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    1. Saturday, July 28

      by , 08-31-2018 at 08:21 PM
      I am going on a hike in some hills (it seems like the area up above Dad’s house and also familiar from another dream?). I think there’s something about taking Melissa or wanting to take her but not wanting it to be too steep or too long for her. At the top of the hill it levels out and seems to be a large, wide open area up here. To my left, there is an incut with pretty tall rock walls and a waterfall cascading straight down, about 20 feet back. There are a few other people here, walking around and looking. I don’t remember this waterfall being up here. On the horizon, I can see more small and long waterfalls and pools of water. I move my position and they disappear like an illusion.
    2. 18-01-XX Flying Shenanigans (Waterfall), Computer Simulation

      by , 01-21-2018 at 06:06 PM
      I was flying over a city surrounded by water. I think my brother was there too, flying an airship. We were kind of playing around. I tried to bring down enemies by manipulating the ocean water below me and pulling them out of the air, or by pushing them away with TK. Sadly, none of these powers worked. My notes say Yoda was somehow involved, too. At some point I flew low over the city, and ran sideways across a fence (an impossible wall run). Someone on the street saw me. All of this was accompanied by a loud Eurobeat soundtrack. At some point, people and buildings become huge (or I became tiny) and I had to start flying really, really high for some reason. Samuel L. Jackson?

      In a second dream, I flew along a coastline. But I felt strangely out of control. Spinning around my axis while I kept going in the same direction. An older person on shore noticed me.

      I flew towards another city. This one had a very specific 'feel' to it. It was near a big waterfall like the Niagara falls. I (of course) felt the need to fly through the waterfall at full speed. The soundtrack of this dream was 'Long Tall Sally' by Little Richard. I landed somewhere on the riverbank (sloped, open piece of land) and helped rescue a black kitty together with some other guys. Carrying bottles of compressed air? The entire time, I felt like I was controlling the plot.

      I was on a train. I looked out of window, and everything looks really weird. Everything was 'blocky' and in black and white. I thought this was evidence I was inside a computer simulation (rather than a dream). I was studying the environment because I was convinced there were patterns that were trying to tell me something. A sign, or something. The other characters on the train were very annoying, though. I hit one of them, and he vanished. I felt guilty because I hurt one of the simulations, and I felt like I wasn't supposed to do that. Like, my anger would make me fail the challenge. Later on, I had to solve puzzles. I moved through a shopping area inside a train station. I fantasized about blowing everything up if the DCs kept annoying me. At the end of the dream, I sat on a ledge of sorts, and threw something down to the DCs. We were solving a puzzle together?
    3. 9/7/17 - Monsters and Puzzle Pieces

      by , 09-07-2017 at 05:32 PM
      I'm in a cave. It's a tight fit and I'm searching for all the pieces to a puzzle. I see tons of pieces scattered all over the cave floor and I start to gather them. Suddenly I hear noises and look up towards the entrance. I see a group of dinosaur-like monsters. They are huge and they can talk. I back up further into the cave and try to hide behind a column of rock. They pass by slowly and I hear them talking about finding the puzzle pieces as well. Before they can all pass one of them sees me and immediately comes after me. I take off running. I make it to the edge of a cliff. There's a waterfall and huge river. I turn back around and the group of monsters is close to me. One by one they throw themselves at me. I'm scared but each time they come at me I reach out my hand and they are defeated. They either disappear or become an inanimate object. And each time it happens I become more and more confident by my hidden power. Once I defeat them all, I look at the river and notice a boy in a spider-man mask floating closer to me. He's about to go over the waterfall. I jump into the water and catch him. He has a giant floating device stuck to his feet that's keeping him from standing upright. So i grab his waist and take off the device. I notice it's also attached to his pants so I take those off as well which leaves him completely naked from the waist down. He stands up and I take off the mask. He smiles at me and thanks me. I smile back and place my hand on his lower back. He's taller than me. He has dark skin and wavy black hair. He's maybe 15 or sixteen. I stare at him and I know that he is mine and that I'm meant to protect him and love him. He's precious to me somehow. I wrap my arms around his waist and hold him tightly.
    4. #220 - Gingerbread man / Waterfall

      by , 04-03-2016 at 07:23 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I wrote this up earlier and forgot to post so I'm just going to write up a very brief version...

