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    1. Antarctic Train

      by , 11-18-2016 at 02:52 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I thought I might post an old dream I just remembered.
      I am on a train to the South Pole. Lots of people I know are there. I feel this happy feeling of independence, freedom, and euphoria put together. It is so wonderful I cannot describe it anymore. It only appears in dreams. Eventually we reach a city at the South Pole. I have a best friend in the dream who is always with me. A wizard trains me spells and I remark 'This is like a lucid dream but real' to myself. Soon an earthquake happens and people are jumping off balconies due to fires and dying. I do what I can but I must leave. My companion, the wizard and I do lots of quests, but eventually my friend is killed. I feel horrible. I wake up.

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    2. 16-07-15 Sikh Joke, Wizards and Lucid Flying

      by , 07-15-2016 at 11:17 AM
      I was outdoors, and saw a concrete building. There were metal stairs leading to a door, a few meters up. Inside, there was a very deep pit to the left, with a square pillar in the center (like an obelisk, but with flat top). A ledge right in front of me led past the pit, to another flight of stairs and another door. I have memory of having been in that pit quite a few times, but no idea why. In one instance, I was thrown in by accident. I tried to prevent going to deep, but said f*ck it and let it happen. I fell in, and fell fast (terminal velocity, the pit was hundreds upon hundreds of feet deep), and had to "brake" by wrapping my arms around the central obelisk and squeezing hard - like how elevator brakes work. I reached the bottom, which was just sand. Even in the dream, I could not really remember HOW I got out every time. On the way out (later in the dream), I imagined climbing out, hanging on to ledges with my hands, but it didn't feel like I actually did this. I saw a bunch of (white) guys dressed up like Sikhs (turban and all). They went up the stairs and into the room, which I knew was occupied by actual Sikh. They were playing a somewhat racist joke on them.

      I went into the room as well. In the next "scene", I was in the room, standing by two British (?) people by a long bar table. A bit further along the table was an American girl, a cute blonde, and another woman of whom I suspected was her mother. She was talking, but even though I understand English, I could not understand a word she was saying. Her pronunciation was terrible. I think there was another, dark-haired girl behind me in the corner.

      At some point "we" left again, through the previous room with the pit. Now we were a bunch of guys again, I think already dressed up like wizards (stereotypical hat and all). Past the pit, the last bit before the exit door was a kind of wood planks, quite high above the ground. I didn't trust the other guys, as I fully expected them to play a cruel prank on me. As we walked over the planks, we could see they were half sawed through, so they would break under our weights. It didn't work.

      Back outside, the landscape was beautiful. It was a forest at autumn (falling leaves, red/orange colors). The other "wizards" had left through an alternate exit, as we did not trust each other. I remember the ground being muddy. I made eye contact with the other two, and thought/said something. A bit later, I was going through the forest, and randomly decided to take off. I jumped, and as expected did not come all the way down. I looked up, and slowly flew up. There were branches of the trees in my way to the sky, but I somehow remembered phasing in a previous dream, so I phased through them. I heard the cheers of the "wizards" below me, which boosted my confidence. At some point I started losing altitude again, but I said quietly to myself "higher, higher", and fully expected it to happen. It did, I finally rose above the trees and flew off. As I was flying, I became aware of the dream (I think). Either way, I remember being surprised about the realism of the dream, how "clear" everything looked. I looked at my hands in mid-flight at studied them more carefully. Every detail, down to the pores and grooves in my skin was simulated. Amazing. At some point, I started fading. My sight became blurry, and I knew I'd soon be booted back to reality. I remember the trick of "looking at your hands" to restore stability. I tried, but could hardly see them anymore because of how blurry my vision was. I gave up, and looked forward - everything got very, very blurry. And suddenly, out of nowhere, my vision cleared, and I was flying at very high speed at low altitude over the canopy of the autumn forest. I recognized it as a "scene change". I noticed a white, double-rotored helicopter (like a V22 Osprey) flying by. Somehow, I felt they were hostile. I "stopped" mid-air, and changed direction to fly towards them. As I engaged the target, I got a vision of a turret on the helicopter locking on to me and opening fire. Before I got a chance to continue the dream, my vision went black and I was awake. Bummer.


