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    1. Rescue in the Philippines

      by , 06-08-2018 at 12:08 PM
      Morning of June 8, 2018. Friday.

      I am uncertain of the foundation of my dream, as I become aware at the beginning of a scenario that takes place in the Philippines. (My brother’s Filipino wife-to-be and daughter are presently in the Philippines.) It begins as the common water induction (which is autosymbolic induction into awareness of sleep dynamics and the internal body clock as analogous to tidal factors of Earth), but I originally start out walking from a featureless small dark room that directly leads to a small beach with a small wooden dock, the following scenario of which seems to be taking place in early afternoon.

      An unknown female (though of whom is a subliminal thread of Zsuzsanna without my conscious self identity being extant) is sitting on the dock. An unknown Filipino male of about twenty is sitting on the right side of the dock, his legs over the edge. Apparently, a young boy has been kidnapped and the female is trying to reason with one of the men involved in the kidnapping, which seems politically motivated.

      I walk onto the dock, my dream self’s awareness increasing as a result. The other male looks at me as I sit down. “What are you supposed to be, a medicine man?” he asks me sarcastically. He seems to think the female hired me to rescue the boy. I am aware that I am now wearing a Native American breastplate and tribal regalia. He talks about the kidnapping of the boy as if the act was justified. He takes out an AK-47 from underneath the dock that had somehow been attached to its underside. I have a vivid awareness. On one level, I feel as if he might shoot me, yet on another level I feel something in my mind that is not lucidity, but some other form of augmented self-awareness (of which allows me to non-lucidly alter and sustain my dream). Additionally, the gun seems to have an unlikely hollow essence, somewhat like several pieces of hollow plastic loosely fitted together, though I still decide to perceive it as “real”. (The unfamiliar male is the preconscious, but I instinctually modulate my dream back into the water induction stage in the next scene.)

      Another one of the kidnappers, also male, is now present on the dock. I decide to go and find the boy, as these people are starting to annoy me. The female is no longer present. I wave the dock away but I am still standing on the surface of the water as the others fall in and seem to have difficulty swimming. I am barefoot (subliminal awareness of not wearing shoes while in bed). I enjoy splashing around on the water’s surface without sinking. I walk on the water for several minutes, vividly feeling the essence and movement of the wonderful water beneath me. One of the kidnappers agrees to show me where the boy is being held. Although he cannot walk on water as I can, he is able to swim for a distance until I decide to fly and carry him.

      We reach a room where several males are sitting at a wooden table. One of them is the boy. His face is full of bruises and spots of blood. I lightly touch his face and he is then seemingly unhurt and in a better state of health and clarity of mind. I think of doing this to the kidnappers, but when I touch two of them, they fall over, possibly dead. (This is because the boy is the emergent consciousness personified while the others are preconscious minions or virtual “echoes” that become sublimated in my liminal choice to correlate with the waking process.) I get into one conversation about Jesus. I am supposedly a descendant of Jesus (ironic as I am not a Christian). Something in my blood supposedly gives me divine abilities.

      I decide to fly the boy back to the previous location. On the way, we fly through a large hall that seems to be outside and inside at the same time, but is still supposedly part of the ocean. (This is typical water lowering waking symbolism, as I am aware the hall’s water is of a much lower depth than the rest of the ocean.)

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    2. Sunflower Sun and Walking on Water

      by , 01-01-2018 at 07:01 AM
      Dream #NYMA54

      Morning of January 1, 2018. Monday.

      Reading time: 48 sec. Readability score: 63.

      The fireworks from last night have left vibrant colors remaining in the clouds at dawn, mostly orange and yellow “embers.” I am wondering how long these residual dynamics will last; perhaps another day.

      I approach the sun on the horizon. The “horizon” is suddenly in front of me. It is then not the sun. It is a big yellow sunflower. Its petals feel like the cloth of my pillowcase (lucid awareness of being asleep). (The color yellow correlates with the emerging consciousness process of the dream state. As a result, it can be deliberately used to induce or enhance lucidity.)

      I walk on water, of unknown depth, back to our bedroom to wake for the day. The surface of the water replaces the level of the ground in our backyard; there is no implication of a flood. (These two factors have occurred regularly in my dreams for over fifty years. They are a result of being in the dream state. There is no meaning other than reactive representation in the dream state.)

      It is a first-level “return to bed” dream that also includes the daybreak representation, yellow as emerging consciousness, and most of my conscious self identity with no emergent consciousness simulacrum.

    3. The Worst Comic Book Ever

      by , 11-08-2015 at 09:04 PM
      I dreamed about 3 planets. One was Earth and one was Mars, maybe the third was actually the moon? Anyway, Mars and another one were revolving around Earth, and they all had personalities (which I don't remember anything about) and were having some kind of conversation that I don't recall. Except maybe Mars was jealous of something?

      Then I dreamed about... a house that only had a living room and kitchen... and there was an underground part to it, like a basement. The basement was dark and full of buried zombies. They were marked by little circular markers on the floor that were digital markers, and you could navigate through them with something that looked like a mouse pointer cruising on the surface of the ground. But if you got too close to or hit one of the markers, then the zombies would all awaken, and you'd have to fight all of them at once. Some other person (I don't recall what they looked like or sounded like, or if they even had a physical appearance at all) was telling me that he wasn't as good at it as I was. I tried to cruise between two points, but it woke the zombies up. Then, a team of people - young people, late teens or early twenties - who were sort of like X-men all ran into the basement to fight the zombies. They were all doing this at the behest of an old scientist (no, nothing like Prof. X) who looked a lot like a cross between Bill Nye and Ian McKellen, except much skinnier, and he was dressed in kind of a grey tweed suit...

      Anyway, once the zombies were all defeated, he started to construct an underground complex beneath the house where he would house everybody. Constructing it was kind of like doing so in The Sims 3. Anyway, it was all dark down there, so he added a bunch of lights, and then in the dining hall he started adding fake windows that had lights behind them so it looked like fake sunlight, and then some HD screens that projected pictures of outdoors, so the whole place felt less "underground" and cooped up, and more like a regular above-ground dining room. I recall that it worked out pretty well.

      Then suddenly, there were pigeons everywhere. Just tons of them. And he had a favorite pigeon that did some sort of special thing (I don't remember what) and was super useful. It looked just like a regular gray pigeon. He wanted to breed more of them, because of how super useful this particular pigeon was.

      Then I was standing on the edge of a boat... or maybe a dock... but there was a metal railing. And he had created a new kind of shoe that allowed him to walk on water, as long as he walked very carefully and in a certain way, and he was explaining how revolutionary it was even though I completely understood how important it was to be able to walk on water. I began to think about the possiblities (such as building cities on water) but also how annoying it would be to misstep and suddenly fall into the water.

      And then I was waiting for a bus. I wanted to go to some kind of concert. I think it was for The Village People. I'd asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go, and he said no, which actually kind of surprised me because I thought he loved them. But I decided to go on my own, even though I wasn't sure if there were still going to be tickets available when I got there. Except that the bus I needed to catch disappeared as soon as it pulled up. I remember the bus driver was a lady with short curly hair. I don't remember what she said to me. But suddenly the bus was missing, and I was irritated because I had to wait for the next bus. So the bus pulled up (it was bus 15) and then it disappeared AGAIN. At this point, I was really starting to reconsider going to this concert, especially since I kind of didn't want to go anyway because my boyfriend wasn't coming with me. So I didn't think I'd enjoy it very much, and I'd be pissed if I got there and there were no tickets.

