the same type of dream. I am already lucid now, but I do a nose plug just to be sure. Yep. I leave the bathroom and rejoin my son.

      There is a catwalk about the main production area with offices and cubical that open to the area. I toss my son up there hoping he will start flying around the shop. As I toss him up I shout, "HEY YOU CAN FLY!" He just lands on the up level. I rush up stairs and find him just sitting there. I say, "Common. You can fly. Just do it." I trow him up again, but he just lands hard and seems like he is in some vegetative state. The sight of him like that is disturbing so I move on.

      I quickly recall my goal to make glass break control the shards with mind power. I rush to the break-room where I know there is a large glass window. I am happy to be at work because this is actually how I got the idea for this task. I stare at the window and it cracks all over but doesn't fall out. I make hand motions and point for the shards to fly out but the don't. I stand more directly in front of the broken glass and force it to fly out. I see a million tiny shards of glass float all around me like snow. It's all I can see for a moment then it fades away to the window still intact, but still shattered. I don't get annoyed, but play with it another way by forcing my face into it. The glass resists and stretches way out until I phase through. Instead of being in the break-room I am now in some small area with a door leading outside. I heard a voice and knocking. I say, "Who's there?"
      The voice replies, "Steve, Mary, Sam, I mean, Samantha."
      The voice seems to be a liar and I don't trust it. I sense something ominous there. I say, "Well, you're not coming it. You're never coming in." I turn away and begin walking when I wake up.

    7. [DILD] Lights on

      by , 06-17-2015 at 01:02 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in the attic with my sister. We were looking for something. Suddenly I became lucid. It was dark all around. I moved my hand in front of me and said "Light". My hand was working as a flashlight from now on. To turn the light off, I just thought about turning it off. Then I thought "Usually trying to do something in a lucid, without saying it aloud is not working. Maybe I should use voice commands all the time?"

      To check if it's working, I turned the light off, and moved my hand in front of me. Trying to create light haven't worked without a voice command.
      As I was just about to go down from the attic, I have awakened.
      Tags: attic, light, sister, voice
    8. Sparked + Victorian Gentleman + Let the Right One In (NLD + DILD + FA)

      by , 03-12-2015 at 07:36 PM
      Ritual: WTB 1am, WBTB 6-7am recording NLDs, woke 7:45am with DILD + FA.

      NLD, "Sparked": Walking home at night. Someone drives past in a dark vehicle and I say, "Turn on your lights!" Then I feel embarrassed when I notice she is actually walking. She enters the apartment two doors ahead of mine. The door next to her place is open, and there are people just inside it who give the impression that they are workers, not residents. My bed is the first thing I see when I open the door of my apartment, and I'm pleased to see a large box on it. Oh good, that thing I ordered has arrived.

      After looking through the first box and strewing its contents, plastic wrap and styrofoam all over my bed, I open a smaller box that has also arrived. It contains a speaker that I ordered. When I first pull it out of the packaging I am disappointed: the surface is surprisingly dirty. Is it just shelfworn, or did I get a refurbished one by mistake? I'll be annoyed in the latter case, since I thought I was ordering a new one. There is some molded styrofoam that seems like the original packaging, if that's any clue.

      The speaker weighs almost nothing, and I remember that this is a special lightweight system. It's portability is limited by its size, however, at about 8x10 inches. The back of it consists of flaps are supposed to fold together in a clever way. As I go to remove the last of the styrofoam supports, something unusual happens inside my head, like an electrical disruption.

      I remain calm and think I'd better tell my roommates about this in case it incapacitates me and I end up needing medical attention, so I say aloud: "Hey guys, something weird just happened to me. I felt a "pop," saw a flash of white light, and now in the back of my head I hear a tone that is steadily increasing in frequency."

      "You need more sleep," someone suggested. He could be right, but I didn't see the relevance. I do want to go back to bed but I'll have to clear all the box mess off it first.

      What was happening to me? I had a contextual clue, at least: "It happened when I touched the speaker for the first time." Perhaps the device had built up some kind of strange electrical charge that I had triggered?

