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    1. Wood chip

      by , 04-25-2018 at 07:20 AM
      An extension of a recurring dream. The company I am working for has a long standing contract with a company abroad and I am in charge of the paperwork.
      I am responsible also for a key. The key unlocks a metal ornate grill then another door into a very old wooden building that looks Dickensian. I like the smell of the wood and it feels strangely comfortable in there despite the lack of modern conviences. It reminds me of my dad's workshop/shed but much bigger.
      Initially I go there and am followed by thieves who follow me in but I manage to escape past them and lock them in. The police come and arrest them.
      Next I decide to stay in the building as it would be rent free as long as nobody knows I am there. I spend time working out how I could survive there and sneak in and out without being noticed.
      Then there is a party taking place there again with old fashioned people, almost like a western saloon with woman wearing big frilly dresses lol.
      Tags: dad, house, wood, work
    2. October 2012 | Framework, Caravan, Tornado

      by , 04-30-2017 at 09:48 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      10/11/12 | Wooden Framework Assignment
      I started at this school, and went to this construction room, where all of the students built additions to a small “castle,” as they called it. It was made of wood, so it kind of sucked. Some had their additions finished early. I was just putting together some framework. Other than that, I never had any clear instruction.

      10/??/12 | Caravan Tornado
      I dreamt I saw my very first tornado. It was very smooth and destroyed our caravan.
    3. Life is weirder than fiction but dreams....

      by , 08-22-2016 at 03:38 PM
      D1 - Outside a bar at night i'm Hugh Laurie look a like, sipping at a glass of water that i am trying to make last so I don't have to wander the streets. The bar is just off a plaza down some concrete steps.

      D2 - There is a portal of some kind it is like a tube but with the ends twisted like a long balloon. From this tiny portal there is an entrance to another dimension where a woman exists.
      Spoiler for Lust brings lucidity:

      D5 - I'm living in a flat at the top of some stairs to a communal hallway. I go down to check the post and start sorting through the post putting it into piles for each flat. Meanwhile an old Caribbean lady comes in carrying a blown up clear plastic bag filled with orange liquid and some other stuff, maybe fruit.
      She is very sweet and starts telling me how her grandchild bought her the liquid, which is for her hair and she proceeds to smear some onto her hair.
      Next a oriental lady with glasses and pulled back black hair enters with a buggy and three small children, she smiles.
      lucid , non-lucid
    4. 07.14.2016 Gold, gold gold.

      by , 07-15-2016 at 05:16 PM
      Bed at midnight. Long day and long night. Skipped vitamins before bed; I was so tired I forgot about them.
      I am noticing that my dream transitions are smoother. Dreams are turning into one really long dream, as opposed to many short ones.


      I am walking down an alleyway with a couple of friends. It is evening time, and the color of the buildings is brown/goldish. It looks as if everything is being lit up by a torch, except, there is no torch in sight. I am with a girlfriend, and we are being accompanied by two guys. My girlfriend is talking a lot, explaining her new plan to "make" money. We arrive at a clearing in an alleyway. There is a table, with a machine on top if it. She has apparently found this machine, and this machine actually "makes" gold coins! The machine is made up of all types of contraptions that go all the way down the table and end with coins dropping into 4 five gallon (20liter) buckets that have somehow been screwed in under the table. You have to unscrew the buckets to get the product out. I actually watch liquid gold run through the contraption and I am amazed. I begin to think that this is dangerous, and ask more questions about how this came about. The guys unscrew the buckets from underneath the table. Wow, 4 big buckets of gold coins!

      And then, through conversation, I find out that people are after that machine! A dangerous gang of thugs is lurking in the background and they ambush us. Our guy friends manage to take two buckets of coins to safety, but the thugs take two. My friend hides a little stash under some old clothes on the table, and nobody bothers to look there. We all run around a corner, and I find the doorway of a building. I open it, we go in and close/lock the door behind us. Its a sturdy building door so nobody can come in. Has a hospital feel to it, except for the building has warm colors on a darker scheme (brown, gold, oranges, dim lighting); it's not white like a medical facility. We start to try to figure out what to do, but we are confused and panicked.

