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    1. Sunday, August 25

      by , 09-23-2019 at 09:14 PM
      I am at work when Charmi comes to visit. It almost looks more like a house. Scott is here and begrudgingly gets up to get the door for her. He opens it and immediately turns away from her. He talks to her detachedly but doesn’t really look at her. He is sitting and, for whatever reason, I notice his mustache moving slightly as he speaks. Now I think it is just Charmi and me. She asks if it’s been pretty slow, slightly derogatorily. Just as I say ‘yes’, I notice a group of two girls and one guy about my age what definitely look like they’re trying to steal. They all look clean cut and put together, but I notice the one girl carrying a stack of Levis and wearing a pretty full looking bag. The other girl is carrying a small armful of merchandise as well. They are just past what seems to be an opening in the floor for an escalator. I think they notice me eyeing and walking towards them. I walk up to them and don’t even need to say anything before they start tossing the merchandise down onto shelves and displays and walking out. I sort of wander around now and just so happen to walk up on the guy coming back in, on the phone. He notices me, but continues walking and walking with only a slight hesitation. I hear him casually say that he’s just gotten pinched/fucked? (or neither of those, but something similar?) I wonder if he is really trying to come back for something.

      I am with Melissa in what seems to be the ocean, right about where the waves are breaking. We are waiting for them to come in and are riding them for a ways before going back out to catch another. It is simple yet fun. A few big ones start coming in and I fear that they’ll break on us, but they do not. The beach is a slightly sloped expanse of golden sand, upon which I notice only our towels and stuff set up. Everything seems to be lit, though the sky seems to be dark.
    2. Tuesday, March 5

      by , 03-13-2019 at 07:01 PM
      I am in some kind of bathroom or shower room. There are two larger stalls, I think with a toilet and shower head (just on the wall, a drain for the runoff) in each, that are laid out as inverses of each other. There is some girl in the other one. I think that we have been assigned to these at the same time based on us being opposite gender or something to do with our siblings? I am sitting on the toilet in here and can see her showering through the gaps in the stall walls. Her back is facing me, but the side of a breast could still be revealed in a slight turn of her body. I’m more worried about her seeing me though, as I think there’s a mirror in which she could do so. I move my body a bit to where I can no longer see her. Now, I think this girl is gone and Melissa is here in the stall with me. For a moment we were at a double sink counter, me at the left. It felt like we were on a trip and it felt weird to have the left side. I think we’re now holding each other in the shower water and talking. We touch each other.

      I am with Dad and Makayla on a sprawling beach of bright ochre sand. I get the notion to run and jump into the water and tell them I’m going to do so. I run, but when I get to the water I am met with a powerful current that renders me incapable of getting any farther. I keep trying but cannot surmount the bombardment of the unceasing tail end of these ocean waves. They are quite long, and I notice how hard they churn the water.
    3. Massive waves

      by , 09-06-2018 at 02:46 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I'm pretty sure I was lucid this past week, but only briefly and I don't have time to search for where I wrote it down as it's the first week of classes. :/

      Last night, I was on a public balcony/observation deck that overlooked the ocean with my mom and possibly one or both of my siblings. There were some enormous ocean waves going on, and some even spilled over the top of the balcony. However, despite my anxiety, we kept sitting there and chatting for some reason.

      Finally, one giant wave started heading towards us. It was terrifying...And then I woke up.

      For whatever reason, enormous waves tend to be a recurring motif for me in my dreams...
      Tags: ocean, waves
      nightmare , non-lucid
    4. Nonlucids, Some Vivid - August 31

      , 08-31-2018 at 04:21 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Aug 31 2018

      I'm in a house that's based off of my current apartment. I'm running around the room, possibly with a baseball bat/umbrella/wooden sword, opening closets and doors trying to find an intruder. I'm yelling the whole time. I'm trying to protect my fiance. After some time I'm outside under the vine-covered wooden pavilion.

      I'm walking with my fiance down some way in an old world city, vaguely European. There is tan, smooth brick all around, reaching up on the immediate rightin a wall maybe 4 or 5 stories high. There's a similar wall far off to the left, with a canal inbetween. I'm walking down the cobblestoned sloped path, and affixed to the wall to my right, and there are stepped/gradated rails along the wall, one high enough for my hands as well as one that's ledge-like for my feet. I climb up and remember the vivid feeling of the thin rails cutting into my hands as I maintained my grip while my fiance just strolled beside me.