      There's a memory of an entire section of dream that appears to "run parallel" to the part with the pit. There was a "platformer" section in a building with bizarre architecture (extremely tall interior hundreds up feet up, platforms and rooms built into the walls). Was this above the pit? Perhaps this is how I ended up in the pit the first time? Either way, I remember thinking about fitnessing, and how it might actually be fun to try and lose weight. Talk about reality interfering with the dream.

      Additional dream: I was somewhere in Eastern Europe, walking through a quiet, green neighborhood. I had to remember where I left my car, I think. I walked a path next to the houses, and had to walk under some kind of tent...? I some point, I saw a sexy woman laying on the ground, making out with a guy. I knew she was a hooker, somehow. I knew I wanted in on that action. Without thinking, I went to her and got her attention. The other dude pretty much vanished as I focused on her. I tried to kiss her, but she didn't want to. I gave her the "innocent puppy" look, until she seemed more cooperative. I caressed her bare belly (yes, I've got a thing for bellies) and told her I'd pay her 200 bucks or something like that.

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    3. Escaping from undead

      by , 07-31-2015 at 10:14 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was a wizard, escaping from undead armies led by a fearsome necromancer. Many times it nearly catched me, though I fooled it by sending some troops as a distraction. When I thought that I finally found a safe place - abandoned ruins, the necromancer jumped out from behind the corner.
    4. Wizard's Birthday

      by , 05-05-2015 at 04:13 PM


      I appeared on a weird looking house, it was full of artefacts and bizarre stuff. I was with my two best friends Ale and Ana Victoria and there was a man who was supposedly a wizard. He wasn't mean to us, he talked to us very politely and happy inviting us to his birthday party but i still had a sense of mistrust.
      We went out of the house and encounter a lake, on the middle of the lake was a kind of round boat.
      On the boat Laura, a old friend of mine, was discussing something with a guy.
      I jumped into the water and started swimming.

      Blank space (No memory)

      After that i remember entering to other house with the friends i was with at the beginning and encountering a guy who i was in kindergarden, we said hello to him as if we knew him from now and we talked to him. I dont really remember what we talked about but i do remember that he knew a lot of this wizard. We were going to his party, but it was kind of a mission to know if he was evil and to debunk him. The house was weird, it had many rooms, and it was almos a fun house, very magical.
      The place had a little "roller coaster car" ride that would take us to the party, so we sat on it and i was on one of the corners. There was a guy who was giving us the tour around the magical house. I remember we passed through a table full of desserts. there was little pink cakes, a jar full of icecream and cake pinchos and other delicious desserts. I started eating and it tasted fantastic. The car started moving and we headed out that room.

      Blanck space (No memory)

      Now i was standing somewhere with Ale and A.V., we were talking and Ale was telling me that she was now friends with Laura, i started looking for something on a pencils box when Ale told me that Laura said that she wanted to be in the same college major as me. And I just thought "Oh no!"

      WOKE UP.
    5. All in one

      by , 11-22-2013 at 01:20 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)

      Eu não sei dizer se foi apenas um sonho que se desenrolou pra vários lados, ou se realmente foram vários sonhos. Vou catalogar como apenas um grande sonho.
      Eu estava num tipo de escola, conversando com pessoas que me pareciam conhecidas.
      Logo depois eu estava em um local grande, fechado e escuro. Algo como um templo, com muitas pessoas, que acabei descobrindo depois serem magos. Eu estava em uma escola de magos e ali era um tipo de cerimônia de graduação.
      Havia uma garota comigo, uma amiga.
      Era mostrado as escalas dos magos, com as diferentes classes, sendo os mais ao topo os maiores.
      A minha amiga era chamada a se juntar aos maiores magos, mas diziam que não eram permitidos [cavaleiros/paladinos] ali (percebi que eu não era um mago, e sim um cavaleiro/paladino [um dos dois, não lembro qual]).
      A minha amiga ficava triste por se separar de mim, acho que formávamos um time na escola, por isso ela recusava a oferta.

      Aqui eu já estava em outro lugar. Parecia a UNIP onde uma vez prestei um vestibular.
      Havia uma mulher que gritava muito, como uma sargento.
      Eu lembro de pensar nela como uma carrasca.
      Eu estava indo pra alguma prova.

      Outra parte do sonho.
      Eu via meu irmão no facebook com uma foto do tipo 'segurando a câmera em cima, fazendo biquinho'. Horrível!
      Ela postava fotos dele no exército. Uma delas era ele de bruços com um rifle.

