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    1. The Ticker

      by , 09-20-2018 at 09:44 AM
      Morning of September 20, 2018. Thursday.

      Reading time (optimized): 4 min. Readability score: 63.

      Following vestibular system correlation (type one passive) as dream state induction, this stage of REM sleep is typically with less-directed thought processes, so I maintain my dream self as a passenger rather than a driver in this part of the sleep cycle.

      I place my dream self on a bus (though I have not been on a bus in real life for years). I sit on the left-hand side (subliminal dreaming orientation), about four seats back from the unfamiliar approximately forty-year-old male bus driver. There is not much lighting even though it seems to be morning. I partly rely on my sense of touch.

      The bus is going south, past the intersection of Loomis and Gillette Streets. (An intersection represents RAS mediation in real time.) My mother is in the seat in front of me, appearing as she was in the 1980s. I have no recall of her death in 2002, though I have no recall of my current conscious self identity either. My dream self seems to be about seventeen years old. (My waking-life age is fifty-seven.)

      There are clusters of used tissues, some strewn on the seat to my right, though they may not be mine. My mother had given me a small pocket watch which I also loosely associate with a timer. (The watch thread comes from one of the first scenes from “Anon” from 2018, seen before sleep. However, it is also a concurrent ultradian rhythm factor and a subliminal assertion of the dreaming and waking process. The tissue rendering is the subliminal memory of our youngest daughter throwing her used tissues on the couch as Zsuzsanna and I were watching “Anon.” Carefully and intelligently note the erroneous dream state correlation of couch with bus seat. That has been a common distortion factor in vestibular correlation processes since early childhood.)

      I see the analog watch face clearly, noticing that it is five seventeen. I hold it up to my right ear (subliminal waking environment orientation) and listen to it tick. However, after a time, I cannot hear it ticking, though, at times, there are a couple of discernible ticks before silence again. That annoys me. My mother is surprised, as she had just gotten it for me. I accidentally drop it onto the bus seat. I consider that it had become mixed up with the tissues. However, I retrieve it just before it moves down into the recess between the back of the seat and the seat itself. I vividly feel (without seeing it) with enhanced tangibility, that it is oval, though when I look at it, it is circular. I wind it without looking at it, feeling the winding crown tighten. It ticks a few more times but stops again. I start to wonder what the real time is, as it has only moved a bit towards five eighteen in all this time. (The imagery of the watch face remains consistent, which is an atypical dream state detail, especially when reading text or numbers as here.)

      Instead of continuing south, we are now going north back towards the Loomis and Gillette Street intersection. My dream self does not question this nonsensical reversal. The area does not look as it does in real life. I get off the bus on my own. Eventually, I am in the Barolin Street house (which is in Australia, not America, though I have not lived there in years). I go into the kitchen of the Barolin Street house. (However, there is a vague essence of the Cubitis house as correlating with the living room.) Despite being in a variation of the Barolin Street house, my conscious self identity does not yet emerge.

      I am going to get a new watch just like the previous one. I take it out of a disposable rectangular corrugated foil baking pan (inferred to be from the freezer of the refrigerator even though I do not discern any coldness from the feature) in which an uncooked chicken (for roasting) sits inside. The pan sits on a table. I soon realize that I could have taken the watch out without absentmindedly unwrapping the chicken. I pull the plastic wrap back over the chicken and close it up with Scotch tape. Around this time, I start to wake.

      The watch identifies the emerging consciousness factor, which in my dream, remains just beyond one-quarter consistency, though my dream self anticipates five-thirty. I am fifty-seven in reality (five seven). However, my dream self’s age is seventeen (my age when moving to Wisconsin).

      The uncooked chicken (potential flight as the dream state exit process rendered as not a viable emerging consciousness event) is the final vestibular system correlation in a very passive projected form with the additional factor of subliminal awareness that I am undressed as I sleep. Putting the plastic back around it is analogous to keeping my bed sheet over my body as I sleep. (This was not the last dream of my sleep cycle.) When I was half-awake, I realized the bed sheet had slipped down over the side of my body.

      The bus driver is this dream’s preconscious avatar (not dominant or confrontational as this is not my last dream of the sleep cycle) as well as vestibular system personification (linear). My mother, in this situation, is probably a subliminal awareness of Zsuzsanna (despite the total absence of my current conscious self identity in this dream), as she is the mother of our children (thus I hear variations of “mother” quite often from day to day). It also correlates with the scene from “Anon” where the female voice-over sounded as if it began with “Zsuzsanna” when the holographic watch appeared on Sal’s wrist from the storefront display. However, after “I am an open window…over infinity,” it is “Giguere,” not “Zsuzsanna.” (I did not know this before sleeping.) Additionally, if the movie scene did not occur from the far left side of the television screen, it likely would not have influenced my dream in the way it did.

