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    1. Cheerful “Helicopter”

      by , 11-19-2018 at 07:31 AM
      Morning of November 19, 2018. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,963-04 and # 18,963-05. Reading time: 42 sec. Readability score: 52.

      Having fallen asleep briefly while sitting on our couch, there is the usual natural melatonin trope of the illusory sound of splashing water. Someone unknown had thrown a hardcover book, and it breaks the surface of a pond. This autosymbolic event is a lifelong recurring process that encodes my liminal acknowledgment that the wakefulness required for the reading of a book is usually no longer present when sleeping.

      Later, while lying in our bed, an additional melatonin trope is present, this time as an upside-down surface of a water body about three feet above me (atypical). A whirlpool (vestibular nexus) forms. At the same time, I hear the sound of a helicopter rotor, though it is very soft and pleasant. It is as if a whirlpool and a helicopter rotor (without the helicopter present in this case) are the same. A hummingbird flies down from out of the “whirlpool” and cheerfully says “hi” in a young feminine voice (water nymph as shapeshifter) but as if the formant is a band higher. I am very amused by this brief encounter.

    2. Dream Journal Entry #6: Pancakes at the Movies, and a Greek Myth!

      by , 06-06-2018 at 08:23 PM
      Fragment: I was at the movies in Toronto with my parents (again in Toronto with my parents?) watching the new Star Wars movie. My mom was hungry and so I convinced my dad to come get food. We lined up at a breakfast place, waited till we were at the cashier, and ordered pancakes.

      We found ourselves in the theatre watching the movie. There were three characters: two unrecognizable actors and Leonardo DiCaprio with a rigid expression, commenting on the apparent state of danger in the current scene.

      I'm no longer at the movies, but rather following a woman. I notice she is flying toward a large sailing ship in the middle of a gigantic whirlpool. All the sailors scurry in fear of being sunk and yet as the woman perches herself onto the railing of the ship, all the men stop and watch her. I'm observing, floating from behind, as her legs change into a snake's tail (like a mermaid, but a snake).

      Total Dream Sign Count
      Inner Awareness = 2
      Action = 2
      Form = 6
      Context = 2

      Total LD's/Dream = 0/6 = 0%

      Please comment and let me know if you think I missed some dream sign classifications in the journal entry!
    3. October 19 2016 Dream

      by , 10-19-2016 at 06:31 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      This past summer I went solo backpacking in Thailand. This dream takes place there.

      The lower level is this oval shaped blue lake. The entire dreamscape is like a mountain, this is near the bottom. On the left side is this giant whirlpool that people are looking at and possibly throwing things into.

      I remember the feeling of coming home and seeing my friends. Near the top part of the mountain are these waterslides made out of off-white tubing. I was walking up a path to go down one of them. Someone told me that the one I was going to go down was gross but I go down it anyways. It starts in a hill and then starts to wind very jaggedly. The tubing is a dirty brown color under me.

      I rode through several different water slides before trying to find my friends. I get down towards the bottom level near the whirlpool where I see my friends and a bunch of adults from my neighborhood. It seemed sort of like a party. My friends and I reunite and we talk about missing each other and I'm using curse words which piss off one of my religious friends. I think maybe we went down the waterslides together or something of that nature.

      Then, I was on this giant ferry thing trying to decide if I should go to the mainland or stay on this island which I thought was Pai, IRL Pai is just a small city on the mainland so that doesn't make any sense. I had a motorbike with me. I decide I was going to stay when the boat starts to take off. I try to get off but can't.
    4. [23-03-2016]

      by , 03-23-2016 at 02:01 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      Cold, cloudy afternoon. Apocalypse has come. With a blonde woman wearing a special forces suit we were rushing through flooded streets. The water have temporary lowered, giving us chance to move further. Bodies, destroyed vechicles and ruined buildings were seen after the water lowered. We ran forward, there was a huge whirlpool, and we had to somehow get across it. We tried to go around it, but then we discovered another whirlpool. We've ran past these two when they stopped, but there was one more - a huge whirlpool that we were unable to get past. Then we've got an idea - shoot ourselves with something to the other side.

      Second dream

      A dark mansion in the forest. I was there with group of other mercenaries, hired to kill someone hiding in there. The building was a bit rundown and everyone had to watch their heads and feet. I spotted my target - it was a black male in cyan t-shirt. He shot at other mercenaries, hurting them. I sneaked up and surprised him. I shot him in the head with my shotgun. There wasn't much left of his head. I reported that the task was done and ran away.

