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    1. The Moon above a Grove of Palms

      by , 12-09-2018 at 07:41 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      As usual, I seem to have become aware that I’m dreaming without being able to remember how it happened. I’m in a house along with two other people. I believe that they’re other dreamers—not sure now on what basis.

      In one part early on, I’m looking at a still scene in front of me, like a picture. It takes me a couple minutes to puzzle out what’s happening in it. A young man is shown looking into a body of water like a lake. The sky is colorful and full of varied light, with a couple odd-shaped clouds in the foreground. I figure out that the cloud that looks like a unicorn’s head is going towards the cloud shaped like a dragon’s, which represents an attack on the sun by the moon, and the man is watching it through the reflections in the water.

      When I’ve realized this, the scene comes to life in front of me. The clouds converge, and the sky darkens, with the moon appearing. It behaves strangely at first before taking up a normal course in the sky. The man gets up and heads in the direction it has gone. He’s going to try to fix the situation.

      A lot of the dream faded from memory when I woke up, but in the subsequent parts, I was with the two dreamers. I only remember one person well, a guy. He is apparently already familiar with this legend—I get the impression he knows a lot of them.

      At some point quite a bit later on, the others are somewhere else, fighting a monster of some kind. I guess some people don’t feel like they’ve really accomplished something unless there’s an epic boss battle at the end—but I just don’t find those things very interesting. While that’s going on, I’m standing near a grove of palm trees, above which the moon is floating in the form of a little, glowing crescent shape. Once we get ahold of that, we’ve won. According to the man, however, there’s something odd about the palm leaves, and a person will die if they touch them. But they just look like normal palm leaves to me, and so I figure I’ll take my chances with them. Anyway, I can fly in from above and avoid the leaves that way.

      First step: make wings. I’ve been using shortcuts so much lately I figure that this time, I’ll do the full procedure like I used to. I stand facing my shadow on the ground, and will it to grow wings. Immediately, I see them unfolding, and unfolding further, out to their usual considerable span.

      But this time—perhaps in response to my wanting to get a better view of what happens when I do this—there are also reflective surfaces nearby, although I can’t say now just what they were. I can see the wings themselves reflected in them—and since I’ve never set an intention for anything beyond generic wings, it’s a bit of a surprise to see how they’re turning out—red-gold in color, and faintly glowing. I climb up onto a nearby object—again, I can’t remember specifically what it was—and from there, hover over to the trees and grab the crescent moon.

      In the process, though, I brush the tips of a couple palm leaves. And, perhaps because of that— or perhaps not— I soon find the dream fading around me until I’m in complete darkness. I’m still lucid, though. It feels as if I’m moving forward, but with nothing visible except for occasional faint shapes in the darkness, it’s impossible to tell—or, for that matter, tell how much time is passing. But after a while, I feel like it’s a good time to go back. I open my eyes, intending to be in the previous setting.

      And I’m there, as before, and so are the two people. I can remember even less of this later part than I can the previous one—although I can recall the second person definitely being female in this one, whereas I can remember nothing at all about them from the first. There’s a series of events involving a deep pit filled with boiling water that opened up in the house. At some later part, the others seem to have lost lucidity. They're acting somewhat zombie-like, and are unresponsive to my efforts to get their attention. Not long after that, I wake up.

    2. “Lost Girl” (and the animated forehead tattoo)

      by , 06-03-2017 at 08:49 AM
      Morning of June 2, 2017. Friday.

      I am on the porch of the Barolin Street house (where my wife Zsuzsanna and I and our children have not lived in real life for years) in Bundaberg. However, in my dream, it is implied to be in Cubitis (where I have not lived since 1978).

      Even though my dream self is probably implied to be around forty-six years old (I am presently fifty-six), there is also an ambiguous hybrid facet of my fifteen-year-old self. There is a small bookcase on the south side of the porch facing south (though north in the Cubitis orientation), where no bookcase ever was in reality. It is within the open area rather than the back of the bookcase being against a wall. I am vaguely focused on a dream journal as well as a textbook and a couple other books, including a volume from a set of encyclopedias. (These books were in the lower shelf.)

      Now and then, I shift into my teenage focus. I look out through the porch windows toward where the neighbors have just driven back to their house. They are walking around near their car, which is parked just outside of their small open carport and facing their carport. Thus, as is typical of this recurring dream scenario, I first see only Lisa’s parents and wonder what is going on.

