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    1. Water Slide

      by , 07-14-2013 at 08:18 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #118: Water Slide

      I'm walking down the central aisle of an airplane when I hear a voice to my right: "Hey [CanisLucidus]! Check out this view!" I look to my right and NewArtemis is waving me over and pointing at the window. "Have you ever seen Los Angeles from the air before?"

      "[NewArtemis]!" I take the middle seat and say something about the last time I flew into LA. I talk about how it's been a long time since I was there and ask her what she's doing in LA.

      "Same thing you are," she says. "The gymnastics conference." I feel like this is totally unexpected and don't know how to respond. Why don't I remember this? Since when do I care about gymnastics? Art points out the window again. "Look, that's the Staples Center!"

      As I'm checking out LA through the window, a flight attendant makes an announcement that the plane will be landing shortly. Art stares at me pointedly, not saying anything. "Am I supposed to be doing something?" I ask, not following what's going on.

      "Are you just going to leave your son all by himself while the plane lands?" Now I'm sure that my 2-year-old son "R" is all by himself several rows back. Panicked, I run toward the back of the plane without saying goodbye. When I get back to my row, I see some guy in the window seat and R crawling around freely on the middle seat. The guy turns to me and says something odd, and I wonder whether this is all a dream. As soon as I ask myself the question,
      I know the answer.

      I look out the window again, and the plane is on the ground now. Passengers are starting to stand up at their seats and in the aisle. I stand up in the aisle myself and say, "[NewArtemis], come back this way. I'm going to Angel Falls." Almost immediately she slips past some guy standing in the aisle and appears near my row. I start narrating partly to her but mostly to the dream itself. "Okay, this plane took us right to Angel Falls." We walk through the doorway of the airplane and down a short set of stairs covered by a canopy.

      "Can you fly?" I ask her. But I correct myself: "You can fly." And she floats past, bouncing along the canopy ceiling before reaching the end and floating up temporarily out of sight. Now I hear the roar of a waterfall and I'm feeling really excited. I start flying, too, and I wind up bouncing along just like she did before I break out into the open.

      The waterfall is there, but it's really just a waterpark slide sitting on an open stretch of runway. The ride's about 30 feet tall, quite steep, and looks like fun. It's got a banner stretched over its exit with its name... something like, "_____ Raging River _____", with a couple of words I can't recall. Art and I fly over to the top of the slide, me just slightly in front. It's 4 "lanes" of slides right next to each other, and I take the 2nd from the left. I think that Art wound up further behind me in the same lane. I reach the bottom, zooming past a couple of portly kids in lanes #1 and #3.

      As soon as I hit the bottom of the slide, I hop up again, expecting Angel Falls to be in front of me. And indeed, in front of me is the top of a huge waterfall. This one's got a banner stretched over the top of it, too: "Angel Falls". But it's still some kind of ride, not the real waterfall. It's close. A very impressive, realistic (almost scary) ride, but still a ride. I shout something back to Art about how this probably doesn't count. She says something I can't remember and indicates she's still here.

      The dream still feels really stable and vivid, but I'm reluctant to waste any time, so I leap over the waterfall feet-first. Immediately I'm drenched and in freefall. After a few seconds of that, I land smoothly on some kind of big, steep plastic slide and travel along it for maybe another 20 seconds before things flatten out just a bit and the slide takes me underground. I'm still moving at a good pace but no longer at the crazy speeds of before.

      The slide flattens out and broadens, and I slide past a few other riders that I'm sharing the slide with. When I feel myself slowing down, I find that I can sort of spin on my butt and gain a little speed. One DC that I pass asks me how I'm doing this and I tell him that I'm having a lucid dream.

      After a while, the slide narrows and finally ends. There's a long line of DCs waiting to exit the "ride". I think about whether I should wait in line, then remember that I need to still find the real Angel Falls. I'm thinking about how to do this when
      the dream ends.
    2. 5/20/13 cookies/goths/trains and rv's

