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    1. #123 - hydro park / zombie apocalypse / smithy / castle / beach restaurant

      by , 10-06-2015 at 07:48 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - Hydro park
      I remember being in a car park earlier on but now I'm at a hydro park with water slides and stuff. I feel a little too old for it and there are other kids running around. I seem to be with someone, maybe a girl? Can't recall. I'm getting hunted down by some tough people, but they're unaware that I've 'awakened' (wtf does that even mean?).

      Dream 2 - Zombie apocalypse
      I'm at my parents house and there's been a zombie apocalypse. I seem to be behind the couch in the living room which honestly just resembles a WW2 trench. I'm fishing for some gear to protect myself with. I search around and find a nice helmet, but I end up confronted by a zombie which appears on wooden plank platform bridged between the top of the couch and window sill. I hack at it with *something*, not sure what, but it decapitates it. The head rolls down into the ditch where I am and soaks the helmet I had found in brown blood. With disgust I refuse to even touch it again, getting a bit antsy about the risk of infection even though I feel I could just wash it. The brown mud also seems to just coat other stuff, it's really disgusting.

      Dream 3 - Smithy
      I recall a girl smith who makes me a weapon, but she keeps pulling all-nighters in the smithy to forge it... I feel flattered but concerned.
      Note: this dream probably came as a result of a story I was reading the other day.

      Dream 4 - Castle
      There is a castle/school for certain children. Me and a girl I'm friend with have to go into it as students because of some incident we were involved in, although I get the feeling they were using me to persuade her to join. We are both pretty young for some reason, felt like it was a prologue story. Also it seems like we were in 'season 2' of something, like a TV series. For some reason the girls here get 'infected' and become pregnant, and the school tries to harvest them and ostracize the student. It's hard to explain, but if you're found out to be pregnant then the other students see you as someone they have to offer up, no one believes you if you tell them anything. My friend gets pregnant and everything thinks I'm the father, but we haven't done anything. I start analyzing the situation, "why are boys at this school?", "why would they say she's pregnant?". We get accused and ostracized, we try to run away... Dashing into the castle I see an elevator on the other side of the room, the other students are trying to chase us now. I pull my friend along with me and inside the elevator and start mashing the 'close door' button. It doesn't seem to be going fast enough and I'm panicking. In front of me I see a blonde blue eyed girl (who I recognize as an old friend called Beth in real life) walking towards us. The dream gets a little unstable and chaotic, one second they're able to stop us closing the doors and then they're not... Confusing. Then I wake up.

      Dream 5 - Beach restaurant
      Me and some friends are at a restaurant by an intertidal mudflat beach. We seem to be celebrating something.. I peer outside and spot a whole bunch of my old friends from high school. They're just walking along the beach casually on a hangout. I shout out "Hello!" and get their attention and they come over. I shake hands with an old friend called Rory but at the time I seriously couldn't remember his name (I only remembered once I had woken up). I kind of beat around the bush saying "Hey, 'you'!", it seemed alright though as we both kind of just laughed about my ignorance. Smooth. Our groups kind of merge and everyone just randomly converses with each other even though most of them have probably never met before. I spot my best friend Daniel, he came out of the group I had been in the restaurant with.

      Wrote this up pretty late today so I might be missing a few details
    2. #204. House at the End of the Lane

      by , 08-24-2015 at 04:09 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      It's Halloween, and I want to check out a house that I haven't been toa local social media personality is having a party there.

      The dream turns into an Alex Veras-style adventure, except that I'm an exorcist, so maybe more Felix Castor. I'm casting an exorcism. I try a traditional Christian exorcism but almost break down laughing, and switch to one using "spirit" as the anchor.

      Now we're on a road trip.


      I'm at W Park (the one with the swans) with my family. Someone asks to have the water gun pointed at them while they're on the diving board because they forgot to shower before going in the pool. The pool and diving boards are within the park instead of across the way.


      Fragment: phone call
    3. More Dreams

      by , 11-03-2014 at 07:08 PM
      Dream 1: I was Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games for Halloween, so I had this dream on Halloween night. So anyway, I dreamt that my marching band was getting ready for a parade and this one clarinet player named Makenzie asked me what I went as for Halloween. I pulled out my phone to show her a picture of me in my Effie Trinket costume, and showed her my picture. Makenzie didn't believe me and told me that I was crazy, even though she saw it with her own eyes, and threw my phone on the concrete and it shattered into a million pieces. Then, in the middle of the parade, I was playing my piccolo and somehow it blew up and then the entire band blew up and I was in some of my family's friends' (who we haven't seen in like six years) basement. The older brother named Alexander (who's like 21) was playing a teeny tiny xylophone. I asked him why and he stuck out his tongue at me. Then, I was skiing into a huge pit of cotton candy and then I woke up.