      I was running straight a forest road. There was a car following me. I thought "There is a city nearby. They said that it was really far away from the mansion, but I'm almost there in no time!". To lose the tail I ran deeper into the woods and then back on the road. The Sun was raising in the horizon. I have reached the city-station.

      An elevator led inside a huge building coated with some kind of protective metal. There was a woman that wanted to get inside too. She was wearing sports clothes, probably coming back after some jogging. I opened the elevator and held it for her. She said that she's going to push first floor button. I didn't knew where to go, so I decided to leave with her.

      The elevator opened and I saw a huge hall looking like a space station. There were many troops in protective suits patrolling the area. I jumped down a platform and landed safely. Soldier passing by just looked at me, and went away smiling. The hall was filled with computers, it was some kind of IT party over there. People were playing strange prototype games.
    5. Longest Lucid to this Day

      by , 02-12-2014 at 03:34 AM
      Feb 10-11 2014 (Lucid)

      The Chronicle Dream
      * *I had a dream about the movie chronicle. I was a character with super powers alongside about 2 or 3 other friends and we were in a warehouse hiding from people looking for us.

      Space, Summoning, Dragon Dogs, TotM's, and Reviving Zombies (Lucid)
      *This lucid was very long, and several times I woke up but went back into the dream through DEILD technique. It was also hard to recall absolutely everything I did just due to the sheer length and detail of the dream*
      * *Realized I was lucid. I knew I wanted to get to space, and an elevator was probably my best bet. I scan my surroundings and see some large skyscrapers in the distance, and knew they had to have elevators. I run over to them, crossing streets, sidewalks, and train tracks to get there. I stop at the nearest one, figuring I can figure it out with this one. I go around the side of the building and see 2 elevators in a section of the wall. I went to the elevator, and pressed the "up" button on it to call the elevator. It opened immediately so I stepped inside.
      * *It was a fairly deep elevator, but the buttons were to my left just on the wall. I noticed there were only about 10 buttons and thought to myself that wouldn't work, so I waved my hand over the buttons to add more and a few more popped up. I wanted more so I did it again, but this time many disappeared. I do it one last time and a whole bunch appear, and I figured it was enough. I notice the text on the buttons keeps changing and the numbers are not consistent. Either way, I choose a high up button, and the elevator starts moving up.
      * *It arrives fairly quickly on a high floor and I step out. I'm reminded of being in the John Hancock tower in Chicago as people were eating and just sitting around there looking out of the big windows. Looking out of the windows myself, I notice it was sunny in the sky with clouds extending forever in every direction. I start to be disappointed, but tell myself I can work with it. I remember techniques from DV to kind of trick your memory and what not so I decide to try it here. I told myself that we really were in space and what the windows were showing were just holograms chosen by the people inside. One of the hostesses kind of agreed with me and soon bright nebulae started to form in the sky. Giant twirling mushroom like things, large wormlike colorful nebula clouds, and other incredible sights starting passing by.