      by , 05-21-2013 at 12:37 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I am in an unfamiliar classroom, it's is part of a school/mall/fair. It's my third grade teacher. I'm sitting next to this girl I knew in elementary, she takes out Oreos, and mini bags of cookies and tries to sneak them to only me, but then all the students around us see and hold their hands out begging for cookies loudly. This get the teachers attention, and she walks over and scolds the girl, I ate the Oreo before she saw and slipped the mini bag into the girls backpack without being seen. I think I'm still in trouble though. then at the end of the class the teacher comes around and gives each student a sticker with a grade on it and a little ball with a picture on it and on the wall towards the exit is the chart that says what picture is what grade. I expect bad one's, she give the cookie girl bad grades, but then she comes to me and gives me an A+ sticker and a ball, she said it was because I cried from reading the book. Then the bell rings and we get up and I take my ball to see what it means on the chart, it is a B+. Then we go outside and it's a shopping center/carnival, I see a girl I used to know and she tells me to follow her so I follow her through play tubes, and then she goes down a water slide and I don't want to get wet so I go around but then I never see her again. Then I'm in a field with carnival stuff laid everywhere, a whole group of goths are mad because the big corporate company took their spot beneath the trees that they wanted to set up their tents to camp, Then we realize they took their stuff down for the end of the day and i tell them to set up camp there before they return. Shortly they return and this big woman runs up to me screaming in my face to have this stuff gone but I ran away from her. Then I turn into an RV, I'm driving on the train tracks following trains and i go through this thing where the train will go over fish tanks, so I go over it and I barely balance, I realize how amazingly a car can turn when you are actually the car and not just driving it. I make it over the tank and the people sitting around having coffee cheer for me, and I exit to this underpass that has a view of the ocean and a whole bunch of goths are sitting on cement ridges having a view of it, I'm me again and walk over there so I can sit and get a view but none of them want me to sit near them but I see people I used to know want me to sit with them but they pretend not to see me.
    3. March 20th 2013 Non-Lucid

      by , 03-20-2013 at 06:35 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The first part of my dream I'm in my friend moo's attic watching some movie with him but we fall asleep. I supposedly wake up two hours later and turn off his t.v.
      The big dream that I remember starts with my friend Kolby giving me and some other people a tour of a house that his family might buy. At first we're in this room this looks like Moo's attic, but it turns out it's substantially bigger. I look at Kolby and say "this looks like Moo's house" and his eyes get wide and agrees. The room opens up to become something bigger than a museum as we're on the top floor and there are maybe three floors under us as I look over the railing. The room is laid out like a mall where there's walkways around the sides but open in the middle to look down. There's a platform out in the open part and our group decides to go over there. When we get to the platform (from floating there) we see it has rows of benches and a podium like a church. It looks out to the rest of the building which is now the size of that building in hunger games where all of the teams are introduced in costumes. We decide to start preaching gospels to this open part of the building but it seems very fake and mocking. I look to see my friend Logan preaching and I ask him if he's okay with this mocking and he acts like he is offended by it and walks away. I agree to go with him and we somehow end up on a beach.
      I'm now a floating being with my back facing the ocean as I look at the row of houses on the beach. In my head I'm keeping track of where the building I was just in is in relativity to where I am. I float to the ground and start walking to the left of where I was facing. My friend Owen comes in with all of his youth group leader friends playing frisbee. It gets intense as he runs past my vision and jumps onto one of the guys on the ground with the frisbee. I should note that the ocean isn't really a flowing body of water but more like a giant wall that never actually crashes. Owen screams and the guy gets onto one knee as his eyes get very wide looking for someone to throw the frisbee to.
      Eventually I end up in some building that's supposed to be a water park. The room has this wall of water slides with different variations like one that spins and one that curves a little bit, but they all go straight down in vertical lines. There's a catwalk that people are waiting in line with as I'm in line waiting. The slides are free so people start climbing onto them and they interact by lifting the rider up and down in a circular like motion. I say something about it lifting me 5 feet up into the air and two ride operators are yelling from the catwalk that it goes up 9 feet. This all doesn't make any sense if you haven't noticed. I turn to my left to see some old man dressed in tacky clothing finishing a song on a piano as a group of students cheer for him.Then I woke up.
    4. The night of 12/9/12 (GangsterPanda's DJ)

      by , 12-09-2012 at 09:12 AM
      My first DJ post, wish the dreams were a bit more intreasting


      Miss X- So I remember sitting in a pub with BH well it was more of a coffee shop. Over to the right there was a door which looked like it was made from diamonds but wasn't and I could see a faint figure behind the door. Then BH called out "Hey X" and then the most stunning woman I have seen in a dream so far open the door. And she says something like "BH!". So X then turns and looks at me and asks who I was, BH told her who I was and we started talking about stuff in the Coffee shop. So we were now back at my house the dream had a time lag so this actually felt like a long time when it wasn't. My kitchen and dining room look amazingly realistic and so did X. It actually turned out that X was BH's X-girlfriend and in real life he never talks about her. In the house X looked like a girl I saw on my recent holiday, she was wearing a black dress with about 4/5 of her legs showing. We talked and the only two conversations I remember are "Do you do any sports I use to do basketball at school?" The funny thing was she was not as tall as you would expect her to be for that sport. I told her I played basketball too, and also hockey. The other thing I remember is BH said you to would be great together and well she laughed and said yeah we would. She came over to me but my dream transitioned.

