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    1. Paris, The Beach, Or Something Simple? & Others

      by , 12-27-2017 at 02:31 PM
      Walking around some fancy big house decorated nicely. Sitting down and seeing my boyfriends ex-boss come in and sit sort of close to me. He asks me what I want for my birthday, and I keep saying 'I don't know'. He pulls out a plastic tube thing that can expand itself and there's a girl across the room and it stretches one end from her to me. He wanted me to tell her what I wanted. I imagined myself what it would be like to be on plane to Paris and in Paris. Then imagined myself on a beach in the sand,
      alone. The weather dreary with dark-ish clouds yet sunlight shining through. A bit chilly wind. The contrast of the image of it was beautiful. I was in a white sun like dress/beach dress. I finally said through the tin-can talk like device "Mani Pedi and a bottle of wine"

      TAUP E W Letters
      Dreaming of some kind of game where I had to choose a name and I chose "TAU P" or "TAUP E" and someone getting angry cuz the game wouldnt start because I had their name? I didn't care and kept trying to have "TAUP E"

      So I haven't been around in years. Gonna update some dreams I've had in the last few weeks right now, below.


      Went to my boyfriend best friends dads house and was in flip flops walking in muddy water. Was packing my stuff up from us staying there, and stealing Now and Laters and Suckers from a candy drawer to take with me. Something about my BFFE; possibly BF related.

      12/23/17 Fragments
      -My sister bought Vanilla ice cream, and was carrying it in a plastic bag up the steps to my porch.
      -Me in a towel at boyfriends best friends dads house, in front of lots of 'football' type guys/men I keep trying to make sure I'm covered by pulling my towel up.


      so my dream was we were all in NC.. we were at Gma's and there was a secret huge room in her house collecting old stuff over the years of ours. I wanted to go in there. Switches to everybody being there and i see Lil D with cigarette in her hand. I find out C slept with S and i stabbed her then burnt the house down but tried saving the kids. I got outside to the road and saw the fire through the window (silhouette) and then i ran back to try to get the kid who was going back inside but when i walked inside everything was fine/.alive no fire and all talking and what not. I thought I was going crazy again, and told C what happened.
      you can stop reading here.
      coded for myself:
      Switch to us being in a hotel room ( a nice one) and C has dinab weird tv.. music choice station 805 ? LOMF- smiles. i see dinab & ask; yes; chsbkapeirwu me frus. mad.

      i opened the front door and there was some guy sitting on the porch (i didn't see him though but his legs out my eye corner) and he was saying something but i couldnt make out what he was saying. i quickly shu the door and dead bolted and locked it. grabbed L and there was another guy in the house.. ran into our room and locked the door told C and me and L went in my closet and locked the door. C went and killed them with a knife. i somehow felt one of the bad guys knives and i was superly amazed at how sharp it was. dream over. (i seem to have woken up directly after this one)

      dream two:
      first of all-- L for real got tropical starbursts on halloween so ive seen them lately.. a two pack.. red and yellow)
      dream-- on halloween i gave some tropical starbursts ( a few) and she liked them. on christmas i gave her a huge bag and she was really happy.
      then something like... being in your van mom?? i think.. but anyway.. i was talking about how this tiny cup/glass still had melted ice and a tiny amount of water in it. was amazed the ice was still there.

      also some weird dream where i was walking through some weird camp like buildings that were really small and everyone door being open and i could see what each person was doing. then i had to walked back up through them all inside them.. cuz i guess there was doors connected them. i was on my way to my room i think??? i stopped by a room with 3 women who were in a women's club and were staying camping at the place. for some reason one of them was getting a mammogram done/preparing for it.]

      12/25/2017 - Fragment
      Dream about some kind of fire. Don't know.

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    2. Dream - SML Drama

      by , 05-16-2017 at 12:27 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 16 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 114 - SML Drama

      I was at a strange looking version of Brandon Park shopping centre with this group of young stranger women. They were casting a play of some sort but I forgot what it was about. I do remember a scene skipping where I was in Kmart, choosing my costume and it was from a whole range of fancy dresses and earrings. I remember being so overwhelmed that I didn't know which set I wanted to choose.

      I had then wandered off somewhere and I only soon came to realise that I was at the SML house but it looked completely different to how the house is perceived on YouTube in waking life. This dream house looked more resort style and it was on a massive slant... At some stages, you literally feel like you could fall. I was wandering inside the house for what seemed like hours but then I had figured in the dream that I was only lost for 10 minutes. Once I was at the lowest part of the seemingly deserted house, the gym, I had found a set of stairs which went back up and they actually led outside.

