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    1. Doing Local MSing Leads to Bomb Site in NY, Smart Werewolf Girls

      by , 06-27-2017 at 11:48 AM
      06-25-2017 -- Couple of short fragmenty bits tonight, but writing them down anyway. The second, right before I got up for the day and in less than an hour of sleep, I'm out mystery shopping, perhaps one of the four shops on Okeechobee (though it also has a certain feel of the shop area that is right down on Euclid, near Kevin's house, except that it is a couple hours out of town from other dreams). I've just finished the shop, in part by buying an entire tank of gas, which I am mad at myself about, because now how am I going to fit in all the rest of the gas I have to buy? Anyway, I'm trying to squeeze my car out around other cars and hit the road.

      I somehow find myself on a freeway, heading away from my next stop (that is probably right down the road) so I am trying to get off and turn around, just to find myself on the same freeway heading back the other way, when I suddenly find myself in New York, and I am approaching another gas station, but it is on top of a hill, and is surrounded by debris, and there are construction vehicles and stuff, and I realize it is the site of a terrorist bombing attack. I am considering taking a picture from the bottom of the hill, but even though there has been a lot of damage, I can see there are lots of regular people walking in and out of the place, so it looks like the store is still open.

      Since the drive is blocked off, and I am not physically up to walking up the hill I don't know what I'm going to do, but luckily I can see people riding their bikes up and down, so I pull my bike out of the car and use it to ride up the hill to the top. The pump area is gone, and the store is mostly surrounded by scaffolding, but there is a small area under an awning with a few jewelry-type display cases sitting in front of it, where a very small amount of things are being sold. Unfortunately, everything looks very expensive, and any time I catch a glimpse of something cheap, it seems to have vanished before I can reach it. One thing is the small candy in a yellow and black checker pattern rapper (something like Zazu?) but it's gone as I approach it. Another is a lollypop wrapped in a plastic and cardboard thing that would be hard to get it out of which is being advertised as the largest really fast lollypop, and again is too expensive. Finally I grab what I hope is a Charms blowpop, but instead it turns into just a piece of wrapped gum.

      One of the store employees is wandering around commenting on things to people, and I am just waiting to make my small purchase, wondering if I will have to suggest a hand-written receipt, when I hear him saying something about Uber or Lyft drivers causing him problems by hanging around, and I have to resist making a comment. Then I hear the three young girls saying something about Son of Interflux, and I have to say something, but can't find a way to jump into the conversation. Somehow it is mentioned that the girls love reading and are very smart, and there is a little boy who looks much like Anikin, who is playing with a small box that he then causes to warp into a model of a space ship that then flies to a shelf and puts itself away, while it is somehow revealed that the three young girls are werewolves, but they are well-treated by their family. Very strange mix-up.
    2. 06/30/2015 - the car/bathroom

      by , 07-02-2015 at 12:47 AM
      06/30/2015 - THE PACK FIGHT

      I don’t remember a whole lot about this particular dream. I know that there were two werewolf packs, I was a member of one of them, and these two packs were going to fight, for… whatever reason.

      They gathered in this apartment complex and they were facing each other. Before the fight started they decided to do a little warm up, as rival werewolf packs do, and started chasing each other around.

      The other pack had this one particular werewolf who was super fast, and his legs moved like Roadrunner’s. The fight never really start, because I woke up. Funny thing was, I was watching “Teen Wolf” last night and I told myself I was going to have a werewolf dream.

      06/30/2015 - THE TWI’LEK COLONY

      There was a Twi’lek colony near the beach. There was this area of the beach they couldn’t enter because it was sacred. Since I’m an asshole, apparently, I did enter the area. Of course, I got stuck in like quicksand or whatever and I needed help getting out of there.

      Election Time! Who Would You Vote For?-vasco.jpg

      Some of the Twi’leks didn’t want to help me. They talked it over for a second. Some did want to help me. The elders helped me getting out. I think I dreamed about that because of the sound of this app I’m using to help me lucid dream, I picked an ‘ocean sounds’ thing last night.

      06/30/2015 - THE CAR/BATHROOM

      Okay, this one involves poop. So if that grosses you out, get out now.


      So the dream starts with me shitting myself in this car that had a toilet. However, the car, which of course was crowded, didn’t have toilet paper. So I had to put my pants back on without wiping myself.

