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    1. The Dark Tower – Witchblades, Insanity, and Spiders

      by , 03-23-2018 at 11:29 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2018, 03-23

      The Dark Tower – Witchblades, Insanity, and Spiders

      I am in a forest, it is night time out. I see the glow of a campfire not far off. I approach that glow, I am hoping to find out where I am and why I am here. As I reach the campfire I see that there is a man here with a gun pointed in my direction. This is not an attack, it is just Eddie. He is there with Susanna, and Roland. Roland doesn’t seem to be paying any attention at all. I noticed that Susanna has no Witchblade. She needs to get a Witchblade that can form legs for her so she can walk. Eddie asks if I am looking to get myself shot? I tell him it wouldn’t matter if I did. He asks me if I want to die? I tell him sometimes I do, but not right at the moment. I tell him it wouldn’t matter because my real body is in another dimension sleeping right now. To me, this is a dream.

      Now I turn to Susanna and ask if she would like things to be a bit easier? I tell her I have something that can help her. With this, she will never need a wheelchair again. She looks at me as if she doesn’t quite believe that. Roland has finally noticed my existence. I am not sure what wrong with him, but I am thinking it might be the madness that almost came up as a result of the paradox the man in black created. First I sit down beside Susanna and pull a Witchblade out of one of the pockets of my robe. I explained to her how it can help her. I tell her it might take a bit of getting used to, but the new legs would possibly work even better than her old ones. And the Witchblade can also produce armor or melee weapons. I tell her that I have one for everyone here if everyone wants one. Susanna accepts the Witchblade, but seems to have some doubts as to how well it will work. I also give a Witchblade to Eddie, who has been hearing me explain how it’s used Susanna.

      Now I go over by Roland ask him how he’s doing. He doesn’t have to answer, I can see the answer in his eyes. I use the song My Last Breath by Evanescence to help Roland stabilize his mind. “Hold on to me, love, you know I can’t stay long. All I wanted to say is I love you and I’m not afraid. Can you hear me? Can you feel me in your heart?” After the song is done, it appears that Roland is doing better. He says that the voices aren’t gone, but they are much quieter. I take out another Witchblade and give it to Roland, explaining to him how it works. I am doing this when MoSh shows up. I noticed that Eddie is pointing a gun at him. He asked if both of us really want to die that badly? MoSh says he can’t die here. He then looks over and sees me giving Roland a Witchblade. He asked how many of those things I have? He says it seems like I never run out. I tell him that since I know the person who makes them, no I don’t ever run out. I also tell Roland that my technique won’t last, the only way to stop the voices for good to repair the paradox. They have to set things back on the proper course before the man in black fucked it up.

      MoSh and I are trying to explain how the paradox works to the others when I noticed something moving in the darkness just outside the range of fire. I can’t see what it is, it looks like more darkness on top of darkness. It looks like the shadows have come to life. They seem to be moving closer, slowly but surely. Then one of them comes forward. It is a big black spider. It is about the size of a small dog, a Corgi. Eddie lets out a sound of the ocean before he manages to pull out a gun and shoot it. I am a bit surprised Roland doesn’t shoot. I look back and realize that he doesn’t even have any guns on him that I can see. I hear more gun fire right behind me and I turned around to see that MoSh has blasted more of the things that came into the light. There seem to be so many of them. My first thought is to create fireballs to burn the spiders, but then I think that might be a bad idea. I might end up starting a forest fire. So instead I focus on Enter Sandman and create a small whirlwind of energy that sucks the black spiders up and crushes them. I do that three times and there is much gunfire while I do that but finally the things stop coming. I hear MoSh asking what those things were, but no one seems to know, I only know they were made of dark energy. But I don’t even get a chance to say this before I wake up.
    2. The Dark Tower – Missed Contact

      by , 11-14-2017 at 09:19 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 11-14