      * *I decide to try a few other things while I'm in the building. I thought about doing some task of the month while I was at it, but had trouble remembering them. I get slightly angry since I helped partly come up with some of the tasks, but then remember the soulmate task. I asked who my soulmate was to a girl nearby, but I forgot what she said! I know she didn't specify a name and said something along the lines of I didn't need one, but I can't fully remember.
      * *I also decide to try to summon a celebrity. I start thinking of female celebrities that I like, and Taylor Swift comes to mind, then Selena Gomez. I decide to summon Selena Gomez. A technique comes to mind from DV where I stick my hand behind me and then believe they'll grab it and then pull them into view. So I thrust my hand backwards and kind of say "come on up here" trying to beckon her into existence. I feel my hand get grabbed by another, and pull the person forward and, sure enough, Selena Gomez is the one attached to my hand. I'm ecstatic. We head over to a couch to sit down and talk, but I don't think much is actually said.
      * *I also remember the task to dig your heart out and give it to someone. I knew there were plenty of DCs around to give my heart to, so I just started trying to dig my fingers through my chest. I'm normally able to phase through walls fine, but my fingers just did not want to penetrate my chest. After trying a little longer, I decide I'll try it later with another way of doing it.
      * *At some point later in the same dream I'm just outside the building, back on the ground. I remember I want to ride a dragon, so I start calling out for dragons. I think of Eragon and how he calls out with his mind, so I yell out for Eragon's dragon, Saphira, with my mind as loud as I can. Doing so, I notice far in the distance two dragon are climbing all over a large building, and I call out to it with my mind. It reacts and starts flying over to me. When it lands I notice it's some sort of dragon hybrid with the body of a very large Rottweiler dog, and the wings of a dragon. I think it's perfect and it lets me on it's back. It takes off and we go a bit in the air, and it decides to land after just a little bit. When it lands it actually falls over and I kind of hop off. I notice it's a lot smaller than when I first saw it, especially the wings. It told me it wasn't used to being ridden, but I thought that was off since he's mine, and should be used to being ridden.
      * *Later I remembered the task of reviving a zombie. So I start looking around for a zombie, and notice that my DCs seem to have all pretty much disappeared. I reach this small wooden cabin, when I see this figure in ice at the edge of the porch. Realizing this is the zombie I was looking for, I run up to it, and think of ways to thaw it. I decide to just use hot breath to melt the head portion and free it's face first. So I tilt it on the ground and start exhaling all over the face. It's slow at first, but soon it just all sorta melts away.
      * *I notice immediately that the zombie trapped inside is my co-worker I, but with a green face. I think that it is weird she was the one my brain picked to be infected, and also weird how it's not a very gory face, just green. She notices me and scowls, and starts trying to break free from her icy prison. I realize I can score bonus points here by reviving with a kiss, so I swoop down and kiss her for a brief second.
      * *When I stop I notice the ice has all melted and she is back to normal, although looks offended that I kissed her without her permission, and then she walks away. I think oh well, at least I accomplished the task.
      * *Later in the same dream I created a whirlpool. I was in a boat and we were just headed somewhere. I think it'd be cool to just create a whirlpool, so I think about it, and the boat starts turning right, and the waves get more rough. I realize I'm creating it the wrong way and won't get to see it since I'm looking out the left side, so I somehow just flip the direction of the whirlpool and I see the center start forming out in the distance.
      * *I wonder what things I'll see when we go down the center, but am interrupted by attacks from whale/narwhal creatures. Our boat is fighting back, but knowing it's a dream, I just kinda fling them back and forth with my mind, but it's not doing much good. It's now stormy and rainy out and I wonder how much control I actually have at that point, then I wake up and can't get back in.

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    6. 4/16/13 - I knew I Liked Sharks For A Reason

      by , 04-17-2013 at 04:42 AM
      I'm walking through an underwater cave. It looks like the 'Shark Encounter' at Sea World. There are large glass windows every few feet but there are no fish to be seen. I pick up my pace and see a really bright exit to the cave. I exit the cave and take in my surroundings. It's beautiful. There is a huge body of water surrounded by the circular cave walls. The water is crystal clear and there is a huge water fall. The cave walls are shades of beige and brown and orange. The walls are covered in bright green ivy and gorgeous flowers of every color. I jump into the pool and swim around happily for a few minutes. The water is warm. I look up from where I jumped and notice that the edge has risen, and it's now a high cliff. I think nothing of it and continue enjoying my swim. Suddenly I feel a current under my feet, as if something big were swimming underneath me. I look down into the water and see two large, dark figures. They swim to the surface in a matter of seconds. Two Great White sharks appear, their heads out of the water. They both look at me. They are the biggest I've ever seen and lovely to look at. They are a steel grey on top and pure white on their bellies. Their eyes are pitch black but soft in appearance, as if they are looking at me in fondness. I smile and pet both of their heads and they lean into the touch happily. I start swimming again, both of the sharks at my side. I feel safe with them. Not five minutes later I stop, a sudden fear grabbing me. I look at both of the sharks and they look extremely angry. The three of us look up to the cliff and hear the roar of an engine. A an orange bug speeds to the edge of the cliff and stops. A man gets out of the car and looks directly at me. I don't like him and I know he means to hurt me. I cower against the sharks. They both nuzzle my sides and swim with me to the far wall. Steps appear behind me there, so I climb them and sit on a small patch of grass and flowers. I pet the sharks and smile. They swim back to the center of the pool. The man gets back into the car and backs up. He then speeds right over the cliff with the intent to hit me with his car. He lands right in the center of the pool. As soon as the car hits the water, he's out and trying to swim towards me. I panic but then see that the sharks are going after him. A huge whirlpool shows up and the man is caught in it. It flings him in circles like a rag doll. One of the sharks get caught in it too and I immediately jump in the water to save it. I reach out my hand and grab the shark's fins, pulling it out of the whirlpool. Both sharks come to my side and we swim to the opposite side of the cave. Just as I touch the wall, I look behind me and the man is flung into the cave wall next to the water fall. I can hear his bones crack and blood goes everywhere, turning the water around him red. I breathe a sigh of relief and put my arms around the sharks.
    7. Pokemon Search

      by , 11-14-2012 at 05:32 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was swimming or floating on the sea. I think I was on a Pokemon or a boat. I was able to get the HM Flash, so I can go down to the depths of caves in the sea.

