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    1. Wow!!!

      by , 09-24-2019 at 02:07 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Recall is still shit this week!

      Jamie 1

      Short snippet of a dream just a few seconds of making out with her.

      Jamie 2

      Another short dream. I'm dreaming from Jamie's perspective. I'm trapped in a house out towards the three hills area (I think). the entire house is a giant room of rotting corpses - mostly skeleons) I'm being crushed by something pushing me down inside the pile. Feels like I'm Literally drowning in them.)


      I go see Walms/hukif, because of my nightmare. He's in a field with lots of dragon flies or something. He's creating fighting techniques with their hairs or something. He seems really friendly.

      dog walking

      I'm in a wierd dream where I'm walking my dog but I'm hired to mow a lawn or something. I use my dog somehow to push the lawnmower (Or whatever device I'm using). My dog doesn't like it and keeps ducking out of his collar and leash. I try three times to make him do the job.

      Jamie 3

      A dream memory that is just black, but Jamie is there.


      A dream memory of ramp rushing for some reason.

      fortnite again

      A dream where I'm on a really oldschool part of the map with a big mountain or something. I'm tracking someone down and get lost in his house or something.

      Jamie 4

      Another dream, this time this morning, of making out with Jamie, There is music in the background. It sounds like me playing vivaldi on guitar or something. but the allegro is slowed down and I hear more harmonies, seems more romantic or something. Why not "Careless whisper," Or something? Wait... That's a break up song. Nevermind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLM7Vl4YL6s

      Lots of jamie dreams this week, I'm impressed.
    2. Lucid Dream 189: Baking in the Ninja Wagon

      by , 03-06-2011 at 05:01 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      March 05, 2011
      Lucid Dream 189: Baking in the Ninja Wagon
      Series: Friends, Episode 4
      around 9:30am

      Category - Action/Drugs

      I was standing in a long line at the airport and I noticed there was a confrontation going on up ahead. I was already at the back of the line, so I left to go check it out. There was a guy I knew, Richard. He was arguing with two other guys about something. I noticed one of the guys pulled a knife out of his back pocket, so I speared him to the ground and knocked the knife out of his hand. Security guards came over and immediately handcuffed the guy and then they demanded that I be searched. I knew I had weed on me, so I asked them why I was being searched. They told me that no one would have tackled a guy with a knife unless they were on some sort of drugs. I laughed and said, "I'm not afraid of a skinny dude with a switchblade. Hell, I would have tackled him if he had a gun." The security guards looked at each other as if they had discovered the lost city of Atlantis. One of them said, "Yep, he is definitely high a f***ing kite! Take the drug head into custody. We don't even need to search him!" I was cussing the entire time the guard was cuffing me. Once he was done, I looked down and saw that they had only wrapped large bread ties around my wrists. I held them up in front of me and pulled my wrists apart. The bread ties easily came apart. The guards flipped over the table in the room and dove behind it. One shouted through a walkie-talkie, "He just snapped the cuffs in half! He is a crazed freak of nature. Fire at will, fire at will...terrorist! Fire at will!" I stood there stunned and thought, "Am I on Punked? Is this a dream or something?" I instantly became lucid after saying this. I performed a nose pinch just to make sure.

      I shouted at the guards in Arabic (not real Arabic, but I pretended like it was, lol). They started yelling, "Shoot him. Shoot the terrorist devil. He's a satanist!" I turned and proceeded to leave the small conference room. I was now out in the main area of the airport and there were people running around everywhere. Every single person was running in the exact same motion. It could have been the weirdest shit I had ever saw. I observed this for a moment, while I performed some stabilization techniques. I then exited the airport and a van pulled up beside me (the tires squealed as the van slid almost sideways and stopped right beside me). The van was black and had a huge red headband tied around the whole van. The sliding glass door slid open automatically and I saw ninja9578 was driving (the same ninja from here on dreamviews). He told me to get in, so I hopped in. There was a female in the passenger seat that resembled Ninja's avatar. She asked me how the dream was going and I told her that it basically had just started.

      I was about to light a massive blunt for us when ninja stopped me. He then reached out his hand, so I handed him the blunt. He seemed excited and told me "Wait until you see this." He pushed a button on the dashboard and shelf with a built-in container popped out. He then dropped the blunt into the container, pushed another button, and blue flames started dancing inside the container. He pushed it back into the dashboard and smoke just started pouring out of all the vents. The air tasted like pineapple and there was so much smoke that every inhale was like I took a hit from a blunt. The chick asked some questions about dreams. Me, her and Ninja talked about dreams and dreamviews for a while. I can't remember what all it was about, but Walms name came up at some point in the conversation. Now Walms was in the van too.

      I was beside the window on the left and Walms was beside the window on the right (there wasn't a middle seat). I was so high that my body started hovering above the seat. I then began floating around in the van like there was zero gravity. I looked out the front windshield and saw a large brown figure walk out into the road about 100 yards ahead of us. I thought, "Is that....a guy in a bear suite?" As we got closer I noticed it was Smokey the Bear. Ninja out a weird laugh and shouted, "Prevent this.....motha f***aaaaa!" He pushed a button and a huge flame shot out of the front of the van and caught Smokey on fire. Ninja gunned it and plowed into the flaming bear. There was a loud thud and I looked out the back window and saw Smokey flipping through the air with a trail of flames following him.

      I now noticed there was a mounted machine gun on below the window that was molded into the van. I asked Ninja about it and he said every Ninja Wagon needs mounted machine guns. Walms had one on his side too. I grabbed hold of it and began shooting street signs, windows, etc. Suddenly we were in a desert and there were terrorist all around us. Me and Walms were shooting the terrorists who were throwing molotov cocktails at the van. Ninja turned on some rap music and started pushing buttons on the dashboard which shot fire and ninja stars out of different parts of the van. I awoke as we were about to enter a desert town.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "Friends," I join the DC counterparts of my waking life friends and tackle the dream world. You never know what we will be up to next, but I guarantee it will be one hell of a time. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    3. still searching part 3?

      by , 12-15-2010 at 08:23 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)

      DILD...crap recall
      I remember trying to teleport to Walms after throwing several black holes on the wall and stepping through one . When I got to the next location, it was a dark area, and I saw some fast moving light flying by. I remember trying to catch up to it thinking it was him.
    4. dreams

      by , 12-08-2010 at 01:50 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Me and Asuka get called into Snape's office at hogwarts. He starts giving us a lecture about innapropriate display of affection in the hallways. (all we were doing was holding hands... pfft). I wasn't listening though.. I wastoo busy fantasising a scenario that would just pisss Snape off. That me and Asuka should do the dirty deeds in the hallway right by his office... and for everyone to see. The only bigger pleasure than doing the deed itself is what Snapes face will look like if he sees us!

      In the middle of his lecture, his office door opens by itself. Snape says loudly "Harry potter," in his typical dry tone. I look behind me and see harry running behind a shelf while he fumbles with his invisibility cloak which I see him dissapear behind. I then notice a small head statue of JS bach on one of the shelves... Oh well at least me and snape have something in common.


      I remember a small fox that jumped into my arms. I was petting it... no other memory... It was Pablo no doubt.


      I remember hearing a piece of music and playing it on the guitar. I remembered one melody line clearly upon awakening... unfortunately I was too drowsy to get up and forgot it when I ell back asleep.

      Slughorn's house.

      Dumble dore sends me to Slughorn's house for something I can't remember (Dumbledore is helping me cheat like the other participants?!?!?).