      The Dark Tower – Missed Contact

      I am with Roland, Eddie, and Susanna. I look around to see where we are. Roland, Eddie, and Susanna have been making a journey. I am not sure where they are going, but they’re following a path of distraction. I start remembering. This path of distruction was left by Bearzilla, the giant cyborg bear. They seem to be having difficulty with pushing Susanna in her wheelchair. I think maybe I have an idea. They stop, and I hear Roland talking about Susanna getting a piggyback ride. She really seems to hate that idea. I see Roland has a harness on his back that it looks like someone could ride in. I catch up to them and say I have a possible alternative. A sentient Witchblade can form into weapons and armor, why not legs? I reach into the pockets inside my robes and pull out a Witchblade. It looks like a simple bracelet right now. Everyone is wondering how I managed to get there without any of them knowing. Especially Roland. I hold out the Witchblade to Susanna. I tell her that can help. She says she doesn’t see how a bracelet can help her walk. I tell her to put it on, and it will show her.

      While she is sitting in her wheelchair, Susanna slips the Witchblade onto her wrist. It tightens there so that it is firm but not uncomfortable. I tell it to give her legs. The Witchblade forms into armor. But the armor continues and forms complete legs where Susannah’s end in stumps. Everyone around is completely amazed. I tell her it might take some getting used to these new legs. She may need to learn to use them first. I’m not sure how it will feel. She sits there and looks at her legs for a minute, and then moves one of them. She lifts her right leg and stares at the Witchblade foot. She tries to get up from the wheelchair. It is clear that she’s not very stable on the Witchblade legs. Eddie comes over to steady her. With Eddie for support, Susanna takes the first few steps that she has taken for many years. I pull two more Witchblades from my pocket. I gave one to Eddie and one to Roland. I told them that they may not need assistance in walking, but it will still form armor or melee weapons if they need them. I think they’re about to ask some more questions, but the dream has been a pretty short one, and I wake up.


      It seems like it is later in the same dream, but I woke up a little bit in between. I am in a small area where Eddie and Susanna are huddled together on one side of a nearly extinguished campfire, and Roland is on the other. Roland seems very restless. Is tossing and turning, and talking in his sleep about Jake. He keeps calling to Jake as if he thinks the boy will answer somehow. He does not seem sane. I assume it is the paradox. Susanna asks if Eddie thinks they should wake him up to get him out of the nightmare? Eddie says he wouldn’t dare. He points over at gun that is lying on the ground not far from Roland’s hand. I told them that I will do it. They do a double take, looking up at me. I repeat I will help Roland, even if he shoots me it wouldn’t hurt me. So I quietly go over to Roland. I even levitate a little bit off of the ground so I won’t make even a sound. I get so close to him that I’m whispering in his ear. The song My Last Breath by Evanescence. “Hold on to me, love. You know I can’t stay long. All I wanted to say is I love you and I’m not afraid. Can you hear me? Can you feel me in your heart?” As the song continues, Roland seems to calm down. Finally as it is ending he relaxes completely. I believe his dreams are now gone. His sleep is dreamless. I tell Eddie and Susanna that he should be OK now for a while. And soon this paradox will be resolved. And then I wake up.


      I am with Roland and the others again. This time we‘re just sitting and talking. Some of the talk is about the Witchblades, where I try to explain some things about them. That they have minds of their own and will respond to unseen threats and they also respond to their wearer’s mental commands making them like an extension of the wearer’s body once they’re fully adapted to each other. Then Roland starts talking about MoSh. He asked if I know my friend was there earlier? He says that MoSh was there with them earlier, and he is certain that moSh has had formal training as a gunslinger. I tell him I did not realize that MoSh had been there. I ask him what happened? He said he and MoSh were talking, then they found a nest of weird mechanical things that attacked them. He says that even his old teacher Cort would have been impressed by MoSh’s shooting. I ask him for what details he can remember. I tell him that since this is a dream state for us, sometimes we have trouble remembering. Anything that I can tell MoSh might help him remember.