      Dream 2: I once had a dream that I was at a huge water park with my family. My brother and I were going on these awesome water slides in which the floor dropped out of them and we shot down the tube and it was awesome. Well, when we got up there, each of the three slides had something wrong with it. The first one had no water, the second one was clogged with people, and the third one was working fine except for a huge gap in the middle of the slide. You had to slide down well enough to throw your body weight over the gap to the other part of the slide. We were about 200 feet up, and it was SUPER scary, but my brother went down first. He made it over the gap, but then, WHAM!!! He flew over the slide and onto the roof, which was just a net. Since the lifeguard wouldn't rescue him, I had to. I had to climb up over 200 feet in the air and rescue my brother from a net. It's terrifyingly high up, so I don't look down, even though I'm not afraid of heights. But I'm wet, so that gives me a better chance at slipping and falling. I grab his hand and slowly inch down the net, until it snaps and we plunge down, screaming at the top of our lungs. We land safely in the pool. Yay! We get out and my little sister makes me play Barbie dolls with her. "We're at a water park!" I shout, "let's do something fun!" Then, I realize we're hungry, so I see a rusty old pickup truck and a trail of cranberry muffins leading down a highway. My little sister drives us, and we almost run off the road, so we decide to get out and eat the trail of cranberry muffins and see where it leads us. By the time we reach the McDonald's, we are too full from all those muffins, so we decide to go back to the water park. Back at the water park, I see my eighth grade social studies teacher in the little kids' play area, going down a slide that a lifeguard said I was too big to go down the last time I visited the water park.
    4. From school to the water park to the crypt

      by , 09-15-2014 at 09:11 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      From school to the water park to the crypt (Non-lucid)


      Apparently I was going to elementary school so I was much younger than what I am really. There was a blonde lady from highe school (senior) who wanted to go out with me. My friends were pretty amazed with me, even though I was not interested as I am married (nice dream sign missed, lol)

      The school was huge and it appeared to be hundreds of classrooms, as I was going to one class, I passed out and re-awoke at the entrance of a water park.

      There were a ton of attractions but I decided to go to one that was a huge slide, very wide (like 4-5 feet wide) those that you go down on a giant donut. As I got to the top, I also saw people flying, but this was part of this slide, somehow there was wind that would allow you to hover and some people also had umbrellas to fly:

      As I wanted to ride it, some lifeguard told me I needed to have a lighter weight to ride it. He said I needed to weight 22 pounds (LOL) So I had to just leave the place.

      From here, I somehow faded again and I was in a cemetery. There were a ton of people around a crypt celebrating some sort of memorial, but the crypt was open:

      Everybody was very focused at me and suddenly, i felt Spirit trying to communicate, so I started to give mediumship readings as well as explaining that life continued after death and what was a mediumship reading.
    5. 9/4, 9/6, 9/7 & 9/9 Carried Away - DEILD + Recent DILDs #200

      by , 09-09-2014 at 10:09 PM
      *Lucid nap or 3rd wbtb (one wbtb during night, one got up for about 30 minutes and ate one portion of oatmeal 8-8:30am, third one simply got up to use the restroom and straight back to bed quite sleepy! ~10am? led to DEILD or in dream DEILD)

      ~1115 350 wbtb very tired! Browse pictures on phone until semi awake but still exhausted but got to some interesting dreamlets before dozing off.

      Held #hostage and I say that I need to get my asthma inhaler in my backpack but I plan to pull out my gun. #clever Woken by wife.

      During the 3rd mini wbtb I repeated out loud "I'm dreaming" repeatedly maybe total of 40 reps with breath/breaks. I either had and in dream DEILD or I had a mini awakening and DEILD in which I thought I heard someone at the door downstairs and I decided to take it as HH's (and as I'm saying this into my dream journal there was a quite loud creek/pop at my bathtub and the goosebumps are apparent! I realize it is just normal settling of the house but it sure was louder than normal.) Anyway when I heard the sound in the dream that sounded like someone at the front door I took it as HH's and I just focused on going back to sleep. When I do, I get very strong vibrations and I knew I was entering a dream if not already in one. The first sensation was of someone coming behind me and rocking me around in the bed. Then I start lifting up off of the bed and I am happy for this, it feels fun and is further confirmation that I'm already dreaming. Then the third sensation is of me sliding backwards like on a roller coaster laying sideways like I think I am laying in bed actually at the time and just going and going and going backwards at a good pace. There's even the sound of a roller coaster and its wheels rolling along the tracks at high speed. This goes for what feels like a good minute and I think to myself well enough of that and I seem to be kind of floating in a bit of a foggy void. This is late late in the morning and I'm guessing that my dreaming mind doesn't have much left to offer up. I do start getting a vague image of a sexy woman and we start having sex floating in this void. At one point I turn her over and
      Spoiler for X rated:
      It feels great but the image quality is still very poor. I turn her back over and decide I will experiment with an
      Spoiler for X rated:
      This feels even better
      then I get the sound of my bedroom door opening and then the feeling of someone grabbing both my feet and tugging on them once as if to say hey what are you doing still asleep. I get a strong urge to confirm whether or not this is actually happening and as I am apparently dreaming of myself rolling around in my bed and feeling like I'm completely naked I notice that I can't open my eyes. This makes me suspicious that I'm still dreaming and I sit up in bed (still in the dream) and I blindly growl like a crazy person having a bit of fun. I get the strong urge again to make sure that I'm still dreaming and I then force my eyes open to a view of my sleep mask actually now fully awake but eyes still wanting to close some more. If it were not for this strong urge to make sure someone was not inside my room I think I could've gone on dreaming some more but perhaps with weaker recall of all that happened before, who knows. I'm at the moment of transcribing this trying to decide if I should try again but it seems too late and probably a waste of waking life since the odds are very low. I have also become quite awake now transcribing all of this. I also feel that over-sleeping will cut into my dreaming tonight. Although the visuals left much to be desired, I am very happy that my presence in a lucid dream was back very strong as compared to my last several lucid dreams. I had a much stronger sense of self. Also, the sensations were very strong. With my day practices becoming rote again yesterday, I looked up and did exercise 4B from the open beta exercises and it drew some inspiration for me. The mechanics of this particular wake back to bed and DEILD are still unclear to me. 200