      So while I was waiting, this young-ish woman... late teens/early 20s... started chatting with me, and all she wanted to talk about was some kind of manga/comic book called something like UltraGoth, and which had two of the most annoying main characters I've ever encountered. And it was way overdone, very "buckles and zippers everywhere", and both of them were supposed to be angels or something, and they were involved in a turf war, and one of them was supposed to be something like the king of heaven and the other one hated him. The first guy had super spiky ridiculous looking hair and was shorter. The second one had long hair and was arguably more of an asshole, but not by much. And each issue was just them yelling at each other and having ridiculous battles, Dragon Ball Z style, along with some extremely melodramatic drama thrown in.

      Anyway, she REALLY LOVED THIS COMIC and made me read through an entire issue with her. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I suffered through it and pretended that I thought it was an awesome comic book even though it was stupid as hell.
    4. Ocean Walk Again

      by , 08-26-2015 at 08:18 AM
      Morning of August 26, 2015. Wednesday.

      Dreaming of walking on the surface of the ocean (or in some cases a lake or river), in both lucid and non-lucid dream segments, was more common when I was much younger.

      In the first part of this dream, my family and I (as we are now) seem to be living in a large apartment building. It seems to be a very old building which has not been maintained by the owner and is seemingly in a larger city (possibly in America though this is not certain). There are a few other tenants but not any I recognize to any extent, other than getting an impression that Leonard S lives there, perhaps across the hall. I eventually falsely “remember” that we are also renting a small house somewhere in a less urban area (reason unknown - it may relate to either place being randomly problematic at certain times). There is a vague concern about having enough money to keep renting both places (in real life we have only done that in the process of moving and perhaps that is implied in my dream, though the back story is vague).

      I am walking through the long hallway at one point and keep noticing, here and there, old hair ties of various darker and lighter colors; some thicker, some thinner and in various stages of wear; that had been dropped. (My hair is presently short so I do not use them for a ponytail, though my hair has usually been very long throughout my life.) The hallway also has a lot of dust and looks like it has not been swept for a long time. I decide to pick up some of the hair ties and also think about sweeping the area as there are also small bits of paper and other debris. When I am in the apartment though, I hear someone else sweeping and get the impression of an older lady starting to maintain some of her building for the first time in years for whatever reason. I also get the impression of dust somehow coming through the mopboard (skirting) area into our apartment though this does not concern me, especially as I vaguely realize that it would not be possible (ironic since I am flying after this).

      Later on, I start flying around over various buildings with no particular destination in mind at first. Eventually, I come to the ocean. A huge creature that looks like an orca whale though much bigger emerges vertically from the water and remains upright and mostly unmoving (and is no threat). It does not seem to have any eyes or other features, only the smooth cylindrical body (slightly too long for a real whale). I cannot decide what it is. I still fly around in the area. I eventually walk around on the water near a large dock that borders a building. (I get a vague idea that I created the “unfinished” creature as well as bringing up small islands in the distance beyond, but these vague impressions are not reconciled, including with a subtle secondary unseen presence I am not sure about though I seem to be communicating with “her” somehow as I am flying around - though “she” seems to be everywhere and much larger than me somehow.)

      In the last segment of my dream, I remember that many of my relatives have died, including Carol and Marilyn. However, I find myself with an unopened thick small plain envelope that was apparently sent to us by Marilyn just prior to her death. It dawns on me that (due to its atypical thickness for an otherwise ordinary letter) it may contain money, though that is not what I notice when I open it. I take out a large Japanese fan (that is then too large to have fit in the envelope though I do not consider this distortion) that is mostly white. At one point I get an impression that I can talk to her but only because time is quite distorted (and I am not sure where I am in time). It seems extraordinarily odd that people can cease to exist. It does not seem to make any sense of how this is possible, though vaguely, I am also aware of time being in “layers” where people still exist in certain layers and scenarios and I am trying to remember what “time layer” I am in and whether or not I can talk to or visit certain people.
    5. Walking on Water - Jan 10, 2015

      by , 01-11-2015 at 07:24 PM
      In this Lucid Dream I walked on water for the first time! Later on in the dream I questioned a dream figure on her true identity, and she reversed the question and described me instead. Here’s what happened:

      I was out deer hunting on an island, and the background scenery appeared to flat, so I walked up to it and discovered it was actually a large camouflage blind extending as far as I could see. There was a vertical, slit opening in the camouflage fabric which I was able to pass through to the other side. To my surprise I found a man sitting against the blind, but it was very dark and I couldn’t see who it was. I sat down beside him and began to think about the situation. Suddenly, my cell phone rang, it’s my dad. He said I should come home and get my rifle since I’m out hunting. I said, “Okay dad, I’ll come home and get it.” Why would I go deer hunting without a gun, seriously, this is definitely a dream! I’m lucid! I stood up and ran towards the lake a leaped off a 50 foot cliff ‘superman style’.

      Instead of flying like I expected, instead I fell towards the water, and stopped just inches from the surface. Clarity was extremely poor, and I wasn’t going anywhere. There was a small piece of seaweed floating on the surface so focussed on it until it became clear and focussed, then I could see my reflection and ripples in the water. I slowly began to move forward, just inches above the water’s surface. Shortly thereafter, I approached the shore near my parent’s house, but I stopped about 10 yards from shore, and I wasn’t moving, so I decided to stand up in the waist deep water. I thought about a forum topic regarding ‘walking on water’ so I gave it try. I stepped up onto the water’s surface and was reasonably solid. The surface resembled that of a firm gymnastic matt. This is when I noticed I was being followed by the man from the island! He was about 20 feet behind me, waist deep in water, and struggling his way towards me. I said, “Hey! You can walk on the water too! Try it!” Sure enough, he could walk on the water too, and then walked to shore.

      The man was over 6 feet tall, middle aged, and had short brown hair. I asked him his name, and he happily replied, “Robin!” I looked at him, and I said, “That’s not what I mean, who are you really? Are you female or a male, and what is your real name?” He was surprised by this comment and he turned into a six foot tall, blonde woman in a pretty white dress with band shoulder straps. She had a faint white glowing aura around her, and I didn’t recognize her. I see this quite often in LD’s, glowing dream figures, so I didn’t take much notice of that, but what she said next left me thinking. She said, “Instead of talking about me, let’s talk about you. You always walk around with your hands like this (she showed me in a joking manner), and you’re always so laid back. She imitated me again smiling. You’re also so much better at creating money than I am.” At this point I woke up, and thought carefully about what happened so I could journal this in the morning.

      I lay in bed pondering this experience. She was absolutely correct about the way I carry my hands when I walk, and my laid back attitude, but ‘creating money’ made no sense to me. You don’t create money; you make money, and I’m not that good at making money. What did she mean by creating money? I didn’t figure out what she meant until the morning. She was referring to a memorable OBE I had with her (my daughter), which I journaled under the title, ‘A Little Noodles Please’. Here’s an excerpt from the dream where I created money:

      “I fumbled through my pockets to try and find some money, but there was none. As I reached to grab the bag of chocolates a toonie fell from my wrist, hit the floor, and then rolled against the counter. The restaurant went silent.”

