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    1. The moon turns off

      by , 02-06-2015 at 12:35 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The moon turns off (DILD)


      Full Dream (+1 pts)
      First DILD (+10 pts)
      Use electronics (+4 pts)
      Interact with a DC (+2 pts)
      Stabilize (+1 pts)
      Advance Flight (+10 pts)
      Teleport (+7 pts)
      Basic Summoning (+4 pts)

      I was working on my computer doing readings. On my queue, I got a reading from some random user name sharing with me that she was in a lucid dreaming competition and knew if she was going to win. I found it funny because I knew I was in a competition and I felt it was a good reminder to do a RC.
      And so glad that I did since I was actually dreaming. I decided to look around my other requests to see what my subconscious created, but then, of course my e-mail started working awfully bad and I think the laptop restarted itself or something very strange.

      I was going to leave the house to take a fly, I saw my wife and said hi and I told her I was going to fly because it was a dream. She said, "ooookaaaaay...." I told her, thats fine, no worries, thanks for the two points. I kissed her and I left. I flew low to the ground in order to make the dream more stable and then took of to take a flight to space and visit the moon, as it has been a huge while I haven't gone there.

      After flying for a while, I saw the moon, but for some reason, it vanished, it was like I would get closer to the moon and it would just "turn off" and always be a moon, farther ahead. I did not want to waste my dream this way, so I decided to teleport, I visualuzed myself there in the moon and shortly after, I was like on the moon because I was no longer flying and all the ground was grayish. However, as I looked into the sky (blackness of space) I saw another moon and felt curious to visit it, but I passed for some reason.

      I wondered if WakingNomad, an old DVs user, was still around the moon, so I called his name. He appeared on the distance, so I count this as a basic summon. I told him about the metallic building located in the hidden face of the moon (old DVs users will relate to this)

      I took a flight, but I believe was in slow motion and I assumed it was because of the moon's gravity. I saw a huge building, made out of metall. I entered it and there were some strange noises, so high that I thought I would wake up, so I exited the building right away.

      I believe I was back on Earth, because the sky was blue and there were cars around, I cannot recall the surroundings well. This shocked me for some reason and I woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    2. Blank

      by , 11-02-2013 at 02:36 AM

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      Tags: wakingnomad
      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    3. WakingNomad Dun Took Mah Comb, Bus, Vortex (SDE Day 07)

      by , 08-21-2012 at 03:14 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      WakingNomad Dun Took Mah Comb, Bus, Vortex (Non-lucid)


      You'll see soon in this dream...*giggle* even if he may be a projection from my mind, still funny...I'm probably going to be laughing just by trying to imitate some hillbilly accent while saying the title.

      There's a lot of dream shifts, but they are all so similar that it's best to just make it one dream, and maybe it was! I did sleep a little late last night. I'm at the pinnacle of my dream recall when it comes to purposely getting distracted with things and still remembering the details (most of them). Now I just need to elevate that peak more....MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      I'm running around somewhere similar to a track and field, and I feel this is just some final exercise we would do for a class. Things feel like their coming to an end, and then I remember running fast at an angular line. The grass was so blurry that it started to look like N64 graphics if that's a decent comparison to go by.

      I didn't feel any pain from my legs at all running so fast, so I kept running and running until I reached a locker room where I assumed my stuff would be located at. I'm still running a little fast, making short turns and curves inside the locker room and finally found my locker.

      There were a few guys around the area I was going too, and most of them only had their boxers or underwear on, and it felt kind of awkward too.

      I decided to do a short jump over the small light apricot/vanilla colored wooden bench and take a seat. I'm still breathing a little fast from this (THE RUNNING mind you), but I didn't notice it too much unless there was complete silence in the locker room. Then a guy wearing a dark gray shirt and some dark blue denim-type of shorts randomly declared in the most annoying tone,

      "That was only a side jump!" Let's nickname him "DeS" to help me remember the waking life counterpart the DC is the embodiment of. I turn my whole face to the left, look at DeS for a few seconds and literally said (not doing the act of it),


      DeS looks at me weird, so I guess my job was done here.
      I managed to make a DC shut up for once and not make me feel bad about myself!

      I thought DeS was going to react from something like that, like punching me on my left jaw kind of reaction....guess not. I open some random locker door and claimed it was mine, and some of the stuff felt like it really did belong to me. The locker doors were white, but had some fade and wear to them, but not by a lot.

      There were those little holes as well for air to go in and out easily in the front of them as well. I start taking random clothing inside my locker room, and there wasn't a lot of stuff in it, just a few dangling pieces here and there, and the rest was just a dark gray shadowing most likely from how the lighting in the room was spread out.

      I forget where I put my belongings into, but I guess it would be a bag or something. I take out a comb from the locker, and it is devoid of any teeth (those little spikes). I can't remember the exact color of the comb, my guess is between swamp green or the default orange you see with the skinny combs.

      I also recall seeing a shape of a fist and all the fingers clenching together that you would see on an Afro pick.

      I look at it for a while, and then lose all awareness of it being in my hand. It felt like someone took it and quickly dashed away. I remember seeing a silhouette of someone behind me on my left, and it wasn't DeS anymore.

      With my peripheral vision alone
      (I love this vision of mine I've been using a lot lately in my dreams), I could sense that this person had very long hair, and was even smiling a little. I didn't need to see the person's face, their aura was so positive and full of jestful nature, and he quickly fades away.

      Once I realize this, I quickly get out of the locker room, and the dream environment shifts into a fairly dark room with natural lighting from outside shining through some small windows near the sides of the roof.

      And without even thinking about it, I presumed this person to be WakingNomad.

      "Hey....hey....give me back my comb WakingNomad....." I could see that he's not really trying to go anywhere with my comb, he only took it away to get my attention.

      Then I started to declare in jestful tone myself,

      ".....before I go into yo dreams....and....and..."
      (I can't remember what I said to him after that =P )

      I think he gives me back my comb, not sure, but I do remember the creases on the silhouette's visage forming to where it looks like he's smiling. He leaves through a door, and I do the same.

      The dream shifts where I'm inside of a yellow school bus.
      (Second time in a row so far that's happened).

      I'm going to the back section and sit down at the right side of the bus. There's a few girls in front of me, and I barely noticed this. I see some heads moving around left and right, as if they're trying to build a conversation of something. And then I see the blonde Sarah that I used to know in waking life.

      She was beautiful...just like the waking life counterpart.

      Spoiler for Mini Life Story:

      While I'm looking at her, her other friends are like blurs to me at this point. I pay attention to how the dream captured her hair realistically, and started to lower my vision to her visage. She had a fragile but soft and glowing facial structure, completely innocent and enthusiastic.

      I think I get a Blackberry phone out of my pocket, which is probably a teal color instead of being "black" like the one I have in waking life, and pretended that I was going to text somebody.

      [Sarcasm] Very smooth Link....very smooth...[/Sarcasm]

      I realized I was wearing the varsity tennis outfit from the school me and the blonde girl Sarah wore. It was dark green, with some one white stripe along each side. Then I checked over on Sarah again, and she's wearing her's too. She's also wearing really short sports shorts as well. I think she and the other girls she's sitting between know I'm looking at them, but they just pretend they don't know I'm looking at them.

      It was so obvious because Sarah tried to use her peripheral vision by turning her face to the side a little too much. After this "pretend to not see" contest, the perspective changes to where I see the back of the school bus, and I also see a separate small window somewhere around the corner that shows the bus driver.

      It's a dark-skinned man, and he looks very young, and the fact that he's all jittery doesn't give me enough assurance that we're going to make it through whatever destination me, Sarah, and all the other random dream characters are going to. The driver was driving on top of a bridge road, and he literally has the bus near the edge of the bridge.

      I don't know how he got the wheels to get on the edge, especially when there were side borders to prevent something like that from happening, but I start trying to tell the guy to be a bit careful....like seriously, this guy, I swear if someone scared him, we would be falling off from a very very very VERY high bridge.