      Agora eu estava descendo uma escadaria, devia ter uns 10 degraus, com a Ju atrás de mim.
      Eu via minha ex desmaiada.
      Eu a carregava pra levá-la pro hospital
      A Ju ficava brava, dizendo que eu não ia carregá-la.
      Eu retrucava dizendo que ela estava desmaiada e precisava de ajuda.
    6. Wizards

      by , 11-20-2013 at 12:51 AM
      Original journal entry dated July 7th, 2002:

      A lot of people, including me, were going to this one medieval fair thing, and we all had to dress up and stuff. It was really more like a medieval fantasy deal so I was dressed up as a wizard, or something. Anyway, there was the outer fair, which was free, and then the inner fair with all of the special events was behind a wall, and you had to pay a lot of money to get in. I had a sort of miniquest thing where I had to collect various issues of Dragonball, except that I kept getting the same issue over and over again, and it was very frustrating. There was this mad scientist type guy who lived in a tower and he had an issue I really needed, but in return for giving me the issue I had to live there forever. So I figured I'd take the issue, and then run away. Then S__ and everybody else wanted to go to the inner fair and left me behind because I didn't want to pay that much money. A group of people and I tried to sneak in by crawling along the rooftops to get over the wall, but for some reason the old principal from Highschool was chasing us, and we had to get down and hide. So finally, I gave in and bought a ticket, although the real reason for it was sort of different, because in my dream I had this boyfriend (and hell if I remember what he looked like, it was just one of those things that you know when you're in a dream) and I knew this one other girl was after him, and it sort of pissed me off. I got into the fair and she was hanging all over him, and I got mad at another friend of mine for not doing anything about it since he was supposed to be my friend and look out for me. Then the dream sort of shifted and I had to enroll in a school there, and in order to do that I had to get the old crazy scientist guy's signature. So I got it and went to the highschool and tried to enroll but it turned out that I had to go and get the principal's signature too and fill out a form to enroll, and he had the forms, and his office was in the fair, and it was too late to go there because it was closed. But I was allowed to go to all of the classrooms and decide which classes I wanted to take. I went to the language class because a language class was required, except they didn't have spanish, they only had japanese, and I didn't know anything and didn't have a text book. And then I did something wrong I think, and the teacher made me stay after class and said I couldn't leave the classroom until she told me to. For some reason it was then that I realized that I was not wearing any pants at all, but merely had my Star Wars comforter wrapped around the lower portion of my body, and I thought about how silly I must have looked and how drafty it was. In any case, the teacher had to leave to do something, and I got bored and left the classroom anyway because I wasn't supposed to, and some kids started bullying me and took my backpack, so I got mad and beat them up. Then one of the other teachers came along and I got in a lot of trouble, but everything was cleared up and they let me go. I was waiting for my ride, but didn't see the car anywhere, and then wondered if my ride really WAS there but I didn't recognize the car...

      ...then, for some reason, I was at my grandmother's house. Except it was more like a church, and had pews, but they were all lined up in front of a fireplace. We were supposed to be singing hymns and she got mad at me because I kept interrupting. Then she made everybody move and rearrange themselves on the pews, and I got in trouble for goofing off because I was playing with a raisin.
    7. Lots of Wizards

      by , 11-18-2013 at 09:37 PM
      I dreamed about a cop who looked a little like one of the people I work with (but not really), and he was harassing a woman about her ID card. She'd had her ID stolen, and it was a tribal ID, and the cop was giving her trouble over it not being a valid ID while both of us argued with him that it was. I was particularly irritated since the person that the cop reminded me with would never be such a jerk. Eventually, we convinced him, and he recovered the ID, which had been discarded in a parking lot.

      I kept waking up and dozing because I was cold. I finally woke up completely and put a warmer shirt on and turned the thermostat up. I tried some visualization exercises, but fell back asleep.

      I don't remember much about my dream, but someone was throwing a party, and there were 3 rooms, and each had a different activity in it. One of them was scrabble, but they were using 5 scrabble boards all at once, and people would keep letters they "won" by spelling words with them. One guy had won a lot of letter tiles and had built a tiny tile city out of them. I recall there being furniture in the room in the most awkward places, like a desk that was just sitting in the middle of the room.