    2. 18-06-30 Time

      by , 06-30-2018 at 03:48 PM
      As I came close to waking up, I saw a vision of a watch. I tried to see what time it was, but it was turned on its side. I mentally turned it the right way up, and read the time. It was 09.40 AM. When I opened my eyes and looked at my laptop's digital clock, it really was 09.40 AM. Spooky.
    3. Dream - Lucidity Quirks (Not Lucid!)

      by , 04-27-2017 at 05:58 AM
      Date of Dream: WED 5 APR - 2017

      Although this dream is called "Lucidity Quirks", I did not become lucid. In this dream, I was seeking becoming Lucid and the entirety of this dream was about WB trying to get me lucid. In the character list, WB and Dreamy WB are seperate characters... But in this dream, WB possessed real life qualities and had all her "cool" friends with her and then this is the same person who is trying to get me lucid.

      Dream No. 92 – Lucidity Quirks

      It all started when I was just randomly walking around on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School. I was looking for WB as I had something to ask her. When I was in the main assembly area, I saw WB walking from the asphalt area where the basketball courts were. We met just outisde the canteen and I spoke to her. At first, I was asking her some random garble but I actually caught myself and stopped. I then asked her my real question which was, “I've always been wanting to become lucid but have never been able to. Is there some way you can help me?”. WB said that she could help but first, she had something else to do.

      She went inside the canteen and put all these cookies to bake in a small metal oven, which was supposed to be at 280 degrees. Just then, all of WB's friends started flooding into the canteen and started to distract her. Some faces I do remember vividly were EL, BT and naughty BB. BB actually came over to the oven and put it on the maximum setting so WB would burn the cookies and therefore would have to start all over again. I caught BB out, telling her off and then turning the oven back down to 270 degrees while watching the cookies bake for the rest of the time myself. I then took the cookies out of the oven when I thought they were done. When the cookies were out of the oven, WB's friends had left and stopped bothering us... Maybe they weren't bothering her but they were bothering me.

      When we were back outside, I checked my watch (analogue) and it said it was 1:25 PM. I then panicked and said that there was only 5 minutes before we would have to be back in class. WB reassured me and told me not to worry, she would keep me out of class to bring me into lucidity. I still worried because I thought if the class teacher, Mr G, caught us outside, I would be in massive trouble. So she brought me over to the 5/6 playground, away from all the classrooms, to a private area in between two bushes where there was piece of play equipment that she used as a bench. I was under the belief that I would enter lucidity by falling asleep on WB's lap.

      The only thing that happened when I fell asleep on her lap was that I entered a completely different world with her that was even more fake than the previous one. We were no longer human either... We looked like drawings from someone's digital art. I then woke up.

      This is Dream No. 92 (on WED 5 APR) and the lucid dream was Dream No. 93 (on THU 6 APR, only the next night!), so maybe although the attempt to get me lucid in this dream failed... Some subconscious process carried on into the next dream.

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    4. Getting lucid in a very self-aware way, short lucid and semi-lucid

      by , 10-14-2015 at 08:14 PM
      -Standing in a Tram. i am track the stations subconsciously. after two stations a guy leaves the tram. he makes an handicapped/strange impression. he grins in a strange way. he leaves very very slowly with a lot of holding himself everywhere. after he got out the doors close and we start riding again. i see him thru the window again. he has something creepy. the tram is turning and we ride back because of some roadworks. i look around and examine the people inside. i realize that i wear a watch because it beeps shortly. (i normally don´t but startet this day with every time i look at a digital watch raise awarness) i think about the watch and think that it should be useful for lucid dreaming but i dont notice the actual time... i notice a big woman infront of me and she talks to a guy. they talk about something that they need to climb some stairs and she answers in slang (i cant echo this in English) " stairs? Hell no i will go stairs..." i look at her and think it fits considering her weight. she looks and me and says: "Don´t say anything!" My watch is blinking now. i look at it and push a button so it stops. again i think about the watch... a silent alarm... nice for lucid dreaming for sure... i´m sitting now in a seat and my brother sits right next to me. i try to configure the watch. the display shows complicated functions or tools and i try with pushing some buttons to understand what the functions are there for. i debate with my brother if we need to get out here or some stations earlier. no matter what we will need to go some distance by feet.
      --> damn so close to get lucid with the watch

      WBTB after 6h. Doing mantra with SSILD. I feel medium concentrated but pretty confident. i feel a little to awake. maybe next time an earlier WBTB?

