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    1. Splendid Comp. Day 6 - 2 FA and trolling around

      by , 01-19-2017 at 01:07 PM
      I am in a bar? with two friends of mine. we leave and i get lucid. i move right phasing thru things. the girls go left. i start to follow them flying. i fly ahead of them and land again. there is a girl on a bicycle. i will her to stop. i hold myself on the sattle and will her telepathically to start moving again. she is pulling me some meters. i tell her to stop again. she leaves and i take her bike. i look behind me and my girls are coming slowly. the bike changes into a super small one person car i am sitting in. i tell them to bring me the cd with the music and they do but the cd is not working?
      the dream fades and i think i wake up but its a FA. i am naked in my bed with my sleeping mask on same as IWL. but the room is different. i lay there and the door to the next door is open and i see people. i dont want to get up because i am naked. i do a nose pinch and notice that i can still breath thru. nice still in the dream i jump up and dont care about my nakedness at all. i think i saw my brother sitting under a table (in a way you couldnt see him IWL because the angle of sight was way off). i approach the corner but he is not there anymore. i see a small rest of a cigarette but i know its a joint. i pick it up and smoke it. while smoking it (again i dont feel a effect) i remember the competition and i want to make some points. i want to do mass TK and aim some books and stuff. but no matter how i do it nothing moves at all. i am confused? is it because i smoke? i try it on a blanket and its slightly moving. i turn around to a table and there is a big glas half full with water. i try again and the water starts moving and boiling. the glass gets full completely but i cant manage to get the water out there. i decide to leave and jump thru the wall outside and fly away. the dream destabilize and i everything is nearly black i only see some dim lights far away. i fly there and rub my hands flying.
      again i think i woke up but this time i do a RC instantly and yup still dreaming. this time i am in a house (the one i was flying to) and there are two more people. in the moment i told them this is still a dream and i dont have to do anything they closed the door and told me to stay outside of the room. i just out of fun phase thru the wall and tell them something i dont remember and phase right back. there is a guy and i tell him i did in "previous" dream some waterbending and now i want to do some firebending. i summon some liquid out of my left hand into the right hand. i try to ignite it by snapping my fingers but it wont work. i tell him to help me and he do. my right hand starts burning. i want the fire to get to a fireball levitating over my hand. i have some problems witrh it and i take my second hand as support. i differ the distance between my hands and a fire/energy filament emerges between those hands and you hear electrical discharges. the ball between my hands gets bigger and i throw it against the wall
      waking up for real this time.
    2. Water Bending in a Water Planet

      by , 10-29-2016 at 03:10 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I had a "Fake WILD", a WILD within a dream. This has happened to me before, but I forget if I usually consider it a DILD or a WILD. I think I'll consider it a DILD this time.

      I was in a hotel with my girlfriend. We went to bed and for some reason I knew I would have a lucid dream. I closed my eyes and right away felt SP set in. Vibrations were not as strong as they usually are, but they were there. I waited a few seconds and then sat up in my bed. I was not in my dream bedroom, but rather in the hotel bed. I stood up and did a reality check by plugging my nose and breathing. Air didn't get in as easily as it usually does, but I figured it was just a bit stuffed. I rubbed my hands to stabilize and read something on the wall. I remembered the Task of the Month. I put both my hands in my pockets and pulled out a slingy from my left pocket, and a pair of dice from the right pocket. I laughed and then jumped through the window, I phased through it. I started flying towards space.
      For a second I thought I was in the void, but then I saw stars everywhere. I started flying as fast as I could and they became distorted. I stopped and saw a blue planet, I knew it wasn't Earth. I flew towards it and entered its stratosphere and then decided to take away my flying, see if I could make myself invincible. I was falling fast but could sorta glide using my body position. There were several beautiful green islands before me, scattered in a deep blue ocean. I aimed towards one of them and at this point I was falling so fast that it became bigger and bigger exponentially. I landed on my feet, and there was an empty *POP* sound as I landed. I left a crater at the landing site of about 10 meters in diameter, I was unharmed.
      I walked to the shore, and looked towards the endless ocean, into the horizon. The sky was a mix of blue, and purpleish vanilla. I put my hands stretched out in front of me, and started waterbending. I made swirls in the air, made the shape of a dragon and had it dance in the air. Then I shot a big stream of water straight up in the air and made it explode, it was beautiful. I thought of what I should do next, and had a FA.
      The dream continued non-lucidly.
    3. Forgotten Flying (LD #126), The Connection to Nature (LD #127)

      by , 10-24-2014 at 01:15 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Fragment: Something to do with Jack Black. He is in this really bad comedy partially centered around lucid dreaming.