      I wake up, back to sleep, again visualizations. I'm frustrated because they haven't been working well the past 2 nights.

      I dream that I am eating an apple, and it is delicious. It's huge, the size of a grapefruit. It's soft and juicy, and it's purple inside. I somehow know I am in an alternate dimension on an alien planet, and wonder if the seeds will grow new apple trees if I discard or plant them here. I try to convince another dream character (a recurring character, sort of a witch or sorceress) that she ought to eat some of the apple.

      Wake up. Lie on my back and try to relax. I'm making some progress with visualizations and then I snore and startle myself. Ooops. Back to square one. Ok, time to turn on my side so I don't snore again.

      I'm visualizing and dozing off and bitching to the wizard-cat (another recurring DC) that I'm frustrated with how things are going this morning. We are both drinking coffee out of mugs. I figure that maybe if I hold a conversation, it'll help draw me in. It's actually starting to work, detail is starting to creep into things (but it's still all very hazy and not at all real or anywhere near a dream). I sniff my coffee but instead of smelling like coffee, it smells spicy-sweet. Suddenly, out of nowhere, instead of the dream gently forming around me I'm fully lucid and the mug is completely real. It startles me so badly that I drop the mug and wake up.

      There's a weird interlude before I fully wake up where I'm trying to find my arms and they're invisible. I know I'm dreaming, but at the same time I'm not sure, and I'm also half awake, so it's more like a weird semi-OBE than a lucid dream. I finally manage to actually move my arm and wake myself up.

      Naturally, I'm irritated. I sigh and work on visualizations again. I explore an imaginary room. I'm in the great room of the cottage near the fireplace when I start to slowly ease into sleep. I'm sitting in front of the fireplace, wondering why there's a fire going and logs in the fireplace, but there's no pile of wood. I reach behind myself, produce some logs, and set them in the bin next to the fireplace. There's suddenly a desk in the middle of the room, the one from the scrabble dream, for pretty much no reason at all. Unfortunately, I lapse into unawareess.

      After a gap in time I'm on a bus. I realize that it's almost a completely fully formed dream, but it's so thin and I'm so close to being awake that if I make the "push" that I need to make it super-real (i.e. feel like reality rather than a super vivid visualization) I will probably wake myself up. It's all very flat, like watching a scene rather than being in it. There is another DC there, a sorceress, but she flickers and turns into the warlock character (recurring DC). He is a smart-ass but generally helpful when it comes to gaining lucidity. The bus flickers and fades. I wake up and doze. I am now in some sort of weird geometric environment. Everything is made of white square tiles but it's also like something out of Escher. Warlock DC is there with me, silently walking with me through the scenery. Again, it is close to clarity but not really "there". Instead of trying to brute-force it and try to push through the membrane of the dream all at once to bring it into full focus, I dive to the ground and start running my hands and face on the carpet (that wasn't there a moment ago). I can't make anything focus or make it clear, the sensation is a lot like being really drunk. I go through a door and try to will a scene change even if the dream's not fully formed, hoping it will be easier that way. The room only half-changes, and everything is still white. I rub my hands together, hoping to make things more vivid, but it doesn't really do anything. I get frustrated and wake up.

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    8. Nov. 10 Dream Journal: Do not trust the cat!

      by , 11-10-2013 at 09:04 PM
      Dream one is fuzzy at best, but I distinctively know that I'm searching for something for someone in an urban setting. It's pretty gray and humid, and it may be raining. I also remember that the buildings are a bit old and dirty, 12-15 stories tall, and set up in a "U" shape so that is has an overbearing feel. The streets are also dirty, and it's quite populated. Whatever I'm looking for is around here. That's about it.

      Dream two took a 180 turn, and now I'm in a grassy field on the edge of a lush forest. This is a much more peaceful world, and I knew that the forest is home to magical creatures like elves and fairies and talking animals and whatnot. In fact, the color is very lush and vivid, and I feel like I'm in the opening of The Last Unicorn; the second I realize that, a wizard's familiar emerges from the top of the tree I'm standing under and fires a ball of fire out of its mouth at me. I jump out of the way, and I somehow know it did that to get my attention/is testing me/just being kind of a mischievous dick; I also know it's trying to troll me, so no use getting angry and what a dick. This familiar has a Halloween theme going on; it's a very dark, purplish cat, only it's really fluffy instead of slender. It's flying on little bat wings, wears an over-sized witch's hat, and its tail is coiled at right angles at the end so that it resembles a square candy cane. It also has a smug grin on its face; but then, all cats are smug.

