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    1. Breatharian Spider

      by , 04-25-2018 at 09:31 PM (Creatures of the Labyrinth)
      The being I met was a gigantic spider. His body was a lime-green sphere, with one eye and a jagged mouth. He had eight spindly brown legs extending from his body, and wore a crumpled purple top hat. He introduces himself as "the Wisest Spider", though it is questionable at best if the things that come out of his mouth constitute "wisdom".

      The Wisest Spider has a long list of opinions on what behaviors a "True Spider" will or will not engage in, brushing aside any concerns that this might be a "No True Scotsman Fallacy" by simply not acknowledging that the concern was even raised.

      The Wisest Spider continues to peddle his questionable wisdoms in his advocacy for the Breatharian lifestyle. That is, a lifestyle that eschews eating and drinking entirely, claiming the body doesn't actually need food to function. The Wisest Spider is himself a Breatharian, never eating or drinking, and attests that this is the "healthiest lifestyle".

      Except, of course, on his "cheat days", in which he eats ("for purely recreational reasons" he assures us). It's not that he needs to eat, he just wants to some times, because he likes to taste things. These cheat days are, well, every other day. Attempts to argue to the Wisest Spider that his lifestyle isn't "Breatharianism" but merely "intermittent fasting" do not appear to work. He is adamant that he is practicing a "Breatharian" lifestyle, and besides, he likes the sound of the word.

      ////==\\\\ ~Wisdom~
    2. A black door

      by , 11-04-2014 at 08:18 PM
      I'm listening to a man die while I remain in hiding. I'm thinking that maybe I should have moved sooner and saved him, even though I'd have risked being seen - but I don't have any particular emotion about this, except maybe a little irritation at myself. I've been sent into this old stone ruin of a fortress, and I'd intended for only five particular men to be spared. Now I'm down to four. It's not ideal, but I'll have to live with it.

      I couldn't hear her very clearly from my hiding place under their bed, but the woman who stabbed him said something to the effect that he should have recognized her. Some personal revenge thing - none of my business. Now I'm seeing the sort of smoke haze of colors passing before my eyes that I associate with life leaving a body. I watch it dissipate in the air, and I'm irritated at the waste. Waiting around is pointless now - and the woman should be directly above me. I stab up through the mattress.

      When she dies, my perspective shifts. I'm floating in the void, with this massive black slab of a door in front of me, as wide as it is tall, some kind of geometric symbol across it. It's standing on this sort of grid far below, like a chess board where all the squares are black, with the door as a line across the center of the board. There's a few gravestones occupying some of the squares of the grid - that's new. I realize immediately they represent the previous targets the door sent me after - one of them must represent that woman whose death brought me back here. The door's saying something in my head about bringing it wisdom for the dead.
    3. Wisdom or money... how about both?

      by , 07-03-2014 at 06:22 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Hiking up a mountain with a friend, we take a short break at a cliff that overlooks the trail head below, trying to spot the others that were coming with us. I hear them below, just a few paces into the woods, but they seem to be taking a really long time to move anywhere.

      A truck pulls up right next to the trail head, and two people get out of it. They seem to know that there is some sort of wisdom within this mountain, and they want to use it to win the lottery. From my position on the mountain, I know that I can give them the winning numbers, but I believe that giving them wisdom would be much better in the long run. I step out of view so they cannot see me to demand the numbers. I start to summon the wisdom of the mountain to give to them, and as I do so, my friend who is with me tells them the winning lottery numbers at the same time. Now they have both! I guess that's okay too.
    4. Talking to deceased uncle and having a nice time with family ends in hopeless fight with demons.

      by , 06-27-2014 at 02:00 PM
      I had recently woken from a short lucid dream, and I was thinking, am I awake in RL? And there my uncle who have left he’s earthly body some years ago, where sitting in a chair. This made me fully lucid again.

      The time in the morning was around 8 am, because I had waken from a dream and gone back to sleeping and dreaming again in the exact same position before all this. I was sleeping at work.

      I asked uncle, what are the meaning of you showing up in my dream. He answers. "Throwing up, and sickness.” (I think the last one was sickness. But I am not exactly sure of that.) I try to ask him some more about the meaning of him, but he gives the same answer. He then goes to the toilet and throws up in a strange way. He's body is all erected, but he somehow manage to put he's head in the bowl. I then ask him. "How it was to die of lung cancer (which was not the cause) or was it that?” I asked. He replied "that the pictures had left no doubt that it had been a lung cancer." He also explained something about how it had been, but I cannot remember.

      I asked him how it was to die and being dead.

      He said that it was sort of lonely.

      He also said that for people who prepare, it can be very good.

      I then ask him if he had some tips for me regarding dying. He answered that in a matter of fact he did had a note for me written down.

      I said that that probably would not help since this is a dream. He's hand writing was all mixed up, but the paper it was written on was not an ordinary blank sheet. It was a economic report from the Buddhist organization I am a member of. It was typed and I could read it. My teacher had slipped and hurt his leg and the organization was paying for that. The paper was full of similar stuff, and also a bill for filling out.