      Spoiler for slightly sexy:

      I FA'd. I was at college and started walking to class. For some reason my dad showed up and he started talking about Ebola. I didn't want to hear it, so I had to change the subject. But the only thing I could think of was the porn dream. So I told him about it and he listened intently, as if he was enjoying it.
      This somehow led to lucid flying above campus. I wish I remembered more than flying and hoping that my dream would know what the rooftops of the campus buildings looked like.

      I woke up around 5:00am and wanted to 'go back'. This is happening more and more frequently.

      I was having some dream where my roommate had been replaced by an old lady, and I had to take care of her because she had memory loss and forgot her pills and what not.
      At least she was not grumpy.
      Anyways, she has to take her pills every day, and today we have to go get refills for her. She also has to do her 'hearing' everyday that has something to do with her hearing aid and projecting a frequency that helps her to hear better.
      But my favorite thing to do is help her with her fruit smoothie that she drinks twice a day. She gets her fruit through the government and gets this big basket of fresh fruit everyday, more than enough for her smoothies.
      So I decided to be healthy and start drinking the smoothies with her. I have this juicer/smoothie maker in my room, and when you put the fruit in, a game comes up like fruit ninja. You have to slice the fruit for it to be added to your smoothie. I ended up getting a bunch of mangoes and kiwis in mine.
      There was some aspect to it like the smoothie could be used as rocket fuel. I had this tiny prototype rocket engine attached to the bottom of my smoothie.
      I somehow find myself at this exhibition where this native tribe is visiting from a far-away land and showing off rare herbs and spices. The lady that I am taking care of wants those added to her smoothie. I find this other lady (who was really just an older version of Manei, guess she wanted me taking her seriously in this dream.) She asks me to come over and do something.
      She has a small garden with all of the herbs in it, but there is a pathway running diagonal through it. The garden is like a sandbox, about 3ft by 3ft, and the soil in it is kind of sandy.
      Anyways, she tells me to look down, take two steps and then stop. I take two steps and walk nearly to the other side of the garden. She then somehow shifts me back to the opposite corner and asks me to take two more steps. I follow. This repeats two or three more times. I look up and we are now on a beach.
      She changes to her original age and smiles at me. I do a nose pinch, but strangely, the airflow is 'glitching' on and off. I feel like it is starting and stopping very quickly.
      Nevertheless I become lucid.
      Manei is sitting in the lotus position, and I recognize the beach we are on; the one from my first LD that we used to return to often. It is nighttime and the beach is moonlit.
      "It's time you learned about nature. Everything in nature is connected, though it's hard to look and see the connections. Take this garden for example."
      I look back at the remnants of the Herb garden from the transition. All of the plants are uprooted and ruined. I sit down in front of it. Somehow I decide that I want to make the plants regrow and repair themselves with my mind. I start to focus on the sand and a strong wind comes in blowing all of this dry sand over the plants. Then a bunch of new sprouts came up.
      "Good, now move over there. You're going to use your energy to create a plant from scratch now. Visualize the sand grains as full of life, like each one is a seed."
      For some reason I partially sink into the sand. I focus in on the ground in front of me and try to picture a plant growing. Nothing seems to be happening. I start to get disheartened. Just as I do, I see a bump in the sand and a little sprout comes out. I send my energy to it and it grows into a bushy fern-like plant.
      "You see, this is what the Buddha was talking about. Everyone has a connection to nature!"

      Er... I might not be the most up-to-date on Buddhist scriptures, but isn't he all about inner peace of mind and finding oneself and all that?
      Regardless, she stops talking. I decide to test the 'connection to nature' aspect of this. And somehow, I get from my 'connection to nature' to 'Let's practice waterbending!'. I look out at the ocean, and the waves rolling into the coast. I hold out my hands in front of me, palms down and try to picture the waves stopping.
      Slowly, all of the waves come to a stop and the ocean is a mirror surface. I see the moon and stars reflecting on it. So beautiful. I then release my grip and run into the water.
      I begin moving with the flow of the waves, that come back small at first, and then big. I feel like I am waterbending, but this feels a little more... (oh for heaven's sake) natural. I try to move with the flow of the waves using them to increase my motions rather than fight them. I try to make one of the waves splash Manei and it works. She chases me into the water and tries bending back at me. We are about to get into an all out, for-fun waterbending fight (Because dream guides can have fun too, you know.) when she gets the "oh, sh*t" look and tells me to run.
      I turn around, back out over the sea, and see a tsunami rolling in. Nope, nope! We don't run. I turn and face the wave as it swells into a white-cap and prepares to crash right on me. I hold up both my arms crossed and split the wave down either side. Both sides pass me harmlessly. This feels more like the original water bending, more forceful and less flow-ish. But it's all I can do at this point.
      The gap in the wave continues to widen and Manei passes through the gap as well. I turn back to see her standing on the shore. The wave crashes on either side of her but doesn't dare go near her. I turn around and see another, larger tsunami rolling in. I realize this is becoming one of those 'drowning' dreams that I used to have as a kid. There's no sense in fighting it any longer.
      I send a telepathic shout to Manei saying "Get the heck out of here, I'm gonna wake up." I look to the shore and she becomes blurry and fades away. I turn and face the wave, that is barreling in at impossible speeds. I start thinking that I should wake up, and manage to do so right before the wave hits me.

