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    1. March 16, 2018 Frags

      by , 03-16-2018 at 05:41 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in a battleground like Arathi Basin in WoW. Someone had ninja capped Stables by seducing me but I was supposedly a female character and it was someone else tricking me. This sent me into a rage of some sort. I was now wildly smashing about trying to hit other people and recapture the base. I eventually go towards Mine but other horde are running by me. I'm a warrior so I'm trying to charge these people but it's on cooldown. I'm getting very angry. It's like I was actually the warrior in the game with rage, I was getting on all fours and sprinting at people but the cooldown was too long and I was getting very pissed off. I really don't ever experience this kind of anger IRL.
    2. [25-09-2016]

      by , 09-25-2016 at 09:28 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I saw it from top-down view. I was wandering in some dark corridors of a dungeon. I searched for some loot, and then a powerful warrior attacked me. I slashed him with a scimitar, but he was much stronger than me. If not for life draining properties of my scimitar, I'd be dead. I defeated him - his name was Korsak - and moved on. I found some more loot and doors to a huge chamber. I opened them and archers immediately shot arrows at me. I jumped back and then Korsak appeared again - this time with some magical barrier around him. He chased me, but when his barrier stopped working I cat a shrink spell on him and squished him like a bug.

      Second dream

      It was an evening in a city. I saw a group of people near a building that have suddenly collapsed. I came closer, picked up debris and started chewing it while watching a couple talking about marriage. The man had quite long facial hair, his hair were brown. The woman was a redhead, they were both in mid twenties.

      Third dream

      I was in school, it was some kind of lesson I can't quite recall. There were only few people. I left my desk, teacher didn't minded, and went to speak with a redhead girl with a pale complexion. She was wearing a pale pink blouse and jeans trousers. I asked if she'd go on a prom with me, she smiled and agreed.

      Later that day I visited doctor for some reason.

      Fourth dream

      I was in some apartment in a flat, searching for something important and valuable. It was in a secured block of flats - there were security guards wandering around. My family was there too, searching through other apartments. Mistakenly I kicked a flower pot and had to do something with soil that fallen out - I opened a window and thrown it down. This alarmed security, I left the apartment and started searching for a way out. There were security cameras in a corridor I was on, and there were entrances to other apartments. There was also a locked door to staircase, lit by red lights. I ran to elevator and pushed a button - a wall moved and I stood in front of a huge hole opened to flat's exterior, and after a while the elevator appeared.

      I entered it and among hundreds of buttons I pressed the right one, going to ground floor. After a while a voice said through speaker "Welcome in age when elevator users are screwed!". And elevator moved down with speed of a rollercoaster, taking different angles all the time. I finally got to ground floor and got to a corridor same as upstairs, but this time closed doors led to exit. There were also windows, I jumped through one, smashing glass pane and getting out of the flat. Security reacted immediately - one dude started shooting at me. I slowed time down, grabbed bullet and thrown out back, but guard managed to dodge it. Then another guard appeared, I punched him and got his pistol, then shot another one.
    3. #242 - Donkey Kong

      by , 05-14-2016 at 09:20 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Couldn't really be bothered writing this up but I guess I'll do >_<
      It was my first night in my new flat, such a nice place to wake up in. Awesome view with the sun shining and there's Pukeko's in the yard

      Something about being in a large building (almost like a temple) that has quite a few people in it. We've formed small groups of 2-3, something like a master and student thing going on. I remember there being 2 girls that liked me maybe? 1 girl was frustrated, she had brown hair and wore green clothes that let her leg, stomach and arms bare. She looked like a warrior, and wielded a double-sword/spear weapon. She stalked over with a frown on her face, I think it was because everyone was leaving so she wouldn't see me again, but she only just realized she liked me?

      Next part I'm talking with a girl (could be the same girl, but I think she's blonde now) and we're a bit flirty. We're talking about arcade games, I'm saying that I love them and I used to play them all the time on my gameboy. But I said that I mostly only played Donkey Kong because it was so damn expensive for a game back then. She played in actual arcade places and had experience with a larger variety of games. She starts playing my donkey kong game and it's hard to explain what's happening.. I see her moving her character (Donkey Kong, duh) on the screen, it's 2D and Kong is jumping around dodging pizzas that spin at you. You have collect the other pizzas (that ones that aren't traps), it's a huge level, I don't remember it being this complex.
    4. Nemesis

      by , 02-25-2015 at 02:19 PM
      Morning of February 25, 2015. Wednesday.