      After a time, I am more within my older perspective and looking at the books again. Still, Lisa appears, having phased through the side of the porch. I acknowledge her presence as she stands facing me, though she remains behind the back of the bookcase. When I look up at her, she seems to be about twelve years old.

      Curiously, I notice that she has an animated tattoo on her forehead which has two frames (at the rate of about one per two seconds). The tattoo is somewhat pale and transparent with an embossed essence rather than having much contrast or color, though I can still read the larger of the two frames. It reads as “LOST GIRL” (in uppercase). I do not consider this to be strange at all though I also do not consider any meaning of any kind. The second frame, when it appears in the animation sequence, is not written large enough to read from where I am seated. It appears seemingly as an address (possibly of a dance studio) as on an envelope. To the lower left of the “envelope address” is what looks like a small icon of Earth with a pair of wings. It seems we are both in the process of moving. She stands attentively but we do not speak much.

      The preconscious in this dream is of a very atypical essence. It almost seems to be awaiting instructions rather than initiating the waking mechanism, though me facing the bookshelf implies my thinking abilities emerging, thus the preconscious may have already “done its job” by remaining behind the bookcase as I face it.

      There are several meanings (layered meanings in addition to the native real-time meaning), none of which are significant to my present conscious self status. Firstly, it could be a residual thread of how I view people who believe in vicarious “dream interpretation” as “lost” (as I am near a bookcase and with a dream journal), though who am I to judge people who, for whatever reason, believe that things like chiromancy, tasseography, or reading ‘possum bones in a circle cast in the dirt somehow “works” for them. On a personal level, it may simply mean no longer being my teenage self in Florida and the residual effect of traumatic transitions that will always remain a part of my life experience regardless of how happy and loved I have been most of my life, especially over the last twenty-five years.

      • Contrived convenience: Contrived convenience is a common type of erroneous dream rendering where the presumed errors in memory are based on the real-time linear convenience of the particular dream. If not for contrived convenience, many settings, features, and events in dreams could not be perceived by the dream self at all. For example, in this case, seeing the activities of my Cubitis neighbors near their small carport would not have been possible if my dream had correctly rendered the liminal space factor as my Cubitis home’s carport rather than the Barolin Street house’s porch (as the real-life limited view from the Cubitis carport was only to the north, and only partly west and east). Also erroneous is how Lisa somehow came onto the porch through the porch’s side. That is, she somehow phased through the porch wall (and windows), which is where my dream self’s attention was focused, rather than entering normally through the porch door which would have been somewhere off to my right (where I never directly looked). (This term is also used to describe “reality” or linear time as experienced by an individual but I will not get into that here.)
      • Dream sign (dream journal): A dream sign (my systemic definition only) is a carryover of the conscious self’s current status of being unconscious and within the dream state. The most obvious type is being in bed. Others include not wearing shoes or socks, being undressed in public, a bed in an incorrect location, and even thoughts of one’s dream journal. Dream signs, like so many other features and events in dreams, have nothing to do with erroneous beliefs in “interpretation” (in the common misuse as a synonym for meaning) that is still so popular with the public.
      • Flight symbol: Flight symbols occur as waking symbolism in over one in five of my non-lucid dreams (closer to one in four, or at least over twenty percent) in the tens of thousands of my non-lucid dreams that I have documented and closely studied and decoded. This is obviously because of the subliminal yet anticipatory nature of the purely biological hypnopompic jerk or sleep start, that is, the perception of falling as a natural shift in consciousness from sleeping to waking that often occurs even in infants. It is hard for me to accept that there are people who believe that biological dream dynamics have some sort of “interpretation”.
      • Personified Preconscious: The personified preconscious is typically a dominant dream character of a very specific recognizable essence of whom, while usually a different character (either male or female), initiates either the unification, disruption, or cessation (depending on the unique dream self incarnation) of the dream self’s transmutation into whole consciousness within the waking transition. The waking mechanism might be based on anything from activating more threads of the current conscious self identity with augmented emotions (for example, the dream self getting aggravated by feeling imposed upon by a trait unrelated to current conscious self identity) to blissful coalescence (for example, hugging the personified preconscious and feeling bliss or love in coalescence). The preconscious is transpersonal, sometimes the opposite of the conscious self identity, and is often completely unrelated to the current conscious self’s persona or identity (contrary to the ridiculous belief that every dream character comes from current conscious self identity or status, which could not be more wrong).
      • Porch as liminal space: A porch as a dream setting is usually a real time metaphor of my dream self’s transition into wakeful consciousness. It represents the state between being in a house (temporary limited dream self’s perspective) and the outside world (conscious self identity’s perspective). It is a factor of my most common waking symbolism, which I have fully validated thousands of times since early childhood.

