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    1. 1 Sep: Attic, hindu temple and my guru

      by , 09-01-2019 at 10:34 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      My attic is still messy and I am trying to make it habitable, putting pallets under a mattress, using other pallets to create supporting tables in a lounge area. It is really big, not so much like my real attic. During the night there is a storm with strong winds and next day some friends warn me they found some windows broken or blown away. I ask for their help to cover it with plastic or wooden plaques before it starts raining again and they find even more windows dangerously dangling (the attic has a very high wall with windows several meters high). Then we find a spider about 10 cms large and very aggressive. We try to corner her to grab her but she jumps on my friend's face. We all panic. Then the spider makes a web over the entrance door and we are afraid every time we have to cross it.

      I go visit a Hindu temple I just got to know, on a day of ceremonies. Strangely, most people attending seem to be white westerners. The ceremony includes a theatrical representation of the life of some saint or so I think, but she is like an African queen dressed beautifully in cerulean blue long dress and lots of jewels. But she doesn't behave like a saint at all. People don't like her, call her a whore. I am curious to see where this goes, but someone then starts implicating with me, because I am wearing a sleeping mask over my eyes and he says it is disrespectful. (And I am wearing such mask over my eyes in real life on my bed) I do feel the mask and I admit I am wearing it but I can see everything as if I am not wearing anything on my face and I prove it to people around me. They still don't want me using it and meanwhile I realize the reason I feel it in my face is because I am dreaming, so I get up and go outside. I summon my wrathful deity in me, my hair spreads out like Medusa's snakes and winds start to blow hard and really dark clouds form in the sky and dozens of really dark tornadoes start coming in the direction of the city streets. But then I realize I do not want to harm people just release some of my fury so I turn against the storm itself and blast it away with chi from my hands. Then I levitate up and fly away. Don't know exactly what to do, so I recall my teacher and I start watching him teach. He is in India, sitting on the grass on a garden, sided by a few of his older closer students, all facing a camera, talking about something related to my guru's activities. Later there is a celebration with Bollywood music and Rinpoche is in western clothes dancing and some other people are cross dressed. This video leaks out and ends up in the front page of some British tabloid, totally out of context. Later on, I am on a bus with other Rinpoche's students and he comes on board and gathers a few newspapers bought by his students and goes to the back seat with a somber look to analyze what the papers are saying. We barely look at each other but we acknowledge each other's presence. Then he leaves the bus but not without making a very slight bow on his way out, that only I notice.
    2. Moving Furniture and Closing Windows in Cubitis

      by , 05-13-2017 at 11:13 AM
      Morning of May 13, 2017. Saturday.

      Dream #: 18,408-05. Reading time: 1 min 20 sec.

      I am in Cubitis where I have not lived since 1978, yet it remains my most common dream setting (yet always different, as no dream setting is ever the same for me more than once).

      I move the furniture around in my room. I see my bed, a chest of drawers, a desk, a small end table, and some other furniture. I try different arrangements with no memory of physically doing it as it occurs by my mental will. My bed remains a bit easterly of where it last was before moving to Wisconsin in 1978 (adjacent to the west wall, head facing south) although it is a bed and not a drop-down couch that becomes a bed as I had in the last couple years before moving.

      The last part of my dream is a recurring scene of the most vivid dream situation I have experienced relating to this type. I am in the Cubitis living room late at night, and no one else is around. I am by the east windows that would provide a view of the backyard, but it is usually too dark to see outside in dreams of this nature. As with previous versions, I am aware the jalousie windows are all open. There are a couple of cracked panes, and a few are missing.

      My sense of touch is enhanced. I feel the sensations and momentum of my imaginary right hand on each cool metal handle as I wind down the jalousie windows to lock them at the middle of the left vertical frame with my left hand. The lock does not pull down all the way or work correctly. I move from left to right (north to south), making sure all the windows are at least mostly down. As is often the case in this situation, I have a concern a cougar had entered the backyard (though it is uncertain as I rarely ever see or hear one) and may get into the house.

      dream type: subliminal wall mediation

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    3. Making Rainbows (DILD)

      by , 12-17-2016 at 03:34 PM
      Ritual: I'm coming out of my longest dry spell yet, but it was clearly a problem of motivation. Even when I had the superficial motivation to LD (I always do), the deeper motivation that makes it actually work was thwarted. In time I came to recognize the reason for this. At the end of last semester I started talking to a colleague that I knew was very interested in dreams. Even though their interest had been shaped by Freudian principles, I ventured to reveal my interest in (and practice of) lucid dreaming in the hope that we might have an interesting dialogue across perspectives. Well, the colleague promptly stopped talking to me, and I was so annoyed and embarrassed that it took a terrible toll on my dreaming. Not just lucidity—even the quality of my NLDs and my ability to remember them faded drastically. And even after I finally diagnosed what was causing the problem, I couldn't seem to dismantle the emotional block. I would just get irritated whenever I thought about it. I think this combined with the natural cyclic tendencies of my dream practice—I have too many interests and hobbies so all of them seem to wax and wane at various points to make room for one another—but hopefully my dreaming is now on the verge of a comeback. I can't think of a better New Year's resolution.

