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    1. May 16, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 05-16-2018 at 10:41 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm in my front yard with my neighbors. The idea is that the girl from stranger things (millie) is going to be at some conference and I want to go see her.

      Later on in the dream I'm on this tropical island in a giant field. There's a massive volcano in the background. There's a woman speaking out loud about giving birth. I find myself walking under this wooden tower. All around me are naked women laying down in different sections, almost like pods or maybe parts of the grass that are shaved down to rectangles absent of grass for the women to lay in. It was strange because none of the women looked pregnant, but instead were sunbathing. I was tempted to look at their bodies but at the same time was trying not to look. The volcano in the background exploded and huge portions of lava were raining down onto the field. I thought that everyone was going to die and this was the end. I walked down a hill close to a darker spot that opened up. There was a girl there that was bending below me. It felt like I was having sex with her but it didn't seem to work.
    2. Apocalypse LOL

      by , 04-28-2018 at 10:39 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      In the dream, I’m watching a film. I think I was watching it on a screen at first, but in the part I can remember well, I’m just standing on scene, watching as events unfold—or, rather, fail to unfold, as this seems to be the kind of film where nothing much happens.

      The main (and only present) character, a man, is in a kind of apartment with a desk or a dresser that he’s sitting at. There are no walls: I can see directly into the strange landscape beyond, where the horizon is dominated by mountain peaks, including two volcanoes. The action is divided into distinct segments, with each one ending anticlimactically. In the last one, the man calls his girlfriend on his cellphone, but nobody picks up. This seems to illustrate the unremitting futility of life—or at least you’d think it does, based on the dramatic treatment it gets.

      But once that comes to an end, all sorts of odd things start happening: a nearby pool of water starts to bubble, and one of the volcanoes erupts. I’m now in the backseat of a car with several other people, trying to get somewhere safe. But then the other volcano, which is straight ahead of us, also begins to erupt, the bright magma spilling over the rim. The woman who’s driving comments on it. I tell her she’s got the name wrong—she’s thinking of the other volcano. The one ahead of us is Vesuvius. And then I start laughing because of course what matters in this situation is making sure we get the name of the volcano that kills us right.

      I’m also laughing because I’m fully aware of how ridiculous this geography is. I know none of this is real, and that makes it hilarious. As if in acknowledgement, all kinds of odd and impossible things are appearing out of nowhere around us, even as I watch. A gigantic man wearing a striped shirt materializes off to our left, over a large body of water. He steps from island to island, striding in the same direction our car is going. I’m still laughing too hard to speak, and so it’s someone else in the car who says it: “I found Waldo.” They also seem to find the whole thing funny.

      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Trying To Get an Android, Turning Lava Into Ice.

      by , 09-07-2017 at 05:33 PM (My Dream World)
      I went to sleep at about 23:30 and I woke up about 6:40 if I remember correctly. I did a quick wbtb and then tried to wild for a bit, but ended up falling asleep.

      The dream begins at my grandmother's appartment, in my brother's room. I make a RC, since I try to make a habit of doing one when waking up.
      I do a nose RC and I get lucid. I then do a few more, just to make sure.

      I walk out of the room and the place is eerily empty and quiet. When I'm about to turn around the corner and go to the area with the dining table and balcony up ahead, I think I should summon a DC so I can have them help me with stuff. For some reason, the first one I think of is a girl I used to go to school with, F. She's there in the balcony when I go around the corner. I call her and tell her something about opening up a portal. She opens up a portal to a weird dimension that doesn't seem as vivid for some reason. It's kinda blurry, it almost looks like a videogame. I step inside for a few moments then come back to the living room. Suddenly, it's filled with people.

      I'm still lucid, but around this part of the dream I begin to lose lucidity a bit, so I start losing focus of my objectives and kinda start going along with the dream plot. I'm talking with my family and for some reason have a discussion with my uncle, so I decide to get rid of him. For some reason now I feel like I'm an evil genius and kinda start playing a character here (I'm still lucid, but it's like my personality changed) so I want to replace my uncle with an Android.

      I walk outside the apartment and go into an elevator. Suddenly, I'm accompanied by a college friend, A and someone else that I cannot recall. We go down the elevator into another area. We are now in what seems like an office building with several people. I go up to a DC and tell him I want to replace a defective Android and he gives me a number. I'm supposed to wait for my turn but I decide to speed things up. I go back to the elevator and rip up a panel from the wall. I make up some logic hoping the dream goes along and say it's a living creature mixed with machinery. I "hack" it by jamming a screwdriver in it and twisting it and I hear my number being called on the speakers.