      Dream 1 - Gingerbread man
      Evil doctor gets put in a sarcophagus by these teenagers who wanted to act as the hand of justice. I'm an investigator and try to find him, I enter the crypt where he's supposed to be and find one of his evil experiments (a zombie). I'm in a room and the zombie is now a small gingerbread man with a missing leg. A delivery man enters and sits down, I tell him not to because the gingerbread man is under the table, it bites him and he gets infected. I try find it but it's missing, which means it's learned to crawl. Me and the man turn to look at one another and share the same thought of "Oh shit... It's... LEARNING?!?".

      Dream 2 - Waterfall
      I'm on a field trip with a bunch of people, it's a nice sunny day. We're on the side of a road taking a lunch break, there's a waterfall which everyone is keen to jump off but it's too high. A guy told me that my friend Daniel jumped off with goggles, I knew he was lying. I go find my friend Daniel and he tells me he didn't jump, he's also surrounded by girls. Everyone is now heading to jump off the waterfall (it's not too big anymore but it still is.. So it doesn't make sense). I catch up to the people at the back, one of them is a different Daniel I know. We're about to cross the railway, a train is coming so we have to wait while the rest of the class goes ahead. Now there's an obstacle course thing we're navigating, I lose Daniel and this other guy I was following and they hop onto a minecart. I just manage to spot them before they disappear into a wooden tunnel ride. I follow on foot and duck my head to crawl through the entrance. Eventually I catch up and I get pissy, "Where is the waterfall?!?! It was right in front of us so what the fuck is going on?!".
      I didn't really understand it was a dream I guess.

      I went to sleep again today around 11am, I just felt so comfy and tired and my cat cuddled up to me for a while. I had a similar dream again.. The same idea of trying to get something but not being able to do. It should be right in front of me but just keeps getting further away. Weird, I've only really just noticed that my dreams have a sort of underlying story theme. I'll try pay more attention to this I guess.
    5. Cat Meat and Nice Vacations

      by , 12-28-2015 at 01:28 AM
      I was playing with some pieces of cat separated into parts like it was ready to eat. It was disturbing a little since I think of cats as pets and not food. But in my dream memory I'd seen cat being served like that before (and I have actually had similar dreams before). Anyway, I decided I wasn't hungry.

      Then I was on a vacation with my family. I remember my parents and younger niece being there, but there were others too. We were somewhere in New York. We kayaked along a river to a waterfall. Me and my niece were the first ones to make it to the waterfall as the other ones were still kayaking close behind. We climbed some rocks up the waterfall to the hotel room, which was on top of the waterfall, with one wall opened to the outside. The first thing my niece spotted was a hot tub so we got in it. I thought it would be nice after the long kayaking trip through the cold water. It was a big white hot tub with jets but the water was really cold. Me and my niece were talking about how hot tubs were supposed to be hot, so even though I didn't mind the cold water, I found a hot/cold switch on the side of the tub and switched it to "hot." As the water was warming up I thought about how hot tubs sometimes give me headaches and thought I shouldn't stay in there long after the water gets hot.

      I looked out over the river and it was very pretty, winding through some trees. I found a map in the hotel room. It was a big map that was rolled up and pulled down with a cord. I couldn't tell if it was an accurate map of New York because I hadn't really closely examined one before.

      The next thing I remember I was with my parents and my dad was driving down a red brick road that was actually a pedestrian walkway. Another driver had made a similar mistake and was driving down some brick steps that were also part of the pedestrian walkway. People were staring as the driver was stuck on the steps. People were trying to direct the drivers to the actual road.

      Then in another dream I was vacationing again with my boyfriend somewhere. I was digging a green fuzzy plant out of the ground in the woods but the ground wasn't normal ground. It was softer and was as easy to dig through as an apple but the texture was like rubber. It was a light orange color. Then I was somehow mining out pretty rocks with my hands. I pulled out a pretty, irregularly shaped bright green rock. I pulled out pretty transparent whitish rocks. I pulled out some transparent rocks with square shaped patterns. I showed the rocks to a woman and was talking about how cool and pretty the rocks were. I thought I could just take the rocks for free but the woman said I had to go into the building and pay a fee to take the rocks. Different rocks had different fees. I was disappointed but went into the building because I wanted to get the rocks I could afford. I saw the signs with the different fees for the rocks. The building seemed kind of empty as I walked to different rooms. It was like a museum or educational type of place.
    6. New adventure

      by , 11-09-2015 at 09:58 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      There was a beautiful sunset. I was a freelance adventurer. I stopped for a while in a ruined cathedral. It was a place long forgotten, and everybody avoided it due to rumors that it was haunted. I knew that these rumors were false, and I could freely rest there. I wasn't able to see anything from frescoes on the walls. It was after a long journey, but I already thought about new adventures. I decided to take my stuff and go on.