      I enter the house and each door leads to a different room. I backtrack when not finding slughorn and notice that the rooms change around on the house. Walms enters the house but I ignore him. He goes through one door. and I go through the other... but we both wind up in the same room a moment later??? WTF. Walm's does something to the wall and a matters and pillow appears leaning against the wall. We knock the mattress over and it reveals a hidden room where Prof Slughorn is sleeping in a bed, He awakens and is all like "huh wha? hmm? Who are you?" but my memory fades here.
    5. 11/22/10 Shattered Memories

      by , 11-28-2010 at 04:50 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      House of the About To Be Dead
      I am in a castle, I look around the room I am in. In spite of having had recent dreams of Hogwarts, that is not what comes to mind first here. I am thinking I am in the process of designing a video game. I am designing one of the levels, this castle will be a great setting. So right now I am looking around the level, trying to see where I want to put enemies and items and stuff like that. I place the enemies all over the place, and then I decide to do a run through to see how my AI on the enemies is working. So as the level starts, the enemies attack me, so I grab a weapon and fight back. There are weapons lying around, so I am able to use the in-game weapons to fight. Most of them are melee weapons, but I also find a gun or two. Ammo is rare so I have to conserve it. As I explore the castle I see there are enemies where I don't remember putting them. I think that is great, that means the AI of the game is making the enemies track me down to attack. I kill some more of the enemies and then I see someone else is in there with me, not one of the enemies. I look closer and see Walms killing enemies. Wait a minute…. Walms? Time for a RC! I am dreaming!

      Now I am lucid and watching Walms kill enemies, making quite a gory scene of it as well, it looks like he might be eating some of them… I resume killing enemies, just because I am dreaming doesn't mean they don't need to die, and I finally make my way over to where Walms is. It looks like he is going to attack me, but then he stops, apparently seeing that I'm not one of the enemies. He makes some kind of comment to me, I say I was going to see if he could use a song spell… say gravity maybe, since I don't remember seeing him use that in a dream, and I am wanting to know more about DT… Walms just looks impatient, he says ok, but he'll only show me once, there are too many people to kill to waste much time. If I need more help, it will have to be another time. He goes through these steps relatively slowly, it looks like part of him briefly teleports and then reappears, and an enemy on the other side of the room is suddenly in two pieces… it looks like the enemy got cut open by some sharp claws, which I see Walms has formed. Ok, so I will try duplicating that… I select an enemy and try to do the same thing… epic fail. The result is my arm on the other side of the room, still holding an in game sword I had found, and flopping on the ground erratically while the enemy watches it in a totally confused state. For some reason this strikes me as particularly hilarious, and I crack up laughing. Walms is looking at me like I have completely lost it, and then he goes back to killing things. I grow a new arm. I want to try that DT again, but it didn't work so well last time. I have an idea. I look at the enemy who is watching my severed arm flop about. I pick up a sword on the ground near me, then I open a portal… just big enough for the sword to fit through… and I make the destination of the portal right behind the enemy. I shove my sword into the tiny portal, it emerges from the other end and impales the enemy. I pull the sword back and the portals close.

      I am pleased with that, so I do it some more. One of the enemies looks like my ex boyfriend, James. He is trying to say he still loves me, which I don't believe. Walms enters the room and is killing stuff. James says some insulting stuff about Walms, I don't remember what, and Walms gives him a dirty look. I tell Walms that this one is mine, I'll take care of him. Walms continues on his way, killing another enemy. James says he wants me to call him IWL, I say it's not going to happen. He says he really wants me to call, he misses talking to me and wants to… *glurg* Now he looks like he's about to be sick. I follow his path of vision and see Walms eating an enemy, James seems pretty grossed out by that. I find this to be hilarious, too, and I start laughing again. I tell James to be gone before Walms decides he looks like a tasty snack. James scoffs at that, saying I know perfectly well that he can… I slip my hidden blade through a tiny portal that opens behind James' neck… and thus stab him. I wake up here.

      Designing the Moon
      I am designing some more of my game. I am on the moon, with Nomad, and he is helping me design the game. I am working with a strange sort of biological machine, I am thinking this is normal, it is merely one of the utilities in the game design program I am using now. Nomad and I are discussing what we want to do on the moon, how we want to set things up, Nomad wants to start by terraforming the moon. Ok, that works, so we need to decide what areas we will have. I suggest different areas based on different elements, like a fire area, an earth area, an air area, etc. Nomad says that sounds awesome, and says we can start with the forest area. I am thinking of how the game can flow, and I am coming up with a vicious circle where each element needs one of the other elements and there isn't really any place to start. I am taking to Nomad about setting up the game so it will work smoothly, he seems a bit confused by the fact I am talking about video games, but he seems to play along for now. Upon finally coming to the conclusion that the earth level would be first, Nomad asks why I am talking about making a video game… I tell him this video game will be epic, with all these territories, it will make an excellent MMORPG. Nomad smiles and says that is awesome, we would make an MMORPG area for dreamers. I am a bit confused at first, then I think of something and tell him it is a great idea to use dreams to design parts of the game, maybe even most of it. Nomad says yeah, we should use dreams… dreams like this one! I look at him in a puzzled manner, he tells me this is a dream. That isn't making sense, I tell him we are designing a video game, not a dream…

      Space Ark
      I am with MoSh in the landing bay of the tower on the moon, we are going to go somewhere Q has told us about. I am lucid for the first time, and thinking I can't wait to see what kind of place Q has found this time. We get in our ships, MoSh gets in his ship with Asuka, I get in mine with Basara, and we launch from the tower. Before we have gone far we find a wormhole that Q has created, and we fly through the wormhole to a distant area of space. There is now a fleet of ships near us, ships flying through space going to somewhere I don't know. We fly over towards the fleet, and I see fighter ships around that look like the ships on Starfox… There is also one huge ship that looks like a section of a planet under a dome, the other ships are all flying around that one, which seems to be the one to be protected above all others. We make contact with them, and they give us permission to land, making me wonder if Q has been here before us to tell them we are coming… We land in the landing area, and there are some people there, they are talking about what the ship is for. Apparently they were able to get warning of their star going supernova, so they constructed this space ark, with a section of every kind of habitat from their home world and also a selection of all the different animals, so they would be able to start over on a new world. He says most of the space ark is wilderness, and they have to take care of everything to make sure no life is lost on the way to their new home.

      Back to the Drawing Board
      I am in a strange room, I know I am there to continue designing a video game, no doubt the one I was working on earlier. I am working on a puzzle part of the game now, testing it out to make sure it is working properly. The way to solve the puzzle is to step only on certain tiles and in the right order and use those tiles to reach the other side of the room. I do the jumps necessary to get across the room, I am wondering if it is the proper difficulty. Does it need to be harder? Easier? Have a difficulty setting? I'll have to give that some thought. When I am almost to the other side, I notice something wrong with one of the animated parts… there is a fan in a vent that is wobbling instead of spinning properly. So I get out of the game and enter a modeling mode, moving over to the fan and adjusting the size and shape of it to make it fit better. While I'm in the modeling mode, I adjust some walls and start adding a new room. In the new room there are two bodies that appear to be dead but will come to life and attack. This fact is actually betrayed by a slight twitch in the bodies that gives away the fact they aren't really dead. Now I just have to test to make sure they come to life at the right place to make the game challenging without making it impossible.
    6. 11/21/10 The Hunt is On

      by , 11-26-2010 at 02:07 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      I am in a forest, I am lucid at the beginning of this memory. I am remembering the goal of stopping some assholes who are using animals here as slaves, working them to the death to try to find some stupid ore to make them rich. I am thinking how these people need to have their asses kicked. Since this is going to involve hunting, I have brought a company of pokémon with me, quite a few persians and several others that enjoy the hunt. The pokémon with me disperse through the forest, they are waiting their chance for the hunt. Right now all of the assholes are in one place, forcing the animals they have to clear out large areas of the forest so they can dig their mines and get to their precious ore. I make my way through the forest to where this is taking place, I find them there.