      I go up to a desk and explain the situation to the DC that works here, saying that my Android that I purchased there is malfunctioning. The clerk gets up to get some forms and I think about how I need a receipt. I pull out my phone and again make up some stuff and press buttons on the screen and somehow the phone prints out a receipt. When the clerk gets back they handle me a form and I think I start filling it, but this is as far as my recall goes, I think the dream ended shortly after this.

      I wake up in my grandmother's apartment in the morning. I decide to turn on the TV because I want to play something on the PS4. The TV makes a lot of noise when turning on and I hear my brother shout something from the other room, so I turn the volume down. I notice I'm actually very sleepy so I turn the TV off and go to sleep, quickly transitioning into a lucid dream.

      In this dream within a dream, I'm flying around and I think I'm seeing a scene from a movie. I see two characters fighting in the distance. I'm in some gloomy forest in the dark. I continue flying around very fast and transition to an area with a volcano. I was feeling powerful, so I extend my hands and make the volcano erupt. I then transform the volcano's lava into two ice pillars on the sides of the volcano.
      I wake up shortly after that.

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    4. Fish Volcano

      by , 05-22-2017 at 11:10 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-19

      Fish Volcano

      I am out with my friend Alicia and we are at a mall. We are walking around and shopping as we usually do at a mall. Alicia wants to go see the pets in the pet store so we go there and go in. We look around for a while, there are puppies up for adoption from a local shelter and hamsters and guinea pigs… and fish. For some reason I am drawn to the fish. I see one real pretty fish that is in a small bowl. I look at the fish and think that would be a cool fish to have. A pet store employee says this is a different form of beta fish, and doesn’t need a lot of room to swim but does need to be able to get to the surface because it partly breathes the air. I look at the fish and bowl price for the package and it’s almost $50 just for a small bowl, some rocks to put in the bottom, a fake plant, some food, and the fish. That seems like a lot, but as Alicia points out, I have a job so I buy it.

      I go out to the car and it was Alicia who drove to the mall so I get in the passenger seat. We drive towards her place, but somewhere along the way Alicia turned into my grandmother and we started heading to my place. I didn’t notice the change. We are turning off of the freeway onto the street that leads to my house when I see there is lava pouring down the street. The volcano is erupting! I tell my grandmother that there’s no way we’ll get past to the house, we have to turn back. We turn around and go a short ways before the tires of the car melt and we have to get out and run. My grandmother is doing quite well at running… I am trying to flag down a ride, but no one will stop. We barely make it to a place where there is a trench cut in the ground with a metal grid bridge over it meant to let people cross but lava will flow through the holes and into the trench. My grandmother and I get across before they close it off, so we’re safe. I look at what I’m carrying and see I brought my fish with me, the fish is just swimming in the small bowl, oblivious to everything. I am thinking I should call home to make sure my mom is ok but I wake up.
    5. Night #3 of SpellBee SpringBee Comp Bee

      by , 04-17-2017 at 09:22 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      23:30 - 2:40

      Dream 1 - Volcano

      I'm in some MMO game. I see the map in my mind, it's truly massive. I'm running towards a lair inside a volcano. I'm with a friend who tells me about a special event starting inside the volcano. We are already late. We get into the lair. The boss there is dead and I see hundreds of players jumping around and moving towards one of the walls, waiting for a path to open. Lava is dripping from the ceiling of the cavern. Tiny droplets of lava falls like rain and seems to follow me. I try to outrun it, but I feel lava hitting my shoulders and back wherever I go.

      The path opens and people start running. I can outrun most of the players. The scene is like a small dirt path through a forest. Suddenly some players have bikes. I still outrun them. Then the dream throws some railings, signs, rocks etc on the path to slow me down. It turns into a slow crawl. I hate it. When we finally get to the end, we see a church-like building. Old friend Tero is at the door, telling everyone going where to sit. I'm 62nd person to go in, according to him.

      Dream 2 - Being Dead and Whatnot

      I'm in a museum, third floor I think. It's night. I have to spend the night here. I remember there being a beds in one room. I have trouble finding it. A large woman is patrolling the building and finds me. She yells. I beg her to let me stay the night. I have nowhere to go, since I'm dead. As the words come out of my mouth, I stop and repeat it in disbelief. "I'm...dead." Can that be? I can't recall how it happened. I feel sorrow. The guard lady lets me stay and points me to the second floor. I find the room with beds and rest.