      In my dream, I am at an unknown location (though likely in Australia as some of my wife’s relatives are there). It is an enormous room (with many smaller rooms connected to it, some office-like) that is like some sort of setup for a business seminar - seemingly, at least in part, related to advertising slogans, television commercials, and catchphrases. My wife’s oldest half-sister is there, seemingly annoyed by my presence. Several times, I transform the implications of what is being said in the particular presented slogan (usually using the same number of syllables and phonemes) into my opinion of people in the region. I do not recall all the changes I make, but one contains the word “backwards” which indicates the people are backwards in my view. Later, my wife’s oldest half-sister gets up and makes an announcement about me, most of what she says being nonsense. For some reason, she says (with contempt) that I am a Mormon - and makes other ludicrous comments.

      Meanwhile, my wife is in another room, doing some sort of questionable and tiresome work she does not like at all but is totally passive to it for possibly a corrupt business or local government, relative to filling out forms or making detailed lists of other people (recurring dream plot). The oppressive authority of the business people over other people’s lives seems exaggerated in-dream, though in reality, it really is not much different in my experience. I decide that my wife and I will leave even though she is still to do more for at least two businessmen. I decide that I will protect her from this endeavor and the thoughtless intrusive older businessmen who act as if they own her or as if she “owes” them anything.

      Over time, though I am not lucid, I take on an essence that supposedly represents Gitchi Manitou and I am in tribal dress at times, with numerous abilities (teleportation, flight, pyrokinesis, infinite physical strength, etc). I even say “I am Manitou” while hovering near crowds in an urban area. During the time when the seminar part of my dream shifts, I focus and cause many of the windows to explode outward and I then fly through one of the large broken windows with my wife.

      Eventually, it turns out that I have an enemy. It is a powerful being in the form of an albino male with jagged teeth and solely hostile intentions, though he is somewhat jester-like in appearance and dress at times. The subplot of the two businessmen also becomes dominant at times. I end up threatening them, teleporting them, and holding them over an area near a cliff until they stop trying to get my wife to finish certain forms and lists.

      My albino enemy is intent on destroying me, but we are about equally matched in power for the most part. Clusters of knives fly at me but I reverse their path and they cut through him though do not hurt him (solely because they are his - an in-dream folly, of course). We fight in several different scenes near areas in a city and around crowds of people. Over time, I do seem to maintain an advantage. I also sing and chant loudly and rhythmically at some points, as I fly and float around (mostly in standing or partly diagonally forward positions), feeling very strong and aware. Over time, I apparently weaken my enemy more and more.

      Later on, my dream seems to shift into indicating a long passage of time had gone by. I am hovering inside a shopping mall, still having flown around a bit with my family. I see my enemy walking in the hall. When I speak to him, he calmly says “I’m a mortal now”. He no longer has any power or threatening presence and works in a carnival. He also has no interest in fighting me even at a human level anymore. Strangely enough (though I am uncertain of my motive), I offer to give him some of his power back. He seems a bit irritated that I would do this (rather than thankful - but then he had always wanted to eliminate me), but soon accepts. We even have a long friendly conversation, sharing information about our ancestry.

      Later, there is a carnival set up in an empty parking lot near a large shopping mall where he is going to perform magic tricks. Three random girls are chosen from the large audience. He has them stand in a triangular formation. Shortly, one is struck by several bolts of scattered lightning (the farthest one back at the point or “triangle top”), the one on the left in front is pounded relentlessly by “compressed” rain that only falls in the area she is standing, and the one on the right is fatally sunburned with visible sunbeams in her area only. All of them die almost immediately while screaming in pain. This does not impress me, especially as most of the audience just sits around as if nothing has happened rather than trying to escape this lunatic “magician”. I calmly take my wife to another outside area of the mall closer to the entrance and we sit and share romantic conversation and closeness as I continue to hear people shriek in the background, just around the corner of where we are sitting. It does not seem to bother me at all.
      Tags: albino, magic, warrior
    5. Dark lords of the cheese citadel, the yellow bird

      by , 01-09-2015 at 10:27 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was unskilled, yet strong warrior. I worked as a freelancer mercenary in a small town. One day some knights appeared and told people that they need some help fighting dark lords. I joined them, and we started our journey. We were getting close, and when dark knight attacked my companions escaped frightened. I took a strategy, to run away, and try to strike. Suddenly mystical energies gave me power and I was using spells against the dread champion. We fought until the evening, with the gigantic citadel of molten cheese in the background.