      -I run thru a Street i kind of know. i wear a heavy backpack and have some issues with movement. i look down and see that i am wearing a black bumbag and it is open. i wonder why it is open look insight and see a compass. i wonder whom this is because i know it is not mine... i keep on moving but start getting aware. i decide to put the bumbag in my backpack while keep moving. i have problems to walk... i start questioning what is going on. i cant remember why i wear a backpack or where i coming from or going to i get lucid without any RC. i look up front and see a tree. i change my focus of vision and the leaves of the tree blend with the background in one focal plane with a high contrast like i experienced once while taking LSD. i normalize my sight again by blinking and keep on walking. now everything starts getting slow motion and pulls streaks. i shake my head and everything turns normal again. i get at a crossing with some signboards. i look at one and want to look away and back again to see if the words change or something. i look therefor at another sign where is writen Pharmacy but then i look closer and see Pharamhyzy. from nowhere a woman appears. she is attractive and reminds me of someone. i put out my arms to hug/kiss her but i notice i wearing loose braces that i want to put out. i wonder alot where they come from and wake up.
      --> i really liked the way i got lucid it was so "logical" and not surprising like it is sometimes. i think i became awake because i didnt ground myself. the dream was untypical. it was not like it was low quality like bad sight or something but everything was so muffled without sound and like i was floating?

      -another NLD about a girl i meet at a parade/demonstration we ride a tram and get out want to buy some green tea. meet another girl i kiss. Transition/next dream
      i am in the room next to the room i was in the previous dream. sitting on a couch watching tv about something that either is related to lucid dreaming or the dream before. i recognize the two persons. i have a pillow on both sides of my head and try to fall asleep (my roomates alarm was going on so i put on a pillow on my head to keep on sleeping) a friend is entering the room and lies down on the top of me. i am a little scared if it could hurt because my legs are crossed. i feel that my back needs to click and i relax and take a deep breath and it clicks silently.

      dont know if i really wake up and think to long about writing it down in my dreamjournal or had a direct FA...

      -FA: i lie in my bed and make some notes to the dream with the girl (funny thing as i woke up i didnt remember the dream anymore but i remembered the FA and that i was writing things down. i could remember the notes and so remember the dream ) my phone beeped silently. i turned on the display but it stayed black. i was wondering if it is broken again and i need to restart it but then i saw a little text "10 new messages" i tried to unlock the phone and it hang a bit but after some seconds my homescreen poped up. my mum enters the room and asks me if and how we account the woodthing. i tell her that there is nothing to account because it was for free/a present? i am irritated because i try falling asleep now and have again two pillows around my head. she sits on my bed and i watch a tv series. i can see a big building that might be a prison. it starts morphing around and changing and i smile and think its pretty cool. i like the fact that the series is so dreamrelated... now there is a big camera at the corner of the buidling and i know that it is a prison now. someone escaped. now perspective is changing and i am infront of the prison. it seems that i am the one on the run and i have a dejavu that i know that i was here before. i turn into a corner and now that in some feet i was catched from the police before. i walk carefully but this time there is no policeman. i turn around two corners and see a person but it is no police and he dont recognize me. i see a nice porsche car and go towards it. the engine is running and the door is open. i enter the car and start driving. i can turn right and know this is the way to the freeway but i decide to turn left because the police will be all over the freeway for sure. i accelerate really fast until the road is very thin. i think i should have taken the freeway because it would be more fun and they wouldnt get me anyway. i drive very fast and get concerned that i shouldnt force an accident. i look on my hand to check that i am (still) dreaming. i know that i am dreaming and so nothing can happen. i continue driving very fast. then a traffic junction comes up and the lights are red. i slow down rapidly and wait for green. 2 or 3 tuned cares pass me and ignore the red light. i think i can do that to and fast enough i am for sure and drive after them. there is a lot of traffic on the road but i manage to drive thru it without an accident. they turn left into a ramp but i miss the moment and drive frontal into a wall. nothing big happened and i try to turn and drive up the ramp but i am to slow. my car is now an american taxi. i try again but now my car is a construction truck and way to slow for the ramp. both times i see the car from outside like in a car game. i suddenly stand there and look on my "car" which is now a sponge. my roommate stands next to me end explains, that the one i have in my hand is a fine-pored sponge while the bigger one on the ground is coarse-pored. the coarse-pored is way more rare...