      Had some more nonlucids during this time but can't remember them/can't decipher my DJ (I write in the dark). I awoke at 5:30, went to the bathroom, walked downstairs and drank some apple juice. Went back to sleep around 6:15.

      I'm talking to my boss and the receptionist at my desk. A coworker (D) says "Hey bro," and my boss tells him not to call me bro, but Tyrannosaur. Transition, and I'm reclining in a bed in a warm red room with incandescent light. Either the boss or the receptionist comes into the room (nothing weird). We talk.

      Dreams are more vivid after this point.

      I'm in the office and a mentally challenged classmate from college is telling the cleaning people not to spray cleaner in our four-way cubicle, because he has "smell sensitivity".

      I'm sitting on the floor at the side of the bed from before, showing my sketchbook to D from earlier. He notes how finished everything looks (I internally note this too -- I never finish anything IRL). As I flip through the book, there is a series of 8-15 pages of detailed, beautiful (stylized) waves moving subtly with each picture. As I flip pages, eventually a woman appears amidst the waves. She changes poses once or twice, then becomes a younger (late teens or 20yo) girl. In the dream, I question whether I drew this. D comments "oh wow, lots of girlies in here". As I continue flipping the pages it switches from a paperback sketchbook to a bound hardback, and at the end there are ads (sort of like at the end of a manga volume).

      I had a false awakening about writing down my dreams which was also vivid, although mostly I just rolled around in bed.

      Awoke for real at 7:25 dreading work. Had some waking images/a daydream of a thin woman with small eyes and a stern look, wearing red and white leaf print dress. I think her name was Riah (short for Mariah?).
    5. Dream - An Unreachable Seminar & The Dock Of Fort Beach

      by , 05-04-2017 at 09:51 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 4 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 106 - Separated Sections

      Dream 106 A - An Unreachable Seminar
      It was Monday the 14th of February in Katrina's accounting class and she mentioned that we wouldn't be having class on Tuesday the 15th of February because we were going on some kind of excursion. It then skipped to Tuesday and we arrived at the building that this seminar was going to be in. The accounting coordinator, named John in the dream (his name isn't John in real life and his appearance in the dream was also altered) said that we all had to take the lift to the 12th floor. As always, I was scared of taking the lift and so I hesitantly approached John to tell him. Grumpy John followed after me while I tried to find stairs.

      I eventually did find stairs but they only went up to six floors and then it was a dead end. At the top, he grouched at me that we would have to take the lift but I wasn't having any of it. Once we got to the bottom floor again, I said to myself, “Nope, I'm going home”. Just then, my mum appeared and said we could go to the shops. The dream scene then skipped to these shops which looked like a good shopping centre but it was really just one, long, bendy corridor. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 106 B - The Dock Of Fort Beach
      I forgot what I was exactly doing at the start but I do remember these to baby boys, one with hair and one without. My dad would give me one baby to carry but the baby would appear extremely heavy and I'd start to drop him. The dream would always make me lower the babies to the ground and unintentionally hurt them. As I'd then give one baby away, my dad would always offer me the other one and the process would repeat itself. I eventually told my dad that I had enough and so he stopped giving me babies.

      I then found myself walking along a wide version of Canals in Venice. I was on the skinny path side next to the tall buildings while my brother was on the open side which on-looked to distant scenery. He then asked why I was on this particular side and I told him it was so I didn't have to cross later on. He then had to find somewhere to cross over himself... He eventually found a skinny metal bar across the river which he crossed over.

      We then ended up this place called The Dock of Fort Beach which actually wasn't an open coast, it was more like a contained which I remember calling the “basin”. One end of of the so called basin had steep cliffs on each side and as you went further to the other end, the terrain would become more even. My whole family was at that place, including RC (and no, her full name is not "Reality Check"). I wanted to try and “fly” up to the top of the cliff from the lower end of the basin... So I would flap my arms and each time I did that, I would get slightly higher (just how Kirby moves in Super Smash Bros) but I would never be able to get high enough to land on the cliff. I tried again a few times before I gave up.

      I then said to my parents that I was going to “go to sleep for a few minutes” but what I was really insinuating is that I was going to see Dreamy WB for help but I didn't want to say that to my parents. Then I actually shut my eyes and it was just like I was having a light sleep in real life. Although I couldn't see Dreamy WB, my mind was still visualising her (like in real life when you think about things). The basin had no water around but I felt these waves coming over me like I was at an open coast. Each time I knew one was about to come, I'd take a breath in and hold it until the wave went back down. Eventually, a wave went up and completely covered me and that's when I woke up to find myself still in the basin dream scene.