      I wake up. It's 3am and my roommate is making late night snack and slamming doors. Uggggggggh...Well, this turns into a short WBTB thanks to him.

      3:15 - 6:30

      Dream 3 - Gift of the River God

      I see a medieval world, reminding me of Game of Thrones. It's a cloudy day. A woman with long wavy blonde hair and shining armor approaches a dark river, I recognize her to be Pike from Vox Machina (D&D group). There's a small crooked tower built on the river. It's made of stone and looks like a big pile of skeletons. There's a large metallic ring hanging on the tower. There's a chain attached to it. The chain goes into the river, it's binding something. Pike climbs the tower and drops the ring and chain into the river. She jumps into the river afterwards. A massive, ugly woman rises from the bottom of the river and lifts Pike with her abnormally long and thin arm. The hag thanks Pike for freeing her and asks if she wants her gift. Pike nods and instantly her form starts changing. The hag disappears and Pike floats down to the surface of the river, effortlessly walking on top of it. Her armor becomes engulfed in purple flames and she becomes nearly invisible, like Shadowform from WoW. She summons a horse, which is also just a shadow with purple flames around it. With unnatural speed, she rides over the river towards a castle in the distance.

      I'm a DO so I just fly up to get a better view. I see a small castle, a stone wall in front of it with a small gate and barren field around it. There's no grass or trees. The ground around the castle is completely dead. I see flashes of light next to the castle. There's a battle going on and some magic spells are visible from this distance. Dream skips a bit. Pike arrives to the castle and heads towards the fight. Her teammate is fighting a heavily armored man who hasn't taken any damage. He's nearly invincible. Pike walks towards him with determination, reaches behind her back and takes out her flaming greatsword. She holds the massive sword with her right hand. In the blink of an eye, she lifts the sword over her left shoulder and swings down at the armored guy. The force of the blow shatters the ground beneath him. He falls down, but isn't out yet.

      I suddenly stand where Pike was. Oh no! I have to take this guy out? What do I have? I check my inventory. I have a large yellow amulet that looks sharp. Think I could stab him with that? I try, but it does nothing. Oh god. Pike's teammate is still there. The bad guy starts getting up. I decide to run. The bad guy follows. A big rock near the castle entrance catches my eye. There's a message on it "Murderer is _____" It's a long name I can't recall, but that's clearly a warning. I didn't want to see that. Now whoever that guy is wants me dead too. Speak of the devil, the murderer appears behind me. He's actually a three headed hydra looking monster. He jumps at me. I dodge and run through the gate, back towards the river. Grog, also from Vox Machina, the goliath barbarian shows up and instantly removes a two heads from the monster to save me. The monster is right next to me. I've never seen severed heads so close and in detail.

      I sort of jump out of the GoT/D&D world. I'm sitting around a table with Travis Willingham, who plays Grog, and going through his dice and items. We are trying to figure out what items I could get from him so I could fight too. I only recall the name of one item "Blood Armor". I wasn't ready to fuse my body with a set of armor so I passed on that one. While organizing his dice, the dream transforms once more. Some lady comes by and asks if we are guests at the university. Travis has transformed into one of my WL friends and be both say we have been university students for years. She asks if we would like to foster a foreign kid together. We thought about doing it. After that we walk out of the building and talk about changing majors while walking through the city. I notice an old army friend on a poster. He's standing in a big bowl filled with water and limes. The limes spell out some bizarre word I can't recall anymore. Apparently I misread it too, according to my friend.

      And I wake up. It's 6:30 am. What a dream. But not a lucid, so I try again.


      Dream 4 - Ladies

      -Another dream full of sex, so I won't write it fully. At one point I was in a house with a woman who was my wife, apparently. She made a pyramid with pillows. Parts of a photo was printed on each pillow, they formed a picture of her.
      Tags: castle, d&d, games, hag, volcano
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Volcano

      , 12-30-2016 at 01:52 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Went to bed at 12am last night, watching Breaking Bad marathon. So didn't WBTB for a WILD. I switched to sofa around 8 am and tried to WILD, but fell asleep.

      DR from the nap.

      There was more, but all I remember now is me running by an erupting volcano. (I saw few days ago how some volcano in South America woke up and was spewing huge amounts of smoke. I noticed lots of molten lava in the smoke.) It looked just like that in the dream.