      F: i sit at a table with my roomate and tell him ".... this is still my dream...."
      F: Going in a bath and putting out my braces. i choke a bit and find it disgusting. i spit and examine the braces that consists of two parts?

      --> dont know why i dreamed two times of braces... didnt wear any since at least 20 years...
    5. Backlog, 12/12: DEILD, DILD, Dream WILD, "Lessons from Gurdjieff" and "AnotherDreamer's Tea Recipe"

      by , 12-20-2014 at 08:16 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      DEILD. Transition but am still lying on mat. Body feels incredibly heavy; I RC, but almost just "go back to sleep" because it is so hard to move. I reason that that would be pointless, however, because I am already asleep. I decide to get up, and as I do, my body becomes lighter and lighter, and until I just fly out of bed. I run out of the room on all fours.

      Cats are out in the living room. My father's cat is here, which is odd, and he eyes me suspiciously as I come charging out. He seems scared, and then attacks and bites me. I hit him in face with a pillow. Then try to make friends. He seems pissed. My wife then comes out of the bedroom. I suddenly realize that this dream is scary, and things could go wrong if I let my emotions get worked up. So I still my mind and focus on people liking me

      My wife seems happy to see me. She tells me to go get ready for bed, because she wants "quality time." I consider telling her this is a dream, but I do not I wake up.

      I am reading a secret/restricted Jehovah's Witnesses' text called "Watchtower" In it, a discussion about a certain river where initiations and enlightenment have occurred. I go to the river. I am swimming up it, into a cave. I have a vision/flashback (?) of Gurdjieff trying to bring someone to enlightenment. He gives this man a baby. The man is at the river for the purpose of enlightenment, and is displeased to have to take care of a child. Then he becomes attached to the child. He fears for its safety. Gurdjieff comes back, and turns the child into dust. It sinks into the river. The man is devastated. Gurdjieff explains:

      "At first you did not want the child. You were blown by the winds of karma one way. Then you wanted the child. You were blown the other way. Now I have taken the child, and you suffer for it." The man asks if he is close to enlightenment. Gurdjieff laughs and says there are many stages.

      I swim back toward the mouth of the cave and down a small waterfall. The river has become a water park, and I accidentally bump someone coming up the waterfall (?). Segue into a FA: "wake up" at a pool. I am wondering if this is a dream when my wife asks the same question. I nose pinch
      and can breathe. We walk around the pool together; not super lucid, as I think my wife is real. We see a girl DC. I start fooling around with her, and she starts to rub my wife's breasts. My wife pulls away, and says it feels uncomfortable. I think to show off my dream control, and order the DC to run across the street. She does, and a path appears for her to run on. I urge her onward. Finally awake into a FA; my wife is awake, and I question her about the dream, but she says was not there. I assume it was a just a "normal" LD and return to sleep. I then wake up.

      Dream WILD: Talking to my aunt on the phone; we decide to LD together. We enter the dream, and try to help some man find his daughter. More of a semi-lucid, although I was aware I was dreaming. Tough call She tells me about using LDing to contact my dead grandfather. She keeps calling it "remedying" though (like REMedying . . . .)Another FA with my wife. She has her nightlight on. We talk about something, and then I go "back" to sleep.

      A dream about not being able to fall asleep. I finally take Sageous's advice to get up and do something else. I decide to make some tea. I use AnotherDreamer's recipe, made out of sunflower leaves and apple chips. I start eating the apple chips. I check my watch twice as an RC, and the numbers do change, but this is not enough to trigger me. In fact, I think I ignore it altogether.
    6. 8/24/2014