    3. First dream in awhile:Angels?

      by , 05-14-2017 at 06:47 PM
      Something terrible had happened. For some reason we fled to the woods. My current boyfriend got sick, we were in the woods for a long time, I tried to care for him but he got too sick too fast. One day I went hunting so that we would hsve something to eat. I came back and he had died. It was terrible I cried and cried for days. One day I saw an angel he picked me up, he had black wings and told me not to look back. So instead I hurried my head in his chest. When I came back from wherever I had come, I too had wings. They were white, a friend of my bfs wife had passed so he came and visited often in my grief. One day he decided to touch them while I wasn't paying attention it didn't hurt but it did make me feel uncomfortable. Fast forward to the not so distant future and invaders came. Men with spears,you could smell their rotting insides, they smelt of death. Somehow one went to kill the man that came to visit me. I stepped in front of him the spear did not pierce my skin. This made me angry, my eyes became black and my wings became black as well. I spoke but its as if it was a voice from someone else. "I am neither good nor evil, black nor white, human nor god, man nor beast, but you have tried to harm my people and that has angered me." and Its as if invisible threads snapped their necks. And then I fainted, my wings remained black, the man tried to catch me, then I woke up.
    4. 18/01/17 | LD - Wings and realistic vision

      by , 01-18-2017 at 03:19 PM
      Non-lucid parts
      Lucid parts
      My comments

      #10 LD - Wings and realistic vision
      During a NLD I was high on a tree or something like that (maybe it was a bed?). I was thinking that I should be brave enough to jump down because I was sure it's safe. Then I started to be lucid. As usual I was trying to fly. This time I imagined that I have real wings instead of arms. It worked somehow because I felt them. Didn't see them tho. I'm not sure if I was able to fly with them. It started to be dark and I 'woke up' in another scenario. I was in the car, looking through the window. I was pretty sure I woke up so I tried to not moving much and I did RC with my nose. Everything was clear and realistic. Even sunlight was reflecting on cars naturally so I was surprised that it's indeed a dream. Then scenario changed again. It was night and I saw some (3?) boys on the street. For some reason I was trying to hit them with a bucket. 2 of them ran away but 1 of them was throwing something back. Like something small and sharp, maybe screws? Because of this bizarre action I'm not sure if I was lucid enough. I felt pain when he hit me. Pretty realistic. I stopped this 'fight' and went in another direction, trying to fly again and ran away (I wasn't scare much tho). I was moving my arms again like with wings but there were still my arms (I wasn't trying to make real wings). Then darkness. I don't remember if I woke up or maybe I was still dreaming. It wasn't long dream, I would say 1-2 min. Anyway that's nice because I wasn't even trying to have one!
    5. Tried to fly again.

      by , 07-15-2016 at 03:12 PM (My Dream World)
      This was a dream that I had after waking up in the morning, lying lazily in bed cause I didn't wanna wake up and then eventually falling back asleep. It was pretty detailed and vivid and I have a pretty good memory of this one.

      I was in the house of a colleague from school called P (I'll be shortening names here for privacy). Another person from school, D, was here. I hadn't seen both of them in a long time (about 3 years I think). There was also a friend from college, PH, there with us. I was in P's room, which looked a lot like mine, with a few differences. For one the walls were all completely white, I think the beds were larger with some weird decoration on them, there was a werid bronze decoration with a "C" shape coming out of the ceiling and the TV wasn't there. I'm not sure if the wardrobe was there as well. This confused me but I just assumed that we lived in the same building and so our apartments have similar rooms/layouts (not true, I have visited his house in waking life). D and PH were talking about random stuff which I don't recall very well.I remember getting up and hitting my head on some weird decoratin on the wall. D and PH would sometimes make jokes and I would just stare blankly at them until I got the joke and they laughed me. I had noticed PH's finger looked weird, it kinda looked like it had been chopped off. I was hesitant but asked him what happened and he just said it was just something he put on his finger which made it look like it had been chopped off.