      I find this interesting because my daughter was able to identify in the dream who she was, not by directly telling me, but through some common experience we shared in another dream (OBE). This was something that was not apparent during the dream, but was something I had to think about very carefully after awakening in order to make sense of ‘creating money’.

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    6. Floating along a river

      by , 11-07-2013 at 09:22 PM
      I'm standing by a light switch in pitch black darkness, and the lights won't turn on. I question whether this is a dream, doubt it at first, but then realize yes, it is. I have a sort of false awakening in which I still realize I'm dreaming, but now I become aware that I'm lying on my back in a bed in the guest room of my father's house (no resemblance to anywhere he's lived IRL), with his cat curled up against my legs - nothing's changed visually, it's still pitch black. I look up at where the ceiling would be and think about stars, and about a previous lucid dream where I removed the roof and floated up into the sky, and debate whether to do that again. I feel like there's something else I want to do here first. I can hear my father and his girlfriend watching TV in the next room and talking to each other. As I listen to them I forget that this is a dream.

      Memory gap - some time later I'm standing in a different room, again trying and failing to get the light switch to work. I hear the sound of my stepbrother coming home and going straight to his own room. This light switch has several different switches and dials that I can't see in the dark, and this time I wind up taking out my ipod and holding it up as a flashlight. I can see the switches and dials now, but I still can't get them to work, and then I remember that this is a dream.

      (Woke up at 5:30, half an hour after getting to bed. Back to sleep.)

      I'm going to visit someone I owe thanks, bringing a guitar to play for them. One of the strings snaps.

      At my father's house, some guy is trying to talk to my sister S., he's angry and seems obsessed, and while they're arguing he picks up a knife - not to threaten with, but it's the last straw, me and my father kick him out.

      At my mother's house, one of her former students is at the door with some friends, and he's talking to her about some technique that's recently become a fad. Everyone's very impressed by his expertise, and it's driving me nuts because this technique is just a cheap knockoff version of something I've been doing for years that no one's ever taken seriously, and this popular version is much less effective. We get into a really idiotic argument which leaves me feeling frustrated even after I woke up.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm lying in bed in the wrong house, and some boy shakes me awake to tell me I have to go. I apologize and try to explain that I'm not there to do anything bad, I just got the wrong place, but I can't remember the word for 'place' in Japanese and have to fumble around trying to find a different way to say it. He gets the point but doesn't really care, he didn't seem particularly threatened by a stranger in his house to begin with, he just wants me gone before his mother wakes up. I walk out a back door that, aside from a little ledge, opens directly onto the river. The kid tries to correct me, pull me back inside so I can use the front door and actually leave, but I just step out onto the river and stand on top of the water, which is a normal thing for a witch like me to do. The kid's surprised, the water and the light are really vivid, it's all very pleasant. As I'm appreciating the vividness, I become aware that I'm thinking of this as a dream.

      I walk a few steps into the sky and start floating, heading somewhere specific. As I float above the river, I pass various people, and I start to hear a song, people are singing it. I pass two brothers sitting in chairs having some fashionable procedure done, a row of string sewn above their lip, to me it looks like they're having their mouths sewn closed. It strikes me as odd, but I remind myself that this isn't my time period so I don't have the full context, not for me to judge.

      I reach a roller coaster, and there's a man and a woman riding it, the people I've been looking for. They're also singing that song that's been going on, and the lyrics tell me a little about their history. She has (or possibly had, up until very recently) a life-threatening heart condition. Their song is about the possibility of fixing a heart only to get hit by a bus or something similar, and the way people think they have time. The guy, singing in English with an Irish accent, sings a verse about how if (some name, some guy he knows) died he'd be singing a toast to him.

      Song's over. Now that we've all met up in a dream, as planned, the guy asks whether we should wake up now. I'm inclined to agree, mission complete, but I think it's a little ridiculous to waste a lucid dream, there ought to be some fun we could have before we go. The guy leaves anyway, the girl stays. She says to me, "I have questions." I say to her, "I... probably don't have answers." She starts to say something else, but I become aware that I'm consciously thinking up her next dialogue for her, and that I'm waking up.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Forever Knight-based setting, I'm Nicholas, and I'm being posed a question: between Janette, LaCroix, and an apple which represents my hope for humanity, I can only save one. What's my first instinct? I dismiss the apple completely but can't decide between the other two, which is annoying since the entire point of this exercise was only to see which came to mind first, without overthinking it.

      Scene changes to an Umineko setting - Beatrice, who'd posed the question, is annoyed with the way I've spoiled it, and she retreats into the other room with aunt Eva. She says something to Eva that I can hear through the door, something about how the only hope is the "good key (name of key)."

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    7. Variations on the theme of revisiting the past

      by , 10-06-2013 at 10:47 PM
      I'm inside a mental simulation of a memory from my past, allowing two people to go through the contents of my memory, a man and a woman. I'm lying down on the bed while the woman goes into the next room to look around.

      Will Graham standing in a room, alone, but with mental images of many people moving around, he's piecing together what happened here in the past. He's watching the phantom images move, but he's mostly thinking about Hannibal and the increasing inevitability of consulting him on this case. This whole image is replaced by written words in white: "The Kingdom".

      I'm a man who's been doing research into my own unknown ancestry, and turned up some info that my father was a cult leader. And while my mother's still a mystery, I'm complaining to someone that at this rate she'll probably turn out to be a goat. It's a reference to an image of goat-headed Baphomet that was connected to the cult.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm watching three women try to recreate images from old photos of other people, dressing up like them and trying to copy their poses exactly, in order to figure out something that happened in the past, something about a girl with some sense of guilt towards another woman. Copying the photos requires one of the women to adopt some really uncomfortable looking poses, she's dressed up in a wedding gown and the angle she's holding her neck at looks like it should be fatal.

      There's this guy who killed someone, and I told him over the phone 'I'm not going to come for you' unless he does something about the body himself. When I get there, I look out the back window into his yard, and see a few of those big black trash bags full of fallen leaves, and I note that there are a couple more bags now than were there when I left. I note that he split it up into several bags instead of just one.

      I'm in the yard of some huge mansion with a few white tables and chairs set up for a party, abandoned now; I'm out at the very edge of the yard, near a river, standing over someone who's been shot, and I'm saying to Hannibal, "One person, you could have saved one person!" He says something disagreeing with me. I'm thinking about Abigail.

      I'm standing in my IRL shower, and there's a spider in here, well out of the way of the water; but I accidentally drip some on it and it slips down into the tub, gets caught in the water and washed down the drain before I can catch it. I feel guilt about that. I didn't want to drown it. But then an insect crawls up out of the drain - a huge winged ant, and then another one - and I feel sure the spider will be able to make it back up too.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm meeting some people in a dream. A woman and I have just arrived on a beach, bright sunny day, clear blue-green water, and we've got these dark fragments of void-stuff hanging around us from our arrival, dissipating like smoke. She's telling me about the guy she's going to introduce me to, who's supposed to guide me through something specific. He appears in a puff of darkness like we did, but standing on the water a little bit away, dark-haired guy wearing a suit, and he jogs across the water to meet us on the sand. He apologizes for taking so long to get here, and I'm thinking to myself that it only took him so long because he's accepting limitations that are unnecessary in a dream, not really a promising start. I expect him to say something else but he doesn't, they've both gone silent and stopped moving, and I realize that we've lost the connection and I'm waking up.
    8. My Own Assassin Strikes Again - and my usual bridge jumping

      by , 04-28-2013 at 04:14 PM
      Morning of April 28, 2013. Sunday.