      by , 09-16-2014 at 10:13 PM

      I was on an interstate road in the middle of nowhere in NM. I was working at some sort of refinery and got freaked out when I got behind some tanks full of gas. I asked how I got there and looked at my watch. Since it was dark, I tried lighting up the watch but it didn't work. I eventually realized I was dreaming!
      I counted my fingers and there were 8 in one hand. I increased clarity and stabilized the dream before thinking of exploding one of the tanks full of gas. I remembered I don't use fire magic so I looked around and saw a door leading underground. Upon trying the door, I found out it was locked so I reached into my pocket for a key. As I was doing that, the door opened on its own. I went down the stairs and opened more doors, some of them looking like the doors in the game fallout. The area was dark, so I said "Increase brightness!", which only helped a little. I rose my right hand and said "Light", which made a small orb of light appear, lighting the area as if I were holding a torch. I moved the light in front of my eyes, which hurt them because the light was so bright. I cancelled the light and reached for the flashlight on my belt. I lit up a few spots around the room, wondering if there would be monsters around. I decided to hover and passed through floors, purposely getting stuck in some of them.
      Once I reached the top, I decided to let go and I fell and fell and fell until I hit the floor, which didn't hurt. I walked through the building and saw 2 Mario characters. I came up on a cave-like room with grass and water. I decided to ask one of the Mario characters what the water represented, which lead to a stupid response that I knew was fake. I said "Yeah, whatever" and walked away. I looked at my watch, which was showing time normally. Upon looking at it closer, I notice that the day was moving long with the seconds. I decided to do something to upgrade my max lucidity so I tried summoning a water orb between my hands but it didn't work and slowly started to wake up.
    7. Makar's Request for a New Branch for His Violin & Trying to Apply for a Job Position

      by , 04-11-2014 at 04:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Makar's Request for a New Branch for His Violin (DILD)


      The feelings and sensations in dreams recently are getting so real, along with the virtual experiential reality becoming more tangible, and less of a blurry dream-like state of being.

      Makar from the Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker requests that I get a new branch so that he could play his violin. Seeing how it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a random branch somewhere from a tree, and cut it off, I easily accept this task.

      The dream environment was first dark, and then it lit up as if it were a sunny afternoon. I go into an area that seems to resemble a University I went to, seeing how the trees there that seem kind of dead, or just saturated from rain in general resembles some of the cherry blossom trees after their leaves fall off.

      I can hear the slight cracks, and other sounds while stepping on the dirt, grass, and small twigs on the ground. I believe I had a machete, and I finally found a tree that I could get a branch from. Apparently, Makar wanted the branch to be at least 6 feet 8 inches tall, which seems kind of odd with the size of the little guy in general. Maybe it could be so he could have multiple branches to play his violin if one goes bad, I guess.

      I take a ruler, or some tool for measuring the branches length. I measured probably around 3 feet, or a bit more, and placed my finger on the end as a reference point so I could extend, and measure the rest of the required length needed for Makar. And when I finally get close to the length needed, I prepare my machete by lifting it in the air with my left hand.

      But before I could cut the branch, I’m feeling as if things are crawling on my left hand, and arm as well. I tried to ignore it, and tried to presume these are merely psychosomatic experiences that won’t bother me if I don’t fixate on them being an issue. Unfortunately, the sensations of crawling become stronger, and I look and find that small ants are crawling on me.

      Out of reflex, I try to shake them off frantically, worried if they’ll bite me, but it doesn’t feel like they’re trying to inflict pain on me, but the crawling sensations is just too creepy and weird that I had to flail my arms to get rid of them.

      I don’t believe I was able to finish the task, seeing how more swarms of ants could be in that area.


      Trying to Apply for a Job Position at Competitors’ Location (DILD)


      Things start out where I’m entering the back of a supermarket, and it seems that I’m looking for a job position as well. The experiences so far made me presume that I was already working at another store that’s probably this store’s competition. I’m wearing a dark blue shirt, and probably faded black jeans while navigating through the area, looking for anyone that could be working in this place for any job positions.

      I see a man that’s directing a few individuals somewhere, and I felt as I had to join this group, seeing how it looks like a job orientation process. There’s a man wearing a hairnet, Hispanic, looks like he’s in his late 40s, curvy mustache, and parts of his visage that looks drooped down diagonally from top left to bottom right.

      I ask him if the job offer is still available, and I conflated the questioning with wondering if that even though I already had a job at their competition’s location, maybe I could still get a job at this area as well to at least fill in part time gaps. The guy shakes his head horizontally to affirm “no,” and I tell “Alright, thank you,” and left.

      I was wearing a watch on my right wrist, and I quickly checked the time, and it was 7:53 AM apparently. I had the presumption that I had to get to work for 8 AM, including implications that I would have a 14 minute grace period after 8 AM to still arrive on time. It seems I had my red shirt ready, and all I needed to do was go to a random restroom, or somewhere private to quickly change over.