      The first thing I think when I got there was how could these people actually force those animals to do anything they don't want to? The answer comes to my mind right away as if someone is right there speaking to me, is it Q? Maybe… It says that these animals are generally peaceful, not wanting to hurt anyone, which they might be willing to fight here except for the fact collars they have on are controlling them, so any resistance is rewarded with a blast of excruciating pain. What a bunch of assholes! I went into the open, looking at the people and the animals, the animals were large, they really looked like miniature brontosauruses with fur, each one about as tall as a tree. Right now they are knocking the trees over, tearing them up by the roots, and tossing them to the side like so much trash. I can feel their energy, though, and all I can feel is a sense of hopelessness… none of them dare resist because of the collars, if they resist they will die in pain… I watch that only briefly before one of the animals drops a tree a bit too close to one of the people, the collar activates, and the animal's cry of pain is horrible… it sounds like a cry of death… I am really pissed off.

      I go over to the man who seems to be the cause of the animal's pain, the one who had been closest to the tree that had been dropped, though he had clearly not been in any danger of getting hit… I walk right up to him and give him a sharp shove, and I tell him to stop that or he would regret it. It seems they have to focus to make the collars work… and he loses focus when I shove him. The animal is able to get up very quickly considering the pain it seemed to be in, and the man is glaring at me, he asks who the fuck I am, and says I had better get out of the way or I will be sorry. I tell him to stop hurting the animals, he laughs at me and asks why I would care what happened to these dumb animals? They were so dumb that they just let them put on the collars with no resistance… he says that anything that stupid deserves to be used by their intellectual superiors. I tell him I will give him to the count of ten to start getting those collars off, or he will find himself wishing he had never been born. As if to show how little he thought of my threat, he activated the collar on the closest animal, who made a cry of pain. I make a stupid sounding rhyme to do a spell… "The pain you cause will not get through, instead it will come back to you." The animal stops crying out, and the man is now screaming in pain. That makes him lose focus, and he stares at me, dumbfounded. I say he's the one who looks stupid now. He tries to hurt an animal again, he only hurts himself. Several others do the same thing, and are all screaming out in pain when they try. While watching stupid people hurting themselves can be amusing, the idea is to give the pokémon something to hunt, so I pull out a sword and start attacking them, cutting a couple down before the others give up on trying to hurt the animals and disperse into the trees.

      "Run!" I tell them as they do just that, "You can run but you will never escape!" Now they are where the pokémon want them to be. Scattered in the forest to be hunted. I decide I don't want to miss out on things entirely, however, so I go into the trees as well. I transform into a cute little rabbit, and hop through the trees. I hear some people out in the forest screaming and yelling, a lot of cursing… I hop farther through the trees, hoping I will come across one of the people soon. I hear movement in the trees off to my right, so I hop in that direction. I hop out of a bush to see one of the people cowering back against a tree. When he sees me, however, he seems to relax… he talks to himself, telling himself to not be so jumpy, it's just a fucking rabbit after all… He gets down on his haunches, and starts talking to me in baby talk, "Who's the stupid little bunny?" he asks in a mocking tone, "Who's going to make a nice stew for me tonight? Who's gonna be dinner?" The man takes a couple steps towards me, reaching out. I hop towards him, he says I must be a really stupid bunny, and as I get closer to him I transform into an alien like those on the movie Alien. The man stares in shock, he pisses and shits his pants just before I run my long spiked tail right through his gut, he tries to scream but all he does is vomit blood and die.

      Well… that was entertaining… I turn back into a bunny to see if I can sneak up on another one. I hear movement, and I hop in that direction. I soon hear screaming from over there, and I wonder what is happening. I hop through the bushes and peek into a clearing on the other side to see someone is over there holding one of the people to the ground… and eating him?! I wonder who that is, I don't think any of the pokémon would have taken human form… I hop through the bushes so I can see the scene better, and I recognize Walms… he is the one eating the asshole… He really looks quite disgusting right now, covered in blood and eating some guy that is weakly struggling to free himself. Another of the assholes comes through the trees, maybe following the sound of the other one's scream, then stops and stares at the scene in stunned and horrified silence. Walms glares up at him with a really nasty looking smirk on his face. The man starts stumbling backwards, trips, and falls flat on his ass… a foul odor wafts over from him. Walms gets up and wipes some of the grossness from his face, then tells the man in front of him to get up and run… Walms says he at least wants this to be some fun… The man is blubbering, but he finally rolls over onto his front, scrambles up, and stumbles into the forest. Walms walks calmly after him, chuckling to himself. The guy Walms walked away from isn't quite dead, he is still twitching… The last thing I see before I wake up is the life fading from his eyes as he dies.
    7. 11/13/10 Dream View Mismatch

      by , 11-14-2010 at 11:18 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      I am in my own living room working on my laptop computer as I doing so often when I notice that the stickers on my laptop that normally spell out, "ARE YOU DREAMING?" now says, "WHO SHOT MR. BURNS?". Um... that isn't right. I am not immediately able to identify what is wrong, but it catches my attention as I am looking at the screen. I look over at the stickers, looking more closely now, now it says, "WHO SHOT MR. WALMS?" Wait a minute... someone shot Walms? When? Who? For somewhere in there I get the idea I should Google that... I type in the question into the Google search box and hit search. It comes up with one result only, and that is a link to a Dreamviews journal entry by Walms, which seems odd to me since he deleted all his dream journal entries from Dreamviews. I click on it and it pulls up a dream entitled, "Worrying and worrying." I click on the entry to take a look, I am taken by surprise when an entire holographic image of the dream forms around me... awesome... my dream viewing software! I must be dreaming! I become fully lucid.

      I looked around the new setting, and I realized I was back in MoSh's inner world. I saw MoSh, two Asukas, and Walms all there, they were talking about training, then MoSh and Walms walked off and left the two Asukas alone. MoSh and Walms are talking about training when a strange entity appeared and merged with one of the Asukas... the one it merged with was the Asuka twinner, the Asuka who lives here sees that and looks quite alarmed. I recognize the entity that invaded, it is the same entity that had attacked me before! What is it doing here? Did the twinner of Asuka allow the thing in? Did it force its way in? Maybe it lied its way in… It doesn't really matter how the thing gets into the Asuka twinner, it is in there now. I know what it wants, to eliminate dark energy completely. The Asuka twinner glows briefly with a bright light, but then she returns to her normal appearance. Asuka is staring at the Asuka twinner, she looks quite worried… She asks the other one if she is ok, the twinner responds in the ethereal voice of the light entity. She tells Asuka not to worry about her friend, she means the other Asuka no harm. Asuka asks the entity what it wants here, the entity says there is someone there that needs healing, and it is very urgent, it may already be too late. Asuka asks who needs healing, the entity points at Walms. Asuka acts surprised that the entity would say that, she says he seems fine to her… the entity asks if Asuka can't see that Walms is being consumed by dark energy… Asuka says he always has dark energy, but he isn't being consumed by it, it's just there.