      I somehow "feel" into a whirlpool (or hole) and dropped underwater. It looked like a miner's cave with the wooden support, except that it's water all around me and no dirt. I was told that there is some sort of monster that eats people down there. I started to swim back up but find it hard. It seems the 'cave' was meant to lure people in. I had to summon Gyrados (although Garuda also came to mind) to defend me.

      NOTE: Slept at around 4 a.m. I've been seeing a lot of dragons in my dreams lately. i think Gyrados still counts as dragon since it is dragon type???
    8. Long Lucid: Underwater Attempt, Lots of Stuff Done, Failed TotM

      by , 07-09-2012 at 09:55 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [So dream happened at around 8:20AM or so...]
      [Ugh... so how should i get to this... i really have to try hard to keep the pieces of this dream in the correct order... and i'm not even sure it's correct like that... my recall is so bad these days that it takes me lots of effort to remember everything, but some smaller parts are still missing]
      [Also... i think i found out a way to create bigger things that i couldn't before... you'll see ]
      [Oh...and i took 3 Negros (candy) before going to bed after the WBTB, so i feel like it might be relevant now to this lucid...]

      So i was just in a regular dream where an around 30 years old blonde girl was supposed to be my mom. She was also a murderer and i helped Columbo to catch her. I was just hugging her and telling her to stop killing people and not hurt me, when i realized how stupid this is.
      I got lucid and started looking at my hands and waving them around like i always do when i become lucid. [It's a good test to see if you are in control for real].

      I was happy that finally i got a lucid as i was trying for 3 days without success, althrough the dream was a little like it was in sepia... or just the colors were somewhat lifeless.
      I looked around and noticed some asian girls... maybe Chinese, i couldn't tell. There was a nun-like asian girl in front of them, like she was their teacher. That girl was waving her hands and was showing some kind of tai chi to the others.
      I walked up to the teacher and grabbed her hands, then pushed her away from the students. They all looked weirdly at me and i felt bad for doing that, so i started walking away.

      There was people walking in all directions in this hallway i was in... I remembered that in the regular dream i got to this place through a secret "hole" in the wall in the back of our garden. So i flew through the wall and found myself in our garden once i was outside. [Oh the garden again... nooo ].

      I immediately flew up into the air and moved towards the streets. I ended up on the long street that crosses ours. I started flying in the exact direction of the street and all that was in my mind is to find water to get underwater and complete my goal finally.
      As i was passing by other streets, i noticed that they all looked like ours... like they were just looped. Well, that was kinda disappointing, but i didn't mind it too much.
      I flew above one of the houses on the left side and as i was passing by the dream started collapsing.
      [Went back with DEILD].

      When i was back, i found myself in a classroom like place, but it didn't look like classrooms in my country at all. There were 8 old classmates of mine sitting there and watching some kind of movie from a projector.
      I thought about my goal again and as i was wondering, 3 of those classmates laughed at me for some reason. Maybe because i was in the way of the projector...
      I though that i'll try something fun, if they are laughing at me anyway. I recalled how i read a trick about creating an explosive chainlightning in the book, Dissolution that i'm reading currently.

      I started focusing on my hands, until there was a little bit of spark in it... I couldn't see it too clear because the colors were still in that old tone... not too colorful.
      I aimed the spark at those 3 laughing guys and thrown it in the middle of them. A suddenly explosion and they all were laying on the ground helplessly, their bodies were even steamy. I knew they were just unconscious though.
      I started moving towards the door, when another guy, R, started laughing at the others that i hit with the lightning explosion.
      I charged up again a little bit and let out a single lightning towards him and he hit the ground too.
      The 3 others that were left were just sleeping in the back of the room, i didn't want to hurt them.
      [Maybe i'm not so nice towards my DCs, but if they earned it... ].

      [I think the dream collapsed again after this and i got back in, since i don't remember how i got outside].
      So, i was walking on an unknown street outside and i remembered my goal again. I didn't want to give it up, so i thought of a new way to get to water... For some reason i remember the washing powder brand "Whirpool"... or maybe i just made that up, but during that time i thought it's real.
      I've seen a shop close to me that had all sorts of stuff in it's showcase. I walked up close to it and realized that there was actually a Whirlpool branded washing powder in there... I found it funny that i already summoned it unintentionally.