      The gang stops trying to get in and they disappear. We start to look around the lobby and offices, which seem like lived-in hotel rooms. We try to get some rest and figure out what to do next. Our guy friends have managed to run off with the gold buckets, so its just me, my girlfriend and no gold.

      I start to wander into one of the rooms, because I hear a noise. My friend says, "don't go down that hall- I think it used to be a psyche (psychiatric) ward". I wander into a room down the hall anyway, out of curiosity. When I open the door, there is a little girl with glasses standing in front of her bed. The room looks normal, only I am seeing everything in grey/blue scale. A weird blue light is cast over everything. She speaks to me, and calls me a name that I don't recognize. She tells me I'm from Texas, but I have a Louisiana spirit.
      I tell her she's mistaken, that "<name>" isn't my name. She picks up a doll, smells it and looks up at me. At that moment, her eyes become completely black and she turns into a small dwarf man/monster. In a demon-like voice he says, "That's right! your name is <my name>". I panic with fear, and he starts to grow taller- really tall. I think part of me realizes this is a dream, but I don't wake up. I feel like its a threat that can be contained within the room. I say to myself, "oh, no no..this is not why I came" and I walk out of the room and shut the door. When I close the door, my fear is gone and I return to the room where my friend is waiting.

      All of a sudden, the thugs are back, trying to get into the door. They tell us to open the door and give us the gold, because they have our kids. We begin to panic and we try to negotiate. We don't have the gold so we are freaking out. They end up taking one of the older kids, and I don't know what to do. We can see the alleyway from the small window in the door. There is a fence (?) on the left border. They throw the kid over the fence and we just begin freaking out. I am standing there crying uncontrollably for a solid couple of minutes because I don't know what to do.

      My friend and I then realize that we have been in the thugs' hiding place the whole time. We can see a car in the street, so we begin looking for the keys. We are also thinking that we can still get the remainder of the gold from the table, to get kids back.
      As this thought comes to mind, my dream shifts to third person and I am floating over the table. The clothes are removed from the hidden stash before me. I can see that my friend has placed coins in a bunch of little gift boxes for the poor.

      I shift out of third person, because I am looking for keys inside the facility. In some attempt at a trade, the thugs have given us pieces of wood instead of car keys. I realize that the keys must be inside the facility somewhere. I search the lobby and find the keys on the shelf. I tell my friend we have to go.

      We open the door and we run. We get into the car- and my dream shifts into third person. The car has been painted this metallic purple, and its all tricked out. I feel myself get into the car, but my when my vision shifts, I can only see her face and one part of the car...I can't recall seeing myself even though I know I got in.

      Lots of obvious dream symbols that I won't bother to list. However, weird notes include:
      -Two dreams in a row where two seemingly innocent people have morphed into harmful beings. (On 07/13 the homeless boy, and last night the little girl with glasses)
      - Why she smells the doll to recognize me is so odd. I have a very keen sense of smell IRL, though.
      -Gifts for the poor
      -Purple car
      - kidnapping
      - poor is also a theme for 2 nights in a row. (gifts for the poor and the homeless man)
    5. A Feel WILD

      by , 02-13-2016 at 04:56 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      At some point while I am lying down trying to rest. Small and large triangles appeared through my closed eye lids. After it all faded my vision seem altered. My eyes could see without the feeling of opening them. I then realize that I accidentally initiated a WILD. I could not tell where I was. The place is covered in thick brown wood all over. There is a girl standing near by, despite never seeing her I recongize her as lost cousin of mine. She makes a joke and I give few references to try to make it more funny. She then led the way to our other family members. That's when I saw my father,brother mom. I played basketbal with my father for somtime intill I forgot to stay lucid. The basket balls were actually blue paper towels. Lucidity Time: 30 seconds
    6. Short fragments

      by , 11-24-2015 at 11:22 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was cold and rainy day. I was going out of a hospital with my younger sister. Mother was waiting for us in the car. I asked her who is going to drive, and she said that she'll drive. Then we drove away.

      I was in school, entering the toilet. It was weirdly and impractically designed. There was one dude from my class, hanging on the door of the toilet, screaming at someone.