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    4. Waterbending #2

      by , 10-23-2014 at 03:17 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #372 - DILD - 1:32AM

      I was happy to have an early night DILD with minimal effort. I had set my intention at bedtime but used no actual technique other than really wanting to get lucid. It was a close one because I almost forgot the first half. It was the intent on an actual goal that raised my lucidity up another level otherwise I am afraid I would have completely forgot this one; I am convinced it happens for that I realize.

      Some things that may have influenced dreaming... A glass of wine early in the evening, (though I felt back to baseline at bed time), 3mg Melatonin.

      I am with my wife and we need more space to sleep. We enter an abandoned trailer in the country owned by my ex FIL that is acting like my wife's father. The entire floor was a mattress and I lay down with her. There is some dialog between the DCs and I notice part of the wall is missing. There are some water stains but I don't mind as long as I don't get wet. I drift off to sleep as they are talking.

      I am now on a moving boxcar at night. For some reason I am trying to summon Jean-Luc Picard but I am having a hard time. I use dream control methods as if I am lucid by pretending and expecting him to show up. Though I do catch a few thin visuals, I am mostly talking to the air and acting very much like Q. I forget most of this but I recall making some grand gesture and saying, "Now do you want to see some real magic, Jean-Luc Picard?" I stand on the opposite end and use TK to draw a gate between us then quickly phase out of the boxcar.

      As I float in the night watching the boxcar speed away, I become fully lucid. I really want to met Picard so I rush back to the boxcar but it is way too fast. I see it's coming around a corner and I try to cut it off. Unfortunately, I phase clear through it and it leaves me behind.

      I become mindlessly obsessed with catching Picard. I realize now that I am on foot chasing a car. The tail lights disappear around a bend. I run at super speed but I just can't catch it. I tell myself that I should be able to do this because it's a dream. The environment switches from night to day and I see some water past the trees in the distance. I almost leave it behind to follow the road but I recall my actual goal. Waterbending!

      I stand at the bank and reach out to the water. Some mist sprays up and turns to ice then settles back down on my obscuring my vision like thick wet sleet. I almost fall to the void but focus on visuals to quickly get back in the dream. I step into the water now touching it with my hands. There is a mild sensation of cold and wet on my legs. A ball of water starts to rise up but quickly falls. I switch methods and shoot a long jet of water from my hands. I pause and then do it again for a longer period of time.

      Now I try pushing back the water to form a wall but I quickly find myself on some artificial beach. Which each swell of the waves I am able to hold the water back for just a few seconds. During this I begin to see small cartoon-like Killer whales and Sperm Whales jumping out of the water in front of me. I note this much I am too focused on the water to care much. After a bit, I notice a male DC to my left helping me hold the water back. With our combined effort we manage to create large flat wall of water about 10-15 feet tall and half as wide. I become very pleased with myself but realize I am not doing it alone. This breaks my concentration and the water crashes on me. I am tossed around some until I wake up. I nose plug right away. Yep, this time its real.

      Other non lucid dreams

      I enter some psychedelic retro musical as I dance around odd visuals and colors with my son. I try to take a selfie.

      I am in the same time era on a building top with some boys. One falls. A helicopter comes to take him. I almost stay behind but I really want a free ride on a chopper.

      I thought I was fried and went on a huge ranting rampage only to realize that I was mistaken. I wasn't really fired after all.
    5. Star Trek Sneezes, Wooden Barge-Island (LD#120)

      by , 10-12-2014 at 01:44 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Man, I don't know what happened to me the night before last.

      I recall bits and pieces some dream about forgetting a paper for a class in college, and then going back to my room to get it.