      The cliff now appeared lower to me and more accessible. I tried the same flying move and this time, decided to go slightly higher than the cliff top to ensure I wasn't “cheating”. When I was on top of the cliff, my dad was so amazed that he wanted to take a photo of me. I was worried when sitting in my pose that I was going to fall off the cliff but I didn't. He then took the picture and showed it to me... But the preview on the camera wasn't me, it was replaced with an animated lion's face, like something from the movie Madagascar. I then really woke up.

      There is much more to the "sleep scene" and the effect of the environment afterwards than recounted here. I do have some thoughts to share on it... So stay tuned for my first "Behind The Scenes" Journal!
    6. Tall Waves

      by , 07-02-2016 at 03:47 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was traveling. I was on a boat. I thought it was just a short travel, then we went to the open sea and saw tall waves. I was excited.
      Tags: boat, sea, waves
    7. Waves glistening across the sea 🌅

      by , 05-08-2016 at 01:09 PM
      Yesterday morning I had some beautiful moments before waking with being able to watch the dreams forming behind my closed eyes - waves glistened reminding me of Clarity and wisdom with so much space - the description I heard stays with me and this picture was it. As I watched I am filled with wonder

      I almost joined it fully ✨
    8. First WILD?! (LD #128)

      by , 10-30-2014 at 03:40 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Kind of a funny story behind this one. I was very tired/bored today and at around 6:30 I got in bed and a few minutes later I was out cold. I slept for about three hours until my roommate came in with this random girl and woke me up.
      Then the random girl left and my roomate got into bed as well, I went back to sleep and for the first time ever, I WILDed. And completely by accident.
      I began seeing wispy images, that I was in the water. It was third-person at first, and I was dreaming more about the big waves crashing down on me trying to drown me. Got some good views of my dream-self though. Gonna draw him soon, along with Manei.
      The waves were not as big as they have been in the past, but big nonetheless. I flew in and in the strangest feeling ever I gained control of my body. I was standing in knee-deep water and the big wave was coming down on me, about a foot higher than my head. I used Waterbending to split it, like I had done before. For some reason the Waterbending made like a box cut out of the wave.
      I got out of the water and onto the beach. I was nowhere familiar. Just one of the billions of tropical/beach island locations that my dreams manifest. This island was small and had a comparitively very steep rocky mountain on it.
      I realized how wispy the dream felt, like I could wake up at any moment. I began laying down some aggressive dream stabilization, shouting "I'm dreaming" and clapping and rubbing my hands together to get a better feel for the dream.
      There was no way this dream was going to last for any considerable amount of time, but I should still enjoy it while it lasts. I began walking up the side of the island with the most gentle slope and somehow found myself in the parking lot of my high school, only the high school had been replaced with this huge ornate white building. It was mostly low-laying, but there was this massive clock tower that had to be at least 20 stories high. Quite an epic construction.
      For some reason, I decide that I want to fly to the top of the clock tower. Jets on, I start hovering. For some reason, I find myself hovering just a few feet off the ground. I try to give myself more power to rise higher but it causes me to fly sideways and smash into somebody's car.
      "No! I want to go up!"
      I look back and the building looks completely different; now looking more like my actual high school. When I managed to get a good look from above, I saw that there was this huge wooden boardwalk on the back. It was going out over this lake that isn't there IWL. I wanted to go inside the building and see what I could find, but the main entrance had this huge line of DCs going out of it. There is no way I'm waiting in that. So the only logical thing to do was to try and land on the platform and go in the back door.
      I for some reason, my flying cuts out on me at the absolute worst time; just as I am getting up and over the building. I am flying much faster than I usually do and then my jets just cut out.
      I 'fly' on a trajectory over the building and land on the boardwalk structure. I then proceed to tumble and bounce across it several times, breaking the floorboards of the boardwalk before hitting the railing and breaking that too. This hitting this thing gives me a strange sensation, it's not really pain, but just more of hard impacts with the boards. (I suppose a tumble like this would kill most mortals though.) I try to focus in on the sensation and use it as dream stabilization.
      I sit up, and look back at the path of damage along the boardwalk. A couple of dream characters look at me with looks of shock and confusion. I lose the dream and FA.