      I get out of the car and I’m in front of my friends’ building, but I was actually going home. LUCIANA, a colleague of mine, was with me. We went to my mother’s apartment, in the dream I had moved out recently. We were in my sister’s room and I made sure to point out that THAT wasn’t my room. Mine was a VERY manly.

      I also remember thinking that I didn’t want Luciana to get the impression that I was hitting on her, so I was trying to be super respectful.

      Then I find out there are more people in the apartment. My Godfather, my mom’s ex boyfriend from 15 years ago, some of my cousins. They were all sleeping in my mom’s bedroom, though my mother wasn’t there.

      I talked to them for a while and then I woke up.
    3. Supernatural man, fragments

      by , 03-23-2015 at 05:44 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      1. This dream played out like a movie, except instead of watching from the outside, I was a presence inside the girl’s head and I knew more about what was going on than her.

      The girl is standing with a man. He asks her if she needs something to read, and when she says yes, asks which kinds of books she had. She answers, ‘nature and werewolves’. Apparently something had happened to her copies. I was waiting for him to react to the latter term because I ‘knew’ he was one.

      He leaves, and she’s holding some kind of tablet of his. I think to snoop around in it but dismiss it. She puts it on the round table nearby.


      She’s in a room. It’s really blurry here, but she gets really sick and pukes. She tries to reassure the man that it must be because she only ate twice that day. But I wonder if the man will suspect that it’s because she’s turning into a vampire herself and can’t process food normally anymore.

      Meanwhile, I suddenly have this knowledge that the man is a vampire, and is looking for this sort of leader of the vampires, or at least his group, named Karen, and the girl could be her.

      I remember that the girl had dark, longer hair with some kind of braided hairstyle. She was around 17-20 in age.

      Inspiration: I’m wondering if the vampire thing naturally led to the girl being Elena from Vampire Diaries. IDK why I’m having so many werewolf dreams, they don’t even turn –into- werewolves in them!

      2. Blurry fragment. I’m at this machine sitting on a counter looking at the option for these black plastic cups. You could get a smaller sized amount or 14. We needed 15 but I have no choice but to get the 14. Something about food. Gap. Mom is there and says something about being thankful for an extra cup being left there by someone. She pressed a button and a bucket thing with the cups in it starts descending down into the counter.

      Inspiration: We have these sturdy plastic cups but there aren’t many left, and mom used some of them for something a couple of days ago and I was worried she was just going to throw them away after.

      3. I was looking at some website that made me nostalgic. A lot of people made pages dedicated to certain things like a series or character, and they’d post a bunch of stuff on them like fanart and they were really popular, but they started getting deleted (maybe even by the people themselves) and then it sort of fell into disuse.

      Inspiration: Gave me strong déjà vu, but I don’t recall a site like that. Maybe inspired by Tumblr+LJ, because I was thinking about it earlier.

      4. Something about mom telling me Jack was working.

      5. Grandma asks me about this cereal we have IWL, I answer back and she says that it’s going stale.

      Inspiration: Me wondering if people would finish the cereal in time.
    4. Werewolf swim festival

      by , 03-07-2015 at 04:38 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      There’s some kind of festival going on and people arrive for it. We’re all werewolves. We’re in this big house like my grandma’s IWL and I’m helping mom out.

      As the people arrive, I quickly jump down from somewhere to the carport where mom is, and ask her what she needs me to do as the people walk up the drive. She gives me some task, so I jump back up to do it after kissing her cheek. Only, I end up knocking this roof type covering off and have to fix it, and someone helps me. I’m clumsy because I’m nervous.

      I’m keeping away from some guy I saw in the group too.

      I’m around the front porch area and there are three girls standing on the drive. One of them calls out to me, asking if I’m going to swim. I say no, because I don’t know how to. She taunts me about it and I keep calm at first, but she goes on and I snap and call her a bitch before I storm away.

      Later, a woman and another girl appear. The girl had told on me to the woman. “She called her a bitch!” I respond sarcastically something like, “I would never say that word (that she just said)!” like that girl had done something way worse. The woman calls me out saying that she knows I’m lying.

      I’m talking to a woman about swimming, and she says that she’s not swimming either and doesn’t know how to. She’d rather ‘be buried than drown’. I think that sounds a bit weird and repeat it to her for confirmation.