      I made my way out of the room and everything looked very similar to my own apartment. I went to the room with the balcony and looked out of the window. It was the building which I lived in with a few differences. There was an additional floor which I assumed to be the roof. I was confused but I just assumed we were neighbors and just never spoke to each other because I don't know my neighbors very well (false, since I know everyone who lives in my building which is rather small) I could also see some people and I was trying to figure out which floor this was. I think I eventually decided it was the third floor.

      There was some sort of skip there and suddenly we were in another room, which was somehow moving on the streets like a car. It was quite a bumpy ride. D and PH were there again, chatting. I remember someone who I assumed to be P's father walked in and told me something. PH then commented about how he was sit on the bed I was on right now but he sat on the other one instead because mine was directly in front of the window and there would be a lot of sunlight there. In the end it didn't really matter because the blinds on the window were blocking the sunlight anyway (I hadn't noticed them beforehand). Eventually we were nearing the building I was in and I wanted to walk out of the room
      . At this point, I was kinda lucid but I was also half-awake and trying to stay in the dream. I remember think to myself "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming..." which was the mantra I used for my MILD earlier.

      At this point everything was really dark. The dream was barely there. I kept repeating the mantra as I walked out of the room and went down some steps. As soon as I stepped outside, BAM! I was in a very vivid dream and was fully lucid. It was late afternoon, shortly after sunset. I was in the street that I live in. I noticed I had a backpack for some reason, hanging on one shoulder and I put it on. I tought to myself "Now I'll fly with my wings.". I looked back and I could kinda see them (they looked like reaper wings from the game The World Ends With You). I've never actually flew in my dreams, only levitated above the ground. Every time I flew I would become afraid and fall, so I was trying to overcome this. I started flying up and I was kinda afraid of falling, as usual. I heard some guy say "You can do it!" and gained some confidence, but as I distanced myself from the ground I became more and more afraid of falling. I eventually tried to fly up really fast, but that woke me up.

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    6. [Dream #12 - 1/29/2016] Signing Up For The Porn Industry

      by , 01-29-2016 at 10:53 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      This is an image of the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio

      Don't worry, nothing sexual happens in this one~

      This began in the parking lot outside from the last apartment place I was at. There were bags of food and for some reason I wanted to take some with me as a fly. I had white butterfly like wings and I was naked as well. Once I grabbed a couple bags which seemed to only contain loafs of bread, I headed off.

      I glided across the sky looking below me at the scenery quite like the over-worlds in a lot of video games, roleplaying games, more specifically. I went over a forest and then over towns. I could remember creating some kind of hologram-futuristic radar by forming the edges of the square shape with my two fingers. I could see the layout of the area I was in and I ended up typing in "zoophilia" into the search bar. It brought up a little white house icon on the map and the direction I would have to go to get there.

      The bags of food were long gone *disappeared* and I headed to the house. I flew over an urban looking area and watched a black-city man walking by me, completely not noticing me flying overhead. I then arrived at some sort of waterfall. There was a dam type mechanic (that didn't work because the water was still flowing over to the other side) and according to the map, the place I wanted to be at was in some weird crevice where the water from the top crashed to the bottom. I landed on top of the roof that apparently could be easily pulled over like tape to paper.

      I did so and found a man in his older ages laying on a bed underneath. Sun reached into his direction as he grunted a bit, slowly opening his eyes. He looked at me with a scowling expression, "What do you want...?"

      MobianAngel: "I came because-"

      Old Man: "Whatever you want I'm sorry but we're out of business.."

      MobianAngel: "I came for the zoo-"

      Before I could finish the word zoophilia the man's eyes shot open. "What did you say? Oh really! OMG that's amazing! We got to get you signed up now! Come with me~"

      I then began to hover following the excited man down a street. While walking I waved my hand around and magically put on a long blue dress. The blue fairy came into my mind while in the midst of changing. I then arrived at a building, I'm assuming some sort of porn industry building, with the man as we both walked in. We arrived at a glass window. The man went into the room behind it as I watched a woman on the other sides sitting in an office chair with a black furred dog beside her as it seemed she was getting interview for becoming a new porn actress. Not to be the stereotyper but she was tall, with long blond hair, skinny with bright blue eyes, the typical look of most women who work for the industry.