      The red liquid water slide- now this dream actually followed the same theme as the last one because X was still there but this time my Mom was as well. And a lot of other family members. Well this shows that dreams have to meaning because all we were trying to do was get red liquid down a water slide. But me and X were bonding we were slashing at each other and all that. The dream was actually quite long but had no structure so I decided I would leave most of out.

      The tesco carpark and Robowars- probably the longest and most interesting dream I had last night, I remember driving a car into tesco to go get my shopping, and there was a chimpanzee in the car with me. So anyway I was walking down the isles and I didn't pick up anything and went out the shop. I was now again in the Car park which by the way is absolutely huge. So I went out of the Store car park and I can't actually remember what I did outside of the store, but when I came back I remembered the 2 hour packing rule. So I ran to my car and couldn't find it I remember thinking someone had drove off with it, but then it came into view and the dream transitions. I was now at my village park and all the other residents were there making giant robot dinosaur, so I thought what the heck and joined in. In what felt like ages we built 5 massive dinosaurs and we battled then on some grassy plain which is very similar to my Morgan Freeman guide of the dream world dream which if you want to read is in the lucid experiences topic board. I then woke up.

      It's unusual to remember this much because I have not been writing done my dreams due to making a tulpa, but I believe this as some how caused better dream recall and vividness.
    5. 8th February 2012

      by , 02-13-2012 at 01:28 AM
      Last Nights Dream

      I am in a big swimming pool that has water slides. I am with a Family and they are a bit nuts, well mainly the woman really. I am in the pool and I have clothes on so the woman gives me something else to wear. ((dream skip)) I am at her house now it's somewhere in the pool area I have now changed but I can't remember what into. The house is little and shitty, more of a room really.
      We are now being chased by people who don't like us and who we don't like. We are going down the water slides and these other people are following behind us, I'm shitting myself now and we are trying hard to get away. We end up back at the woman's house, she has a husband who looks like he has ate all the pies and a couple of kids. I now remember someone killing some people in her house, I remember that I put an axe into someone's head and someone was trying to kill me. The woman is now dead and so is her family. There dead, chopped up bodies were all over the floor and the tables, there was blood and guts everywhere, I feel sick to my stomache and feel a weird feeling come over me. I was absolutely covered in blood and guts it's disgusting!!!!. Some woman had had her brain taken out and I thought "shit I'm going to be in trouble now!" I decide to save this woman and get her another brain because I didn't want to be on my own. I pick a brain up off the floor near me and put it into her head and she is now alive again! I am still shitting myself!
      I see 2 men come to the door which was open and I realise I am going to be in the shit with them for what I have done to everyone so I decide to run to the pool, I'm still covered in blood. I go down the slide and land in the water. I now have an awfull feeling that I am naked so I look down on myself and I am, I haven't a stitch on!!! , I'm so embarrassed but then I go down the slide again, everyone is looking at me and then the boss of the pool gives me an award Lmao
    6. Sandbox-like lucid

      by , 01-05-2012 at 03:01 AM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was on a beach by an amusement park, when I realized I was dreaming. I see a roller coaster in the distance and decide to check it out. I walked in that direction and came across my dad and brothers in the ocean. I hopped into the water with them. The current was really strong, and it was really hard to stay by the edge of the water. I got pulled out very far, and started to panic. My lucidity wavered here. I called pit to my dad, but he didn't move. My brother dived in and saved me, though. Thanks a lot, dad. I do another reality check to confirm my lucidity, and go towards the rides.
      I didn't find a roller coaster, instead I came to a water slide. I went to fly to the top, but there was a stand selling tickets, so I wound up picking up a dollar off the floor and buying some. I got to the top of the slide and there was a very small room called "Emo Germany." There was an attendant at the top who spoke in a very VERY monotone voice. It was kind of creepy. The slide was really narrow, so I said "widen" while pulling at the edges and it became bigger. I slid down, and it really wasn't anything special. I expected way more.*

      At the bottom I saw someone I knew from school. I gave him the other ticket
      (I'm sure I lost lucidity here). I went over to a counter that had a bunch of prizes. All of them were a ridiculous amount of tickets. They weren't even good prizes, just plastic dinosaurs and a "magic explained" kit.*