      I had moments where I thought I was going to freaking faint, I can't believe I go on a bus where I place my faith on a jittery and inexperienced driver. Just thinking about it makes me laugh and scared at the same time. The driver looks familiar, but I can't exactly who he looks like.

      I basically go through this mental process of "WTF MAN, YOU TRYNA KILL US OR SOMETHING?" and "HOLY S*** WE'RE GOING TO DIE," and while I'm going through this traumatic state, the dream characters are just chilling, Sarah too.

      Like what the hell, how are they this calm when the bus driver looks like he's high on sugar? After watching the outside rear of the bus again, and seeing the driver on a separate display at the corner still jittering and looking like he's fucking crazy with every shift to the edge of the high bridge, there's finally a dream shift......

      on flat ground....thank goodness!!!
      (I hate how I'm still giggling at how scared I was with the bus driver's competence)

      I'm not sure if I'm in the school bus anymore, maybe I am, but now we're inside some weird tunnel. I'm pretty sure I'm inside some moving vehicle, I don't see myself at all, just a first person perspective, but it still feels like I'm seeing this over the shoulder.

      Think of third person shooter type of games like Resident Evil 4 and up( go on YouTube for game-play to get the gist of what I experienced....if you really care. =P)

      The tunnel consists of darker shades of green, and with the alternating colors of it and other random colors, it feels like I'm going through a vortex tunnel that doesn't look like it's going to end. There's all the typical vortex sounds you'd hear, so much "Whooooshing" and "Swishhing" interchanging, playing at the same time, it was just a rush, rush, rush!

      There's all sorts of things happening here, there's random creature that look like Deku Scrubs from the the Zelda series, and whenever they are destroyed, a feather that looks like the ones that are dropped when you kill monsters from "Tak and the Power of Juju" and the rest of the series shows up.

      The surface inside this tunnel looks like very shallow water, there's all sorts of small ripples forming. ***********EDIT******** Oh, and there were skunks all over the place in small groups as well....o.O

      So much flashing, so many things going on at once that the only thing I could do was just become passive and embrace everything. Then the dream starts getting even MORE random.

      Now it feels that I'm watching a game, a game with so many things on it, too many enemies to avoid, and it had the game play of Super Paper Mario for the Wii (the dream had a side scroller type of perspective and 3D view).

      I believe I'm watching Mario, and the entirety of what makes him, him....is saturated with different uses of gold, and a little bit of orange as well. It was like the classic NES or even arcade type of embodiment he was in. The walls in this new environment are full of bland colors, mostly various hues of gray. A bunch of block like structures, but no surprise there since the dream seems to be conforming to the classic 2D game style.

      There was so many things that happened that I can only recall a few. One was me mentally controlling the Golden Mario, and making him avoid direct contact from enemies trying to come after him. Some of them look like variants of the default Goomba you see in Mario games.

      I kept mentally controlling Mario to jump up constantly because the enemies confined in the area he was in were just all over him. I remember one scenario where Mario is on top of those brown blocks that you would normally make him butt his head on for coins or other random items, and I think there was a Shell going left and right, and it was hard timing everything right so that I can step on it to make it stop moving.

      Then there's one more part I recall, like with the Super Mario game play, things went into 3D-mode, but still had a two dimensional feel to it. Then a random Thwomp block just strolls its way into me, or Mario, or whoever, all I know is that I'm seeing things in first person perspective now.

      The Thwomp is actually trying to talk to me,

      "Hey Bro....."

      or something like that. I know he told me something else,
      but I can't remember because I distracted myself too much with watching YouTube videos early in the morning. =(

      I think that's all I remember, I know I had more dreams, but you know what...WHATEVER....I can deal with forgetting a few dreams, there's always the next time I sleep for that.

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    4. 29 May: Dream warriors ambushed

      by , 05-30-2012 at 03:21 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I meet some guy at an outdoor café. We talk about the lucid plane. I think I say something about reading Castaneda's teachings at the moment and ask him some question about my awakened hyper-lucidity experienced during the day. He is some big head of the dream warrior elite and is handing me out some important info and answering some of my questions. I only became semi-lucid at the middle of it, so I don't recall much.
      Suddenly we are approached by two menacing individuals with swords and this guy tells me to deal with it and please cover his retreat. I agree, because he is to important to be caught. He hands me a sword I hadn't seen before and I stay behind to fight the two attackers. The first one is easy. Just demands some brute force. The second one is harder and I have to pick up the weapon of the previous one and fight with two swords. It feels awkward, because I have a katana on one hand and an european sword on the other hand. Somehow I manage, but honestly I feel that he gives up very easily and I don't know why. He simply runs away when he still could keep fighting.
      I then had a rendez-vous with a group of dream warriors at some hideout I just learned about (from the other guy). It is some sort of cave. I enter through a round hole on a wall, like an air passage, which takes them by surprise. They point out that there are a bunch of other entrances, like normal sized doors. I tell them I thought they kept all the entrances locked, so I had to find a way to break in. They reply that the entrances are never locked, not even closed, as there are no doors at all. I find that strange. They say it is a much bigger security to simply never allow the secret of this place to be revealed. And if it is found out, why bother locking behind doors? If any enemy wants to confront them, they are always ready to battle, no point in running or hiding and avoiding the inevitable. I find that very brave and valiant. But then it proves to be shitty when we are suddenly surrounded by a bunch of the bad guys. I had been followed and the hideout had been discovered. My fellow dream warriors couldn't be more pissed off with me. I couldn't be more pissed off with me! I prepare to fight alongside them, but they tell me to go get WakingNomad to help out. I think it's a good idea, but I also feel that they use it to get rid of me for a while.
      Following their instructions, I go look for WakingNomad and I find him at some art studio looking beyond some canvas, seemingly spaced-out. "Hey Nomad, remember me?" Nothing. "Hey man, you're needed to help some dreamers in trouble." Still nothing besides a vague look, like "Really?" "Hey, you really don't remember me?" (While I think to myself "we had sex on our last dream encounter, bro")
      I walked around a little bit, but he wasn't really responding. I think I gave up.(...)

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      lucid , non-lucid
    5. The shared dreaming hideout. (dream from this year) 02/02/12/

      by , 04-14-2012 at 08:39 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dream person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! for those who read my entries...you know the drill.

      Dream #1 You got mail

      Im in some room connected online (possibly dreamviews) with Kaomea. We are having a conversation about astral travels and possibly sharing a dream one day. We were now on a cel phone talking to eachother, we were talking about Hawaii and i was telling her that i use to live in California with my ex and decided the relationship was not working anymore so we parted ways. I mentioned that i moved back to Michigan and that i miss being back home.

      Dream #2 Party at some random location

      I walk into a house filled with a bunch of people The house was huge and had a big swimming pool in the back. This one young lady walked up to me and started having a conversation with me. She looked a bit like T-Boz from the 90's R&B group TLC. We were both seated on this long couch and she sat next to me and with her legs crossed flirting with me. I take my hand and gently caress her thigh area. I remember telling her she looks good, and the conversation from there was mostly about how she was feeling me.

      Dream #3 Let me take care of them

      Im walking with someone (who looks like Kaomea) we climb down some underground tunnel. We were squeezing thru narrow spaces and trying to get thru this labyrinth tunnel with all these narrow spaces ducking uder leaking pipes. I believe that she is Kaomea, her energy felt warm. i reach in my pocket to grab my hawk coin totem. Where are we goin? I want to introduce you to some people. Oh ok. How far do we have to go? Mmm it should'nt take long. lol why you tired already? Na, just wondering. We were walking thru a flood of water when all of a sudden..i sensed some energy, Bad energy. Wait ssh, What? Listen...you hear it? Sounds like flies. All of a sudden..i look back and notice these demonic looking Gargoyle looking creatures flying straight towards us. I started glowing gold and began feeling and immense amount of power surging thru me. I launch gold projectile beams and green and purple flickers of fireballs at them. meanwhile the Kaomea look alike is surrounding her self with a huge white barrier. I think she was shielding herself and i told her to let me take care of them. Im running thru them tackling them and bashing them with super human strength. I take them all out and feel drained. The Kaomea look alike, takes her hands and place them a few inches away from my body. What is that. Im rejuvenating your health. Oh, thank you. Mmmhmm.