      I recall being on the cast of Star Trek. I cannot recall if the dream was just about filming Star Trek, and if everything was being faked or if I was actually dreaming about a 'real' Star Trek scenario.
      We are in this area (that I'm pretty sure isn't actually on the show) called the data core room. It is this huge maze of passages on the back of the enterprise with all of these clear blue glowing crystals on mounts in the wall. Supposedly they were some kind of memory crystals for the ship's computer system that kept track of all the star systems and alien races.
      There is a group of 8 or 10 people. The only ones I recognize are Kirk, Picard, and Spock. I think some other famous characters were there. (I don't know, I've only seen a few episodes of Star Trek in my life.)
      Anyways, we are back here because supposedly the air quality here is the best in the ship, and doing some experiment with this new disease that is supposed to be harmless. They release it and everyone seems fine except for this other character; A teenager with brown hair made into an afro.
      The guy starts sneezing (ah-choo, ah-choo, ah-choo!) repeatedly, without stopping. He starts sneezing more and more violently, and eventually starts to sneeze up blood. Spock calls up a medical technician, but for some reason the guy on the other end is just screaming "AMBULANCE! AMBULANCE! CALL AN AN AMBULANCE RIGHT NOW!!"
      Something seems familiar about the sneezing disease, but I can't put my finger on it.

      I also notice that for some reason there are racks of candy in the area, and decide not to focus on the guy sneezing, even though I can still hear him. I look at the candy and consider buying some. Somehow the data core room was mixed with a candy store.
      I somehow get 'outside'. I am on this (either cruise ship or island, I think it was an island but felt like a cruise ship). I get a little confused thinking this is actually the exterior of the Enterprise. There is this big wooden boardwalk with all of these restaurants along it. There are also these huge wooden wheel sculptures.
      I see someone I know in WL (we'll just call her E). I go over next to her and we start talking about the sculptures.
      Awww... what a charming, romantic moment in a dream. Wait a second, doesn't this person hate me in WL? Oh, yes she does, and right then she pushed me over the edge into the water. I fall into the water, and (ignoring the laws of buoyancy) I sink about five hundred feet all the way to the bottom.
      I remember very clearly looking up and seeing the sunlight streaming down under the water and thinking about how deep I was.

      I become fully lucid and thrust upward to get above water. Once I make it to the surface, I try to fly up out of the water and get back up there. I can't seem to lift out of the water. I then, for some reason, think of Avatar, and decide to try and make a waterspout and ride it back up onto the platform.
      I begin to spin around, and I can see the water beginning to form a vortex around me, but then it just splashes back into the sea and comes apart.
      I look back and see that (because it's a dream) I am now about half a mile away from the island. Great. Now I've got to get up onto the boardwalk and travel all of this horizontal distance.
      Again, I think of the Waterbenders in Avatar. How they can 'surf' sometimes even without a surfboard. I start to push forward, and start to lift out of the water. I manage to get to the point where only my lower legs are submerged and I am moving along at a lazy 10-20mph. I don't feel like I am getting any closer to the island though.
      I feel like I should be going faster. I try using a hand motion to accelerate. I try a couple different hand motions, looking to find the one that feels most fluid. None of these seem to be working.
      Then, I see a massive wave coming up on the right. Higher than the island. It envelops (and probably destroys) the entire island. It is then coming for me.
      It hits me and I immediately find myself deep underwater unsure of what direction is up or how deep I am. I can't see. It's just nothing.
      But I still have my lucidity. I think maybe I can manifest a new dream. I try to picture being on another island somewhere. I start to see some palm trees and grass, as well as a calm, sandy beach. I start breathing and begin plotting where my body should be. Just as I think I've got it, I lose the dream and wake up.

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    6. Beginner Waterbending

      by , 10-09-2014 at 12:11 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #368 - DILD - Time unknown

      I didn't have my DJ handy and I was super lazy but I spent some time committing the dream to memory though I drifted off into a new dream a few times. I was pretty happy to make my first attempt at waterbending. It's not bad for a first try.

      I am chasing someone on a dirt bike down a forest hill. I notice that we keep making huge leaps into the air but landing softly and passing through trees. I am reminded of jumping down hills in Elder Scrolls and I gain some awareness from it.

      I am only partially lucid here and I don't recall much but I am in some version of the hotel room with my wife and son. We have some conversation and I find myself standing next to the bed looking at my wife. I was about to play some prank on her but I suddenly remember my goal (waterbending). This brings me to full lucidity and I turn away looking for water.