      There was this strange hole with a lid in the shape of someone's nose. I decided to look through these nostril like holes to see if I could find the “play” girls again. I looked through and I did see an image of them back at the shopping centre. Soon after, the lid of the hole came off and a Jeffy puppet popped out. He ended up saying “Oh hey! What doing?”. I forgot what my full reply was but I do remember going “uh uh uh” at one point. That made Jeffy gasp in astonishment and add “uh uh uh... I think we're going to be best friends!”.

      The “drawing” clone of Jeffy then popped out of the hole but I ended up ignoring him and leaving to go back to the girls. When I eventually did get back to the girls, one of them said something like “We think it's time you were the star of the show”. I don't remember what happened after that.
    3. Spud U don't like

      by , 08-26-2016 at 08:54 PM
      D1 - In a book store, I am signing copies of a book called "Clipper" which is about a hairdresser but apparently has significance on a spiritual level as some kind of galleon spirit ship, My name was Saracen Lost in the dream Oo

      D2 - Some non-lucid sex

      D3 - At a social gathering of some kind, I go into the part of a house where the food is (as usual) and find Louise, she is trying to feed a slug!! salad from her burger @@ I try to help and take the slug away in a cup and secretly use my powers to make it larger then return it to her?
      I go into a room with tables and open backed white chairs and chinzy table cloths at the back. There are three woman who are very happy to see me and ask me what I think of their costumes (hmm same dream people again).

      D4 - At a technical college I use my powers to open large garage sized doors to a workshop. Then is some guy there who doesn't seem to mind and we converse about something.

      D5 - In a classroom there are five very tall unruly kids at a podium thing at the front of class. They are messing with the lights up in the ceiling or something. I use my powers to turn the lights back then slam them into the ground.
      I then teleport them into a game or different dimension where they become like small potato sized blobs. I then have to do something to make them join together idk.
      Tags: food, louise, school, women
    4. [14-07-2016]

      by , 07-14-2016 at 08:55 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was a footman with raiding force that wanted to reclaim it's land from evil warlords. I had a chainmal, throwing axe and a hand axe. The fort was surrounded by huge, circular wall made of wood logs. The entrance wasn't heavily guarded - women of different age with throwing axes. With my group we rushed to battle, avoiding their thrown weapons. I let only one of the women alive. She seemed somehow familiar, she had long blonde hair and was tall. We let her free and moved onward, to find ourselves a shelter for the night before striking warlord next day. We've found safe spot inside an abandoned shed and fallen asleep.
    5. Uncomfortable dream about ex-crush

      by , 09-26-2015 at 03:25 AM
      I had another dream about this lady I used to be romantically attracted to. I thought we'd get together at some point,but it seemed like all she wanted to do was play games. Needless to say,we did not part on good terms.

      I dreamed I walked into this convenience store. I got a soda from the fountain dispenser and went to the front to pay for it. Jessi and some girl were behind the front counter,sitting on stools and talking. The counter itself was about waist high,the top was gray marble and the base was aqua colored. I sat the drink down but neither of them looked up. It was almost like they didn't see me there. Jessi turned her head and said something to the other girl. Jessi told the other girl she and her husband had gotten into an argument about something trivial. I think she said a glass had got broken and he blamed her for it,even though she didn't do it.
    6. Looping dream, attic, school

      by , 08-29-2015 at 09:38 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      With my friends we were breaking into some kind of government offices. We were going to the archives, to take some information we needed. We were wandering the building, and then we were in a corridor leading to the archives. There was an office to our left - there was no one inside. The only thing that have drawn my attention was an aquarium. Then there was an intersecting corridor, also to the left, and directors office, also on the left side. The only room to the right were the archives.

      The dimmensions might have been different, and the aquarium office could've been closer to the corridor. The way down from the aquarium office could've been closed by door without ways to open it.

      First time, we moved into the aquarium office. I looked at random fishes swimming in jelly-like substance. Then we got into the intersection with another corridor. The guards were going that way, and they shot us as soon as they saw us.

      Then the dream repeated. We moved into aquarium office, and went to the intersection. There were no guards this time, but as we moved closer to directors office a woman went out of it - she was a tall brunette woman with brown eyes. She was wearing a long, dark blue dress. When my friends saw her, they have immediately died for some unknown reason.