      Quick notes on previous 3 LDs:

      9/7/14 (September 7th)
      "Consternation" 12 530

      Time doesn't make sense=lucid. #timeInconsistent . Time was showing much earlier in day when it was just night. Bounce/float in house=fun. Peek out front. Go out back to 2 different neighbors. Maybe 3 minutes. Wake otherwise might have forgotten. Low recall. 199


      Mom visiting soon IWL. In dream she brought my eldest cousin on her side and we had a long hug. I wanted my #Mom to give me #hug too but my cousin really seemed to miss me. Too much? Then she is accidentally brushing her hand against my junk? #dcBoldness Wait she keeps doing it. I ask her if this is a dream and then realize a DC could give me any answer true or not so need to RC but still hugging. Try float then glottal RC. The lucid was almost lost with glottal RC which confirmed I am dreaming. Though almost lost, it still felt very dreamy and I caught that it wasn't over and extended dream patiently waiting in void-like fuzziness/grayness imagining a beautiful blonde unfortunately got one that seemed to be based off another cousin but wasn't an exact match for her. Undressed her and had intercourse. FA recording dream. 198

      Friend has an assistant named Wuellda? So and so said she would be here..wait no she told me that...what in a dream?..exactly! #dream thought of.

      11? 230 I'm finally turned 21. A countdown clock or app confirms #tracking. I can finally get into that cool #club and will go tonight. No one can hold me back anymore. Gambling on a cards table game to get #money for something. This feels like it would be my son's dream as I recall no excitement when I turned 21. #casino

      experimenting on the edge of sleep zoom floating closer and closer to ceiling tiles (none above bed IWL) try to go back to #waterPark or anywhere. Earlier there was a fight in lazy river where floating with son. Before people #fall from water slides not following rules. Before I am #driving and getting directions from passenger to a 15 floor building, repeatedly asking is that it...no, I see it is just a water slide tower. FA caught: talk to wife from edge only air escaping sound #gasping and some hand movements. I think if I am more on the waking edge of sleep, she may get scared and may be thinking of scene from Intruders. 197
    6. 8/24/14 Busy, Windy Underground Highway - Taking Action DILD

      by , 08-25-2014 at 03:32 AM
      *The earliest part of the dream I remember, I think that I am either #lookingFor whoever I'm with or I have #lostMyWay. I come across a group of people including 1 guy with long curly hair and he seems to be coming after me #chasing for some reason and my first response is to just take off #flying. Ah, I'm definitely dreaming! I think what if he flies after me and sure enough the dream complies. I turn around and he is flying up behind me and I throw a right cross in a downward motion and slam him to the ground never to be heard from again. I fly a bit and then I turn to the left and find myself in some kind of busy underground #highway. This is very cool, there are so many things going on in here! There are big rig trucks and double-decker buses and so many DC's that I am just fascinated. Some of the DC's look at me amazed that there is someone flying above them and others don't seem to notice or care or look at me nonchalantly. I fly over one of the
      double decker buses and there are people on the top open air part of the bus and I'm looking at all the people and half way looking for some sexy women but this is quite a bit of fun just flying over so I continue. A lot of the people look like tourists. Oh and it is very #windy I remember as I'm flying amazed at all the wind that my dreaming mind is creating! I am mostly flying Superman style but also hovering, floating and some swim like moves to make slight changes to the left and right when hovering over the double decker bus checking it out. I also seem to be blown around by the wind a bit. By the way, I later surmise that all of this wind was likely brought about due to being at quite a windy place yesterday IWL. Anyway as I am being pushed around by the wind a little bit I think that I should check behind me every once in a while to make sure that I'm not about to get hit by a by one of the big rig trucks. On the last of these occasions I look behind
      me and the whole underground highway is quickly emptying out! Some of the vehicles exiting straight ahead some of them exiting to different exits on the right and left of this huge underground room. I decide to follow one of the vehicles that went through an exit on the right but I am the last one out and the door is closed but I smash through. The next room is like a huge long sound stage and I continue to fly towards the end of it and as I approach, the walls part a little bit as I go into another similar but differently colored sound stage. I continued through several more of these and they seemed a bit ominous but I don't seem to be scared at all knowing that this is just my dream and I can handle whatever comes up. Then I start getting directions from the dream in the form of arrows suggesting that I should go over to the right instead of the main opening straight ahead to the middle. There's a couple of openings that angle off to the right with
      flapping doors and the dream suggests that I take a hard right and take one of these exits but I instead take the one between that one and the one that's straight ahead basically up and to the right a little bit. As I enter into the next room it looks much larger than the already huge rooms I was in before and I think even though there doesn't seem to be a lot going on in this room perhaps I should land and examine things more closely. As I'm thinking this I
      fade back to bed. I lay still for a while recalling details of the dream and the other dreams before it not feeling like rolling over and writing it down at this point.