      The cathedral was placed atop a high cliff. Looking down I could see valleys, forests and villages. Elevation was slowly moving down when I moved on. There was a river flowing nearby. I followed the shore until I reached a monumental and beautiful waterfall.

      Adoring beauty of the sight, I let bandits to surprise and ambush me. I quickly drawn my sword and charged into battle. After a few small cuts I received, I've fallen into rage and slain all of them with a few quick swings. Looting these bandits I found map of their hideout - it was in the swamps down the waterfall. I jumped down, and fallen into water.

      I had troubles with swimming, but I managed to get to the surface. I quickly moved to the shore and searched for bandit camp. There I slain every bandit I could see.
    7. Sacrificial Luge

      by , 07-12-2015 at 01:29 PM
      We have crash landed in an unfamiliar land or world. I have some nice gold jewelry with me that I keep with me, we leave our plane while it is getting repaired. I spend time on my own each day with locals learning customs, especially enjoy frequent (daily?) rides in dugout canoes with the priests and priestesses down an under-mountain water luge. It is serious, but a fun ride! at the top there are always two canoes, and one female will ride to another tunnel on the left, lying in her canoe after we say goodbye ceremonially and head to the right. Everyone here is very fair, tall, blonde, and they all wear white. I believe the tunnel to the left goes through some falls to another part of city... One day, I have come to be so bored and tired of being there that I decide I will ride with the woman. They others try gently to dissuade me but I am adamant and they let me get in -- then my mate (handsome channing tatum type) shows up out of nowhere, gets very upset and says no, I can't go, and explains that those falls take the priestesses to their death, this is a sacrificial rite. Wish someone had bothered to tell me that earlier! I get out of the canoe, and say fine, but let's leave this place. He says we have no fuel. I go over to the old priest sitting nearby at a desk and give him a bracelet with orange stones in it -- ask him to fill up our plane in return. He says he can do better than that, and proceeds to give me a massive fortune in their currency (three small bags of white gold-like dust), explains that the stones in the bracelet are worth enough for me to live in luxury for the rest of my life. I agree, the bracelet was just a trinket to me anyways, and we leave.
    8. Christian Grey and Waterfalls

      by , 04-13-2015 at 01:36 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      April 12, 2015

      You're Back Already?

      Fragment I remembered randomly: I was at home, and so was my little brother. I saw him sitting on the couch and at firstthought he had just come for the weekend, but he had all of his stuff with him too. I asked if he was done with school now, and he said he was. I said, "ALREADY?!" and that's about all I remember from the dream haha.

      Christian Grey's Mansion

      I was in a large mansion with Christian Grey. We were just talking for a while; he seemed less of a creeper in my dream than he was in the movie (didn't read the books so I can't attest to that). Then he got out duct-tape and a whip, and I was like "WTF are you planning to do with THAT." He looked at me like it was obvious, and I was fine with having a little tussle with him, just not that way. I told him as much (a little bit more vulgarly), and he said that if I could keep away from him for half an hour, he would put them away. But if he caught me within half an hour, he would get to use them. The thrill got me more excited, and he promised to not actually whip me, so I agreed. He smiled and closed his eyes and I started running through the halls of the mansion. All was well until I ran into a booby-trap. I started sinking into the floors of one of the hallways...

      He hadn't mentioned anything about booby-traps. This made me freak out because if he hadn't told me about the booby-traps, he expected to win the game, and he might have lied about not using the whip on me. I heard footsteps and freaked out more, fell all the way through the floor, and landed in a room. I started to run, and ran into more booby-traps and the halls were like a maze. I could have sworn Christian was around every corner. Then I came to a room with a panoramic window from floor to ceiling. The mansion was in a desolate, red, volcanic landscape. I could tell that I would die within minutes if I stepped outside the mansion.

      I didn't know how much time had elapsed since the start of our little game, so I didn't know if it was safe to let him find me now. Somehow through my fear, I was still up for sexytimes. As long as there was no whip. Duct-tape I might tolerate either way, I like the feeling of sticky tapes. But no whip. So I continued to hide from him (didn't think to look at my watch to keep track of time, silly me. Might have gotten lucid if I had, too!)

      Eventually he did find me, but it must have been more than 30 minutes because there was no whip and no duct-tape involved~

      I took a nap around 5:00 and had this dream. I'm not sure if it was a WILD or not, because it was a pretty low level of lucidity. But I don't remember ever actually falling asleep or losing consciousness. Like, the whole time I knew I was awake in bed, but was still having this epic experience. Does that make sense?
      Double-Layered Landscape

      I laid down for a nap and wondered if I could WILD. A few times, I felt the shaking and had a really loud ringing in my ears, but I would slip out of it because of an itch I needed to scratch.