      ANYWAYS, this cat compliments me on dodging the acorn it tossed at me (we both knew you clearly shot a fireball! What a dick!), and tells me I should go see its master. My dwarf companion, who, okay, is suddenly just there now, and resembles the dwarves that give you food in Golden Axe, warns me not to go. He seems to be very antagonistic towards the cat, but I'm really excited to go anyways because I think I know who the wizard is. There's a long build up to get going, but the dream kind of fades.

      I'm in a Star Wars setting for dream three. I'm assuming playing Tiny Star Wars most of the night had something to do with this. There's a grainy feel to the vibe, so I know I'm in original trilogy version, but there's a bit of prequel trilogy details in there as well -- I know Jedi are numerous, and I think I'm on Coruscant; though the setting looks more like the Death Star. I do not have Force powers, am not piloting an X-Wing, nor access to a lightsaber; so this was kind of a gyp. I am, however, on the side of the Rebels, and I'm sneaking from Stormtroopers.

      Sully, remember how I said I don't have Force powers? I lied. Because in my efforts to remain unseen, I am suddenly able to jump ridiculous heights and scale walls while defying physics and gravity, and Dream Knowledge tells me I did all these by holding the space bar like I'm playing Jedi Outcast. The Stormtroopers know I'm nearby, but they just can't seem to get a bead on me. I wake up before anything else happens though.

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    9. Oct 17 Dream Journal: You shall not pass!

      by , 10-17-2013 at 07:06 PM
      I'm in a bombed-out bus that's been converted into a trolley that is currently being used as a taxi cab in what looks like 60's-era Vietnam in Full Metal Jacket. I'm having a lot of trouble communicating with the other passenger seated across from me that I don't understand Vietnamese. But I happen to speak Taiwanese, and by Dream Logic, I realize that the two languages are only two steps removed from each other, and are close enough that we are now able to have a conversation. This sequence fades before we can talk, though.

      Now I'm hanging around my actual house. I'm watching an NBA game while also playing a video game on my tablet. I focus on the TV, and I recognize LeBron James (Heat), Vince Carter (Raptors), Yao Ming (Rockets -- I'm not watching an All-Star game, and yes, the timing is off, for those who follow sports); and when an on-screen "who's on the court now" graphic flashes, one of the forwards is Bob Odenkirk from Mr. Show. Yes, Saul Goodman is somehow holding his own against a bunch of NBA superstars from the 2000's. I will pay money to watch this happen in real life.

      I focus on my tablet, and the game I'm playing is World of Warcraft-esque, but now that I focus on the game, I'm transported into the game as an actual character. I'm in a dungeon, a lot like DOS-era Prince of Persia with a lot of stairs winding up in right angles. There is a platform in the middle that holds the sacred... Block of Cheese. Um.

      ANYWAYS, a rival wizard is nearby, and I have to prevent him from getting to that cheese before me. But he is more powerful than I am, and in a bid to stall for time, I taunt him and engage him into a belching contest. Just for the record, I am not this crass in person. I briefly turn into Eric Cartman for this contest. I burp a poisonous green gas, while the other wizard burps fire. When our burps collide, it causes an explosion. We keep one-upping each other until finally, the wizard gets really frustrated (I think it's because he's had enough of such childish antics. I know I would've been). Instead of going after the cheese, he teleports next to me, fully intent on destroying me. It's at this time that I got a good look at him, and he resembles Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python. He has his arms raised to annihilate me.

      But ah ha! I'm not a wizard. I'm a goddamned Paladin, and as he realizes that he made a mistake of coming within melee range, I catch him in a sticky trap (mocking him in Cartman's voice again) and proceed to pummel him like a punching bag. At one point of my overly-violent behavior, I actually visualize me punching the punching bag in my gym, FPS style, and even pause so I can look at my movelist like I'm in Street Fighter. I wake up.

      I'm the worst Paladin ever.

