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    1. Tuesday, February 19

      by , 02-22-2019 at 02:29 AM
      I am at some small event in some smaller event room. There are people from work here as well as Sage and maybe her boyfriend. I have come here with Makayla; I think it is somewhere in California. Makayla calls Mom to ask if we can stay here for dinner. I say, mostly to myself since she’s on the phone, that Mom could throw us a 20 and it would help. Mom says yes, inciting a subdued bout of excitement. I envision taking an Uber back just as a humorous scenario, mentally gawking at what it would cost if they even go that far. I am seated now, at the end of one of two tables that abuts the other. Against the wall and on smaller display tables are the beers on tap. Each actually looks like its own little machine - they range in appearance from slushee machines to small drink vending machines, etc, each with their own design for the beer within. Evelyn from work is looking at them all, very closely. I wasn’t going to go up and look at them alone, so I take this opportunity. There are some fairly good options, but nothing amazing. I think I see the Sierra Nevada Torpedo. I think there is a porter and a hefeweizen, the hefe in what looks like a pineapple yellow pina colada machine. I think its name is slightly off - actually Heineken or something? I think I decide to pass on it because it seems like a bad imitation of the style. I think I end up with a glass of the Torpedo. I’m now seated again, across from Sage and maybe her boyfriend. The apparent host, a petite, bald, bespectacled man wearing a white apron around his waist, is coming around and jovially making sure everything and everyone is okay. Everyone seems to be uplifted by this quaint man’s demeanor. He takes Sage’s order, which is ‘spare pork’. I now see a plate of it in front of her, three or four generously sized slices of pork. He looks at me now, and I want the same thing, but ‘spare pork’ sounds wrong, so I say instead ‘the same thing’. I notice my drink is a few sips away from being empty. I want to order another while I have the service available, but I also don’t want to ask for more while I still have some.

      I am working a wedding. I am standing outside and near the entrance gate to what seems to be a large, upscale country club. Everything seems spread out, showcasing the grassy, and in places marshy, land. It seems like a pleasant day. I am holding a fairly big gift bag - it is for the couple whom I just saw but now cannot find. I feel sort of out of place. I want to get this gift to them, but guests keep showing up, expecting me to direct them. A lifted, impossibly white truck approaches; the driver is impeccably clean cut and dressed in an effortlessly classy and flattering suit. Through his open window, he tells me that he likes my shoes. They are my new ones (that I bought at work). I’m also wearing dress pants and a tucked dress shirt. He now asks me where the ‘halfway point’ is, and I hesitate. He asks again, kind of snootily, as if I should know right away. It makes me feel kind of stupid. I then recall an image of a white line on some asphalt, so I tell the man to continue on and he will see the halfway point marked with a white line, gesturing with my hands. To my left, I see the asphalt walkway meandering through and then becoming obscured by some tall grasses. I see men in suits walking with girls in dresses, all pastel colors, and it is idyllic. I now start walking, but I am not on any walkway. The ground is marshy; my feet start to sink enough to get the tops of my shoes wet. Beth has apparently been watching me and asks what I’m doing. I inwardly agree with her sentiment and start to come back. I still want to give them this gift though, so I start again, though this time I seem to be holding onto some kind of ledge and traversing with my feet also on some small lip of something more solid than the marsh. It all seems cramped and small and obscured by the foliage. *It is as I’m doing this that I hear my alarm go off.

      Mom is in my room and has apparently been going through my stuff, as she is holding up what’s left of a joint in a plastic bag that was hidden in my laundry basket. She seems really upset, mad, or disappointed. I’m not sure why; it’s really not that big of a deal to me. She’s also holding some new clothes she got for me. There are some tank tops on hangers and some red and blue underwear that look more like Speedos. I take them and hang them in the closet; they are a tight fit. I think I’m getting ready to go to class or work.

