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    1. 00:00 Tuesday November 5, 2013 DILD #5!

      by , 11-08-2013 at 07:00 PM
      00:00 Tuesday November 5, 2013 DILD #5!
      02:25 bedtime
      1) lying on ground eyes at ground level MFLd's path (to left to back yard) promising to get the sprinkers installed so all the plants will grow properly. I'm touching and looking at the plants and imagining the sprinkler heads going nearby. Lying with wife on the brick path, we're settling down for the night for sleep just down from the circle. We have to make room for the nuns to come down the path at night (imagine one walking down). S1 (current age) comes and asks me about a towel and what are my plans when I go to the gym. In the gym I give advice: calfs twice a week, it's the smallest muscle in the body. Then all the other muscles 3 times a week. A trainer is there agreeing with me. Return to the MFLds's porch. Talking to man who own's the Gs house now whom I later suspect of pulling down the chimney.
      On the circle by parent's house(DS), nighttime. Standing with LDiS (old gf), I start flying (levitating while vertical) with her, holding her so she flies with me she's facing me. I very slowly fly upwards, I see the pespective changing on the lights and stars, it's fascinating. I'm saying "I always like to fly like this it's my favorite way". We go up pretty high. It's awesome. I show how the perspective changes while we can altitude. I'm flying by will, can see the lights from city and the stars. We're going far above the power lines. I ask her if she's ever flown that high before. She says maybe once or twice. I say I'll tell you a secret: I didn't used to fly this high myself. We're flying away from where we started, dark trees below, we kiss a few times. Coming down. It's daytime back at parent's house. I see the entire chimney ripped off of the house leaving a gaping hole. I'm saying "holy crap what happened here?" Like the next door neighbor who lived at the G's house had pulled a wire that was attached to the chimney and pulled it down. Wife there very upset, trying to re-install the phone wire and other wires. In front yard, lots of people around (workmen/inspectors), sitting at table with workmen with a workplan on a brown piece of paper. I'm trying to read it. The worksheet shows the progress of the repairs. Front and back side. On the back side it 's about repairing the phone lines. It's blank, I ask what's the status. I see scribbled on the paper then "must fix first". We first must fix the bathtub to upgrade it to hold 45 gallons. Wife was trying to tie the cable and the phone lines back on the house so at least the alarm would work.
      Talking with some people on the G's side of the fence, they're from a TV show doing an interview. I don't want anyone to hear. We walk all the way to the bathroom window, some are following us from the group, I'm trying to tell this guy the story, I don't want to tell him that I was flying, I said I went for a walk with a lady, and ex-girlfriend whom I hadn't seen in 20 years, who is also the former girlfriend of the next-door neighbor. I'm trying to get close enough to this guy to tell him the story quietly, he keeps backing up when I step forwards to him maintaining our distance. I say "come closer", then put my hand up to my mouth so that only he can hear, that this ex GF shows up and went walking and came back then this happened. I think what they've done is disabled the alarm system and that they were casing the joint and planning to rob the house in the night. The guy agrees. Sitting at the table, a woman comments about an analogy about sex, what's the point of a little thing rubbing in another place, agreeing that the exGF showing up is suspicious.

      F1) something to do with the workplace

      Memories of dreams of flying over the G's house, but that's usually in the daytime and at low altitude. Decades old dreams.

      06:42 (WBTB long recording) MILD over previous dream's night flight.
      08:51 DILD #5

      2) driving towards the mountains on teh freeways. The freeways were covered and long. I was trying to get to my favorite lake UL. I was on a open topped train, like of nothing but flatcars with nothing on top of them. my feet were barely clearing the objects immediately to the right of the tracks by inches. Very slow moving train. I had a backpack on and shorts and a t shirt and I was going to UL. I thought "what will I do when I get there? I have no camping gear or more clothes, the clothes will get smelly." I guess I have a car and so I can leave and return. I'm standing on the edge of the car barely missing things on the right. I start running along the flatcars to the right, going up and down different levels, my body is light and I'm running very quickly and easily.