      I’m working on something, bending over. I realize something isn’t right – I’m not wearing underwear, just a shirt. I remember that dad is nearby and quickly stand up and try to figure out what’s going on.

      There was something about sparkles and candy too.

      Inspirations: Werewolves from one of yesterday’s dreams, same with swimming. Think the no-undies thing comes from me taking off my boxers shorts last night from under my pajamas. Probably took place in a grandma’s house setting because mom told me she was going over there today.
    5. Secret werewolf files

      by , 03-06-2015 at 01:23 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      -Forgotten fragment that I didn’t write down because it didn’t make enough concrete sense too. Really annoying when that happens.

      -We’re at a woman’s house, standing in a room. I’m to her right. For some reason I know her secret - she’s a werewolf. She sneaks a look at me and mouths something, something that’s part of her secret. I think she’s telling me where something is, some keys or something. I wonder if it’s near a full moon, if it’s affecting her.

      I’m in another room with the woman and another person and we’re looking through some kind of history or genealogy book. In the front, it has really thin pages width-wise and are made of different material, and normal length and paper after that. We’re flipping through it and are excited to see a couple of familiar names, but we turn to one that means something to the third person in the room. Romano Romaine.

      There was another name before that that I recognized but I forgot it.


      I’m playing with a small toy house with a little girl. We end up taking it apart and I have to figure out how to put it back together by myself because she falls asleep. I’m bad at this stuff so I’m worried I’ll get in trouble.


      I’m in a room looking over at Spice on some kind of balcony room, he’s on the other side of a clear door and I talk to him.


      In yet another room, mom gets on the woman’s computer. The woman is standing in the room too but she’s not moving or look at us in particular.

      Mom shows me a zip drive and asks me a question with her eyes. I know she’s asking whether or not to download something from the woman’s computer (her secret). I gave a real decisive answer by shaking my head both yes and no (lolol).

      She puts the zip drive into the computer and a folder opens up full of other folders (about four rows). One is labeled ‘Sarah’. I guess that if the woman gets suspicious, mom can easily show that she’s just looking through her own stuff.
    6. Wizards, Vampires and Werewolves

      by , 05-21-2014 at 01:50 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Some dream having to do with me and my friend S forgetting our lunches at school. It was painfully boring and I'm not going to go into detail.

      I meet some girl who begins teaching me something about my home town. That there are actually three secret clans. The largest clan is the 'Red' clan is composed of Vampires. Their central hub is a large red mansion near the center of town. About a quarter mile away is the 'Blue' Clan, composed of Werewolves. Their numbers are slightly less than that of the Vampires, but their clan is considered more prestigious. They live in a blue mansion that is slightly smaller. The third 'Yellow' clan is composed of wizards. There are only a few of them and they live in a small yellow cottage on the very edge of town. The girl tells me that If I want to, I can join one of the clans.
      -Time Skip-
      It is about 2 weeks later. I have decided to join the Werewolf clan, and while I have been accepted, I haven't been made into a Werewolf yet. I am however given a moon amulet that is supposed to prepare my magical energies and make my initial transformation into a Werewolf easier. I am with the girl who introduced me to the clans sitting on the side of a grassy hill. There are large mountains covered in trees all around us and it is a cloudy overcast day. Me and the girl admit that we have fallen in love with one another and begin kissing.

      Since when did my dreams become a really crappy rendition of twilgiht?

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    7. 7th day - Short lucid and some more connections.

      by , 05-07-2014 at 12:05 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      * Like yesterday, there were some extra cups of wine before going to bed...

      .../It's a celebration day on the town I'm visiting from a long time. I see an aunt and ask her for her son, my fellow cousin to salute him. She tells me where he is, but I notice "his parents" are sitting in the same table and they're not too friendly. Anyway, I don't care and go to give him a hug. I try to make a joke about me getting drunk at the airport and sitting next to the airplane wheel just before the airplane starts to move. He doesn't get it. I think because of it has been a long time since we don't make jokes together/...

      .../I'm walking on a road, getting in a town where its welcome sign literally states: "Welcome to the state of California. Our little DOF things" (DOF is written in overlapped capitals). Then I get into a bar where a DC-mix of some drunk people I know, invites me to have some beers. I accept although I don't feel motivated to drink. He gets angry with me, and throws the whole content of a bottle on a wooden wagon. Then he asks me to leave and threats me to throw a rock on my head if I don't go because of I'm being a killjoy. I got confused and decide to better go out. In the street, I see the DC going out turned into my dad. I'm walking on the streets, feeling sad. It's cold out here and I'm wearing just a t-shirt. I want to go to the apartment we rented with a friend of mine/...