      Dream #4 Dreamers hangout

      Im now at some underground hideout, where there are a bunch of dreamers socializing and hanging out. I remember seeing a basketball court, a workout room, a sparring room, and a classroom for kids, teenagers, adults, ect ect. I see tracy morgan telling jokes to some girls in this gym, and Gary busey was eating tuna fish sandwich. I remember he was talking and kept chewing with his mouth open, and i kept giving him the elbow telling him to talk the othe directions. I remember him pointing his finger at me, i grabbed it and bent it backwards and said to CHILL MAN ALRIGHT!? Shit... Alright alright, sorry. Don't bite my head off. I remember seeing this guy who was (i believe he was Oneironaut zero) showing some asian dude some new abilities with shooting projectile beams out his hands and some other cool stuff. I overhear some people saying that Wakingnomad is waiting for us he does'nt have all day. There was this one dude who could create wind just by blowing, a girl who can create ice with her hands, a little boy who can clone himself, and a guy who can stretch his arms long distances. I remember the Kaomea look alike was upset about something and she decided to leave. I asked her what was wrong, and she mentioned something about how she did not feel like doin something. (i forgot what is was she said) I told her that i appreciated her healing me, and that i hope we can meet up again soon. she nodded her head and said, mkay, that sounds good to me. Great i'll see you around, take care of yourself ok? K, you too! I watch as she walks down this long hallway tunnel, feeling the dream fading i wake up.

      Notes: Im unsure if i shared a dream with Kaomea. But whoever she was, she had a energy that felt familar to me. Hmm...interesting. but the setting of this underground hangout had a bunch of active dreamers there. and i heard a bunch of DV members names being shouted left and right. Overall im happy with the results, and i enjoyed the stting of this dream.
    6. 27 Mar: Sex with WakingNomad in Neo Tokyo

      by , 03-27-2012 at 11:17 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am at Neo Tokyo. A nuts is on the streets saying out loud that there are demons coming from the underworld and walking among us as normal people. I know he i telling the truth, so I tell him I believe in him, but nobody else does. I stay at a little jap house in an alley, where I make (or was it there already?) a hole under the wooden floor, which is an entrance to the underworld.
      I am preparing to go down there and fight some underworld demons when WakingNomad appears at the front door.
      I already have my legs on the hole and he tells me to be careful not to stay like for too long like that, or the demons below might attack me. So I come back to the surface, welcome him and we sit on the tatami floor, talking.
      Don't recall what we talk about, but we get pretty close, pretty friendly and we end up making out. We get naked and we have sex on the floor. Then we are interrupted by some of his ex-girlfriend or current girlfriend, who followed him there and is totally jealous. She is a bit annoying, worst than any demon and ruins this dream for me.
    7. Death by snake bite, Seeing the stars, 2 pac and the healing non-invasive crystal

      by , 09-08-2011 at 10:47 AM
      08-09-11 I am standing in a tent on field. The field is filled with dandelions and I am starting to tear up the flowers with root and I do this quite frantically. Eventually other people start joining in until there are no flowers left. However as I go along I start pulling them up less careful about getting all of the root up.

      When there are almost no flowers left I start noticing that the earth is moving and that the empty holes are crippling with spiders. I don't get to dwell on this thought as the next I know I find myself under the water in the ocean near the bottom.

      I look up behind me and notice a sea snake being dropped into the water by an unknown entity. I start swimming towards the top and I don't know if I am kicking through the snake(s) or not. When I get to the top I find myself close to the shore of a beautiful beach.

      It is high sunshine and I am wearing a wetsuit and am carrying a surf board. I have never surfed before, but I manage to catch a pipe (don't know if this is what it is called in surfer terms) on my first ever attempt, which the person with me considers quite the achievement.

      I start feeling ill and I fall off the board and find myself in a living room right next to a door out to the hallway. Behind me there is a short haired girl who grabs me around the waist. I am in a different perspective and punch my own chest to start CPR. The perspective shifts back and I shout for someone to call the hospital. Someone runs into the hallway to do this.

      The girl pulls me to the floor and Shane of Weeds is standing over me to continue the CPR.

      My vision starts fading to grey and I am loosing it, but I hear a voice that tells me to stay here, relax and breathe. After a while my vision starts returning to normal and as I am looking up at one of my living room plants it gradually becomes green again.

      After a while longer I can sit up and I look down my leg and notice a large circle. It isn't red and the bite marks from the snake have already healed up. However now we know that we are dealing with a cobra strike and I or someone else shout out into the hallway that the person getting help should tell this.

      Notes: I remember having two more dreams after this one related to it, though without the nightmare themes. However upon waking up this morning they seem to have vanished from memory.

      I am in Holland and going into a shop to buy some weed. Someone is with me and I think I am the experienced one and need to show them how it is done.

      I walk over to the counter and tell the guy I need the weakest most mellow product he has. He immediately walks to the hash counter and tells his associate to service me.

      His associate start dishing out this pink goo onto the counter and explains that this is the most mellow he has. Then the first guy comes over and tells the associate that it wasn't what I asked for that I needed something with a bit more fly to it. He starts pouring some brownish goo onto the counter. Then the associate asks me what I am after, most mellow or something with fly and I quickly explain just mellow.

      We all laugh and I think I buy some of the pink stuff.


      Outside the shop, which looks more like a garage on the outside I run into some shady businesmen who are looking for 2 Pac. As they explain this he appears on the other side of the street wearing a long business like coat looking nothing gangster like at all.

      I stop and think to myself that he is dead and that all the conspiracy theorists that predicted his return must have been right. I think to myself that either he came back in 2007 or we are actually in 2007 right now.

      The reason they want to talk to him is because he has developed something and the dream shifts into a camera chasing him as he is running through a garden. In the centre of the garden is his invention. It is a crystal that emits some sort of high frequency sound/light combination. This invention has the possibility of performing any know surgery non-invasive.

      However it seems like it is overloading and hence 2 Pac and his assistant are running to get to cover. All the while this crystal is pulsing emitting this crystal like sound-light combination. There is loads of colours in this pulse, which is quite sharply contrasted by the grey clouds in the sky.

      I am in a Sims like situation a person is telling me that he has never seen the stars. I sort of force him to do this. He replies that he has seen them on Youtube, which I find ridiculous.

      I run up on a mountain that apparently is the highest location nearby and phone him and tell him he should get up there as there is absolutely no light pollution what so ever.

      Besides I am standing right next to Mount Everest and I don't think it would be particularly difficult to reach the top of that either.


      On a beach now still with the same mission in mind though it is daytime and he will have to wait a while. Another person/Sim is there and he has the trait that he is easily burned and will have to return for sun lotion all the time.

      The parents voice sort of explain that he will have to stop playing with me because of this. There are loads of other persons that assemble around me.

      I follow the easily burned guy into the house, one of his arms is really red and he is whimpering. He gets sun lotion applied and there is a bar that measures his degree of burntness that goes down with applications of this lotion.

      In the house I explain that he needs a hardcore lotion, maybe like one of those for babies and all of a sudden I am in a shop that sells sun lotion, after sun, sun tan amplifier and soap. Among other things the shop also sells katanas relatively cheap.

      The shop is run by WakingNomad and he tries to charge me 500 dollars for little test samples in blue bottles. I am annoyed that he charges this much because I know the protection they offer to be exactly what I am looking for, but it is stupidly expensive. I mean the bottles are like the size of small shot bottles.

      Swimming with the family along the shore of a nice beach in high sunshine.