      3) arrived in a town with a water park. Bright daytime. Touristy looking location, tons of people. I say "oh I've arrived in XXXX" (some name of city). I didn't expect to be there so sono. I planned to enter the water park and check out the hot chicks in bikinis. Crowds of people were pushing all around me to make their way to the entrance. Some woman was annoyed and said "why are you all pushing!?". MEO. Walking up a short stairway. Go around building to the right then left. Enter the water park, my friend MR is with me. I'm annoyed by his presence that means I can't go girl watching. We enter a restaurant and look for a good table, the tables line the edges of the room only. Look all arond the room. There's a table/booth back to the right by the door. Not the best table but we go there. M sits down, my seat (on the left) is covered with chocolate syrup and a pile of melted ice cream, as is the seat in the next booth to the left. I say "my seat is covered with chocolate syrup!" They clean it. Look at seat, it's clean. I don't sit down.

      F2) a guy is kicking a ball, but he violated regulations by kicking it on protected red Indian ground, he should have started kicking it over the line on the allowed ground. Someone says "you got a XXX (some nonsense word) on your shoe" to the kicking guy.

      4) walking on a road, a tiny chinese girl is walking towards me and crying. Comes up and grabs my leg, I think she's lost. Almost doll sized. I pick her up and comfort her. Walk down road a bit more and find her family's house to the left. Give her back to the parents. Large family. They think that this is a nice man, not all strangers are bad. Continue walking, it's a dead end, I need to get down, trying to see how, have to walk through a garden. Looking at a park fence. I need to choose between the left playground and the right playground. They're both tiny. Bright and clean small park behind the fence. Evertying is made from shiny bright chrome, large chrome tubing. I enter park by unlatching fence, latch is strange plastic thing that pulls up off of the fence. Looking at gate mechanism for a second, it's weird. I go in and close/lock fence behind me. Walk through tiny park, basketball court big enough for 2-3 people to stand, some weird large headed chinese people are playing on this basketball court, I walk through to the road beyond.

      5) leaving a bathroom where I did #2, walking in an indoor hallway outside the bathroom, imagined the smell being in the hallway. Ahead of me where there should be an archway to an intersection of hallways is a solid yellow wall. It's not supposed to be there, it's supposed to be an archway, DC friend tries to walk though the wall but hits his head. I approach the wall and think to myself "There is no wall." And imagine my body parts moving right through the wall. Doesn't work at first, try again. I imagine I just need to keep moving my body parts as if there was no wall, like it's an illusion. I make it through but the resistance is immense, like walking through taffy. Another DC comes through the wall. I say "that wall was really sticky. Really sticky." We turn to right go down hallway to a door, I say "oh, thus must mean I'm dreaming." DC smiles knowingly and he opens the door and heads outside. I follow, I think "ok this guy knows about dreaming and he's going to tell me some things!" He knowingly nods again. I have so many questions I want to ask about so many different things. Daylight outside. Everything is bright and vivid. There were people around, but not too crowded, like an outdoor college campus walking between buildings. We walk slowly, and turn to the left. I think I should stabilize. I reach down to the ground, I look at the texture of the stone/pebbly concrete and run my fingers over it, feeling the bumps. The touch sensation is a bit muted, like 75% of WL. I touch a nearby fence/railing along the side and run my fingers over the fence and feel the shapes. I think OK it's time to look at my hands, I haven't done this in a LD yet. Did hand RC. Hands were BIZARRE. Fingers transforming and pulsing while I look, becoming stumpy and growing long. clumps of mini-hands with gnarled fingers in place of fingers that look like tree roots. I'm fascinated by my hands, and while walking keep looking at them again and again. I notice that everything around, especially DCs, are so bright. Turn to the left again, a building is to the left. "Godzilla hands", twisted a zillion of them I think of my hands. I ask the guy whom I'm following "why is that? Is it some sort of impression I have of myself?" People very bright, very clear. Female DCs around, I purposefully ignore them to concentrate on stability and a long dream. Walk a bit more, turn around and look back behind me. Still looking at hands some more. I feel embarassed about these hands. I wonder if DCs can see the hands the way I see them or if they look normal to them. A female DC is inspecting her hands. Someone asks her if they look weird to her, she at first says no then embarassed says yes.

      Fast transition to wake, "No!" I say. Lying on right side. Spent a minute trying to DEILD back in but decided to record. Length 2-3 minutes.