      The dog then came by the window as his tail brushed up against my nose, similar with people's experiences with cats. The bristles of the fur sent tingles throughout my body as I immediately flew into the other room through the glass as if a gentle wind blew the seeds off a dandelion. I felt so light and free as opposed to the many dreams I had where I felt clunky and stiff when I tried to fly. I perched lightly ontop of a desk fan in the room.

      One nerdy looking guy looked at me with amaze, I guess for the fact that I could fly. I began to apologize repeatedly for just entering their area and stated that it was just instinct. I got down and went back out to the other side of the window as I watched the old man talk to someone about getting codes to the registration forms for me to sign. I then woke up.

      Notes: (More to come | I'm too lazy atm to write my interpretation)

      Date — 1/29/2016

      Went to bed — Around like...12 - something PM (Another nap dream)

      Woke up — 3:00PM

      *Time logged — 4:36PM

      Total sleep — +2 Hours

      Stress level throughout the day — Pretty good


      *Daytime — Did RCs

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      Dream Signs — The Obvious

      Perceived Length — 30 Mintues

      Emotions — Happy

      Awareness — None

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    7. Hero complex.

      by , 01-10-2016 at 08:45 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm in a city, it's as usual made of long houses interlocked with eachothers and very steep. I need to protect a small group of children from a man. I try to have them to run and get away, but they are too scared of stubborn to listen to me and I have to fight the man head on. I shapeshift into something quatripedal, with fangs and claws, attacking this man to keep him from snatching the kids. They run from me and I chase them into a house big enough to be a manor and scramble up some wooden stairs, shifting back and huddling in a corner between two dark rooms. I can see that one of them is a bedroom, with the single bed close enought to the half open door that I can see under it. I'm trembling all over, feeling both vindicated and hurt by the children's fear. My sister and a yound man find me here, and crouch to be on eye level with me, talking soothing nonsense.
      The man take a halfstep to the left and a very strange insect crawls from behind him. It's a light, soft green color, and looks like a centiped the size of a small dog. On its head is a mass of feelers looking like ribbons or feathers, gently moving like algae in water. I'm both repulsed and fascinated by it, and I huddle a little closer to the wall when it advances. It stops before I get too inconfortable, and something grows out of it's back; it's butterfly wings, the same soft green color with a big eye-like spot and a long tail. It looks like a luna butterfly, and it's pretty, in a weird way.
    8. White bird flies

      by , 12-29-2015 at 07:14 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm with my mother and sister, we're travelling and looking for a bird, a white phenix. My sister thinks it's a small thing, but I'm convinced it's bigger, like a swan. My mother gives me reason, and we see a crude drawing of it: it has a curved, yellow beak, long head feathers and golden trails in it's tail. We're walking around in a town with houses connecting to each others, some of them with public pathways going in the middle of them. I'm separated from my family and keep looking for the bird. I cross path with Michael, my novel character; he's dressed in a traveler garb, holding a backpack. We chat a little, a very tall, brown haired man joining us brefly, but I feel compelled to go, and Michael isn't the kind to linger anywhere. He gives me a sweet smile and goes on his way, into a forest at the end of the town. I wander into a older part of the place, the light is fading and the building are very dirty and mouldy, leaning over the street. I reach the end of the path; through a long, narrow window I can see a bright orange sun setting over the forest, miles and miles below me. It's breathtaking, and before thinking about it I flight myself off the path and into the void, but instead of falling I soar up on bright white wings.
    9. Witchery

      by , 12-28-2015 at 11:44 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm in a school. The walls are made of old stones with long, narrow windows; it's surrounded with pine trees, and it feels like it was a monastery before being converted to a school. I wander a little in it, going up some stairs and getting highter and highter. I reach a balcony overlooking the forest. Under it I can see the path going up to the school, running alongside a small stream separating it from the pine forest. On this balcony is a old woman. She walks in my face and start talking gibberish, cornering me to the edge of the balcony. I jump, extending my arms, and when I'm over the stream and almost on the floor my body change and I can flap my wings to land safely. In the water reflexion I can see that I was a bird of prey, a kind of hawk with the coloring of a snowy owl. I look up to the pines; they seems to go on forever in the sky, touching the grey clouds.
    10. Thanksgiving mishaps

      by , 11-29-2015 at 06:19 PM (Here be dragons)
      A flying dream. Haven't had one of those in a while.