      Something to do with my roommate installing a tiny urinal inside our dorm room. (About 6" by 10") There is this little step in the floor that hides the plumbing, and it is this little urinal. I have many a question for him; like how we're supposed to get any privacy and how we're supposed to pee in this tiny thing in the first place, and why we even need it. The dream dragged on for a few minutes before I woke up for real.

      It is now 10:40 where I am. I'm gonna try and go back to bed and see if I can get another lucid. Glad I'm LDing again. Hopefully I can still catch some of my momentum from before. Having only half of my lucid barrier still standing probably helps.
    9. Surfing in the City(Pt 1)

      by , 08-29-2014 at 01:05 PM
      Thursday28th August 2014

      Moon Cycle: 7% illuminated Waxing crescent moving from Virgo to Libra

      Tarot Card of Day: Queen of Swords

      Mayan Calender: White Electric Wind


      I was frustrated and feeling slightly annoyed. Who wouldn't be, after being told that you have to pay for the food at a funeral service. At first i thought it to be some kind of sick joke to play at a funeral, but after my uncle confirmed i put the keish/cottage pie down and left the half hexagon lecture the ceremony was taking place.

      (Scene change):
      I find myself in an artificial wave pool in the centre a city that could be New York.
      A golden sandy artificial beach lines the shore, and fake rocks built into a wall create a surrounding perimeter.

      There's a small crowd out in the water and and mind my own business,duck-diving waves and catching the ones I can.
      My balance is wobbly, and I attribute this to not having surfed for a while. There's a few self conscious thoughts floating around in my head,worrying about how i look while I'm on the wave.
      Suddenly from the far wall of the wave pool I see many old high school "friend"s trying to throw rocks directly at me!
      "Get off of our turf!"they shout
      Angered by this, I'm overcome by the urge to pull the middle finger at them, but think twice.There's many of them,and one of me.
      Another real friend gets close to me from the wall and tells me to ignore them.
      Shortly after, the entire pool is drained of water. It was now apparently the kids under thirteens chance to surf,and everyone was to leave the water.
    10. Fragments

      by , 06-23-2014 at 06:14 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with one of my classic dream signs. I am swimming near the shore of the ocean and large waves come in and crash down on me making it difficult for me to keep myself from drowning.

      I was in some kind of restaurant or nightclub sitting with a large group of dream characters. I'm going to skip over what are discussion was about as it was very immature and inappropriate.

      I know that I got lucid. I cannot recall what induced the lucidity, or what the situation was prior, but I do recall that it was only momentary before I awoke.

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    11. tsunami

      , 05-10-2014 at 12:43 AM
      I had tsunami dream second time.

      In first dream. I am lying on the beach sunbathing with friends and boyfriend and i notice tsunami coming. It was soooo huge. And it seemed so real. I run to them and start running. I quickly realize I didn't wait for my boyfriend and feel bad for it. And he catches up. We run together toward the hill/mountain and start climbing. All the rocks around are light red-sand color. We are fast, but some rocks are not stable and fall as we grab them. At the end we made it. We climb the top and only a puddle came to near our feet. I think after, when all was over, I went back to that beach, not sure who was with me. But it felt like I am there for some reason.

      Last night I had similar dream again but including other guy. (my sort of ex boyfriend, but situation is complex so am gonna call him boyfriend too) Me and my boyfriend were at the shore. Again it was rocky ambient. Again I noticed tsunami coming. We were in this caffe made out of glass, and i pulled him in the other room which was more inside (but all glass walls around). And when the wave was closed I though myself in front of him to protect him. The wave came and it broke all the glass. I saw little pieces of glass flying in front of water like in action movies. I dont remember the result but i think we were fine, both of us. After everything was over, I came back with my parents to that place. At the shore there was a tap sticking out of rock and empty bucket under it. I was sitting with my brother a bit further. There was something scary in the air. There was kind of waiting for some information. Maybe even I could hear radio in the background. Something bad was about to happen in the world. We were waiting to see if somebody out there is going to do that bad thing, and if he did poison would start to drip from the tap. There was even something apocalyptic in that dream.

      I'm sort of going through rough period emotionally. And I think dreams (I dream a lot of weird and exhausting things lately) are trying to help me but I just don't get them. The thing is I am kinda on the fence between these two guys from two dreams and have to pick which way to go in my life - first dream is with newer guy and it feels so light and nice to be with him, and in second dream is old boyfriend, relationship with him drained me but he is (used to be) my love maybe i need to try harder. This is first dream that repeated with different 'actors'. That's why it might be important to me. If anybody feels inspired for any interpretation I would greatly appreciate it.