      I walked back to the slide, and without paying attention, stood in front. Jona came out and there was another boy around his age directly behind him. Then another boy (his brother?) came shooting out of the slide and collided with me. I felt some kind of pain, but I don't really remember it all to well. The kid's mom was pissed, and so was my brother (who came out of no where).*

      I remember something after this, about baseball. I was behind home plate, like a catcher, and there was a red and white box in front of me. The pitcher threw the ball and although the batter hit it, something else got left behind and landed in the box. I pulled it out and it was a cast or brace of some kind.*

      This was almost a waste of a lucid. Last night I decided I wanted to visit the dream world academy, but I couldn't remember to in my dream. I kinda just walked around and explored.
    7. A few random dreams

      by , 11-03-2011 at 08:15 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was at the top of a water slide. Some one went down right after a little girl, knocking her off the side of the slide. I ran over and grabbed her hand. I was having a hard time pulling her up, her hand kept slipping. It was a long way down. I almost let go, but I managed to pull her up. We went to the bottom of the slide and everyone was cheering for me.

      I was in someone's room (my own?) and I was mapping a song on Osu. I was with my step brother and my little brother. They were left behind by thier friends who went somewhere, so I said they could stay with me. I showed them a game where you play as a lion and you hunt other animals.

      I was at a play or something. Halfway through the play, some of the actors came out into the aisle and played a game of bowling with some of the people in the audience. There were some vocaloid cosplayers, but they were terrible. Kagamine Len was wearing Rin's bow, and they got all of the details wrong.*

      I was in front if a library with my brother mike. He got some books and brought them out, so I started to read. However, my mom told me we couldn't take the books outside. I thought my brother checked them out, but he just brought them outside. Either way, I said it would be fine and we would return them in a few minutes anyway.
    8. Lucid Dream 226: The Land of Judgement

      by , 05-16-2011 at 08:07 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      April 30, 2011
      Lucid Dream 226: The Land of Judgement
      Series: Tartarus of the Dream World, Episode 1
      around 8:00pm

      I woke up from my previous dream and got something to eat. I watched some t.v. for a bit and still felt tired. I decided to WILD. I performed my technique and soon SP set in.

      I started to slowly spin around in my bed and then floated around the room. I heard some muffled conversation and a few screams here and there. Finally, the dream settled in and I stood up. I noticed there was a man standing in my room. He looked familiar. I shouted, "Where the f*** have you been?" The old man turned around and I noticed it was Merlin the Wizard...my "dream guide." He spoke up and said, "You haven't needed me, but I have always been watching." I thought that was a little creepy, but replied, "So, what brings you here now?" I noticed Merlin was wearing a long brown traveling cloak, and held a large, white magical staff with a blue crystal on the end of it. His long, white and grey beard matched up perfectly with his long hair. He looked at me and said, "It is time for you to uncover the secrets of this world." I was very amused and intrigued all at the same time. I performed some quick stabilization techniques as Merlin began to chant.

      After a few moments a portal opened up and he ushered me into it. I dove head first into the portal and found my self in some sort of weird water slide. I was sliding head first through a strange purple tube. The texture was soft and very slippery. It reminded me of a frog's skin. The tube was many shades of purple and the more I observed it, the more it felt like I was inside the intestines of some strange creature. Luckily, there was nothing gross about it. It was an extremely fun water slide that twisted, turned, and had several awesome drops. Finally, i came to the end of the slide which was suspended over a massive lake. I fell around 100 feet from the end of the slide/tube and landed in the lake below.

      I plunged underwater and looked around. I could see several other DCs swimming around in the lake with me. I also noticed that the bottom of the lake could not be seen. The lake water was clear as crystal, but below me was nothing but a dark abyss. I freaked out a bit and kicked hard for the surface of the water (I have a slight fear of extremely deep water). I broke the surface and noticed everyone was swimming in a single direction. I figured I would follow. Suddenly, the person to my right was grabbed by something and drug under water. Splashing occurred all around me as demon-like beings began grabbing people and pulling them under. I sprang up out of the water like a dolphin and took flight. I flew to the shore. Several others made it to the shore and many seemed to be surprised by my flying ability. I told them all that we were lucid dreaming right now. One of them laughed and said, "Yeah...so is everyone else. You still shouldn't be able to fly down here!" You must be one of the chosen ones, eh?" I pondered the thought for a moment and then asked where we were. He replied, "We are in Tartarus of course." I looked around at the area I was in. The walls and ceiling were all made of crystal. The crystals and lake reflected a purple and blue light. The room was absolutely stunning. The DC warned me not to lust over the lake or it would draw me in. He also told me that this was, "The Lake of Judgement," and the unworthy would be dragged to its depths.