      I went to bed early last night (11pm) hoping that would help to get lucid, and for good measure spent some time browsing DV. I woke up a few times during the night and it seemed like it was going to be a bust, since I barely had any dream impressions. But the last dream I had before waking (at around 7:45am) was lucid and controlled and clear, if not ultimately successful in completing my intended task.

      DILD, "Making Rainbows": I was in a warehouse-like space with tall shelves crammed with every imaginable object, though everything looked old and used. I was having a conversation with someone about the place, though I don't feel like there was anyone walking with me; I think I was speaking aloud, but the other person was answering in my mind. I was observing that many of my own dreams (the comparison suggests that I did not yet recognize this as my own dream) included environments just like this, crammed full of objects, often taking the form of stores, libraries, archives. I proposed the hypothesis that these kind of object-archives were a metaphor for the mind, for the way it stores impressions or information. I wondered if I could put that idea to the test. (This idea suggests that I did recognize that I was in a mentally-constructed environment. What did I think it was, if not my own dream? Maybe the dream of the person I was talking to.)

      This next section is ambiguous in that I can't be sure if I had the name and was looking for the object or holding the object and was looking for its name or shelf location, but it was definitely a matching exercise between object and name. The object was a tool of some kind, flat strips of somewhat oxidized metal bent into a particular configuration with a short chain attaching some sort of polygonal fastener. It vaguely resembled one of those old metal spring traps, but not exactly, and its function was unclear. I had never seen or heard of such a thing, but I learned that it was called a "streng." I either got the name at the outset from the voice I was talking to and then found the object, or (and I think this is more likely since I have memories of holding the object as I walked), picked up a random object and then had to find out its name by looking for its shelf. But this is a false dichotomy... dreams don't always divide so neatly between what, in waking light, seem like the logical possibilities.

      At any rate, I was putting the idea of this warehouse as a kind of memory archive to the test by trying to match an object with its name. The mental effort took, I reasoned, as long as it actually took me in the dream to find the shelf. Given that it sometimes takes me a day or more to recover some sought-after piece of information from memory, this doesn't seem too far-fetched. I'm sure my archives are, like my physicial spaces tend to become, terribly cluttered with extraneous matter, making it hard to find anything. I actually commented at one point, looking at all the crap on the shelves, "I can't stand to throw anything away." But the details that make this whole exercise less plausible as a valid hypothesis of mental functioning was the object itself: neither the name "streng" nor the metal object it described corresponded with anything in waking life. The whole process seems at best to have been metaphorical.

      After this improvised task was complete, I wondered what to do next and remembered, sinced I'd just browsed DV before bed, that I still had a couple unfinished TOTY. At this point it occurred to me that if I'm now taking conscious control of my intentions and the dream environment, I must be lucid, but it didn't feel like there had been any qualitative change in my mental state. Rather, the difference between being non-lucid and lucid seemed in this case to come down primarily to whether I was acting spontaneously within the structure of the dream (as in my former task) or whether I was accessing memories and intentions that I had earlier established with waking consciousness.

      I wondered if I should try basilisk or leprechaun, and decided on the latter. Its no wonder that I'm stuck on these last two. I think I have a mental block against leprechauns because my mental imagery is composed primarily of cheesy cereal commercials; maybe that's why I have yet to actually meet one. Meanwhile I keep avoiding basilisk because it explicitly instructs killing DCs, which I am reluctant to do. I have no problem killing NPCs in RPGs and computer games, or experimenting with different ethical alignments in those environments, but dream feels different, like the stakes are higher. I'm not sure why. At any rate, given the options, I went with leprechaun again.

      Would it be possible to create a rainbow indoors? I thought it over and figured that in dream, that should be entirely reasonable. And even though the shelves in this warehouse were only a bit over head-high, the ceiling itself was vastly higher overhead: the space was huge. So I started trying to conjure a rainbow. At first nothing happened. I put my hands together in front of me, touching at the sides with the palms up, and tried to use this as a focus to create a rainbow directly from my hands, arcing upward. I managed a weak one a few times, but they quickly fizzled out.