      I am in the bathroom with Melissa. I am naked at least from the waist down, and using some hair removal cream? on my pubic region. For whatever reason, I start rubbing it on my lower legs, until it starts to feel like there’s less hair (I didn’t intend to remove the hair on my legs). I tell Melissa I just accidentally removed all my leg hair and she doesn’t believe me. I rub my legs, feeling only skin and stubble.
    2. 9 Feb: Monsters and a wedding

      by , 02-09-2019 at 10:43 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Inspired in the latest Sandra Bullock movie, which I haven't seen, I am with some kids and friends in the country. There is a haunted house we are in, teaching the kids on how not to be attacked by the ghosts. They react to thoughts and emotions. When we think about it, they appear. We make a giant dark figure stretch his arms through a door, almost getting us. But as long as we have no fear they can't harm us, so I face the monster fearlessly and he can't touch me.
      Then someone inspired by Game of Thrones or whatever, projects on us some hardcore body armors with helmets with long horns and secret weapons and turns us into ass kicking warriors, so no one is afraid of no ghosts anymore.

      Going to marry Jaime. I am organizing my own wedding and it is a vegan wedding. The music for the aisle walking is the Imperial March. I am doing all preparations myself. All guests are seated and I am in my dress but I am also with a mop and a bucket doing last minute cleanings. The groom is late so someone decides we should have the food first. Then some last minute guests come and Cory Booker is one of them. My friends don't know him, I tell them he is a candidate for president of the USA and vegan. One asks me if he is democrat or republican and I answer. We seat and we eat soup.
    3. 30 Nov: In love with my best friend who is marrying a girl I hate

      by , 11-30-2018 at 03:52 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      There is an earthquake or something. Everybody gets evacuated from home, but I go back to get some food. I had some giant potatoes cooked and ready to eat which I store in plastic containers to take. The building starts swinging side to side, collapsing but I stop the swinging by playing as a counterweight (duh).
      Outside people are jamming the roads, everybody is dressed like the 50's.

      My best friend is having his wedding in a castle. I am actually in love with him but never told him. He looks like Chris Pine and his girlfriend is Jennifer Garner. I don't like her, we have a history and she must have skeletons in the closet. Some guy she knows appears before the wedding and kidnaps her with intention to rape her. My friend goes after them, but he gets injured in a leg and can't keep up. The bad guy sees a chance and hangs him. His ghost comes to me and takes me to where his body is. But he is not yet completely dead, stuck in a limbo, I do CPR and I save him. Then he goes to save his future wife.
      Later on, with his girlfriend safe, we're back in his room where he thanks me for saving him. His eyes are full of love. I go away and another friend who was watching at the door tells me that we should have kissed right there, because he clearly is in love with me and would not go through with the wedding. I tell him I couldn't do it, I didn't want to ruin his wedding. If he hadn't figured it out before, too late. Still, I have hopes that he will come after me, but he does not.
      I go down some spiral staircase and end up in a patio where I scream out of my lungs that I love him.
      I start getting lucid, realize the details and clarity of the scenario and enjoy being in that state for a while.
      (woke up)

      In some holiday place with a bunch of guys who do not seem really happy to have me with them. One of them is a surfer and he says let's go to the beach and he will teach us how to surf. I say I'd like to, he looks annoyed, but doesn't know how to decline.
      We are staying in some type of dorm and downstairs there's a kind of shuttle pods on rails that take us directly to the beach. He takes us to a small and hidden beach that looks heaven. I try to take pictures of this place but can't find my phone.

      (wake up)

      Some scenes with my father and me testing a new precinct for my dogs, with individual kennels and a common area and access to a lake. The dogs are happy. I have trouble directing them to the kennels and some find a door open in the back and run to the lake. But it's fine and all my dogs are gathered there and not fighting so I am happy too.

      Then at some place like a restaurant cleaning up a mess, raw eggs and soup all over the floor. Maybe I work there, not sure. I get to a backroom, with the cleaning stuff and I have a close encounter with a vampire. Not a human like, but a Nosferatu bat-like vampire with wings. He is flying from place rt place, trying to bite me. But I somehow affect him with a strong light and throwing on him an acid used for cleaning. At some point he is actually scared and trying to run away. I guess I owned him.