      Instead of my 1922 Red Phaeton bringing an assassin to wipe out annoying dream characters, it was a car that came up in a Google image earlier, a dark blue 1936 Ford Deluxe Phaeton. I guess my “regular” assassin was now a composite utilizing the new Black Widow (actress Scarlett Johansson), although she dresses much differently, sort of like a younger female Robin Hood (or more so, Green Arrow), but with a more colorful and “tougher” wardrobe.

      This was an early evening dream, when I fell asleep to catch up on some rest. At any rate, here I am once again back in my home in Cubitis with annoying neighbors. I become aware in my half-sleep (the television was on) of how bizarre human voices seem (both actors and audience) in situation comedies. “Everybody Loves Raymond” was on and I kept following the seeming strangeness of it all. An actor would say a short phrase, the audience laughed, a different actor would say a short phrase, the audience laughed again, another actor said a short phrase, the audience laughed again…and on and on, sounding like a very unnatural, otherworldly, “inhuman” rhythm.

      In my dream, south of my old Florida home, is a different (unknown) group living there. There are probably at least a dozen people in the main front room. It seems to be some sort of family reunion. They have their loud television on (“Everybody Loves Raymond”), with the brief actor talk, brief audience laugh, brief actor talk, brief audience laugh, seeming to be in an actual repeating loop, sounding as abnormal and unearthly as ever, as well as a loud stereo playing some sort of sparse, low booming sound (probably around 40 Hz) but no actual music or other audio nuances mixed in (similar to how a time-stretched car stereo playing techno would sound from a distance). Groups of people have often disoriented me in real life, making me feel very tired and drained even after only a couple minutes, not always in a negative sense, though, sometimes bordering on non-lucid, peaceful dreamlike states, especially in restaurants.

      I go to their house and bash on the door. The inner door is open and only the screen door is closed. The house is different from real life in that there is no door on the north end in reality. I tell them to turn things down (there are about four things going at once), but they say they cannot, as everything is broken, so they are all just sitting and standing around listening to it all and yelling all their repeated conversations at each other to be heard over the other nonsense (possibly inspired by the “loud television gag” from "Ghostbusters”).

      I try a few more times, but only get negative remarks. It also does not help that when I am talking to one person, everyone else then suddenly starts talking about what I said, and sharing different ideas at the same time, so I have to point out the home owner, who is the only one I am actually attempting to speak to, but it does not seem to be understood. She is an uneducated hillbilly type, about forty or so, with light curly hair, sitting in an old green armchair.

      Finally, my assassin comes in. She takes out an unusual looking larger dagger that looks like a boomerang knife. A young man laughs and says “that’s a paper knife” and she then throws it to the wall so that it hits the wall very hard and sticks into it (mostly vertically), splitting the wood nearly to the hilt (which is funny, as it actually does seem made of paper at one point). She immediately decapitates him with another of the same design (waiting just long enough so that he sees what the knife does to the wall before he is killed) but the knife returns, so it does seem like an actual boomerang design in potential, but looking much the same as the biggest knife here (not seen until after my dream - and I do not recall seeing them or at least thinking about the design at any previous time):

      The other people start leaving, but only half of them escape in a car, the others being killed (one with a television coming down over his head and one going through a wall, most with “boomerang” knives through them).

      I am then on the Seven Mile Bridge at night (Key West). I watch the car of escaping people somehow just drive off the bridge (or crash “smoothly” through the side) and plunge into the ocean - also somehow caused by the work of my own assassin from the dark blue Phaeton. I am aware of two old fishermen in a small boat, only one of which noticed the actual car hitting the water near them. He asks the other, slowly…“Was that a…car?” The other just shrugs and casts his line where the splash was, thinking it might have been a big fish.

      I decide that it is time to wake up, as I have probably slept long enough. I decide to use a trick I often use to become more lucid to improve my reasoning skills (so that I will then know the best way to wake up), and that is, jumping from a cliff or a bridge as I often do, as I greatly enjoy the sensation of falling in lucid dreams.

      I jump from the bridge and the bottoms of my feet hit flat on the water’s surface, causing a slight pain in my legs from the impact. I then start walking on the water, but see that the shore is very far away. I decide to run over the water and I end up flying into the air, so far up, I am almost out of the Earth’s atmosphere, seeing mostly only the topside of clouds, the ocean and small areas of the Florida Keys. I keep moving and eventually wake.
    9. Stardust

      , 06-18-2012 at 08:01 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I haven't posted in a while.
      It's kinda difficult to find the time to do so with my current health issues. (It's nothing too serious I think, but it impedes me from doing activities that require a decent amount of brain power)
      The few moments where I feel alright and I'm motivated to write, I spend it trying to somehow finish my masters thesis in time.
      It's quite frustrating to know that it is going to take some more time until this will be resolved, because apparently it's perfectly normal to have to wait 10 weeks to get an mri done in this country. :/
      Then again, we got fantastic healthcare, so I shouldn't complain.

      Anyways, I don't really have the motivation to properly write down things that have happened in relation to the Templar story arc, but I figured I'd at least post something.
      Something that is much easier to write.
      So here's a random dream from last night which I thought was really cool, though I now realize that I'm going to have a hard time explaining why.
      It's weird how that works, sometimes a seemingly normal event can be very emotional in dreams.

      I'm in my bed, trying to fall asleep, when I notice that something is off with the lighting.
      Normally my room is really dark at night, there's a few very faint green and blue lights from a switch and a file server in the room, but that's about it.
      You really have to navigate the room by memories (if you don't turn the lights on), because it is too dark to make out anything.
      But for some reason I can distinguish everything clearly, even though it's all pitch black.
      What a contrast!

      Fortunately I know this look very well.
      Dark dreams! In my dreams darkness is usually compensated by a ludicrous amount of contrast, so I can see very clearly, even though it is really dark.
      It is rather astonishing how many shades of black there really are, and how easily they can be distinguished if you aren't limited by the human eye.

      I get out of bed and start exploring the house.
      I don't bother thinking about my current situation or dream stabilization because I'm under the impression that I'm fully lucid.
      This is however not the case.
      I'm not thinking clearly, as I would in a "fully" lucid dream.
      Yes, I'm aware that this is a dream, but I'm not thinking about doing cool stuff. No epiphanies or anything.
      Just a mindless zombie strolling through the house, hoping to catch a glimpse of something extraordinary.

      Once I am downstairs I notice that the scenery outside has changed rather dramatically.
      This is not where my house is in waking life at all!
      I go outside to explore more, and find that my house is now placed right next to a rather large lake.
      It is perfectly still and reflects the sky like a flawless mirror.

      I start walking over it, something I often do in dreams.
      Walking on water is really pleasant, if you do it barefoot that is.
      The water is really cold and I get chills up my spine during my first few steps.

      The sky is cloudless. It is perfect! There is no light pollution whatsoever. What a sight!
      But then I realize that I'm not really lucid.
      Or rather, I realize that I'm not thinking.
      Exploring your own thoughts is an amazing thing to do in dreams, and has become my favorite way of stabilization.
      If you're thinking clearly, dreams receive a huge boost in stability.
      It's also a good way to calm down if you are easily excited.