      About the 3rd time this happened, I had been thinking about flying. Gradually my bed disappeared and I felt myself entering a dream with a low-ish level of lucidity... I Was flying and could look over a landscape sweeping below me.

      IT was gorgeous. It was HUG. Everything was on a huge scale. I was flying very high up, and there were vast mountains and canyons and waterfalls all around me. the colors were also vivid and bright. The sky was dawn or dusk-ish; bright oranges and blues and purples.

      I flew around at high speeds, watching for villages. The world was like a less blocky Minecraft. I wanted to know what was on the other side of this huge waterfall, so I flew over the edge of that. It was just like those videos on Blue Planet or Planet Earth. Right over the edge, close to the water. It was all mist and white beyond, so I flew down through the mist to see what was beyond it. I flew fast; for some reason I wasn't scared of hitting the bottom. Once the mist cleared, there was this amazing world BELOW the landscapes I had just seen. As far as I could see, there was a massive cave-like area. Moss grew all over everything; other than the moss and tons of luminescent flowers and leaves ground on the ground and walls and ceilings, there was no other vegetation. Streams of water fell straight down through holes to the over-world. these streams were scattered all around, and it was just so beautiful. I flew around down here for a while and then sought out one of the waterfalls back up to the overworld.

      It was a much narrower one, with lichen and vines and those beautiful luminescent things surrounding me. When I reached the overworld, I flew up high again. I was in the mountains. I flew a little lower to search for a village; I wanted to interact with people.

      I did find a village, but it was in the middle of an evacuation because of some monster that was going to attack. It, like everything in this world, was massive, I was told by a fleeing DC. I felt the dream slipping and slowly became more aware of my bed than the scenes around me. Then
      I knew it was gone, and so I opened my eyes in bed.
    9. Childlike Subconcious (LD #178)

      by , 03-05-2015 at 03:58 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Bedtime: 12:20

      Well, I guess bedtime doesn't determine everything.

      It started off with some dream about driving and walking through an urban area trying to get my cousins to a baseball game.

      Somehow or other, I wound up in what felt like the woods behind my neighborhood. It was tropical though, and everything was green. The dream was very clear despite being nonlucid. I was showing them houses that had been overgrown and abandoned many years ago. We were talking about how we would have liked to live in them in their prime.

      We came to this one house, a huge four story mansion. (Or the frame of one anyway) A massive tree, about 20 feet in diameter and easily 500 feet tall had cleaved the entire frame in half, leaving only two smaller sections standing. Myself and the party of DCs (there were two or three of us total.) were hypothesizing about how the middle must have once looked.

      We made our way around back, climbing over fallen trees. We saw that a river ran along the back of the house. There were waterfalls flowing from the cliff-side into the river.

      "How cool would it be to live with 3...4 waterfalls in your backyard?!"

      I then made an observation of some of the tropical flora. There were fern trees all around us.

      This for one reason or another made me become lucid.

      I stabilized briefly. I then decided that I wanted to go and see my subconscious and tell him/her/it that I wanted more lucid dreams. I shouted "I want to see my subconscious right now!"

      I saw that there was a small double door between two large boulders on the forest floor. The two DCs that I was with walked through it.

      I opened the door after them. It was nothing but blackness. I let myself fall in. I fell for awhile before arriving at this location suspended in the blackness.

      There was a throne chair with a small child sitting in it. Built up around us was the back wall of the throne room, made out of castle stones, and the floor, made up of tiles. This crumbled away about a hundred feet from the chair in every direction, as if this one slice of the castle had been removed from the rest and placed into this void.

      The child (who I guess was supposed to be my subconscious) was wearing a red king robe, golden crown and had a long scepter. Though none of this quite fit him because he was so small.

      There were a couple of guards in strange white armor positioned on either side of his throne. I think Manei and Marcus manifested into the room behind me. I could feel their energies.

      SubC "I am your subconscious, and I am very busy! Each time you say something to me, it's gonna cost you [some kind of special money]. You have 1,800 of it. Go!"

      Me "How come so many of my efforts to lucid dream fail?"


      SubC "Because you didn't do the work I gave to you. Remember Jonathan? Why is he not dead?"

      Me "I did the right thing. He said that he wanted to go peacefully, so me and Manei agreed to let him go."


      SubC "But that wasn't what you were supposed to do!" His tone of voice started to sound a bit whiny at this point.

      Manei "If there is one thing [my name was garbled] taught me, it's that you shouldn't let other people decide who you are. You should [follow your own path or something.]