      There is a desk next to a window. I go to it and try to summon a glass of water. It's not quite working but I pretend it's there and begin to focus on waterbending. Something like melted plastic comes up from the invisible glass. It's weird and not what I wanted at all. As a gesture of mild frustration, I roll my eyes and look out the window for a moment then go back to focusing on the water.

      There is now a full glass of water sitting on the desk. Pleased, I go straight into bending. I cup my hands near the glass and focus energy pulling the water up. A nice streams slowly floats up but the quickly slashes back into the glass. I try again with much more effort. Small streams of water begin running up the sides of the glass and beyond. The effect looks pretty cool but I am suddenly awakened by something unknown.
    7. First Lucid Dream(Old) On my First WBTB

      by , 06-14-2012 at 05:15 AM
      I went to bed at 10:00 pm
      Woke up at 4:15, drank aj went to bathroom and back to bed at like 4:15.

      I was at this nice autumn dog park with my friend Mike. It was a really nice day and there was a nice lake there. I had been to a similiar place a couple days ago and used that setting to dream incubate when i first went to bed, so then I realized I was dreaming and decided to do the finger through palm tech. It took a couple of tries, but i eventually got them through and yelled out "Yippie!!" (kinda dumb I know) I told myself alright I have to calm down. I was with Mike and we were at a picnic table and I remember trying the breathing through nose tech just for fun and it also worked! I remember me and mike were getting excited so we started to stick our hands through the picnic table (like the palm tech) and after countless failures for both of us (just two kids hitting their hands on a table ) I told myself, "this is a dream I can do whatever i want." and concentrated really hard and finally stuck my hand through the table! The whole top part of it! I cant remember if it went through easily or if i straight up smashed it, but w/e i did it. Mike was pumped and hooting for me. There was also an old man who kinda reminded me of morgan freeman sitting on a near by log who had witnessed the whole thing, and was shaking his head like he approved of my concentration. Some other people were walking by saw the end of the event and were looking dumb founded by what we were doing, so i tried to show off and do it again for them, but i just couldn't do it, i couldnt concentrate, so i rammed my fingers through the table so hard that the wood broke in half. The DC's were impressed and started clapping, but i knew it wasnt the same and said screw off to them. I then walked to the water with Mike and we were up to our nips in really cold water, but we didnt mind. I did another reality check and said "hey mike lets waterbend!" and i morphed some water into a ball and tossed it in the air, it hit the water with a HUGE splash. mike then made a water ball and threw it at me, it was so on! he swam away but i created a whirlpool and tried to suck him in but he got away. I decided screw this, this is a dream so I stood up on the water. It was awkward at first like trying to walk on jello but i got the hang of it, me and Mike fought for a long time and it was on eof the most amazing expirences ever!

      It then faded into a non-lucid dream, must of been because i got too caught up in the water fight
      lucid , memorable
    8. Attacked by a dragon

      by , 05-23-2012 at 04:30 AM
      [size=36pt]Attacked by a dragon![/size]

      walking on some stone path, there is grass around and there is a stone bridge coming up going over the cutest little river. I go up onto the stone bridge and look out to the water as I pass over it, I am heading to a castle that is probably a mile away up the path on a hill.
      But as I go towards it I see a large dragon come over the mountain. The dragon is HUGE! Probably a wingspan of 50 feet with colors of brown and red! o_o I have to admit I was kinda shocked to see it.
      It obviously sees me, I step back off of the path as it swoops down and lands just yards away.
      Things going through my head:
      - Oh sh**
      - I'm probably going to die
      - :0 a dragon AWESOME!
      - If it snaps I am going to dodge to the left so I'll go into the water (knowing that I am a waterbender) thus if it breathes fire I will be able to not be burned.
      - Wonder if anyone else is around?

      At this point the dragon does a powerful blast of energy which I have almost no time to dodge, I try to though and am hit and fly back onto the grass. Some type of brown FUS RO DAH thing. (the unrelenting force on skyrim is blue this one is brownish red) I am thrown into the grass and tumble probably 20 feet in all but roll and spring up to my feet, the dragon takes off and circles my location flying low to the ground. He does another loud roar which is longer then the last. Storm clouds appear (which are also brownish, but it isn't like everything is brown it looks really good and realistic!) Lightning and thunder crash and zap in the sky, there is tons of noise from the rumble of the thunder, it starts to pour rain down, it is some type of dirty water which is also pretty brown.
      Things going through my head:
      - I wonder what type of dragon this is? maybe some type of earth dragon?
      - Yes! water I can bend this!
      - Maybe now I have a chance to get away..