      Other dreams included being at a #waterPark that seems familiar, perhaps even familiar from another dream. I don't remember becoming lucid though. Another dream to do with the Los Angeles Dodgers moving and becoming the Dodge City #Dodgers #baseball. I also had a meaningful one involving my #highSchoolBestFriend meeting up with him for #dinner and as I look around the table I only see his kids. In the dream he has three sons but not so in waking life. Upon recollection, his wife seems to be substituted for my cousins wife, the boisterous blonde though there are some similarities between them. As I am wondering aloud where he is, he makes a grand entrance grabbing three huge oversized shots of liquor and bringing them to the table I give him a huge hug and he, my wife and a third person take the shots. I decide not to because I am driving but later noticed that I am finishing this bottle of some kind of #alcohol and I wonder how I could be so mindless. I
      think that this dream was created by subconsciously uncovering some high school memories while (in waking life) looking at my wife's cousin's son's sports trophies yesterday. #dayResidue It involved the same sport that me and my best friend enjoyed together and of tournaments we participated in together just like the ones that some of these trophies are for. I don't remember specifically thinking of those memories yesterday but I strongly feel that they were somehow uncovered subconsciously and brought up during the dream. It has been quite a while since I have dreamed about my old best friend who I haven't seen in person for decades. I also had a fairly strong #emotional dream involving sitting across from #GirlFriday at #dinner and the eye contact we made while she was talking about moving a good ways off to a different city. It involved me with a sad feeling and sad look on my face and her looking at me for my reaction as if she wanted to know how I
      truly felt about her.
    7. Dream recall increasing quite rapidly

      by , 08-24-2014 at 06:59 PM
      I had 2 dreams last night, I only remembered the first one as I was writing down the second one. I felt like I would forget my dreams because my cat kept meowing at me over and over and I could not concentrate on remembering my dreams so I chased down my cat until he stopped meowing, most annoying cat in the world.


      Anyways, in the first dream I awaken to find myself in one of the huge empty Chinese cities where they copy cities like Paris, or Rome, yet they are competely empty. I am in some sort of outside passageway with apartment buildings about 5 stories high on both sides, the one on my left seems to be red, almost like one of the buildings you see in Hey Arnold. I look up at the sky and it looks like I can see another ground through the clouds. [COLOR="#0000FF"] I become lucid for a tiny bit and I try to run or fly and I get too excited and I get kicked out of the dream for a little bit.[/COLOR] I fall back into the dream, losing my lucidity, and walk into the building. The inside has brown walls, floors, and ceilings and everything is quite dark. There is a person in there and this area is kind of hazy but I end up looking around in the back room. I close the door and look around and I find about 3 beds. I am thinking I should get out of here before someone sees me snooping around their room and as soon as I open the door there is a very angry man looking at me and he runs at me and the dream ends right around there.

      In my second dream I am in some gigantic never ending pool. In one area it looks like a water park and there is a giant robot that me and a group of people are trying to defeat. I think my old friend Andrew is with me and the robot seems to be attacking us, like we are in some video game and it is the boss. We try attacking it and it takes one person of our group, at some points we try shooting rockets at it and its damage goes down. At another point it seems like it is a giant inflatable thing and we shoot a bullet at it and the air seems to be coming out, the next part is hazy but we end up floating out into a never ending ocean.

      In this part of the dream I am on a floating chair or tube of some sort and I am holding onto some floating device holding up two women on each side of me. I lean back and close my eyes and I feel myself getting an erection so I try to keep my hand over my bathing suit so they don't see it. After a while I open my eyes and my boner is clearly visible and I put it back in my bathing suit. I look over and the girl next to me noticed and she pretends to "accidentally" expose some of her parts to me, I look at the other girl doing the same, as if they are competing over me. I am so turned on by both of them I don't know which one to look at. One has brown hair and one has red hair, I start to become too excited and I say to myself "I hope this dream is not about to end" and I jynx myself, at that point I start to wake up.
    8. Porcelain Torture

      by , 04-12-2014 at 07:16 AM (Inside the Mind of Mattlantis)

      I haven't been keeping up with my dream journal this week cuz I've been kinda busy with homework, and honestly, being a bit lazy. I did keep notes, but I did notice a slight drop in my recall because I wasn't making entries properly. However, I got to top off the week with another lucid, so I'd say it was WERTH. Here's my dream from Tuesday.

      I was in a strange water park which consisted of random slides and porcelain surfaces and tubs that were incredibly bouncy (the surfaces resembled the material the slides are made of in the picture). I was enjoying myself and possibly talking to someone as I slid around and bounced high into the air. At some point I obtained a large back of chips (the kind with multiple types individually wrapped inside the large bag), and I stumbled upon a hole with water flowing into it made of a similar material, so I slid down it with my chips. I ended up trapped in a chamber with bloodstains on the floor and walls with several other trapped people, who were apparently starving. Two grabbed me and pulled me to the wall, while the rest converged on the bag of chips and tore into them.

      The dream skips a bit and I remember being on a sloped rocky hill, chasing "some villain" who resembled Loki. I could see his health bar in the corner of my "HUD," and he was poisoned and almost dead as I snuck up behind him, whittling his health down with the poison and my strikes. He eventually collapsed, and next I was looking down upon Summoner's Rift from League of Legends, as if I was playing, but I was also one of the characters. I was face-checking the brush at top lane when I was ambushed by Darius and Mundo. I don't remember the details, but I ended up killing both of them with a little health remaining.