      Hope I am posting at right place.
      Thank you
    12. Walking Around a Lake

      by , 02-19-2014 at 04:18 PM (David's Dream Journal)
      I was walking with a group of people outdoors. I think Mum was leading the group, but I'm not too sure. I remember asking where Lake Taupo was, and suddenly it appeared to my right. It was big and it was quite choppy out on the water. This looked nothing like the real Lake Taupo in New Zealand. We walked around it for a while and I looked back to where we had come from. I saw some hills, and it was a clear day.
      dream fragment
    13. Waves

      by , 07-25-2013 at 07:30 PM
      Date: 25 July

      Total sleep time: 7 hrs

      Pre bed: 200 mg valerian, 100mg B6, 1 pep. oil capsule

      Dream quality and recall: The dreams were very vivid, recall was good but only noted keywords. I found some dreams emotionally exhausting.

      Challenges: I had trouble falling asleep, and later it was warm and noisy so I couldn't do the proper WBTB and take advantage of the vividness to get more and longer lds.

      Alarm: I set a WBTB alarm as my natural wakes have become unreliable.

      Fragment1: Aggressive DC B6 style (+3 hrs). A person I know behaves very aggressively, I become enraged.

      Early micro-ld (+3 hrs after bed): I am in a city that looks similar to one I dreamt a few months ago. Before I recognize this place I am falling with some kind of flying platform thing? Then I go down the street, looking for the city center, I know it is in the opposite direction. On a very low level, I know that this is a dream, so I daringly look around, trying to get into the closed shops. I get distracted by the stuff they are selling - Swarovski smilies that I consider buying for my mom. I continue down the street, rather non-lucid and see they sell rolled scarves. The one that catches my attention is white/pink and as I pass by the street stall, I swiftly take it and pretend nothing happened. I hurry up, but nobody pays me any attention. Contrary to rl, where I have to look at a manual and the mirror, I easily put the scarf around my head and shoulders and continue down the street.

      All the previous street stalls and sellers were from India, and this street also has some Indian style of atmosphere. It looks a bit trippy too, as I see a few DCs spitting like crazy.I am distractedly lucid and try to avoid this weird sight, as I walk down the street. Yet, the act of spitting catches my attention and I soon see strange spit-related stalagmites appearing all around me. For some reason, my will activates at this point and I say out loud "this is my dream and I have full control". I didn't expect myself to say this at all, so this puts me into super clarity of mind. Contemplating the statement, I focus on the space in front of me and see the little transparent dot (pin head size, that I sometimes notice during the day if I sleep less that 5 hrs). If find this very strange. At this point the dream falls apart and I am back in bed. A DEILD could have been successful, but decided to visit the restroom.

      Fragment: in front of grandma's, I consider climbing a tree, but as my friend confirms there are webs all over the tree so better not.

      Fragment: flying?

      Dream: We are in Belgium and I go in this person's lab, where I mix some stuff. He is arrested as he is the owner, but they will soon be coming after us too. As I am preparing to leave, a woman that lives in his place comes in and tells me they (cops?) are coming. I have to go to the store and admit I am the one that bought something. The woman in the store will recognize me, so I change my appearance. Before I go, I want to listen to a song, but bf interrupts me.

      Fragment: I enter a building, but as I go up the stairs, it turns into shelves stocked with food. As my mind is trying to figure out what the hell is this, I decide that this a small local supermarket, and look at the items there. Lots of expensive cheese and carrot juice. I have climbed on the shelf as am examining all the items. Soon my dad comes in and talks about the food.

      Dream: I am in my hometown, in a small garden, waiting for something I can't remember now, on the ground, when Will Ferrell comes to me. He starts talking in German and there is a touch of aggression in the way addresses me and behaves. I tell him to switch to American, then wonder at my own statement. He makes a few comments in English, then goes to a street stall where they sell books and switches to German again. He forces me to buy 4 books, although I see no sense in reading them (they look very outdated and boring). As I take the four books to him, I remember that I don't have money for all of them, maybe just one.

      Dream: We are going somewhere with parents, and I know we are heading towards the cave as I see boulders being held by protective nets. Before I know it (this felt lucid for a second because the dream skipped), we are already in the cave. I remember I have to crawl in, so I touch floor and walls of the narrow passage with my hands. We continue forward, but unlike what I have expected, there are no other people here and it is absolutely dark. The passage also gets narrower, I see no point in going further.