      After talking for a bit, we all walked through a large white gate. There was a group of about 30 of us and I just casually walked along with the crowd and tried to take in the environment. We made our way through many maze-like rooms. There was blood scattered all throughout the place as well as many dead bodies. After a bit, demon-like creatures began attacking. I easily fought these off with super human-lucid strength. I found a spear and began stabbing demon after demon. It appeared that most everyone in the group struggled fighting off the demons. Many died and were torn to shreds. After battling off the demons, I noticed the DC from before was still alive, but breathing heavily. He seemed amazed that I was able to use so much lucid power. I asked him for his name and he told me it was "Ash." We all began sliding through the same type tubes as before.

      This time, I landed in a large forest. Many of the trees had sinister faces and branches that looked like claws. I took off running through the forest and the rest of the survivors followed suit. Many were snatched by the evil trees and ripped to shreds. Whenever I came close to one of the evil trees, I placed my hands on it, focused, and set it ablaze. Once I made it to the end of the forest, there was a huge field. The sky was incredibly dark and I could see the silhouette of an enormous castle in the distance. Me, Asher, a hot female in ninja-like gear, and a native american man were the only four people left alive. The native american guy was actually a teenage version of Nightwolf from the video game series, Mortal Kombat. The female ninja was the teenage version of Jade from Mortal Kombat. Nightwolf said, "We have finally reached the land of judgement." I asked them who's bad ass castle that was and they told me it was the kingdom of Thanatos and the god resided in the castle.

      I was pumped and wanted to go battle Thanatos. I told them to catch up later and I took flight toward the castle. Once I got about halfway there, I noticed something flying at me from the distance. it was a dark silhouette and I knew it was Thanatos. Music started playing int he background. I could barely hear it at first, but as Thanatos approached, it got louder. It sounded like battle music. I decided to try and summon my keyblade. After a couple of attempts, I managed to summon a solid black sword. I decided that it must be my Zanpakutou (weapon/sword from the anime bleach). It was all black like Ichigo's sword, but the blade was much thicker and looked more like a claymore.

      I started to get excited as Thanatos approached. His face seemed human, but it was solid white. He was holding two large scythes, one in each hand. Each scythe had multiple black blades and at first it appeared as if he was actually holding about 20 of them. I swung my sword and he blocked it with one of his multi-bladed scythes. I landed on the ground and held my arm into the air. I shouted some nonsense that I can no longer remember and a stream of fire blasted from my hand. The dream became unstable at this point. I continued to battle Thanatos even though the dream was blurry, but I couldn't manage to keep the dream going. I stopped and tried to stabilize, but it was too late.

      I shall definitely be battling him again. This dream was one of my favorites so far. It felt like I was in some sort of bad ass anime-type story/plot.

      Series Details
      In the series, "Tartarus of the Dream World," an evil, yet beautiful land lies before me. Follow along as I explore the darkest depths in the dream world. Stay tuned for more entries to the series.
    9. zoo animals at the water park; elbowing a guy

      by , 03-06-2011 at 03:55 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in some underground area, like a hallway between subway platforms. The hallway ramped upward and around to the right. The hallway was apparently the entrance to some water park.

      It was Memorial Day, which was the last day of the summer (???). I thought this would be a perfect day for going to the water park. A lot of kids would be back in school already (?), so the park would be empty.

      I was now out in the water park. I was walking along a narrow, winding, concrete path between some small, rolling hills, which may have been dotted by small, tree-shaped juniper shrubs.

      The light was dim. It was like early morning, as if the sun had just risen. I wasn't sure that the water park was even open yet. I thought I'd have to wait to get in.

      This was a pain in the neck. Right now the place was completely empty, and I would be able to ride the rides all by myself. If I had to wait until the place opened, other people would have time to arrive. Then I'd have to wait in long lines and deal with annoying people.

      At some point, though, I saw a group of schoolboys. They were all white, kind of skinny, and pale. They were joking and having fun. So I figured if these kids were here, they must have started letting the school groups in. So obviously the place was open and I was okay.

      I found a water slide. It seemed to be running alright. It was a big water slide, and it was made to look like a natural river. The water was rushing really rapidly. I had a red inner tube with me. So I was about to jump in.