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    9. 00:00 Tuesday November 5, 2013 DILD #5!

      by , 11-08-2013 at 07:00 PM
      00:00 Tuesday November 5, 2013 DILD #5!
      02:25 bedtime
      1) lying on ground eyes at ground level MFLd's path (to left to back yard) promising to get the sprinkers installed so all the plants will grow properly. I'm touching and looking at the plants and imagining the sprinkler heads going nearby. Lying with wife on the brick path, we're settling down for the night for sleep just down from the circle. We have to make room for the nuns to come down the path at night (imagine one walking down). S1 (current age) comes and asks me about a towel and what are my plans when I go to the gym. In the gym I give advice: calfs twice a week, it's the smallest muscle in the body. Then all the other muscles 3 times a week. A trainer is there agreeing with me. Return to the MFLds's porch. Talking to man who own's the Gs house now whom I later suspect of pulling down the chimney.
      On the circle by parent's house(DS), nighttime. Standing with LDiS (old gf), I start flying (levitating while vertical) with her, holding her so she flies with me she's facing me. I very slowly fly upwards, I see the pespective changing on the lights and stars, it's fascinating. I'm saying "I always like to fly like this it's my favorite way". We go up pretty high. It's awesome. I show how the perspective changes while we can altitude. I'm flying by will, can see the lights from city and the stars. We're going far above the power lines. I ask her if she's ever flown that high before. She says maybe once or twice. I say I'll tell you a secret: I didn't used to fly this high myself. We're flying away from where we started, dark trees below, we kiss a few times. Coming down. It's daytime back at parent's house. I see the entire chimney ripped off of the house leaving a gaping hole. I'm saying "holy crap what happened here?" Like the next door neighbor who lived at the G's house had pulled a wire that was attached to the chimney and pulled it down. Wife there very upset, trying to re-install the phone wire and other wires. In front yard, lots of people around (workmen/inspectors), sitting at table with workmen with a workplan on a brown piece of paper. I'm trying to read it. The worksheet shows the progress of the repairs. Front and back side. On the back side it 's about repairing the phone lines. It's blank, I ask what's the status. I see scribbled on the paper then "must fix first". We first must fix the bathtub to upgrade it to hold 45 gallons. Wife was trying to tie the cable and the phone lines back on the house so at least the alarm would work.
      Talking with some people on the G's side of the fence, they're from a TV show doing an interview. I don't want anyone to hear. We walk all the way to the bathroom window, some are following us from the group, I'm trying to tell this guy the story, I don't want to tell him that I was flying, I said I went for a walk with a lady, and ex-girlfriend whom I hadn't seen in 20 years, who is also the former girlfriend of the next-door neighbor. I'm trying to get close enough to this guy to tell him the story quietly, he keeps backing up when I step forwards to him maintaining our distance. I say "come closer", then put my hand up to my mouth so that only he can hear, that this ex GF shows up and went walking and came back then this happened. I think what they've done is disabled the alarm system and that they were casing the joint and planning to rob the house in the night. The guy agrees. Sitting at the table, a woman comments about an analogy about sex, what's the point of a little thing rubbing in another place, agreeing that the exGF showing up is suspicious.

      F1) something to do with the workplace

      Memories of dreams of flying over the G's house, but that's usually in the daytime and at low altitude. Decades old dreams.

      06:42 (WBTB long recording) MILD over previous dream's night flight.
      08:51 DILD #5

      2) driving towards the mountains on teh freeways. The freeways were covered and long. I was trying to get to my favorite lake UL. I was on a open topped train, like of nothing but flatcars with nothing on top of them. my feet were barely clearing the objects immediately to the right of the tracks by inches. Very slow moving train. I had a backpack on and shorts and a t shirt and I was going to UL. I thought "what will I do when I get there? I have no camping gear or more clothes, the clothes will get smelly." I guess I have a car and so I can leave and return. I'm standing on the edge of the car barely missing things on the right. I start running along the flatcars to the right, going up and down different levels, my body is light and I'm running very quickly and easily.

      3) arrived in a town with a water park. Bright daytime. Touristy looking location, tons of people. I say "oh I've arrived in XXXX" (some name of city). I didn't expect to be there so sono. I planned to enter the water park and check out the hot chicks in bikinis. Crowds of people were pushing all around me to make their way to the entrance. Some woman was annoyed and said "why are you all pushing!?". MEO. Walking up a short stairway. Go around building to the right then left. Enter the water park, my friend MR is with me. I'm annoyed by his presence that means I can't go girl watching. We enter a restaurant and look for a good table, the tables line the edges of the room only. Look all arond the room. There's a table/booth back to the right by the door. Not the best table but we go there. M sits down, my seat (on the left) is covered with chocolate syrup and a pile of melted ice cream, as is the seat in the next booth to the left. I say "my seat is covered with chocolate syrup!" They clean it. Look at seat, it's clean. I don't sit down.

      F2) a guy is kicking a ball, but he violated regulations by kicking it on protected red Indian ground, he should have started kicking it over the line on the allowed ground. Someone says "you got a XXX (some nonsense word) on your shoe" to the kicking guy.