      09:20 temp 18C
    2. The Advertisement and the Hotel

      by , 08-31-2012 at 03:18 PM
      08-31-2012 -- [Last dream of the month. And it's been a busy one for dreams. Not much going on the rest of the night, just dull fragments that aren't worth noting, but the last couple of hours of sleep, something longer, more detailed, and lucid.]

      One little bit that may not have even been part of this dream, but a fragment from another ... I was driving down an on-ramp, just about to get on a freeway, when I hear a gun fire. I seem to be on a motorcycle, and there are a couple of motorcycle cops here, as well. We all stop, crouch down on the ground, and start looking around for who might be firing. We here no more shots, but more and more shell casings keep appearing. Finally I glance up in the tree we're standing under, and the guy with the gun is up the tree. He isn't firing at us, but is dropping casings on us.

      There's almost a sort of secret agent vibe to the first part of this. I am in a house (or maybe it is a pub) somewhere, just kind of doing my own thing, when somebody has given me a package of papers. They say something that kind of indicates the model in the photos will do whatever she is told, and I find I'm kind of worried for the young lady.

      The various papers are mostly advertisements, though what they are advertising, I'm just not clear on. They all feature an attractive early 20s blond model, and there is nothing obviously wrong, but more and more I find myself worried about the woman, and I slowly start talking to people about how she might need some help of some kind. The response I mostly seem to be hearing is that I'd better watch it, or my girl-friend will get jealous.

      So I talk to her. She is also attractive, blond, and probably early to mid-twenties. I explain I feel the young lady needs help of some kind, and make it very plain it's nothing more than that. My gf seems very supportive of this, and even points out hints that all the photos in the ads show signs of being doctored, which seems to indicate that the girl may not even be as attractive as she looks in the ads. The one straight photo (as opposed to ad) seems even less real.

      My gf has put down the packet of information on the hood of my car while we talk, and somebody else has come by and picked it up and started to walk off with it. I chase him down the maybe 20 yards he's gotten, and take the packet back. I put it back on the car hood, and sit a pizza box on top of it. But when I walk back into the bar, my girlfriend has run off, and there are now hints that she got very jealous, though there was no reason for her to be.

      By this time, though I have no idea why, either my girlfriend, the girl in the ad, or perhaps the bar, is French. There is an extremely tall woman across the bar, probably at least 8 feet tall, and mostly legs. She is wearing a yellow mini skirt, and somehow seems to like walking around and even standing in a wide stance, and I can't help noticing it would make it very easy to look up her skirt, since it ends above head height for anybody sitting down.

      I walk back outside to get the packet off my car, just to find packet, pizza box and car are all now missing. I'm depressed and annoyed here at first, because this seems all too common. I come across a woman talking to a man, and both are dressed up like Disney custodian crews. I ask them if they know what happened to the car, packet, and pizza. They indicate they have no idea on the car and the packet, but a guy had just given her this half-empty pizza box. I look inside, and it does indeed look like my pizza. I give it back to them, and invite them to enjoy it. After all, I've already eaten half of it, and am not really hungry at the moment.

      I start walking west, getting mellower by the moment. I don't know why, but I just start to think I am dreaming. I decide to use a test directly from some of the dream techniques I have been learning about, rather than my own usual dream tests, and I take several fingers of my left hand and start pressing them against the palm of my right hand. Nothing happens at first, but I just press a little harder, and slowly the fingers pass through the palm until they are sticking through the back of my right hand. Yup, I'm dreaming.

      I see a hotel further down the road, and figure I'll head there, start going through some rooms, and find some fun. It is something I have done frequently in my dreams. As I am walking over a bridge toward the hotel, I notice something very strange off to the side, a combination decorative stream and miniature golf course. Some guy or gal (probably guy) is playing a hole, but the bridge beams block sight of most of the person.

      I walk on to the hotel, and pick up a couple of sets of keys, figuring with my dream powers they'll work for every lock, much like the keys at that hostel we once stayed in, in London. I don't know why, I never use keys in these dreams, anyway. This is a rather large, multi-floor hotel, and very fancy. I wander around until I find the elevators, and they are so fancy you can't tell what are the elevator doors, and what are the wall decorations. So I end up standing at the wrong place and miss the first elevator. I have to push a button and wait for a second.

