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    1. Waltz in black and silver

      by , 10-15-2014 at 04:58 PM
      A young woman stands downstage center, facing the audience; she never turns around. She's performing a simple, faltering version of the whirling, intricate dance going on behind her - contemporary ballet, the entire troupe on stage behind her. Everyone is in black and silver and painfully beautiful. This is her dream we're seeing play out behind her, her ideal. But the music is melancholy, nostalgic even - it's a waltz in a minor key, reminds me of Dvorak. Starts with just a music-box-like piano, but the music swells as the dancers behind her become the focus, all strings. I get swept up in the overwhelming sound of it and the movement of the dancers, until in the end it gradually fades away again to those music-box-like piano notes. A woman's voice from offstage calls to her to come to bed, the sun has risen. I focus on her profile as she turns to look offstage, towards that voice; when I look behind her again, the dancers have vanished. She leaves the stage.

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    2. Waltzing in the Mansion - Lucid

      by , 01-19-2014 at 07:13 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Just a small aside; not even two weeks after rejoining I've had three lucids... Knew being involved here would do the trick!

      I had several small dreams last night, but they were dull so I'll cut to the chase.

      I am sitting on a red velvet couch in an incredibly elegant ballroom. Red velvet curtains twenty feet high have been drawn across all the windows, and beautifully polished wood pillars stretch upwards fifty feet to the cathedral ceiling. A glimmering chandelier hangs above the ballroom floor, casting a golden hue across the room. I know I am waiting for someone, but whom I'm not sure.

      Suddenly, a beautiful Latino woman tackles me off of the couch. Before I know whats happening, she begins hurling fireballs at me. I remember that I'm spider man, and I begin slinging around the room, even though my webs are invisible. Her flames are flying everywhere, but the room is impervious to fire or magic, as nothing catches. I sling some webs at her but they seem to have no affect. Finally, I hide behind one of the luxurious curtains and get a good look at her - gorgeous, and in a white dress with a large cleavage swoop and quite long train.

      The beauty of both the place and the woman jolts me into lucidity. As soon as I become lucid she lowers her hands, and turns to look me in the eye, smiling. Most dream DC's I encounter go still and brain dead when I become lucid, but not this one. I walk slowly out from the curtain and I am suddenly in a tuxedo, and I have the overwhelming feeling that this is my ballroom. "You're finally awake!" she says with a smile, which I must admit creeped me out. Usually in my lucids whatever plot was occurring vanishes, but not so here.

      "Dance with me" she requests, as the two of us embrace in fine ballroom posture. We begin sweeping around the ballroom in the most elegant waltz of all time. My heart is in my throat as I haven't had a lucid this clear in months. After a few moments of our sweeping dance, I try to recall the task of the month, and recall the basic one about asking New Years resolutions. The effort of remembering causes me to dance clumsily and nearly lose lucidity. I stop dancing to look at my hands and surrounding to anchor myself, and notice that the red paint of the walls has become a Christmas wallpaper of green gold and red. I look at her and her beauty makes me nervous to speak to her, even though I know its all a dream. I ask her her New Years resolution.

      Suddenly, she sweeps me up and begins to lead like I was a few moments before. She is leading so hard that she seems to just pick me up and hover me across the floor in an aggressive dance. She spins me and dips me like a lady and I take this to mean her resolution was to take control, whether it be dancing or something deeper. I find it funny that I am being held in a dip, and I allow myself to
      lose lucidity and wake up grinning.

    3. Disney princesses, villains, ball, and enchanted sleep

      by , 12-04-2010 at 07:52 PM
      Last night I had a dream, I was meeting with the Disney Princesses (1937-2009-Snow White-Tina) at Cinderella's castle. I was telling them about the problems I had at home and how I felt "trapped" and how I felt "I can never be the perfect girfriend/or the perfect daughter/now I see that I wasn't meant to play this part/Now I see if I was truly to be myself I would break my family's heart." Than I told them that I was going to move into residence at the college and the (1937-1959-Snow White-Aurora) princesses asked "What is college?" the newer princesses (1989-2009 Ariel-Tina) exlpalined what college is. But when we were talking there was a knock on the door. I had a hunch it was Disney villians-and my hunch was correct once I looked out the window. Unluckily Lady Tremaine once again had Cinderella's fairy Godmother's wand.