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    10. Wizards of Rendorkeep

      by , 05-15-2013 at 05:33 PM
      In this Harry Potterlike dream, my two friends and I are wizards. We are in this large campus that is integrated right into the town, probably makes up half the town. What would be the town center is like the official field for the school to use for its magical practice, training, and competitions. This field leads up to the main school building that seems to sit near the base of a mountain that overshadows the town. My friends are here in this field and we are testing our magic here. They are both guys. We were mainly using directed energy spells, shock blasts, energy beams, like that. My one friend was so much better that I was at it. The other one was pretty much my equal or maybe just a tad less. I was doing some damage at the targets, but my one friend was leveling them and scorching the earth to boot. He even used a spell that I couldn't to cause a mass of dirt to form into a large golem like creature that was under his control until he ended the spell. It could only be kept up by concentration. This earth golem was about 8 foot tall and probably weighed a ton or two.

      I remember asking him how come he was so good at it. Especially since it seemed so easy for him, even though I put in more study time than he. He was telling me that it just came naturally to him. Being daring I wanted to test both our powers against each other. We cast a few spells at each other, but his overcame my spells by a factor of ten. Even though his shock blast blew up like a grenade at my feet, I got up off the ground just a bit dazed but otherwise fine. After the contest was finished, we parted ways to seek adventure. I chose to go through the mountain tunnel. It gets a bit hazy here, and the dream kinda fades to coming back to the field area.

      Now that we have gathered again, I see my one powerful friend has changed outfits. He has some snazzy wizard threads on. I'm chatting with him about it, he says he had them tailor made then endued them with magic before going on his adventure. Seems he had a good adventure off fighting and using magic, and getting the bounty. He was relating to me a tale like you would have playing Dungeons & Dragons. Well thats what I got from it. He went on to explain he now got these magic rings from his adventure, giving him more magical ability. I'm noticing them on his hands, they do look really cool. I'm getting this really weird feeling though looking at someone else's hands in a dream. His main power ring seems to be made of platinum. I'm looking at his right hand kinda close up, it is kinda like looking at your own hands in a dream feeling, but this is a DC's hand. I think I faded into another short dream scene, nothing that I remember, but it was really short anyway. Then I woke up.

      Just to note, my adventure was boring compared to his. I didn't find anything, it was like a dream cut scene but I know this was the outcome.

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    11. Fragments

      by , 04-20-2013 at 05:27 PM
      This dream had a storyline but I can't remember what connects all the pieces.

      1: Winter Already
      An imp-like little man, that had animal features. He wore a floppy cream colored hat and a blue shirt. He hid between the worlds so that he would have more time to figure out how to deal with his enemies. I see him by a pond at night. The water is deep blue around the edges, with spots of lights scattered at the bottom, shining blue and green. The trees line the water, skinny and tall, weaving together like a net.
      He skips by the water, telling me that the sky here doesn't know the passage of time, so that you could spend many dawns not knowing a dawn had passed. Suddenly it's cold enough to see his breath on the air. He moves over to a smooth bone white bridge that curves over the pond. The bridge is like a living thing, when the water becomes cold, it draws back slowly in shock, then begins to slowly reach across the surface.
      The little man coaxes it forward until it tentatively touches its tip to the pond's edge, sending find ripples through the freezing water.
      "It shouldn't be this cold, is it winter already?"
      Troubled, he leaves the water's edge. There's a tree there, the roots divided to either side of an earthy, root wall. There's an impression of a door. It opens and out steps a bent old man,kind of like this guy. Except his robes are gray and drag on the floor. He's more bent than actually short. The little imp-man is surprised to see him. He exclaims that everyone thought he had been lost to the Between.
      "I just stayed away until the time was right..."

      2: Outcast
      There's a dark haired woman standing on a docked ship. It's pulled up length wise along the dock, she's waiting for someone. She's ousted royalty, someone no longer considered equal to the nobility. She's wearing a dark purple floor length gown. But it had glints of gold filigree hidden in the folds of the gown. Her luggage match her dress, one of the cases is huge and stands taller and wider than she is.
      "Wow, that is a big suitcase." I think, and then wonder what else she would carry her wardrobe in.

      3: Great Dane
      A white and black Great Dane is actually a person in animal form. He is intent on killing the Heir. The wizards keep asking him if that is wise, and that he should consider another course. He does not listen.