      There was also something about me being at home, school reunion, my mom there too, my room teacher who didn't remember who I was.
      Tags: school, volcano
    7. Possession

      by , 12-29-2016 at 03:49 PM
      I'm talking to the thing which is possessing/has become a part of a friend of mine. It's attempting to be threatening, and I'm attempting to stall. We're talking about why it would bother possessing someone at all.

      Although I don't say this out loud, I'm thinking that for me the appeal is what I think of as different flavors, the experience of different personalities/perspectives, when from the outside they pretty much all seem alike. And I'm also thinking that travel is the more obvious reason, the one that it would expect me to guess without having any personal experience with possession; and I think that sure, visiting Hawaii and seeing some pretty scenery is always appealing, but then there's the way humans will get up close to an active volcano, which is the really interesting part - meaning their thought process, not the volcano or even the danger itself.

      But the thing possessing my friend says that what it likes is the conversation; that we've been talking now for two minutes without pause, and it's enjoying the novelty. I don't get the appeal, but whatever works for you.
    8. #222: Volcano / Pick up

      by , 12-08-2016 at 03:00 AM
      I'm at what is supposed to be the volcano Kawah Ijen with my friend Caro. We're doing the descent down into the crater right now. Along the way I spot what looks like a smartphone (HTC?) with a cracked screen. I wonder if it is still working. It is attached to a tall rock. Caro has a look. Yup, still functioning. From one moment to the next, the screen is suddenly a lot bigger. It's pretty much my size. I intent to take it with me once we go back off the volcano. I see/hear some other people approaching. Hopefully no one else tries to take it. Then I notice that there's a brand sign above it (Sony?). Ah, it's an ad. Ok, I'll leave it here then. We continue walking. I see more ads and related things. I'm appalled by how commercialised the volcano has become. It used to be so beautiful and natural.

      We come to a room. Caro tells me that she is excited to see the blue fire. I tell her that you can only see the blue fire at night, so we won't see it. I look at my phone. It's just past midnight. Ah, guess we'll get to see it after all. There's a hole which is covered by a moving wooden floor, which is partially see through. I tell Caro that it didn't use to be here and that you could see the hole directly. I tell her to look at the red eye - which reminds me of a dragon's eye - below the floor. The blue fire will come from there. Every once in a while the moving floor moves away from the hole. There's a wooden bench close to it, on which Caro sits down. I tell her I wouldn't do it. At some point a dog approaches her - from the hole? - and starts licking her face. Gross.

      We're moving around this room a bit. Eventually I think we end up watching a movie? There's some other people and I become sort of close with a girl. There's some mention of points that we can earn somehow and having to hide points.

      Pick up
      I'm at what's supposed to be my place. Irti has sent me a message, asking me to pick her up from somewhere north of the city. I tell her I would if I could, but I don't have a motorcycle right now, so it's kinda impossible. I consider asking the guard to borrow his. Nahh. I also consider using the bicycle to get up there. No that's rather pointless - and would take forever.

      Eventually further along the dream it is my mom who was up there and needed help. She made it down though. She tells me it was just a few hundred metres. That doesn't sound right to me. A few hundred metres and then what?
    9. The Sea of Mist

      by , 10-07-2016 at 09:18 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I recall something about being controlled by a disembodied voice that tells me what to do. I discover the source of the voice to be a radio on a table in the middle of a desert.

      Then my dream transitioned to me being in a... bathroom? with people from my elementary school, except we're all our current age now. We talk about sex and fellatio and he talked about attractive people and I was mad that I wasn't mentioned. There were stickers on the floor, with a name and serial number. One of them had "Femboy" written on it as the name. They thought I was underage but I told them I'm over 18.

      My dream transitioned to me controlling a space ship with my keyboard, with the SHIFT key moving the ship up and the CLTR key lowering the ship. The sky was dusty, the pale yellow-brown color of a misty sunrise. There was a sea of fog, and we landed on a crumbly, black patch of land that was the mouth of an active volcano. A family lived on it and they approached us.
    10. Volcano; Futuristic Movie Pods; Work

      , 08-01-2016 at 11:09 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed at 7pm last night, slept till 3am. Recalled 3 dreams at night when going potty, and one at work later on.

      DR 1 - 11pm
      Long dream being at work, tediously looking through dozens of boxes for the right product and right code.

      1:20am - DR 2
      Looking out the window I see some mountains in the distance and I'm trying to figure out what that noise is. Then I see a steep mountain with steep green sides that blows it's top in violent explosion. Heavy smoke, fire, and huge chunks of the mountain are flying through the air. It's all just a block away from us and I tell others we need to leave.