      I saw that Manei had some kind of money counter for talking to this guy too. She only had about 600 of it. Marcus had no money and therefore wasn't allowed to speak.

      SubC "What? You're taking his side?"

      Manei (mad) "I wish I was never on your side to begin with."

      SubC "Guards, show of force."

      Me "Look at you. You try to control people and [mold them into what you want or something.] And when they start rebelling against you, you threaten them. [If you want people to respect you, you have to earn that respect, not force it out of them or something.]" (My ability to recall dialogue is horrible.)


      SubC "Stop it! Stop it! It's not true! Guards, Seize them!" (He started sounding more and more like a whiny child.)

      The two guards began to advance on me. The dream started to fade. I saw my 'money' was starting to tick down.

      Me: "The way you choose to remove me from your presence rather than learn from me proves just how weak and immature you really are. When you [grow up a little], you will see that I was right about everything. I see no way we can come to an agreement if you are going to act like this."


      The dream cut to black here. I had an FA, but somehow still remained semi lucid. I was on the steps of one of the dorm complexes at my college.
      Spoiler for Sexy Toys:

      There was also a part where I dreamed that I was trying to send one of my cats away in a cardboard box that would float like a boat on a lake. I felt like the lake we were at had taken the place of my old middle school.


      I really don't know what to make of this. I don't know why my subconscious was so childlike and closed-minded. He wanted things done a particular way, his way. He wanted no part of anyone else, and didn't want to earn their respect. (Sure, sounds like a much younger me, but I'm sure a lot of us acted that way as children since we simply didn't know any better.)
    10. 11-8-14 Peril at the fitness center

      by , 12-04-2014 at 07:46 PM
      I was in an indoor swimming center. There was a shallow end of the pool, then there was a huge roaring waterfall that drained all the water down into a lower level. One of my friends fell in the pool and was about to be swept down the fall. I pulled him out.

      I saw myself in the mirror. My face was the same, but my hair was about shoulder length. (Longer than it is now.) Then I took a razor and shaved away some of it. I have a scar on my head from a past accident, so I shaved away all the hair that covers it. The scar was bloody and festering, and there were clumps of prickly pine needles that had become matted to the blood underneath my hair.

      My mother, grandfather and aunt and I were working in a grocery store. We all stood around a giant stainless steel vat filled with green olives and crushed them into a paste with special paddles.

      My mother was away from home, and I was in charge of my sister. One night she played Pokémon on her Nintendo in her room all night long. Then the next evening my mother came home. She had bought me a pair of silk pajamas. ("Thanks, mom.") They were sort of navy blue with white stripes. The bottoms were only knee-length but the top was long-sleeved. Then I told her about my sister and her gaming. Mom said she had talked to a man about taking my sister and I on an endurance trek through the Himalayas.

      We had a miniature pinscher named Trickster.

      There were these movies about giant robot elephants. The director said he was inspired by Steven Spielberg.

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    11. Fragment - Nighttime Walk

      by , 11-26-2014 at 01:33 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I fall into an icy river, and race a polar bear to a floating ice berg. We both get there at once, and climb atop to get out of the water. Floating for a little while, we approach a large waterfall. I suspect there are lots of rocks at the bottom, so I jump to shore before falling over the edge. Several people run over the edge of it, telling me to do the same. It is really far to the bottom, so I can't tell if they made it safely or not. I decide it's too risky, and turn from the cliff. Walking uphill, a young lady is next to me, quite short, and I can't see her face. Suddenly, I recognize her, and she's my age it turns out. She climbs on my shoulders and I give her a ride to a small cottage. No one seems to be home, but she wants to check first before we go inside. I take in the beautiful warm night scenery around me as she checks. Not much light, just a dim glow to the grass, the ground, and the cottage. There are some trees in the distance that all blend together into one blob of shape and color. The whole dream seemed rather surreal, and very fluid.
    12. Ld#105: From Lame to Sexy to Freaky

      by , 08-22-2014 at 10:32 PM (Lucid Time!)
      So a dream that goes from lame to sexy to downright freaky in one go.

      The dream actually started off in a rather strange way. I was watching some deleted scenes from Toy Story. I can recall them involving this toy moose who was made out a putty-like plastic and you could shoot these tiny little arrows into him. You could then blow into his mouth to fix the holes. He was talking with all of the regular toy story characters, and he seemed like a sort of perverted, inappropriate character for a kids movie.
      I can understand why that was a deleted scene.
      The dream then came to a minecraft world. I was mining a large quarry alongside a few other dream characters. I mined through a wall and came into what felt like my cousin’s house.
      The dream became much more stable, and lucidity began to come to me. Not all at once, however. It very slowly worked its way into my head over the next couple of minutes.
      I was in my cousin’s living room. There were about ten people sitting in there, some on plastic chairs, All different and all but one unrecognizable. They are all watching something on the TV but the screen is blurry.