      And the dream repeated again. We moved out of aquarium office (each time random fishes were swimming in jelly-like substance), head for the directors office and entered it. There was an elderly woman inside. She was friendly for us, and told us to have a seat, while she'll make some coffee.

      Again repeat. We moved out of aquarium office, and head for directors office. On the way we saw that brunette woman, she had some weapon, and killed the elderly woman with it. Then we found some guns, and show her down. We finally reached the archives, and looked for information we needed.

      First dream fragment

      With my younger sister we were tidying the attic, to make ourselves bedrooms up there. Each time I walked close to the ladder, I almost fallen down.

      Second dream fragmend

      I was entering my classroom, found a good place to sit, and sat down.
    7. Three dream fragments

      by , 07-26-2015 at 07:54 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Watching the sky

      I was outside my house. I went to the backyard, and lied on the ground, looking at the sky. There were lots of stars, I watched meteorite rain, and then the sky started to turn around. I standed up, and wandered for a while. I found my younger sister sleeping in an igloo, and then went back into house.

      Undead army

      I saw everything from top-down perspective. It was inside some poorly lit, cold catacombs. There was gathering an undead army, risen by dark forces. I was risen as a skeleton too, but something thrown me into webs so strong, that I couldn't do anything. I looked to the side, and saw a giant octopus. Suddenly every undead starts to fall apart. A strange voice said "Only you and the octopus survived!" The octopus started to dance.


      Warm evening, I was rowing on a small boat to unknown island. I was a survivor from a ship that sank. I took a phone out of my pocket. It had a built in front and back cameras. I used them to check how I look - I was a girl, somewhat similar to me. I stopped at a beach and wandered the island for a while, and noticed group of three women - a pregnant blonde, redhead, and brunette. All were quite pretty. They told me that they are looking for a special cave, where the baby can born. We wandered for a while and found it, and the women told me that I should stay with them and serve the new born god.
    8. Unknown Dog, and Ladies

      by , 01-23-2015 at 07:06 AM
      Jan 22, 12:30 nap
      I dreamed a big fluffy Australian Shepard with a breathing problem came to my family. Then, someone was insulting how women dressed, so I started complimenting the women.
      Then, I wake up.
    9. A Trip to Madagascar

      by , 08-24-2014 at 12:37 PM


      1. I remember Family Guy. A cable guy went to their house. He tried to fix their cable, then he offered free cable. He flipped a switch or something, and they had free cable. Peter flipped to a European channel, and the entire family got sucked into the TV.

      They arrived at a carnival. All of them became very excited, now that they were in "Europe". They went on many rides and attractions. They stayed there for the rest of their lives. At the end of Peter's and Lois's lives, they went to a "retirement ride," where Peter said, "Well, I guess we have nothing to live for anymore". Then the ride got to the station. Peter said, "Oh yeah. Europe has excellent health care." Peter and Lois got on the ride and they rode it happily ever after. The end.

      2. I went to Madagascar with a couple of women. It was during the 1800's, when the British Empire owned most of the world. Apparently, in this dream, the British owned Madagascar, too. I remember it looking a lot like a coastal desert, and sort of like Australia's deserts in the middle. There were many British soldiers everywhere. The two women and I went to a hotel and we had a threesome the whole night. After the night, they apparently were captured by the British army, and were then being held prisoner by them. At this point, the dream seemed to become a video game, of sorts. I had to avoid the guards and rescue the women. There were many wooded structures everywhere.
      That was the dream.
    10. 2/24/2014

      by , 02-28-2014 at 06:32 PM
      I was in a military-type building in a lobby with a guy and two girls in front of us. The guy told me that the younger looking girl was a Captain and if I could get with her, I'd have it made. We went down to a garage and people were standing near their bikes, talking about a race or contest. I got on my bike and when I reached a tunnel, 2 guys tried stealing it. The passenger and I got off and I took my gun out and pointed it at the passenger of the car. They stopped their action and my passenger and I left. We reached the city and while outside the apartment complex, the passenger of the car rolled up with his mom. His mom was yelling at me and I told him I'd fight him. I took off my shirt and we started to fight. The guy was pretty big but when we started fighting he turned into a tall skinny black guy that looked like a guy in drill. He was very weak and I grabbed his arm, spun him around, and right before I put him in a goose neck, he gave up. I let him go and walked away.
    11. 2/7/2014

      by , 02-22-2014 at 09:30 PM
      In my first dream, I was with a group of people doing the physicals for the military. We were stripped down to our boxers and it was raining outside. It was night time. I remember looking at the tattoo on my chest. Later in the dream, the place was in fact a hotel and an older lady and her daughter drove up. They were being rude but later the old lady started being flirty and she flashed me. Her left boob looked deflated and pretty fucked up.