      With the family in a house. There are two dogs that keep jumping into the lap of my dad and uncle.
    8. Atrocities of the Organization

      by , 07-16-2011 at 06:51 PM (Nocturn Core (Abridged))
      Nicole and I were staying with my parents in Texas. Austin was sick, but my parents couldn’t take him to the hospital because the health care infrastructure had been taken over by a group calling themselves (simply enough) the Organization. My mom did her best to take care of him, and his situation seemed stable. We assumed he would be able to wait a few weeks for a military action to sort out this mess with the Organization. As the days wore on, the news reported that the Organization’s reach was spreading. They captured residential lots for use as barracks and weapon storage. What they didn’t capture, they ransacked. All of the food, water, and valuables were stolen from countless homes in the vicinity of the hospitals. It was a terrorist attack on a level the country had never seen. We decided to build a secret basement beneath our home. Although building codes prohibited the construction of basements in Houston, the area beneath our house was suited to that, so we didn’t have to worry about any serious health issues – at least, that’s what my dad thought. I wasn’t so sure. He finished digging it out in two days, and we moved a good portion of our food down there. We left enough food upstairs that the Organization would just take it and ignore the possibility of people hiding under the kitchen tiles. It wasn’t long before the Organization made their rounds… We could only get the news by radio now, and many of the standard broadcast stations had been knocked out, so much of what we listened to came from other people like us living in secret in their own homes. The airports were under the Organization’s control now. Everything seemed to be getting worse, and Austin’s condition wasn’t getting any better.

      A few days after the Organization stopped running in and out of our house, my dad and I went outside to check out the area. It was spooky how normal everything looked. The streets were empty, of course, but the houses all looked fine on the outside. We went door to door trying to find anyone who had hidden themselves properly. We found a couple of corpses, but I tried not to dwell on it. I didn’t know any of these people, anyway… We found one family that did the same thing as us. Their basement area was a little larger, so they invited us to come stay with them. My dad wasn’t sure it was a good idea, but we agreed to attend a party. When we got back, we told the rest of the family all about it. We went back to the larger hideout the next evening to try to enjoy ourselves for the first time in a while. Unfortunately, a passing truck under the control of the Organization stopped in front of the house. The driver picked up the music playing in the basement from his vehicle. Before we knew this had happened, the driver called a couple of loading trucks to the scene. They infiltrated the house, broke up the party, and captured everyone as prisoners.

      We were loaded one by one onto the trucks with our mouths gagged and our wrists bound. I thought it was dumb of them to leave our ankles untied, but when they closed the back of my truck and locked the door, I realized there wasn’t much we could do to escape. I had to sit in pitch black darkness for the whole ride. I wasn’t even sure where we were going… After the first few turns, I was lost. Maybe in Illinois, I could’ve followed the trail better, but I wasn’t familiar with this area. I knew Nicole wasn’t on the same truck as me… It didn’t seem like they were shipping women anywhere different from the men, so I was relieved at least by that much. I had even less of an idea where she had been sent, though. The truck stopped at another house, and they loaded some more people onto the truck. It was becoming crowded in the cargo area, but they didn’t care. We were just merchandise to them. I supposed we would probably end up doing slave labor for the rest of our lives.

      By the time we reached the next stop, I realized the knot binding my wrists was loose enough to wriggle out of. I freed myself and cautiously undid the knots binding the men on my left and right. We left our gags in so the Organization wouldn’t notice we had untied our wrists. It worked like a charm. We could undo the knots just as well in pure darkness as in blinding light, so it didn’t matter that we had to work on them en route. We had most of the prisoners free by the third stop – and that was way more people than they were ready to deal with. We had to leave some of them bound, but we were able to rush the soldiers in charge of the loading process and take their guns from them. Only a few people died. Someone else killed the driver of the truck. We were the only truck on this street, so there was no one else to challenge us. Everyone scattered, and so began my long journey across the country.

      I found out they had taken me over the border into Oklahoma. I figured it would be fastest to make my way back to my parents’ house from there. I didn’t have a car, and besides, the roads were dangerous with the Organization about. It seemed they were no longer content with just taking supplies. They needed an army of slaves for something. I didn’t intend to trust my fate to chance again. I walked from Oklahoma back to Houston, sneaking into restaurants when necessary to supply myself with water and food. I kept away from the major roads when I could and made short work of crossing them when I couldn’t. I don’t know how long it took me, but I made it back to my parents’ house. I was a little disappointed to find that I was the only one who made it back… None of my family members were in the same truck as me, so I hadn’t been able to free any of them. I didn’t check the other house to see if those people had made it back. Their hideout had been compromised. Although ours was empty, at least I figured it was secure. I stayed there for about a week to give Nicole time to find me. When she didn’t show up, I put a backpack of supplies together and took to the wilderness again. This time, I headed for Illinois.

      Traveling during the summer was rough, so I was grateful when things began to cool down. It meant that I had taken a long time to cross the country, but I hadn’t been counting the days, anyway. I was too worried about what might’ve happened to Nicole and my family to think about something as abstract as time. Eventually, I made it to the edge of Chicago. A big storm blew in from the west, and the whole area quickly flooded. I jumped on the back of an Organization truck when the driver wasn’t looking and rode it into the suburbs so I wouldn’t have to spend so much time in the pouring rain. It pulled off into someone’s backyard, so I took the chance to hop off the truck and continue on foot. As I passed a house, I saw a television on inside. I wondered how long it had been playing… There didn’t seem to be anyone in the room. The TV played an episode of the Fairly Oddparents in which Timmy Turner gained the power of invisibility. He tried to save a girl on a motorcycle from the Organization, but he was unable to do anything. They threw her on a train and took her away. I couldn’t help noticing I was in a similar situation…

      I had to wade through three feet of water to get across Nicole’s street. Her house was empty. Her garage was empty. All of the canned food was gone, and it basically looked like no one had been there in ages. I noticed that Cleo was also gone… I figured she had decided to fend for herself if she was still alive. Since there was nothing for me to find in Chicago, I decided I might as well go back home and prepare the house for my family’s return – if they ever returned. The trip back took even longer than the trip there; I had lost much of my motivation. The winter months weren’t so bad since I made it far enough south to avoid most of the snow. The new year arrived, then spring, then summer, and I finally made it back to my parents’ house. When I went inside, my heart sank. There were people everywhere. I immediately assumed they were with the Organization and threw up my hands in surrender. It wasn’t worth fighting anymore, I decided. If they were going to kill me, whatever… I didn’t want to live in fear like this anymore. Then my eyes narrowed. Nomad was with them. Nomad wouldn’t join the Organization. I noticed many of them had weapons strapped to their bodies. Some of them – including Nomad – had war paint on their faces. These were rebels preparing to stand up to the Organization. They laughed at my surrender and pointed me to my mom and sister. I was shocked by how similar Chelsea looked to my mom. It had been a year since I saw them, and Chelsea changed quite a bit. I hugged each of them several times. By this point, I was already in tears. Just finding one of them would’ve been enough to make the past year of running worth it.

      I headed straight for the secret room, hoping to find my dad and Austin. My mom grabbed my hand before I could reveal the entrance. She hadn’t told the rebels about it yet, and in case one of them really was working with the Organization, she didn’t want them to know. She said she didn’t know if my dad was awake right now, but he would come talk to me soon. I sat down with them in the kitchen to wait. My mom explained that she and Chelsea had been separated from my dad and Austin early on, but they were reunited at the start of winter when they made it back to the house. She spared few details of their experiences… The Organization was trying to construct something to control the minds of the human race, but the details of this weren’t exactly clear. I made a mental note to ask Nomad about this later. Within half an hour or so, my dad walked into the room. He had a pistol on each side and wore a bulletproof vest. I felt small compared to him. It was obvious he’d been through a lot in the past year. I hugged him several times, too.

      Immediately, I asked him about Austin. I hadn’t seen him in the building anywhere. I assumed he had just been in the basement or something. My dad put a hand on my back and led me outside. Because of his silence, I already knew what had happened. The tears started flowing. He took me to a little garden beside the house. The plants were artificial, and they had words written on their leaves. There was a little piano in the back for some reason with certain keys marked. It was a memorial for Austin. I knelt in front of it, wondering what I should do. Praying didn’t seem right, but what else was I supposed to do in this situation? My dad read the memorial leaf by leaf, but I couldn’t understand any of it. The whole thing seemed ridiculous, like he would tell me at any moment that Austin was actually just sleeping in the basement. That was just a hopeless wish, however.

      “How long has it been…?” I asked, covering my eyes.