      It becomes more urgent when pyroclastic flow gets to the house. It's several feet tall, grey, filled with all kinds of debris. It stops at the wall, but next push brings it inside of the house. I grab my brother and tell him with great sadness that we have to leave 2 cats and our mom behind. As we are walking by the garage, mom is there talking with neighbors and she is in no hurry to leave. Then we see our two cats and I try to scoop them up to take them with us. I think the danger is mostly over by now.

      Same time, DR 3
      Walking through some cinema like building. There are large circular pods ( like those in divergent which they used for surveilance). You are suppose to sit in them to watch movies. In the middle of the room there is a large screen. You suppose to pick a ganre then a movie you would like to watch in a pod. It's operated with hand gestures (like the 3 drones were in divergent). One persone is standing next to the screen to kinda help you if you need help.

      DR4 - recalled at work
      We are suppose to get a new bookkeeper
      Tags: future, volcano
    11. The Volcanologists

      by , 07-25-2016 at 01:25 PM
      Morning of July 25, 2016. Monday.

      I have befriended, as a coworker, Terry O'Quinn (as John Locke on “Lost”). We are volcanologists working in an apparently isolated area, though there is no impending threat at first. Eventually however, I develop some sort of insight into seeing what is to come, though this is more as a typical pretense in somehow subliminally directing my dream (which happens a lot in non-lucid dreams). There are about six or seven in total working in this setting.

      I inform them that they all died - though speaking of events about three days from now. They seem a bit wary of my advice that they should leave. They do not want to scrap the study, but I somehow convince them.

      Suddenly, at one point as we are walking, we are all in the Cubitis living room. I gaze cautiously at a small bright orange circle (like a shallow hole possibly revealing orange rather than red lava inside) on the knotty pine wall to the right of the hidden door that was there in real life, somehow linked to a light switch in this otherwise dark room. (This is a sunrise metaphor and waking precursor and seemingly symbolizes a desire to somehow see my deceased parents prior to the new day as both my mother and father used that room during different time periods.) There is a sense of electrical energy rather than volcanic and there is no threat, just a sense of awe and curiosity. The others follow my lead willingly. There is an interesting scene of an earthquake but I inform them that there is still time to escape.

      There is a scene where Michael Dawson shows up to drive us to the airport. He looks as if he has been badly burned by being close to the eruption, though it is more like an unrealistic type of “burn” where he is more like a shadow made of ash. It is an unusual effect but he seems perfectly fine and is even cheerful.

      At a later point I am looking at Terry O'Quinn through the window of a commercial jet airliner that is flying high in the sky (and it seems I somehow phased through the wall of the aircraft I had just been in to do this). He notices me and there is the idea that I am his guardian angel or even his idea of God. He is aware of me and acknowledges my presence in a somewhat cautious but respectful manner.

      Finally, there is a bizarre scene where I am looking at the front halves of the heads of all the volcanologists as they are lying on the surface of a table in a medical laboratory. They are slid around almost like dinner plates a couple times. I am trying to work out where the rest of their bodies are though they seem fairly alert and are answering questions and getting examined somehow.

      There seems to be a question over how I knew they would have otherwise died. I reveal my ability, which supposedly came from some sort of injection in this same laboratory. A female medical worker seeks to give me another injection to undo my abilities but I cause her to fly backward across the room and against the wall with telekinesis. I am able to fly away as well as to help the volcanologists escape their second possible fate of being lab rats.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    12. #10: Bike trouble / Jungle / Good vs. Evil / Early vodka / Storror

      by , 10-14-2015 at 08:36 AM

      Dream 1: Bike trouble
      I've parked my omafiets (bicycle) in front of a pharmacy called Etos. I'm inside, buying some things. I take a bit longer than necessary, but I am out again within 5 minutes. I go back to my bike and notice that my chainlock has been cut, as well as my bikechain and my handbrake (an omafiets doesn't have handbrakes). Fuck. This is really shitty. I mean my bike is still here, but I can't use it now. I see a guy closeby get into the driver's seat of a car. The way he looks at me makes me suspect him, but I can't prove anything. I come up with a quick plan: I go back into the pharmacy and keep an eye on my bike through the window, though I make it look like I'm just shopping. I hope that someone will try to steal my bike and I can catch that person in the act. My plan ends up a bust.