      The one person I do recognize is Manei, my own dream guide. (In fact feeling her presence may have been what triggered my lucidity. If it didn't, then it most certainly advanced my lucidity a great deal.) I tap her on the shoulder with the ‘let’s go outside and fly around’ look.
      She gets up, smiles, and walks past me. I notice that she seems shorter than usual. Usually she is taller than me by a good few inches. She walks up the hallway into what would be my cousin’s bedroom. His bedroom is strangely much larger, and feels more like a mixture of my own bedroom and my cousins.
      Spoiler for slightly sexy:

      As soon as I hit the floor, things got weird. I broke through the floor into a black void and I slipped awake for a second, but immediately fell back into the dream.
      I was in a zero-gravity void. It’s a dark grey color. It feels something like I am floating in a very large sphere. There are large white prisms that are partially transparent moving ‘upwards’. They are very shiny and looks to be made of a crystal like substance. I can see my reflection in them. I am no longer naked, I have some beige pants on. While I am in the void, I can feel that Manei is still there. She’s above me? Next to me? I can’t see her, but I feel like she is everywhere at once. I actually thought that I might be ‘inside’ of her somehow.

      I begin to hear a rumbling sound, sounding much like a large waterfall. A bluish-white light appears below me, and begins growing. The prisms start moving past me faster. I fear what would happen if one were to hit me. I see one of the prisms is going to hit my head. I brace for the worst, but it passes through. As it does I can feel it’s energy.
      My lucidity has gone into a wild tail-spin. I enjoy being fully lucid to being completely unaware that this was a dream several times in the few minutes. I feels as though I am fighting something to remain lucid. Eventually the light is blinding and surrounds me and I am falling inside a heavy rainstorm, the crystal prisms have changed into the rain droplets. I hit the water below. The water is cold and feels thick, like floating in syrup. I look around at the bottom, and amongst the scattered boulders, I see Manei, still naked. One of the crystal prisms is stuck through her, right below her left breast, with a stroke of blood drifting off in the current. But I can still sense her energy; she is still alive. (Come to think of it, I don’t think she can really die in the first place. From what I can gather, she can only die temporarily)
      I grab her and pull her off of the prism, that is stuck into to the bottom of the water. I pull her back to the surface. She feels much heavier than she should. It’s terribly difficult to swim up until I remind myself that I am dreaming. I can breathe, even under this thick water. Weight means nothing! I pull her to the surface, and break through.
      There is rain falling all around us, like a heavy rainstorm. The sea below us becomes solid and heavy, like glass, and we are able to sit or stand on the surface. I’m still holding her, and her body is still searing hot. Then I realize. It's not heat, it's... electricity. No. It's energy of some kind. Whatever it is I don't like touching her. I put her down on the surface of the water, despite the fact that I am lucid, and I know that I cannot be burned. But I can’t stand that sensation on my arms any more.
      I realize she looks more like the ‘real’ Manei. There is a few moments of pause. All I hear is the water falling all around us. Then her eyes shoot open, she sits up and spits up bloody water all over me (gee, thanks). She clutches the hole left by the crystal prism and looks up at me.
      “I’m… I’m okay but what happened?”
      “You tell me!!!”

      And in a flash, I’m awake. No mess in the bed, luckily.

      Lesson Learned: That is the first, and last time I will have sex with anybody in a dream.

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    13. Meditation Induced Recall: Manei's Past (Also some other stuff)

      by , 08-13-2014 at 01:05 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was meditating last night, with a focus on Dream Recall and I began thinking about a dream that I had written about in my old dream journal. It was the story of how Manei (My dream guide) had come to be. Then new flashes that I didn't recall came in that filled in many of the gaps in the story.
      These all feel like dreams that I had at one point or another. I tried to piece them together based on the age she appears as in the dream. That might not be the best way to tell it, as her age can vary from dream to dream. But here is the story as accurately as possible.