      “Since November,” he replied. “We couldn’t get him the help he needed. The winter was too much for him, even here.” I could hardly breathe. My only brother was dead, and I never got to say goodbye. I knew how my dad felt about his brother’s death. Was this normal, I wondered? My thoughts raced out of control. I wondered if I would ever see Austin again… Probably not, I decided. There was nothing left of him. I knelt there for several minutes in grief before I could even move. I knew the Organization could come by at any moment, though, and if they saw us here, they would want to search the house. For the sake of everyone inside, I sucked up my tears and went back inside. I sat down on a bench in the basement to be alone while I tried to grasp everything that had happened. All the time lost, all the families torn apart… It was all because of the Organization. My immediate family gathered in the basement to try to cheer me up.

      “When I saw Josh was here, I thought he was going to tell me he brought Nicole and two kids,” my dad joked. Clearly, this didn’t help much.

      “I haven’t seen Nicole since the party,” I choked. It took me a few times to get this out. I went through my whole trip in summary, stopping whenever the horror of Austin’s death or the year without Nicole gripped me. When I finished telling the story, everyone seemed to agree that I should try going back to Chicago and finding Phil. He might be doing secret work for someone in the city, my dad suggested. I couldn’t imagine anyone having a stable job with the country in its current state, but it seemed remotely possible that he could be working in secret. In that case, he might have a place for Nicole and her family to hide. Knowing Nicole had to turn up somewhere, I agreed to give their idea a try. They probably wouldn’t see me again… I could come back and find all of them dead. We went outside for some reason and sat in the backyard. The sun was already setting, so it was too late for me to leave. I would have to stay for the night. After I finished talking to my family, I turned back to the house. A number of the rebels were staring at me. As Apheri appeared at my side, I put my hand on her black hilt.

      “The Organization will pay,” I whispered.
    9. Shared Dream: Atras, MrIrony, WakingNomad : INTERNATIONAL ONEIRONAUT SHARED DREAM PROJECT

      by , 07-09-2011 at 08:58 PM

      Atras's Dream

      ATRAS' Dream

      I only remember dream fragments, I didn't write down much because I was frustrated that I had a really short lucid dream again. I remember that I was
      playing Legend of Zelda (weird because I have only played that game once.) And I remember my character being in an open field and I was trying to become lucid by going into the game or something. I then was a part of the game and became lucid. There was someone else with me in the field, I dont know who it was. I didn't care because I was stabilizing. Once I finished stabilizing I decided to open a portal to the Mayan Temple. I said "When I say go, a portal will open to Chichen-Itza and take me to it...go!" The portal took me to chichen-itza. I saw the pyramid and I saw a couple people but then I woke up.

      I tried chaining my lucid dream but it didn’t work.

      MrIrony's Dream

      Dream1: I was with my classmate and we were playing The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, Master quest (A.K.A harder) version. We were in the forest temple and I got into the boss room, but I didn't see anything there. Then I remembered that in this version the bosses of this temple and Shadow temple have switched places. I didn't want to fight it, so I turned the console off and tried again. I can't remember much after this, but I went around a field, (In the game.) met someone who claimed we were sharing a dream (No lucidity.) and were in DV the rest of the dream where our shared dream was confirmed. (Don't know who it was.)

      Nomad's Dream (excerpt)

      We are back on the surface of the Grey Moon. “To the Green Moon!” I shout exultantly. “To the Green Moon!” shouts Selene, laughing, and I open a portal to the Green Moon. The portal opens above the Temple of Nowhere, and we float down, glowing. People point at us as we descend. I see the Black Sun Beacon is beaming a dark rainbow bridge to Urth. Right now, it’s on Mexico. Hukif shows up. “Hey, Nomad, want to fight?”
      “Not right now, brother. I am am waiting for some dreamers.”
      “Ok. Good. I hope they outnumber us, then we can fight them together.”
      “Maybe,” I laugh.
      Three people come around the corner of the temple.
      “Hey, we were looking for you!” pichulick says. “I found these other two dreamers here... “ he looks down at his hands as his dream body becomes unstable.
      “Try spinning,” I say. He spins and disappears. “Doh!”
      He appears above my head and falls on me.
      “I came back to this dream! Re-enter win check!” he says, making a check mark motion. I do not recognize the other two dreamers. We walk to the corner of the Temple of Nothing, and Atras is sitting there, staring at earth. He looks like a pale blue archeopteryx-type creature, but also humanoid.
      “I hope it works I hope it works I hope it works...” I hear him chant.
      “This is a dream this is a dream this is a dream...” I chant.
      “This is a dream this is a dream this is a dream...” he says with me. He looks at his hands. “Pale bluish... bird hands with feathers... yeah, perfectly normal. No! Perfectly abnormal! This is a dream.” Atras stands up.
      “I remember my dreams,” I say to Atras.
      “Yes! Oh MY GOD HOW AM I GOING TO REMEMBER THIS?” Atras shouts.
      “Calm down. Breathe.” Atras does a nose pinch RC.
      “I am breathing nothing!” he shouts triumphantly. “You are real!” He runs to me, and rubs his forehead on mine, and kisses me on the nose. He runs around kissing everyone on the cheek as he grabs their faces, except Hukif who telekinetically repels him.
      Suddenly, about 300 dreamers tumble up the dark rainbow road, and float down on and all around the pyramid. They all have some dark energy dust on them, like moth dust... Ah, it’s from my wings. I create a giant ball of pomegranate juice floating in the air, and then divide it into smaller spheres, which I float out to all the dreamers.
      “YOU ARE ALL DREAMING!” I shout. “PLEASE REMAIN CALM. TAKE A DEEP BREATH. YOU ARE BREATHING NOTHING. THIS IS A DREAM!” Most of the dreamers disappear as they wake up. A few of them reappear a few seconds later as they re-enter. Some of the other ones begin wandering around touching things, eating fruits from the trees, drinking water from the streams. Other ones shout exultantly and fly off into space.
      There is a young man who I do not recognize. His language sounds Arabic, or some older language, such as Sanskrit. “I have found you. I have been watching you, and I feel everything is so true, just as you say. You see, I am a Sufi Knight. We are an ancient sacred order of Moon People, who guard the portals to other dimensions. We guard the way to the Inner Earth, or at least one way. The Templar Knights are nothing more than Sun Worshipers, well, on the surface. Their true god is evil, or Harm. They believe Harm is necessary to achieve their means. Evil, death, gives them power. So, Mr. Black Sun, what are you trying to say here?”
      I suddenly do not trust this man, and I grab him with astral tentacles, and fling him into the sky. “That is my brother!” Selene shouts at me.
      “MoSh?” No... not him.
      The Sufi Knight morphs into a Naga, a winged serpent and roars at me. I leap into the sky, and bite his neck, ripping him apart, and his jaws close around my throat... we die...
      We are before some type of counsel of gods. They give us instructions which I cannot translate into English. We nod, then bow on one knee. The gods send us back to where we just were. We merge in the wormhole, and come out above the Temple, a great winged jaguar serpent man. We are shimmering with every color. Energy pours out of us, and everything blooms. We de-merge, and fall to the ground slowly, our default selves.
      “What the fuck just happened, brother?” the Sufi Knight says to me.
      “I don’t know.”

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    10. Shared Dream: Task of the Month!

      by , 06-09-2011 at 05:15 AM
      Garden of Peace
      I am in my house, and I feel depressed. I decide to create an area where I can go to relax and feel better, I think a place with a lot of flowers would be nice. A miniature paradise. I go outside where I find a place sheltered from the main force of the desert sun. I bring water there, and plant flowers. The flowers grow amazingly fast, they grow into a huge canopy of flowering vines. The water I give them forms into a pond underneath the shelter of the flowers. The temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the shelter is amazing. It's somewhere around 110 degrees outside the miniature paradise, but it's only about 75 degrees inside… amazing. I see large golden fruits growing from the vines, I pick one and eat it. It is delicious. I plant some more flowers to enlarge the sheltered area, animals are coming in out of the desert for some shelter from the heat and for some water. I see a portal open just outside the shelter, the sun is bright but I manage to see through the portal that Nomad is out there. He comes through the portal into my miniature paradise, I tell him it grew in just the past few minutes, amazingly fast. He is with a woman I don't know. He introduces me to her, but I don't remember who she is. I take another fruit before looking back over at Nomad and seeing he is making out with the woman he brought here. I plant some more flowers between me and them, giving them their own little section of my paradise and some privacy for making out.

