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    1. 31 Aug: Special school, chased by clay animals, weird club and see a dark figure on waking up

      by , 08-31-2019 at 09:14 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At some kind of school I attend. Conan is one of my colleagues. I hope to get his attention but I don't succeed immediately. Everybody wants to be his friends. Then someday he notices me because I look weirder than usual. During a break, I am sorting my make up kit and he stops by and asks what I am doing. He loves my make up boxes and asks if he can try some of it. I welcome him to sit with me. We become best buddies, holding hands and sharing a secret world others don't get.
      Then I need to take a subway somewhere and realize I am in London and don't know exactly where. I see another colleague from school at the train station and think about talking to him, but someone else walks towards him and they both leave. I get on the first train that comes but then I get out realizing I don't have a ticket or clue where to go. I go to a counter but the people behind it sell all sorts of things besides tickets. There is a bag on the ground to my right and I pick it up thinking it fell from somewhere and then some lady starts picking with me and shows me the receipt for that bag which she had bought.

      I am part of a small group of poor kids who were selected to one of the most exclusive schools in the world, located in a palace. On the first day there is a ceremony in which we are introduced to the high society. Then we are left roaming free on the backstage and we go explore some hallways covered in red velvet or white satin and gold. I would normally find it very kitsch, but here it works and I find it absolutely gorgeous. I cry at the sight of the most beautiful library I've ever seen, with velvet curtains and red walls. I do not realize some posh people are gathered there and at least one of the ladies complains about these kids being there. But another old lady, very sweet, asks me why I am crying. I tell her I live in a wooden shed and had never seen anything this beautiful. She becomes my friend and tells me her name is Vesova.

      Some nightmare with my dog Hachi.

      With Riverstone again by car at night. We see a strange animal getting in front of us. A turtle with a toad head making toad noises, but the size of a pig. it is blocking our way. I then see it is not a real animal but made of clay and see that from where he came from, other animals in clay are starting to come to life and move. I tell Riverstone we should get out of there, because there is a big bull among them and I expect him to also come to life. We go up a wooden gate and we close it, but it has a hole in it and a goat comes after us and I have to climb a wall to escape its horns. Then two dogs, not aggressive but curious, also come after me and one bites me a in a butt cheek. Not to hurt but still hurts.
      I find Zilla at the entrance of a house backdoor that leads to a basement. She tells us to go there but the dogs also go in. In any case, they stop biting. This basement is like a club with board games and sofas to chill. But has a strange decoration, full of nets as curtains and also giant spider webs hanging everywhere. Some joke about us being caught in the matrix. I move slowly avoiding the webs, some other girls gets her face into one. Then I see a group at some sofas around a carpet where more dogs lie at their feet. It is the Portuguese President and several sons that look like his clones at different ages. A couple of them invites me to join them and I accept and sit down. One of the dogs has an eye infection, I ask if they are treating it and the guy shrugs his shoulders saying they are going to the vet soon. I take a look and find she has a metal thing trapped inside her eye. I remove it and tell them she might be fine now, but they still need to clean her eye and if she continues sick she needs antibiotics.
      Then I feel a strong gallbladder pain that throws me on the ground crying. They mock me a little, then ask if I am ok. I explain I have a large gallstone and sometimes hurts and suddenly
      I wake up and I realize the pain is real and coming from me sleeping in a bad position putting pressure on my GB. I turn to the other side on my bed and for a split second I see this dark figure leaning over me and I jump in my bed. It disappears and I am left doubting if I saw what I saw.
    2. Spider Webs

      by , 02-15-2018 at 07:57 AM
      I’m walking out on my deck
      I start walking down the steps
      But my eyes wouldn’t open completely
      I see spider webs
      I walk through one
      Near the bottom I see whispy webs
      Then I had a moment where I was out of my timeline
      I thought about those floating webs that float through the air
      Those thoughts became a reality
      And they had landed on the steps and grass
      I say i was out of time because they were suddenly just there
      Then my eyes decided to close completely
      I didn’t want to see if there were spiders 🕷
      I ran across the grass towards the bottom of my garden
      But I thought perhaps I had gotten off track?
      I believed I was heading towards the Cherry tree
      I managed to open my eyes a little
      I see branches and twigs
      I can’t stop myself from going into the tree
      I feel nothing though
      I’m so close, that it shocks me awake

      I had this dream during an afternoon nap. I’m trying to work out what it could mean. I’m waking life I am petrified of spiders, even though I didn’t actually see one in my dream, just white floating webs landing on the stairs and grass.
    3. Small Gifts

      by , 09-12-2015 at 03:12 PM
      Morning of September 12, 2015. Saturday.