      All this time the tone was whining to higher and higher pitches, and I waited with curiosity and slight anxiety to see what would happen next. When it seemed like it had become so shrill that it would soon pass beyond my auditory range, all that happened was that I woke up.

      Note: The other day I read about "exploding head syndrome." This might have been a minor instance of it! The "popping" sound and flash of light are apparently classic symptoms. This is only the second time I've experienced something like this.

      DILD, "Victorian Gentleman": I'm at a computer trying to order something online. I don't recall what it was, but the cost was over $200. There were some complicated webforms to navigate, and then after some difficulty finding my wallet, my credit card was missing. Meanwhile my stepmother-in-law comes over and offers to let me run her card instead. "No, no, no, no," I say quickly, trying to deter her, having just spotted mine on the table. Too late, she has already run her card and made the purchase. Well, that was nice of her, even if it wasn't what I would have asked for. I should show appreciation. I hug her and say, "Thank you."

      Walking outside afterward, I have second thoughts. Was I rude to simply thank her? Maybe she hadn't intended the action as a gift. But even if she had, perhaps it would have been more polite of me to ask when she wanted me to pay her back, and that would give her the option to be magnanimous and say it wasn't necessary. But if she had assumed I would pay her back, wouldn't it be rude of her to create an extra hassle for me that I hadn't asked for? I had told her "no" and she did it anyway. I conclude that under the circumstances, my response was adequate and I should let it go.

      As I walk back in the house, behind me I hear a man's voice, distinctively low and gravelly. It is really familiar. Who is that guy? I think he must live next door; I'm always hearing that voice. I sneak a look back before going in and spot him: he is older, gaunt, with straggly grey hair. I think he looks like an aging biker or a math professor (they can look more similar than you might think!)

      I continue in the house and decide to repack my suitcase, which is in disarray, when it occurs to me... wait. I have the impression that I hear that man's voice all the time, but I suddenly suspect that I only hear it in dreams. Could this be a dream, then? I realize that it is. This gives me the confidence to go back outside and approach the guy, intending to find out who he is. I would not want to so brazenly walk up to a stranger in WL, but this is my dream so there is no reason to hesitate. As I step back through the door I find myself with handful of silver rings in my right hand that I am putting on the fingers of the left. Why did I grab so many? I'm going to have to put multiple rings on each finger to make them all fit.

      Only one person is in sight now, a dapper gentleman in Victorian dress walking by from left to right. He has a neatly trimmed beard, a black frock coat, and a top hat. I've always been fascinated by that era, but in dreams I've never been successful in my attempts to meet historical figures. I wonder if he'll really acknowledge being from that time period. Maybe he's just dressing up?

      I get his attention and ask, "Are you from the Victorian era?" He confirms it. I'm interested now so I start walking alongside him, suggesting, "Tell me about yourself." As he begins to reply, I look more closely at his face and realize that he is strikingly good-looking. On a whim I seize his arm and pull him off the road, then push him against the door of a nearby house and start kissing him, thinking meanwhile that in waking life I would never do this with a stranger. Though taken by surprise he responds willingly. The only thing marring the pleasure of the kiss is a little piece of fingernail in my mouth—I must have been biting them—and I try to move it with my tongue so it won't come into contact with his mouth, which would be awkward. During a break in the kissing I manage to swallow the bit of nail, and the gentleman never seems to notice.

      After that interlude we continue together down the street. It's odd that I so quickly lost interest in my more intellectual inquiries and succumbed to mere erotic instinct... and annoying, in that I never did get to hear the DC's account of himself. My lucidity apparently faded quite a bit in the process (it was never very keen in this dream), because it doesn't occur to me to ask again, and instead I just walk along with little further thought.

      We stop at a shop whose front opens right onto the street, and the gentleman wants to buy an unusual kind of candy that I've never seen before. It is some highly-processed, artificially flavored substance that comes in brightly colored plastic packages. The package can be activated in such a way that its contents will burst out like a foam snake. This is marketed to kids as a toy as well as a snack: they can have mock battles trying to hit one another with the candy snakes, then eat them afterwad. The girl minding the shop explains this to me while showing her a green stain spot on her T-shirt from where one of the candies had landed on her. So they stain clothes, too? I look down and am glad to see that I'm wearing something casual.