      I was at a resource stockpile. There was a dude that told me "Now you'll need to place more wood resource in this stockpile. Your mother needs that cancer cure." We started to work immediately, more and more people gathered to help us.
    7. Festival continues

      by , 11-06-2015 at 07:16 PM
      Dl1- I still seem to be at last night s festival but there is no cheese :/
      I am in charge of one of the music stages in the large stage behind the manor house. It is a large grassed area with a raised wooden stage. Large amounts of people mill about. I am over on a bank at the end that dips down into ? There are ropes and wooded poles here. Mr B comes over to ask me what is happening with the stage and why no one is playing. I say there are no children who want to play. At the very end there is netting...
      Dl2 - Arranging to meet up with others at a cinema (cinema seems like in a dream I had years ago). But meet up times are to vague. We are to meet between 7pm and 11pm as say we will probably miss each other.
    8. Spiders and Webs, Softball with My Old Supervisor, and Weird Tomodachi Life Scene

      by , 09-02-2014 at 01:01 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was looking into my room at the house I grew up in. It was full of spider webs. There were also 4 huge spiders in the webs, one closer to the doorway and three off to the left. There was no way I was going in there. There was then a guy standing next to me. He said what he would do if he felt a spider crawling on him, (when he said that he crawled his fingers on my shoulder), he would just let it crawl until it started to make a web, then he'd take it off, letting the string of web carry the spider somewhere else. I pictured myself freaking out if there was a spider on me, like I've done before. Yeah, no spiders are gonna crawl on me for that long if I can help it.

      There was more to this dream, something about a wedding ceremony. I think it was Dallas and I's wedding, even though we were already married. It was like something to make it more "official", even though we were already legally married. There were many people. I thought about my name changing. I feel like we were outside in the daytime.


      I was with my old supervisor, Laura. We were wandering around to different places. We were playing softball in one of the places. She was telling me about how in high school everyone thought she was dumb, and she didn't really have many friends. I then thought about this. I wondered about her boyfriend in high school. I pictured her in high school walking on a softball field. I said something to her about how I used to play softball, but she said she knew I didn't play for school, because she was on the school softball team and I wasn't. No, I didn't play for school, that was correct, but I don't think I said anything back to her after that.

      Then, we were somewhere else, in some building. My nephew, Gary, came up to us and asked if we'd take him to the bathroom. I asked someone who was there with him if that was ok, and they said yes. We then went to take him in the bathroom. I asked him if he had to pee or poop, and he said poop. The "bathroom" was just a wooden room with a wooden seat with a hole cut out, There was no drain or water or anything; the waste would just go onto the floor. I started to tell him maybe he shouldn't go there, but it was too late. He was pooping. I saw it on the floor. Another kid had done it close to us too, a little to the back left of us, so I guess it would be fine.

      Then, it was like I was playing Nintendo Nightmare, only with much better graphics due to a setting on there that I or someone else had turned on. It was like I was playing it in an arcade. I was in the Legend of Zelda world the whole time I was playing. I gathered some rupees and killed some enemies.


      It was like I was playing Tomodachi Life. It was like viewing one of the islander's drams. There was a pickle and a banana standing on a grey concrete brick surface beside a lava pit. I said to them
      "Pickle, you're a dork! That's why you and banana get to have lunch."
      I guess "get to have lunch" meant "jump in the lava". It could have gone more than one way. They could have jumped over the lava pit or into it, but it was randomized which one would occur.

      My alarm then went off and woke me up.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. Mountain Lions and Crocodiles in a river

      by , 08-26-2014 at 01:06 PM


      I remember being with my dad on some obstacle course over a river. There were many dangers. Rapids, crocodiles, and mountain lions. They were always taunting us along the river. I think I've actually been to this section of river before in another dream.