      While that is going on, I see that Walms has been showing MoSh a couple of things, but now he is coming back over to the two Asukas. Asuka is still talking to the entity, who is seeming very adamant that Walms needs healing even though Asuka has said there really is no need for that. Asuka says the entity can leave in peace, because if Walms really does need healing, we have healers right here who can take care of things. The entity says it will take care of the healing right now, one wave of light energy should wash all that dark energy right out of him (Walms). Asuka tells the entity she thinks that might end up hurting Walms rather than helping him, and the entity simply responds that it won't matter since Walms is a dreamer, the worst thing that could happen is he'll wake up. Asuka looks like she is about to say something else, Walms sees the Asuka twinner, under control of the entity, gathering up a lot of energy and asks the two Asukas what they are doing in a somewhat alarmed manner, just as the entity releases a huge wave of light energy that looks like a tidal wave. I find myself reflexively trying to throw out a barrier of dark energy to block the attack from reaching Walms, but of course that is an epic fail since I am merely viewing a hologram of the dream rather than actually participating in the dream. The wave of light energy washes over Walms, there is a blast of dark energy as it seems Walms was attempting to counter the attack… then when the wave is past Walms is gone. The entity nonchalantly states that Walms must have been too far gone to be saved and then it splits out from the Asuka twinner and is gone.

      Now the Asuka twinner looks very drained of her energy, Asuka responds by fusing with her twinner so the two of them can share energy. MoSh soon comes over and sees that there is only one Asuka there now, he asks where the other Asuka went. The merged Asuka says they are both there. MoSh looks around a bit more and then asks where Walms went. The merged Asuka said he had gone, he must not have been feeling well. MoSh seemed to find that statement to be a bit strange, he says Walms had seemed fine to him…

      Note: I am trying to journal this, but it doesn't seem to be fitting with the dream I had on the same night as this dream happened… I know what I remember from viewing the dream, but something really seems wrong with the situation… I'm not sure if it is accurate or not…
    8. 11/02/10 Going on a Healing Spree

      by , 11-08-2010 at 03:24 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      I am standing in my living room, and I am spontaneously lucid… either that or I had become lucid before and just have no memory of the dream there. I look around, not sure what I am going to do. I try to think of goals I have, I remember I have one goal with MoSh, it is a goal to view a psychic reading he got a while back. I am not sure if this will work, but both MoSh and I figure it's worth a shot. I am about to focus on a portal to MoSh's inner world when the television comes on by itself. I go over to the TV and see it has a live video feed of MoSh's inner world house… wtf? Is there really a camera there or am I just seeing it because I want to go there? I use the television as a window… the television is a large flat screen, quite a bit larger than my waking life television… and I step through into MoSh's inner world.

      I emerge in MoSh's inner world to find MoSh and Asuka in the living room, I don't notice what they are doing there, because I immediately get a feeling that they need to be healed… both of them. I wonder where that feeling came from, but I figure there's no need to question it much. If I heal them when they weren't really needing it, that's not going to hurt anything. So I go into the living room, which surprises them a bit, and I focus on using the song Voices on them, a general healing spell since I am not sure why I feel the need to heal them at all. When I am done, MoSh looks at me, he looks confused, and he asked what that had been about. I say I had a feeling about it. MoSh says ok, so now can we go view his psychic reading? I am about to say yes when I get a strong feeling that Kaomea needs healing… due to difficulties between MoSh and Kaomea, I simply tell him I have to go but I'll be back if I can. He tries to tell me to wait a minute, I open a portal to Kaomea and go through it.

      I emerge from the portal in a fairly normal looking neighborhood and I look around. I was searching for Kaomea, so I figure she must be somewhere in the area. I walk for a bit, getting anxious and uneasy, I have the idea I need to hurry, and finally I spot her near a café. I walk over to her and she starts talking to me as if she knows me, but not as if she knows who I am. It's like she thinks I'm someone else. Well, that doesn't matter any. I focus on the song Voices again, sending light energy through Kaomea. She seems a bit surprised at that, and responds by giving me a hug… She says it's been nice talking to me… ok… whoever she thinks I am… I now have the feeling I need to hurry up and heal Walms… um… why do I need to heal Walms? That's not normal for him to need healing… But even though I am questioning the feeling, it does not go away or even weaken slightly, so I move a good distance away from Kaomea. I open a portal to the moon, to the biodome and go through it, closing it quickly behind me. I wanted to get to Walms quickly, I didn't want Kaomea following me. I look around the biodome and see a man with dark hair, a black shirt, dark eyes that are almost black, tanned skin, those eyes are beautiful, and he looks somewhat muscular… but I don't take the time to investigate him. I scan and see no sign of Kaomea. So now I teleport outside of the biodome where I open a portal to find Walms.

      I exit this portal in what looks like a school of some kind. I look around one more time, scanning the area, I want to be absolutely certain Kaomea didn't follow me… I am feeling paranoid about that idea right now… and I see no sign of her. Good. I look around the place for Walms. I wander around the school for a short time and then exit there into a green field that looks like the athletic field. I spot Walms there, I'm not sure what he is doing, it doesn't look like he is doing much of anything. I go over to Walms, Walms notices me, though I am not sure how to explain the certainty I feel that he needs a healing spell when it looks like he is feeling fine. I try to explain myself to Walms, and he is answering me, talking to me like he knows me, but like with Kaomea, it seems like he doesn't see me for who I really am. I think I don't have time to figure this out, and I hope he won't mind using a healing spell… I focus on the song Voices again, though this time the energy it formed was adapted to match Walms' energy rather than the usual golden energy. He didn't really respond other than to give me a puzzled look. I think maybe I can relax now that I have healed Walms, but no… I barely have time to take a deep breath before the certainty is upon me that Nomad needs healing. Wtf? Do I have to go and heal everyone we know? Do they really need healing, or am I being something along the lines of obsessive compulsive? I don't know, but I feel I have to follow the feeling to heal. I open a portal while focusing on finding Nomad.

      I exit the portal in another place, I don't recognize it at first, then I decide it is just because I have been jumping around so much… Because I have the idea I ought to recognize the place, I am just getting so confused. I look around to find Nomad, he's why I'm there after all. I follow my instinct through some trees and into a green meadow where I find Nomad, I am not sure what he is doing, and I don't even take the time to say 'hi' because even though I haven't finished healing Nomad yet, I am getting the feeling that Tigress needs healing right away… So I use Voices on Nomad, it is hard to focus because I am wanting to leave so fast, but I manage to do it and the spell works properly. Nomad says something to me, but I don't pay any attention, I open a portal to go find Tigress.

      I exit a portal into a different place, but I immediately know Tigress isn't there. Where is she, then? I try the portal again, but this time the portal doesn't want to open at all. I am getting to a point near panic, thinking I have to find her, it's urgent… I focus on opening the portal yet again, still nothing. Another feeling is merging with the feeling I have to heal Tigress… I have to heal Pablo! But I haven't even found Tigress yet! I have to find Tigress before I can go heal Pablo, Tigress is first… I have to find Tigress… I open a portal, not able to clearly focus on either Tigress or Pablo, and I go through it.

      I am now in a forest, I am not sure where I am or who I should be looking for, so I call out to both of them, "PABLO!!! TIGRESS!!!" I don't get a response, or at least not right away. I look around a bit more to try to find them, when something is moving and it comes over to me. That something is a cute fox, I guess I found Pablo, which isn't entirely a relief since I have yet to find Tigress… Pablo is a fox, and he is looking at me strangely. I use the song Voices on Pablo, I somehow manage to make the song spell work… Now I have to find Tigress. I hear a voice behind me, it is Pablo, he is now in his form that looks like Fox McCloud, and he has a hand on my shoulder, he says to calm down, what is going on? I don't want to take the time for this, I tell him I have to heal Tigress. I focus on a portal, but nothing happens. Damn! Damn! Damn! I have to find her now! I sit by a large tree and try to think how I can find her. The next thing I know there is a fox pushing his nose up onto my lap, I don't object to that, I can still keep thinking. The fox begins to purr softly… and purr… and purr… the sound is soothing, like the sound of a cat's purr, maybe I can focus better on getting back to Tigress. Pablo purrs… and purrs… I have come up with nothing, but I feel a lot calmer. Pablo continues to purr… and purr… and then I wake up.
    9. 11/01/10 Shattered Memories

      by , 11-07-2010 at 05:28 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: More fragments today…