      FA, "Let the Right One In": I wake up and get out of bed to record the dream. I don't notice anything unusual as I'm walking across the house, but pause in confusion as I go to sit down at my computer. Where's my chair? Why would my chair be gone? Surely I'm not dreaming? At first it feels improbable but gradually I realize that I am. Interesting... well, I want to explore this, but I don't want to lose my memory of the previous dream. It is still clear in mind, so I review the events and even recite a list of key words aloud to help fix my impressions. Then I look around to see what this new dream has to offer.

      In contrast to the relative normality of the house, correct in layout but more sparsely furnished than normal, the view outside is catastrophic and extraordinary. A wide frozen river of swelling ice is flowing motionlessly where my patio should be, and cascading down toward the city in the distance. Just beyond it looms a mountain of pure white ice, with a matte, knobbly texture like that reminds me of spray-on styrofoam. Craning my head up, I can just see the narrow peak glittering in the sun. Everything looks incredibly clear and vivid, beautiful and frozen but apocalyptic.

      The landscape is packed with people, whose clothes provide little patches of bright color. Bodies are frozen into the river and wander in groups along its banks. The only place free of people is the slopes of the ice mountain, steep and white and pristine. As I turn my gaze from the east, where I saw the river and mountain, to the south, the view becomes more grim. A whole crowd of people outside presses right up against the glass wall of my house, looking longingly inside, their bodies almost grey with cold and frost. I feel compassion for their plight, but I'm not sure what to do about it. My house is not big enough to accommodate even a fraction of the throngs who want to get in.

      The people on the left, closer to the river, were all standing very still, but as I continue along the wall to the right, the people on this side are becoming more restless, with a few actively trying to break in. Some are attempting to cut holes in the glass. I wonder how long before they'll get through, and realize that I might need to start warding the walls against them. Then I see a segment of glass fall in, and realize that one woman has just succeeded in making a hole. It is about three feet high and a foot or so wide, in the shape of a narrow heart or mitten. Before she can slip through, I aim my flat palms toward the gap and begin to refreeze the glass (I don't seem to be distinguishing between ice and glass here). After a thin layer of glass or ice manifests over the hole, I pick up the piece that was removed and put it back in place, willing the gaps to fill in.

      As I continue along the wall, the situation is getting even worse. There are already more holes. In fact, one woman has just crawled inside. I pick her up like a manniquin to remove her. The crowd is too think to restore her to ground level, so I toss her on top of the others... she can crowd-surf.

      I come face to face with another woman who has made a hole in the glass. "You're not real, you're not real," I protest against her attempted incursion. It occurs to me that I should respond to her vaguely threatening presence with kindness. I embrace her and kiss her on the mouth, but she is oddly inert. It's like kissing a doll. I have nothing but a faint impression of staring blue eyes... blank eyes. "You're not real. Do you understand that? The reality of you is that you're not real."

      She remains stiff and unresponsive, but doesn't back down, so I try an alternate tack. If she wants to get in the house so badly, then I will welcome her. I grab her arm and start tugging her inside. At this she actually resists, telling a woman standing near her outside, "Don't let go of my arm."

      This is an interesting development. "Don't you want to come in?" I taunt. "A minute ago you were clamoring to come in." The dream ends.