      4: Threads of Song
      I'm in a room with a dark wood floor and yellow walls. I want to show someone that I am creative, by taking parts of different songs and making something new. There's a computer program displayed on the wall for separating tracks. I select the track I want, "Hate to See Your Heart Break" by Paramore. I reach up to the screen and the different vocals actually become threads on a flat piece of plastic. I try to unwind them, first white, then yellow, then aqua. The threads are longer than I expected and become tangled. I'm trying to separate them...

      5: Tigers
      In the same dark wood floor room with yellow walls. They are telling me I have to distract the tiger, to mate with him if necessary, otherwise they will never be able to leave the room. I ask them if they know how dangerous tigers are. They just gesture me forward.
      I become a tiger. The male tiger across from me looks agitated, flicking his tail. He's bright orange, I can hardly see any black in his coat at all.
      I keep flickering between tiger and girl, and it's confusing both of us. I'm afraid of his claws, and know that he could easily break me. I stalk forward and bat at one of his forepaws. He bares his teeth, ears back. I feel the swipe of his paw close to my arm.
      Tags: heir, tiger, wizard
    12. Sun Dec 23 (2:30-12:15)

      by , 12-24-2012 at 08:27 AM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)

      A guest on a talk show demonstrates his attempt to dress like a woman. Then there's a video clip showing him in the outfit that the show's hosts create in order to teach him how to do it better. The outfit is red and black with bows in various places. I'm impressed. It makes a distinct statement while also seeming to suit the man quite well.

      Group Project

      We're working on our project (which is due soon) when suddenly we get assigned a new group member. That's really unfair. We have to add a new section on "Charm" (as in charisma) in order for there to be enough substance in the presentation to accommodate a new member. The rest of the group votes that I should work on this section, and it's clear that they mean this to be derogatory (by implying that my personality needs a lot of work). We sit in hostile silence for a few minutes. I decide to give them the silent treatment and work on my own for the rest of the project.


      I'm working with some friends on a level in a game. In a room near my character, a wizard starts leading a ritual which we cannot allow to be completed. We try to run amid the gathered orcs and kill things, but there are just so many of them! I score a lot of hits, but I can't see the health bars, so I don't know how much more work will be required. And I'm not focusing on just one target at a time, either: I'm just running in circles and loops, slashing at everything that I pass. I pass the wizard and take a swipe at him, but then I get a better look at his face. It's Saruman. I feel scared, now--I'm not prepared to face him.

      Slightly Daring

      I'm sitting in someone's lap. Feeling a bit daring, I squirm around a bit, ostensibly in order to get more comfortable.


      It's the beginning of the last level of a game. I have to climb up a rocky slope on a mountainside.
    13. Sun Dec 2 (11:24-8:39)

      by , 12-03-2012 at 05:02 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Mom's Army

      My mom is an evil wizard. We would be able to deal with that, but apparently she is somehow using her powers to give similar powers to other people as well. I discover this when I overhear some men talking about how they're on their way to a ceremony gain those powers and join her army. They say that she's planning to convert one percent of the world's population, then stop, allowing them to rule over the rest of humanity. This is bad news for me and the rest of my family.

      Cruelty to Animals

      A woman from the housing system has taken my family's dog for a walk while we're on a camping trip. While most everyone else is distracted, I see the woman use the shock collar to zap the dog for absolutely no reason. This makes me very angry, and I immediately report the event to my dad.

      • bugs being scary
      • "fly -- over [illegible] northern realms"
      • orchestra audition
    14. Sat Dec 1 (12:50-9:18)

      by , 12-03-2012 at 06:00 AM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Salsa Skills

      One of my salsa teachers (a girl) comes up to me at a dance. She says she's been really impressed by how much I've learned, and she wants to dance with me.

      [Sadly, no such thing happened at the IRL dance the previous night. :'( ]

      Pirate Crew

      I've joined the crew of an infamous bearded pirate. There's a gigantic swimming pool inside the ship around which everyone sleeps at night. Once, I accidentally set of a musical alarm of some kind that woke up the captain. In response, he declared that there would be no music of that genre played on his ship any more. In fact, no one can even get that kind of music stuck in zir head, because there's a mind-reading device aboard that will instantly know. [The dream goes on to illustrate what the punishment would be, but I can't remember it any more.]

      Out of the Frying Pan . . .