      The original dream takes place in this old west town. Everything looks like a well drawn anime. Something along the lines of Attack on Titan style. The town looks like your typical western town though there is this ridiculously huge train station-hotel type building near the railroad tracks.
      The story roughly follows a young man with brown hair. He's kind of thin and scrawny and has bright blue eyes. (Kind of a typical anime protagonist) He works a job at some kind of news printing shop on the third floor of the big train station. He works long hours typing, and his boss is very mean, and isn't paying him well.
      Eventually he finishes his work. He goes out and about in the old west town for awhile where it becomes clear that he isn't very liked by the people in the town. He gets bullied by some thugs that take what little money he has earned.
      We then get a love interest. Apparently, the only thing keeping this boy going is the hope that he could win over this one woman. She is a young girl with blonde hair from a very wealthy family that has invested in the town's gold mine (or something) and were visiting to see the progress. They were also the company that had built the giant train station, and the company that employed the boy.
      We see he finally gets the confidence to ask the girl out, but she says no, and later leaves on the train along with her family. The train looks strange as well. It has very large wheels.
      So the boy becomes very depressed. We see him walking through the old west town when he comes across another woman.
      Then, in a back alley, we see the woman that would be her mother. She looks a little like Manei with the darker complexion and in being very tall. But she also has this unusually shapely body and small, saggy breasts. Her face looks wrinkled as well, and she has grimy teeth. Probably from all the smoking. She is sitting Indian style on this red and gold woven rug and smoking out of some golden genie lamp type thing. She looks probably twice as old as the boy, maybe more.
      The woman tells the boy that she is on some kind of spiritual journey away from her tribe to find her soul-mate, and through some careful observation of him, thinks that he is the one. Heartbroken, broke and depressed, the boy accepts marriage with her.

      It is a year later, and we see that Manei is now being born. I can't recall where exactly, but it felt like they were back at the tribe. From what I can gather about the tribe, they live somewhere tropical, some island over the ocean, in these beautiful oriental styled homes. They find the colors red and gold meaningful and attractive in their tribe. Also in this tribe, it seems as though men and women's roles are reversed. Women hunt, fight and select their partners for marriage. When married, the man will take the woman's surname. It sort of makes sense, because many of the men in the tribe look small and feeble and the women are much bigger and stronger looking.
      Now I cannot recall too much about what happened. About one year after her birth, Manei's mother died, apparently because she had smoked that genie lamp thing too much. Her father was in line to become the husband of the tribe leader. He had his face tattooed up.

      I can recall a fragment when Manei was about five. Apparently she was living with 'grandmother', a 200 year old woman and eldest member of the tribe who took care of all children that couldn't be taken care of otherwise.
      I don't recall too much of the fragment, just that she was playing with the other kids inside a cramped hut. They are all playing with these little toys on this big woven mat.
      The 'grandmother' is sitting across from them, simply presiding in this golden throne-like chair. And what an interesting character she was: Unlike most of the people in this tribe, who seem very slender, she is hugely fat, with this big saucer-shaped belly wrapping around her body. And she is adorned in this ridiculously complex outfit her thinning white hair is tied up in this ugly spiral on top of her head. Her face is so wrinkled and droopy that you can barely make out her features.
      Some of the kids tease her because her dad isn't a 'real' member of the tribe. The 'grandmother' speaks something incomprehensible in this big thundering voice that sounds like thor and scares all of the kids in the room. It scared me too, and I was just 'observing' the story. I think she told them to stop teasing her, because the kids stopped afterward.

      Manei looked to be nine in the next segment. Her father died when the tribe came under attack not too long ago, and the 'grandmother' passed away as well. She is now spending a lot of time with her aunt and uncle who are married but can't have kids.
      Nothing much really happened here. They walk through the jungle to this waterfall like place where they all go swimming. There is this high waterfall (maybe 50 feet) and Manei climbs to the top and jumps off.

      Manei looked to be eleven or twelve in the next segment. In this I can recall her wanting to be a 'fire dancer' that was supposedly some prestigious position in the tribe. And it's just what it sounds like. The dancers take this long stick, that is burning on either end and preform a synchronized, high-energy dance with about 7 or 8 women. I think men can fire dance in the tribe as well.
      She is learning from some of the older girls in the tribe who looked to be about the age she is now. She is practicing with a stick that is not burning. She doesn't seem to be that good but is rather obsessed with this trick where she balances on top of the stick with a handstand. All of the older girls are really jealous, so they say that if she tries that trick during the dance she would just get burned, and they kick her out of the group.