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    9. 8/25/2014

      by , 09-16-2014 at 10:40 PM
      False Awakening

      I woke up on a bed because I could hear the sound of a heavy breeze coming through an open window. The breeze sent printed pictures under the closed door to the outside of the room. I knew the breeze was telling me to go out of the room. I wondered why but all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. A powerful man's voice kept telling me I was dreaming, and that I had to go look at one of the rooms. I replied "I can't go back to the dream, it's already too late, I'm already awake." The voice replied, "You are in a dream; look at your watch," upon doing so, I realized that my watch looked normal except for the area where the date is shown was blank. I realized I was dreaming!
      I calmed myself and stabilized the dream. The voice told me "Someone is waiting for you at the open door" I went out the room and down the hallway to the left. As I passed the open doors, they shut by themselves. In the third or fourth door, I saw some sort of cat run out the room. I tried talking to it but couldn't speak. I reached the end of the hallway, which opened up into a small room with an open window and very big vans outside. I turned around and saw an open door. The place was dark and I said "Light!", which made a flash of light appear. The area lit up for a few seconds. I entered a room with an open door. The room itself was a little dirty and dark. I noticed two beds and said "Light!", making the flash of light appear again. I saw a woman on one of the beds, which startled me. I walked towards what I saw was an older woman, around 50, wrinkles, but attractive, skinny and a darkish skin tone. We made introductions and she told me her name was Lisa, but that I could call her whatever I wanted. She was very vibrant and outgoing and she told me she was what I refer to as a 'Dream Guide'.
      We chatted for a while and I eventually asked what the water in most of my dreams represented. She went on a long explanation about her being in prison and her being a native, and about a bear or something. I don't remember. I then asked her if the way I was woken up, with the wind, had any meaning. She smiled and said no. She started looking a lot older and my dream got blurry. I lost awareness and as I was waking up, Lisa told me I looked good at the grocery store.
    10. Habits

      by , 08-01-2013 at 11:17 PM
      Date: 1 Aug

      Total sleep time: 7 1/2 hrs

      Natural wake: 2x, impression of vivid dreams with fleeting memory after both wakes

      Dream quality: very vivid, realistic and generally stable, lasted a while

      Recall: I had to rush out of bed as was late, spent a few mins motionless after wake but the dream memory began erasing, reviewed dream during shower and wrote down 4 hrs later

      Tech: snooze by-product. After the normal alarm I pressed the snooze button which was set for 15 more mins.

      DILD+: The beginning of this dream is almost impossible to recall as were my very first actions while lucid. I think it was one of those from scratch dilds, where I suddenly appear in a scene.

      The location is a non-existent room with an open view to the street of our first home. I look around and say something to the DCs in this strange room. There are a number of them, at least two are classmates. I have no idea what I said there, or what else I noticed in the first part of the ld.

      Then I think that I'd better start doing some tasks as I worry that I will either lose lucidity or destabilize the dream by not engaging thoroughly. Haven't thought about tasks for a while, but look at my hand where I have mentally recorded my tasks irl. I recall 4-5 tasks. Any that involve leaving the room are out of the question, as I have the certainty that this lead to me losing control over the situation in this particular dream. So I decide to stay in the room and see what I can do here.

      My personal "ask a DC" task comes to mind and I go over to the DC girl that looks like my classmate and ask her how to ld more often. She says a few words that don't make any sense. I repeat the last word she said, asking for a confirmation. While she is in front of me, she continues talking, but now I hear her voice coming from somewhere to my right. I find this kind of strange. Also, the DC of my dad, who only looks like him but has an aggressive nasty feel to him, is there. He behaves daringly, coming closer to me and then grabs me. For a moment I feel helpless as this DC is very strong. I struggle for a while, then recall a similar situation where I escaped a DC by thinking that he can't hold me because I have no hands/body. This works again so he lets go and I back away.

      Hearing the girl's voice coming from a different location helps me remember I also wanted to do alternative voice experiments. I say a sentence, but I only hear my own voice. I gather more power and shout out. This time my voice sounds different and there is a pleasant resonance, a bit like echo, but not exactly.

      I move on to the next task "transformation" and get ready do it, although I feel that my dream control powers in this dream are very weak. I notice that I am wearing my winter coat plus a hood and feel very warm. I just want to take those winter clothes off before I proceed with the transformation. I start unbuttoning the coat but then remember that none of my naked TOTM attempts were successful. I feel this will take too much time to execute and might destabilize the dream as well. I think about ripping my winter coat, but I just can't find the courage to do it. I go over to another classmate (male) and delegate the task to him.