      4) walking on a road, a tiny chinese girl is walking towards me and crying. Comes up and grabs my leg, I think she's lost. Almost doll sized. I pick her up and comfort her. Walk down road a bit more and find her family's house to the left. Give her back to the parents. Large family. They think that this is a nice man, not all strangers are bad. Continue walking, it's a dead end, I need to get down, trying to see how, have to walk through a garden. Looking at a park fence. I need to choose between the left playground and the right playground. They're both tiny. Bright and clean small park behind the fence. Evertying is made from shiny bright chrome, large chrome tubing. I enter park by unlatching fence, latch is strange plastic thing that pulls up off of the fence. Looking at gate mechanism for a second, it's weird. I go in and close/lock fence behind me. Walk through tiny park, basketball court big enough for 2-3 people to stand, some weird large headed chinese people are playing on this basketball court, I walk through to the road beyond.

      5) leaving a bathroom where I did #2, walking in an indoor hallway outside the bathroom, imagined the smell being in the hallway. Ahead of me where there should be an archway to an intersection of hallways is a solid yellow wall. It's not supposed to be there, it's supposed to be an archway, DC friend tries to walk though the wall but hits his head. I approach the wall and think to myself "There is no wall." And imagine my body parts moving right through the wall. Doesn't work at first, try again. I imagine I just need to keep moving my body parts as if there was no wall, like it's an illusion. I make it through but the resistance is immense, like walking through taffy. Another DC comes through the wall. I say "that wall was really sticky. Really sticky." We turn to right go down hallway to a door, I say "oh, thus must mean I'm dreaming." DC smiles knowingly and he opens the door and heads outside. I follow, I think "ok this guy knows about dreaming and he's going to tell me some things!" He knowingly nods again. I have so many questions I want to ask about so many different things. Daylight outside. Everything is bright and vivid. There were people around, but not too crowded, like an outdoor college campus walking between buildings. We walk slowly, and turn to the left. I think I should stabilize. I reach down to the ground, I look at the texture of the stone/pebbly concrete and run my fingers over it, feeling the bumps. The touch sensation is a bit muted, like 75% of WL. I touch a nearby fence/railing along the side and run my fingers over the fence and feel the shapes. I think OK it's time to look at my hands, I haven't done this in a LD yet. Did hand RC. Hands were BIZARRE. Fingers transforming and pulsing while I look, becoming stumpy and growing long. clumps of mini-hands with gnarled fingers in place of fingers that look like tree roots. I'm fascinated by my hands, and while walking keep looking at them again and again. I notice that everything around, especially DCs, are so bright. Turn to the left again, a building is to the left. "Godzilla hands", twisted a zillion of them I think of my hands. I ask the guy whom I'm following "why is that? Is it some sort of impression I have of myself?" People very bright, very clear. Female DCs around, I purposefully ignore them to concentrate on stability and a long dream. Walk a bit more, turn around and look back behind me. Still looking at hands some more. I feel embarassed about these hands. I wonder if DCs can see the hands the way I see them or if they look normal to them. A female DC is inspecting her hands. Someone asks her if they look weird to her, she at first says no then embarassed says yes.

      Fast transition to wake, "No!" I say. Lying on right side. Spent a minute trying to DEILD back in but decided to record. Length 2-3 minutes.

      09:20 temp 18C
    10. Rooftop Surfing

      by , 09-08-2013 at 02:09 PM
      I'm back from vacation and I've got some catching up to do! Hope everyone's been well and I'll be checking what I missed in everyone's dream journals soon!

      This dream is from the morning of September 2, 2013.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #140: Rooftop Surfing

      I'm attempting a WILD and get some fast hypnagogic imagery of standing near the wall outside of my childhood home. I reach out to touch the house's wall and it's real. Climbing up to the roof feels natural and easy, so I clamber up to the top and look out over the old neighborhood.

      The roof of my house seems to go on forever, somehow connecting with the roof of the neighbors' houses. Off in the distance I see what look likes breaks in this ocean of roofing shingles, and as I focus on them, my feet start to slide smoothly along like I'm surfing. I go with it, imagining that this is taking me toward the Colosseum for Europe Task of the Year.

      The rooftops have a smooth rise and fall as I skate over them, moving me up and down. There's a big, fancy house in the distance that I'm steering toward, and I insist that it's right next to my goal. The house acts sort of like a mirage, though, fading out of existence when I get anywhere near it. I'm left with just that endless sea of rooftops. Eventually another house appears in the distance, and I move toward it now.

      After a while, the rooftop starts sloping downward and my speed picks up. Now it's not a rooftop anymore but just a blue plastic slide. I try to slow down a bit. This seems to work but these doubts keep popping into my head and then I'm careening downward again.

      Now the blue plastic slide is slick and wet like a water slide, heading almost straight down. I splash into a shallow, watery pool in some kind of indoor amusement facility. There's a teenage girl here in a yellow shirt and tan slacks who looks like she works here. Before I can say anything to her, a little girl who's about 6 years old runs up and pushes a button that's just outside the pool of water.

      "That means you have to wait here," says the teenage girl.

      "Sorry, I'm not doing that," I respond, getting out of the pool. I check her expression to see whether she cares about my rule-breaking. It looks like she couldn't care less.

      I walk down a little foam ramp. This place looks like some kind of cross between a gymnastics studio and a water park. There's another girl who works here at the bottom of the ramp, dressed in the same yellow shirt and tan slacks.