      I'm near the docks of a city. There are a number of ships made of fog moored in the water. Later, a person meddles in some kind of voodoo magic that results in zir writhing on the ground, apparently feeling as though ze's being boiled alive. In order to avoid death, ze is forced to use a counterspell. But then another person standing nearby tells zir that as a side effect of the counterspell, ze is now possessed by about twenty different malignant spirits. Suddenly, the person seems very confused and dizzy.
    15. Fri Nov 30 (10:55-9:11)

      by , 11-30-2012 at 06:33 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Secret Santa (5:37)

      My RH calls me into her office to receive my assignment for our house's secret santa this year. I also overhear the person before me getting her assignment, which has something to do with a basketball team. Apparently she really hates this team, because she almost starts shouting at the RH in her annoyance at this assignment.

      I go back outside, where there's a party going on. My secret santa assignment walks past with a group of her friends, and they drag me over to where people are dancing. I'm still no good at "party dancing," though, so I'm not sure what to do with myself. I just stand there awkwardly amid all the flailing arms. Then I notice some volunteers trying to get through the dance floor carrying trays of drinks. I try to move out of the way for them, but I know that very few other people will.

      I notice that I'm not wearing any pants, just briefs and an extra-long T-shirt. Well, if no one's bothered by it, then I guess I won't bother to change. It's kind of fun going around like this.

      Someone hands me a cup, telling me there's a really delicious new drink in it. I try it, and it's pretty good. Looking over at the bar, I see the bottle that it came out of. It's marked "5% alc/vol." Now I think back on it, the drink did taste like there was alcohol in it.

      Green Soccer Ball

      I'm walking along a hallway with a group of people, languidly dribbling a luminescent green soccer ball. The narration tells me that it is a ball of Nutella, and it belongs to one of the guys walking nearby, the leader of the group. We go into a big room with rows of shelves, and the rest of the group starts passing the ball among themselves, trying to keep the ball's owner from getting it back. But this isn't just friendly teasing, it's malicious. Round about this time, I know I'm dreaming, but I try just to focus on what's going on around me, so that I don't leave the dream. Once, the ball rolls up to a shelf near the ball's owner, but he's standing on the other side of the shelf. Using magic powers, he zaps the ball with a bolt of lightning, and it disappears and reappears next to him. Three people start running towards him to get the ball back, but he zaps them all simultaneously, and they fly backwards to the end of the room.

      Then he turns to me. To him, I know, I'm with the other people. But somehow he's willing to give me more of a chance, maybe because I respect him. (By the way, I'm a girl right now.) He warns me that he's about to zap me. Then he shoots the bolt of lightning, and I conjure a shield in front of me, in the form of a fuzzy ball of white light. The shield absorbs the lightning. He tries again, and I block it again. I guess he's impressed, and we start a conversation. But the other guys in the room are all watching us. Suddenly grinning, the guy walks up to me and takes both of my hands in his, one in each. I'm confused until I realize that he means to teleport us somewhere more private. The destination is a camp of soldiers on the eastern edge of Skyrim.

      Hank Dreams (9:11)

      I'm in a museum, learning about Hank Green's approach to lucid dreaming. There are several different tiers to it, and Hank warns people against trying the most vivid version without lots of practice. Personally, I think he's just being jealous about his ability to do that version, but whatever. The tour group enters a small movie theater, where we'll watch a video that has something to do with the dangerous effects of the most vivid version, which Hank calls a "Hank Dream." The video starts with Hank lying in a bed, sleep-talking to Marilyn Monroe. Some of his friends are standing around the bed, of course, including the one videotaping the whole thing. It's all in black and white. After a minute, Hank says, "Marilyn, stop. Stop! I'm already married," and everyone in the movie theater laughs. Then Hank starts sleepwalking as though blind, groping around the room, trying to find someone. The people around the bed back up, and suddenly I realize what is about to happen. "Oh, fuck," I say, jumping out of my seat and trying to get away from the movie screen. Hank stumbles after me, presumably intending to do to me whatever he had been about to do to "Marilyn." Drawing on my tae kwon do, I assume a back stance with my hands in double shooto position, preparing to fend him off. John Green laughs and explains the rest of the story: "Eventually she [Hank] gets so mad that she poops at you and storms off, and you LOSE. Except you hit her enough that after a moment she goes like this:" From a kneeling position, he slowly widens his eyes and straightens his back in an expression of surprise, then falls over backwards, apparently unconscious. It's all very comedic.

      • '"who are you?" violin player' (7:05)
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