      Ghost Realm
      I am in a very strange and creepy place with Nomad. There are ghosts all around us, all of them are glowing with a strange green glow. I look around a bit more and see Nomad is actually making out with one of them, he and a female ghost are getting into some pretty heavy kissing. That makes me wonder if actual intercourse with a ghost is possible. I look around at the ghosts more and I see the ghost of Captain Jack Sparrow emerge, he comes out of the green fog and is glowing green a bit himself, though the green glow seems to be evaporating off of him. Jack asks what us living types are doing in a dead place like this, he looks closer at me and says I certainly look living… He kisses me right on the lips and then gives me a strange smile before doing it again. So Nomad is making out with the ghost woman and I am making out with Jack Sparrow… Jack finally says that if I am from out there and I got in here then there I must know the way to get back out there from in here… um… I hesitate, and Jack says of course I can't do that… first we need the treasure. He is talking to someone I can't see now, saying that person should be helpful and lead us to the treasure. Nomad asks who Jack is talking to. Jack points at himself. He's talking to himself? He looks down at his shirt and pulls something from his chest pocket, he lets go of a slightly frazzled looking fairy. The fairy scolds Jack briefly, it sounds like she says something about being more careful with the wings, Jack says sorry, and she smiles. She indicates for us to follow, then she goes into the water of a dead looking ocean. Jack says to follow her we would need gills… and tentacles, or fins… I transform into a mermaid, Jack says he can't drown, he's already dead. We swim down into the ocean, following the glow of the fairy, and soon I can see wreckage on the bottom. The Black Pearl! And there is something else… a space ship has crashed on the deck of the Black Pearl? Nomad swims into the space ship, I look closer at the Black Pearl. I follow Nomad into the space ship and see an Alkazaran (purple alien, about four feet tall, glowing blue eyes) is injured. The Alkazaran hands Nomad something that turns into a huge golden orb that surrounds both the space ship and the Black Pearl. Jack looks at the golden glow, the golden light flows through all of us, he says that is the treasure that everyone seeks but very few ever find, the fifth element in its purest form. The space ship, the Black Pearl, and all of us float up out of the ocean and through a portal Nomad opens. On the other side of the portal I see that the Black Pearl is now floating in the oceans of the biodome on the moon.

      I am Juargawn, god of Nothing, a great rakshasa, a lion man, with light tiger stripes atop the Temple of Nothing, in the City of Nowhere in the Land of Aud on the muthafukkin Green Moon.

      I survey the scene. I am above the jungle canopy. Flying cars float by. Birds swim on currents of nothing. An iridescent blue and black butterfly alights on my wrist. I look at the butterfly, and I can see its tiny tongue curled and its many eyes. It flits away. A breeze makes patterns in my fur, and I can see the individual hairs. The sun begins to set, and the sky turns pink and orange. I inhale deeply nothing-air.

      Sarnox, my spectral flaming wraith High Priest joins me on the landing pad. We are standing on a picture of Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl battling eternally.

      “Everything looks so fucking real, dog.”

      “I know. It’s amazing.”

      “This is real, isn’t it Sarnox?”


      I feel like crying, screaming, and laughing all at the same time. Instead, I just kneel and place my lion chin in my palm. I see I have dreadlocks now. I chuckle to myself.

      A tiny man on a tiny hover vehicle, the size of a dragonfly, rides to me, and hands me a message in the form of a tiny envelope. I touch it, and it becomes a hologram of Raven. “Um, Nomad? Aren’t we going to the pirate ship?”

      “Oh, shit! I forgot.” I turn, and enter the temple. A purple and black cape grows out from my neck. A silly purple and black top hat appears on my head, and I have a funny dancing cane. The hat becomes a great hood, and the cane becomes gnarled and twisted black wood. My eyes glow violet, and lightning flashes across my face as I stride toward The Mirror. I wave my staff across it, and it ripples like mercury. A scene of Raven planting flowers appears. She looks up at me, squints, and waves. I step through the mirror.

      I go through a silvery wormhole going through the center of the Moon, and a beautiful silver and white wormhole Wyrm, grins at me as I bodysurf by.

      I land next to Raven, on the Moon. My friend, Keiko, well, love interest, is somehow now there with me. She’s wearing a white robe, and holding a white staff with a caduceus at the top. I introduce her to Raven. Selene appears, and kisses Keiko on the cheek. Raven opens a portal to the Black Pearl.

      We step in. In the wormhole we have an epic flash battle with a black dragon fighting the wormhole worm.

      We are on a ghost ship in a dense fog. The sea is completely still. There are some nasty little bat things gnawing at us, which we toss into the portal. We instantly do healing on ourselves. The ghosts are everywhere. I scan Keiko. She seems right at home. Jack Sparrow steps out from among them. A green mist rises from his skin.

      “Well, hello there, strange people things.... Ah, I know you!” He walks to Raven, and makes out with her. I laugh.

      “Let us to the treasure! I mean, lead us to the treasure!” Jack Sparrow proclaims loudly.

      “Who are you talking to?” I ask.

      “Uh... me? Me. No, wait, aha, hear it is! My little treasure fairy...” He pulls Tinkerbell out of his breast pocket. She flies around and kisses all of us on the cheek. We dive into the green sea. “At this point, it would be good time to have gills and tentacles... or fins!”

      I grow gills, tentacles, and fins. We follow Tinkerbell into the depths. There is a strange silver disk at the bottom of the sea. It looks like it just crashed into the seafloor! Is it an alien ship? There is a hologram of a ghostly pirate ship on it. I see the hologram projector is not working too well as the hologram is flickering. We swim down to the hull, and it opens.

      A strange purple alien is dying... This sounds like... wait, I already have a Green Lantern Ring...

      The alien speaks, and I feel it’s voice reverberate in my chest. “I am dying,” the Babelfish translates. “... being pursued by ones who want my treasure... what they do not understand is... *cough* they already have it... and so do you... you have everything to give, and everything to receive...”

      The alien puts her hands over her heart, and pure love energy pours into them in a tiny colored orb. She opens her hands to us, and she exhales her last strange watery breath. The orb expands growing until it engulfs us. My third eye spins, and my entire being is flooded with light. All my chakras spin. I grab on to the hands of two people next to me. The five of us, Raven, Jack, Selene, Keiko, and myself are in a circle, spinning. I feel the orb explode. We are five Love Gods in a World of Light.

      Suddenly we are back in the sea. Our eyes are glowing gold. “The greatest treasure in the world: The Fifth Element,” Jack whispers.

      We fly through the water up to the surface. We hover in the sky and turn the clouds into a storm. It rains violently, and disappears. A cool wind blows, and we add our breath to it, sending the ghosts to rest in peace.

      I open a portal to the Green Moon.

      “Where are you going, friend?” Jack asks.

      “Home, brother, care to join us?”

      He grins and swaggers to the portal, stepping through first. We go through, and end up on top of The Tower. Wait... The Black Tower... And there is a Green and White Tower on the edge of the Sea... Two Towers?

      The old Biodome wall is overgrown with green, but the energy dome can still be vaguely seen. “All systems normal, Biodome is now complete. Hidden fortress in the forest, as you requested sir,” I hear Stephanie, the Biodome AI say. We overlook a lush paradise. Colorful birds float by, smiling at us. People are singing in a valley below.

      “This!” Jack shouts, surveying the scene, “This is lovely!” We walk through New Eden. As we walk past the Mirror by the Koi Pond, there is a scene of the sun rising. “What’s this?” Jack asks, and steps through. We are on the Mountain now, in a field of wildflowers among a few great pines. The air is fresh and clean. We look out over the ocean, and the sky grows light as the sun rises over the sea on the Green Moon. In the presence of the overwhelming beauty, all we can do is watch in silence.

