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    1. 4/?/2011 - Tme travel, deathmatch, and a windmill

      by , 04-26-2011 at 10:50 AM (TheNinja's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:
      I am an adult around 20 years old, and then go back in time with my friend L (who is just starting LDing in real life), and I find myself seated in a classroom surrounded by the younger version of L, a friend from school T, the kid from modern family who is the son of Gloria, another kid who appears to be my best friend, and three random girls one of whom in the dream I apparently liked when I was 16 (Everyone including me are now as old as they are in real life, which is around 14). Everyone is talking like they just met, and is the 3rd day of school, and L and I share knowing glances. I walk over to him and make sure that he knows we are dreaming. We all talk, and it's like I'm getting a second chance with all the people there. Later on, I ask my friend T if he knows we are in a dream and he looks at me like I need to be placed in an institution. I awkwardly walk away.
      Dream 2:
      A bunch of people and I are in some sort of competition to be the last man standing (We are in some bombed out city that reminds me of one of the multi-player modern warfare II maps, but I don't know it's name). I go around killing people and get their weapons. Then with around 3 people left I face off against this guy who is heavily armed and he runs off after I badly wound him in the shoulder. Then I encounter the last guy in an extremely overcrowded playground that Is exactly like my old elementary school's but with a giant windmill in the center of it. I chase the guy around on top of the windmill, but we never end up getting each other.

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