      A small beautiful hand is very well-defined and well-rendered. It moves ever so slightly. I appreciate the three-dimensionality of the fingers being slightly closer to me, though I am more in the center of the room at first. There is a sense of deep peace and an essence of bliss. I find myself in a mostly empty semi-dark room with one four-paned window, open only about an inch. There is a gentle rain outside, some of the droplets seeming to fall on large leaves from the sound of it, perhaps elephant ear plants. A young girl in a white hooded dressing gown is webbed to the wall to the left of the window (on my left) but also a bit onto the actual window, mostly facing the wall but slightly turned to the right. The silky, seemingly glowing spider web covers her everywhere, head to toe, and out to the floor a bit, all but her left forearm and hand (though it seems her left shoulder is webbed against the wall). I notice five very small blueberries in the palm of her hand, none touching each other. I do not know who it is, but I assume, because of the ecstatic nature of the imagery and the strange but pleasant sensations in my skin, that it can only be an essence of my wife.

      I take one of the blueberries and eat it and the taste is very sweet. I take a second one after due consideration, and the taste is very slightly different but still nice (as with blueberries in real life, as well as strawberries; each and every one always tastes slightly different from every other). Regardless of being “woven” into the intricate spider web, the girl is seemingly alive and very healthy; just in some sort of “hibernation” perhaps. The scene is not gruesome at all; it is amazingly pleasant (and I see no actual spider at any point, though I suspect it is a redback or black widow that somehow made all the intricate webbing). She does not open her eyes at any point. I consider having a third blueberry, but the sensations in my skin are almost “too” pleasurable, so I leave her with three and I casually throw myself backwards into oblivion, falling into various beautiful abstract images and flashes of pure blue.
    4. Infomercial Dreams

      by , 02-20-2015 at 01:20 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      There are spiders using telekinesis type powers to propel themselves rapidly around my house, stringing strong webs as they go. I chase after them, trying to clean the webs away and close doors to keep the spiders out of the other rooms in the house. One spider in particular is really loud, and is yelling to the other spiders. He's giving a sales pitch, talking about how he has found some high quality katana swords in several colors, he has blue, candy red, and black right now, starting at $1800. They sound cool, but I don't trust the spider.

      I turn a corner and find myself in a coffee shop, cornered by a salesman and woman, trying to sell me their book that tells how to make thousands of dollars a day from home. I know that crap is all a scam, so I get up to leave, but am blocked in by several tables and chairs, stuck in the corner. I squeeze by, and the salesman makes an offer for me. If I buy the book for $45, he guarantees I'll get $500 today, and if not, I can return the book for a full refund. In the stupor of the dreamworld, I accept his crazy offer and pay him the $45.

      I wake up briefly and notice that infomercials are on TV, so I turn the TV off and go back to sleep.
    5. Another Dystopia

      by , 12-04-2011 at 12:26 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a classroom. We were watching a professor flipping a paper that shows examples and drawings. I think he was wearing glasses and looks Caucasian.

      One picture he presented is the "future," he said. I was surprised to hear this. It was a dystopia. There are jumbled buildings, and there's a huge entity trapped in a web connected to buildings. It looks like a complicated symbol, struggling to escape.

      Then he "moved" his consciousness to a huge robot, and "channeled" his energy to two smaller ones on top of a building.

      We were hiding, but not sure from what. I seems it wasn't from the robot, but from other humans. It's dark. Night. We ran to a building. One of us (me?) checked with a network through a device to see if there are other people nearby. "It" said there are a few in some housings nearby. One of us wanted to check them out, to see if they are peaceful. The rest just wanted to hide.

      We were inside the building. It was a concert. It looked like the La Salle Bacolod coliseum. Some are performing on stage. I was also supposed to perform on stage. An Asian-looking manager told me to say/wear/do something, and I told him don't worry. But when it was my turn, the music died, and I held on an imaginary microphone. I looked at the huge screen behind me, and it shows some Asian guy singing. Do I look like him, or was I just supposed to lip-sync?

      I was near the beach, with some people. I walked away from the buildings and people, and went toward the beach. I sat down, and a few others joined me. One guy in particular told me I can stay with them. I thanked him. They left.
    6. Salamander and the Scorpion

      by , 02-07-2011 at 04:48 AM
      I was starring at my wall from my bed. I noticed a spider web (checking there is a similar web in this corner) with a red Newt trapped in it. (I saw two recently while on a walk.) My girlfriend emerged from the bathroom and I pointed it out.

      We both sat there starring at it a moment and my focus widened to reveal that now we were starring at my paneled ceiling. One of the panels was removed and a larger nasty looking network of spider webs was there. At this point, the two of us fell backwards onto the bed to match the depth and location of the visual.

      A large scorpion emerged from the darkness along the webs to devour the Salamander.

      This seems like another throw away dream, but here again is the new transition element I used to enter a TV scene in my last recorded dream.