      I'm flying in a overcast sky, with green rolling hills under me. I'm flapping my arms but it feels wrong and clumsy. Slowly it's like my joints move and change, and I feels like my arms turned to wings, and I can feels the movement of the new joints and muscles, I soar up again, lifted by the wind. I reach a house on a bigger hill, with a circonvoluted garden full of nooks and cranies and tiny ponds and waterfalls. It starts raining and I fly inside before my wings turn back to arms. There's friends of mine in there, and I meet up with them. The house is old and musty, strangely elongated with narrow corridor but very high ceiling and windows. We have to swich in light as the outside is dark with the storm. The wooden floor creaks. The rain stops, and we go out to steal something from a bad man. We go inside his tower and climb inside a lift. The bad man sabordage it and it start to fall. I crawl out of it to reach a button that will stop the fall, and as I reach it I tell my friend to jump to cushion the fall. I slam the button and feel the pecuniar sensation in the pit of my stomach that happen when a lift stop suddently, and I'm lifted of the ground for a second. My friends and me run out, fightinh our way through bad guys. I'm carrying a hammer, but my blow are so weak I can't seem to hurt my opponent, and my friends have to save me a couple of time. I reach the bad man owning the place and jump on his back.
      Spoiler for stop! hammertime:

      After that we go in a restaurant and we are served a big roasted turkey. I get some breast, golden crispy skin, juicy with meat over thin ribs bones. I bite through it, bones and all. It's hot, juicy, savory and salty. I have no trouble eating the bones; it had a nice crunch to it and a lot of flavor. The meat itself is melt in your mouth tender.
    11. Word on a wing

      by , 11-06-2015 at 11:40 PM (Here be dragons)
      only fragments last night.
      The face of a female monster, a cross between a gobelin and a rat, with a pointy muzzle and beady black eyes. zoom out, it has the body of a black hen with droppy, old woman brests. It's a Harpy.
      Wings flapping, black as ink, two pair of them, coming from a gigantic statue of a woman hovering above a city.
      Thor pulling loki into a room, asking him to do something. Loki let out a bitter laugh and ask him if he's gone crazy again.
    12. Nevermind I'll find, someone like youuu

      by , 10-11-2015 at 02:55 PM (Here be dragons)
      Still sick.

      I'm in a gigantic building, with lots and lots of people rushing in to get a appartment. I fly over them, somehow confident that I'm not concerned. People are getting angry and rebellious, screaming at the pudgy man in charge. I'm still flying, rushing between the blocs making up the place. I have no clue about how those people could even live here; it's seem to be made for flying peoples. I get alll the way up this impossible building, there is a sort of inner terrace leading to absolutly gigantic doors of carved wood.The noise is starting to get to me, and I scream at them "For fuck's sake people, I own the damn place!" it seem to calm them down, and I use telekinetic power to open the heavy wood doors and get in the appartment. It looks a little like a church, with wooden floor and white walls with stained glass windows. I use my powers to light up the candles resting in brass candlesticks, everything is bathed in a warm yellow light. I walk around a little, them I realise I'm looking for someone named Thomas. I start to go through the room, some of them are in the dark, other brightly lit. I seem a handful of people, all men, but non of them is thomas; in the fuzzy memory I have of him, he is like me, winged.

      I wake up.
    13. Breaking wings and a game in a field

      by , 01-30-2015 at 10:30 PM
      A woman's feeling every bone in her wings break in half, one at a time, methodically, starting at the tips and working their way up. This isn't happening now - it's a memory. I'm not even sure it was originally her memory - this woman doesn't have wings now and I don't know if she ever did. But she's feeling the pain of it as if it were happening to her now.

      She's strapped to a chair, and a man in a suit has just taken his hand away from the top of her head, ending her experience of that memory. He didn't get the reaction he wanted. He says something to the effect of "I was saving this for a reward, but-" and puts his hand on her head again.

      This time she sees a memory of Constantine strapped to that same chair, from the perspective of a woman speaking to him. The woman runs her finger under his jaw - he makes a joke about how he would've shaved, but there's this whole held prisoner thing. Although I'm in third person throughout this dream, and although visually, I'm seeing this particular image from the perspective of that woman speaking, same as the woman in the chair is, nonetheless I feel the sensation of her finger on my/his jaw, unusually vividly tactile.