      * Apparently we rented that apartment in another dream and we live there with some other friends and family.

      .../change one letter game could be bravest from breast...

      .../I have to deliver something in the 14th floor of a house. The elevator door gets closed when I'm about to step into it. The door opens while the elevator goes up. Now it's just a platform and I can see the stairs and all the stuff around. I must stay standing in the middle. I see an old woman going upstairs. The elevator stops in the 15th floor. I get out of the platform. It's just a sort of stairs with huge steps that I have to go down. There's a big empty space in the middle. The woman stands in the opposite side where I am. I ask her to be careful, she says something and makes a wrong move, then she falls. I run to take a look down. She's sitting on a table talking with a girl friend. She mocks about something pointing at me. She's not dead. There's something going on here. I want to go downstairs very quick and think I could take a shortcut by jumping if it's what I'm starting to think. This place doesn't make sense, I know what it means! This time I don't want to jump due to the vertigo. I go on with the plot, I still have her delivery in my hands. I throw it close to her. She doesn't like it, I don't care. I look around to see how can I go out. I see some escalators on my side leading to a wall with a hole above it. I command them to stop. They stop and I have to climb to get on the roof of a building. I hear she is quite upset following me. I command the escalators to move again to squeeze her against the wall, but she gets out before getting trapped in the motion. Now she looks very young but angry, she wears like a witch from the middle age. She stands in front of me yelling something. I feel scared but I have to control myself. Using my mind, I throw her against some sharp spikes I see in front of the house. She gets impaled uttering some spell on me. Her mouth looks like a Venus flytrap and it opens to the sides. I command with my mind the spikes to open up. It finishes her. Now I see the dream in 3rd person view. I see a DC who looks like Harry Potter, getting out from my point of view, he gets close to a door that I previously saw stating it was level 13. Now it's time for another level, the number on the door changes to a lower one, and it opens to show a wall. There's a couple of brown werewolves getting out from a window. The female one has two bats flying like flies around her head. The traffic in the streets is weird. Most of the cars move backwards. The authority car has a toilette in stead of a seat, and the driver seems to be taking a shit while driving. He speaks with somebody with the radio. This place is weird and I'm wondering what have the werewolves to do here/...

      * I have to point out about this one, when I started to write down some fast notes (which is really tedious due to the fatigue) I barely remembered a couple of fragments of the final scene in the city where I wasn't lucid anymore. It was not until I wanted to go back to sleep, when I was able to remember the whole lucid sequence. Then my scratched writing turned into something more devoted.

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    8. Dracula vs the Wolfman, Apollo and the mirror

      by , 01-06-2014 at 10:54 PM
      Fragments: Something composed of metal loops that I take for an art piece, believing it's something to do with male and female; instead I'm told it's a spell for godhood. A scene with a teacher and student. A reference to 'maenad.'

      Classic movie monsters. The dream was in black and white, and featured Bela Lugosi's Dracula and Lon Chaney Jr's Wolfman. Through some plan of Dracula's, Talbot winds up becoming a vampire, while Drac becomes the wolfman instead, and essentially human when it's not a full moon. Talbot's not thrilled with any of this. There's a scene in which Dracula springs Talbot from an asylum through the window, before the monster-type switch; and afterward, a confrontation in a swamp in which Dracula is talking about world domination, and how the ability to appear human was required.

      I'd been talking to someone about a career change I was considering, when I realize I'm still wearing a change of clothes I acquired earlier in a dream. At first, I think it a marvel, a thing in a dream that carried over into real life - but later on, as I'm sitting around a dinner table having a boring conversation, I realize that actually it must be an indication that I'm still dreaming. I become lucid and immediately start floating in the air; I stopped paying attention to the other characters in the room and didn't see them after this point. Initially I intended to go outside and continue flying, but then I decide to try something new this time. I decide to summon a god - Apollo, since summoning his light for an anti-nightmare technique has been very effective, but he's yet to show up in person. I'm also thinking his association with trance states might carry over into lucid dreaming. I close my eyes so that I can't see the room, and I focus on him, call him. Nothing happens. I eventually give up, open my eyes again. I think a little more structure may be helpful, and I should probably keep my eyes open; I remember a time when a dream fell apart completely after I stopped focusing on visuals.

