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    1. Amphibian on wheels

      by , 06-22-2020 at 12:54 PM
      ...after some other dream scene, I'm in a dark street, a man is yelling as he's pointing to some bug: "there it is!, it was in our boat before!" The insect keeps moving but I could hardly see it. Then I change the view to a house, couple of feet away, seems more like a building with a big garage. I focus on it and I see some creature, with long extremities crawling on the wall; the man insists on catch it, but I think to myself: "he should leave it alone, he could harm it". I see clearly now! the man grabs a frog, it's all striped black and goldenrod, from head to toe, it changes in size (of course I'm fixing my attention on it). He puts wheels on all extremities, starting with the left hand. He's planning on getting inside the amphibian, which is now bigger than him, so he decides to ride it!
    2. [20-11-2016: Car crash]

      by , 11-20-2016 at 10:14 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was evening, I went to my car that was parked in my backyard and turned the engine on. The car started driving backwards on it's own, and I stopped it just before hitting my house. Mother went out of house and started shouting at me. I drove froward, barely passing backyard gate, then I reversed, crashing with something and breaking front window. I finally parked the car and left it, mother said that she wanted to place something on wheels.
    3. Wheels

      by , 12-10-2014 at 10:31 AM
      Morning of December 10, 2014. Wednesday.

      This was another atypical dream that was quite impersonal yet at the same time very vivid and somehow seemingly connected to something very important, though ambiguous and mystical as well. Something in-dream puzzles me in a negative sense. It is not quite ominous but almost (though vaguely).

      I discover a large cave which seemingly has something to do with my family history…

      Before getting into this, there is another dream or dream segment prior to this one. It seems quite random in the associations. I am in the living room on Loomis Street and my sister (deceased) “visits” as if the house is not hers at the time. However, she looks a little more like an Alaskan Native who I only saw once in real life when she visited my sister’s husband. Over time, however, I notice that I had been talking to an unfamiliar Caucasian male. He is talking about the War of 1812 and some other historical events connected with my family yet also mentions Arawak (rather than the actual Shawnee relationship) and I see it on a piece of paper he is showing me. A person changing completely from one to another has happened before in my dreams but is not all that common, and although I am quite aware it has happened I do not say anything or become fully lucid.

      In a seemingly unrelated set of circumstances, I go into a large cave and from here, there are very strange and atypical perspectives. The cave seems to hold an infinite collection of golden “wheels” though the imagery and vague thoughts make me somewhat puzzled and almost uncomfortable. There is one large wheel that is a version of Vitruvian Man, which seems to be the main “real” wheel and the first one produced by perhaps an ancient entity or extinct civilization.

      Along the wall, standing on edge, are thousands of other “wheels”, mostly all identical, portraying either a young boy (I vaguely perceive to be a younger version of myself at one point) or girl in the same manner as Vitruvian Man but seemingly only endless copies thereof. I am not sure what to think and I am not sure of their purpose. They are life-sized. I ponder if they could possibly represent real people somehow (for an unexplained reason), though that seems unlikely since, again, the smaller wheels all seem like duplicates. Still, there is a strong sense of mystery and possibly a mystical anomaly. (Interestingly, there is no in-dream adult “Vitruvian Woman” that I know of though I may have missed it.) There does seem to be more to them than their potential of just being wheels. A pentagram is visible and fairly defined over the Vitruvian Man image, and the same is true for the other “wheels”.

      In reality, the pentagram is only an assumption associated with Vitruvian Man, and there is also one version with an added hexagram (a completely different perspective), as well as a square divided into four triangles and many other variations of entirely different associations. This seems to be evidence, in a way, of how people “pigeonhole” their own thoughts into a different perspective than the evidence given (even of their own eyes) while not relating to the views or experiences of others. For example, I have validated thousands of detailed precognitive experiences (far too visually precise to be coincidence - and I certainly cannot “unremember” what has happened in my life since birth) on a day to day basis - even based my life’s continuity on that reliability and “dreams becoming real” (especially in marrying my seemingly predestined “mystery girl” - or at least attained by my soul through childhood remote viewing - which seems the only possible explanation), yet many others seem to be lacking the ability to believe such a perspective while many others have it minimally but not every day and only some seem to use it actively (other than for personal contemplation).

      There must be a reason while some (such as myself) are “allowed to get that far” so to speak while many others (even older than me) do not even believe in it in the first place (as well as holding onto hundreds of outdated myths about dreams), so thus never even “begin” to enter dream work potential (even those who have supposedly documented their dreams for a long time). They also have an entirely different view of life, often defeatist or negative in relationship to my own path, and I clearly remember thinking this even at a very young age. This perhaps is my strangest puzzle - even stranger now in the apex of my life’s path (or maybe it is only the beginning of a new potential apex regardless of my age - my own landlady lived to be over a hundred after all).

      The very meaning of “average” or “normal” is by that which is not average, common, or normal at all. In other words, “average” only comes about by combining everything and then dividing it - which then only presents a mundane and skewed view of what really exists or is possible (especially regarding outliers such as myself, but outliers in general, including long-term diverse experiences).

      I do not yet know the meaning behind this particular dream yet, though. There is a vague association in afterthought with the John Lennon song “Watching the Wheels” though I doubt this was the main instigation for this particular dream.

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    4. Wheels Everywhere! Non Lucid 7/10/11

      by , 07-10-2011 at 10:00 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I was in a glass cage on the bottom of a hill. Different colored wheels started rolling down the hill, barely missing the glass cage. Behind me was a town full of people who were running my way. They somehow stopped the wheels and got me out of the cage. They started talking to me, but I forgot what they were saying.
      Another dream:
      I was reading a book on a beach when a lifeguard yelled for everyone to get out of the ocean because of the sharks coming our way. I looked up and saw someone bleeding on their leg with blood all in the water. Everyone looked confused and panicked.