      Visiting the restaurant of my friend Ax-man. He moved his business to a new place, much larger, also very different, but he seems to be having success. Lots of kids from college go there for lunch, it's quite noisy and chaotic. It has long rooms one after the other, connected by ramps. But kids push it a bit too far. There is one skating through the ramps to the exit. I know him, he is a good kid, but I scold him and he runs away. At the entrance, my friend (the one I am in love with) is entering and is hit by the skater. Now he doesn't look like Chris Pine anymore, now he is black, like another actor I can't remember right now. He and the kid fall down. As I run to help him, I also fall down on them. We're all ok, the skater kid goes away and we both laugh at it, still all twisted on the ground. He insists on checking my ankles and massaging my legs and I know right there, seated on the ground with him, that he is in love with me but doesn't want to admit it.

      I reminisce memories from time in school. I was bullied by the girl he is now going to marry. Once she scared me with a knife at the cafeteria. She was the popular girl, but she felt threatened by me. For example, I was a great gymnast and I beat her once at a competition. When I was on stage receiving a medal, she was in front row in the audience, looking like she could kill me.

      Again with the dudes, that I now understand are my friend's groomsmen and also kids who disliked me in school. They can't help gazing at my body as I undress, but also seem to really detest me, because as we grew up I was the nerdy ugly duckling they despised. We all went swimming and I am way ahead of them, but stop to give them a chance to reach me. They basically almost went over me and couldn't care if I drowned. I realized we were never going to be friends.
      At night we are joined by the groom. The boys are all a bit drunk and so I lead them to a shady cabaret on a basement. It's not innocent, I know what this place is. I enter through the artists door and I ask them them to wait outside. This place is a den of vampires, all which I know and are my friends. I talked to them and say I brought preys. But before, they will watch me as I perform on stage. Their chins will drop and then they'll die. But I explicitly tell my vampires friends to leave the cute one out of it, because he is mine.
    4. To Retrieve a Sacred Wedding Stick

      by , 11-14-2018 at 09:51 AM
      Morning of November 14, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,958-02. Reading time (optimized): 3 min. Readability score: 58.

      In a previous dream including my conscious self’s identity and to some extent in real life, I had been building a more extensive paradigm understructure for my online dream journal as a way to make it more idiot-proof, despite there being virtually no evidence that mainstream humanity has any understanding of the induction, dreaming, and waking processes. I had been focusing on “personifications of” while branching into more specific factors of vestibular system correlation, nexus simulacrums, and melatonin mediation. During this time, my dream self loses most of its present waking life identity while still holding a subliminal awareness of concurrent physicality and a minimal degree of lucid dream state awareness to where only a sliver of my conscious self’s identity remains extant; just enough to deliberately enter the role of another denizen to experiment with the dream space.

      The backstory of an upcoming wedding comes to the forefront. It is a transpersonal thread adjacent to the virtual foreshore. There is the sighting of an unknown groom of about twenty-five in my incorporeal glimpse. I possess the body of a man who is about eighty years old to sustain his role in attaining a sacred stick from a secret area for the unknown young groom (who remains in another part of town), maintaining faith that any other sentient presence in the dream space will not detect me as an imposter. The interconsciousness borrows pieces of a setting that I had not lived in real life for years, making sure it is incorrect in design so that it is not mistaken for having waking life relevance or the fallacy of symbolism that the unintelligent pursue. I am at an erroneous version of the Stadcor Street house in Brisbane. This version of the house has an enclosed wooden back porch, which expands over the area that the utility room was in real life (though the utility room was at ground level). Another male, unknown, about the age of the man whose body I possess, is with me, remaining on my left (dream attention orientation, as I sleep on my left side). I do not see the house as a place of significance, and my dream self only vaguely realizes that it is an illusory model of a place I had once lived. There is little of my conscious self identity that remains extant.