      The man in the suit takes his hand away again. From what he's saying now, I get the impression that the woman strapped to the chair loves Constantine, and that this man and the group he's with are using that to groom her to kill him.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      At a school, two boys close to graduation are lying in a field, watching a group of underclassmen playing some sport nearby. There's an underclassman in that game who one of them sort of took under his wing, and now the kid's developed a crush on him. The other boy is saying, great, take him home, get him "thoroughly raunched." The first boy takes this as a joke, says that he's not interested in anyone else, and kisses his throat. The other boy goes distant and pulls away. He resents emotional attachment - the first boy hasn't figured that out yet, but he will.

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    14. January 27th, 2015 Semi-Lucid

      by , 01-27-2015 at 08:26 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I woke up this morning at around 7am and for some reason I couldn't go back to bed. I spent about an hour just laying there thinking about some things in my life but then decided I would just let my mind go blank. I was observing the patterns that my eye lids were presenting to me and was unaware that a dream scene had appeared. I was sitting on a beach when a very energetic kid stood up and started yelling while running towards the ocean. The thought of 'hell no I'm not going in there' came about my mind. My subconscious produced a reason for not going in, rough blue waves with a giant steamboat miles out to sea. Giant meaning 50 times the size of the Titanic.

      Suddenly, I was in my bed. I had remembered that I was trying to go to sleep and I was thinking about a song from ODESZA that has really trippy tones to it. I was looking around my room thinking I was awake, hearing this song play extremely vibrantly all throughout my house. Then, I woke up in my actual bed. It blew my mind that I had still been dreaming.

      Again, I was asleep. My dream scene had been in some field of some sort but jumped to being in a fast food restaurant. I had sat down with some friends in a booth when all of the sudden I just thought "this is a dream." Then I yelled, "this is a dream!" Everything became much more clear. I can't remember who was there with me, but it was a couple of friends and they were all laughing with me. I started rubbing my hands together, continually shouting "this is a dream!" Then I started doing math. "4+4 is 8, 6+6 is 12." It was like I had made up some sort of math song and I was chanting these things. There was food on my plate so I decided to try to change the food. At first it was some sort of breakfast like eggs, so I said "okay turn into wings" and waved my hand over the food. Nothing had happened the first couple of times, but then it had changed to some make-shift idea of wings on the plate which was progress for me. I had been looking around the diner when I realized I was losing the dream scene, so I focused back on my hands and rubbed them together for friction. I remember looking at my friends and thinking 'how do you tell the difference from real life and a dream? This is so real." I started to think about Inception and it freaked me out, how what if I couldn't tell what was reality and what was fake. It scared me a little. I started to spin around to stabilize the dream when it collapsed.
    15. Selene's descendants, a border, onyx

      by , 01-10-2015 at 11:14 PM
      A phrase: "Catherine, and the first dream of a 2000 year-"

      There had been a queen long ago named some variation on Selene - I admired her, and I've been looking after all the generations of her descendants ever since. In a few rare circumstances I'll even take one of her descendants in and raise them myself. Some resemble her a great deal, others don't - I think about bloodlines. Now one of her descendants is in love with me, and she's upset that I've told her I would be happy with a platonic relationship or otherwise, leaving the decision entirely up to her - she wants me to feel more strongly about it. She says if I would be happy with a platonic relationship, I can't really care about her. But I've been a presence and an influence in her life since she was born, and I foresaw this moment before she was born - I've had too much influence. I want to influence her as little as possible in this at least. It has to be entirely her decision.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I've had too much to drink, and I'm making my way back to my hotel room with some woman, past the now-abandoned maypoles in the lobby, litter from the party on the floor. My vision's blurry, and I have this mental monologue about how I must be getting old if the drink's messing with my vision like this. She pushes me onto the bed, and my vision blurs more - through that blurred vision, her hair's much longer now. Also she has wings, white feathers. Fuck, I know this demon. There goes my night. She sits on the edge of the bed and tells me she wants what I promised her on the night I abandoned my child. I have a memory of taking him (? I think it was a him) to a border of some kind and making him cross, so that he'd be safely out of my reach. The demon's crawled onto the bed now, and when I tell her she's out of luck, the thing we got that night is already gone, she phases her hands through my chest, squeezes and twists something inside that shouldn't be squeezed or twisted.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Setting's a fantasy version of ancient China, a king in his bedroom talking to a priestess all in white via a vision in a mirror. He was telling her about people who will be coming her way, intending to use a sacred object in her care. But she's saying that what they want isn't possible - they've misunderstood its purpose. The portal it opens can't be used to take them to the divine realms. She says, "(something) and onyx must not overlap."
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