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    1. xxii.

      by , 08-11-2018 at 10:24 AM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up at about 9:30 and got up to write this long non-lucid dream, that I've split into 3.

      Dream part 1:
      I remember being at the place that used to be a store, on the ground floor of my childhood home. in the dream this place was just a room, like a dining room. An old school friend of mine was there and he was sat down at a table and I had been too but now I was preparing some meals, like sandwiches for a trip. I remember I made 8 buns and 4 of something else. I distinctly remember putting the buns in kitchen paper and folding pairs over themselves.

      Then I remember needing to go to the bathroom or needing the attention of my dad or one of my siblings for some reason, and they were in the bathroom. I remember it was dark. The previous room was bright, it had a light on or something.

      Dream part 2:
      Then I remember being underground, at a subway train station. I was walking toward where I knew the platform to be in the dream. It was a long journey, it felt more like I was at an airport terminal, in that sense. I remember thinking the way was through a certain place but it was just a bread shop and actually it was a dead end full of bread stands. I turned around and went toward some stairs up that then had escalator stairs down...

      I remember being at the platform now. There was a massive red train waiting at the platform but on a rail that wasn't right next to the platform, then another slightly taller but much much thinner train was arriving, and everyone was thinking this one was gonna stop and be the train to take them where they needed to go. I thought maybe it would be, too, and got closer to the edge as it was going past, but it never stopped. It was a very odd train and I wondered how it even looked inside with the shape it had.

      Looking around, the platform was only one of several. This was in some sort of enclosed valley. Surrounding the platforms were walls of stone but the top was open sky. Past the closest rails was not another platform, but a cliff, and down there were more platforms in different orientations and directions. It was night, but I could see clearly, though I don't remember illumination posts.

      I was annoyed it had taken me so long to get here, and I remember I was carrying a backpack, presumably with all those food things I made. I was looking at a tiny unfoldable map, which I remember being an unsaturated magenta colour, like a light pink, and it felt more like it was for a cd to be in it, but there was no cd. I faffed on with it trying to understand it but gave up and a boy came up to me and mocked me and we got into a bit of an argument and I said something like "this map doesn't make any sense!" at which point the child agreed with a grin.

      I remember I was sitting down now and there were many other sitting down too, seemingly students of some kind. One was arriving now and showing people this transparent but large crystal, with an oblong shape with beveled edges. He said it was part of the research he did with some old guy. Then he addressed a girl there and showed her the crystal, saying like: "this is what your grandfather and i worked on" and she took the crystal into both her hands and examined it.

      At some point I was holding a beer, like a pale ale.

      Now I remember only seeing a machine of some kind. A portable machine, made of glass or clear plastic, and the machine took liquid inputs at the top and they'd go down into larger tubed areas and then down into a tiny transparent chamber, where there seemed to be a mushroom, for each of the chambers. I remember 4 inputs, tubes and ends. The mushrooms seemed to magically absorb the liquids, mostly water.

      Dream part 3:
      Then an instant transition as far as I remember. I was seeing like a film scene but I was in the role of what was a future sci-fi German tank driver. The tank looked high tech and the metal plating had a blue hue. The tank was being dropped off into a warzone in a city in Poland or somewhere like that by a plane or helicopter.

      On landing, the driver looking around for targets, mostly infantry on the ground or on top of buildings. The view zoomed in on a police car that was wrecked, then on a door, and then on some rooftops, as seen from the tank's position. There was some infantry on top of the buildings and the cannon was aimed and fired at the rooftop. Then looked around for more targets and didn't find any so moved on through the road, into a parking lot. Going up the parking lot twisty ramp, met with a mech armed with machine guns and rockets, and it outmaneuvered the tank easily but the tank kept the cannon aimed at it as well as possible; then the mech jumped and latched onto a wall, and the tank was in a bit of a bad position, stuck, and the mech was about to fire its weapons, and took some shells from the tank but without really doing much damage. I remember going "no, no, no" and bailing the tank very quickly. Now I was still the driver but I had some dual machine guns and fired on the mech which quickly destroyed it.

      I continued on foot up the parking lot. Then I saw some agents, and I tried fighting them and did manage to get them but there was a sort of paralyising trap that proved to be difficult during the fight. My memory on the details here has been lost a bit. Then I just remember going out of the parking lot building at a higher tier and it was night but it would be day soon, and I was walking around past the edge of some kind of military base where there were several agents.

      The last part I remember was some mutated war dogs that tried attacking me, and then a worm that came out of the ground and got me. The dream didn't end there but I don't remember what came next.

      Some notes:
      • The old school friend was the first potential cue for a RC. He was one of my closer friends during college.
      • As soon as I was underground at the subway station, even before the platforms, it was a good cue to RC because I know that train stations are very rarely that big.
      • The trains were an obvious dream-sign, one of my more common ones. Though it was the first time they had such weird shapes.
      • In the third part, the dream was initially the context of some kind of future world war, like a hundred years in the future or something. The country the tank was deployed to was not an enemy, but an ally being invaded, in the dream context.
      • The final context of the third part was that it was a digital thing, like the Matrix. Because of the contexts, I don't think I'd be likely to have noticed any RC cues at this point.
      • I remember a music playing the last dream part. It was a mix of the soundtrack from the film "Fifth Element" and something else more dramatic. I can never remember music clearly after a dream ends.
    2. 15th/16th Mar 2013 Short lucids

      by , 03-16-2013 at 02:11 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps, plus one from yesterday which i forgot to add into this DJ, 1 DILD from yesterday, 1 from today and 2 WILDs from today, 4 total.

      Yesterday's nap:
      Can't recall most of the dream but at one point i was at home near my PC, with headphones on. I started hearing binaurals and was thinking why i listening to them at that point. I took off headphones and still could hear them, thus realizing that i am dreaming. I rubbed hands and looked at the bed, which was a mistake. Shortly dream started destabilizing that there was something scratching my head. Then i was in the bed and shortly scratching resumed, i seen hand, i pulled it and it was apparently dad. Dream faded out.

      Today's nap #1:
      I wake up in my room and take off headphones, confirming that i am dreaming, i am about to do stabilization but dream fades out.

      Today's nap #2:
      Dream 1:
      I am in the bed and i start hearing loud explosions, that start coming closer and closer, i open eyes, there's flashes outside and also i am lying in different position, i take off headphones and binaurals still playing, confirming that i am dreaming and i stabilize the dream by feeling the bed and rubbing hands. I stand up and start moving to balcony, field of view becomes all weird and changes as i move, becoming smaller and larger and smaller again. As i try to run for balcony door gravity becomes lower and i start moving too slow to open it. I am about to try again but dream starts fading out, i attempt to grab onto it and i am back in the bed, before i can do anything dream fades out again.
      I wake up for a bit, memorize recall and go back to napping.
      Dream 2:
      Can't recall much of start of the dream, i was in some sort of minecraft looking game and there was some sort of battle, then i went into weird bunker with a few people and it was made out of TNT. Then someone apparently ignited the TNT and there was explosion, not all TNT exploded so obviously most of it was fake. I grabbed one block of fake TNT and started smashing it around for some reason, then when group moved i carried it with me. We moved through a few more rooms that were made from differently colored fake TNT. Dream skips.
      I was home and still had block of fake TNT with me, i put it down and there was weird machine in the middle of the room that automatically cleaned up stuff that was put onto it with water and also repaired clothes. I was playing around with it for a while then went to bed. Then when i got onto it
      i spontaneously realized that i was dreaming, but dream instantly faded out. Then i seen some different kind of room but it was super blurry, also i heard binaurals. I was stuck like that for a few seconds then it faded out completely.