      Second dream

      I recall only a fragment of this dream. I was walking down the road. It was cold, everything around was covered with snow. As I walked, I looked up and saw fat, yellow bird fying across the sky.
    6. Cursed golden coins

      by , 09-29-2014 at 09:45 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Cursed golden coins (Non-lucid)


      In this dream I was a warrior and it appeared to be in the 1500s. I was in some sort of barracks with some soldiers. We were talking about our battles until we noticed that one fellow warrior died. As soon as the news spread, one of the other warriors just fled.

      There were a lot of gold coins around and it appears we won them during countless battles:

      I grabbed the coins and shouted, "We believe in our king! We have these thanks to him!"

      A voice from the distance said, "Takes these away. Toss them! They are cursed! These are cursing all the net!"

      I did not feel these could be cursed so just placed them in my pockets and wondered if the war ended.
    7. 2 Abr: vinyl cat demon and the secret paintings

      by , 04-02-2014 at 12:33 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I'm a spoiled rich girl, going out for a classical music show and cake in a tea room, with my BF and two girl friends. We live in the elite safe zone, but on this particular night we're attacked in a dark alley by what I call a demon and they are killed. No one believes me, I'm declared guilty and expelled to the freaks and mutants zone. Of course, when I get there, I'm totally ostracized, because I don't fit in.
      People there start bullying me, I have to fight to defend myself, but it turns out I'm quite a good fighter and I conquer their respect. I make some friends, but soon after I am coming out of a building, to a garden area, it's twilight and foggy and I sense a dark presence. I shiver, but I have to go. I am attacked near the greenhouse by a monster. He has the size and body of a man, but his head is of a cat and his grin is of a devil and all his body is covered or made of black vinyl. After his firsta attack failed, he emanates another entity, also a cat like demon in black vinyl, but with a feline body. I feel I'm in deep shit, but some of my mutant friends come into scene and help me escape.
      I am cast out from even the freaks-mutant zone, because they consider me dangerous, since I have this demon after me. They don't know what it is, but they know legends about it and just how nasty it is and they want me and it far away from them.
      I wander alone, until I find a lady who shows me a very old and big book. It contains a picture, complex and surreal, like a Bosch painting. I am mesmerized by it and try to dechipher its images, but the lady tells me the real secret is explained in the hidden images that compose the visible image. She puts the drawing under a potent magnifier and shows me that it is made of 1500 smaller drawings, side by side, each of which are incredibly detailed and pertaining to some mithology I am not aware of. She shows me this one particular drawing of a male figure, half man, half wolf and cat, with white fur, standing towards us, embracing a half naked, ginger haired, beautiful lady, with her back to us, but her head turned to us. The lady starts telling me about these female warriors who have these mythical half-beast warriors as their protectors and guardians. And there's also the evil counterparts who seek to kill them. If the black vinyl beast is after me, I must find my protector to help me.
      Then, out of nowhere, a guy that looks like Charles Xavier appears offering me a ride in his car to their nearby secret airport where we can get on to their private jet and go to Mexico. I don't know why Mexico, but they say there's no time to explain, those who are seeking me have picked up my trail and will soon arrive. In Mexico I will be safer and apparently there will be someone who can provide more clues.

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    8. The Path

      by , 08-31-2013 at 04:38 PM (My Humble Collection of Somnigraphies)
      August 31 2013 - Dream Fragment #1: I remember seeing people that I knew, and then the dream transitioning into an apocalyptic dream ( one of these again) with me running down a path. I got to a sort of old cottage-type place where I saw all of these warriors that tried to kill me. Apparently I was more badass in this dream than in the one last night because I outran them and got to a car at the end of the driveway. I was driving for a long while, and now my memory fades out.