      We are to meet with a man who is over a hundred years old, known only as General. Another man who is about a hundred years old arrives first. The four of us briefly appraise each other. I marvel at how wrinkled their faces are. I nod to General, addressing him solely and lightly with “General.” He does not seem to suspect I am not the old man. I feel comfortable in my fictitious role. He had stepped from a back room of the house, perhaps the kitchen in assuming that this fake house was somewhat like the original. The other man had come in from outside. My dream self’s attention does not focus on the porch setting as the nexus within liminal space; that virtual bridge which I had entered thousands of times in previous dreams since early childhood. Despite “General” being a military association with the preconscious and interconsciousness simulacra, I do not anticipate dominance by their presence. We go out into the backyard. It seems to be late morning. I am holding a large irregular stick in my left hand.

      We all have walking sticks, but the groom’s sacred stick is just beyond the backyard in a cluster of trees. In reality, this would have been our neighbor’s backyard, which was divided from ours by a small fence.

      As I am walking, the other end of my stick, still being used with my left hand, somehow gets stuck between two small cages (the bottom of one and the top of the other). I am not sure if they contain any animals. A big cloth is covering them. It takes me a few minutes to pull it out. The man who had been with me, the first one, seems slightly annoyed and moves to help me, but the stick is already out.

      Liminal awareness had established that I was sleeping on my left arm in an uncomfortable position, which became a factor of my dream’s scenario, altering its potential. My dream self absentmindedly points this out, with the stick, where my essence is, beneath the cloth (bed sheet) and asleep, my waking self “caged” within the virtual lattice of physicality.

    5. [17-03-2018] 1st Competition Night

      by , 03-17-2018 at 11:20 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I saw a blurred out feminine face.

      Cloud dragon and rainbows

      I saw a family living in a village, their house was always clean, well organised, and it was modernly furnished. Out of all the family members I could see only mother and her son. The kid was hiding and escaping from something all the time, there was something he was afraid to say to his mom. She knew that he had some kind of a problem and they were constantly arguing about it. One night the kid ran upstairs to his room in a hurry, his mother followed him and suddenly they were teleported away from their house. They ended up on a cloud, there were many cloud islands and rainbows were linking them like bridges. The mother shouted to her son: "What have you done this time?!" and then suddenly a dragon composed of clouds flied above them and said "I brought you here!".

      WBTB Attempt

      Wedding, shootout and "Shogudan" immigrants

      I woke up in my neighbor's house, put on shorts and slippers, and then left the house. It was a bright, sunny day. As I passed the street, two girls noticed me and started laughing upon seeing me almost naked. I ignored that and moved on to my house. The place was extremely crowded, two kids were about to marry each other and it gathered a lot of people. I went inside my house and spoke with several people, when suddenly kidnappers appeared and took the kids! I took a pistol out of my pocket and ran outside. The time of day abruptly changed to night and I wasn't in my house any more, but in some kind of harbour. I shot at the car a thousand times, completely destroying it's tires, but it still drove away. After a while police appeared and arrested me. Next day they opened the cell I was held in, one of the officers said: "All right, there's no place in our country for terrorist Shogudan immigrants. You will be deported!", but then another officer appeared and shouted at them: "What the hell are you doing? You've just arrested our best agent!", then he gave me a badge and a gun.
    6. Unknown Pt 3

      by , 08-25-2017 at 04:34 PM
      This is a weird dream. This was one that's stuck with me a while and still makes me wonder about my mind at times.

      I am taking calls on an airplane. On one of my calls, no one is talking. On the screen different messages start scrolling and threatening me. I'm freaking out. Our managers are trying to figure it out. In the meantime, I've decided I'm getting outta there. For a moment we're on the ground and I'm with Estrella.

      She's good, just upset because she's having a hard time getting out of the ditch were apparently stuck in. I offer to give her a ride out and she insists she's fine. I remember the thing that was threatening me starts it again and I remember I'm in danger. He tells me I can't escape him.

      I have this feeling of being trapped by him well past this moment. I remember the screen telling me my name over and over again. I'm scared. I remember going to find my grandma (the fuck is she gonna do?!) and she's laying on a couch and I remember coming up behind her and leaning down to hug and play with her hair.