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    8. I'm late!

      by , 03-11-2014 at 07:40 PM
      I wake up after what seemed to be ages sleeping and look at my watch. ''Oh shit this can't be true'' - I think while realizing that it was 19:00. I get up and start doing things. ''Nothing to do now''. I look at the watch again but now it's 16:00. ''Hum, sure I looked it wrong before''. I wake up.
    9. Politician, messed up F1 cars, and street bums

      by , 03-23-2013 at 11:34 PM
      Total sleep time: 9+ hrs

      Dream recall technique: dr1 – woke up, noted key words only, went to bed and played the dream 3 times in mind; dr2-dr4 left it entirely to chance if I would recall anything after final wake

      Other irrelevant info: was supposed to wake up on time but turned off the alarm, and as I lay in bed I fell asleep, woke up two hours later and had a shorter Saturday. Well, you can’t have it all…

      Dream1: I am looking at a building and can see a female politician . I am in some kind of garden where there is sand instead of grass, and cactus-type looking plants. The politician is going somewhere and I hide behind part of the garden construction, observing her. She has a beautiful watch, silver with tiny diamonds. I am thinking about the watch so I zoom in, in my mind. It then becomes a strange looking ring. There is a large gray stone in the middle, and the metal part looks like a twisted wire, like an old handicraft object. I am thinking about how people have treasured rings and precious stones even in ancient times.

      I walk to another section of the garden, where I see small insects, like bees or flies, but hey, they are walking bypedally and have colourful armour. Next to them are small toys similar to kinder surprise toys. They are also alive and move. There a 3-4 different types and 4 of each type one next to the other.

      Around the garden there is a race track, where Formula 1 cars usually drive. I start throwing small pieces of paper on the track. I later realize that these pieces may interfere with the driving, but it is too late. The cars cannot drive any more, they malfunction and get broken. I begin to worry that the cost of the damages would be really high, these are F1 cars. People would know it is me who did it, because the pieces of paper all have my name written on them. I start to collect them from the track in a plastic bag that I bring with me, and which I leave nearby. My collecting the papers is in vain, because somebody already saw one or two of these and they know. I am looking at a monitor which has information about one of the drivers. All I recall from what I read is that the driver is racing for Renault. I then remember that I left the plastic bag with the papers near the track so I want to go back and take it. I use an elevator to do so. The elevator comes and I press the 4th floor but don’t get in. The doors close, and I think “Damn, now I have to wait again”, but suddenly I find myself in the elevator and am going up.

      This turns into some kind of detective series, where I am the party who is at fault, I am also a man. There is a woman with me who is investigating what has happened, and a relative of whoever has suffered from my action. I have no idea what that means, but I have the desire to tell that relative that it is me who is responsible for this and so I tell her. She gets really mad and annoyed with me, and I have to flee to another room to escape her reaction.

      At some point in the corridors of that place my grandpa appears. [I haven’t seen him for 15 yrs irl, divorced grandma a long time ago]. I am surprised that I see him, the image becomes quite vivid and on focus. [Maybe it’s a dream?] I just ask him how he is, and how his family is doing.

      Dream2: I am going somewhere very far to throw away the garbage. I find myself in a basement like room where there are hats on the couch. I am trying to concentrate on throwing away things and I see in a box containing trash, how many things I have actually cleared out. I look at another box and recognize some books as mine that I don’t want to get rid of. Maybe I will just use the place as a storehouse then, I think to myself.

      Initially, I leave the room and want to be on my way, but there is a bum in front of me, and his scary looking dog(DS), like a big hound. He is also out of his mind, he is talking to himself or people that are not there. I try to avoid him. Then I decide that I want to go back to the place, but he is in front of the entrance. The place is now at the corner of a building and there are two entrances. That does not make it easy for me to enter. This is a favourite place for bums who are everywhere and so are their dogs. The dogs try to enter the place and the bums are inside. I finally manage to get in. I notice lots of rucksacks on the floor. My own rucksack feels suddenly very heavy and I open it. Inside of it is another red rucksack. [Crazy, bit just a bit].
      As I am leaving the place a bum woman DC starts talking to me and I pretend I am one of them.

      I am going home, walking down the street. I pass some place where they sell food so I decide to buy some. The place is like Indian food, but is not Indian at all. Some kind of really exotic stuff I really can’t describe, like green looking pasta, and some stuff that is half-cooked. The DC that works there comes at me, he has dark skin but is not Indian I have no idea where he is from. I ask him what kind of meat that is and stare at one of the products he is selling. He says it’s buffalo.