      I go to a mirror, but instead of calling Apollo again, this time I decide to call up an image of my ideal future self (possibly related to the non-lucid talk of career changes earlier). Several options appear one at a time, and I reject each of them. Many of them bear very little physical resemblance to me, and most are wearing glasses (which I don't need). Eventually I settle on one that I approve of (though why I approved of this particular one, I don't know); he looks like something out of the 1700s. When I turn away from the mirror, he's standing next to me. He seems a little confused by this, but he's just here for me to get a more detailed look at him. But while he's here anyway, we decide to fuck. Eventually I remember my original intention to summon a god and I decide that's more interesting than what is essentially dream masturbation, so I leave him on the floor by the mirror and go back to the table. I sit down, then remember I didn't bother to get dressed again; I decide I'd rather have clothes on for this. I try to summon clothing by just deciding I am wearing clothes, but this doesn't work; I think perhaps it doesn't work only because I can clearly see and feel myself not wearing clothes, so I'm trying to overrule the evidence of my senses. My shirt's by the table, but my pants are all the way across the room, so I just pick up the shirt and try to extend it, to use it as a source of materials to create something new. This seems to be working, but very slowly. I don't care to wait; I give up and just walk back across the room for my pants, and start thinking about the 'rules' of dreams - thinking that perhaps it's better to work with what's already in the environment rather than try to create new things from scratch all the time; less wasteful, less effort. I become aware that I'm starting to wake up.
    9. Fast Foods, Balloon Artists, and Werewolves

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:28 PM
      10-14-2013 -- At the Church of the Nazarene in Buena Park, standing in the Narthex, waiting for some lady who has gone somewhere, while I am somehow kind of teaching a little kid to sing some kind of song. Soon the lady I am waiting for is back, but she is hidden away in a back office somewhere, and none of us realize she has gotten back until some young lady tells us, and we start walking back to the office.

      Suddenly I am driving on the road, somewhere in the middle of the country, Omaha or Indiana or somewhere, not really sure. I am looking for a Tastee Freeze, am determined to stop at one, but I just missed one at a mall that I had driven past. I am complaining to myself about how long it might take to find another one, just to discover that there is one just ahead, hidden behind another building right on the right there. I start to turn (slightly late, the next building over) and am trying to turn around, but I find myself triggering a speaker in a sort of drive thru that feels more like a Sonic drive up, and since that is not where I want to be, I drive off quickly and move on to the Tastee Freeze.

      The problem is, even though I was at the next building over, it was Tastee Freeze's speaker, and so I had to explain why I triggered the speaker and just drove off instead of ordering, and they are a little upset with me. I am just confused, since I didn't know it was them. I am trying to explain, except I suddenly find myself at a balloon convention, talking with Andrew MacDonald, who is kind of laughing at Don Caldwell, who is trying to make a bird balloon that I taught Andrew the last time I saw him, and just can't seem to remember how to do it, and keeps popping balloons. Andrew wants me to show him how it is done, and I feel embarrassed and foolish, since it is Don's DVD that taught it to me in the first place.

      Thankfully, there is another switch, and Andrew and I are standing in a sort of warehouse/manufacturing site. There are some twisted and mangled steel or iron bars all over the floor, and I am trying to stack them with straight, whole bars on the warehouse racks, but being all messed up, they keep falling. (Well duh!) There are a bunch of werewolves in the warehouse, and they are stalking around us, kind of frightening, and one of the people in charge comes walking up. The shift just ended, the werewolves are getting dangerous, and I just want to get out of there, so I am trying to walk toward the exit, but unfortunately the supervisor comes up.