      I didn't even go into the shop, i just put my hand through the glass and took that powder. It was somewhat in liquid form, but in powder too at the same time... it looked weird.
      I was about to go and find a place where i can work out something with this. [I imagined that i could create a real whirlpool out of it and that would take me into a watery place].
      But just as i turned around, some really tall, mean and primitive looking guys stood in front of me.
      One of them said something like this to me:

      - Where do you think you are going?
      I found it funny, that they are trying to stop me:
      - Wherever i just want.

      I grabbed the guy with one hand and thrown him up into the air so high that he disappeared in the clouds. I looked at the others while smiling and went on my way

      I got to a sandy place... like a beach or something. There was a metal tower close by and it was small, but it had enough place to fit inside there. I walked up to there on a small sand hill and sit inside the tower. I reached into my pockets to take the Whirlpool powder out, since i knew i lost it somewhere, but i could recreate it from my pocket. No, it didn't work. I just couldn't see it. I held something in my hands, which was really blurry, but it wasn't the powder... i think i just imagined it to be there and it was some weak illusion.

      Well whatever, i thought i'll be on my way now and try to find another way to get to water. I was just about to climb out of this metal tower, when i noticed that my environment completely changed in the meanwhile.
      I was sitting in a concrete tower or something similar, it was bigger now and i was looking out of a framed window.
      I recognized the place as the city that's closest to my hometown, althrough it was a little different somehow.


      Just as i was thinking about this, something really weird happened. Everyone on the streets, including dogs, birds, humans, every living thing... just looked like they were sliced in two at their waists. There was blood around them and it looked freaky.
      I had no idea why that happened, but i jumped out of the window onto the street. When i landed, everything was back to normal. No blood, nothing... just people walking around happily.
      [Now that was weird i tell you O.o I didn't experience stuff like this before... and my lucids are not bloody usually, but now there was lots of blood around the half corpses].

      I flew up to one of the nearby roofs because i planned to do something there... i think i wanted to conjure something, but i don't remember it anymore.
      [Skipping a little, since i forgot this part].

      I was in our house now, althrough i don't remember what i wanted to do there. I checked into our small corridor and noticed some dark figure in a fully dark room... I got scared and flew through a wall into another room and was just about to run away when i realized: i have no reason to run!
      I turned around and felt so powerful at that moment. I looked into the face of that shadowy thing and it disappeared. I was happy.

      I flew out of the window and it was getting dark already... so i decided to try a new idea.
      [Since i can easily get back to the dream with DEILD, which basically consist of getting dark as the dream collapses and me focusing on the place where i want to find myself... or just the dream itself. Now, i thought, what if i intentionally close my eyes, to let me "wake up" (maybe, not sure if i really wake up) and focus on what i want to change about my environment...].
      So, i closed my eyes and focused on it becoming daylight again. I didn't even need to open my eyes again, soon the darkness disappeared and i was in the exact same place as before, but it was day again.
      [Yay! ].

      So i started flying towards the garden, thinking about trying to create water there with this same method.
      I reached the fig tree and looked at the garden. It was depressing to see it in this sepia-ish color, so i remembered how ASMR helped me stabilize the last time around. I started inducing it again and it felt even better than in real life. The garden soon came to life too... everything became colorful and the earth was even red-ish instead of brown, like i overcharged the colors. I did this for a while, but then remembered what i wanted to do.

      So i flew up a little higher and was looking at the ground. There were some in real non-existant trees blocking my view a bit, but it didn't matter. I focused on the ground and closed my eyes. It was dark again, like when i wake up, but i focused on creating a little lake under me, on the grassy part.
      Soon my vision returned and there was a small lake down there, althrough it was shaped like it was created by human hands. The only problem with this was that the water was totally black... like it was oil or something.
      [I unintentionally thought of Lucy because of the scary dark water... i imagined as she would pull me underwater into that darkness if i get close :/].

      I didn't want to get into that, so i closed my eyes again and imagined a clearer lake. My vision returned yet again and now there was a tiny-tiny "lake" down there. It was as big as a smaller puddle of water, but it looked clean at least. I descended down to check it out... it looked fine, so i didn't hestitate much... i considered it big enough to make me fit into it.
      I jumped into the puddle and at the same time i woke up.
      [Back with DEILD again].