      "Which way to the Colosseum?" I ask her. She immediately points to my left, where I see a pit of foam blocks and two more girls in this worker outfit. I'm walking toward the foam pit when
      the dream ends.
    11. Water Slide

      by , 07-14-2013 at 08:18 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #118: Water Slide

      I'm walking down the central aisle of an airplane when I hear a voice to my right: "Hey [CanisLucidus]! Check out this view!" I look to my right and NewArtemis is waving me over and pointing at the window. "Have you ever seen Los Angeles from the air before?"

      "[NewArtemis]!" I take the middle seat and say something about the last time I flew into LA. I talk about how it's been a long time since I was there and ask her what she's doing in LA.

      "Same thing you are," she says. "The gymnastics conference." I feel like this is totally unexpected and don't know how to respond. Why don't I remember this? Since when do I care about gymnastics? Art points out the window again. "Look, that's the Staples Center!"

      As I'm checking out LA through the window, a flight attendant makes an announcement that the plane will be landing shortly. Art stares at me pointedly, not saying anything. "Am I supposed to be doing something?" I ask, not following what's going on.

      "Are you just going to leave your son all by himself while the plane lands?" Now I'm sure that my 2-year-old son "R" is all by himself several rows back. Panicked, I run toward the back of the plane without saying goodbye. When I get back to my row, I see some guy in the window seat and R crawling around freely on the middle seat. The guy turns to me and says something odd, and I wonder whether this is all a dream. As soon as I ask myself the question,
      I know the answer.

      I look out the window again, and the plane is on the ground now. Passengers are starting to stand up at their seats and in the aisle. I stand up in the aisle myself and say, "[NewArtemis], come back this way. I'm going to Angel Falls." Almost immediately she slips past some guy standing in the aisle and appears near my row. I start narrating partly to her but mostly to the dream itself. "Okay, this plane took us right to Angel Falls." We walk through the doorway of the airplane and down a short set of stairs covered by a canopy.

      "Can you fly?" I ask her. But I correct myself: "You can fly." And she floats past, bouncing along the canopy ceiling before reaching the end and floating up temporarily out of sight. Now I hear the roar of a waterfall and I'm feeling really excited. I start flying, too, and I wind up bouncing along just like she did before I break out into the open.

      The waterfall is there, but it's really just a waterpark slide sitting on an open stretch of runway. The ride's about 30 feet tall, quite steep, and looks like fun. It's got a banner stretched over its exit with its name... something like, "_____ Raging River _____", with a couple of words I can't recall. Art and I fly over to the top of the slide, me just slightly in front. It's 4 "lanes" of slides right next to each other, and I take the 2nd from the left. I think that Art wound up further behind me in the same lane. I reach the bottom, zooming past a couple of portly kids in lanes #1 and #3.

      As soon as I hit the bottom of the slide, I hop up again, expecting Angel Falls to be in front of me. And indeed, in front of me is the top of a huge waterfall. This one's got a banner stretched over the top of it, too: "Angel Falls". But it's still some kind of ride, not the real waterfall. It's close. A very impressive, realistic (almost scary) ride, but still a ride. I shout something back to Art about how this probably doesn't count. She says something I can't remember and indicates she's still here.

      The dream still feels really stable and vivid, but I'm reluctant to waste any time, so I leap over the waterfall feet-first. Immediately I'm drenched and in freefall. After a few seconds of that, I land smoothly on some kind of big, steep plastic slide and travel along it for maybe another 20 seconds before things flatten out just a bit and the slide takes me underground. I'm still moving at a good pace but no longer at the crazy speeds of before.

      The slide flattens out and broadens, and I slide past a few other riders that I'm sharing the slide with. When I feel myself slowing down, I find that I can sort of spin on my butt and gain a little speed. One DC that I pass asks me how I'm doing this and I tell him that I'm having a lucid dream.

      After a while, the slide narrows and finally ends. There's a long line of DCs waiting to exit the "ride". I think about whether I should wait in line, then remember that I need to still find the real Angel Falls. I'm thinking about how to do this when
      the dream ends.
    12. 7-8-2013

      by , 07-08-2013 at 04:50 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Last night, i had a couple of dreams about water parks and carnival rides and what not, i didn't really see those as interesting so i decided not to log them. That probably was a mistake, in the future, i will log no matter what. Either way, some other dreams i had from the top of my head:

      -i was driving down the road and saw two people hiking, kind of odd but i decided to ignore it. Later on, i found out they were actually reptilian shape shifters and they had invaded and possessed like everyone and i had to fight them, and well...i lost xD. I managed to kill one but i had to drown it while almost drowning myself in the process. I even had super saiyan powers but still lost, those guys are strong xD.

      -Found myself back in school doing various things, and at one point, a t-rex attacked my mother but defended herself with my little brother. Weird, because i don't have a little brother. I also found out later in the dream that my little brother was an alien.
    13. Vanity at The Doppelganger Water Park

      by , 06-20-2013 at 05:37 PM
      Narcissism and botched summonings ahead. Still, every lucid's fun and this was a good reminder not to be too casual with details in dream control situations!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #111: Vanity at The Doppelganger Waterpark

      I have a false awakening. Faint morning light filters in through the window. I wonder whether it's too bright to get back to sleep. A bedside clock says that it's 5:00 AM. It seems too bright and too late to have a lucid dream. I remember the micro-lucid from earlier in the morning and feel disappointed that I didn't hit a real one. (I really did have a micro-lucid earlier, as well as an earlier false awakening.)