      I lost some part in the middle I think. I get these little flashes of being scared. This guy is like stalking me and threatening my life and I can't get away. I can't remember what happened though. All through the rest of the dream I'm remembering that this man is stalking me and closing in.

      Except I've gotta put being stalked on hold because I have a wedding to go to . Rachel is getting married to Cody. On an airplane. The same airplane that is still being hijacked by this weird computer man thing. Romantic? I dunno, maybe. This is why I'm not a wedding planner. Apparently it's taking over and replacing the planes router... I have no idea because I'm just trying to get to Rachel's wedding. I remember being in a hall, and Rachel is married sitting with her husband watching a reception. It's like a school presentation. I'm about to give my presentation for them and I'm not even dressed.

      Becca and I sneak into the room; we get to the chairs and I grab my dress and I like run to the changing room. I'm freaking out because I can feel the plane rolling and tipping with whoever is hijackijg the plane. I remember sitting on the floor looking at a 3D map and the plane is circling Florida. The pilot, a woman (for some reason this is very relevant during the dream), is trying to counter the attack. I almost feel like I was attacked away from the plane, pre-dream, and now the attacker has followed me. Lots of flashes back to him but can't think of why. Like he's got me and he's slowly closing in.

      The Miz is up to give his speech (don't ask) and his music plays. I turn to leave the bathroom of the plane; the door opens and Rachel is there. She's in a like sapphire blue dress, having changed out of her wedding dress. I remember being really sad I missed seeing her ceremony.

      But we both grin as I see her and I engulf her in a huge hug. I remember we both get teary eyed and start crying. I remember saying I'm so happy for her and she pulls back and tells me "He's a good fit for me. He fits me so well. I look in the mirror and I love that it's Mrs Alexander looking back".

      Who the fuck this Mr Alexander guy is and where he came from is a mystery, because her boyfriend/husband's last name is certainly not Alexander. But I remember people are watching us from afar, and I'm really proud the bride is this happy to see me, and I tell her that I set up the hijacking of the plane so she'd get refunds on her tickets, which is my wedding gift to her.

      I wake up wondering the fuck is wrong with me.
    7. Something?

      by , 04-22-2017 at 12:15 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      This guy from Chicago just showed up at a wedding he wasn't invited to, and he didn't know anybody there. He walked over to the dance floor and passed out. Suddenly, it turned into a YouTube video. One of the comments was, "Should have said Never giving up, Livin on a prayer"
    8. Stopping this girl from marrying the wrong person?

      by , 12-03-2016 at 04:35 PM
      It started out at my local church, (which i thought was quite normal since I was there the night before) my friends were wearing suits and dresses confused I asked my friend what was going on, she told me it was Amy's wedding, however for some reason I felt bad or jealous, still I proceeded to meet her and congratulate her, as I was walking to the church and her parents (which I haven't met in real life) saw me, her father told me to go away as he said he has found a suitable guy for her and ordered the mother not to let me in the wedding, he went away after saying that then the mother looking concerned told me that the guy is really old and an abusive person and I am the only one that can save her, this really confused like why me? Why was the father annoyed with me? I entered the church like I normally did, however my church wasn't the same it had many floors (my church has a ground floor) and the setting looked like corridors from a school. I walked around getting weird stares from the people inside, then an older man saw me (I assumed it was Amy's fiance), he said something and chased me around the building angrily. The dream finally ended with me finding Amy's room where she was getting ready with my other friends helping her, she was in her wedding dress and she came really close to me, like as if she was about to kiss me and gazed at me, the dream ended when the fiance entered the room.