      I get on the elevator and push the button for the third floor, figuring that ought to get me up high enough to start finding rooms, but the elevator doors open onto a small flight of around six stairs. This seems odd. I climb up the six stairs to find myself in the middle of a really fancy restaurant, which I have found on the third floor of many hotels in the past ... in my dreams, at least.

      I pass through the restaurant and up some ramps and things until I find myself in a hallway on the fourth floor, looking at actual hotel rooms. There is an attractive brunette, probably about 35 or so, walking into her hotel room, and I decide to start by following her. She has shut the door, but I walk right through it. Her husband is there, though, and I don't want any trouble, so I just walk through the wall into the next room.

      I walk further and further 'down' the hall, but not in it, just walking through the walls between the rooms. Unfortunately, it is about three in the afternoon, and almost nobody is in the rooms, and the few rooms anyone is there are filled with couples, so I don't get to have any fun.

      I've gone through maybe eight or ten rooms this way, but the next wall I walk through doesn't put me in a hotel room, but some kind of operations center, keeping everything running smoothly at the hotel. They don't see me walk through the wall, but as I pass through the room, they do realize they don't know me, and one guy starts hassling me for my red security badge that gave me entrance, when I don't seem to have one, he is all over me.

      I start to run, and he gives chase, but he's slightly faster than me. I give up on making a quiet departure, and just go running toward a wall, but right as I reach it, he grabs on to me, so I pull him through the wall with me. He's shocked, but still isn't letting go. So I grab him, push him back against the wall, and shove. He phases through it, and loses his grip on me, so he's stuck on the other side.

      Unfortunately, he has a radio, and he wastes no time in letting the entire hotel know where I am, what I look like, and what I can do, so every employee in the place is now chasing me, trying to grab me, and making it impossible for me to get anywhere quietly. I try to drop through the floor, but floors and ceilings seem to be much harder to go through than walls. I try to fly, but the ceiling is too low, and I am still easily reachable by people stuck on the ground. I just can't get away. Then I wake up.

      [You'd think this would be amazingly frustrating, but it was just slightly annoying, and mostly challenging and fun. I am also convinced I need to somehow develop a dream power of Jedi mind control in my dreams, so I can just walk up to guys like this and tell them "You don't even notice me. I am not worth bothering with. These are not the droids you're looking for." and just go on my way.]
    3. Lucid: Cloud Form (Not Humanoid)

      by , 04-18-2011 at 08:42 AM
      I am skipping one massively awesome lucid dream to record this one. The one I'm skipping for the time being I recorded onto audio and will be documented here or elsewhere at a later time. The reason being, it is personal, and it is finally evidence of attempted fulfillment of my lucid task from April 2010: recollection of suppressed dream memories while in a lucid dream.

      The following lucid dream occurred without supplements:

      I emerged from blackness by opening my cellar door.

      I clearly remember seeing the corner of the cellar door appear from darkness as I swung it open into the light of the garage. I stepped out and looked around. It was nearly identical to the way it looked over a decade ago. My grandfathers old brown Cadillac was parked there. I instantly knew "this is a dream!" I thought: this is very realistic and I won't be able to forget this moment.

      I decided to fly out of my garage to look for something interesting to get into. With ease I lifted into the air and flew up the stairs. When I reached the door I told myself "Fly through it, this is a dream and I don't need to turn the knob." I flew into the middle and everything just went dark -I didn't emerge from the other side. I backed up and decided to fly under the door instead, which worked with perfect ease.

      I flew through the entry hall and under the crack of the front door outside. I zoomed into the air about 15-ft and down the front walkway. When I reached the street I started to head down the block. When I passed my next door neighbors house I paused to think about if I wanted to explore it or not. I decided not to, on account of the fact that I did so in another lucid dream recently (Blackbird Flying).

      The house looked inviting and cooler than in real life. There were lots of lights on inside, and some looked futuristic. I noticed my reflection as I started to fly away. It was not human. I appeared to be a wispy tan cloud with two glimmering blue star points of light representing my eyes.

      I started to accelerate away from the house when I had an annoying thought... I have "900-things" to get ready for work Monday. I can't just fly away until they are ready... (Things get very hazy and I woke up shortly after this.)

      What a disappointment to loose this extreme level of lucidity to anxiety vaguely related to a large work assignment.

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