      I run up onto the bridge and the dragon lands from where I started off at in the beginning of the dream, I jump up onto the edge (like the stone railing that is on each side) and thrust up a blow with water, it works but the dragon is huge and it does no more then dumping water on it. It roars again and looks up stream before taking off. I look to where the dragon looked to and see a massive flood of dirty water (like you would see in a flood in india or something) coming straight towards me!
      Things going through my head:
      - o.o
      - O.O

      I brace for impact, I know that I can't withstand this much water rushing at me, I try to jump over the beginning of it but I don't jump soon enough and am swept down and plunged into the water, I force myself (somehow with my waterbending) to the surface and take a deep breath, I still see the dragon flying just about to land again. I try to do some waterspout thing that lifts me up out of the water riding the waterspout and it works, I ride it over to the edge but another wave hits the bottom and I am flung onto the grass onto the side of the river that the dragon is on. I quickly roll to my feet and get up just as he snaps at me, as fast as I can I dive to the side and narrowly miss becoming a soggy ginger meal! From here the dream becomes blurry and I soon wake up.

      There are some notes on this dream that I want to point out.
      - In this dream the thought of reasoning with the dragon didn't even cross my mind
      - though the thought of where is claire did pass my mind at one point though I don't remember when in the dream I thought this.
      - the other night in my False Awakening when that girl that was sitting in the windowsill to my room and she told me to find claire, from that dream I haven't seen claire in any of my dreams.
      - This dream was definitely not a normal dream, it's like the difference between a normal DC and your dream guide.

    9. 7/29/11 TOTY Killing Jaws

      by , 07-30-2011 at 07:43 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      WILD at 4 AM... successful!

      I was in the ocean, which reminded me of the TOTY To kill jaws.

      I wanted to waterbend again so I willed the water to start circling around me and then shoot me up. Right when I shot up into the air I made the water freeze, so I could have a platform to stand on.

      I willed jaws to come and bang into the platform. The ice cracked. I looked down and saw a HUGE set of teeth with blood dripping on it.

      I made ice shards come out of my hand and shot them directly into Jaw's mouth. More blood. I decided to use earthbending and make the ocean floor rise up below Jaws and trap him in an earth cage.

      The color of the earth looked a little off. It was a greenish-brown. Jaws struggled to get free of the cage, when I had the most amazing idea ever.

      I noticed the moon up in the sky and made it come racing down to Earth slamming into Jaws. I saw jaw's head go flying in one direction, while his body went flying in another. I got slammed back and started flying through the air, I was surprised I hadn't lost lucidity.

      Everything went black, and I opened my eyes. I was still in the dream! Everything was yellow, and I was standing on an island. I could see bananas everywhere.

      I grabbed one and tasted it. It was soft and...sour. Not like a real banana. Kind of tasted like ice cream. I walked along the beach looking for any DC, but I woke up.

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    10. Waterbending and Task of the Month (just barely)

      by , 07-21-2011 at 05:32 PM

      I am in my room, getting ready to go somewhere or do something, I don't know exactly what. For no apparent reason, I think "what if this is a dream?" but decide everything feels far to realistic (As a side note, my dreams are rarely so realistic that I can wonder if it is a dream, and decide that it isn't. 99% of the time, as soon as the thought crosses my mind, I become lucid. Although in this case, the fact that my room was perfectly tidy should have been enough of a clue...) I decide that now is a good time to do a reality check anyway (because I'm still trying to make reality checks enough of a habit that I do them in automatically when dreaming). I look at the doll with two long braids that sits on top of my dresser, close my eyes for a second, and open them again.

      What the hell? The hair is in a different position. That can't be right, I must not have been paying attention.

      Just to test and prove to myself that I am awake, I step into a more open part of the room and jump while thinking about flying, fully expecting gravity to follow normal rules.

      But instead, I float up and hover near the ceiling ("Holy crap...")

      Okay, I guess I am dreaming.

      I remember reading a post about making dream time "longer" than the amount of time I'm actually asleep, and decide to try it.
      (Unfortunately, despite being lucid, I am still not particular logical, and this was something I was not planning on trying until after I'd gained fairly good dream control, which I don't currently have) I first decide to simply demand that the dream lasts for an hour, but I know right away that it hasn't worked, and the dream starts to fade. I stabilize it as much as I can, but it is still "dark" around the edges. I remember a different technique where you "travel" to another dream realm where time is different, and say "I want to go to the realm where one waking minute equals one dream hour."