      Dream3: I am in a phone booth and I am looking at an advertisement of Heinz tomato soup. In the ad this guy tells the story of how this soup has changed his life or something of the kind. I look at the name of the guy, it is my friend’s name. [who really loves that soup by the way]. I find the ad very funny. I am in a room and am talking to the friend “So, you took part in the ad, huh?”. He confirms, and then complains that the room smells unpleasantly, and that he can’t sleep there. I am trying to find ways to bring some fresh air in.

      Dream4 [Fragment]: I am on the level of the first floor and look down to see two DS casually lying on the ground. The guy has shoulder –length blonde hair and perhaps a leather jacket, and there is a girl lying next to him. They look like they enjoy living like hippies, all relaxed and stuff. Suddenly, my boot slips away from my foot and starts falling. I yell at them to watch out, but it hits the guy. I begin to apologize but he doesn’t seem to mind the boot falling on him at all. Then, wearing socks, I try to step on some kind of metal ladder to come down and get my boot back.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Get The Baby and fragments

      by , 03-08-2013 at 11:44 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      The later part of the morning I was still under the influence of my mugwort/peppermint tea combo.

      I have a FA in some bedroom. It is dark. I hear my son crying. My wife asks me to get him. I get out of bed in a daze.

      I am driving in a car across town. My wrist watch beeps it hourly chime. I think I missed my prospective memory alarm. Before I can think to do a nose plug I become confused. I ask myself when I started wearing a wrist watch. I try to think back but can't remember. While I contemplate this I can vividly feel the weight and pressure of it on my arm as I make a turn. I am close to being lucid when I suddenly realize that I was supposed to get my son! I panic and turn the car around and go back.

      I am now in some work place. I don't work here and I find it hard to get anyone to let me in the back. I take a wheeled trash can and pretend to be a janitor. I push it into the back hallway. The real janitor stops me and says not to go back there. I tell her I need to take the trash out. She tells me that is her job. I say ok fine but I am still going back here. She doesn't try to stop me.

      I wonder around a cubicle area then what looks like a dentist office. I can hear my son and follow his sounds into a dark back room. I see him standing in a play pen. I am amazed that he is walking and urge him to walk to me. He takes a few steps and I pick him up. I take a picture of him to post to Instagram. I add some #hashtags and then try to forward it to my wife. Its not working right so I just decide to tell her. Then I get a strange text from my mom. It is an easter invitation. She asks me if we are coming over to eat Easter Sunday. I have no idea how to answer her so I ignore it. I pass my sister and her husband on the way out and assume he stayed with them for the night.

      When I get back to the room my wife is gone and I am not longer holding my son. B, my wifes cousin, is there but she has blond hair. I notice but say nothing. I sit down on my bed and she starts complaining about getting in the shower. She tells me my wife is taking forever in there. Suddenly her hair looks wet. I tell her this. She shrugs me off. I tell her I'm needing one too. I look at my wrist watch (wtf) and its past 8. I think at this rate we will all be late.

      The alarm wakes me.


      My cousin and his wife are talking. She is pregnant and crying about the baby. She is worried about it for some reason. For some reason I think they are coming to live with us soon.


      I am making out with my wife. The tactile sensation is high. I notice that she feels different so how. I am reminded of someone else from my past. I pull back to see her face. It looks like my wife for sure. I continue. Things get heated up when the alarm wakes me for the final time.
    11. Abandoned cinema and other crap

      by , 01-19-2013 at 05:40 PM (~Cookieh's Land of Cookies~)
      - An abandoned cinema, a bunch of my classmates. We went outdoors, there was a beautiful beach and it got dark fast. I took my watch and put it in my pocket, didn't want to get it wet, though I still went swimming fully clothed. Later, we returned to the cinema, we ate gummy bears and sat in the middle of everything, just chilling. For some reason, I really wanted to talk to a classmate but I didn't want everyone to hear what I had to say to him. (lol?)

      - I tried playing Brother John on guitar but it was very much out of tune and I kept pulling the wrong string. Then the bitchfriend of my bro came over there and we got in a fight about something, not quite sure what happened.