      I'm back in my student home. At least 1 guy is moving out. My focus point is still the fact that my bike is messed up. I don't wanna buy a new one; that's expensive! I can check FB to see if someone is selling bicycle parts. Still, it's real shit.

      More happened at the house, but I can't really remember. This was a shitty dream for me cause of the bike.

      Not sure if it's at this point or later, but I have a false awakening somewhere in the evening.

      Dream 2: Jungle
      I'm walking into a jungle with.. my girlfriend I guess. We would like for a place where we could be alone. So far no luck. This jungle is in the Netherlands. Ah look a mountain, or a hill I guess. It's probably the [insert name of existing hill that I forgot] in Hilversum. Maybe there is a volcano too. No wait, we don't have volcanoes in the Netherlands. We keep walking and regularly see a few people. Eventually we're in a room full of people and a small party is going on.

      I'm no longer with my girlfriend but with my female cousin, who is about 14 years old. A guy sneakily grabs her ass. She doesn't resist it. It pisses me off. I'm at a table where it's self service to get a drink. I take a plastic see-through cup, but it's been used already. Another one. Same story, except this one is still half full. I guess this whole stack is dirty. I manage to find one that is clean and pour myself a drink, I think a transparent one. I consider my options to fight the guy who touched my cousin's ass. Can I handle him with my knee's current condition? I decide to throw the little bit of liquid that's still in my cup at his face and then leave with my cousin. She walks ahead of me through a number of almost empty rooms. I keep up the pace a little bit, just in case the guy does decide to come after me. In the end I see a dragonball animation. Vegeta is coming after me. I quickly deduce that it's not the official one though, because the quality of the drawing/animation is really low

      For those who don't know: the Netherlands definitely doesn't have a jungle (unless you count all the weed).

      Dream 3: Good vs. Evil
      The location I'm at feels difficult to describe. It is outside, a sort of camp / community, a bit like how there are Gypsy camps I suppose. It's in the middle of nowhere it seems. It's daytime and I'm having fun with my group of best friends. We're going about exploring. One rule that applies here is that you can't mix a good colour (orange I think) with a bad/evil colour (purple). This even goes when you buy candy. There's a woman who sells really delicious stuff. She's sitting behind a glass window, sort of like some ticket sellers, but in a small caravan-ish construction. You can bring your candy to her, or she uses her own, and she will give you a sort of deep-fried candy or a macaroon. I go there multiple times. Even when buying this candy the rule applies that you shouldn't have good and evil mixed together. I pay the woman with what looks like Indonesian Rupiah's, but is just a bit different. The very last time I buy something from her I suddenly have to pay an extraordinary amount. Apparently this is due to the receipt roll having run out. I look on my receipt and see that I have to pay for the new receipt roll. What the hell? So if you're unlucky you suddenly have to pay a shitload? I'm not sure if she doesn't get that this doesn't make sense or if she is scamming me. I end up not protesting. I go towards my friends. I have my candy in the left pocket of my hoodie. I pull out an orange one and a bit later a purple one. My friend mentions that I can't do that. I tell him it's ok and that I have separated them: 1 colour in the left pocket, 1 colour in the right. It's a lie. On the ground is a circle (perhaps 1 m² big). It's moving (anti)clockwise. There are some brown (ground colour) stones in there which have differing heights from the ground (just a few cm's). It's a natural occurrence and the only place where you'll find orange and purple mixed. There are some orange spots and some purple spots. The kids are having fun playing a ridiculously dangerous game with it. Hit an orange spot with your foot and nothing happens. Hit a purple one and you slowly turn into stone, extremely slowly, starting from the foot you touched the spot with.

      I'm on a market. There's a guy who looks like he is in his 30s - 40s. He looks like the mercenary kind of type. I can't recall the context, but he wants a teenage looking kid to join him on a mission. He is pissed off at the kid, shoves some weapons into his hands and they're on their way. He tells the kid he adjusted a shotgun specially for him, cause he is left-handed. He gave him a knife and possibly a handgun as well. I start to wonder why the kid doesn't just shoot the guy. They go to the camp. One of my friends has hit a purple spot. I panic, but can still think somewhat straight. We have to amputate his big toe, because that's starting to turn into stone. Knife! Where is the knife? Come on people! We need to save his life. Too late, the process has already started to spread to his whole foot. Too difficult to cut with a knife. Ok just blast the whole foot off with the shotgun! I pull the trigger. Nothing. Perhaps 3 more times. Still nothing. Fuck!