      Nothing happens, and I'm not sure if I said it right, or if I had even said it out loud at all, so try again. This time, a portal of some sort appears in the wall beside me, and I go through it. As I do this, I hear a rather sinister voice say "Getting a little advanced, are we?"

      I fall backwards through blackness for a few seconds, just like the person who posted the technique had described, and find myself back in my room.

      Hoping that it worked, I remember my goal of learning to "waterbend," and fly through the wall, trying to visualize the beach at my cottage on the other side. But, as I go through the wall, the dream fades, and I wake up.

      I resist the temptation to move, and stay perfectly still once I realize I have woken up, and continue to visualize the beach, as well as imagining that Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender is there to teach me.

      I am suddenly in the dream, with Katara (and sometimes Aang) there. She talks to me a little bit as I try to do waterbending, but I don't remember what she was saying. I'm doing pretty good with the waterbending, getting it to move around the way I want it to.

      Suddenly, for some reason, she becomes evil, and there are people in boats swarming the beach attacking me. And I start attacking back, experimenting with different ways to move the water around, and freezing it to throw little ice darts at some of the attackers. I realize that I can just leave, or ignore the attackers (because they aren't actually doing anything to hurt me) but decide that this is actually kind of fun, and keep at it. For some reason, things start flipping between "cartoon 2D" and "3D," which kind of weirds me out, but then I think "Hey, that's kind of cool," and start doing it on purpose.

      At this point the dream is starting to fade again, and I suddenly remember "Crap, I was going to try the task of the month. I NEED AN INSTRUMENT!"

      Some sort of cross between a flute and a clarinet appears in my hand, and I start playing it while everything continues to fade. For whatever reason, without me choosing to do so, I/the instrument play(s) the classic "snake charming" Arabian music.

      I wake up, and once again try to slip back into a dream right away, but it doesn't work.

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    11. Samurai Fight! Lucid 7/12/2011

      by , 07-12-2011 at 08:53 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      Hydronic, Noctemconartist, and I had all planned to have a lucid the same night about the same thing and report our different version of it. THe plan was to fight samurai warriors at a Japanese palace. Unfortunately, Hydronic and Noctempconartist didn't have a lucid last night so I was the only was with a version of the story to report. Here it is:

      I was talking to one of my friends and decided to do a random reality check. I imagine gravity lifting me up and all of a sudden I shot up! This was a dream!

      The first thing I thought of was the plan that Hydronic, Noctempconartist, and I had thought of.

      Since I has just done a Flying Tutorial I decided I would fly to the palace. I wanted to try a different version of flying I had just thought of yesterday. I looked outside of the house I was in and stepped into a pond. I imagined the water shaping around me and it shot me up into the sky! I flew straight and started seeing cherry trees everywhere. I imagine the Palace to be just over the hill in the distance and it was!

      I landed by a huge cherry tree by the palace and saw how I imagined hydronic and Noctempconartist. Someone else was standing there too.

      Hydronic had brown hair and dark blue eyes. He was wearing a dark green shirt and pants that blended in with the environment. He was fairly tall and skinny.

      Noctempconartist had bright red hair and Highheels on with a knife tip so she could kick people. She was short but fast.

      The other guy, i'll call him Charles, had yellow wristbands everywhere. He wore a yellow shirt, and bright yellow pants.

      I had a bright orange top hat on and a suit. I looked down at my hands and my fingers were unusually long.

      I laughed. "Are you guys ready to fight the Samurais and get that magical amulet that will let us rule the world?"

      Hydronic stared at me blankly, "Toddlers cannot roll in lava you know."

      I looked at him and said "Umm..In dreams they can. Come on lets go!"

      We headed towards the palace and an alarm went of. Hundreds of Samurai Warriors started marching towards us. I drew my electric blue sword.

      I charged forward and jumped up so high, I was higher then the palace. I came slamming down into the ground with so much force I could see tons of the samurai's loosing balance and falling. Everyone else jumped right before I hit so they wouldn't fall. I picked up random samurais and started to throw them into the cherry tree. They disappeared when they hit the tree.

      I looked over and saw Noctempconartist floating in the air and her high heels were in her hands. She threw the high heels at incoming samurai's and when the heel made contact with them, they disappeared. She was teleporting all over the place randomly appearing behind different samurai's stunning them.

      Hydronic had a green light coming from his hands and little spears came out of the light. The spears had an electric volt going through them and shocked whoever it touched until death. He was doing all kinds of crazy flips and tricks.

      Charles had pencils that he was throwing accurately at every samurai that came near him. The pencil were very sharp and has a poisonous tip.