      Raider vs. Raider
      I am in a forest, I look around to see where I am. The forest looks normal, and I am not aware I am dreaming right now. I walk along one of the paths to see where I might be, thinking things seem a bit strange for reality. I don't actually do a reality check, but I slowly become a bit more lucid at a time. I reach a village and see there are quite a few people wandering around, most of them seem worried about something. One of them acts briefly like I was an enemy, then calms down. She says there are raiders on both sides of them, they didn't know what to do. Raiders… that could be interesting, so I ask where these raiders are. She says they are to the north of the village, but I will want to avoid that place. I don't pay any attention to her, instead I take to flying, which shocks the people in the village, and I head north. There are raiders to the north of the village, but they don't seem to be interested in the village, they are busy fighting each other. There are quite a few of them, they seem to be broken up in smaller groups, battling amongst themselves. The ones I see seem to be blindly cutting down anything that moves, whether it be an enemy raider, a plant, or an animal trying to escape… What a bunch of assholes. I land and form Witchblade into a sword and kill the first group of assholes with little difficulty. They seem to have had the idea a woman wouldn't be a threat… There are quite a few of these groups, so I am going from group to group and doing the same thing in each place. There is an injured lion type cat near one of the fights, I heal the cat, and then the cat decides the raiders look pretty tasty. I come to another group of raiders who are killing themselves… and no, they weren't killing each other, they were killing themselves… One of them struck his sword out in front of him, then somehow the blade was behind him and he ran himself through… what a strange flux of space-time… I see that happening in a few places, and then I spot someone near one of the groups. He isn't there for long, but I would have sworn it was Walms… I catch another glimpse of him near another of the battles where raiders are killing themselves… One of them injures himself and then the lion I healed, or one just like it, pounces and finishes the job. There will be a lot of meat for scavengers to feast on here…

      I'm Going to Disney Land!
      I am in a large theme park, in the dream I believe it to be Disney Land. I am not lucid, so I think I am there on vacation or something. I wander around a bit, I realize I have a camera on my sun glasses. I can get footage of places Disney Land doesn't want me to get footage! I also will have fun. I go over to Space Mountain and take a ride through there on the front car, it is a lot of fun. It was faster than I remembered, but the tunnels are so dark I don't know how well my footage came out. I go to Star Tours, the virtual reality simulator, and it is not as fun as I remember it. The simulated motion sucks. I get the footage anyway. I am thinking I came here with my mom, and she will be waiting up front for me to leave, but there has to be time for one more stop. The Matterhorn! I will get footage on that! I head to the Matterhorn and am waiting in a line that doesn't seem to move when I wake up.

      I am at school, but it is a much larger school than my normal school. I am walking around the halls trying to find my next class. I have no idea where to go, I need my schedule. That is in my locker, so where is my locker? Shit, I don't know that, either. Damn first day of classes. Tigress is there with me and she says she's off to her class, she'll see me when class is over. I think that's no help, since I don't have class with her for this one. I wander around more, everyone else is now out of the halls and in their classes. I wander to the edge of campus and stand there with a couple other girls talking and clearly ditching class. One of them offers me a smoke. Without even thinking about it, I never smoke IWL, I accept the cigarette and the light. I am standing there smoking with the girls. One of them says her mother checks her purse, so she hands me her pack of cigarettes. She said the only condition is that I share with her. I say sure and put the pack in my purse. Somehow here time is missing, because the next instant I am getting home in my car. I go inside the house and say hi to my mom. She says hi, but then sees my open purse and the pack of cigarettes. She looks so disappointed. I say they're not really mine, I am holding them for a friend… then I realize how lame that sounds. I tell her ok, they're mine, but I only smoke about one cigarette every month or so… if I smoked more, she would smell it on me, right? Right? I don't think she believes me.
    10. 10/31/10 Blood Quest

      by , 11-05-2010 at 04:46 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: MoSh says he got a PM from Walms stating that Asuka has been poisoned. The best I can tell, it appears that Walms was going back to MoSh's inner world to get something he lost there, Kaomea was there, and everything went unstable ending up with Walms leaving a poison of some kind in Asuka. Apparently this was the cause of the illness I tried to cure last night. MoSh said Walms had refused to help cure her, Walms said he just wouldn't go near her in a dream… so my goal was simply to go find Walms and get the antidote, then take that back to Asuka. I fell asleep with my light / sound machine and successfully slipped into my WILD…

      I am in my own room, but I know that I am dreaming, I am in a lucid dream. I remember my goal is to go find Walms to get the antidote to Asuka's illness, so I focus on opening a portal to locate Walms. Just as the portal is about to open, another portal opens and MoSh comes into my room. MoSh says he can make sure Walms tells him how to heal Asuka, I tell MoSh that he's already told me and the only thing I have to do is go get it. He pauses for a bit, it looks like he isn't completely lucid, and then he seems to remember. He says yeah, he remembers, but he doesn't seem fully convinced everything will go that easily. I tell him I usually get a feeling about that kind of thing, and I wasn't feeling anything to indicate a problem. The portal I had opened to locate Walms closes before I get a chance to make sure it stays open, so I have to open another one. I realize that is just as well, as the first portal was no longer accurate, apparently Walms had moved. I go through the new portal, MoSh follows me through.

      MoSh and I exit the other end of the portal, I look around and see we are at the edge of a forest near an old building of some kind. I scan the area to see if I can find Walms there, but it is not difficult to find him, he is over near the building holding something. I get a bit closer and I see he is holding a strange animal… or a bug? It is about the size of a bunny rabbit, it is furry, but it looks a lot like a beetle. It looks like a big, furry beetle. I get close enough to Walms and ask about getting the antidote, instead I get a bug… the fluffy but Walms is holding flies into the air and hovers only a couple inches in front of my face, staring into my face with huge multifaceted eyes. I reach out to touch the bug's fur, it looks really soft, MoSh tells me to stay away from the bug in case it is dangerous. The bug responds by hissing loudly at MoSh, a strange hissing / squealing noise, then it flies away into the forest. Um… ok…

      I turn my attention back to Walms and start to ask about the antidote again, MoSh says he wants the antidote right now. Walms says the cure is simple, really, all it takes is a bit of his blood… so come get it. He disappears from sight, drawing a crude expletive from MoSh, it looks to me that Walms apparently wanted to make a game of it to get the antidote. I feel a short burst of instability, I wonder if maybe it would be a better idea to just go back and get our trio of genius docs to fix the problem, since Walms had already told me what the problem was, curing it would be a piece of cake for them… without even waking them from their nap. I may have been considering talking to Washu, Janet, and Maura, but MoSh was already gone, breaking down the front door of the building and making about as much racket as a rhinoceros charging through a china shop… I follow MoSh into the building, I can see he is chasing Walms, who seems to always be just a bit ahead of MoSh. I soon lose track of them in the maze of halls and passages in the building. That is fine with me, I hadn't figured a straight forward race would get me anywhere. MoSh had that one covered, I'd have to take another approach.

      I stop trying to follow MoSh and Walms at all, and I focus on a tracking spell, not to use in a portal, but just for tracking alone. The first thing that comes to mind is "All Nightmare Long" by Metallica, "We hunt you down all nightmare long…" and it would only stand to reason I would find Walms in the middle of a nightmare somewhere… I focus on the tracking, and I feel an instinctive pull in one direction, so I follow that pull. It actually leads me out of the building completely, I find I am on the third floor of the building and the forest is stretching out below me. I jump out of a broken window and fly over the forest, form shifting in mid flight to become a raven… wait… too obvious… I change into an eagle… that also seems too obvious… I change into a simple tree sparrow… I fly down into the trees, still following my instinct as to where I would be able to find Walms. If he is out here, I wonder where MoSh is… is MoSh following Walms out here? Is MoSh following a fake Walms in the building? Am I following another fucking DC? I realize I am muttering as close as a song bird can get to expletives… well, I would follow my tracking instincts, and just see what I find.