      Dream Fragment #2: I remember seeing all of these very nice houses from an aerial viewpoint. Somehow it transitioned back to me sitting at a desk somewhere. I looked over and saw my ex-girlfriend IWL. She put her are around my shoulders and I almost flipped out. "Why are you doing this?" I asked her. She replied in some way but I really don't remember now. My dream's viewpoint shifted out to the sky again and it showed a little place to put your boat next to a very luxurious mansion. I heard here say that if I start going out with her she'd give me a house. I remember refusing it (?) and then I woke up soon.
    9. Dungeon and Plane Flight

      by , 08-26-2013 at 11:40 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)


      Time travel. A group. Go back in time. Forest. Guitar. Weapon. Top view. Shooting. Battle field.


      Room, bed, based on my ... to my side, above. I initially thought I was having an OBE. I moved to my side and I was tingling all over. I thought maybe I was out of my body already, or maybe I'm still awake. Unfamiliar room. Dark room. I looked out the window, with vertical bars, also strange, unfamiliar. Greyish sky. I tried flying out of the room. My arms went through the spaces beside the bars, but I couldn't go through like a ghost. So I thought I was still awake. Mirror. Black small thing. Tech... Comm...

      Ran away from the room. I was chasing someone or someone was chasing me. I visualized a chain on the person's hands, and it clamped him down on the floor. He looked orcish. I ran and climbed up a wall. It reminds me of third-person dungeon computer games. Wide area. Like a castle. I climbed up the gate, and on top of something like a roof support (but it's not connected to the roof), there's a female warrior. I talked to her, asked what's going on. She seems okay to me, but another female warrior/guardian arrived, jumping on top of other supports, and rudely told me to go back. I taunted her, calling her names, like AngeliTina.

      ... woke up...

      Airport. Police. Time. 3 p.m. or 1 p.m. There's a plane crash. Don't care about my flight, which is at 7:49 p.m. I was too early. Then I started wondering: why am I going back to my hometown? Then a memory popped up of a high school classmate telling me that it's his birthday next Saturday or Sunday, and he'd want me to be there.
    10. Field of the ancients NLD

      by , 06-28-2013 at 08:35 PM
      Date: 28th

      Pre bed: Multivits, WBTB: some red bull

      Comments: I was very sleepy and quickly reviewed the storyline so some details were lost. The dreams had some bizarre but still interesting and pleasant post wake feel to them.

      Dreamlet: some granny and another woman sitting on a chair/wheelchair

      Dream1: I am in my hometown and want to buy some supps – copper that is dissolved in water. It is not available where I am at the moment, so I go to a bus station and head to the nearest drugstore. On the corner is a street stall where they sell all kinds of prayer beads – malas/rosaries made of colored wood. As I am heading towards the drugstore one of the items falls down on the floor. The stall was first to my right, but as I look back it is to my left! I go back to apologize to the sellers – a man and woman sitting on the floor and tell them that I would like to look at the items when I am back. Then 3 of them and me join in some kind of a game – not so much a game. There is a white Ouija board but no letters, and some other part that we will be moving with our hands. We have to select the person who will receive the message. I am slow to react so the woman picks to be that person. I think that I should not have allowed that because this way they could easily pretend and make up some kind of message. I look at the man in front of me – I feel I have known him all along and have positive feelings towards him.

      Dream2[high fragmentation and possibly separate dreams]:

      I am in some kind of a building on the last floor and move through the rooms which are aligned like a corridor. In the first room are the items of some dangerous guy that is not here anymore (prison?) but it looks like a friend of mine also has access to his room and has left some notes/diaries there. I am very curious and want to read it all but someone (maybe it was her) comes in and I move along the corridor like building.

      This time it is a normal corridor, very long with lots of rooms on each side, reminding me of a school. Some kind of class/event is over and I hurriedly move forward by using some kind of a button to speed up, much like running in a video game. I reach the restroom to my right, then exit it, go into one of the rooms to the left, some people I know there? Then decide to go back to the restroom and I look for the same room on the right, the second or third door, but of course it is a different room now and I am very confused. They tell me the restroom is on another floor and I head to the stairs.