      On my other dream, I was the leader at some sort of academy. We were studying when the class started to get loud. Then, some of the students threw stuff at me. I went back to my seat and on my backpack it said that I suck cock. The person next to me wrote it. It was Gayle Martinez. I told her I was going to write her up and the classed changed their attitude as I got the write up paper. An emergency came over the radio and a few people jumped out through the window to help. I followed and Nona Enza was on the parking lot. We had to go save a dog that was drowning. Xavier Hernandez got on a motorcycle and sped off. I got on my motorcycle and followed. We were on the road dodging traffic, following the river. I crashed and the bike flew off in one direction and me in the other. I was able to make it to the river and dove from 2 stories high into the dirty water. The dog seemed dead but it went underwater when I touched it. I kept swimming and two dogs emerged and grabbed onto a nearby pole. One of the dogs was my dog Ace.
    12. 1-1-2014

      by , 01-02-2014 at 11:49 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Castlevania Escape:
      I'm at my grandparents house watching the matrix. As i watch, i notice this kid that keeps stealing my dvds. As I get up to confront him, the scene changes. I'm now on a rocky hill, surrounded by Africans. I'm taking part in some ritual of theirs and learning their culture. Then, the next thing i remember, I'm now near a building. The surroundings are tropical. The place seems to be in a valley. I'm watching the Africans from before performing a play. In their play, i notice that they are using my shoes. As i see this, i turn and start asking my mom why they have my shoes and we get into an argument. After that, i wander around and meet a group of women my age. One of them runs into me and seems to be really attracted to me. I get her phone number.

      Soon after, The world changes. Everything is dark. The building turns into a castle infested with monsters. There's also people fighting those monsters. It now has a fantasy setting and would be similar to an mmo game. I jump around along the second level of the building and then jump down. A group of players swarm by me followed by a large monster. I run out with the group of players and follow them up a hill which leads to a snowy landscape. As we head up the hill, a player transforms into a rainbow and takes out the monster following us.

      I then find myself at a safe town. Players are everything doing various tasks such as crafting and selling. One group i notice is building a machine which revives players but at a cost. I walk to a nearby tent and start repairing and crafting weapons. In my inventory, I notice i have obtained a key to a high level dungeon.
    13. Dec 9 Dream Journal: Train and trailer women

      by , 12-09-2013 at 07:30 PM
      I'm in front of a pretty decent house in the suburbs with a slanted driveway and a manicured front yard. It's getting to be the evening or so, and as I'm walking down the street on the sidewalk, what looks like a middle-aged addict wants me to go with her. She's dressed in a style that would not be out of place in a trailer park summer BBQ. I don't recall her face, though, but I "know" it's the face of a casino-lounging smoker. I politely decline and keep walking.

      After walking some more, I turn around and get a view of the street I just walked, and it is indeed a picturesque sub-urban neighborhood filled with relatively upscale houses and good looking yards -- suburbia hell, basically.

      I see a younger, short, and slightly overweight blonde, just as "down home" style as the addict above. Again, can't see her face, but I "know" she has on way too much make-up. She asks me to marry her so she can have children, but asked in a way that's so sad that I think she's being forced. I politely decline, and tell her about adopting foster kids. She has never heard of this concept, and leaves very excited. She disappears into the back of the crowded train.

      Yes, somehow, I'm on a pretty swank looking train now. People are dressed in formal-casual wear, except in a 20's style. It's well-lit, and way more spacious than a train. If not for Dream Knowledge that I'm on a train, I'd think I'm on a cruise ship or something. Oddly, all the vendors here use a point system to sell their things. Bottled water is worth something like 15-1600 points. Egg(s), though, costs a ridiculous 9999999 points on a big deli board menu in the middle of the train.

      I spot C and Z, friends from high school i haven't seen since, in benches or pews on the train. I hop over some benches to go say hi, along the way seeing the younger woman again, only now she looks like Clara from Back to the Future III, complete with hair-color change. She seems happier. Don't know if she adopted her baby, though.
    14. Oct 16 Dream Journal: You dress like a hussy

      by , 10-16-2013 at 08:10 PM
      Oof, a long one.