      Micro ld: I can't remember how this started, I am looking at something (maybe in the cave?) and then it changes so in the darkness in front of me I see these huge ocean waves. I exert control over them, the way I do in many non-lds, but this time I know it was a dream. I am watching this from the distance, as if I am in the cave or in the void and the waves are like a vision/dreamlet in front of me. Then I concentrate on the sound of the waves, I hear them form and crash on the shore over and over, retaining some part of the vision of the waves. I become like enchanted, trying to recall how did the memory of the waves become so ingrained in my subconsciousness. The explanation I come up with is that this is a memory where I am lying on the beach asleep or relaxed, with the waves as the background sound. I feel I am lying on the stomach on the beach, with eyes closed, as if I am relieving a past memory. I am relaxing, semi-asleep, listening to the sound of the ocean.

      Dream: Another person pisses me off and I tell him exactly the same things I was thinking about in the last couple of days (saying them is not advisable irl)

      Dream: I am on the couch with the son of family friends. For a second, I touch his arm, but then think again. No. He tells me he is sorry that his mom is always inviting me to celebrations (like birthday parties, etc.) and that actually he doesn't want me to be there. I understand, I don't want either. I know that his mom has been trying to hook me up with him. (a rather accurate evaluation, his mom is very enthusiastic about us meeting irl)

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    14. College Storm/Oneironaut

      by , 04-30-2013 at 04:49 PM
      I haven't recorded any dreams for a while. So I'll catch up with a few from the last couple days.

      Dream 1 (DV Member Dream):

      I was in college. It was getting really stormy. I was walking from class trying to get to my dorm. Oneironaut was there with me. He was my best friend and protector. He always made sure I got to where I was going safely. Finally we made it to my dorm. I gave him a hug and thanked him for always being there for me.

      I went into my dorm. My roommate Kierra was there with me. It started to rain really hard. We looked out the window and could see the ocean right behind the building. The waves were starting to get huge. Our dorm building was about 20 stories tall and the waves were starting to crash over the top of the building. Every time a wave hit, we huddled as it smashed against the glass. We were so afraid the window would break and we would be washed away.
    15. School; mini-DILD with zombi DCs

      by , 04-30-2013 at 01:44 PM
      Prebed: 1 1/2 glass of soy milk

      Total sleep time: 8 hrs

      Recall method: none, woke up briefly after each dream but was so sleepy, I didn't bother to write anything. Did not attempt WBTB either. Everything is so fragmented now, good thing I still remember although with much less detail the short DILD I had.

      Dream1: We are back to high school and as usual we have to do an extra year. Everybody should be in class soon, I wonder again how are we going to do that. I am waiting for a friend of mine to show up as usual, I don't think he did.

      Fragment2: One of my classmates, her features are a bit strange and now she also has a sister that looks very similar to her. (She actually has a brother)

      Fragment3: On the beach, I am watching the waves. I think somebody, it kind of looked like a documentary and I was part of it, said that here the waves are just the right size to swim and maybe surf?

      Dream4 mini-DILD: The background is grey and a number of DCs that look like zombies are walking towards me. I become lucid. I remember my recent resolution to freestyle during the next lucids and see what I can make out of the situation. I decide that I will use this one to train my reactions. Ok, so they are walking towards me, I don't care at all. I am just consciousness, no material substance, they can't hurt me. They are still advancing, and one comes so close that it actually touches my hand. I feel and see my hand and this destroys my concept of non-materiality. I brace myself for the impact. The dream slowly fades and I wake up.

      Note to self: Maybe I should spend less time thinking and more time acting in LDs?

      Fragment5: I go to the kitchen to look for the bottle of water I bought for myself irl and find that one of our guests has opened it and now holds it in her hand. It is too late to say anything, I just wish this hasn't happened.


      April Review

      Number of ld nights: 9 (3 with double lds)

      Number of lds: 12 (2 WILD, 2 DEILD, 8 DILD)

      Quality: Good, with few exceptions, a few fade away issues and changing the scene is still a challenge

      Recall: I am getting used to having a roller-coaster type of recall. I am not sure if I should place additional demands on that at the moment.

      Things to work on:

      - I think I might go for some flexibility on task completion and work more on stability. (But who knows in what kind of mood I will be?)

      - I also want to go back to a more decent WBTB schedule after meeting all kinds of relatives and friends is over.

      - There are other issues (like changing the scene) to work on but will see how it all goes and deal with them accordingly.

      I got more than I expected in April, so I won't be expecting more than I can get in May. Just keep dreaming...

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