      Anyways, after some thinking I feel like I've gotten my brain to work adequately.
      But oddly enough I'm not in the mood to leave this place, even though I am now fully aware that I can.
      There is something very special about this scenery, and I'd like to stay for a bit longer.

      I take off my t-shirt, noticing that it's a bit odd that I'm wearing one.
      I never wear shirts to bed, especially not in the summer.
      I lie down on my back.

      It feels sooo good. My back touches the extremely cold water surface, which carries me easily.
      I feel very floaty and stretch out my arms.

      But even though this sensation is very enjoyable, blissful even, I cannot help but feel sad.
      Because in this sky I can see so many stars.
      Billions of them. And beyond them are billions of galaxies, containing billions of stars each.
      And I'm here, on this rather insignificant piece of rock: planet earth.
      Insignificant. That's really all I can think off.
      In comparison to the size of planet earth we have explored less than a single grain of sand.
      I feel alone. I feel stuck. I want to leave this planet.

      I stretch my right arm out and grab onto the stars in my field of vision with my hand.
      It's odd how I feel compelled to make this gesture even though nobody can see it but myself.
      I want to go there one day. I want to go within my lifetime.
      I want to explore this seemingly endless space.
      But I realize that I have most likely been born too soon.
      Why could I not have been born later, in an age where we are space explorers?


      Well, that is just fucking depressing.
      What is wrong with me?
      I'm dreaming. It's all about experiencing the unimaginable. It's about having fun.
      Yet here I lie, acting all melancholic.

      But then one of the stars becomes slightly brighter.
      For some reason I know that this is a super massive star that has just reached the end of its lifetime.
      Its core has collapsed, releasing a massive shock-wave. A supernova!
      During its lifetime it has fused hydrogen into heavier elements.
      Helium, Lithium, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and many more.
      And now, as its final act it is launching all of it into the vastness of space.

      But these elements will inevitably find others. They will attract each other and slowly but surely clump together.
      Some of them will turn into planets over the course of millions of years.
      And with a lot of chance, one of these planets will be at a certain distance from a sun.
      Maybe another smaller body will orbit it. A moon.
      And maybe, if everything goes right, some of the elements this planet consists of will combine in a certain way.
      And then there will be life... there will be another earth.
      Because that's what life is.
      That is what we are.
      We are all made from stardust, forged within the cores of super massive stars.

      And that is a really beautiful thought.
      Because even though we might appear insignificant compared to the vast size of the universe...
      we are special!
      I mean seriously. What are the fucking odds?

      And that makes me feel really great and I cannot help but smile.

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    10. Playing With The Weather, Outmatched, Walking On Water, Sleepwalking Scare, Chao Raising

      by , 03-07-2012 at 11:00 PM
      I was a busy girl this night! Four MILDs, one almost V-WILD, and one non-lucid, not to mention some shadow creatures at the beginning of the night. Intense!

      Side Notes - So, as I was falling asleep there was suddenly some very vivid and weird blobby structure textured like blue jeans behind my eyelids, it twitched and morphed very quickly. This was not hypnagogic imagery (at least, not fully), it was a remnant of when I used to meditate while abusing anticholinergic deliriants, it moved in the exact same way. I open my eyes and say "Great, so I'm hallucinating now." There were dark clouds moving across my room and coming up to my face, I could feel an animal presence in each one, but I didn't allow them to form into anything. Across my ceiling moved a cloud that I always recognize as one of my delirium signs. Had I let it grow, it would've turned into a big white alien crab thing. I decided to just close my eyes and try to fall asleep quickly anyway while repeating my lucidity mantra.

      #1 - Playing With The Weather [MILD]

      The first few parts of this dream I only remember in flashes. I remember wishing some city was closer to us for some reason, I think I perceived it as some cool party area, then blur... then there's some spaceship ride at a theater or old house or something where we weren't supposed to be, but I got on the ride with a couple other people and it sent me into third-person mode in outer space, controlling some ship (a star destroyer from Star Wars, maybe?) as some commercial about it plays in the background (just the audio) and the ship gets continuously divided into smaller copies of itself by other ships around it. I think this phase is what caused me to become lucid... suddenly I was back in first-person and standing in front of my house. A big red bus was driving down the street and I tried to pull it toward me with telekinesis but it didn't work, probably too big of a task for a beginner. (I don't think I've used telekinesis since my second lucid ever.) So instead I lept up and blasted off into the sky at supersonic speeds, the wind felt so amazing rushing past my face. I even got to feel myself pass through clouds, which was awesome! I watched the ground streak by until I stopped over some really big field in a country area with one or two small farms. I was really high up, above the clouds, and I saw a tornado tearing through the countryside. (Though, aside from a couple storm clouds, it was bright and sunny outside. ) I gave my telekinesis another shot and managed to change its path by holding my hand out and pushing it in a different direction. Next I turned my attention to a storm cloud next to me and tried to make lightning strike the ground from it, but it wasn't really working too well, it was more like a mild flash that was just a glitch in my perception. I guess that one might take some waking life visualization first to do well. After that I transitioned into third-person again and lost lucidity, there was some kid breaking into a bank and some nasty old man with a shotgun (I think...) and his dog comes in and threatens him to leave and return what he stole or he's going to call this other old man and make him his pet. I woke up after that. There was a lot of dream leading up to the blurry part too, I remember experiencing it, just not what it was.... Though I do remember it involved Erii.

      #2 - Outmatched [MILD]

      I was back in middle school but in a class with a guy I didn't meet until high school, and the environment was somewhat fused with my community college. I have two electric guitars made of rubber, and they really work but they also aren't stable and bend and flop around a lot. Apparently one of them is broken and the other is a replica of the broken one, and my teacher gets mad at me for having them so I ask if I can take them to a different classroom. She says sure, so I get up and start walking through the halls and swing them like crazy on my way, they bend so much that they made that *wop-wop-wop* spinning blade sound but with a cool little electric guitar noise. While walking through the hall I become lucid, and somehow I went from the second floor to the first floor. I look up a massive staircase and see someone who I don't remember, but I flew up to him and asked him where Mason was. (This guy I had a class with in high school, I don't know why I thought of him but I was basically just trying to keep a dream plot going.) He didn't know so I flew off to the cafeteria (first floor) and there were several rows of tables with computers set up there for some reason. I just had fun walking through the rows and seeing tons of old people I went to middle school with, including D and C, working on some projects. I walked to one of the stairwells and sat down next to it and pulled out my phone to start texting (I think I almost lost lucidity here), and O walked by me and said that I'd better be careful because he had just gotten in trouble for doing that, and I was like oh snap, I'm supposed to be in class! I walk up the stairs next to these two random DC girls and tell them about the guitars and they laugh, and I'm like "I know, fuckin' dreams." Upstairs we walk to a section where there's a large gap in between two sections of the floor that you can see the first floor through, with a bridge off to the right of where I am. Directly across from me is a room with a bunch of people standing out front, so I jump across the gap myself and walk into the room. It's small and nearly empty, with another even smaller room (like closet-sized) connected to the side of it. There's a random girl standing next to the window looking out of it, and she looks over at me. Suddenly she runs over to me at LIGHTNING speed, like leaving a blurry trail behind her and everything, and stands right in front of me with this serious face. I freak out and try to kick her away, but with her super speed she just jumps to right behind my foot. She just stares at me and then reaches out to grab my leg. O_O And I'm basically terrified at this point, but then I wake up.