      Roland says they were traveling along the path that the bear had left when they heard strange mechanical noisees. He said he and Eddie went to check it out. He said they saw was six little robots moving around in a circle. There were a lot more around them, but they all appeared to be dormant. He said that Eddie started shooting the little robots. He says Eddie shot all but one of them. The last one was coming at them, right as Susanna came over to see what was going on. Eddie took that one out as it was attacking Susanna. Eddie was getting pissed off at Roland because he thought Roland had left Susanna in danger. And while Eddie was getting pissed off, a couple of flying things attacked them. Roland says he shot those easily. Roland says MoSh came up to them and asked if there was a problem? Before Roland could answer, a whole flock of flying things attacked. There were so many of them that it took all four of them shooting to get them all before someone got attacked. He says he did not see MoSh miss even once. I tell him that that’s good, and I hope that MoSh will remember this when I tell him. I also hope I will remember this so that I can tell him. Roland says he is very interested in this method of travel we seem to have. This dream travel. I tell him that’s hard to explain. And I don’t have a chance to try before I wake up.
    3. 07/09/13 Prototype

      by , 07-11-2013 at 04:46 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Hug-a-Stranger Day
      I am at a T intersection of an alley way. The passages extend to my left and right, and the passage in front of me leads to a street that appears deserted. I do not recognize where I am, though it never occurs to me that I might be dreaming. I am still there trying to figure out where I am when a man comes around the corner.

      He pauses briefly and looks at me strangely. He seems somehow familiar, but I just can't think of his name or of where I might have seen him before. I notice that he doesn't look too good… he is moving like he has been badly injured and might collapse at any point. I find myself wishing I had my healing powers in my waking life. I feel I would really like to use my healing powers to heal this man even though I can't remember who he is. I hear someone on the main street approaching from the left. It sounds like a lot of someones. I wonder who that might be. Are they the ones responsible for this man's current condition? If so, they almost surely want to finish him off. I figure maybe I can't heal him, but maybe I can help him get to a place to hide until the enemies go away. The man is making his way towards me, so I go over to him and start helping him farther back into the alley. We get near the back of the alley; I stop to look around for someplace to get him out of sight. I hear the people chasing after him getting closer. The man is now standing behind me as I try a door that is partially hidden behind a dumpster. It is unlocked. I wonder if the people behind him could be dumb enough to miss the door. Maybe I could stay outside and misdirect them. I turn around to find the man right in front of me looking at me strangely. He says he really wishes he didn't have to do this but he can't let "them" have their way. I figure he means the people behind him. Then he hugs me. He gives me several firm squeezes and then lets me go. Now he looks puzzled and a bit alarmed. He says something didn't work, and it might be too late, could it be he's just not strong enough now? There's no time to find out what he's talking about or why he hugged me… is this some kind of Hug a Stranger Day? I tell him the door is unlocked, go in, and I'll try to misdirect his pursuers. He hesitates, looking at me strangely one more time before disappearing through the door. The door closes and I get out from behind the dumpster just as a couple men enter the alley. The man in front, who is clearly in charge, says it they almost have the bastard, don't let him get away!

      Looking to delay them, I go over and hug the guy in charge. He pushes me away and asks what the fuck I am doing. I tell him I thought it was Hug a Stranger Day since that guy that just went by gave me a big hug. The man laughs, he says that guy wasn't giving me a hug… he was trying to consume me to make himself stronger… though he has no idea why it failed. Consume? My mind is starting to process slowly… The man identifies himself as being with Blackwatch and says it is important that I tell him which way this rogue hugger went. Blackwatch… consuming… wait… I'm dreaming! I do a reality check by pinching my nose and I can still breathe. I point to my right and say he went that way. I say I hope they get that asshole who tried to kill me. They head off in that direction. Of course I now realize the asshole who tried to hug me was Alex Mercer… But I don't feel angry at all, just glad that this means I can use my healing powers… and I love my Witchblade, which I am sure blocked Alex's attempt to consume me. I go to the door and go in, wondering how far Alex might have gotten… He hasn't gone very far. He is sitting on the ground a short ways inside. I wonder what Blackwatch could have done to get him in such a state. So I go over to him, he seems partly conscious and maybe resting, waiting to regenerate. I focus on the song Voices from Macross Plus, using the energy to speed up the healing process. He quickly heals and soon looks like his normal self. He asks what I just did… I tell him I'm a healer, so I used my healing energy. And Blackwatch is out chasing a wild goose… idiotic Templars… He starts to say something about what happened earlier, but I tell him I don't have time to stick around… I'm about to wake up. He looks puzzled at that statement and then I wake.