      A young girl, maybe eight years old with blonde hair, noticed what I was doing and approached with an offer to help. "Sure," I said. I don't remember exactly what form her help took, she might have just added her concentration to my own, but with it my rainbows were getting better. I managed to make one finally that had bright colors, though there were only four of them and they were oddly separated into tube-like strips resembling neon lights, and shining with the same fluorescent intensity. Good enough for the task? I gazed at it critically, annoyed that there were only four colors. In response, the second tube from the left split down the middle and became two different colors. Good enough, I figured, and started looking for the end of the rainbow. But then that one flickered out, too.

      Every time a rainbow failed, I regrouped and tried to improve my concentration. The four-color failure made me realize I needed to focus on what the colors of a rainbow actually were, so I started chanting them as I concentrated: "Red orange yellow blue indigo and violet...." I had a hard time keeping them in the right order, and after I woke up I realized that I had completely left out "green," an interesting difficulty given that while awake, I can easily and accurately recite the colors of the rainbow without a second thought.

      The little girl continued in her role as my assistant, and now that I was working on the getting the colors straight we managed to produce a bright, very proper-looking rainbow. Best of all, it touched the floor right in front of us, so all we had to do was dig, presumably, to find the leprechaun and his gold. But no sooner had we rushed up to the spot than the rainbow disappeared again. This was getting annoying.

      Just then I became aware of a commotion in the building. We were now standing outside one wide entrance to the warehouse, which opened onto what looked like an atrium of a shopping mall, still an enclosed space but walled with plate glass windows. People were rushing over to the windows in excitement, and through the windows I could see the people outside down below (we were around four storeys up) moving in the same direction.

      The view through the glass looked out over an urban street and the row of buildings on the far side, beyond which the city ended at steep brown hills of nearly barren rock and earth. Everyone inside with us was pointing and staring at the hills, or hurrying outside to get closer to them, and the moment I looked out the window I could see why. An extraordinary rainbow had spontaneously appeared outside, and its end was clearly visible where it touched the side of one of the hills. The rainbow actually resembled the four-colour neon one that we had created earlier, but this one was exceedingly large and bright.

      The hills were probably at least a mile away and too steep to climb by foot, so I knew I would have to fly. I started pushing out the large square glass panes in the wall above me, wondering if this was the most efficient way to leave the building, or if I should just walk the thirty yards or so to the exit everyone else was taking. (The exit occupied the space to our right that had formerly led into the warehouse, which was no longer visible.) The exit led onto a sort of sky bridge that crossed the road, so it would also be a fine place to take off from. I chastised myself for wasting mental energy deciding between trivialities and decided to just continue with the window.

      After pushing out four panes to make a larger square, I grabbed the girl's hand and asked, "Have you ever flown before?" She shook her head. "Well, hold on tight." I levitated both of us up and through the space I had made. I did not feel physically obstructed by the metal frame that criss-crossed between the four panes of glass I had removed, though I felt a bit annoyed by the way I had so blithely floated through it. It felt careless. I mean, why bother taking out the glass at all if I was just going to pass ghost-like through the frame? I realized that again, I was letting myself getting bogged down with unnecessary and unhelpful mental baggage, but I've never felt comfortable "cheating," even in dream.

      We flew high over the street and buildings bordering the city, and I realized how startling the experience of flight must be to someone who was unaccustomed to it. Indeed, the girl felt very tense at my side, and murmured plaintively, "I want to sit down." I felt it would be cruel to ignore her terror, so as soon as we cleared the city, I aimed for a flat outcropping of rock at the base of the hills. We came down fast and landed hard, much harder than I had ever landed when flying on my own, so I attributed it to her fear weakening my own buoyancy. As soon as we landed, I asked her, "Are you alright continuing?" She shook her head and I prepared to take off on my own, but even as my feet left the ground I felt myself waking up and was unable to forestall it.

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      lucid , task of the year
    4. Sleeping Beauty in the abyss

      by , 01-04-2016 at 04:48 AM
      During a string of fairly uninteresting dreams, I escaped out a window and found myself lucid. I was looking at a dark mountain range in the far distance, and hearing a voice saying "Aurora, awaken." Aurora apparently was me, which I thought of as an odd choice of names; I associated it with Sleeping Beauty. I thought of this place as the abyss. I attempted to create a bridge, but found I was altering the scene as a whole instead of individual elements; I saw scenery representing my bedroom around the edges of my vision. I stopped the attempt to alter the scene and exited back through the window instead.
    5. Walls Have Eyes DILD

      by , 08-31-2015 at 12:51 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was running toward a building trying to find the nearest building. I notice a pathway that would help reach the building faster as I knew someone was chasing me. I open the door and notice another door through the hallway, the walls were lime green windows. I could see the reflection of the man chasing me from one of the windows. The door ahead of me appear to be the only way to continue moving forward so I open the silver door. That's when I found myself inside a hospital, there was a nurse staring at me.