      I need to master that level of super speed as a power!!

      #3 - Walking On Water [MILD]

      O and I are leaving our middle school to go to In-N-Out for lunch but we accidentally use an exit door that has an alarm on it. I figured this out after we used it but O didn't, so I just wanted to get out of there so I don't get in trouble. We almost left, but O started seeing everyones' reactions to the alarm going off and starts having a panic attack, so I put aside my worries to keep him calm. It jumps forward to me right up next to some window blinds, like literally they're all I see, with individual ones having information printed on them about how I have to sit in this timeout class all day for being in trouble, and it specifically stated that one of the school admins was ninja9578. Eventually I back away from the blinds and see that this class is in a tiny building in front of the school, in the parking lot. This one guy in somewhat fancy black clothes is there and asks me what I'm there for after talking to the teacher about something, but I became lucid around this point. I just tell him I'm getting out of there, and I fly up and phase through the wall and into the sky. I look back and see him smiling and looking encouragingly at me, and he says "This is a dream!" or something like that, and I just smile at him and fly off. I start off down the road toward my house, but then I decided to ground myself and hoof it this time to make sure I didn't get too much of an adrenaline rush. I run down the path, and normally there's a bridge and on the left side of it you see my old elementary school, but instead this time right at the edge of the bridge was a beach with a long stretch of water going out from it. :O I decided that walking on water would be a cool thing to do, so I just ran out on to it. There are waves forming and breaking beneath me and it feels so cool, I try to jump over the waves as they come just for the fun of it. That went on for a short amount of time, then the dream ended.

      False Awakening - I had a false awakening here where I intended to start writing that dream down, but it wasn't really significant. Luckily it didn't mess with my memory of it, but it did make me think I had woken up between the alarm part and the getting in trouble briefly when I actually hadn't.

      #4 - Sleepwalking Scare [MILD]

      I was briefly lucid, I can't remember much other than that the plot of the dream seemed really unstable and ill-formed, like the DCs were actually invisible. They were definitely there in a third eye kind of way, but they vanished easily, and I was afraid that I was actually lucid sleepwalking or something because I was standing naked in my bathroom, and if I closed my eyes and walked around I felt myself moving and all, but when I would open them I'd still be in the same spot. However, when I actually woke up I was still in bed.

      Side Notes - After this I wasn't really intending to fall back asleep, but I didn't feel like getting up either. I stayed in bed and started thinking about giving myself a breast massage, but I was so lazy that I didn't even actually feel like lifting my arms to do it, so I started visualizing it instead. To my surprise, the visualization was incredibly strong, and I felt like it was actually happening. A scene started forming around me too, I was walking Target and looking at DVDs while doing this. It definitely felt like it was about to completely take over and suck me into a V-WILD several times, but it was never able to fully do it. Maybe if I'd done this method before I would've known how to push it all the way, but as it is I just don't think I was tired enough to fall into it. After I gave up with that it took me another fifteen or twenty minutes to fall asleep again.

      #5 - Chao Raising [Non-Lucid]

      I was raising chao (from Sonic Adventure) with K, and then my memory gets blurry.... I wrote down "find a way back to the beginning of an obstacle course which takes me back to the beginning of it all and causes me to hatch from one of his eggs?" I remember before this he was at my house writing a trip report for some cannabinoid smoking blend we had both tried, and then he was leaving but I said I wanted to go with him and he said I needed to hurry, so I went to change clothes and somehow it launched into that. Afterwards he asked me what I was going to do with the new chao and I told him I might go for one beauty-based (?) because until then I'd been looking at Erii as the figure of beauty. (??) Then I woke up lol.
    11. Aftermath / Flashback / ToTMs / Epic FA / OOBE

      by , 09-24-2011 at 06:24 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: September 24, 2011 – 5:15AM (USA Eastern)

      (Note: I drank a full glass of mixed organic tart cherry, pomegranate, and apple juice about an hour before going to bed. Additionally, during WBTB, I drank another half glass of the same, then repeated the following mantra while falling asleep, “Earth, Air, Fire, Water: I will lucid dream tonight.”)

      I awaken on a couch, stark naked, trying to figure out where I'm at. I ask myself, “How much did I drink last night and who ended up taking me home with them?” I rub my eyes for a moment, then look around the room while asking myself, “Where the fuck am I? Why does my head hurt so much? Did someone put something in my drink again? Have I been raped again? God, I hope they at least enjoyed it, because I can't remember anything.” As my eyes start to clear up, the living room triggers a lot of distant memories. This is a place I have been many times before.

      I sit up on the couch while looking around the room, trying to put the pieces together. The familiar medium oak wood paneling on the bottom half of the walls and light floral wall paper, separated by a dark chair rail. The large wooden console TV adds a hint of familiarity, as well as the classic 1970's dishrag color scheme sofa. A familiar canary yellow Western Electric rotary-dial phone is hanging on the wall and I've seen these yellow and pink floral curtains before. The circular textured tan and brown ultra-shag carpet only appears in one place in my memory cells. After a brief moment, I fully realize that I am in my grandmother's old house-trailer and quickly become lucid.

      I look around the living room and kitchen for my grandmother, but she is nowhere to be found. The couch is not comfortable to sleep on, so I pick up my pillow, blanket, dream journal, flashlight and a couple bottles of water, then wander toward the bedrooms to find the spare bed. The master bedroom has a king size bed with 2 people sleeping in it. Strangely, neither of them is my grandmother. The guest bedroom has no bed at all and is packed full of random junk. I go back into the living room and drop everything on the floor, and then say to myself, “Let's try this again.”

      I look at the floor and watch my feet lift off the carpet. I hover slightly off the floor and look toward the bedrooms again. I feel the dream collapsing quickly, so I look back at 'the floor and rub my hands together. My vision is almost completely blacked out, so I slowly close my eyes and yell, “STABILIZE NOW!!!” as loud as I can. I gently open my eyes and see that I am back in the same room and the clarity has improved significantly. Now, I can smell the mold in the air conditioner and the woody smell that the house-trailer always had. My eyes are able to perceive the flickering of the circular fluorescent ceiling light and my ears can detect the soft buzzing from the ballast. The extra plush carpet tickles my feet slightly as I hover just slightly above it.

      I glide my way back to the bedrooms again. This time, the master bedroom is absolutely huge with four king size beds in it that they are all empty. I float through, then turn around and go towards the guest bedroom. The guest bedroom is even bigger than the master bedroom and it has a king size water bed next to a couple of windows. On the opposite wall is a huge sectional sofa with a low table and some lamps. I turn back to the bed and decide that this is where I am going back to sleep at. The water temperature is perfect and its covered with a huge, fluffy blanket. There are several pillows stacked up and it looks really comfortable. The headboard has bookshelves on both sides that are full of antique books and various ornamental items.

      As I stand there looking at the bed, something sparkles in the window. I walk over to the window and see nothing but darkness outside. Deciding that I must see what's on the other side, I try to open the window, but it's stuck. I look around the room for something to break the window with, but there is nothing solid enough. I hold my hand in front of my face and summon a baseball bat. I put my hand down and see a wooden baseball bat leaning in the corner. I pick up the bat and whack the window, knocking a small piece of glass out. Realizing that the glass is going to put up a fight, I draw the bat back behind me and pummel the ever living shit out of the window. After several strikes, the glass gives way and falls out of the window frame.