      When i was back in, i was underwater somewhere... the water was clean enough for me to look around. The sides of this "pool" were made of bricks... there was basically nothing underwater, only those ugly bricks.
      I noticed a part on the top of the water where i could get out to somewhere, so i started swimming towards it. As i popped out my head, some kind of priestess [who reminded me of Lolth's priestesses and she was a drow] looked at me with wide open eyes and started yelling "We have an intruder" or something like that. I went back underwater again because of this, but for some reason i held my breath automatically, while before i could breath in the water. So as soon as i realized that i'm holding my breath, i started choking and it felt surprisingly real. I popped out again, while the priestess was running to alarm the others. I jumped back in and didn't hold my breath now, i swam to the other way, where i found another exit out of the water.

      I popped out of the water here again. This exit was looking onto a hallway which looked totally like part of a dungeon. I liked this place, so i jumped out of the water. I imagined that i could complete the basic TotM here... since i could just find a potion somewhere in the dungeon... it seemed like a really good idea and i focused on summoning a potion somewhere deeper in the place, just to not make it too easy

      I was about to start going deeper inside, but some ugly orc-like barbarian looking baddies showed up on both sides. They had axes and swords and looked really angry that i was there.
      I didn't get scared at all though. I let them get closer to me and i let out a force push from my hands, pushing the biggest orc away in front of me.
      Now there were still like 10 of them, 6 of them coming from in front of me and the others from behind. I charged up a bit and let out an even bigger force push towards the ones behind my back, while i jumped out of the way of the attackers from the front. I started smiling at how awesome this was...

      The big orc was pushed into the water further away and the group from my back were also pushed into another part of the water, they didn't seem to return, but there were still 6 enemies coming towards me. I force pushed those away too, but 2 of them didn't fall off the cliff and stood up, then started marching towards me.
      I thought that i can just get past these guys now, so i jumped above their head and jumped through small floating platforms to the other end of the hallway. They didn't seem to be able to jump after me and was just staring at me angrily. [I think i'll need to arrange more fights like this later on, i enjoyed it that more enemies tried to corner me ].

      I was in front of an altar here and there were more altars like that a little further near floating platforms, but those were too far to jump to. The altars were somewhat spider shaped, which isn't surprising as i've seen a Lolth's priestess here already.

      I checked out the altar, which had white gummybears on it... I was surprised, as i expected a potion to be here or something more dungeon-ish... but i took some of it and ate it anyway.. how could've it leave it there? I flew towards the other closest altar and checked out that too.
      It had gummybears as well, but black ones... Now i thought that maybe if i eat them along with the white ones then maybe it creates a potion in my mouth. [Lol what an idea... ].
      I started chewing on these and even while they were black colored, they tasted really good.

      I flew back to the other altar, but the gummybears were black now there too... I took some anyway and started chewing on them while imagining that they turn into a potion and that i'll just pull it out of my mouth... Just as i was doing this and felt something crunchy in my mouth, i woke up.
      I couldn't go back anymore.

      [Oh well, this was a really really long post haha... it took me 1 hour 40 minutes to write this o.o I'm not sure how i managed to spend that much, but it was fun remembering the dream]
      [I had long dreams like this already, but not since i was on DV, so this is for you all of your enjoyment now ^^]
      [I can't tell if the Negro with it's menthol helped me get this long and somewhat weird lucid, but i have a feeling that it did ]
    9. Dark Market, Fish People

      by , 05-26-2012 at 02:17 PM (Zoe's weird things)
      Dark Market

      [I had this dream somewhere early during the night, around 3AM i think, possibly in my first REM cycle, so it didn't last long and was kinda dark]

      I was in a supermarket of some kind with my mom, she was checking the shelves for groceries. It was really dark in the market, which is really unusual since they always keep the lights on, even at night. So i decided to check reality by hiding behind a counter, then looking back at my mom and imagining that she will be at a different place. [I hope it makes sense].
      When i looked at her, she was suddenly much further than before, it would've been impossible for her to get there that fast, so i got lucid thanks to this.

      It was so dark in the market that i didn't see much. I wanted to get out of there, so i started hovering in the air and i flew fast towards some tall shelves. I flew through it, but i just got to another row of shelves in the market. I kept on flying through these, but i always got back to these same looking rows. I felt like i was trapped in there... Soon i woke up...

      [I couldn't do much other than this, probably since it was just my first REM cycle my control wasn't that good yet or something like that...]


      Underground Fish People

      [This is a dream from around 6-7AM, but i'm not exactly sure]
      [In this dream i totally forgot that i wanted to meet up with Dreamprofessor, so i was mostly just following the "story" of the dream, so i didn't really change things...]

      I was in a supermarket again in the beginning of this dream, althrough it was well lit and a lot of people were walking around. Someone asked me to give her a box of butter from the shelves and i couldn't see who asked me to do it, like that person was invisible... so it got kinda suspicious and i got lucid.