      I am getting close to the signal source, so I land in one of the trees and look over beside a tree where I see Walms sitting there looking at an animal, this one looks like a rabbit of some kind. I flutter down closer to Walms and the rabbit, trying to be sure that it's really Walms and not a DC this time. I land on a low branch only to have the rabbit spring from Walms' arms and attack me… with fangs… psycho rabbit! Ok… I hadn't expected that, but I react as the sparrow would and take wing, chirping expletives at the rabbit as I fly out of reach. Walms calls me a silly bird, and says I should have known better than to get that close to a… (I don't remember what he called the bunny animal). I fly over closer to Walms and land in a tree near him, and I do my best to unobtrusively scan him to be sure it's not a DC. Real energy signature, looks right… I don't think it's a DC… Walms is looking at me strangely, I wonder if he can tell I'm not a normal sparrow, well if he can, I'd better make it quick or have to do the whole tracking thing over again, and I'm not sure how much longer I'll be in the dream.

      I flutter down to the ground as if I am going after a particularly tasty seed or worm, poking around the ground with my beak, of course not picking up anything… my Witchblade has adjusted its size and form to my altered form… so the easiest way I can think of to get what I need is to use that. A tiny tendril of Witchblade extends from my right leg into the grass and other vegetation, snaking its way around to where Walms is standing and watching me, the tendril of Witchblade is behind him now, it snakes its way over and claims the sample I need while making no more disturbance than a light breeze. Walms is looking at me very closely… I decide not to wait any longer. I pull the tendril of Witchblade back and take flight into the trees. I wonder if Walms had any idea it was me he was looking at, I wonder if he knows I got what I was after… I figure it doesn't really matter, now I have to get the antidote back to Asuka.

      I head into the building, now I want to find MoSh, because I figure he will want to be there when Asuka is healed. I then kick myself as best as I can in the form of a sparrow, wondering why I didn't just track MoSh the same way I tracked Walms. I finally do that and open a portal to go straight to MoSh. A small bird-sized portal opens and I go through it into MoSh's inner world. MoSh is looking around for something there, Asuka is there with him. She looks fine, there doesn't appear to be any sign of her previous illness relapsing. I ask how she is feeling, she says fine. I tell her I have what we need for the antidote, but I feel it should be done in the healing glen. MoSh asks if I checked the blood to make sure it is safe. I tell him it is safe, I have no doubt in my mind about it… I open a portal and go through into the healing glen.

      In the healing glen there is a pool of the healing water, Allura is there waiting for us. She says she will have to remove the time stasis from the toxin, so that it can be neutralized. She does something, though I can't tell what, then says Asuka is ready to be healed. Asuka gets into the pool of water, I realize I have no idea what to do with the sample… d'oh! Not bright. Apparently the Crystal Golem knows more than I do about that kind of healing, he takes the sample and pours it right into the pool of water with Asuka. The water turns a disgusting black color, MoSh moves to pull her out of the water, but the Crystal Golem stops him and says the poison is being purged from Asuka, drawn out by the blood sample he had just added, so this isn't a negative effect. The water gets really disgusting and finally the Crystal Golem lifts Asuka carefully from the water and bathes her in light energy. I use Touch My Heart to clear any remaining dark energy from Asuka, I barely get that done before everything around me fades to black and I wake up.
    11. A few dreams

      by , 11-02-2010 at 04:06 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Battle for Asuka's cure

      Me and Raven chase walms through a large and complex industrial building with many floors.He said the cure for asuka is in his blood. I chase him by myself up flights of stairs until we reach a big open area that goes down a few floors. I tried having all my fingers as green cobras trying to bite him... that didn't work. I kept trying to get to him but he had a sheild and kept throwing spikes.

      I turned into asuka form knowing that would enrage him. I wanted to use his uncontrolled rage gainst hima nd jumped of the edge. He followed with lots of attacks. I couldn't lure him into a standing spiral, that would be too obvious. so I did a short 3d spiral drawing him. and when I hit the ground i punched up, the spiral wasn't the best so there wasn't as much force as a hyru shoten ha, but it was enough to punch through his sheild and land my fist into his jaw. Saw something fly out... like a tooth so i grabbed it with my left hadn really fast and put it in the place where my one wisdom tooth was taken out. It had a piece of his blood so it might have done. But then later on Raven got more blood out of him from her whitchblade.

      Curing Asuka

      I am walking with raven to the place where asuka is. I forget about the prevision battle and notice there's a loose tooth. I see blood on it but wipe it on my sleeve... forgetting the blood was important. then i inspect the tooth. It seems solid but when i look in it it's completely hollow.

      Me and raven combine our cure findings and put asuka in a big barrel of water. We give her the cure and suddenly this blue stuff comes out of her and into to the water. The blue stuff starts crystalizing inside the water. I go to drag asuka out but she attacks me, and I pull off of her some weird garment by accident. I try to give it back but she insists on acting like the creepy girl from the grudge movies... I then notice the crystal stuff again and ask, "Is it the blue stuff making her do this?" Then I wake up.

      Bill Hicks

      I go to find Bill hicks, the late great comedian, and find him at an AA meeting... He tells me he went to a lot of these mid career, because his drinking was getting him fired from various comedy jobs. He sad he didn't like coming here and doing AA things here, but he did them anyway and they changed his perception of reality... ok.
    12. October 25, 26, 27

      by , 10-29-2010 at 04:14 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      October 25, 2010
      Nothing? Can't remember. No notes.

      October 26, 2010

      Walms fragment (NLD)
      I'm an observer in this dream. Walms is driving a car with other people in it. They stop somewhere to camp, but the others are being rowdy and noisy. Walms is upset because he can't sleep.

      Hair fragment (NLD)
      I have short blue hair like Sailor Mercury's.

      Raccoon fragment (NLD)
      I have a pet raccoon. May have been somewhat lucid in this fragment, as I recall wondering where this raccoon came from (my city doesn't have many... in fact, I've never seen one here, and I live way out in the suburbs). The raccoon is quite well trained. Like a dog. Even scratches on the door to be let out so he can do his business.

      English Vacation (NLD)
      The dream starts out at a bus terminal. I'm with Jack and his parents. We chatter there for a bit until the bus comes. It has the same logos as my city's transit, which confuses me, a little.

      The bus takes us to Southport (fun fact: since I don't know UK geography very well... I actually thought Southport was... well, southern. I didn't realize it was close to Blackpool. This is actually somewhat relevant... read on). It drops us off at this swimming pool. I don't recall much here, other than being in the deep end and trying to use this red ball to float. I see Jack's brother there too. I also have the strong urge to text Julia, figuring that Southport and London aren't too far from each other (ha!)... I want us to meet up. I remind myself to text her once we're done with the pool.

      Jack and I spy a hot tub off to the side. On the way, I see this little girl eyeballing my red ball. I asked her, "Did you want to play with this?"

      "Yeah!" she says, excitedly.

      "Here you go," I said, and handed it to her. I thought to myself, "This is weird for me... now I'm the one with the accent..."

      We get to the hot tub, but it's kind of weird... there isn't much to it, other than to dip your feet into, but there are also two jellyfish in there! One of them pokes his head above water, looking like

      I got my feet out of the water, and the jelly fish floated towards me. It landed on me, and I held it by it's tentacle-thingies. I felt shooting pain in my arms (like the same pain you get from an electric shock), and attempted to throw it back into the water. The grabby tentacles stopped it from going very far, though, and it came back for round 2. I woke up.