      I float up and climb out the window. There is a ledge under the windows which connects to a large 3rd floor deck. I hover around for a moment, and then do a nose pinch RC to reassure my lucidity and validate the dream state before I do something stupid, like jumping off a 3rd story ledge. I step to the edge of the ledge, then jump up and fly into the sky. My first thought is that I want to fly as high as I can and see if I can still see the house. I start to fly and the dream starts to fade. I stop and rub my hands together again and stabilize once again.

      Suddenly, I remember the tasks of the month: walk on water and control at least two of the elements. I look down and see a swimming pool. I fly down and hit the water, but sink quickly. I jump out of the pool, and then look to my right to see a couple of DCs hanging some very large balloons on a clothes line. I take a couple of steps toward them and they immediately stop and look at me with a frightened look. I raise my arms into the air and command the air to fill one of the balloons. The balloon quickly inflates and floats upward on the clothes line. As this happens, the DCs eyes get wide as they take a couple of steps back and stare at the balloon, gasping in disbelief. I look at them and say, “What's wrong? Wanna see that again?” I inflate a second balloon, but the others will not take any air because they have large holes in them.

      I jump up and fly past the balloons, then realize that I need to control another element. I turn around in mid-flight and look at the balloons that wouldn't take air. While in flight, I raise my left arm and clench my fist, then point my fist down toward the Earth. When I raise my arm, there is a hole in the Earth and the displaced dirt is floating just above me. While keeping the displaced piece of Earth up with my left hand, I use telekinesis to push the balloons and the clothes line into the hole, and then I bury them with the dirt that I was keeping elevated with my left hand. At this point, both DCs shriek in terror and run away.

      Feeling quite satisfied, I start to fly away, then realize that I should try the pool again. I fly over to the pool and land on the deck by the water's edge. I stare intently at the water for a moment, then take a step onto it. The surface gives way, but I am able to walk about ankle-deep in the water. The water is very squishy and soft, but it supports my weight. As I walk, the water makes a sound similar to that of walking in wet shows. I walk across the pool, then I turn around and raise both arms, commanding the water to solidify. Instantly, the ripples in the water stop moving and the surface takes on a matte finish. I carefully step onto the surface again and it feels sort of like walking on a water bed. The surface feels solid, but it's squishy underneath. I walk across the pool again and step off onto the deck.

      Being thoroughly satisfied with the accomplishments, I decide that I should wake up and write it all in my dream journal. I close my eyes and say, “Wake up! NOW!” I awaken into my bed and reach over to grab my dream journal. I flip open the cover and slide the pen out of the coils. I reach up above my pillow to turn on my flashlight and it won't turn on. I think to myself, “Shit, I must have bumped it last night and the batteries are dead.” I open my eyes and see a dark room. I press the switch on the flashlight again and the circle of light appears on the ceiling, but no light is reflected onto my journal, nor the rest of the room. I look at the flashlight and the bulb looks like a black hole which is sucking in all of the light around it. I press the switch again and the bulb lights up brightly, but there is no light in the room.

      I give myself a nose pinch RC and it passes. Becoming a bit confused now, I look at my left hand and count 7 fingers and a thumb. I say to myself, “Nice! False awakening strikes again, dumbass!” as I become lucid once again. I quickly jump out of bed and turn around to see myself still laying in the bed. I think to myself, “This is very nice, but I don't have time for an OOBE.” I slap myself in the face a couple of times while yelling, “WAKE UP AND WRITE THIS SHIT DOWN BEFORE YOU FORGET IT! ...WAKE UP NOW! ...DO IT! ...DO IT NOW!”

      I wake up in my bed once again and pass both a nose pinch and finger count. I reach over and grab my dream journal, flip it open and slide the pen out of the coils. I reach up and press the switch on the flashlight that is wedged between the mattress and the wall. The flashlight lights up properly and I commence logging this entry.

      (Note: My maternal grandmother passed away about 17 years ago. She was the only relative that would listen to me and what I had to say. She was always interested in having conversations about anything I wanted to talk about. Most of my other aunts and such were not open to hearing anything that a younger person had to say. They would always say things like, “Children should be seen and not heard.” My grandmother was also the only relative that was not obsessed over the fact that I had no interest in girls. My aunts and uncles would always harass me and ask when I was going to get married and start having kids. Needless to say, it was always an enjoyable time to visit with her, and it was a very sad moment when she passed on.)
    12. Most vivid lucid ever / Task of the Month attempt.

      by , 09-10-2011 at 12:24 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was in a town that kind of resembled hollywood, only the hill didn't have the Hollywood sign. All of the buildings were a tan color and had pillars of some sort, but were still modern looking homes. It was very bright, which surprises me now that I think of it because I usually don't notice the light levels of my dreams. Anyway, I did a nose plug reality check and became lucid. The first thing I did was jump up into the air and hover. It wasn't working out so well, I could stay in the air, but it was hard to stay up. I moved my arms like wings and that seemed to do the trick. I soared forward and got very close to the pavement. I rotated my body around so that I was flying on my back.

      Soon I came to a department store. There was a young guy, about 17 or so, wearing a black shirt.
      I began to lose lucidity here. He grabbed some jewelry from a table and stuffed it into his pocket. I walked in as he was walking out, and grabbed his arm. Some of his friends came over from outside the store. They were a group of two boys and one girl. They tried to tell him to quit stealing stuff. I said "your friends care more about you being arrested than any money you are going to male from selling that."

      After that I walked down the street and came to a few buildings with arches in front of them. I realized I went along with the dream's plot and lost lucidity. Doing a thorough nose plug RC solved that problem.

      I looked down to see that I had rolled blades on. I skated forward a little and suddenly remembered the task of the month. I skated towards an in-ground pool that I saw earlier (it must have been a public pool because it was right in the middle of an area of grass to the left of a street.) I wondered if skating across the water would count for the task. I didn't want to waste time taking the roller blades off. Well, either way, I charged towards the pool and tried to run on top of the water, not even getting a step on it. I crashed to the bottom of the pool, still wearing my skates.
      I lost lucidity here and thought I would drown if I didn't get the skates off in time. The dream ended as I was trying to get them off.
    13. A quest of sorts / All dreamers can fly

      , 08-14-2011 at 09:23 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      My recall for this night is rather fragmented.

      I am in Italy on vacation. For some reason I am trying to rent some kind of special room to hold a big dinner and invite a lot of friends.
      Then I remember that I'm on vacation, so my friends are actually far away, but somehow I don't consider this an issue...

      ... I'm having said dinner, however I'm on some kind of cruise ship.
      After the dinner I'm walking through the corridors of the ship, trying to find my room.
      Somehow I don't know where my room is at all, but I seem to believe that I'll find it by just randomly walking around anyways...

      I wake up and attempt to WILD but I fall asleep too quickly.

      I am with other people in an unknown location. There is some sort of meeting.
      Why am I here again? It feels like I was drawn to this place by a higher force.
      I gradually become moderately lucid.

      The people I'm meeting with claim to be dreamers. I must have somehow stumbled into a shared dreaming experiment...

      ... Some of the people, including myself, have gone on some sort of quest.
      We're walking a path which supposedly leads towards our goal, though I have no idea what it is.