      The sun rises, and warms our skin.

      “I am going back to my Other Life, soon, friends.” I give everyone a hug goodbye. “We are all real, aren’t we, Jack?” I ask him.

      ‘Of course,” he says, lightly slapping my face. I growl. He growls back like a dog, and barks at me. I laugh and the dream fades to black.

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    11. Red Bugs, Nomad, and Hyu Chan

      by , 03-08-2011 at 08:47 PM (Nocturn Core (Abridged))
      It was early summer, and a bunch of obnoxious, red bugs had flown north from Mexico to reproduce in our humid climate. Everywhere I looked, I saw them… They crawled on my skin – especially the arms – and my laptop screen. I killed them, of course, but there were always more waiting to occupy the surface of my body. Sometimes they bit me, too. I was really starting to lose my peace of mind with all these buzzing bugs around me. I read through comments on my dream journal. I noticed that most of new ones were from the same person… His avatar was one of those red bugs! I sighed when I realized all but one of his comments were obviously spam. I erased those. His semi-legitimate comment consisted of a series of images and an accompanying narration. He posted this on my “Your Dreams” page. The comment described dreams of American ships churning out swastika-branded cheese wheels. They created these on top of some kind of tower in the middle of the ship. A rotating blade cut the swastika shape out of the bottom of the cheese as it rested atop the tower. I watched this happen as though I was flying over one of the ships. I was confused when I noticed the blade was tearing up the enormous cheese wheel… The cheese became stuck to the blade and eventually clogged up the whole system.

      The comment continued with a description of WakingNomad sleeping on the floor of a wooden shack. I saw myself on the floor, too, but I wasn’t covered by a blanket. Nomad burst aside, jumped to his feet (at this point, I realized he was naked, but he didn’t seem to care), and started shouting about the wonders of life. I slowly sat up. As my vision left the image, I saw this was the end of the comment. I decided I wouldn’t trash it. Unfortunately, as I scrolled down, I saw an advertisement for microwaves that I hadn’t put on the page… I realized he must have put something in the comment to cause this to appear. I temporarily marked it as spam while I scanned the comment text and removed the advertisement. Once this was taken care of, I restored the comment and replied, briefly explaining what I had taken out.

      The dream jumped. My parents and I drove around a shopping center. It looked like the one on the way to Nicole’s school. Whenever we came to a store we considered stupid or poorly managed, we pushed a button on a remote control to change it to another store. We only left two stores in the whole shopping center unchanged. The first was a huge laundromat run by Janet Jackson. Even though my mom does all of her laundry at home, she seemed to like this place… We changed it a few times to see what would happen, but she eventually asked me to change it back, so I did. The second was a clothing store run by someone named Hyu Chan. I got the impression that he was meant to be the Hyu from Dreamviews. A sign posted on the door warned us that only Hyu Chan was permitted to drop the “Chan” from his name – so if I called him Hyu, he would be furious. The man had buck teeth and bug-eyed nerd glasses. My dad walked over to the suits and criticized them, instigating Hyu Chan’s rage. He asked my dad to leave. I picked up a brochure on Hyu and found his website (www.hyu.co.eu or something like that). It was essentially a fan site for the company he worked for. As Hyu Chan admitted in his self-published brochure, it was a bit strange for him to create his own version of the company website, but that was how he chose to express his pride in his work.
    12. I am not alone.

      , 02-07-2011 at 07:24 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      I can’t sleep. The thought of shared dreaming is keeping me awake, the thought of going to the moon and meeting WakingNomad, Selene, and possibly many more people.
      A million questions are on my mind, none of which can be answered.
      I can’t clear my head, so I start reading. After some time I finally become tired and manage to fall asleep…
      I wake up a few times during the night but can’t recall any dreams.

      I’m driving my car. I don’t know the road, but for some reason I know where I’m headed. A girl is accompanying me. She touches my arm resting on the middle console.
      I look at her. It’s Faye… she smiles. It takes me a few seconds to understand what her being there means. I become lucid.

      I immediately want to go to Teraluna to visit Yuya, I want to go there now, and I know how.
      I unplug my seatbelt, the car starts beeping. I summon the wings on my left arm and prepare to teleport to Teraluna.
      I take Faye’s hand and apply the brakes. Our bodies lift up and go through the front of the car.
      When my feet touch the ground, we are on Teraluna…

      … We hang out for a bit (I can’t remember many details) and at some point Yuya is playing with a water sphere.
      For some reason I suddenly feel the urge to freeze it, just to see if I can. When I create fire I try to create vibrations, this time I do the opposite.
      The sphere freezes and falls into Yuya’s hand. She smiles.
      But then I get it: the reason I tried this. I remembered what WakingNomad said. How I transformed into different dragons. As a dragon I can use more abilities than just fire.
      But this is not what is on my mind right now.

      “Yuya… we were hanging out yesterday, right?”
      “Yeah, sure, we were hanging out in the pool, you remember!”
      “I do… did we do anything else?”
      “You were posing on your desk naked!”

      She laughs, there is a small pose.

      “... And... you went to the moon.”
      "What? The moon? THE moon?"
      “That’s why you’re asking isn’t it?”
      “Yes… So it’s all true? He was here?”
      “Of course. Are you going to visit him?”

      Even though this is exactly what I wanted, what I was hoping for, it feels so weird.
      I don’t understand what I currently feel, am I afraid of it being true? Am I afraid that shared dreaming actually works?
      I contemplate teleporting to the moon right now. I need to know. But something is holding me back? Why?

      “But… what if I can’t see him? He sees things so differently than I do. I don’t understand it, I will do something wrong. He knows me as someone so confident. What if I freak out? I…”
      “Relax… I’ve told you about the layers of the dream plane before. I know it’s complicated, so I will explain the very basics of it only.
      There’s an infinite amount of layers to the dream plane. Unfortunately, you can’t experience all of them at the same time, only a very limited amount.
      If two people look at the same thing in different layers, they will experience it differently, but usually their experience will be somewhat similar.
      Should the layers be 'far away' you'll need to alter your perception in order to share your experiences.”

      I understand what she says, it makes sense, but for some reason I’m still afraid.

      “Why am I afraid? … I don’t understand… I want to know! so why am I so afraid?”

      Faye answers this one:

      “For all your life you have been thought it is impossible, that what you experience right now is fake, that even the idea of shared dreaming is absolutely ludicrous. What you are feeling right now, it isn't fear.”
      “Then what is it?”
      “You will know.”

      I summon the wings on my left arm and lock onto the moon. I’m shivering. She’s right, I’m not afraid to find out it is true, if anything it’s the opposite. But it is indeed not fear I am feeling.
      Screw it, where’s my sense of adventure? I’m going now!
      I take a step through the fabric of space and end up on the moon.

      It is dark, barren, there is nothing here. But then I remember about the layers.
      I close my eyes and try to alter my perception. I hesitate to open them for a moment, but I finally do.
      And here I stand, on the green moon, and in front of me a man who has been waiting for me.
      A man who stands there absolutely confident and calm.
      My mind goes blank, I cannot think. I know that this person in front of me is WakingNomad, there is no doubt in my mind.
      But I don’t know what to say, I’m just standing there.

      “What are you acting all weird for?”

      I open my mouth, trying to say hi, but the words aren’t leaving my mouth. I’m shaking, not of fear, but of excitement.
      I feel so stupid. I can summon a fire dragon capable of destroying a whole city yet right now I can't even say a simple word.
      My vision fades, I am way too excited and I can’t get it under control. The dream is ending.
      Not sure if WakingNomad can still hear me so I project a thought onto him.

      “I’m sorry…”

      I wake up in my bed. My mind stays blank, I don’t think.


      It’s Yuya, she’s standing next to my bed.
      I was sure I woke up, obviously I didn’t.

      “He must think I’m an idiot. One day I’m all confident and the next I can’t even manage to say something.”
      “Don’t worry, he’ll understand, and it won't happen again.”