      On the upper floor I can see/hear some family friends. Changing my mind about finding the restroom, I want to eavesdrop and find out what they are talking about without them knowing about me being there. That doesn’t quite work as the mother discovers me and I have to officially join them. Some interaction with them and the upper floor is the last floor of the building that has been turned into some kind of observatory. There are interesting things happening as some kind of machine is activated. (Unfortunately I can no longer recall). For a moment the upper floor is like a box, there are reverse window shutters and as am I talking to the family friend I am lying with my entire body on this shutter that goes up and down in mid air, trying not to slip. Back to talking to them.

      Then there are a lot of people around a table and it looks like we are playing some kind of game. I mostly pay attention to some strange item like a miniature house and some vegetable – like beans as we are playing this game. Some people miss intentionally their turn and now it’s my turn but I don’t want to play. There is some talk about it and I clarify that it is because I have no idea how to play this game, then consider giving it a try.

      I am on a lower level, like an open room, on the floor or an bed and look up to the building in front of me and on the last floor or somewhere like few floors above me I see Xanous in a room. To the left of him is a woman that I conclude is his wife, blue clothes? (really not sure). I try to say something to him but he is behind a glass, in that room and doesn’t hear/understand me. There is some zooming of my vision and he gets out some signs, something written with his address and directions how to get there by car. Two street names and Junction 8. I see a map with highway and different cities aligned.

      I am on the street of some unknown town and conclude that some gangstas have been stealing from clothing stores. This is triggered by the fact that I find two pairs of new jeans with labels on the street. Another street man/gangsta comes and we talk as I try to figure out whether the jeans will fit my bf. Then decide to give them to the gangsta. I notice that this pair of jeans is prohibitively expensive, something like 1267? But hey maybe it is a very fashionable model. We are now in a store and the lady that works there behaves in a commanding way. We (me and another DC) just want to allow the gangsta to try the jeans, but the lady says we need to keep our distance, what? I reply that I am leaving anyways so no need to fuss.

      [warning even more strange stuff follows]

      I go out on the street and go to a black lady with some small kids. My memory is a bit blurry but as I walk the surroundings are transformed as we are now having a discussion about democracy, the world, then something about the development of civilization. The sun is shining bright and as this conversation goes on I am following a muddy road in the midst of a strange field. The road is no less weird, I am supposed to be following the left side of it. The road is covered with yellow fancy dust that in my mind is bright blond hair that has been cut, but it looks like a small river of pollen tracks. I think it is sunflowers. No, it is the hair of these people. There is a row of people, items that resemble some kind of a helmet (like the ones that you put on mayan gods), it changes, they are people, warriors from the past. Now they are dead. I wonder why their hair is blond when they are black, and inspect one closely. His forehead is brown. Ancient. He is cold to the touch. I come to my senses and first of all wonder why there is no smell if they are dead? Anyways, don’t want to be stuck there in the middle of this summer/ early autumn wheat type of field as down the road there is another row of these ancient warrior soldiers lying there. I head back following the same road in this strange but still beautiful sun-lit field.

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    11. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-26-2013 at 05:39 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Enough (DILD)

      The waves came in hard, sweeping me off my feet. Swimming against the tide at an angle, I try to regain my footing near the shore, but the unusually steep dropoff made things exceptionally difficult. The best I can manage is to grab hold of my baby sister’s raft and circle my father who hadn’t been phased by the tide.


      I make chase. Through the palace, the ramparts, the temple--merely a game. By the end, I’ve claimed two of the three boars...but I had never been invited to play.


      A crowd had gathered. My father lay upon the throne, sword through his throat, feast laid before him--still alive. Tears hit my cheeks and anger welled from the pit of my stomach. The culprit stood near my dying father, cold, emotionless--I understood why. Falling to my knees at his side, he managed a smile, telling me not to worry, he had been bested and that was that. But I in turn consoled him, pledging vengeance, pledging to finish what he started, assuring him of my abilities.

      And so I turned to the warrior without a name, the warrior who possessed skill enough to slay my father... The challenge I set forth: first to seven hits, or last alive. Solemnly, he agrees, pulling another sword from his side. I grab a pillow sitting beside the throne. In a flash he strikes, slashing high--jugular to hip. I step out, parry with the pillow, and push away. A quick turn precedes his follow-up, but I’ve already trapped the reverse-handed strike, allowing me to parry again and make a hit on his midsection. “Hit,” I clarify, now standing a few paces away, pillow in hand.