      Eventually we got to some wooden platforms we had to climb. I climbed up first, but then a crocodile attacked my dad. Many more crocodiles started attacking him, too. There were also mountain lions attacking. I tried to do everything I could do to save him, but it was too late. I then tried to revert to a previous point like in ksp, but I couldn't. I was more saddened than frightened.
    10. Going Back Into Kohl's, Camping, and Beta Star Fox Manipulation

      by , 08-14-2014 at 02:06 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I went back into Kohl's for the first time since I quit. It was nighttime. I went over towards the customer service desk side, hoping that no managers would see me. There weren't many people there at all; I didn't see any customers. David (a supervisor) then saw me from a distance. I was fine with seeing him. He said
      "Krista!" and ran up to me.
      We talked for a bit. I had been noticing how different the atmosphere felt there, how it wasn't the same place I got hired at when I first started. I heard a girl's voice I didn't recognize paging on the intercom. I commented on this to David.

      Then, David led me up to this big, tall black stair step ladder that was over by the service desk. He walked me up to the top of it and told me in so many words that since I quit, I had to stand up there for awhile. He then left to go do something else. I felt silly standing up there so I got down.

      I feel as if I encountered David again, but I can't recall any more than this.


      I was with Cherie' and Jeremiah sleeping in these makeshift spaces outside. It was morning, and I was just waking up in my sleeping bag. It was like we were camping. I had been sleeping in this incomplete wooden structure that Jeremiah had built; it's as if the bottom half of it was done, but it was missing a top half and a roof. The structure also appeared to be partially sunken into the ground; you could see dirt from underground pressing against the incomplete portions of the walls. There was also an orange tent next to it that was mine. I had gotten it late, however, sometime after Jeremiah had built his structure. For some reason, I hadn't slept in it in a few days, but instead, I slept in Jeremiah's structure.

      I spoke with Jeremiah and Cherie' a bit. I told Jeremiah how the structure he built looked sunken into the ground; you could see dirt. I told him he was now at higher risk for snakes and pests invading his space. I then thought about how I hadn't slept in my tent in a few days, and my sleeping bag in the tent probably had spiders and stuff in it.

      At some point, I looked at my sleeping bag and noticed a stripe of light brown/reddish dirt on it. I couldn't think of how it got there.


      David was showing me some beta versions of some video games, Star Fox and some other game. The Star Fox beta was originally called "Bunny Adventure", where you played as a rabbit, probably Peppy Hare, in a Banjo-Kazooie type adventure game. A voice was narrating, as if I was watching an ad for the beta version of the game. It advertised the hero as having metal legs, which, in IWL Star Fox, they all do have metal legs. It said other things as well, but I can't remember what. I wondered if there was a full beta out there somewhere of this game since the game play in the ad showed a very complete looking game.

      Then, David was playing the game and making all these things happen that weren't programmed into the game merely by thinking about them (a nod to lucid dreaming). He made this Satan-like boss appear, and
      all these other dark things were happening too. It felt odd and a bit unnerving to watch him do this.


      I know I dreamed more than this, especially in the Kohl's dream. The last dream about the beta game is very hard to explain; it had more of a feel to it than anything that was unnerving towards the end.

      I haven't really been too focused on LDing these past few days, mostly just from dealing with daily life issues and focusing on work. This has also affected my recall, so it seems. When things calm down again, I'll shift my focus back.
    11. Bad recall last days

      by , 05-24-2014 at 04:34 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../something about a film played backwards/...

      .../I'm with some friends sleeping all together in a room. I want to do something with a piece of wood. There's a little girl sleeping and we don't want to wake her up. Something about a magnet. We go back to sleep/...

      .../We're running in couples with a kid. My wife moves forward/...
      Tags: film, wood
      non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes
    12. What's up with all the brother-dreams recently

      by , 07-11-2013 at 07:27 PM (Nelzi's DJ)
      My recall has dropped to a new minimum, although I am consistent with my DJ. No dreams yesterday and last night gave only two small fragments from what I know were big dreams. At least I feel there is much more to them.

      • Elite district: I'm in a housing complex. The houses are big and they have huge front yards with massive cars. It feels like some kind of elite district, where the educated and financially successful people live. I walk around and ask the people about their dreams. While they are generally polite, no one really seems amused or interested.

        There is a lot more, but all other details are foggy. Nevertheless, it shows me that thinking and talking about dreams is active in me, while I'm dreaming.

      • Knife in dream-shoulder hurts: I'm in a small house with many small rooms. They are like small chambers, where the floor and the ceiling are made of wood. There are also wooden shelves. My mother is there at some point in the fragment.