      October 27, 2010

      I have a goal to try and complete the advanced challenge in the next couple of days, so I tried to focus on a goal of chatting with a ghost in a Victorian house (this house is a reoccuring location in my dreams, and it IS haunted. One of my dream guides used to take me there all the time).

      An Extremely Riveting dream... (NLD)
      Jack had to get to his mum's to help her with something, but he said he could be there whenever. I decided to plan around this, and meet my mum for chats, too. However, as the dream gets on, it's coming up to 4pm, which is kind of a let-down, because my mum won't hang out that late (for reals, she's obsessed with Warcraft raiding :bored: ).

      During this time span, there was some kind of work related thing in there, but I can't really remember it. I do recall seeing Rachael, and I had a slight lucid moment where I thought, "At least I got her right, this time." (Hearkening back to a dream from a few nights ago where she appeared, but her DC didn't resemble her at all, so I had to rack my sleeping brain for what she really looks like, and change her).

      At some point, I went down to a basement. It was completely bare, except for some hanging lightbulbs. I pulled each cord. Some worked and some didn't. I wanted them all to work, because if it was dark at all, then I might encounter some ghosts, which I didn't want (apparently). :sad1:

      I also recall squeezing around this intentionally too narrow play apparatus of some sort.
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    13. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 10-25-2010 at 04:07 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Networks (Non-lucid)

      Stretched out against a vast, black aether, they weave and twist about, branching down into unfathomable depths. At the head, a name for each: Walms, Naiya, Raven, and so many more. Delving down, I explore their reaches. The expanse below Walms' is the largest by far, and twines itself about the others more and more the deeper I go. Naiya's is closest to Walms', their trees the largest, while Raven's name is drifting, slowly pulling away from the others.

      The scene shifts into a game of conquest, and here I find MoSh, willingly under the control of a female presence I never get to see. She guides him well; his troop placements are precise, his movements coordinated. I find myself under pressure. . .


      The dark conference room, with its expensive wooden tables and high-backed chairs lined up against the walls, is deserted. Making my way to a table across the room, the other High Aide walks in, aghast.

      “They're not here,” she sounds frustrated.

      “No. It's not like Congress to be here in a time of crisis. I expect they're safe somewhere, probably out of country.”

      “Point taken, but that still leaves us. The enemy is descending upon us, as you well know, but what are we supposed to do about it?”

      “Keep things under control,” I pick up a pink slip of paper with several ornate signatures scrawled across it. “A standing order,” I tell my coworker.

      “What does it say?” the other Aide asks quietly.

      “We have to evacuate.”

      “Then let's get out of here. . .”

      We walk through the white-walled building, all the way to the heavily populated atrium. A commotion erupts upon our arrival, and I drop the book I wasn't carrying moments ago. Stepping on it, I notice there's something under it. . . is that?

      “NOBODY MOVE!” A man in a black leather jacket and slacks steps out in front of me, back turned, left arm locked around a secretary, right hand handed aiming a gun at her head. Just like the one beneath my book. I scoot backwards, dragging the book and gun underfoot, taken aback by the occurrence. Why would terrorists be attacking the House at a time like this. No one is here, except us two. Slightly dumbfounded, and fearing for my own safety, it takes me a moment to realize the man doesn't know I'm behind him.

      Reaching down, I grab the gun; it's an old five shot revolver, I'm not really sure on the make. I point the weapon at the man's back and move slowly, silently forward. Putting up my other hand to steady the shot. . .


      A hole appears in the back of his jacket, followed by blood. He slumps to the ground, dead, but he's not alone. His accomplice comes at me from the left, swiftly. I try to aim the gun at him, but my hands are shaking too violently. A shot rings out, and a bullet wizzes by my head, tousling my hair. I fire wildly, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG. Each shot either goes wide or spirals out of control, missing the mark. The accomplice fires back at me four times. One miss, two miss, three miss. . .


      The bullet rips through my chest and my mouth opens in shock, spitting up blood. I stagger for a moment before my eyes go wild and I look at my killer with a maniacal glint. I let him know, “I can regen, mother fucker!” I charge him, quickly regenerating the wound in my chest, pushing out the hot lead. Pointing my empty gun at him, I demand his weapon. He hands it to me, terrified; it's got one shot left. I put it against his head, and he whimpers like a puppy. As I pull the trigger, I grimace as. . . the shot bounces off his skull?

      The anticlimactic ending stifles my rage, and the two of us have a chat. “You know the only people of any importance here right now are the High Aides, right?” I ask him.

      “Oh, really. . ? Well, we should have figured as much with Rob moving in on Cambodia [Kaomea?] in the west.”

      “Yeah, I still have to let the Adamarill know.”


      “That's what I said.”

      Another shift and I'm streaming a video of Galactica's CIC. Starbuck let's Adama know the current situation, and I can't help noticing the HAL eye at the bottom of the screen. I remember that signifies this is one of my Dream Journal Entry. Wait a second. . .

      My phone rings.

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    14. 10/20/10 Walms, Healing, Kitties, and Metallica

      by , 10-25-2010 at 02:19 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: This was another night of all fragments, so here is what I can remember from the fragmented dreams.

      Looking for WHO?
      I was in a forest, I'm not sure how I managed to get there, but I was spontaneously lucid… or most likely I had become lucid before my memories of the dream begin. I was eating an apple and thinking it tasted exceptionally good, almost like a caramel apple, but there was no caramel on it. I turned around to follow a path that I thought led back to my place, but there were three people blocking my path. Two men and a woman who had a look to them that said they thought they were better than everyone else. Of course this gave me an immediate dislike of them. One of the men, one with dark hair slicked back against his head in such a way that it looked like one solid oily mass, said he would have me tell him where they could find Makarthos… wtf? I told him I had absolutely no idea who they were talking about, which was true. The woman said I spoke the truth. The man sighed, I looked to keep track of the other man, and it looked like he was standing lookout for something. The man said he would have me tell him where… Walms… could be found. I said I know no Walms, but the woman said I was lying. The man asked again where Walms could be found, I said I had absolutely no idea… the woman said that was truthful… I asked why they were looking for Walms. My question was ignored, the man said since I have a bit of Walms' energy in me, I could surely locate him. I said I do not know the location of anyone using that energy form, let alone Walms. The woman said I was being truthful. The man grumbled an expletive and then said they should go, Makarthos had to be somewhere close. All three of them disappeared, leaving me wondering who the hell they were.

      Healing by Proxy
      I was in MoSh's inner world with MoSh, Asuka, and Kaomea, I was lucid, and I knew my goal there was to transfer some healing spells to Kaomea, which she had requested I do. I told Kaomea that often times using healing spells was the best way to learn them, so if she was up for it, we could go to a place where both a soul healing and a physical healing would be needed. She agreed, so I opened a portal while focused on finding a Callisto from the television show "Xena: Warrior Princess" who needed healing. I trusted my tracking to find an appropriate version of Callisto. Kaomea and I went through the portal into a forest where I spotted Callisto hiding behind some trees, looking in the opposite direction. We went silently over behind her where I looked where she was looking. There was a woman near a small house that Callisto was watching, I heard her mutter something about taking away everyone Xena had ever loved… I got Callisto's attention, she turned around with a start, apparently surprised that there was someone there. Callisto pulled out her sword, but when she did I noticed that she was only able to use her right arm, her left arm looked quite badly wounded. She told us to stay out of the way, she could take a couple unarmed travelers with just one arm. I ignored Callisto's comment and told Kaomea to do the healing spell, I would focus the energy through her to show her how to use it. So I focused the spell Touch My Heart through Kaomea to Callisto. It's not the usual healing spell I use on different versions of Callisto, but I felt it would work, and it has more uses than the one I usually use which is Until it Sleeps by Metallica. I could tell the dark energy had been cleared from Callisto, but she was still physically wounded. I told her we would heal that wound, it looked like it was becoming infected. Now free of the dark energy, Callisto allowed us to use Voices from the Macross Plus soundtrack to heal her physical wound. Again, I focused the energy, but directed it through Kaomea so she could be the one to do it.