      Yuya joins me in bed. I immediately calm down, take her into my arms and fall asleep soon after.
      lucid , memorable
    13. #162. Energy Beings

      by , 10-17-2010 at 03:49 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      Work's still trying to kill me, but I think it's time to start posting in my DJ again. I've been writing in my paper DJ every day, but it's just not the same.

      So here's the only lucid I've had in the last couple weeks.


      I'm looking down at the ledge of a window, standing on top of a platform. I stick my head through the window and look down at the ground. I want to keep moving, running, going somewhere, I don't know. I should really stop and stabilize. The scene is staticky, overlaid with a red filter.

      I breathe, take a moment to watch the world around me. The moment ends, and I jump -

      We're running. Non-human figures, all of us, made of light, each an almost pure, bright colour. One is bright red, an orange glow streaking out from the center, like fire. Another is white with gold rays, woven through with colourless threads. Another gives me the impression of a stormy sky and the smell of ozone. I have no sense of myself, but I don't have a body. I just am, and I'm interacting with the others - we take the shape of wolves and run across the sky of the prairie below.

      Mzzkc and I communicate.

      We're dream-sharing, says one of us. Do you want to try a password, see if both of us remember it?

      Q and K, says the other. That's the password.

      Hard to remember, says the first. How about 'quark'?

      I try to wake myself up so I'll remember it, but
      I go spinning into a dream I won't remember.

      Scare Factor: 2/10
    14. 1st lucid dream w/ slight control night of 10/14/10

      by , 10-15-2010 at 11:56 PM
      This is basically the first time I had a bit of control in a lucid dream. I've known about lucid dreaming fr months but never practiced or tried to do it until i met WakingNomad, a user here who I know in school. I overheard him talking about it and I joined the conversation and things led to another and datz y im here.

      I had my first experience last nyt. I'm used to doing reality checks. I was in a dream and did a reality check, I was dreaming. When I realized I was dreaming I was half-concsious in order to keep dreaming I remembered the technique 'dream spinning' to spin around and think of wer u want to go or about anything..wat i write here im not sure is going to be in the order of events but i'll try to make it in order as possible if i remember.

      I spun and wanted to go to the moon and remembered wat WakingNomad told me about a spaceship. So as I was spinning I recited to myself that it was a dream in order to not forget. Then suddenly I was in a spaceship and it started blasting off..It felt like real. I was piloting it, amazing I knew how. I was trying to get to the moon but it was hard. I felt lyk I was in a video game I had to go through santa sleighs tht were chasing me and every time I passed an area, they would go to another area and be even more than the previous area. I didn't get to the moon. I got sidetracked. All of a sudden I meet this person and I start singing off of music from his ipod then all of a sudden the setting changes agen.. I don't know if I still remembered it was a dream. But then I saw psYfr my friend also in waking life that is doing this lucid dreaming stuff with me, we both started doing reality checks just a couple of days ago. I'm still not sure if it was him but he appeared in my dream along with his best frend, Six, that he mentioned lucid dreaming about and has now just started practicing it as well. I saw her in a dream I knew what she looked like from pictures but never in person. I don't remember seeing her face but it was her and i felt it was her. We were doing some sort of presentation Six was supposed to come out dancing first but she missed her cue. So she just went next to me and said "dont make fun of me" I said "I won't but Aaron definitely will". I missed my cue to sing too..Then Six started showing me videos of her tap dancing from her cell phone datz wen PsYfr (Aaron) cam out singing he was the only one on cue actually performing he walked around wyl singing..Pointed to me while he sung one line then my sister Aj appeared and PsYfr took her by the hand and she danced wile he sung.
      All of a sudden I remembered perfectly it was a dream and I saw WakingNomad.I don't remember seeing his face but I knew it was him somehow. I asked him is that really you? He said yes. Then I said prove it. Tell me something about me in our waking life and he said "He hates it wen people go up and down" didn't make sense but it made sense while in the dream. (NOTE: WakingNomad didn't remember meeting me but he said he always said weird things in dreams to ppl so they wud b reminded that it was a dream) anyways he then said i hav something to sho u and we went on a bus (NOTE: wen i mentioned this to WakingNomad the next day he didn't remember a dream but he said he always took people on a MoonBus which I had no clue about. So this proves it was really WakingNomad I saw in that dream) the bus then stopped and WakingNomad ran down and before I could chase after him something stopped me from chasing him back.I felt lyk I left something on the bus then wen I looked down at my hand i was wavy. Another reality check I did..and i pinched my nose and took a normal breath and it worked. I was lucid and was amazed that reality checks did work in dreams. It was my first time to do this kind of stuff and I was amazed. The bus driver was a woman that's all I remember when I looked at her then I became half concsious agen and eventually woke up completely..
      NOTE: in my dream while i spun for the first time i thought of the spaceship and partly about psYfr since he's been in my mind for a wyl in waking life. Maybe that's y he was partly in my dream..was it really him??i have yet to find out!
    15. #156. The Demon Boy

      by , 09-27-2010 at 05:33 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)


      If my hair keeps changing colour in the pictures, it's because that's what it tends to do IRL.


      Fragment about going to my (late) grandma's church for a Halloween party. There were some really cool decorations. A distinct lack of alcohol, however.

      I'm in the front entrance to our house. Everything seems normal, and I do a routine reality check just because. I count my fingers. Onetwothreefour... new ones start sprouting. Well, that's weird. It's almost like I'm dreaming or something.

      I try again, and I get to seven before I give up. Obviously I am dreaming. So... Nomad's task. I need to get to a forest. I jump out the nearest window into the front yard. My brother is there, hanging out with a DC from the Halloween party. Definitely dreaming, then, and whoa...

      The dream is destabilizing. The entire world tilts on its axis, and white lines start running parallel to every object in the scene, as they do in Assassin's Creed. I stop to take a breath, keeping my eyes open, and I start touching the objects around me. I kneel down and touch the grass, the concrete driveway, a metal railing, and I'm back.

      I decide that the best way to get there is to run in a straight line. There's a forest directly to the south, I convince myself. I cross the street at a run, hit the wall with one foot, and leap onto the brown-shingled roof.

      I don't stop. From the first house, I jump onto the roof of the next. Keep moving. I land on some kind of antennae, and the structure sways dangerously as I make the jump to the next structure.

      I'm on a scaffold. The next building - a warehouse - is an impossible distance away, several feet higher than the platform I'm jumping from, and twenty feet away. I jump the gap, and I'm suspended in the air.

      I pull at my momentum, bending the dream to allow me a few more meters in height - and I grasp the edge of the roof. I pull myself up near the chimney. On the other side of the warehouse is a big camping tent set up in someone's backyard. I jump. I land on the tent, and it cushions my fall, billowing out around me. My vision is filled with yellow and red, and I think hard, imagining the demon boy I'm supposed to rescue, and the dark thing that's after him...

      The forest is oppressively quiet. I can smell the pine, feel the hot mugginess created by a recent rain. Fully immersed in my character, I stand in the center of a huge clearing, waiting.

      A flash of red goes zooming by. I've found Nomad's demon boy. I'm slightly disappointed. I was hoping I could use this opportunity to discover Amon's origin (a DC I've apparently mentored throughout his life). Instead, it's just a regular demon.

      He's being chased by a wolf. I recognize the creature as an entity from my childhood nightmares. It's back, and I'll have to deal with that eventually. For now, I allow the demon child to distract it.

      I spot a piece of paper on the ground near a pond. Picking it up, I skim the text. Instructions from Nomad on what to do next.

      Did you save the demon boy? Y/N

      I look up across the clearing. The demon is running as fast as he can, frantically trying to get away from my nightmare creature. The wolf is gleefully giving chase. I'm not sure whether he's actually any danger, or if he's just toying with the demon. Either way, I have no interest in rescuing the child.

      Did you propose to the barmaid? Y/N

      I look at the paper, and blink. And blink again. No, WakingNomad, I did not propose to the barmaid. Although, I should pay a visit to Denn sometime in the near future.

      Scare Factor: 3

      Also, this result amused me.

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      lucid , memorable
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