        I'm with my brother. It feels like something bad has happened to either or both of us. I hurt him in the stomach and he slowly stabs a knife into my left shoulder. It hurts a lot, but I don't resist it, because I somehow feel like I deserve it. The whole thing makes me sad, I hug him, while he is lying injured (injured by me(?)) on the ground. I tell him that I love him and that I am really sorry.

        My brother was also in my DJ-entries from 2 and 4 nights ago. I have no clue what this means and where it comes from, but this one makes me think. This feels like a small fragment of a bigger dream (which perhaps spans several nights lol).
    13. 19th Mar 2013 MMO, Infinite wood debris glitch, Dark matter constructions in the sky

      by , 03-19-2013 at 08:10 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was playing some kind of MMO with a friend, we controlled some characters from top down. I was annoyed by p2w(pay to win) system and then friend bought everything for both of us.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was in some game in 2D, that looked like Terraria. Screen was very limited and i and some people were fighting some enemies. Then screen expanded and some tree was misplaced on the level, ending up being in the air, which caused error that started spawning infinite wooden debris. View switched to 3D and now i was in the park. The infinite debris spawning error was in the sky and it produced bigger and bigger wooden debris which were falling through the ground. I noticed that sky is more like skybox in video games and decided to meddle with it a bit. I ended up creating some kind of... dark matter objects, hard to describe but they were basically geometric objects made of dark matter strings and they also were connected to the 'walls' of skybox, they were randomly moving and connection was 'dynamic' in a way that base of strings that was on the wall was moving with those. I was satisfied and then some artist with long hair showed up, he asked if he could add to it and i was fine with it. He added more detail to the constructions and now they looked even better. After that we were boasting about our art to random people that were around the place.
    14. My Antisocial Cat Finds a Friend, Cleaning a Gross Aquarium, and a Work Meeting/Possible Promotion

      by , 10-29-2012 at 04:19 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my room, watching my cat, Belle, who is an all-white, fluffy female cat, walk around and be cuddly with an all-black, fluffy male cat. IWL my cat doesn't like other animals...or well, anyone really. But in this dream, I was surprised at how she was acting towards this kitty.

      A cat identical to Belle then came up, and the black cat walked away, and Belle wasn't mean to her doppleganger, but she didn't interact with her at all. I thought maybe it was because they were both female.

      This is the second time recently that I've dreamed of my anti-social cat interacting with another cat in a friendly way. Hmm...


      I was in a huge room that seemed to be some sort of lobby area or something. Sunlight came in through the windows, lighting up the area. In the center of the room was a giant aquarium about the size of a pool table. There was a dark blue beta fish that looked like my brother's IWL beta, and some other fish as well, some small, round silvery fish and some others. There were other people milling about as well; I feel like a lot of them were famous.

      I then put some of the fish in a big, black cup with my pee in it? I don't really know why, but whatever I guess. I watched the fish swim around. How they weren't dead, I'm not sure. I dumped the fish back in the tank with some of the pee. I walked away and did something else for awhile, and then, when I came back, I noticed how cloudy the water in the tank was; it was white and almost opaque. Crap. I need to clean out that tank!

      I then got on one side of the aquarium, and pushed it to get some of the water out. Some of it sloshed out at the end, but a lot of it was blocked by some white mechanism on the edge of the tank. Enough had gotten out though so that I could fill in with more water. I did just that, I think with the large black cup, then freaked out a little because I almost forgot to put the solution in the water to make it breathable for the fish. Out loud, I exclaimed
      "Oh yeah! The solution!"
      I said this to someone in particular, and also to myself.

      I ran to grab the solution, came back, twisted the cap off, turned it over, squirted some in the white cap, and dumped it into the aquarium. I asked my brother, who was there apparently, how much solution he usually used. He said 3-5 capfuls. So I filled it two more times, quickly and a bit messily, and dumped them into the tank. I felt relieved after I did that, though I noticed the tank wasn't squeaky clean, it was a lot cleaner than it was. I still saw some debris floating around. I also noticed that there was this big white tube in the tank, running down the middle. It looked similar to a cat toy I have IWL that's a little fabric tunnel that my cat can run in and out of. It has small white aquarium pebbles in the bottom of it. I was trying to get it straightened out, but it was awkward to do so. I thought I had messed it up a bit when I dumped the water out.