      My classmate does a very good job undressing me, the layers of top clothes just disappear in front of my eyes. Then I get carried away, sit on top of him and start kissing him, forgetting about anything else. A few moments later, I notice that I am sitting in the darkness, I guess kissing with my eyes closed?, but I still feel his body and the room. I begin wondering what exactly am I kissing, are these his lips or his tongue. Very confusing. I can see now, weirdly, his ears catch my attention and I zoom into some strange things there. I tell him that he will need to clean his ears later on.

      I have no more sexy interest and think about the dream and that it was pretty stable and long. I am running out of tasks, and regret that I have no idea what this month's TOTM is. I decide that I will try to reach out for this information and my tablet magically appears in front of me. The browser as well as the virtual keyboard open and I want to type dreamviews.com.

      The initial letters are fine, but towards the end, the keyboard letters are on the wrong places and reverse. I try to ignore the problem, tapping on where I know the letters should be. I type something close to dreamviews.cm and the page starts loading but the address changes to something like google, and the page that loads is google as well. Just instead of the google logo, it's something with less letters and reverse again. Disappointed I leave the tablet aside and look around.

      I think at this point the dream ends, but instead of me going through the void, the dream skips forward to the next scene.

      This leaves me a bit confused, as I expect to have a non-ld FA or wake up, so I passively start thinking about this. I remain disoriented in the room as the surroundings change and then gain back my clarity to realize that the dream continued in this strange manner. I am now in a very large furniture store, where me and my bf are the only "clients". It's a very calm atmosphere, crystal clear and extremely realistic. I wonder what to do in this room and see an empty champagne glass that I take with the intention of breaking. I am somewhat reluctant to do it, as it feels bad to be vandalizing this nice quiet real-life like shop. I playfully throw it high in the air, but instread of falling on the floor and breaking, it lands comfortably in my hand. I find this very cool and I do it again...

      At this point the snooze alarm wakes me up!

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    11. A Delivery From a Mysterious Dark Figure

      by , 06-23-2013 at 03:15 AM (David's Dream Journal)
      My family and I were staying in a big, old house for some reason. There were other people there that I didn't know, strange kids. One girl walked around holding a big brightly coloured blanket behind her, dragging it on the ground.

      That night, I was in the bedroom asleep, face down. I was awoken the sound of something being dropped onto the table next to the bed. I then heard a curious sounding male voice that was very clear, and sounded like it was in my head. He said "you have a delivery from a mysterious dark figure... a familiar old man". Then I turned and saw three tightly wrapped objects in a pile on my side table. They were shaped like dinner rolls. I watched as a tiny white orb like thing left the room out the door way.

      I didn't open the wrapped objects in the dream, but there were three of them.
    12. Morgan Freeman

      by , 06-10-2013 at 05:05 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #103: Morgan Freeman

      I'm in a library, laying down by some bookshelves and wearing nothing but some boxer shorts. A young, rather wimpy-looking guy with dark hair and glasses is looking through some books about thirty feet away, pretending not to notice me. I quickly throw my clothes on. I have no idea why I was unclothed, but I feel like I should explain myself to this guy.

      I throw together a cover story, approach the guy and explain, "Don't worry! That part of the library is just where I like to recall any sexy dreams that I recently had." He visibly cringes. I cringe too. What in the world made me think that this was a good "explanation"? I feel very confused, both about my own dull-wittedness and the whole situation.

      Embarrassed beyond belief, I mumble an apology and just sort of slink away into a different part of the library. After stewing in my shame for a few seconds, the strong emotion feels weird to me and
      I realize with great relief that I'm dreaming.

      No longer so defensive and inwardly-focused, I examine my surroundings. This part of the library is broad and open, with a floor of pure white marble, and a high, vaulted white ceiling. About fifty feet away is some kind of railing that surrounds a view of a lower floor. I walk toward the railing to check out this lower floor, but I'm distracted when I find myself walking next to Morgan Freeman. He's much shorter than I'd imagined (no taller than 5-foot-6) and moves slowly, as if decrepit and unwell.