      For some reason I got the feeling that this person was familiar but still didn't know who it was. Once there, I tried to wall run one of the walls to reach the ceiling but my legs wouldn't follow up like Mirrors edge. The nurse began to approach with a concern face but right after the police officer blast through the door. He walks up to me quickly and demanded that we talk. I began getting these odd sensations and became lucid. Everything seem clearer now and brighter as if I had more clarity.

      I then said I am dreaming and look to the window and could see it was sunny. I then catch a group of people over the corner, I took and seat and listen to what they were talking about. Apparently they were preaching about sponge bob and how he had made them all smile. Worshiping sponge bob was my cue to find a way to leave this place. I saw a window near by and decided I should try to go through it. I ran toward it only to get smack on my face.

      I still need better control. I got the impression that the group preaching were watching me and that they to had a sense of being lucid. I continue to find my way through the building and spotted a black stairway to go down. The place now looks like it was made for a kids birthday party. I could hear a manager talk about how well his employee performed but stated he would have to pay him some other time. That's when I found a double door leading me back to the hospital main room.

      I could see the silver metal door but before I could open it I woke up. Lucidity Time: 5 minutes
    6. Broken things

      by , 01-08-2015 at 10:31 PM
      Recent dreams included a brief appearance from Bai Suzhen, and some good scenery - a trek along a lake covered in snow, watching fireworks in an amusement park.


      Sometime in the 1700s. Two women talking, one sitting in a chair, the other kneeling in front of her and holding her hands. The walls seem covered in gold and mirrors, with double doors in glass and a row of large windows opening onto the hallway. The windows shatter when I walk down the hall towards the doors - I'd only meant for the doors themselves to break. A cautionary sign. The woman who'd been in the chair is standing when I walk through the space where the doors used to be, shielding the other woman. She calls me Conte.

      Two kids, a girl and a boy, are playing a video game. The boy's character has just hit something in the throat with a lead pipe, and the boy has an odd sensation of experiencing the same thing - not pain, more like a memory of someone hitting him just like that, in the throat and then in the side. As a disembodied observer, I'm thinking that's a pity - even after we finally managed to create a peaceful timeline, the deaths from the other timelines are still affecting them.
    7. 00:00 Thursday 2014-10-09 LD #68, lots of dreams again, a number of vivid "I'm there" moments

      by , 10-09-2014 at 10:27 AM
      00:00 Thursday 2014-10-09

      02:00 bedtime. EGADS MY BEDTIME IS BROKEN but I had to get some work investigations done.

      Enough of this low recall, vague dream crap: I set strong bedtime intention despite late hour to remember dreams, have vivid dreams, wake up after dreams, and be lucid in dreams. Some awesome early vivid non-lucids, a hard-fought back to sleep victory, more vivid non-lucids, and got a TOTM DILD!

      ~ 08:00

      I rolled over, realized I was awake, started thinking about recall but MAN my bladder is full and I'm lying right on top of it, I have to get up immediately to relieve it, trying to do recall while doing so before losing it. Got some more recall after lying back down to bed.

      +(f) I'm Spock on Star Trek speaking with my clones, tearfully explaining that I'll sacrifice myself so that they may continue on (much more but forgot)

      + lying on the ground in a house, cutie (LW) walks by, I hope she'll get with me, she stops and sits down beside me, but someone else is there and nothing happens

      + we're trying to get the passenger jet airplane out of the building: there's no way it will fit through the door, but it morphs itself and collapses its wings as it moves through the doorway in order to fit, that's a pretty cool I think

      + I'm preparing for battle: I throw knives but mostly full sized swords at the wood wall, almost all of them stick in point first perfectly, I think about how many rotations they'll go through mid-air.

      + summary: flooded kitchen from bathroom above, run upstairs to investigate, Will Smith is naked in the bed, black girl "verifies his ID" by (kissing him?) a tiny Will Smith head in a pot chastises him and does a short rap rhythm.

      I'm back in the kitchen (again?), this time I feel peeling wet plaster falling down on to me from the ceiling. I think I was in the kitchen before and felt drops of water, but now the ceiling is in really bad shape. I run out into the corridor and call to my friends that we must run upstairs to find the leak. Run upstairs, walking down a hallway with white walls, low lighting, I enter a bedroom to the right there is a little closet area and the path into the room sneaks around a corner, I think the guy who used to be in this room has moved out, leaving back in to the corridor I think I'd like to have this room because of the privacy, you can't see into the room directly from the corridor.