      (The girl (Amy) who is in my dream is a classmate, more of a friend sometimes we walk home together but I have never thought about her from crush point of view nor I had any sexual feelings for her, however I've always thought she quite beautiful and kinda cute also she is really introverted. I feel sometimes she has a thing for me because I catch her looking at me and she looks away embarrassed or smiles really awkwardly.)
    9. Fight Honey Rory

      by , 09-19-2016 at 04:39 PM
      Fight Moms: My mother is murderously angry with her sister. We speed to her house in the car. Instead of pulling in the driveway she drives down through the ditch and across the lawn. She storms inside. My cousins are on the porch and ask me about school. We chat peacefully while our parents war very loudly in the house.

      Honey Hut: I wander a network of very narrow paved forest paths and come to an old white house with a roof covered in honey bees. Is the interior of the house a giant honey comb? I want see if it is but the bees won’t let me near. One lands on my head and scampers in clockwise circles. I don’t kill the bee because it is only doing its insectly duty. Also I know that if I kill the bee its death pheromones will signal the hive to attack me.

      Rory Wedding: Rory organizes a banquet hall for a wedding. He keeps re-situating the tables into different formations. We get frustrated with his constant changes because we're doing all the work while he stands on the stage pointing and ordering us about like servants.

      6.5 hours sleep
      Feels like there should be more dreams than this
    10. more Survivors

      by , 07-28-2016 at 05:22 PM
      D1- Sisters wedding planned for next day, itinery includes cookie making competition. I plan out some receipies , making large choc chip cookies.
      Wedding is out at some large farmhouse in the countryside.

      D2-There has been some kind of apocalypse and I am out scavenging. I go to my old house and search through things for usable items. I already have utensils/crockery etc at new place but feel sad about leaving these yellow ones behind. Also sorting through what food remains, I dont want to leave old food there to rot it seems wrong.
      As I am spending so long being regretful?nostalgic? and sad this gives a man and a woman who are in the house time to emerge. I had thought both of them to be dead killed by some virus. One is me and I dont pay him much attention. The woman makes me feel overwhelmed with emotion, I am so grateful she is alive I had missed her so. She looks very wasted and sallow. I pull a track of some kind of cord out of them, out of their throats, this is part of the cure that happened to me also.

      D3- At school I have a new class, I plan for them to go over their previous lessons work and correct/finish it then start watching spirited away with the remaining time. To my suprise they have done very well with their work and are a very nice class. I then see an old boss of mine who was horrible but in the dream is nice and also supportive, they are wearing light clothing.

      nice to have, positive mood/outcome
      also second dream very emotional.
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. [10-06-2016]

      by , 06-10-2016 at 03:14 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      A warm, dark evening. I was at a wedding, sitting near a table. A sister of one of girls from my class appeared and took me to dance. We both had great time, somehow dancing exceptionally good. Suddenly I found myself outside my house. It was raining heavily, something wrong was going on around as people gathered in a strange platform in the middle of my backyard, that appeared from nowhere. I saw my father's tractor standing in front of my house and felt that I should park it inside a garage. I got inside it and drove back to my frontyard, then driving around the platform in backyard I parked it.
    12. [02-04-2016]

      by , 04-02-2016 at 11:17 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      It was evening. I went to toilet and back to my room. I thought about making a prank to my pal, and took a costume of a horrifying ghost - a woman with dark hair, wearing a white dress.

      Second dream

      I was at a wedding. With family we drove to a small restaurant, where a black woman in a purple dress was telling random stories and jokes about marriage and stuff. I didn't listened to her, going outside and entering sewers instead. It was dirty all around, but it wasn't stinking. I saw one of my classmates playing with spiders, and met a man working in sewers. He told the classmate how to tame spiders, and then he went away saying "I have to meet up with Irene! Goodbye!". I went back to surface and met my father, then I entered the toilet. I wanted to pee, but there were people disturbing me. First a girl entered my cabin, then my father just tore the door to it and thrown it away. I thought "Screw it, I'll just do this!" and started peeing blood.
    13. 2/15/16