      I then noticed that on the inside of the tank, there was now an air hockey table instead of the bottom the aquarium. The fish were gone too. I started to get mad, because I was afraid the fish would get hurt now. I saw the man who did it, who was a guy in a business suit, and I started to get mad at him, saying I just cleaned the tank and all that mess. He back off, and I pushed or cranked something that started to split the air hockey table down the middle, and back down into the tank, while the fish and all that were starting to be exposed again. I remember seeing lots of grey metal mechanisms inside the tank while this happened.


      I was in the same kind of area as the last dream. Someone, a woman my age, approached me, and told me the manager wanted to see me in the office, and talk to me about some sort of promotion. She mentioned that the manager wanted to hire a manager above them. I thought that was weird, and I wasn't sure how I felt about that idea since I was such a new employee, but I followed the woman to the office, which had a lot of people inside.

      The area was made out of a lighter-colored wood. It was also a pretty small area. On one side, there was us, the employees, sitting on benches carved out of the wall. On the other side is where the management sat, but they sat behind what looked like how you would see a concession stand set up, with them on the other side of a half wall with a wide, glassless window that they looked out of.

      I was sitting and joking with some guy that I think had a mask or costume on. I also think my old friend Cameron was there. I thought about how I hadn't seen him in ages.

      The manager was calling people up one by one to do some survey. She called someone, and then, the guy I was sitting with, but then, no one else got called; after only two people doing the survey, they said we were done. We got up to leave. I wondered when they would talk to me about the promotion.
    15. Putting My Old Cats to Sleep, and My Grandparents' Big Sale

      by , 10-18-2012 at 03:15 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was giving my old cats, Ziggy and Pounce, to my old manager, Virginia. The room we were in had tons of black cages on the floor with animals in them. They were to be put to sleep; it's why I was giving my cats to Virginia...they were old and sick (IWL both had to be put down, Ziggy when I was 15, and Pounce just last year). I handed the kitties over to Virginia. She seemed very professional and emotionally detatched from the job (I suppose you'd have to be, wouldn't you?).

      Then, I remember walking into my grandparents' house, though it didn't resemble any house I've actually seen before. I went through a couple of rooms, and found them in a wooden room. They were having a huge sale inside their house that had been going on for a long time, day in and day out. They were just getting rid of what seemed to be old junk that was all displayed, lined up on a wall by some windows. I saw Barbie-like figurines, an old Walkman CD player, among other things. People were coming in and buy them for garage sale prices. I think there were also some animals in cages here too, I remember seeing some puppies or small dogs; they were for sale as well. I saw someone, a man, pick up and buy the old Walkman, and something else from one of the bins.

      I then saw Virginia again, and asked her about my cats, and if they'd been put down yet. I asked her while not making eye contact, because I was trying not to show her it was a tough subject, and it did hurt me. She told me that they had, saying one had just recently been put down. I don't remember what else we said, if anything. The animals at my grandparents' were somehow connected to what Virginia was doing.

      Then, I was going through some more things to put out for my grandparents' sale, some more old Barbie doll type toys. I noticed that there were some on display already, and someone had made it so one of the Barbies looked like they were making out with a Ken doll. The Barbie was bent backwards, and the Ken was leaning in and "kissing" her. I kinda didn't know how they were even standing up that way, but I let it be for the time being; I'd fix it later.

      I started to set out some small dog figurines. There were some that were already up there with the Barbies, but I guess I had some other ones. I remember specifically setting out a small, black, fluffy dog, that kind of looked like a Pekingese with a haircut. Its tongue was hanging out.

      Like that, except for it was black. And also a toy.

      I got out some more figurines, I remember one that wasn't a Barbie at all, but it looked like an old McDonald's toy, some superhero or supervillain. I then fixed the Barbie that looked like it was making out with Ken so they were both standing upright and not "kissing".

      I remember thinking that though the stuff I was setting out was mine, I wasn't sure if I'd be getting the money for it, of if my grandparents would be. I figured it would be my grandparents, and I was ok with that.

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