      Back in the room again I notice someone lying in the bed: a black man, naked, I'm looking out the window it's fairly dark in the room and outside, I see we're on the 2nd or 3rd floor. The building across the way I see has a long pink thick/wide sturdy strap attached to the window also on the 2nd or 3rd floor, I think strangers use this to climb up into the rooms and squat there at night time. I see the same pink straps on this room's windows, the guy in bed must be also a squatter.

      The guy in bed is Will Smith. He's now standing up next to me, facing a girl. There's a black girl there who will verify his ID, she (kisses him?) and is processing the information. While we're waiting for the result I notice that just beyond here is a bucket with several little tiny beings in it including a 1/4-sized Will Smith head, they are all performing the Men In Black post office beatbox:

      At the end the girl approves Will Smith's ID, he was just standing there the whole time silent. His little mini-head in the bucket then tells him "Would it have KILLED you to start a CONVAAAHHSAASHUUUN!!??" (with the girl).

      Long back to bed. Street noise, snoring wife, moving wife, I down count backwards doing relaxing breaths over and over again, sometimes from 20, sometimes from 10, freqently lose count, have lots of drowsiness to sink into, but my mind keeps staying active. Think about that slogan I saw on FB last night: "Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure." Decide that I'm on a wonderful back-to-sleep adventure that will be rewarded with awesome dreams. It is hard work to fall asleep under these conditions but I will do it, I will keep relaxing until eventually fall asleep. Dreamlets form but fade when I "look at" them, a number of them. Stop trying to look! Remain passive, notice without engaging, do NOT TRY to sleep, you can't force a dream, just keep relaxing.... And I WIN! Eventually sleep, have some vivid dreams, and get lucid and do TOTM.


      + summnary: trying to figure out what's going on with the shelves in this refrigerator, notice a strange tube, get lucid, do pumpkin TOTM (open a pumpkin and describe the contents).

      I'm standing with my face in an open refrigerator. The top shelf is not arranged properly, it's falling off/hanging on only one side (in waking during the day I adjusted the shelve on a kitchen rack of shelves that was mis-aligned and falling off, it's right next to the refrigerator), I try to adjust it to hang it properly and horizontally, but in doing so I think maybe someone put it like this so that the tall milk bottles would be able to stand up straight on the shelve below? I close the door and the fridge is like in two sections, the top not aligned with the bottom. I see on the wall/top section hinge a small tube emerging, and a draft of cold air (and some water dripping?) is blowing out of the tube. Why is that, is it a pressure release? The cold air is coming out, will the fridge lose its cold because of this?

      I'm now standing outside in daytime on a fairly steep sloping path between (widely spaced) houses but still thinking about that odd tube descending out of the refrigerator I was just observing, I've never seen anything like it before. Wait, odd thing I've never seen before? DREAM! Nose pinch confirms. I walk up the hill towards the street, immediately think of TOTM/pumpkin task [I love when goal memory comes easily]. I turn to the left at the sidewalk and go up onto the porch of a house, thinking "It is Halloween, there will be a pumpkin here." Sure enough I find a pale white/green typical jack-o-lanter-sized gourde on the porch. I reach down and imagine that it's top is already cut. I pinch the dry stem at the top with the fingers of my left hand, noticing the sensation of touching it is entirely waking-like. It lifts off easily. Oops! Below it there is another pumpkin top, this one traditional orange. Is this going to be a trick dream pumpkin trolling me with endless series of tops? No, I lift the orange one away and see the interior: no pumpkin goop, it's packed with colorful transparent packages of goodies (cookies?) I'm closely looking to be able to describe very clearly the contents, the package on top is drawn with an illustration that I think looks a lot like Charles Shultz style (peanuts), then the dream fades (either wake up or non-lucid transition, I had 2 more quite vivid non-lucid dreams after that).

      + invited to a friend's place for an event, it's awkward because I don't know anyone there, he's not there apparently, I'm walking from the living room through the kitchen area to the dining room, in the dining room the table is full of platters of cookies (I eat some?), move back to the living room, (on the way I glance into the kitchen, there's nobody there, where's my friend anyway?), some middle-aged guys (white hair and white beards some of them) are sitting on the living room floor drinking beer, some in the middle of the room facing the wall where some other people are sitting (on a couch?). I step into the middle of the living room there's a previously-played monopoly board next to them on the floor, I see it is covered with paper play money, cards, and game pieces, like the game was finished and just left there.