      Surprised, he takes a more cautious approach, circling me slowly. “You don’t know what I can do.” I tease, almost mockingly, before teleporting behind him. But he’s ready for it, dodging my feathery attack while launching his own counter. I jump back, putting us both right where we started.

      Dropping the pillow, I broaden my stance and stomp the ground forcefully, tossing up a few small stones into the air. With a few quick jabs, the stones fly towards him; two make contact. “Hit. Hit.” Sensing an opening, he closes in, but I move backwards gracefully, bending water from the earth to deflect his blows. I flick my fingers. “Hit,” and again “Hit,” the water splashes against his face.

      Clearly flustered, he fights water with water, pulling it from the earth as I had done. But I capture it in the air, whipping it around in a gust of wind: “Hit.” And that was that. He walks over to congratulate me on my win, sword still in hand, but then I remember, That was only six. Before he can end it in a single blow, I teleport into a flanking position and strike him with another pebble, sealing my victory and fulfilling my pledge...
    12. 8th Apr 2013 Island, Organization, Missions, Invasion, Duel, Weird class

      by , 04-08-2013 at 11:48 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap, pretty long dream but i couldn't recall first part in detail, also became lucid near the end but didn't recalled waking life memories, like, at all, so ended up just wandering aimlessly...

      I was on some kind of huge island and i was in some kind of organization. There was a city and we had out base in bunker that was located in one of basements. We had some storage with various weapons, and we were also discussing various things. A few times we were going on missions which were happening in various locations on the island, i recall one of them was happening in some natural area, other in the city, another was happening in some arabian town and another somewhere underground(can't recall mission details though sadly). Between missions we were discussing more things and i was also visiting some classes that were built below the bunker. Also at some point i found some guns in the storage and was curious why we weren't using them earlier, considering we were using melee weapons.
      Later our bunker-base got attacked by some enemies but we successfully defended it. Then we had a discussion and there was mention about some famous warrior-invader that was capturing land for himself all over the world, and that he was coming for this island. We were worried, but the day was over and we went to get some rest.
      Next day, the island was captured by that dude and we couldn't do anything, and later his helper arrived at your base and said that he was taking one item of value from every person on this island for some kind of sacrifice. That helper looked surprisingly like one of my classmates from when i was at school ages ago. Then he left and we had discussion about this, we weren't sure what was the minimal value, so i decided to use pen as item that was randomly in my pocket. We also decided not to fight him, because we didn't wanted problems at the moment but we were planning to bring him down later after finishing some other important thing. We went to the underground classrooms, and apparently the warrior dude was there and everyone was bringing items there. That dude looked really strong and warrior-like, we got items but helper said that pen is not enough of value, but that we still had time to get another item. I went to search for other item in storage, we found some gold bars, but we don't wanted to use them, so we stopped on another item that was some kind of mechanism.
      We got it to the dude but before i could leave someone in the room shouted my name, i heard warrior dude and his helper were talking about that he apparently had grudge on someone with that name, but he could not realize that people can have same names. He shouted that i should come, the exit was blocked so i pretended that i didn't heard his discussion and just came, on the way i silently grabbed a couple of random items, that were apparently rulers. When i got closer, he suddenly attacked me with... some kind of triangle rulers that had blade on one side, rulerblades? I blocked attack with the rulers i got, but they broke almost immediately, i dodged towards one of tables and there luckily was another pair of those rulerblades. I picked them up and started attacking too. We were blocking each others attacks, but soon i missed some attacks and i was hit, but it seemed like my body was like made of stone and i didn't took much damage. I started to be more offensive in my attacks and soon i managed to land a few hits too, but he was not damaged much as well. We fought for a while but in the end i managed to defeat him and then i fell unconscious because was too tired.
      While 'dreaming' while unconscious, i was watching some kind anime named 'S3E3' about some futuristic city, can't recall much about it though.
      Then i woke up, i was in the same room where fight was, but there were alot of people and apparently some historians were talking about the past events and about S3E3 apparently too.
      I spontaneously realized that i was dreaming, but for whatever reason i decided not to do reality check. There also was weird ink on my clothes. According to what historians were talking about, apparently that battle was literally years ago and that the land remained under control of that dude anyway because he apparently won? I told them that it's not true and they were annoyed. I ignored them as they started tantrum and left the room, someone shouted that i 'ruined all the classes' and i was wandering around bunker hall not sure what to do, soon dream faded out.
      I woke up in some large room, it was dark and i couldn't move. There was huge balcony on the second floor of the room and at the balcony there was weird anime girl. She looked at me and then i woke up properly.
    13. Electrical Madness and the Elemental Warrior