      Now the dream went in another direction. It was a family event. There was a living room, where my uncle where sitting. A hall where the toilets where, and a big kitchen. My sister was there in the Kitchen. She told me something about going to a cinema, while at the same time showing me a fantastic lego house somebody had built with here. It had all the windows going outwards. It was a very nice and worm, “big family” setting with lots of people. I said that I already had arranged to go (home?)(With our dad?), so no cinema for me.

      I am in a car with my dad. (I am often in cars in my dreams.) Now we are at the petrol station, and I am noticing that this car does not have a driving computer. There is quite a few details about the car. I am still sort of semi lucid, but when we drive of, my father has taken the wheel. The scenery looks very real, like the Norwegian farmers countryside. Suddenly somebody is knocking. (This could have been someone knocking on a door in RL.) I taught it came from the roof of the car. I asked my dad if I could open the roof, and he said sure. There my brother was laying and this was so strange that I became fully lucid again. I had just had a big lemon candy in my mouth, like the once my grandmother often gave me when I was a kid. I was tired from sucking it. I took it out and had it in my hand. My hand became sticky. Now I was asking my brother on the roof if he would like to have it. He would, so I gave it to him and licked my hand clean, very satisfied with the strangeness of the situation and the niceness of being together the tree of us.

      We came to our goal. A house laying on the left side. We were going to set it up and the rest of the family would come. We did not go out of the car, because some people who looked troubled, met up with us. They said that we were late! We had a conversation about this in the car. It came to my understanding that in this place, no one owned a house. It was now the evening and even thou my family had many things there, the time was now so that others could occupy the place legally.
      This information struck me as something important about the dream world. I was advocating that we should leave them in peace and go to find another place. We were leaving, but in the last moment, we saw somebody loading uncle Tom’s (I have no uncle in RL with that name) DVD’s player into something, and we decided there and then that this had gone far enough!

      Now this turned in to fight. Sort if lie a role playing computer game. I where a full-blown flying lucid spell caster. I do not remember the spells I used, but electricity was part of it. Even thou thy where more people than us, my powers made it easy for us to make them go away. Our side had also turned in to more people. Some of my best male friends had shown up. Now the demons where coming. (As usual, when I go into a fight in dreams, the first one can be won, but then all hell breaks loose!) A flock of human like bad intended creatures where coming for us over the field. Before I could even word anything my brother and my best friend, Kristian, where going for them like computer game A.I characters. Maybe they were thinking that this would not be a problem with my powers. But I was thinking the opposite. These creatures where immune to physical harm and where throwing petrol and breathing fire. I tried to attack them with fire, but they soon had killed my whole family and chased me away. I tried to fly, but I only managed to go a meter or so of the ground. I was running backwards and defending at the same time, which were not efficient. There was a woman going after me. I decided to turn and run as fast as I could into a forest. I went up a tree, but they were burning the forest. I jumped down from this very high tree and woke to RL.

      My uncle who is deceased was named Tore. I have a LD task, which is to heal Tor, a friend of mine, which are very ill.
      In the dream, I took the knowledge about not having any safe possessions as important information. Failing to help letting go of them, not being persistent enough about my decision to leave the situation.Letting other people influence me. In this dream, I was lucid, but I was following the dream much more than creating it.
    5. Fri Dec 7 (10:31-10:46)

      by , 12-08-2012 at 01:55 AM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      More Acrobatics (4:10) (LUCID)

      I'm jumping around a room and doing backflips. At some point, I realize that I'm dreaming. I try to duplicate some moves I've done previously. There is a man in the room who comments, "I've always thought that anything you like doing is worth doing three times." I think this is very wise.

      Log Cabin Tent (10:46)

      I'm setting up our family's tent at the campsite before the rest of them arrive. Its walls are made of logs, and they unroll in sheets. I'm trying to set up a pole when somehow I drop it. It falls precipitously into the neighboring campsite, where another family is setting up. They express commiseration and come over to try to help me, but I show them that even though it looks like a log cabin, it's not really any harder to assemble than a tent, so I can manage on my own. Suddenly the family's dog runs in the front door, barking. It jumps up to put its paws on the front wall, and the wall falls over. Okay, I'm willing to admit to the family that /that/ was annoying. They apologize and leave in order to restrain their dog.

      Later, I'm getting ready for bed, when I realize that all of the windows are open and everyone in the nearby campsites can see me undressing. There are at least five people visible, walking around. So I stop what I'm doing and go around zipping up windows. Suddenly I hear another zipper, and I see a shadow on the roof that indicates someone is walking by, zipping up the ceiling window as they go. It feels like an uncomfortable violation of my privacy. It also makes me feel bad, because that person was evidently annoyed by my undressing--enough so to come over to close the windows zirself.

      At some point my family shows up, and we start decorating the house. Right now, it's the kids' job to chop up garlic into bead-sized pieces and put them in small dishes in the guest rooms. The garlic is lilac-colored. It seems like a rather silly chore, but my parents insist that the guests will appreciate it. When I'm almost done, I notice that the ziploc bag containing the garlic is itself made of garlic. Not wanting to waste any, I cut off a piece of the bag with approximately the same mass as the other pieces we've been cutting. I put it in the bowl, but somehow I can't bring myself to leave it there. It looks so stupid sitting next to the uniformly shaped other pieces.

      • "dishwashing" (?)
      • a road map with a yellow highlighted route--some kind of tour