      Must Save Kitty!!!
      I was sitting in a classroom, it was a normal classroom like many others I have been in, though it was clearly not my normal school. I also didn't see anyone I knew in the class, but none of this seemed unusual at the time. The instructor was lecturing in front of the class, I felt a distinct dislike of him, but I wasn't thinking of any particular reason why I would be angry at him. He was teaching biology, talking about internal organs of mammals, which I was not finding at all interesting. I was thinking it would be fun to disrupt this class with a display of TK… too bad I couldn't do that… The instructor told everyone to gather around. He had a sedated cat on his desk now, and he was preparing to dissect it! No way! I told him the idea of doing that was sick and disgusting, he said if I was offended I was free to leave early, but study internal organs of mammals in the book for the test. I said I would leave… and so would the cat, at which point I grabbed the sleeping kitty and ran out of the classroom with it. It seemed everyone was after me, saying they wanted to dissect the cat, which was about to make me physically sick. I turned around and saw a lot of people back there… and went off into a classroom and then into a closet to hide with the sleeping kitty. It turned out I had chosen the history classroom, and this closet had weapons from history… surprisingly they were real, not models, so I grabbed a sharp sword. The door opened, the instructor was there, he said just because I oppose dissection doesn't mean others have to be deprived. I told him I don't oppose dissection at all… I was ready to do some right now… "How about you go first?" I said as I pulled the sword out and sliced the instructor open with one quick upward cut from his crotch to his chest… his intestines actually spilled out, just about making me puke, everyone else ran for it as the instructor collapsed and bled out on the floor.

      Dreaming Rocks!
      I was near a large arena that was used to host huge musical concerts, and I knew it was someone I wanted to see this time, so I went to find out who. There was a random concert here every week, and this one was the week for Heavy Metal, so I wanted to at least check it out. Best of all, the concert was free, used just for the band's publicity. I was wonderfully surprised when I found Metallica was playing, that was strange since they are already well known, but as usually there was no ticket needed. The concert was already underway, and I hurried into the arena. There were many people there, but I managed to make my way to the front of the arena, right up to the stage, the music was so loud and that was sooooo cool! I listened to the music for a while, then I felt dust tickling my nose, so I reached up to rub it. Something seemed weird… I pinched my nose… and was still able to breathe, I was dreaming! I took to flying, but I didn't want to leave, the concert was too cool. So instead of leaving, I flew from one vantage point to another to see the concert from all sorts of viewpoints that no one else was able to get to. Strangely enough, no one seemed to notice my flying around in there.
    15. 10/19/10 Parasites, Walms, and Templars... oh, my!

      by , 10-24-2010 at 04:18 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: Tonight was composed of fragments which I will post here. Actually, I'm sure there was more to each of these dreams, but those are parts that I am not able to remember at this point. So here are the fragments:

      Under My Skin
      I was in the lab / sick bay in the biodome tower with Tigress and Janet, I couldn't remember how I had gotten there, but somehow I was lucid. I looked around, I saw Tigress talking to Janet for a bit, so I just waited. I remembered Tigress saying she wanted Janet to check us both out to see if we might have any parasites inside us. She came over to me and said Janet had given her a clean bill of health, so there was no need for her to stay here any longer. I wondered where she might be going so fast, didn't she want to stick around and maybe do something after Janet checked me out? Janet told me to lie down on the sick bay bed and she would check me out. I did that, and I couldn't see what she was doing, I was lying on my stomach, but she was talking about some rather disgusting leech type things that she was removing. I wondered if Tigress was waiting for me… I saw someone out of the corner of my eye, I looked and I saw Nomad. He said there were parasites on me, he was sure he had sensed those there. Janet said there sure were, but she was almost done getting them all off. Nomad asked if she had gotten the ones off of Tigress, too. Janet said Tigress hadn't had any parasites on her, though she had checked for them. Nomad seemed to think that was odd, but he didn't say anything.

      Mistaken Identity
      I was in my room and lucid, I remembered I had a goal of locating Walms and restoring his flame, which he had told me was out. I knew from how he had acted that it wasn't completely out, but I thought maybe he could use a bit of help getting it strong again after encountering some strange energy that had apparently damaged it. He said he had been staying away from everyone until the flame was restored so he wouldn't look to pointlessly hurt anyone (if the flame had been out that wouldn't have mattered) so I might have problems finding him. I focused on locating Walms, he said his energy would be different, so I wasn't really sure what I would trace. So I just focused on what I know about Walms from talking to him and sharing a few dreams in the past, using a song spell for tracking… and thought it took a bit more energy, a portal finally opened, so I went through. I exited the portal into a forest area, looked consistent with somewhere I might find Walms. I looked around, not sure where I might find Walms, but then I spotted someone over beside a particularly large tree. I went over to him and looked at him closely, I couldn't see much in the way of energy there, well that fit… I had expected that Walms would be hiding his energy pretty well. I called the person Walms and said hello, I said I was there to restore his flame, and I was sure I hadn't been followed. I got a blank look as a response, so I thought maybe he wasn't lucid… I told him he was dreaming, I added that I was Raven Knight. He continued to give me the same blank look as if I was speaking in a foreign language… damn… I wondered if there were times that Walms was non-lucid that he didn't remember English… "Yo estoy Raven Knight," I stumbled in Spanish, "Estoy aquí para restaurar el fuego interior ... Walms? Estás soñando, ya sabes ..." That same blank look that was beginning to get quite frustrating… "How cute…" a voice said from my right, "She doesn't recognize me…" I turned to my right really fast, just in time to see someone vanish… Walms?! Then who was I talking to? The person I had been talking to said something that made absolutely no sense… um… I went over to the place the person had vanished… that was Walms, no doubt… "Wait a sec!" I called, even though he was long gone. I focused on opening a portal to follow him, but my memory ends here.

      Templar Party
      I was in what I thought of as my house, but it wasn't like my waking life home. The inside of it was very similar, but there was a huge deck out back where there were a lot of people having a party, there was music, food, a swimming pool, and everyone was having lots of fun. But somehow I knew the guests were all Templars… I was also thinking my mom had no idea who she had invited over. I tried to tell her, but she wasn't listening. She went outside to take care of the guests, but I stayed in my room. I was able to look out my window at the partiers outside. I didn't want them to see me, so I was staying low and just peeking over my window sill to see them out there. My mom looked frustrated, then she came inside and found me spying on the party. She said she didn't care if I stayed long, but it was rude of me to not show up and at least say hi to our guests. I said I couldn't do that, those were all Templars, and they would surly know that I was aligned with the Assassins… She told me not to be silly, they wouldn't know that unless I went out with a sign that said, "GO ASSASSINS" or something dumb like that. She said she wanted to see me outside in 15 minutes, and that was final. With that she left the room. I knew for sure that the Templars would recognize me, so I had to get out of there. I went out of the back door and headed for the gate, trying to hurry before I was seen… epic fail. I hadn't made it halfway to the gate before my mom spotted me and brought everyone's attention to me. The Templars looked over at me, I could tell by the way they looked that they knew I was with the Assassins… My mom, oblivious to everything, was cheerfully introducing us, which is not actually like her normal behavior at all.
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