      Suddenly my environment "shifted" around me and i found myself somewhere underground in a cave like place. I noticed lots of fish people living their life down there and i also got turned into one of them.

      They looked similar to Fizz from LoL.

      It was a kinda weird feeling, since i didn't turn myself into a fish person intentionally.
      For some reason i've got a feeling that if some of them notices me then they'll try to attack me, so i decided to keep low profile and try to sneak around them.
      The cave had a really tall ceiling and there were huge square shaped hills made of clay everywhere... most of these hills had little windows, they probably served as houses.

      I carefully climbed down from the clay house that i was standing on. I hopped into the water and looked around. A lot of fish people were swimming in the water instead of walking on the clay hills, so i decided to try and sneak around them on top of a long clay hill.
      I jumped high in the air and landed on top of it. I've got a feeling that they'll easily notice me up there, so i turned invisible. As i was advancing, sometimes invisibility has just ended, so i had to renew it.
      After a while i noticed that this invisibility is not gonna stay for long, so i decided to turn into a shadow instead. I literally turned into one, i had no body, i was just "sliding" on the ground like a normal shadow.
      [I felt like it was the best camouflage i could think of].

      Or at least i thought so, until i almost got to the end of the clay hill. I heard a loud voice of a fish king, i didn't see him anywhere, but i just knew it that it was their king. I got scared and turned back into my fish body from this shadow form. I started running towards the end of the hill, when i noticed a huge whirlpool at the water. I just knew it that the king must be there, so i wanted to get out of this place as fast i could... well the king thought differently. I got pushed into the water by some huge water hands or something like that. [I don't remember exactly what did it].

      I found myself underwater and noticed a huge fish monster in front of me. It had tentacles coming out of it's body, had a huge shark-like face and it's body was covered in coral all around.
      It let out huge roars like he didn't like that i was an intruder.
      I started swimming in circles around it, thinking about how to defeat him... I suddenly got a harpoon in my hands while thinking this, but i couldn't get close to him as those tentacles were waving in all directions.
      It started blowing bubbles towards me... They seemed harmless, but i dodged them just in case.

      He got even mad because of his missed bubbles and started blowing more and more towards me, but i just kept dodging them, while the water was shaking more and more violently.
      I was just about to dive in and finish him off with my harpoon, but then suddenly everything got black... I don't remember what happened after this, i think i lost lucidity fully.

      [I don't really remember when did i wake up from this dream.. probably it transitioned into another one...]
      [Too bad i couldn't finish off the fish monster, it could've been an interesting fight... :/]
    10. 013: Viking Boxing

      by , 06-24-2011 at 10:51 PM (Tides of Sleep)
      June 24, 2011

      Staying at my grandmother's house currently. Slept a really long time. Kind of a crossover from World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King, probably elements from reading too many fantasy novels.

      Entry 013
      I'm in a restaurant, and at first I'm eating by myself. As time goes on, though, I see a large group of people sitting to my right. I walk over to the group and realize that it's the entire Jackass cast. I sit down at the head of the table and join in on their conversation. They're so funny I'm practically breaking down in laughter. I vaguely remember going to the bathroom and something about Gene Simmons being in there or something.


      Now I'm wandering around some kind of deserted island nation. The ground is flooded with a thin layer of water about 2 inches deep, but my feet never seem to get wet-- It's as if I'm walking on top of the water. I see two girls here, both of them tall and skinny wearing athletic clothes. They appear to be sparring each other. The shorter of the two is obviously winning. I walk up to the shorter girl and challenge her to a boxing match. She's obviously several years younger than I am, so I'm not worried. She puts up a good fight, but I win.

      Just as we finish our fight, I notice a huge ship as large as several mansions cutting through the water nearby. Suddenly the water around us becomes very deep, and I fall in, unable to see the bottom. As the ship passes by I begin to be pulled toward the rocky cliff behind me. There's some kind of whirlpool forming there, apparently caused because someone pulled out some kind of key stone in the cliff wall.

      I'm swimming as hard as I can, but the whirlpool is too strong. I know I won't make it. Just as I'm thinking this I spot a loose rope coming from the side of the massive wooden ship. I grab hold and pull myself up to the side of the ship. Cut into the side of the ship is a platform with a metal dragon sculpture over the top of the entrance. Walking into the side of the ship is almost like walking into the belly of a monster. I pass through a hallway and eventually come out into the belly of the ship, which is apparently some kind of coliseum.