      He's a bit of a punk, perhaps a thug, and a really nasty piece of work. He says he doesn't like Andrew because he is too meek and quiet. He says he doesn't like me either, thinks I am lazy, and he is going to fire me soon. I just ignore him, and continue walking across the warehouse. I run into a higher level manager, a lady who seems more friendly. She still isn't perfect though. She says Andrew just got on a bus or something, but in doing so, he said something that really, really upset some absolutely crazy woman. The punk supervisor says 'so what?' since the woman is a total nut job, but the higher level supervisor orders him to fix the situation, which is when I woke up.
    10. Vampires and werewolves

      by , 11-02-2013 at 09:05 PM
      Fragments: A guy preparing to move on, saying "Can I borrow this map?"; a gallery/cafe belonging to an art group called The Future People or something similar; a runway show based on Sleep No More; a newly-made vampire using mantras to learn dreamwalking, using it to watch over a friend, another vampire, who's being held hostage.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm with a group of people stealing some huge metal sphere, but as we're driving off with it, we lose it, and we circle back and argue over where it could be. I catch sight of myself in the rear view mirror and realize one of my front teeth is loose, to the point of falling out. I'm thinking I'm going to have to see a dentist, which annoys me. I notice all the teeth on that side are loose.

      I 'wake up' in my IRL home and go to the bathroom mirror to check my teeth after that dream. I spit out long strings of gritty, bloody material, textured like sand. I'm thinking it's good to get that out.

      This werewolf kid in human form is sitting in a car, tied up, with blood covering his face. There's a blond girl in the seat behind him who didn't believe his stories about werewolves until just now, as a werewolf in wolf form leans in through the door, right into the kid's face. The girl starts screaming.

      I'm dropping off that same werewolf kid at this mansion, and there are three men standing on the steps out front to meet us. I'm saying to them, "Are you all Adrian's?" Adrian's the wolf kid's name, I'm asking if he turned them, which I'm hoping is not the case. And it isn't; they introduce themselves to me, and it turns out the house holds some organization of witches or magicians or something of that variety. They're all very friendly. One of them, this heavyset old queen, mentions that he's single, and I'm amused. When I introduce myself, I add, "And I'd have to be invited in," just so we're all clear.
    11. Werewolf witnessing a car crash and Rumpelstiltskin selling dreams

      by , 10-22-2013 at 08:27 PM
      A cop who'd reported various odd cases passes a strange, monstrous-looking guy driving in the other direction.

      There's a car crash. This werewolf kid had been running along the road, with a couple guys from school following behind him in a car, shouting at him and trying to catch up. This happens a lot - usually the guys in the car give up, he can run a lot faster than they can drive; and usually when they give up one of them sends him some insulting text message instead. But this time, as he was running, he passed that monstrous-looking guy the cop saw, this is someone he knows and someone who shouldn't be in town; and although he's lost sight of the guys from school, there's no insulting text message this time. He's worried. He turns around and heads back, and finds the car that the guys from school were driving has been run off the road into a field, flipped upside down.

      A witch, the werewolf kid's mother, walks up to the car. One of the boys who'd been driving it is dead. The other one's been transformed into a fox. She picks up the fox and talks to him a bit, and tells him she isn't going to restore him.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm setting dreams out on a stall in two rows, they're things that look like something between a bubble and a crystal ball. I call to this guy I recognize, I call them unregulated dreams, or unprocessed, unauthorized, some word like that - the point is there's some official approval process dreams are supposed to go through before they can be sold legally, and these ones haven't been through that process. I say to him that I know he wants them for his store. He says something positive but looks conflicted, and he looks over to Rumpelstiltskin, the guy who brought me here and helped me set up the stall.
    12. Brief lucid and vampire fragments

      by , 09-20-2013 at 06:01 PM
      I become fully lucid while doing my Apollo trick, and lose all visuals in the process - I have a sense of having a body, but there's no setting. (The Apollo trick is meant to get me out of nightmares, but I have no memory of any dream scene before this, except the thought that I 'lost' visuals.) I start floating close to the 'ground', although there's no ground, and a setting starts to form: the road outside my IRL home.

      Memory gap. Next thing I remember is a non-lucid dream in a different setting, involving accidentally upsetting my IRL sister (my recall for this was quite long and detailed). Woke up at 5:37 AM, less than an hour after getting to bed.

      Recall for the rest of the day was terrible. Vague fragments of dreams set in Being Human and Lost Boys, with a possible false awakening after the Being Human one - I don't remember 'waking', but I spent a dream scene trying to describe that previous dream. The only details I managed to remember: as Mitchell, needing a werewolf to briefly hold me down under the surface of a river, and the one I've got on hand doesn't live up to George in any way.
    13. Werewolves and a Portal 2 beta

      by , 08-29-2012 at 02:10 PM
      Two dreams last night...