      - A supermarket, I was in a back room with someone and an annoying kid kept on trying to get in there. I had control over the music being played in the supermarket and I kept replaying some song. The kid turned into a little bunch of bananas and I put it back to the shelf of bananas, on the verge of tears as sad music played on the background.
      Then I went to take a look at the map of the whole place to find an electronics store, but there weren't any. Whoever I was with, showed me which stores we still had to go to, they were all located on the second floor.
      We sat down in a table with a woman and two guys, the woman took her pink iphone (pls.) and played a song from Avenged Sevenfold. They spoke in some unknown language, but it seemed like polish to me. The song was also in polish. I was not amused. My wallet was lying on the table and they were exploring it, I loudly asked what the fuck, got up and left. They said something else and I yelled something back at them.
      Change of scenery, just stepped in from the front door, see my brother and his gf in the living room. I was still pissed off that he had broken up with his previous girlfriend, because this one was a total bitch. Anyway, I was disappointed that the bitch was still here.

      Brother never left his current gf. Idk why'd I dream about something like that.
      inb4 i see da future
    12. House on fire

      by , 12-11-2012 at 10:34 AM (~Cookieh's Land of Cookies~)
      [color="#483d8b"]We were standing by the window, watching people go by.
      Suddenly everyone started rushing down the spiral stairs, one of my best friends was also with me. The building was apparently on fire.
      When we reached the bottom of the stairs, I realized that it's cold outside and I ran back up to get my coat :|.
      By then everyone else was gone, I saw them through the window in the building right next to this one. They were all sitting by a table, it was some kind of a feast or something. I thought that it would be rude to go there late and I decided to stay in the burning house. Wut. I heard a girl scream somewhere but I didn't think much of it.
      I knew that the power would be gone soon, I took my watch, it was a bit over 7 pm. The digital clock said it was 1 am, I never questioned that.
      I accepted my inevitable fate and sat on the sofa with a blanket, waiting for it.[/color]

      This was a scary dream .__.

      I guess I'm quite afraid of fires, this certainly isn't the first nightmare about fire.

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    13. Christmas 2003? False awakening.

      by , 07-17-2012 at 03:34 AM (Sean's Dream Journal)
      I couldn't sleep on christmas Eve in 2003 and looked at my pepsi watch and saw it was 1:05. Angry and bored I threw my head down on the pillow and in what felt like 2 seconds, I looked back at the watch and saw that it was now 8:03. Im pretty sure I didn't knock myself out when I hit the pillow, but who knows.
      lucid , false awakening
    14. Puke and Scratched Watches

      by , 02-11-2012 at 09:17 AM
      fri February 10th 2012

      It's been way too long... I figured after my exams I would be able to focus on lucid dreaming again. Nope. Dream recall was completely gone for about a week, now it's tarting to come back. So I guess I'm at square one again.

      I'd like to share a weird dream state I was in prior to my last exam. I was extremely nervous (it was oral), got sick to the stomach and couldn't fall asleep. On top of that Scumbag Brain started playing tricks on me. I assume it was a form of lucidity, but not the kind I would expect. I kept picturing parts of the material as gibberish latin terms and solving schemes that weren't real (not sure if that makes any sence to you, it didn't to me at the time either). So I freaked out thinking I didn't study these parts, which made me even more nervous preventing me from falling asleep.

      Back to last night. Couple mantra's.
      We're in a sleeping hall, I'm lying in my bed. In this room there are a couple of other filled bunks. Across the room, there she is: the reason I got into lucid dreaming.
      I'm wearing all sorts of jewelery on me, one of it is a watch. It's hers and I scratched it, she's mad at me. But for some reason I'm standing by her side and she's now pointing her anger to someone else.

      I go to the bathroom and there are kids (11-13 maybe) puking everywhere. There seems to be a club downstairs where they got drunk. My old schoolpal is at that club, similar to a dream I've already had (yey for pattern developments!).

      Back in the sleeping hall a video is projected onto the ceiling. It's about wild animals fighting. At some point they show crocodiles and I feel like they're all over me. Not quite biting, but crawling over me with the anticipation of bites.
      Then there's a part where Gangplank is fighting with Tryndamere and GP wins. I need to cut down on my League of Legends play time, it's leaking into my dreamworld...
    15. Damp Towel with a Wristwatch

      by , 04-19-2011 at 10:40 PM

      From the night before last
      *This is a veeeery rough draft that I may or may not get around to cleaning up*

      A Boy to Include?

      a blond boy joined us
      cheap necklace/pendant
      I had one in the same symbol too
      (on reflection, i don't recognize it)
      ashamed? that mine was a weak metal
      it looked somewhat interesting though
      I didn’t mean to make a wet towel hanging high on a hook on the wall fall. caught it and the wrist watch that had been laid atop it, tried to put them back as they were.
      I wondered at the dampness near the watch

      I was 13-17
      the boy was maybe 11
      we debated over if he was too young
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