      I get up to use the restroom and notice that I'm not in my usual bedroom but rather on the first floor of a building -- a hotel perhaps? I feel like I'm awake, but the bathroom is just... so different. I'm dreaming.

      As I leave the bathroom, I hear Wife beginning to stir. She's muttering something but I can't make it out. The morning light makes it seem urgent to get started with my goals, so I phase out through an external wall, my head and shoulders passing through a window. I end up in a fenced, grassy yard with a circular stone table surrounded by simple stone benches.

      My strategy for this dream is to forget the meeting location for now and just try to summon NewArtemis directly. I walk toward the yard's open gate, holding my hand behind me as I go. "[NewArtemis], grab onto my hand." No good. I have the sense that I did it all wrong. Stop asking. I sort of try again but my level of intent is poor and nothing happens.

      As I exit the yard, I'm distracted from the summon by a mirror hanging on a brick wall to my left. I check my reflection and see that I'm wearing a pair of jeans without a shirt. I vainly check myself out and notice that I'm less in shape than I remember being -- torso a little smoother, face a little puffier. I start worrying that I've let myself slip in waking life and try to remember whether that's true. It suddenly occurs to me that this is probably the most pathetic, narcissistic thing I've ever wasted lucid dream time on in my entire life.

      I walk further along the grass until I come to a large, packed pool that's being rocked by gentle waves, almost like it's a half-activated water park wave pool. I notice my friend "SC" playing with a young child (too young to be one of his sons). About twelve feet to his right, I see another SC! The doppelganger smiles and gives me a nod of acknowledgment.

      As I continue along the pool, I see my high school friend "LM". And just as with the other friend, not far from her is another doppelganger. Again, the doppelganger looks my way and smiles. The smile seems genuine rather than threatening so even though I find it a little weird, I'm not too troubled by anything that I'm seeing.

      The water makes me think of Angel Falls. Okay, new plan: summon Art while on the move and dash to Angel Falls for Task of the Year. My hope is that if I'm very casual about the summon it'll just work. I reach my hand behind me and say, "[NewArtemis], Angel Falls is just up ahead." I feel a hand grasp mine and I look back to confirm that it's Art. But when I do, I see that the hand is sticking straight up out of the water. The geometry of all this strikes me as strange. How is their arm so long that they can still be submerged and grab onto me?

      As I'm thinking this, the person floats up out of the water, still gripping my hand. She's a complete stranger -- blonde, early 20s, fair-skinned, slightly heavier build. She's wearing a black one-piece swimsuit. "Who are you?" I ask, and her only reply is to half-smile and turn away. I notice that her teeth have a very mild yellow/brownish stain to them.

      "I'm going to change you into [NewArtemis]. Okay?" I'm not trying to ask permission so much as... explain what's about to happen? There's no reply. I look off to the side to make the transformation easier,
      but the dream ends before I can take this any further.
    14. Massive Water Park 04/03/2013

      by , 04-05-2013 at 04:36 AM
      I've visited this place before. It's a vast water park, it is all you can see in any direction for miles, and is so large that there are hotel rooms on every level. I'm following another girl around the park, we reach the water slide that goes down to the next level. I think of how nice the cool water will feel. She's standing on a platform next to the slide, there's a swing bar that you can use to give yourself more speed going down. She gestures for me to follow and smiles.
      "Wait...I have to go to the bathroom." I turn to the wall behind me and there's a convenient bathroom nestled in the corner. It's on a swinging door, there's grids of 1 inch tile in random patterns on the inside hall. There's a really confusing twist. I thought I'd gone into the women's bathroom but straight ahead I see a door with a wooden sign that says Men's Room. I back track and see a hall branching off to the left with a sign that just says "YOU" on it.
      "Me." I agree, and take the hall, and the door at the end. I can't decide if the room I find there is a bathroom or a hotel room. There's a bed, but on the left-hand wall the carpet meets straight with white tile. On the tile is the strangest toilet I have ever seen. I can't even figure out how I'm supposed to use it. The bowl is flush with the floor, and the handle is also on the floor ten paces in front of it.
      My friend comes into the room and decides that we're here to rest. It seems that this is a hotel room after all.
      "There's someone bringing our bags, we can head back out in the morning."
      I really need to use the bathroom, but I don't want to while she's lookin' at me. That's if I can figure out how to use the toilet. I turn around and examine the contraption again. With the lights on it looks dirty. There's a crusted mess of what I will kindly call mud on the back of the seat, and cobwebs are strung all over it. Maybe I don't want to use it after all.

      I remember another part where we were picking up our bags. A long dim hallway, an orange-pink rolling suitcase. A brown toiletry bag. Hmm. Now that I think about it the hotel parts were familiar too. I guess I have a 'hotel' set in my brain to go along with the amusement and water parks I've visited.
    15. March 18th 2013 Non-Lucid

      by , 03-18-2013 at 06:53 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was outside at this building as a lot of alumni from my school were coming back from college to participate in a race. We all start and I'm running behind two other people towards a water park place across this open space. We get there and start running up steps. I jump onto a slide but then realize it's not the right way to go for the race but the life guard already sends me down so I'm not really in the race anymore. I run back across the open space to see the winner who is some skeleton character mumbling things at me. I walk to my right to see old coat racks of used clothing from some place like goodwill. I browse through and then see my friend Erik there. We exchange some sentences about how they are great bargains.
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