      I noticed a wishing well in the distance. I remembered one of my goals was to waterbend in a dream. I summoned the water and a huge amount came shooting towards me. I balanced it in the air until more and more water joined it. There was so much water floating above us, it could fill the palace. I let go of my hold on the water, and quickly made force fields that wrapped around Hydronic, Noctempconartist, Charles, and I. The water came crashing down and all the samurais were washed away.

      We headed towards the place and saw an amulet sitting upon a glowing white rock. I picked it up and now could control any part of the world I wanted. I passed it around to everyone.

      "Now what?" I said.

      "We find the trees that make us orange" Noctempconartist said in a confused voice.

      "Um...Okay. Lead the way" I told her.
      She disappeared along with everyone else. I walked along the ocean shore for a minute until the I woke up from the dream.

      Thanks for reading! For anyone wondering, this was NOT a shared dream. We just wanted to see the different versions of the adventure we had planned out and I have to say, mine turned out pretty good!

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    12. Deleted

      by , 02-07-2011 at 08:50 PM (Torra)
    13. Deleted

      by , 01-03-2011 at 09:42 PM (Torra)

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    14. More success! :D

      by , 10-13-2010 at 12:24 AM
      Dream of October 12th, 2010

      Yeeesss!!! Success again! ^_^ When I was going to sleep I tried to keep my mind fairly awake like when trying to WILD, but eventually I pretty much gave up and just let my mind wander.

      I my random thoughts ended up turning into a dream, which I wasnít lucid in. I had been thinking about these people fighting is some futuristic armor like robots and thatís what my dream was at first.

      Later I dreamt that I was at a playground and I saw my old cat Osiris (my white cat who died a few years ago). Osiris looked like a kitten, about the age of older black kitten I saw a few houses down from where I live. My sisters and my cousin were with me and we were all younger. We ran up to Osiris and started snuggling her, which then it reminded me of another dream that I had a long time ago where Osiris had come back to life. I told my sisters and cousins this, and then I realized that this was also a dream.

      At first I was going to just keep going along with the dreams plot because I wasnít sure if Iíd have enough time to do what I want to in the dream, but then I decided that Iíd just try to get done as much as I could in the dream for now. The first thing I remembered was how I want to go to Hyrule by making a portal. I ended up remembering the dream I had a few nights ago where I drew a portal with a marker, so I tried reaching into the pocket in my pants and imagining that I would pull out a marker.

      When I took my hand back out of my pocket I found that I was not holding a marker, but I was determined to make a portal. So, even though I didnít have the marker I still tried to draw a portal in the air like I had done before. I found that when I went to draw the marker appeared in my hand. The drawing ended up appearing in the air like last time but after drawing it the drawing started to fall to the ground; I tried holding it up but it didnít work.

      I was quite disappointed that the drawing hadnít worked, but then I decided I try a different way to get there. I decided Iíd try the second thing I had done after drawing the picture, rubbing the air as if I were defogging a window and imagining what I would see on the other side, and thatís what I did. I walked into one of the play structures in the playground and rubbed my hand in the air, and it felt as if I were actually rubbing a window. After rubbing it a bit I noticed that my breath was starting to show up on the invisible window and then I started to see a scene from Ocarina of time (pretty much just some grass and trees but I could recognize it). I started to get excited and then I tried to break the window to get through, but my hand just kept going through, except for the one I still had laying on the glass, so I tried to aim closer to where my other hand wasnít going through. After many attempts I gave up and just wandered into some other part of the dream.

      After some other events I ended up in my bedroom at my old house. For some strange reason I was on the floor in my covers squirming around in them, trying to get warm when my mum burst into the room. She walked up to me and she was holding a glass of water, she bent down and then said, ďControl this water.Ē

      I looked at the cup filled with water, then at my mother and said ďOkĒ. I held up my arms and then focused on the water I used motions with my hands and the power of my mind to lift up the water, but then my mom told me to try to only control the water with my mind and not use any motions, so I did; it felt so awesome to control the water with just willpower alone. ^_^

      I can't wait till I have more lucid dreams!

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    15. Lucid Dream #17

      by , 10-12-2010 at 02:29 PM (Warbenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Adventures)
      Lucidity: 2/10
      Vividness: 4/10
      Length: ~10 Min.

      I was bouncing around on a basketball court since I was one of those flame things from the T-shirts and then I went into this shack and shape shifted into two different people. I tried to change into Avatar: The Last Airbender characters. I tried a lot of them and I was able to Earthbend, Waterbend, and Airbend. Just not Firebend. The End.
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