      I told Cinderella that. But I always happen to have magic up my sleeve (LOL) and I "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" the villains back to Maleficent's castle. I listened outside the door of the room the villains were meeting in and they all asked "Who is that woman?" I magiced myself up to the baloncy in that room and I said "I'm a woman who still believes in dreams and the magic. But techinally in my opinion your are all codfish." Than I flew back to Cindy's castle and than we continued talking about college and stuff the new princess said I "should go for it." Than I went "home" (which in this case was a small cottage I lived in by myself) and guess who appeared at the door? Gaston. Lines from the movies happend-in the house scene and I gave him another dose of mud.

      I than folllowed Gaston back to the M's castle and I heard them (the villains) talking about having to "Get rid of that woman." (me) in their meeting room. I than raced to Cindy's castle. All the princesses asked after I got in and closed the door behind me "What's the matter?" I told them the incedient with Gaston and Belle interrupted by Belle saying "You gave him another dose of my mud medicine?" I just nodded and I told them what I heard at Malifcent's castle. Than a knock came at the door-it looked to be P. (a boy I know) and I asked him if he would mind me just examing him for a second (I thought he might have been a fake)-he wasn't.

      I than sent him to the room where the guys were in. Than went back and Cindy and the others said "How about we forget about the villainis for one night and have a ball." (after asking me who the boy was-I just said he was my boyfriend) I didn't have a gown to wear but the others were helpful and made me a gown that was a mix of colours: blue for Jasmine/Belle, pink for Ariel, and red for Mulan. Than everyone went to the ballroom that night, and P was nevours since he never done a waltz before-I told him just to follow the men. We danced for a bit and somehow dance outside. Than I started singing (Disney) waltz songs starting with "So This is Love" and ending w/ "Beauty and the Beast". After all those dancing P and I were in love. After the last dance I told P. "Remember to believe in the Dreams and the Magic."

      The two afternoons after the ball, a maid shouted there was the castle was on fire. I magiced up a fire alarm and pulled it. In the middle of the rush outside I got kidnapped-I know I was kidnapped since someone put a hand over my mouth to prevent screaming. I was taken to a M's 2nd castle and locked into a room. I did say "Let me out".

      The Disney Princess and P noticed later I was missing-since I wasn't in the castle, and I wasn't in the thatched cottage. Ariel checked in w/ her dad if there had been anyone done there, and Snow White checked with her 7 friends. The answer was always negative.

      In the mean time I was stuck in the room, and the fireplace opened. I was too booksmart to go into the fireplace but I also was too curious. The curiosity part run over and I went into the room behind the fireplace. I than went up 4 flights of stairs and I ended up in another tower room the only thing in the room was a chocolate bar . I ate it and fell asleep. I was placed back inside the locked room, but this time on the bed and w/ chains.

      The Princesses' animal friends saw what happened and went to communicated it w/ the Disney Princesses. But considering everyone was trying to communicate at once-it was a bit hard to unstand until the Prince Adam (Belle's prince) shouted "QUIET!' Cinderella asked "Jaq what is it that everyone is trying to say?" Jaq replied "When the fire 'happend' when everyone was racing outside Anne got kidnapped and she was locked into a room in Malifcent's second castle. Somehow when she was in there the fireplace opened, and at first try to prevent herself from going into the room, but her curosity won over and she went into the room. When she reached the top of 4 flights of stairs she went into a tower room, and there was a chocolate bar" Snow White interrupted "It was a poisned chocolate bar wasn't it-she fell asleep didn't she after eatting it?" Jaq just nodded.

      Then the Princesses and the Princes tried to convince P. to rescue me. But he wasn't sure he was up to do it. But he remembered what I said about believeing in the magic and dreams. After P got convinced, all the princes pitched in items that might be helpful for P. In the end? Good over evil won-thanks to pixe dust, and beilieving in the magic and dreams.