      Poke… Poke…
      I am walking down a city street in a city I don't recognize, though this doesn't seem strange to me. I am walking when I reach a spot where an alley branches off to the left. There is also a door to a business on each side of the alley. A large dumpster is sitting just inside the alley. For some reason I pause there for a few minutes. As I am trying to figure out where I am going I hear someone behind me yelling for help. I turn and look to see a normal looking man in black slacks and a blue shirt running down the sidewalk. He is pushing people out of his way and asking for help. Everyone he asks for help just turns away, however, clearly not wanting to get in on whatever trouble this man happens to be in. I think that is pretty pathetic, and when the man gets to me I ask what the problem is, is there someone chasing him? He says yes, there is someone chasing him… a mad man… he can't let that man catch him or he will be killed. The man says no, it's worse than being killed… he's heard that the man behind him will eat him alive. I am less inclined to take him seriously now that he's said the man chasing him is a psychopathic cannibal. He must notice the look on my face because he says he is being serious, there has to be somewhere to hide. He says he has to hide, all he needed was for me to not tell that monster behind him where he is hiding. He asks me for a promise, which I give. I promise I won't tell anyone where you hide. After a brief hesitation he says the hot air in the sun-warmed dumpster should help mask his body heat. So now he's also being chased by a predator?

      I consider that this man might be on drugs… He goes right over to the dumpster and climbs in. I am standing there watching the dumpster, wondering how long that man intends to stay in the trash, when another man comes down the street in a big hurry. I can clearly see he is neither a monster nor a predator. Of course I can't tell if he might be a cannibal… He looks vaguely familiar but I can't place his name. He is wearing a brown hoodie under a black leather jacket.

      Since most bystanders left when the first man was calling for help, I am the only one standing here now. The man who just arrived asks if I saw a man in a blue shirt and black pants come through here. I am not sure what to say. I don't feel at all certain what to do. The man in front of me says the one he's after couldn't have gotten out of sight yet, he wants me to tell him where the man is hiding… I must have seen. I make an effort not to look at the dumpster though I am still uncertain. I ask the man why he is searching for the man hiding. He says he just has a few questions to ask and he thinks that man has some answers. I tell him I can't say, I promised not to. I turn to walk away. When I turn the man grabs me from behind and covers my mouth with one hand and pokes me in my lower back with the other. WTF? So I elbow him in the crotch with my left elbow. That seems totally ineffective, and he pokes me a couple more times. His hold loosens and I use a move I learned in self defense class to spin around and kick him squarely in the crotch as hard as I can. He doesn't seem to care about that, though he does look very puzzled now. I ask what the fuck he's poking me for then I poke him twice in the chest… trying not to show my own bafflement at how the kick to the crotch did nothing. Maybe he doesn't even have balls? A somewhat fat and very smelly man comes out of one of the businesses. He says he can take me somewhere that lowlifes won't bother us. He lurches forward and grabs my breast. I kick him in the balls… he doubles over in pain and throws up. I comment mostly to myself that the technique still works… thus the man who poked me must have no balls. He doesn't seem to care about that statement; he grabs me by my collar and actually lifts me off my feet. I am looking directly in his eyes now, and I would not have any problem believing he is the psychopathic cannibal the first man said he was. I don't remember when I have ever seen someone with such lifeless empty eyes. It was like looking into an abyss, and the abyss was looking back at me. He asks again where the first man went. I tell him fuck off, you piece of trash. But this time I feel my gaze shift towards the dumpster briefly. He sets me down and heads over to the dumpster. I call him an asshole loudly enough for people on the other side of the street to hear. He doesn't even look back at me. He opens the dumpster and looks in, then drags the first man out by his neck. I wonder if I should try to intervene… I wonder if I could do any good, since I still don't realize I'm dreaming. The man in the blue shirt calls for help again, and then I hear him begging the asshole not to do it. I figure he means don't kill him. I head towards the two of them, thinking I can't just stand by if the asshole is going to kill the other man. I stop when the asshole throws the other man on the ground and literally beats him into a bloody pulp. Then the asshole actually absorbs the other man's body into his own body. It is truly disgusting. It looks like Alex Mercer consuming someone in Prototype… wait a minute… I do a reality check by pinching my nose, I can still breathe. It didn't just look like Alex Mercer consuming someone… that's exactly what it was! He takes off and runs up a tall building. I take flight and follow after him. I am already focusing on the song Touch My Heart from the Devil Hunter Yohko soundtrack. I fly up over the top of the building as the song is playing; Alex has stopped and is watching me. The song continues, golden energy surrounds and flows through Alex as usually happens. The song finishes. I want to see if it worked. I want to look at his eyes again and see if there's still nothing there… but I don't get a chance to before I wake.
    4. 12/22/12 Night Whispers