      Somewhere something got switched and it's now my 1 year old cousin whose foot is turning to stone. My mom calmly bathes him, washing his foot. It helps. Wow!

      Somehow it feels related to this dream. I am in my mom's kitchen. On top of the fridge is a light green bucket with big ass knives and what not. I take the butcher's knife. We can use this to cut off the toe. But since it's not real and we don't really wanna do it (just for the camera), we have to be careful.

      Dream 4: Early vodka
      It's still morning. I'm joining my friends at the table. They're playing a drinking game with vodka already. This is gonna be a hell of a day... Within a few moments of me sitting down I've already downed 2 entire glasses of vodka. The game turns into a video game. The outcome of the video game decides who has to drink and how much. I get a call from a guy I used to be friends with, but haven't spoken to in a long time. I can't recall the conversation anymore, but it was definitely friendly.

      I have another false awakening in which I note down some keywords about what I have dreamed so far.

      Dream 5: Storror
      There are a couple of guys in a warehouse making a bunch of noise and having fun. I hear a couple of their names. Callum.. Sascha.. It's Storror, a British freerunning group. A cop comes out and wants to have a word with them over the noise they're making. Someone has complained. They're considering running away, but their names are already known, so what's the point? One of them goes to talk to the officer. The officer is suspicious of the pimped out car that one of them owns. He explains that he makes quite a bit of money of freerunning, so he can afford it.
    13. Volcano in India

      , 09-12-2015 at 12:26 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Night shifts and this night off. Dream before midnight, before alarm at 9:45pm

      I woke up from it and recited all the details so I dont forget. Very detailed, vivid and intense. Sense of doom, but not scared, because I knew I'll be ok.

      Traveling in some city in India with maybe 4-5 other people. We stop at a restaurant and we order something. I get a plate of maybe potatoes and grilled slices of fish. They are delicious, so crispy and flavorful. Everybody is waiting for me to finish eating and I wonder why they are not eating as well. Waiter motions to me to take the last piece of fish so he can take the plate. I get a drink of water too and it has a consistency of jelly watter.

      Now we are someplace and skies are all orange from nearby erupting volcano. I look in that direction and I see a tall moountain in classic volacano cone shape. There are streams of lava approaching and pools of lava all over the place. Burning and smoking debris is falling and hitting the ground with force all around us, catching things like cars on fire.

      We get in a van to get away, but lava gets to the wheels. We turn around to go with the flow of other cars, but it's just not working. The distraction is too great already, we maybe too late.

      We ran into a large building. The wide stairwell in this bright and large-roomed office building are full of people rushhing upstairs. Suddenly everybody stopps listening for some silent news. I understand that we should be safe on the top levels, and I yell for everybody to get upstairs. The huge room in this typical indian office building (wut?) is full of sofas of all kinds. We all claim one sofa that we feel will be a safe floating device. We pick a nice leather one. We know it's not the safest one, but metal ones would also melt and we figure it's safe enough to float on a sea of lava to safety. : P

      Our sofa starts moving by itself and it parks itself in a location. I don't get it and it freaks me out a bit, but I understand it's part of an evacuation process. I figure we should pick a place near some load-bearing wall, so if the building crumbles, we have a chance that our floor will stay standing. I tell somebody we should go look for that, but we are already next to the wall.

      I walk on tops of some other sofas to get to the window. Window is like on a tropical window. No glass, just a large portion of the wall is not there. I see a small river or rather creek just below us. It's full of floating cows that are burned by the fire or lava. Their skin is burned to crisp in some places, tongues are hure, sticking out and still moving and cows are mooing in distress.

      I feel our building moving and turning and I think the sea of lava got to us and we are floating on it. I'm surprised in didn't occur to me that the building may just collapse, but I chase that thought away and we continue on floating. The sensation of movement is very real.
    14. Escaping from an island

      by , 08-11-2015 at 10:00 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was in a harbor city on a tropical sea. On the nearby island a demon living in a volcano was defeated, leading to strong earthquakes. I was on a wooden platform, when the earthquakes happened, and the island started to fall into the sea. A group of sailors joined me on the way to one of ships, but someone chased us. The water was raising as we were escaping, and streams of lava flown in some parts of town.

      To escape, we had to jump over one of those streams. Most of us did it easily, though someone almost fallen into the lava. I have jumped into the lava, while pushing the man in the air, so he would land on the ground. I have melted in the heat, though one of the sailors that haven't jumped yet said "Life for life. I give you one more life." and took an amulet into his hand. I resurrected on the ground, and escaped to the ship. The sailor with amulet was there too.
    15. Christian Grey and Waterfalls

      by , 04-13-2015 at 01:36 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      April 12, 2015

      You're Back Already?