      In the next segment, she was maybe fourteen. There is a big gap in what happened and why. But she is now studying with these monks in how to become a dream guide. Given she is about the same age as I am, this was really close to when I began lucid dreaming. But there is also a gap because I already established that she was in my dreams before I started lucid dreaming. Explanation please.
      That said, this was a very strange location. The monks live in a monastery on top of a mountain. The inside of the monastery, or at least the room they were in looks like a dungeon though, with stone walls and these torture devices.
      The monks are like midgets. Maybe 2'6" with giant heads for their bodies. They have tattoos that are quarter-sized black dots running in a line up their the back of their heads down their faces.
      Manei apparently had to shave too, because she has no hair. She looks very strange shaven. The monks are presenting her with a gold belt and telling her she has to compete in some kind of fighting tournament.

      That's the end of the Manei story, now some other stuff. Rhis was recall from last night.

      Something to do with me riding my bike through across a boardwalk through this swamp area. It feels like I am riding through my town. I 'remember' that there was some sort of time travel involved and this was actually the distant future.

      I can recall some being told some other story. This one told in a style that looks like a Tim Burton film. The story is read to me by the grim reaper who is sitting in a small bed floating in a blue void, and reading it out of a big book.
      I can't recall the story as well as the one about Manei, but the story follows a girl who can't seem to fit in. So she tries to kill herself and see if she will fit in in the afterlife.
      She becomes a zombie and tries to hang out with zombie girls throughout the majority of the movie. At the end, we see her kill her zombie form and become reborn as this blue troll creature on another planet.
      There is also some part of the story that involved Groot and Rocket Racoon (from Guardians of the Galaxy) playing a game of pool, but I can't recall how that fit into the main story.
      There is also some recurring theme in the story that whenever the main character (the suicidal girl) wants to get somebody's attention for one reason or another, she will knock on the wall behind her.
    14. Dive from the Angel Falls.

      by , 11-13-2013 at 07:30 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Dive from the Angel Falls. (L-DEILD)


      I went from sleep paralysis into a second lucid dream.

      I spawned in the same place I was before, but there were no sharks or anything... I was in the middle of nowhere.

      I started to fly high and then, I decided to land at the Angel Falls. I did successfully and I was on the top of them. I could hear the noise of the water falls, even though they sounded like a shower...

      I just jumped, head first al the way down through the falls. I went into the water fast and dove to the bottom of it. There were some treasure chests almost like the ones from my previous dream.

      The very bottom of the falls was like the bottom of a pool... weird, but is what I found.

      While I was underwater, I started to recall what else to do. I was sure I was required to do more things as usually the ToTY have multiple tasks, but I could not recall any. I thought I would fail this one due lack of memory.
      (Glad it was all I needed to do)

      Since I had no idea what else to do, I decided to do another L-DEILD and chain a third dream and do another ToTY... but I realized that I have done a lot and I did not want to risk forgetting the whole thing, so just woke myself up successfully (no False Awakenings.)
    15. Icy fountains

      by , 10-06-2013 at 07:00 PM
      Date: 28 Sept

      WBTB: Gingko

      LD: I walk towards a tram station, few classmates are here as well. I am looking for some items, there seems to be an open air store with products piled all around. I think about my plans to ld. Mom is also here. As I look straight ahead, I realize that I am already dreaming. I remember my goal AF and quickly head in an unknown direction, but then remind myself to stop rushing and take some time to look around.

      It is early in the evening and there is a full moon, normal size. As I pass the corner, thinking about AF a fountain structure appears, it has something Greek/classical to it, I think "Poseidon"? There are some statues (don't pay attention of what) and water is randomly sprinkling from them. I want to build AF here and now, using whatever water material is available, so I go closer to the structure. I am wearing sport pants that are sliding down my feet, making it hard to move. I wonder if I should take them off, but remember this is a bad idea and do my best to make them disappear by ignoring them, then continue moving forward without problems. The nearby fountain has a small section with very attractive water and ice surrounding it. I have the strong desire to get in the ice cold water and enjoy the feel of it. It's an amazing feeling but the dream fades and I wake up.

      Mini-ld: I appear in a store and recognize this is a dream. I shortly stare at some prices and erase the ink with my hand. There are tons of winter clothes on me and I feel very uncomfortable. Of course, I start taking them off until I am wearing a T-shirt and feel much better.

      I go out and notice a guy sitting in this street cafe. The dream starts to destabilize, so I join him and tell him I need his help with stabilization. I hold his small child-like hands and examine them. I quickly think of AF and look at a nearby building and there is building waterfall (i.e. water falling from the building instead of rocks). That looks reassuring and I want to go there, but the dream fades.

      I wake up, somewhat later and without much involvement on my part I DEILD to the same dream.

      Mini-deild: I am looking at the face of the same DC and wonder about the whole dream resuming like this. I caress his face and kiss him on the cheeks as a stabilization tech, but the dream doesn't last long and I wake up.

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