      I'm sitting in a room down a hallway from the friend's apartment (above), a guy comes in and I said I was previously in the other apartment. I'm showing him a game I'm playing on a PC, I see the game on the screen then I'm inside the game, trying to equip weapon/armor from the confusing pop-up controls, there's a fight? Swinging a weapon? I'm back outside and choose "enter this place" (there's a choice of about 3 places to enter: left, middle right) to explore instead of going back to the fight, it's like a kitchen with hundreds of "inspect this" signs on objects everywhere.

      + In sons's room, (the cat?) spills a bottle on his important schoolwork on the floor. I'm looking at the bottle and it's empty, but as I watch I see liquid starts welling out from somewhere under my sons papers, I keep looking and see another bottle lying on its side that has some liquid in it, I tell him to pick his work up before it's ruined.
    8. Sandman, storm, black dog

      by , 08-15-2014 at 08:07 AM
      A nightmare involving a creature called the Sandman whose facial features are fluid, constantly slowly changing; and then a false awakening in which the Sandman creature is approaching my POV character's bed.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm walking around the grounds of a mansion where I've been staying. Talking to someone, he's looking at something behind me and says, "Look at that, straight out of a painting." I turn around to look. The sky in the distance is yellow-tinged and nearly completely covered by these two dark slabs of storm clouds, like solid walls. The opening between them makes me think of the parting of the seas. The water beneath those clouds is being tossed up in such a way that it's revealed an old and famous shipwreck, it's been pulled out of the depths. Another ship, a modern one, is thrown out of the sea by the winds, and it crashes straight through one of the massive floor-to-ceiling windows of the mansion.

      (A false awakening mostly about trying to describe that last scene, then actually woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm looking after an enormous, shaggy black 'dog' - more like an enormous wolf - that belongs to my neighbor. Most of the dream revolves around playing with him and petting him. When I go to feed him, his water is kept in a intricately curved copper tube, almost like a French horn.
    9. Yeo Wool and Kang Chi, repeatedly

      by , 07-11-2014 at 06:55 PM
      As Kang Chi in modern times, I meet Yeo Wool. She remembers me. We're both shocked. I have a false awakening in which I try to tell IRL friend S. about that dream, and then go on to a few IRL-based scenes - trying to find a place to park in NYC, and trying to form words out of a jumble of letters.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      In the past. Kang Chi and Yeo Wool are meeting up in this hut in the mountains outside of town. They have to separate, and they're being very loudly upset about it. It's just before dawn, and as a 3rd person observer, I'm thinking they must be waking people up in town, they're so loud.

      Kang Chi's lying on his back in that town at night, looking up at the full moon. It looks massive, taking up most of my field of vision. He's meant to be meeting Yeo Wool soon and traveling somewhere together, but he's convinced himself she won't come anyway - there's something that's happened between them or something she's involved in that's on his mind, but he's not thinking about it directly. He's talking to himself out loud, convincing himself that she won't come and he should just leave on his own.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Kang Chi's delirious, standing outside somewhere on the edge of that same town and calling for someone he calls brother - not a literal brother. Yeo Wool's trying to get him to move, but as he starts talking like this, she remembers a time in the past when they were in trouble in this same place and Wol Ryung had helped them. He and Kang Chi had called each other brother sometimes - it's partially a reference to being the same species, and partially acknowledging each other as close while sidestepping the complicated family issue. So she realizes that, delirious, Kang Chi's calling Wol Ryung for help. Wol Ryung's dead.

      Kang Chi and Yeo Wool are traveling together in a very distant place. Yeo Wool's wearing modern clothes - no one else is. They're surrounded by soldiers carrying spears and a froglike nobleman on horseback - not a human being. The two of them raise daggers to their own throats, threatening to kill themselves rather than let the froglike man capture them alive.

      As Kang Chi, I'm outside and looking through a window at Yeo Wool. There's a luna moth on the window.

      And then two IRL-based scenes - catching and releasing an insect, and a visit from an IRL sister's friend.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      In modern times, Kang Chi's at a studio where they're filming a movie or a show, and a woman is talking to him, sounding very irritated. Without naming any names, she makes it clear there's been rumors going around about someone who works here being viewed as violent, potentially dangerous. Kang Chi's thinking this is about Yeo Wool - she's recently become nonhuman, and the adjustment period can be rough. Which makes this his responsibility. Without specifically naming names, Kang Chi tries to get the woman to confirm that it's Yeo Wool she's talking about. But Yeo Wool's just appeared at the end of the hall, and the woman says to ask her himself and stalks off.