      by , 12-23-2012 at 12:24 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Night Whispers
      I am on a beach like the one described in my hypnosis program that I fall asleep with. I am fully lucid. I am thinking I should find someplace where I am needed. So I trace out a circle in front of me and it becomes a portal. I step through the portal and into someone's bedroom. There is a kid in the bed sleeping, a boy that looks like he is about 15. There are several people standing around him, though they are not waking him up. They are leaning over his bed and whispering things in his ears. When I get close enough I hear that they are talking about death and murder. I ask them what they think they are doing. One of them looks up at me in surprise. I think he is surprised I can see him at all. I tell them to leave the boy alone. The one who looked up at me tells me not to mess with things I don't understand. I tell him we can do this the easy way or the hard way, but stop trying to put negative thoughts into the kid's head. The man says I have been warned, so now I will pay the price. All three of them approach me, I stand my ground. They transform into strange demonic creatures right in front of me. I summon a sword from my Witchblade. The demonic creatures seem to hesitate, I think they are surprised I am going to stand and fight them… then they attack me. I duck down and underneath a nasty looking sword as it is swung to remove my head. I use my sword to run the demon through and pump light energy into the thing. It burns up from the inside out, disappearing in a flash of white light. I barely respond quickly enough to block another attack coming from behind. I duck around and turn, taking out the other two demons quickly with my sword. I look back over at the boy in the bed. He hasn't even been awakened by all of the commotion. I think either he is the deepest sleeper I have ever seen or maybe I have been fighting in the astral plane, which is the only answer that really makes sense. I don't have a chance to check before I wake up.
    5. 10/12/10 Powers Off, Witchblade On

      by , 10-15-2010 at 02:54 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: This dream is much more fragmented than the first one of the night, I'm not sure why that is, I'm not even sure how I became lucid in it. So while it isn't entirely connected in my mind, here are the parts I remember… from what I remember it seemed that I was having problems focusing my energy…

      I was in a place I didn't recognize very well, somehow I was lucid, though I felt quite disoriented considering the fact I was lucid… I looked around to see if I could identify the place and I saw I wasn't alone there, there was a woman there with me, she looked familiar, was it Asuka? What was Asuka doing out here on her own? Of course I didn't know exactly where 'here' was, so for I could be certain of I was in MoSh's inner world… or MoSh might be in the area, Asuka might be out with MoSh… or maybe she was infected… So I did a scan of Asuka's energy to see if she might be infected, just to be sure she was ok, and I found out it wasn't Asuka, but before I could recognize who she was, I felt disoriented from looking at her so I pulled back out. I didn't sense any hostility from her, so I thought she might have a connection to why I was there. I went over closer to her to find out what was going on, it seemed the closer I got to her, the more disoriented I felt. I resisted that, tried to stabilize the dream, and it seemed to work some… so I asked the woman what was going on. I wasn't hearing her very clearly, either, it sounded like her voice was coming from a long way away. She said something about a demon attacking a friend of hers, ok, so there was a demon who needed his or her ass kicked. No problem there, or it shouldn't be. I asked here where the demon was, but before she answered my memory faded out and I am missing time there…