      by , 02-04-2013 at 07:02 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Electrical Madness and the Elemental Warrior (Non-lucid)


      I was in some sort of alternate world that had mystical creatures and a ton of weird stuff. There was some sort of warrior (and I believe I was this warrior) that could control the elements of fire, water and wind. This warrior was about 12 feet tall and very muscular. For some reason, this warrior died and a huge tomb was made on his honor.

      Suddenly, due some sort of magnetic disturbance, the electronics went berserk, is like they had consciousness. Suddenly, everything that had at least a microchip would start working on its own. It felt very dangerous because there were some sort of Uzi guns that had a microchip that assisted in automatic shooting. I could see small items that were attacking other people.

      Someone went to the warriors tomb. It appears than an Uzi gun was inside the tomb and it would ressurect the warrior somehow. The warrior resurrected, but three small replicas of him instead. Each replica controlled an element.

      The fire replica would shoot fireballs with his hands and he was able to incinarte buildings entirely. The wind one created tornadoes and the water one got killed almost right away it spawned, so I had no idea.

      The warrior replicas were fighting but they ended up being destroyed.
    14. PSYBLADE: Title Warrior Earned/ Leila amok runs!!!

      by , 11-16-2012 at 04:10 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      PSYBLADE Entry

      I lifted my finger, then whole body. I twisted my body facing the pillow, and then stood up on floor. I opened my eyes and there I was.
      Strangely there was something huge pile of clothes or box in the middle of my room and it kinda hindered my progress. I saw the mirror and immediately remembered that I wanted to achieve Psyblade warrior title!

      I used my drawing sketchbook to transform. When I flipped pages the drawings were so real... I could see vOx in white tiger mode in there. Anyway there was my Leila in Johan mode in full figure (only in pencil sketch) so I concentrated on her outfits and looked at the mirror. My face was still there and I was wearing bright red flowery patterned coat and blue jean! I got little disappointed and tried it again. This time I flipped pages and found Leila's faces. I concentrated hard enough...and in the mirror I had Leila's face and full Johan costume! I wore my mask and went out of the room.

      When I opened the main door I tried to summon my weapon imagining it was near the door. I looked to the left, no weapon, to the right, it was there. But my sickle looked weird - it looked creative(?) but it was brown colored and there wasn't my steel blade... well it had a hole on the blade but it looked like a sickle from Black Death paintings. Anwyay I grabbed it and walked forward.

      I don't know how I got to the Denn. but I don't remember using portal or any specific teleporting technique to go to Denn - I didn't use it. The scene probably changed itself without any intent, I'm sure. So I was suddenly in the town of Denn. I kept walking and couldn't help but yell "Holy shit!!!!!!" There was beautiful snow white beach and blue sea on the left. The town looked medieval-y but yet modern and sleek. The town was so beautiful and cozy I was so incredulous. I couldn't believe that my dream made this scene (but I believe that Denn is 'shared place') because everything was so well composed as if like I was travelling to mutiuniverse. The ground was made of shiny white bricks and there were some little square flower gardens.

      So I waited for monsters to battle. I held out my sickle (it was heavy) and in front of me...... a knight wearing silver armors riding a huge white horse was accelerating towards me. He was holding that ..Idk what it's called, sharp long thin knight sword O.o I think the horse had blond hair.
      I swooshed the sickle at the knight and he collapsed. This seemed so easy lol
      Another knight riding a brown horse came towards me. This time I circle around to make huge sickle swish (?) and he collapsed too. (I think he was wearing blue cape.)
      Then some bunch of people appeared in front of me. I thought 'wait these are people..not monsters! well, Nomad probably wouldn't care ' But the people looked evil because I could sense it. Among the people there was someone who looked like a leader - I stared at him carefully and he was a pope. xD Target confirmed. Double sickle initiate! I tried to split my sickle in two holding horizontally with two hands. It kinda didn't work at first.
      "come on, split it in half!!!"
      Then the reddish light sparkled and the sickle was magically split in half :O
      This time the sickles felt lighter. I ran toward the pope and killed him, making big circular attack. When the pope died his followers changed to 'normal' people. So I left them alone decided not to kill.