      I dreamed I was reading a comic -- the art style is very detailed and "serious," kind of like a Hong Kong comic, except redone through Illustrator/Photoshop with color and detailing effects -- about a series of vignettes involving a fire demon(?) that took shape as a large snake. I distinctively remember the text was gibberish symbols, kind of like the ZOSO symbols Zeppelin used. I kept flipping through the book to get to cool parts that I knew was there, but I can never get to the page I want to. But eventually, I get to a particular scene, where the snake demon is in its pit-cave, and it is coiled around a Warrioress who, presumably, was there to vanquish it. She laments "hundreds of years of training... for nothing?" which is the first time I can recall dreaming of legible text. She was dressed inappropriately.

      This somehow bleeds into a DOS-era graphics character-select screen, and the warrioress was one of the 8 or 10 fantasy-setting characters you can choose. But after browsing through them, the characters came to life (looking like real people), and I'm suddenly also with them in a Shenanigans-styled restaurant where we are all the staff. A Pixar-animated bird was flying in the ceilings, and the lighting was dim, but pleasantly adequate. It felt like we are in a Seth Rogen comedy, but Rogen is nowhere to be found. He is the luckiest one of us all.

      It felt like we spent a long time preparing the menu, which were things that you'd find in a Whole Foods. I know the vibe of the food -- salad bars, soup bins, etc. -- but I don't know what specifically they are. But after wandering around the restaurant, I somehow end up in an apartment that I knew belonged to me.

      The apartment was in a small city like fucking Wenatchee or Monroe or something, but it also felt like I was in a city with a cool arts and culture vibe. Anyways, my apartment is sparsely decorated, and is quite spacious. I recall a main room, a bedroom with a bathroom (or, bath "space," as there are no doors between my bedroom and the bathroom. I don't notice this part immediately, by the way.), and a kitchen. I don't have the lights on, and I entered alone, but then I walk back out to the main room/kitchen and I see a conflux of my mom and L from work playing Hexic, and having a ton of trouble "getting" it. But just as it looks like Mom/L is about to achieve something my dad comes running in and presses random buttons to cause Mom/L to lose. For the lulz.

      When I look out my bedroom window, I can see that I'm in a mid-sized city, and it's night out. Suddenly, I'm on a motorcycle down those same streets, going at a nice steady clip. I think I was looking for somewhere to get a bite to eat, and I'm travelling down a really, really long road. I zip past huge buildings, hotels, structures, and at one point a walled-off medieval European castle that also resembled Jabba's Palace a little. I eventually end up at a University, and after riding past the quad, I end up in a grass field that has a steep drop that leads to more grass fields, and the rest of the/another bigger city can be seen in the distance. I now have my comforters with me, and I wanted to lie down and sleep under the stars, but I chose not to because I know students will come by in the morning and it's gonna be awkward to see a guy sleeping in the middle of the campus.

      I immediately end up back in my apartment, and this is when I noticed the bathroom. About this time, I wake up and actually have to pee in real life.

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    15. Neck Sucker (13.9.13)

      by , 09-15-2013 at 08:58 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was in bed with Kayley, at a unknown house.

      A group of ladies were about to arrive to stay the night. As they arrived, Kayley said that she would go. There was about 4 to 5 girls. As the entered the bedroom, they seemed to be disappointed, as If I wasn't what they expected. I was chatting with them all, trying to make everyone feel comfortable. I was keen on one of the girls and tried to work some game on her.

      We were all sleeping, and I rolled over towards the girl I was keen on earlier, and put my hand on top of hers. She smiles at me. I noticed I had winter gloves on my hand. She moved her body a little closer to me, and giving me the all clear to make a move. She lifted her neck and I went in to kiss and suck on her neck. I think I stopped sucking or she moved away, but I felt the sucking sensation even though I had stopped sucking on her neck. She said to me that I was a genius for working my game on her. We both rolled back over and went to sleep.

      Still in bed, I could hear a voice getting called out. I think it was Ben (Big brother contestant). Ben, Ben, Ben, I could hear in the room. I asked who was saying that. I thought it was funny considering it was him saying it.

      How to wake up after every dream? :)-ben-bigbro.jpg
      Ben - Big Brother
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