      When my memory resumes I was in a different place, I could tell the surroundings were different, but once again I was having problems focusing on anything. I still felt disoriented, and I saw the woman was there with me, but the two of us weren't alone. There was a demon right near me, and that seemed to be an immediate problem, as he was attacking me. Witchblade formed into armor and a sword, so I was able to block his attack, which came in the form of him trying to slice me vertically in half with a massive sword… I blocked it with my Witchblade sword. The demon was about twice as tall as me and much more muscular, but Witchblade compensated by adding to my strength. My feet were digging into the ground as the demon tried to force the sword down through my Witchblade sword, epic fail. I focused on Battery to strike him from above with a bolt of lightning powered by light energy, also an epic fail. Wtf? Why hadn't the spell worked? That didn't make any sense… but what did make sense was that even though Witchblade would not break and my strength would not give out, I was about halfway underground by now… the ground wasn't as strong as I was… I used the strength of Witchblade and the tendrils of Witchblade to flip the demon over my head onto his back, allowing me to get out of the hole I was in.

      Now that I was standing on solid ground again, I was wanting to know why my song spell hadn't worked, it is one of the spells I use most frequently, so could the demon have been prepared for it? Been prepared to block it? Maybe… I was about to move in and attack the demon again when a second demon passed between the first demon and me, slamming into the ground hard enough to make a crater… the woman I had seen earlier followed close behind the demon, seeming to be enjoying herself… which was another sign that she wasn't Asuka, since I have never seen Asuka actually enjoy a fight… She seemed to have that demon well in hand, so I turned my attention back to the demon I was fighting, but I found that again I was getting disoriented, and my memory faded for a bit…

      Next I was being pinned to the ground by the demon I had been fighting, he was trying to run his sword through me, trying to impale me to the ground, but thanks to my Witchblade, his attempt was an epic fail. So now I had the perfect chance to turn the tables, he seemed really frustrated about the shell that had formed around me that seemed to be impenetrable… so I moved my arm so it was pointing at the demon's chest and extended the Witchblade into a sword, which ended up working a lot like a really long and big hidden blade, in that the demon now found himself impaled on my sword rather than the other way around. He had a really shocked look on his face, I don't think he had been expecting any kind of a response from me let alone that sword from nowhere. The demon spat up blood all over me, which was extremely disgusting, I cut Witchblade from the left side of his chest through to his right shoulder, nearly severing his head, and soaking myself with even more blood… gross… then I shoved him off of me and got up. On the ground, the demon twitched a couple more times and then was still.

      The woman I had seen earlier came over towards me, she called me Raven, indicating she knew me, and asked if I was ok. I said after a shower I would be fine, a really long shower… I looked at the grossness dripping off of me and I was wondering how people in games and movies seem to stay so clean most of the time… The woman came closer to me, and I identified that it seemed to be her that was making me disoriented, because as she approached, I once again became disoriented. I heard her voice as if from a long distance, saying someone was ok, but might need healing, she was saying something else that I couldn't understand… And then she changed form into something, I tried to focus on what she had changed into, but I couldn't focus clearly…

      She had said someone needed healing, so I asked who needed healing, and where they were. The woman… in an alternate form that I couldn't clearly see… led me a short distance to where there was another young woman. I could sense some dark energy in her, she didn't seem to really badly infected, but I was wondering if my song spells would work now. I focused on using Touch My Heart on her, and I found that this spell was also an epic fail. What the hell? I used Witchblade to draw dark energy out of the woman and I replaced it with light energy using the white shard on my Witchblade. It looked like that should do the trick since she wasn't really badly infected. I still didn't like the fact my spells were becoming epic fails… I found that to be some cause for alarm, but I didn't have time to consider it before waking up.