      There's a guy in armor leading the way.
      Then there's a girl who caught my attention because she's wearing a rather revealing outfit.
      Another guy is walking with us. He's very talkative and seems to be very interested in me.
      He keeps bugging me about Yuya, which I find sort of annoying.
      There's two more guys, but I can't remember anything about them.

      The girl is trying to show me how she can create ice crystals at will, but the annoying guy is heating up the spot where she tries to create ice crystals
      with fire magic every time she attempts to show me.
      I find this somewhat amusing.

      The guy in armor is acting quite weird.
      He has long black curly hair, and has a tendency to come very close to you when he's talking with you, opening his eyes widely.
      At one point I tell him:

      "You're weirding me the fuck out mate"

      He just laughs...

      ... We reach a tower on top of a cliff and climb all the way up.
      Apparently the goal was to come here, I don't really get why.
      Everyone but the guy in armor, the girl and me have disappeared by now.

      The guy in armor starts swinging his arms around wildly making magical noises and finally vanishes.

      "Right... now that was properly weird."

      I look at the landscape. It is very beautiful.

      "Hey. Wanna fly?"
      "Oh... no. I can't fly."
      "What? Bollocks, all dreamers can fly."
      "Well maybe, but I can't fly yet."
      "Sure you can, it's easy."
      "For you maybe..."
      "Well listen, with that attitude it's no wonder you have trouble flying."
      "Come here, I'll show you."

      We approach the edge of the tower. It's a very long way down from here.

      "Now what... don't tell me you want me to jump!"
      "Free your mind."
      "Free your mind!"
      "It's safe... it's all safe"

      I gently push her off the edge and as she realizes she's going to fall she starts screaming.
      Somehow I find this funny. I know she isn't in any real danger.
      I jump after her and catch up.

      "You fucking asshole!"
      "Haha, calm down"
      "Then fly?"
      "Fuck you!"
      "Aww come on. I'm not gonna let you fall all the way down."
      "Now what?"
      "What did I tell you?"
      "Free my mind..."

      The air surrounding her suddenly becomes turbulent and she starts slowing down.
      She's very occupied with slowing down, and we come to a full stop about a meter over a lake.

      "See, that wasn't so bad!"
      "You could have said something instead of pushing me..."

      I drop down onto the lake and walk on the water.
      That clearly makes her curious and she stops flying assuming she'll be able to walk on the water as well.
      But she drops right into the lake, which I find quite funny.
      She flies back out and gives me a very accusing look.
      I say laughingly:

      "What? You asked me how to fly, now how to walk on water!"
    14. Lucid #6 meadow, Walking on Water

      by , 02-21-2011 at 11:26 PM
      Lucid #6 meadow, Walking on Water (DILD)


      I fell asleep at 2:00, woke up 8:50 and fell back to sleep.

      - I am at a meadow and see two dinosaur-like creatures running around. They looked like those fake dragons they make in china for some festivals i think. I know that one of them is a close friend of mine. I can feel it. Then i think "well John can't really be a dragon. It can't be real". I pinch my nose and take a deep breath. I am lucid. I keep breathing with my nose closed for a while. Then i look at my left-hand fingers. As i twist my hand my fingers change, but they are not too distorted. One of those two creatures (not John) walkes next to me. It has 4 or 6 legs long, thin and tall body and pretty awesome white and red fur. It is a pretty massive and big creature. As it passes by me I reach for its fur. Awesome! I stand there and look at the meadow. I try to engage all my senses. I hear some music that sounded really familiar. It was like a "heaven" choir... Anyway. I lose my balance there (like in the lucid with the car) and i think i might lose it. Luckily i do not. There is a road nearby. I go there. I start thinking random goals. Three came to mind: 1) talk to a DC, 2) Give a present to a DC, 3) Walk on liquid water. There are two guys walking on the road. They are like tourists. I say "Excuse me, do you know where Alex is?" (not sure why i asked that, or what i meant?). He answered me sth but i am pretty sure it didn't make any sense or i didn't nderstand it. I don't remember. Me: "Ok i 'll give you a present. Have you ever seen a man walking on liquid water?". I walk to the other side of the road. There are some stairs that lead to the sea. I reach the end of the jetty. I put my feet in the water and i slowly try to stand on them. It feels like there is jelly forming just beneath my feet. I stand up and sink down to my knees. I make two steps and i sink all the way down. I swim and push upwards and manage to get out of the water up to my waist. My friend M. appears and says: "That's not possible! How do you do that?", "You are right M. This is not possible. There is only one way you can do sth like this". She looks at me, like she did understand what i meant. "In your imagination?", "Yes! In a dream! This is a dream M.!". I kinda hoped she was the real one and not a DC. I pinch her nose and say "breath!". I think that she couldn't do it. "Actually i don't think you are the real one. With all this talking you should be lucid till now.". I leave. I think she is following me. I try to think some more goals. I feel like i am bored. I think about giving a flower to a lady that was passing by cause my last "present" wasn't actually a present. That's the last thing i remember. After a while, i woke up. I look at the clock. It's 9:25.
    15. 01/29/2011 & 01/30/2011 - "Reptiloid", Fragment

      by , 02-01-2011 at 03:10 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      I remember that there was a lot that went on, early in this dream, but the first thing I actually recall is being at a park with some friends. There was a small pond nearby, and a friend and I were playing some kind of ball game near it. We had some awareness that there were gators in the water but, before then, we hadn't really paid any heed to it. Then, we noticed some small animal - a duck or something - making is way toward the shore. Before it could make it, though, a couple of gators splashed into view and violently attacked the animal, tearing it to shreds. Then, they turned toward us...exposed snouts slowly floating in our direction. Not quite sure what to do, we waited for a moment, seeing the gators crawl up onto the embankment, stalking our way. We then took off, running back toward our group. Knowing full well that alligators aren't the fastest creatures on land, we never could have been prepared for what happened next. The gators actually extended their - once short and stubby - legs, sprinting after us like greyhounds, on thick, muscular, canine-esque legs.

      There was no way we were going to out-run them, and things looked even worse, when another two gators shot out from behind a jungle gym, far off to one side of us. They were closing in just as fast, and we were running out of places to go. We'd made it to the picnic table where the rest of our friends were sitting. Seeing us approach, with these mutated reptiles on our heels, the group immediately stood up. I took running leap and jumped up on top of the table, everyone else doing the same. We were now surrounded, these beasts trying ferociously to climb up onto the table, snapping their razor-sharp jaws at us, only to be kicked or beaten back with anything we could use as weapons. What's even more strange about these creatures were that they were coated with what, at first, looked like slime. But, after the gators were out of the water for a certain length of time, they actually began to melt, sizzling down to steaming piles of this sort of seaweed green goo. The creature were coated in some sort of organic corrosive liquid, like acid. I screamed out to everyone not to touch them, and that all we had to do with hold them off until they all either retreated or melted under their own secretions.

      I don't remember whether or not we all got away, though.

      (I completely forgot a lucid, last night. I hate when that happens. )
      The only thing I remember is something about having to run through a deadly network of traps, like in the new Predators movie. Later, I had become lucid. I remember showing off a couple of lucid tricks, such as walking across a pool of water, and sinking my arm into a wall. When I walked across the water, I found it kind of hard to keep myself levitating, and one of my feet actually dunked completely under, leaving my shoe feeling soggy and wet.

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