      1. ) Not a very long dream.
      I am at my grandma's house with my mom, my sister, and someone else I don't know. I had apparently been bitten by a werewolf and was in the beginning stages of transformation with just the long teeth and ears (which made everything in the dream super loud). I had agreed in the beginning to be locked in a room in case I went "insane" but I had gotten so hungry that I couldn't stand it any more... No one was around to unlock the door so I bit into the doorknob and ripped it from the door which released the lock. My sister freaks out when she sees me and I wake up. Never had a dream with enhanced senses before...

      2. Portal)
      I am playing an unreleased version of Portal 2.
      I load up the first level as I get sucked into the game. GLaDOS says the intro line from Portal 1 and I run towards a platform. There is a solid gold turret on the platform which has fallen over because of the weight of the gold. It says, "Please help me. Up." in the sad voice they all speak in. After putting it back on it's "feet", I portal up to the top platform and ride the elevator to the next chamber. There is a cube and button here as well as what looks like a holographic false wall. As I approach the cube to pick it up, GLaDOS says, "Cube and button based testing is arguably the most important research to be done here since the invention of magnesium. Be warned that some cubes have short-range airbourne diseases, which may, *czzzzzt*." As I approach the button with the cube, she shouts "DIE!" and drops three turrets in front of me. I run towards the holographic wall and pass through it into a holding chamber full of test subjects. Using my portal gun, we escape into a post-apocalyptic wasteland-type area, and I wake up.

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    14. Low resoulution room and forest of werewolves

      by , 08-20-2012 at 07:44 PM

      I wake up and stand still. I feel the vibes. I wait for them to calm down and I then 'roll' out of my bed. Now I am in my dream room. It is bright and light shining from my windows. I jump out of my dream bed and say "Lets do this!" My goal was to practice manipulating energy or find a way to talk to my subconscious but I lose sight of my goal because as I look around everything looked....bland. Like I am inside some crappy pc game. Everything looked like it was on low resolution. I look outside my room. I don't see trees that should be there. Everything is just bad looking.

      I find a portal. It looks like the ones from Spyro 3 for the psx. I go inside and I am in a void. I remind myself I am dreaming while I am in this void. I walk forward for a bit and all of a sudden I am in this tiny little building with no door leading outside into this dark forest. I see a sign written in blood. I get the feeling this would go nightmare but I just became brave and went through with it. At this point I lost lucidity. Soon everything becomes video game like. I have a health bar at the lower right of the 'screen' I encounter strange wolf like creatures which I assume are werewolves. On my first encounter I 'die' but I respawn. The second time I turn my hands into claws and kill them. My health bar didn't matter, even when it went all the way down nothing would happen.

      I go deeper into this forest of darkness. i climb up this wall very fast. Another wolf was waiting for me. I slash it to bits. This 'game' also seemed to have a crafting system. A screen comes up. But then it went away. A dream shift occurs and now I am back in my crappy low resolution house. I get up from my bed. I see a woman across the hall way. I put my hand on the wall and I say "Oh I feel that". I then run towards her and punch her away. I wake up.
    15. Catching up

      by , 04-17-2012 at 03:38 AM (My Dear Subconscious)
      I havent been on in a few days so these are my dreams from the past few nights.
      • Werewolves at burgerking: I went to a fast food restaurant with my friends and the two girls that worked there turned into these dog human things.. not really a werewolf but close enough. (somehow i dissapeared and just watched the rest of it) They captured my friends and stuck them in a van and were about to eat them and i woke up before anything happened.
      • Grandparents house with lesbians: For some reason i had a dream that i was attracted to women (which i am not). And i had two girls that wanted me. We were all hanging out at my grandparents house and things were a bit different. There were witches things and herbs everywhere and i saw one of my "girls" get possessed by some sort of cloaky shadow. Then, out of nowhere my friend dalian shows up and bring his entire family. Which was extremely awkward because dalian is african american and so is his whole family whilst mine is caucasion.
      • Cuddling with my ex: I used to be dating a guy over the internet that i have never met in real life before and i havn't spoken to him in weeks. The other night i had a dream that me and Raine (yes that was his name) were together and we were cuddling on the couch and then i used his lap as a pillow. :/
      • Exploring a barn: (partly lucid) I was exploring a barn that's pretty close to my house with some friends and i gained lucidity and started hovering. but shortly after i couldnt hold it and i woke up. too bad.
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