      by , 02-17-2016 at 04:40 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I am in the living room flying around with some of my friends. I am a demi-god and we are trying to figure out which god is my favorite. Because of the way I am flying my friends tell me that my god parent's name starts with a T. They seem very excited about this. Then I see this lady that is stuffing these perfect looking snowballs into a little cubby hole where the fireplace usually is. She is shoving them in really fast, so me and my sister close out the cubby hole and throw all the snowballs outsideas though they are dangerous. Then we go out into the garage. I am going to be in a Harry Potter movie. Someone says "Anyone in the new Harry Potter movie come over here!" J.K. Rowling is there and I am joking with her. But she doesn't seem to be very happy. I would describe her as dull in this scene.
      I am at a wedding, and I notice that the people getting married are lesbian. Then I see Matthew Lewis and ask him if we can get a picture together. He is very friendly and agrees, but we don't have a camera. I consent to just asking for his autograph, which he willingly gives. It is not a very good autograph, barely more than a scribble.
      I am at a lunch table with my friends. Then I notice someone who looks like Hayley from Bratayley. I realize that both Annie a and Hayley are there, so I move down the table to talk with them. Annie is acting really sad and ignoring me.
    14. 16/2/2016

      by , 02-16-2016 at 08:29 AM
      1) On a coach siting at the back, my granny is driving, we set off at great speed. I realise it's cold and I have forgotten a coat. Then I'm flying in the air with all the other people on the coach and I notice they are all wearing just T shirts and realise it's actually quite warm. Next I have a cat sitting on my legs and it's quite enjoying being thrown around and sleeping soundly on me.

      2) There are hundreds of peolple wearing hard hats preparing for a wedding, I'm wandering around amonst them. I'm outside the marquee and surrounded by scouts who are going to camp in the same area I walk with them back towards the wedding marquee and reach the entrance, say goodbye, there are a few people now stood around wearing formal clothing.

      3) On a camping trip. Then I'm a long way from the tent naked and I run back trying to avoid the thistles on the ground.

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    15. [31-01-2016]

      by , 01-31-2016 at 12:01 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      Everyone was preparing for brothers wedding. We drove to some kind of swamp, where we prepared everything on floating lilly pads. We even slept on those. When everything was ready, we wanted to fall asleep. It was really dark and we couldn't see a thing. To get toour beds we had to jump into the water and swim to our pads. I jumped and swam for a while, until I realised that I can't swim. I floundered in the water and barely got to my pad, but I climbed on it and fallen asleep.

      Second & third dream

      I was a witness of a car accident. Car hit a girl, and drove away. I saved her, and later on when she was in hospital, she wanted me to visit her. I drove there, first floor looked really similar to my previous school. From the entrance I went left and found a staircase. It was impossible to go there though, as path was blocked. I went back and moved right from the entrance, and found a way to the upper floor. Finally I got to hospital on the second floor - white wall, gray tiles and... suspiciously looking police officers. One was a receptionist. I went to him and told that I want to visit that girl, but he said that it's important government project running there, and that I should leave her a message and go away. I written a note quickly, and the dream faded away.

      When I woke up, I realised that it's a recurring dream. Notable differences are that the first floor in the original dream was a hospital, not a school, and reception was already on first floor. Next difference is that in original dream, I broke through all the guards and saved that girl from a secret government project. I fallen asleep and tried DEILD to recreate it.

      I found myself at second floor again. It was really dark. I had to move around blindly, until the guard turned on the lights. I heard a voice behind me. I turned around - that suspicious police officer closed way outside. He smiled to me. I received a feeling of lucidity, without realisation that it was a dream. I managed to say "Son of a bitch." and the dream faded away.

      Fourth dream

      Everything looked like an old DOS shooter game. I was running around an abandoned shipwreck. My pal was somewhere there too. It was full of ghost and strange monsters. We had weapons, and killed every monster on our way. Then we split up - he went to search for exit, while I delved deeper into the ship. Behind one doors, I found a cultist ghost. He was floating around and screaming. Behind other doors, I found wraith of ships captain. It was an evil, vengeful spirit. My pal called me to go out, and fight with the captain in the open air. I had a quick duel with him and defeated the ghost. Then we moved on to destroy a city while escapnig from cops.
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