      There are seats everywhere, and the area gives off a kind of ancient feel to it. The thick wooden columns and seats remind me of the viking era. Even though the coliseum is apparently ancient, all of the seats are equipped with modern-ish devices. One such device is a bone arm rest which has rolling letters with which to enter book titles. Why book titles? Not sure.

      There is one section of seats in particular with glowing red glyphs above them, but these are empty. Only potential competitors are to sit here. As I look around I notice in the center arena a giant throne at one end. Upon the throne is a man with full polished steel armor, black cloak, hood and glowing blue eyes. In one hand he holds a massive, glowing blue sword, and I understand this is the "Lich Sword", a sword imbued with the power of the dead. This man is the king of this realm, whatever it is, and only the winner of the coliseum gets the opportunity to fight him and potentially take his throne.

      At once I see the first match is going to be boxing. The first competitor enters the ring, and I see it is the girl I challenged and beat earlier. Without really thinking, I jump down into the challenger's seats and am teleported into the arena. Again, the battle is a bit of a challenge, but I still win. I'm teleported back to the seats before a kind of magical forge. The forge glows with a yellow light and a sword, similar to the king's Lich Sword, spawns there. I take it. This is my first prize-- the "Earth Sword".

      Suddenly, I'm transported back into the ring. I was foolish. This is far from over. The same girl I just defeated reappears, only this time with a team of other people and a giant black panther. She and her team jump onto the panther. I realize I've been tricked. The girl was an agent of the king, purposely luring me into joining the tournament. I mount my own panther, but without a team. I don't think I can win.

      I wake up.
    11. Texas spa/fish animation (fragments)

      by , 02-02-2011 at 08:50 AM (Trial and Error)
      I decided that one the one week break from school me and all my roommates should go to a spa (I have never been to a spa irl so I made up what I thought it was when I argued my point XD) For some reason we were going to go to a spa in Houston, TX.

      dream skip, there was some kind of animated movie involving a fish getting sucked into a whirl pool, I knew in the dream that my roommate L had helped work on it.

      We randomly arrive there, and for some reason have to sneak through what looks almost like a maze, but I know it is not, it is some kind of shopping center. (After awakening I realize it looks kind of like the art store "blick"). There are many people I know irl were hunting us down, and in order to make it to our vacation we had to get bay without them seeing us.

      Dream skip, we are returning from vacation and an equally strange animation of the same fish in the same style plays, only it is more violent and scary.

      Dream skip (pretty sure this is the next dream)

      I let my roommate B know that her bird is chewing a hole in the wall (believe it or not, actually happening irl XD) I let L know, and she begins to yell at B like a crazy person. She yells to the point that I feel the need to defend her and I step in to say that is was not her fault, these things happen, we can fix it.

      Not sure what these mean, they were to scattered for me to get any meaning out of it.
    12. Aquarium Change

      by , 07-27-1996 at 01:27 PM
      Morning of July 27, 1996. Saturday.

      In my dream, I own some sort of large unusual aquarium (similar to the one my brother had in real life in La Crosse at one time). My mother and oldest sister Marilyn are present in addition to my wife Zsuzsanna. After a time, an unexplainable event occurs. There is some sort of miniature “storm” or whirlpool-like event in the aquarium that is apparently being caused by some sort of unknown event occurring elsewhere (and from where, is unknown).

      There is one fish in the aquarium (I am uncertain of the species) and this fish swims at an angle as far away from the turbulent water as possible. The fish remains uninjured and apparently safe thus far.

      After time passes, though, the aquarium falls apart and all the water flows out (waking point). There are no longer any fish, but there are now two multicolored birds that seem to be male and female. They are either lorikeets or resplendent quetzals (or a composite of both). (My present guess in March 2015 is that they were quetzals, or composite of quetzal and hummingbird, as this is a recurring dream element for me).

      The more dreams I review over a lifetime, the more the decoding comes out. Assuming these two birds were quetzals (though the entry image is of lorikeets), they would simply represent my wife and I as “ascended” on at least one in-dream level (looking back on my dream from “Soul’s Union of the Quetzal and the Silver Sebright Bantam” from March 30, 1986, where I have enhanced the imagery from that entry to be nearly identical to my dream).

      That March 30th Easter dream always seemed like a metaphorical ascension type, and if such is the case, this dream probably relates the solitary fish as an isolated aspect of myself deliberately avoiding the union (or Merkaba) for whatever reason (likely as the fish is on its own), and that this July 27th dream touches this period to where we now have the birds to represent us at one level. It seems fairly straightforward and obvious at this point (August 9, 2015).

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