      And then an IRL-based scene involving studying Agamemnon.
    10. A window over water

      by , 04-08-2014 at 06:03 PM
      I went semi-lucid during a nightmare - a scene involving IRL characters - and wanted to change the scene in order to get away from the nightmare. I had a false awakening - possibly two, memory's vague on this point - either way, I eventually wound up in my IRL bedroom, lucid (now unsure on whether or not I lost lucidity in between).

      The room's dark, and I'm frustrated, feeling trapped. I've got the impression I'm stuck in some in-between state, not dreaming properly (whatever that means) and not able to wake myself up, and I'm trying to escape this state. I'm thinking about lack of control, and I look at an object in my hand and turn it into a sword, thinking of this as somewhat pointless, and thinking something about the way the dim light affects this. I find myself moving along the ceiling, as if I'm held up there against my will. There are two windows, and I manage to claw my way over to one while avoiding being pulled toward the other. I slide it open and tear out the screen (I was thinking something I can't recall in detail, something about the way the window responds to my actions by opening or not opening due to it being a part of a dream rather than a physical window), and with great effort manage to crawl through the window.

      On the other side, I'm floating over water, surrounded by cliffs and hills covered in snow. It's night. There are wooden buildings and people outside, dressed in clothes from at least a few centuries ago. My perspective is moving, but I'm still partway in the window; when I look behind me, I can see the window hovering in midair. I'm moving toward the town center, and I can hear people talking - not a language I understand, but from some of the words I catch I believe it to be German, or some variant of it. There's some event about to take place, I believe it's something religious, some ritual.

      I enter a building. Memory goes spotty here again, but eventually I wound up speaking with an old woman who gave an impression of beauty and power. To her left was a woman sitting asleep in a throne, dressed in a costume that could have been straight from the LotR movie elves - I specifically compared it to a costume while I was looking at her. I wondered if she was Julia. (It's unusual that it's something I wondered about, as opposed to just knowing.) The old woman was telling me about her plans, including something she was going to discard, and I requested that she give me that thing. She was surprised but amused and granted my request, but afterward I thought of this as a missed opportunity - I became distracted by the thing she gave me, I should have just listened and followed along with her.
    11. Oct. 24 Dream Journal: When people stop being polite, and people start getting real!

      by , 10-24-2013 at 08:16 PM
      Dream one has me in a snowy town, possibly medieval Europe. I think it's the same town as the one from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, even though I've never seen the movie straight through, so I'm not even sure there was a snowy town in the movie. Anyways, it's night time, and there is an uneasy vibe going around. I'm sneaking from building to building, trying to avoid as much attention as possible, but every single building here has giant glass panes for a wall, and the interiors are well-lit by fireplaces. I only get as far as I could because no one bothered to tilt their heads and look outside. I can't say for certain, but I think the townspeople are afraid of me and would form a mob if they knew I'm back.

      I finally duck into a wooden building, the only one where there aren't any giant windows. It is apparently the home of two sisters; they are both redheads in their early 20's, and they are dressed like extras from Fable. Dream Knowledge tells me one is evil, and the other is good. Evil sister pushes good sister towards me in a "take her, not me!" manner. Luckily (for her and my conscience), the dream fades before I can do anything horrible.

      I'm next in a two-story house with eight or nine other housemates. Hijinks ensue in vignette format, but I can't tell/remember which order they go in for the most part. But the following happens:

      -I accidentally hit an old hippy lady wearing dreads with a basketball while she is eating. She is annoyed, but not mad.
      -One of my housemates is named Raj, and I work for him on his website downstairs in my office area. He is probably a dream version of my old boss.
      -We cook some sort of a spaghetti dinner at a really long table together. The dinnerware are really colorful.

      What I do know is that in the last vignette, I spar with Craig, who resembles a cross between Craig Robinson and the guy who plays Tyrese in The Walking Dead. Either way, Craig loves to watch 70's MMA on TV (yes, yes, my brain knows it doesn't exist back then. It just did that to troll the bros), and I'm the only one in the bunch that's willing to practice with him.

      Sparring with Craig causes my dream to shift into a Battle Royale setting, and I'm one of the poor fools trapped inside a Japanese high school. Only, this school is built like a tower on an island, and is tall enough to reach into the sky (hey, not the most efficient architecture, guy who designed this school). There are apparently 999 levels, and my goal is to reach the very top. Fortunately, my dream posits me near the very top, though the dream fades before I could do anything.

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    12. Not so sneaky...

      by , 08-11-2013 at 10:23 AM
      I was in a military office complex. I was a spy who had entered there to steal some of their secrets.

      The problem is, getting out seemed to be harder then getting in...