      Somehow the scene changed slightly. A lawn-type area was somewhere before me. A mother giraffe and a baby giraffe ran through the field. It was kind of surreal to see them.

      After they ran past, a woman called out that animals had escaped from the zoo. It was like the woman was chasing the giraffes, trying to catch them. But I couldn't see the woman.

      I was now (without noticing the transition) out on a lawn that was shaded by tall pine trees, which were spaced pretty widely apart.

      I could hear other people's voices crying out in panic. Apparently a lot of people were panicked. Some people were trying to catch all the escaped animals. Others were running in fear, before the animals got out into this area.

      I could now sense that the tigers were headed in my direction. I saw them in the distance. There were a few of them, but they were just baby tigers, less than a year old, and maybe 130cm long.

      I jumped up into the air and began floating backwards. I figured that if I could get myself floating high enough, the tigers wouldn't be able to catch me, and that they'd just have to run past.

      But one baby tiger climbed up into one of the pine trees. It ran out onto a limb. I was pretty sure that it was going to try to jump down on me. I thought I'd have to evade it somehow with a quick, mid-flight reflex. But the baby tiger climbed back down the tree trunk instead.

      I now kind of wondered why I had been so afraid of the tigers and why I didn't just fight them directly -- if I'd even needed to fight them at all.

      I was now out in some area like a concrete plaza that seemed to be surrounded by a lot of dusty areas fenced off by wood-poled fences. In the center of the plaza was a small, brick structure. It was now bright, sunny and hot.

      A few women, including one who looked like a ranger from a national park I'd worked at about 10 years ago, ran into the building. They gestured for me to follow them. So I did.

      The building was apparently something like an animal hospital. There were windows on all the walls. There were some stainless steel tables everywhere. Everything felt kind of dusty and abandoned. There was something like a red-leather-upholstered bed or chair, like a dentist's chair, in the center of the room. It was like the operating table.

      We had all come into this room to shelter ourselves from the escaped zoo animals. We were all bracing ourselves, because apparently they were all going to converge here and attack this building, as if, for some reason, they were all out against us.

      We now saw through one open door to my left the mother and baby giraffe running back. One of the women went out. I followed her. The giraffes were running back to their area, which was one of the dusty areas around the building.

      The woman opened the gate for the giraffes. The giraffes went back inside. As they did, the woman cooed some kind of nice words to the giraffes about how they must have missed their home.

      (I may have had another dream, right after this, that involved lions chasing me. I feel like a lot of parts of that dream may have been similar to parts of this dream. But I can't remember the dream.)

      Dream #2

      I was in some place like a big hallway with doors on either side. The place had a feeling like a college and a hospital. But it also felt like some kind of conference was going on. The place was full of people.

      A Korean man, maybe in his mid-20s, wearing glasses and a big, puffy, grey jacket, was walking up behind me. He kept doing this weird, annoying thing where he'd walk up from behind me, edge slightly front of me, then edge back quickly, then walk up as if he were going to pass me again, then edge back again.

      Finally I just threw an elbow at the man and knocked him behind me. He didn't bother me any more after that.

      But now I was heading to a line for something. I saw that two Korean girls stood at the back of the line. They were really pretty. But I was afraid to walk past them. I knew they'd seen what I'd done to the guy. I thought they'd be ashamed of me for being mean to a Korean guy.

      I think I walked past them, to get into the back of the line, which may now have been even longer. I walked past some thing like a tall whiteboard or length of paper or canvas stretched out on a wooden frame. I kind of had to squeeze through a small space between the canvas and the people in line.

      (Side notes: I don't know why the people in my dream were Korean. I think it was because I was watching some Kim Bo Kyung videos on YouTube last night, right before I went to bed.

      The annoying character of the guy kind of makes sense to me. Yesterday, I went to the Armory Show. On the walk down there, there was this girl who was following me and doing all kinds of annoying things.

      I don't think she was trying to get my attention. I'm not even sure she was trying to be annoying. And she wasn't Korean. She was white. But her looks were kind of like the looks of the Korean guy in my dream.

      At the show itself, there were a few groups of men and women who spoke Japanese with each other. They looked like artists, and I really wanted to talk with them. But I was way too shy. I get really shy in big crowds.

      Also, the Armory Show got really crowded, which was slightly annoying. It wasn't terrible. I could deal with it. But it reminded me of the New York Anime Fest from last year, which was way overcrowded.

      As I was walking back from the Armory Show, I wondered if there would be a time when the crowds at all these big events would be so overwhelming that I'd have to stop going. It made me a little upset that that was a possibility.

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