      "You're Morgan Freeman," I say. Astonishingly, I speak these words in Morgan Freeman's voice!

      "I am."

      "Heeeeyyyyyyy," I say, testing out my amazing new voice. I do a theatrical hand-wave and really pile on the dramatic reading. "All of this... is a dream!"

      He nods, smiling faintly. "Very nice."

      "Everything sounds a lot better with this voice," I say. "How's this work? Is this dream teaching me how to talk like you? Am I still going to be able to sound like this when I wake up?"

      He stops, giving me a cross look. "No."

      I think for a moment about my goals. I can remember my primary goal of getting to the Alamo to catch up with Art, but I forget the Task of the Month and don't think to talk gibberish to Morgan Freeman. I'm planning on phasing through a wall in order to get outside or enter the void.

      Morgan Freeman seems to sense that I'm about to leave and turns urgently toward me, suddenly speaking very rapidly. "Wait! Before you go, I need to tell you something that you have to do. You need to find Patricia [??some last name??] and you need to tell her about..." His voice becomes garbled and the scene breaks down. I expect to enter the void and transition from there to the Alamo but instead
      I wake up.

      (I do know one Patricia but the last name had more syllables than hers does. I'm still stumped by this last part.)
    13. 8th June 2013 Weird game, Radio voice, MiniLD

      by , 06-08-2013 at 12:24 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      I was watching playthrough of some video game that was third person game and the main character was weird white robot thing with three antennas on the top of the head. There was one level that was in white city, there were a few buildings and it was full of secrets, but player decided to skip them. Then i was looking up those secrets and was playing the game, one of secrets was on the top of the highest building, and only way there was through some difficult platforming. . At the top there was an entrance into brown area with Doom-like textures and some items. While getting back down game transformed.... into a lego of all things and i broke antennas on character's head, i was confused. Weird radio like voice started playing somewhere and...
      I wake up
      there's still this weird voice, so i must be dreaming, i am about to rub hands but i wake up.
    14. That Weird Light...

      by , 03-17-2013 at 05:12 PM
      I was lying in my bed and all of a sudden this huge light appears out of nowhere, and I stop and stare at it, I here this girl yell: SORRY, I KEEP THE LIGHT ON TO AVOID BAD THINGS FROM HAPPENING! so I was thinking about ghosts and demons and other evil spirits... Then I woke up. :D
    15. Some time about a Year ago...

      by , 09-25-2012 at 10:27 AM
      I am 14 now and This is a dream I had about 1 year ago and it's still clear as day in ly min. I think it might mean something...
      >>> In this dream I am about 15-16 years<<<
      - I was standing on the concrete slab in my backyard. My dogs weren't there, which was odd.it was a warm summers' night and I was looking at the stars. There was no moon on that night. I was staring at the empty space where the moon usually was. The next thing I know, there was a baby in my arms. I can't remember exactly what she looked like. Then there was a voice, it said "She is yours raise her. I will be back for her soon."
      I was scared and confused. I did't interprete what he was saying.
      The next thing I remember, I was at school, holding her, infront of my textiles classroom, on the school balconies, and people would pass me, asking 'who is that? is it yours? I don't remember you being pregnant!'
      I would answer "She's mine, but I'm still a virgin." and smile. I couldn't control what I did or said.
      I don't know how long this went for. But then I was in bed, with the baby girl next to my pillow. I was staring at her thinking `When I wake up, She'll still be there."- >ENDOFDREAM<
      At this point, I woke up and looked around, near my pillow, under the covers, near my bed. She wasn't there. The whole time, I had known it was a dream but didn't want to accept it. The whole day, I wondered if I'd see her again.

      That is a dream I had approximately slightly over a year ago, but I remember it as clear as day, I haven't forgotten anything since the moment I woke up. it was as if it was dream which had huge bits taken out. But it is exactly what I recalled the moment I woke up. Do mind, that I almost NEVER have dreams. But whenever I do, they will mean something. that I know, but i dont know what this one means... I do not remeber the baby girl's name or how she looks, or who's voice it was. but I REALLY need to know what it means!!
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