      I jumped on tall light stand. I jumped down on the ground and killed more monsters but sadly I don't remember anymore... I think I killed around 10 enemies.

      Achievement unlocked: Warrior

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      lucid , memorable
    15. The last warrior and the kid in the orange shirt

      by , 06-04-2012 at 03:04 PM (RommiH's Dream Journal (entries are not dated correctly. i am slowly transferring my DJ from my computer, to the one on DV))
      Monday 04 June 2012
      This dream was sick! It was sooooo long! But unfortunately I remember , very little from this dream epic. ☹
      I will document it to the best of my ability: I am standing somewhere that is a frosty blue. The ground is that of a barren desert with a possible thin layer of snow. There are a few leafless trees scattered about. I am standing on a white path slightly raised from the rest of the surrounding ground. Along the sides of the path are little mounds of what look like dead bodies. I have a long sword in my hand. Then from behind me comes a samurai. He runs along the path touching his sword to the mounds. As he does this I notice there is someone else I haven’t seen on the path. He is a small boy wearing blue shorts and an orange shirt. I look back to the mounds the samurai touched with his sword. From all the mounds he touched rose robotic skeletal warrior men.
      Once that happened I had this knowledge: There was a war. The samurai I had seen was on my side. By touching the mounds he had summoned dead warriors to fight a battle. He summoned warriors from all the mounds except one, which lay at the end of the path. I had to get the mound and summon the last warrior before the kid in the orange shirt did. That warrior was the most powerful of all and would be the difference between winning and losing the war.
      Now I look at the kid in the orange shirt. He looks back. Immediately, we run for the last mound. At this point the mound is no longer a mound, but an already standing warrior frozen in place. We had to stab the warrior to unfreeze him. (stabbing the warrior to unfreeze him doesn’t make much sense, but hey, I got to use my sword) Who unfroze him would decide who’s side the warrior would fight on. We both run as fast as we can to the last warrior in desperation. I get the feeling I might not make it in time. I take my sword and throw it at the warrior. I guess the same realization cam over the other kid because he did the same. We both miss. Not wasting a second we run to are swords and make another attempt. Once again we both miss. I realize I wont ever be able to hit the warrior by throwing my sword at him. I grab my sword and run to the warrior. Once again, the orange kid does the same thing. But I am faster. I take my sword and drive it in to the warrior. Unfrozen, the warrior runs back down the path a leaves the frosty blue wasteland through a bright doorway. The orange kid looks at me with bitter hate. He wants me dead. I run. I look back and see that he is chasing me. But he doesn’t run. In fact he is walking very slowly. His face literally looks like this: X( I run through the door way at the end of the path way.
      I am now at in my compound at Ras Sudr. I am still running from the orange kid. Now I remember next to nothing. Which sucks. But here it is in the form of random fragments: I walk past many houses. I know he is way behind and if I’m lucky I should be able to evade him. If my memory serves me right, then he no longer has a sword but a gun instead………………………….I am at my villa…………………..I see my dog. He is barking at a cat outside the yard. He somehow gets through the fence by passing between the metal rods with a mere 6 inches between them. I find this impressive and clap…………….. The cat and my dog in and out of our yard and outside………. My dad and I look for more cats behind stuff……………I catch a little kitten………..I am holding her, the kitten is in a little plastic bag up to her arms. I hold her in her plastic cocoon………………..I am inside…My sister and Donia see me with the kitten………They have an AW SO CUTE attack. I leave…….I return to take wittle kitty from sister………….I figure it is no use running from the orange kid. I should kill him and get him out of the way forever. I begin to plot his death.

      Oh yeah and I let the kitten go outside and she runs to her mother who is a Chihuahua with a wacky haircut...

      non-lucid , memorable
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