      Fragment I remembered randomly: I was at home, and so was my little brother. I saw him sitting on the couch and at firstthought he had just come for the weekend, but he had all of his stuff with him too. I asked if he was done with school now, and he said he was. I said, "ALREADY?!" and that's about all I remember from the dream haha.

      Christian Grey's Mansion

      I was in a large mansion with Christian Grey. We were just talking for a while; he seemed less of a creeper in my dream than he was in the movie (didn't read the books so I can't attest to that). Then he got out duct-tape and a whip, and I was like "WTF are you planning to do with THAT." He looked at me like it was obvious, and I was fine with having a little tussle with him, just not that way. I told him as much (a little bit more vulgarly), and he said that if I could keep away from him for half an hour, he would put them away. But if he caught me within half an hour, he would get to use them. The thrill got me more excited, and he promised to not actually whip me, so I agreed. He smiled and closed his eyes and I started running through the halls of the mansion. All was well until I ran into a booby-trap. I started sinking into the floors of one of the hallways...

      He hadn't mentioned anything about booby-traps. This made me freak out because if he hadn't told me about the booby-traps, he expected to win the game, and he might have lied about not using the whip on me. I heard footsteps and freaked out more, fell all the way through the floor, and landed in a room. I started to run, and ran into more booby-traps and the halls were like a maze. I could have sworn Christian was around every corner. Then I came to a room with a panoramic window from floor to ceiling. The mansion was in a desolate, red, volcanic landscape. I could tell that I would die within minutes if I stepped outside the mansion.

      I didn't know how much time had elapsed since the start of our little game, so I didn't know if it was safe to let him find me now. Somehow through my fear, I was still up for sexytimes. As long as there was no whip. Duct-tape I might tolerate either way, I like the feeling of sticky tapes. But no whip. So I continued to hide from him (didn't think to look at my watch to keep track of time, silly me. Might have gotten lucid if I had, too!)

      Eventually he did find me, but it must have been more than 30 minutes because there was no whip and no duct-tape involved~

      I took a nap around 5:00 and had this dream. I'm not sure if it was a WILD or not, because it was a pretty low level of lucidity. But I don't remember ever actually falling asleep or losing consciousness. Like, the whole time I knew I was awake in bed, but was still having this epic experience. Does that make sense?
      Double-Layered Landscape

      I laid down for a nap and wondered if I could WILD. A few times, I felt the shaking and had a really loud ringing in my ears, but I would slip out of it because of an itch I needed to scratch.

      About the 3rd time this happened, I had been thinking about flying. Gradually my bed disappeared and I felt myself entering a dream with a low-ish level of lucidity... I Was flying and could look over a landscape sweeping below me.

      IT was gorgeous. It was HUG. Everything was on a huge scale. I was flying very high up, and there were vast mountains and canyons and waterfalls all around me. the colors were also vivid and bright. The sky was dawn or dusk-ish; bright oranges and blues and purples.

      I flew around at high speeds, watching for villages. The world was like a less blocky Minecraft. I wanted to know what was on the other side of this huge waterfall, so I flew over the edge of that. It was just like those videos on Blue Planet or Planet Earth. Right over the edge, close to the water. It was all mist and white beyond, so I flew down through the mist to see what was beyond it. I flew fast; for some reason I wasn't scared of hitting the bottom. Once the mist cleared, there was this amazing world BELOW the landscapes I had just seen. As far as I could see, there was a massive cave-like area. Moss grew all over everything; other than the moss and tons of luminescent flowers and leaves ground on the ground and walls and ceilings, there was no other vegetation. Streams of water fell straight down through holes to the over-world. these streams were scattered all around, and it was just so beautiful. I flew around down here for a while and then sought out one of the waterfalls back up to the overworld.

      It was a much narrower one, with lichen and vines and those beautiful luminescent things surrounding me. When I reached the overworld, I flew up high again. I was in the mountains. I flew a little lower to search for a village; I wanted to interact with people.

      I did find a village, but it was in the middle of an evacuation because of some monster that was going to attack. It, like everything in this world, was massive, I was told by a fleeing DC. I felt the dream slipping and slowly became more aware of my bed than the scenes around me. Then
      I knew it was gone, and so I opened my eyes in bed.
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