      I was hiding in a office with big windows to the corridor, and when I peered though them I could see guards patrolling there. There was some kind of voice trying to give me successions on how to sneak past them. I tried but somehow I alerted the guards. But that proved to be a good thing, since they entered the office I was hiding in one by one, meaning I could shoot them as soon as they entered. This is a tactic I have used in many computer games :p At one point they were standing in line, kind of waiting to enter and be shot.

      With all the guards dead I was free to just walk out of there.

      It all felt like a computer game to be honest...
    13. 8th May 2013 More false awakening MiniLDs

      by , 05-08-2013 at 11:14 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps. I dunno what's up with dream length recently, maybe just bad REM timing or something.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was doing something at home then i went to bed. After a while i suddenly start having weird sensation, i open the eyes but before i can do anything else i wake up.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I wake up and i am thinking about something then i take off headphones, still hearing binaural beats, thus realizing that i am dreaming, but dream fades out.

      Dream 3(fragment):

      I wake up and take off headphones, binaural beats still playing so i am dreaming, i get up and rub hands but suddenly the view goes weird and i can't move, dream fades out.

      Dream 4:

      I was in my bed trying to fall asleep, but suddenly dad came into the room and started making alot of noise walking around and annoying me. I pretended to be asleep but he started trying to wake me up saying something about windows. He then left and i opened eyes, there were alot of windows in the room, all open. Then dream ended.
    14. Voxer Distortions

      by , 02-16-2013 at 03:37 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      4 Bud Light Platinums
      3G Fish Oil



      12:11Am - Flying Radio Station

      I am flying in the clouds. There is a radio station seated on a higher cloud. I refresh my Galaxy Player and see that I now have wifi connection. I see a list of a lot of cartoon videos to watch.

      4AM I move to the recliner but I as too tired from drinking to do SSILD or any other tech. Recall is tough too.

      5:23AM - Walmart Storage

      My wife and I bought a bunch of stuff online from Walmart. We decided that we should just go to the warehouse to pick it up ourselves. We back up a moving truck and start loading random boxes. There is a rocking chair we want but it looks unfinished. My wife says it needs varnish. She messes around with some commercial paint sprayer until she figures it out. I spray the chair. For some reason I spray down a baltic amber necklace. I have it all over my hands and I hand the necklace wet.

      I move back to bed but my son soon wakes up. I feed him in the recliner and when he done we both dose off together.

      7:00AM #132- Voxer Distortions - Brief DILD

      I am looking at houses with my mom. We come back to my house in the back yard. I enter the back door for some reason. Maybe I was looking for my phone? I hear my voxer app going off. It's clearly a voxer notification but it sounds strange and distorted and comes from many different directions. I finally find my phone but see no voxer notification as I walk back out the back door.

      I think this is really odd and it reminds me of my daytime awareness practices. I say out loud, "I am dreaming!" Not knowing what else to do I rush out the back door but I hit the void.

      I now feel myself laying in bed. I quickly transition and get up out of of the dark bed room. As I enter the living room everything gets bright and vivid. I feel very pleased about this. I notice two small panels on the floor that look like tables turned on and just glowing a blueish white color. I go to examine them more closely.

      I either open my physical eyes, or I realize I have had my eyes open already. Either way I discover that the two glowing tablets are actually two of the windows in my living room. I feel breifly confused because in the dream I thought I was in bed and totally forgot that I was in the recliner. (There is something to be said about "OBE's" now isn't there.) I try to DEILD but I am not feeling it. I give up too quickly and enter straight into a non-lucid dream.

      I am at a version of work sitting at a workstation. Someone is next to me working on something. He is annoying me and taking up my space but I tolerate it. I see someone put a bunch of Walmart sacks on my desk. I am like what the hell is this? Then M.R. comes behind me and tells me J.D. gives them walmart sacks to use and he just puts them there because that workstation is usually empty. She takes the sacks and leaves. I notice that I have no monitor for my computer. I ponder over this for a while. I pretty much summon two monitors out from behind the desk. I set them up and feel disappointed at how small they are. I wake up.

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      lucid , non-lucid
    15. LD+dream goal achieved :D

      , 12-21-2012 at 11:26 AM
      I'm walking through a hallway with elevators, and I think I might be dreaming. So I look at my hands (my standard reality check) and I see that I am. I just remembered I had a dream goal to fight like Neo (Matrix) and that this would be a great time to do so. I fought some Agen Smith clones, coming from the elevators, like in the later movies and it was a lot of fun. I also dodged bullets. Then I got a false awakening during 'sleep walking' while staying over at a friend's house, in a big room with large windows. I find it rather emberrasing that I have been sleep walking, especially since the entire town was able to see me through the large windows. I might have become lucid again at some point, but my recall isn't very good. My control was very, very bad during tonights lucid dreams, though.
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